The Madame’s Shadow

Note: For those looking for a good book to read, check out this new novel Faction: With the Crusaders, which is the follow on of the writer’s first novel called Faction.

One of the underappreciated aspects of the French Revolution is how the ruling class system became detached from the overall social system. The people in the ruling class were ignorant of what was happening in the country and not just the social unrest, but the economic changes that were coming. The people were just as ignorant about why their rulers were doing the things they were doing. Pre-revolutionary France was two black boxes left to guess about the contents of the other.

The United States is entering a similar period. Much of what makes up internet political content is either a reaction to some new emission from the managerial elite or an effort to contextualize those emissions. No one can be sure why the ruling class is doing the things they are doing, as it is not tied to anything normal people experience, so the Dirt People are left to produce their own explanations. Dirt People political culture is a debate about what in the hell is going on in the clouds.

The people in charge could very well be holographic projections from an alien world as far as anyone knows. Their actions and statements rarely correspond to their stated interests or the social interests. You see it in this big drama they are staging for themselves over the failed Senate bill on immigration. Somehow, official Washington convinced themselves that bundling Israel money, Ukraine money and open borders money was a winning formular with the Dirt People.

The reason they bundle these things together is one faction decides to make a trade with another faction in what is called log rolling. Congressman X wants money for a project and Congressman Y wants money for a different project, so they agree to support each other’s projects, even if they should be opposed to them. In this case, neocons go along with some sort of border reform, so they get more money for their efforts to start a nuclear war with Russia.

That is the theory, but in reality, the bill both parties in the senate thought was a winning compromise was something entirely different. It was the open borders crazies getting support from the blow up the world crazies so they could both get billions to fling open the borders and blow up the world. There was nothing in the bill that the voting factions of either party would want or even care about. No one wants open borders, and no one cares about Ukraine or Israel for that matter.

As soon as the senate bill failed, the demon known as Chuck Schumer told the world that he will be working with Mitch McConnell to come up with a way to give money to the blow up the world faction. This gives us a clue about what was really going on with that senate bill. We already have open borders, so that faction was not getting much from any deal, so the real issue was smuggling in the Ukraine money. Israel has check writing privileges at the Fed, so they get their money automatically.

That explains what was really going on here, but it raises a question. Why are these people so obsessed with Ukraine? We know the Kagan cult has enormous sway in Washington, probably due to their work with Epstein. We know that Ukraine is a money laundering operation and much of the money ends up in the pockets of connected people in Washington. That all makes sense, but we also know that this project is doomed, so why are they still obsessed with it?

The writing has been on the wall with regards to the Ukraine war for a long time, especially after the NATO planned offensive failed last summer. The reason General Miley is fishing now is he promised a smashing success. Instead, he delivered scenes of NATO armor on fire in the fields outside the Russian lines. Self-interest should have told Washington that it was time to find a way out of this mess. Instead, they remain singularly obsessed with this project.

People will be tempted to say it is money and power, as those are simple answers that let you stop thinking, but these people have the money and power. If Mitch McConnell wanted more power, he would never have gone along with this ridiculous bill and instead railed against the Ukraine project. That is good politics, especially in an election year when he could see his party return to the majority. Money and power say the republicans should be doing the opposite of what they do.

That brings us back to those black boxes of the French Revolution. A healthy society has a feedback loop between the people and their rulers. The practical interests of the people feed the rulers through various mechanisms like the media, voting, public protests, and economic behavior. The moral claims of the rulers, the things you ought and ought not do, flow down those same channels to the people so that the behavior beneficial to the elite becomes a habit of mind.

In pre-revolutionary France, this loop was broken. The economic interests of the elite were still based on a feudal understanding of the world, so they could not read the economic activity of the masses, which were shifting from that model. Similarly, elites were blind to what was happening in the newly emerging bourgeois class that was arguing about liberal ideas in salons and public houses. The feedback loop had broken and that left those two black boxes.

We have a similar problem in modern America. The media used to provide signals to the Cloud People about what was happening with the Dirt People. Now the media is poorly tuned repeaters of things said by the Cloud People. For example, they are all chanting the word “chaos” now, as if they received a memo instructing them to weave the word into their public performances. This makes the Cloud People feel good, but it also blinds them to what is happening with the Dirt People.

Similarly, Dirt People continue to get bizarre instructions through the economic and media channels about the constantly changing moral code. For no reason at all the Clouds begin to rumble and some weird new idea rains down on people. One day it is men in dresses falling from the sky. The next day it is Jewish dwarf in a green jump suit demanding money to fight the Russians. When the Dirt People look into the clouds, they now see a funhouse mirror.

There are two ways this can end. One is some people in the Clouds realize what is happening and organize a revolt against the other side. This is mostly what happened in the late-1960’s and 1970’s. One group of Cloud People revolted and ushered in a period of reform. The other way it ends is the Cloud People rally in defense of their position against what they perceive to be a peasant revolt. This inevitably leads to a peasant revolt and the collapse of the system.

What that senate bill suggests is that there is no one in the managerial class aware of the problem, much less interested in solving it. James Lankford, the Oklahoma senator who negotiated the deal with Schumer, should not even be in the senate much less brokering such a deal with an arch demon like Schumer. Lankford should be back organizing swim lessons at Bible camp. If there were any reformers in the system, they would have stopped this before this point.

The question that remains is whether or not the American system is past the point where reform is possible. There are libraries of books describing such inflection points in the French Revolution. The past is always uncertain, so there are lots of debates about when things became inevitable in revolutionary France. In the moment, however, no one seemed to know because no one could know. In other words, we will know it is too late when Madame Guillotine is set up across from the Capitol.

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208 thoughts on “The Madame’s Shadow

  1. Oh dear

    At the 1:42 mark of the Carlson/Putin interview, Vlad said the thing I never thought I would hear;

    “Diversity is our strength…”


  2. Ah, yes, but all feedback loops require a regulator of some kind. What is the regulator in the modern world?

    I would argue that TELEVISION is the regulator for what feedback exists currently. And it is places like MSNBC and CNN — the leftist primary organs — that tell you what is currently acceptable, since we live under a leftist dominion.

    This is why a smart man holds his nose and watches at least a little MSNBC. They set the Overton window. Acceptable and unacceptable discourse is determined there. Fox News may like to bluster and stagger around proclaiming its independence, but the limits to what it can say on race, IQ, and the rest are determined solely by MSNBC.

    [To read more of my stuff, click on my name up above with your mouse]

    • Z: Please ban this retarded spammer and his tiresome self-promotion. “click on my name”, he bleats, as if we are in need of his instruction in the ways of the web. Always and ever, his wisdom is the shining beacon in the darkness. That he has lasted this long is a testament to the fact that people behave online in ways they never would in the physical world, lest they risk a beating and ejection from the environment they despoil.

  3. This broken feedback loop 🔁 of America is correct.

    The description of the French Revolution isn’t, they knew and couldn’t fix the problems, because there were too many legacies- literally. The French nobility’s extra sons went in the Army – and an excellent army it was – but how to pay?
    But the Dickens version of history isn’t correct, I doubt if Dickens would claim so.

    The Origins of Contemporary France by Hippolyte Taine far more useful. Or the Ancien Regime and the Revolution by de Tocqueville – less so and he didn’t finish it. France was ruled by an Intendancy – 30 Top bureaucrats . Think 30 Faucis and you have the idea , or 30 Greenspans. But they knew and couldn’t fix it.

    In that way we’re France. The Cloud People you refer to … are a obscene TV show. The Intendancy of say the Federal Reserve… are helpless.

    Something else- the feedback loop may also be broken for 2 other reasons; 1) not a lack of information but a deluge and too high a floor of noise for signal to rise above it and 2) It’s not possible in a 2 million square mile continental sized Federation with 330 million people like America to actually process the information at a central point. That’s why any successful American administration is mostly local.

  4. Just for the heck of it I typed “Liz Cheney” into Google and saw dozens of recent articles. She is still out there talking about Orange Man Bad and muh January 6. She’s even on the Sunday morning talk show circuit, which is normally reserved for relevant politicians. Remember, this is a person who lost a Wyoming primary by over 30 points. An incumbent losing a primary by 30 points is basically mathematically impossible considering the way these elections are rigged for incumbents these days. It should not even be possible for the daughter of a prominent Wyoming politician, as evil and Sith-like he may be. To lose an election like this, you have to be one of the worst politicians of all time, and completely and totally disconnected from the people you claim to represent.

    Yet, does the fact that she was totally rebuked by her constituents matter? Not at all. If anything, it’s a badge of honor for her, the fact that the dirty Wyoming peasants in her district hate her so much is just a sign that she’s on the right side.

  5. My God, can you just imagined a guillotine (or better yet, a half dozen) set up in front of the capital? It’d be non-stop cloud reduction action for weeks if not months. It would be glorious…

  6. The real threat to the cloud people may be from other cloud people. The Dirt tend to be sheep.

    The Great Reset and Replacement are mainly Jewish. A high level cloud person like Musk, in spite of his recent and predictable groveling to the Jews, openly states that much of what is going on is insane.

    The Jews hate us and want to destroy normal life. However insane plans like you will own nothing and be happy will be disastrous for fabulously wealthy companies like Apple and Amazon. Tesla too. The 10 minutes city will be great for Amazon but not Tesla and all the auto companies.

    They want to eliminate plane travel for the dirt. How will the airlines deal with that? “Well, we support Mother Gaia so we’ll just go out of business?” I don’t think so.

    They are very clear about wanting to kill off agriculture but all these things compound. One of my favorite ones is to limit people to 3 articles of clothing a year. There goes the fashion industry.

    Jews always double down and that is their weakness.

    • You lack vision, dirt man.

      Elon is a similarly old-fashioned guy, the “country mouse” of the oligarchs. His trad-supervillain vision requires that after he destroys civilization, chips our brains and zaps them into shape via his “everything app” social-credit system etc., there be *something left of humanity* to look like garbage in comparison to his gold and whores—a meaningfully defeated, recognizably human loser population that his status lets him avoid (and monitor down to the last synapse).

      His meta-predatory peers like Gates and Soros demand total, eternal death, the end of everything forever. God will see that the end has their name on it—and thereby prove Himself worthy of existence.

    • i fully expect a Cloud-on-Cloud assassination in the near future. Who gets whacked will tell us a lot. They no longer bother with capping the Help and the Ho’s in the political class because they are so irrelevant now.

    • I used to represent Marmon Group. At one of their social functions, a Pritzker and I were kibbitzing. I asked him the secret to sustained business success. He responded bluntly, “watch the Godfather movies … I am Michael Corleone.” I chatted up another Pritzker and the person also quite seriously injected a Godfather reference into our discussion about business. This family owns my adopted state. They think like mobsters, I am not joking. It’s par for many of the juice I interact with. They have no moral limitations on behavior unless it’s not good for their families or the tribe. I was raised in a liberal Episcopal church; I did not become a juice hater until after my professional career matured and I was routinely exposed to the juice. I cannot unhear or unsee what I have witnessed. I hate them.

      • They think like mobsters because they are mobsters. Many of the bigger mobsters were also big in the nose department.

        • Ja. Bugsy Siegal was the impulsive type, and paid for that. But the one you had to look out for was Meyer Lansky; certainly brutal at need, but a cagy bastard at the root.

      • I wish I could say I was surprised that they model themselves on the Godfather but that is probably their polite external description. I wonder what they say among themselves?

        Unfortunately, it shows why whites were so easily conquered. American Whites traditionally are high trust and just want to be left alone. Whites were sitting ducks

      • The Valuetainment guy conducted an extensive series of interviews with all the real-life mobsters he could find for these very reasons.

  7. Sorry about the OT, but I’ll be interviewing John Derbyshire in a few days, and I wanted to know if any of you have questions for The Derb that you’d like addressed.


      • Andrew: LOL. That’s akin to my thinking. He will quite sincerely tell you that his Obama-supporting wife and hapa daughter are “spice” in the otherwise bland White “soup.” Besides, his hapa son joined the US military, rah rah rah.

      • Valid point, but I am not going to rip on Derb. I have been reading him since his National Review days. He is something of a polymath, and quite witty and intelligent.

        But yeah, it’s odd how many of these “conservatives” who oppose immigration like Brimelow and Derb are immigrants themselves. Derb is a “race realist” but only about blacks. My guess is that Derb is basically an old British imperialist-type who “went native” with his Chinese wife — who is rather good-looking for her (and his!) age.

        I think those old British guys see the world as either part of the English-speaking commonwealth, or not, and in terms of racial hierarchy (correctly) see Asians as closer to whites but blacks as untermenschen.

        • . Derb is a “race realist” but only about blacks

          Let’s face it, we all are. I mean yeah we care about racial politics beyond that but no one is white-flighting because too many Japanese move in somewhere. We’d rather they didn’t, we’d rather they stayed in their own country, but the genetic distance isn’t like it is with blacks (or low-level mestizos).

          Put another way, if you warp 100 years in the future and everyone in the U.S. looks like Derb’s kids you’ll feel one way, if they all look like Kamala Harris you’ll feel…a different way. Neither way is what I might call “happy”, but, it would be different.

    • Does the Derb fall into the camp of colorblind civic nationalism, aka Citizenism, or does he advocate for whites to join the identity politics game?

      If the former, why does Derb believe that following a strategy that has utterly failed for 50+ years will somehow be successful in the future and how would he convince non-whites and Jews to stop their participation in identity politics when it’s been so successful for them?

      If the latter, how does Derb think that whites should organize when even the slightest hint of white identity politics draws the full firepower of the ruling elite?

    • no , just tell him that I appreciat all his efforts to point out our real problems despite the price he paid for it. and wish him good luck in the future .

    • Ask him about his superb novel, Fire from the Sun. Specifically, why he decided to make the main male character a gay man. It does work, sort of, but I think the novel would have had more appeal if the character was a straight man.

    • When the chosen got caught on the wrong side of DEI, Derb (and Jared) believed that this was whites’ chance to persuade some significant fraction of the chosen to oppose anti-white policies because most non-whites see them as white.

      Instead, they are carving out exemptions for themselves from DEI. Further, many prominent tribesman, like John Podhoretz for example, clearly said, “we are not white.”

      Was he wrong in his hope? It looks like anti-whiteness a non-negotiable part of their group identity. Response?

    • Ask him why he hasn’t lost the accent. And call him a geezer. I’m the same age, so ask for me.

  8. The reason that this system of insane moves by the cloud people keeps happening is it works.

    The cloud people get wealthier and wealthier and gain more power. Soon with CBDC and AI they can control every aspect of people’s lives and mercilessly punish them for any infraction.

    There is also the aspect that many of the key rulers are from a hostile tribe that really hates us, Palestinians and Russians thus the domestic war and the two international ones.
    The cloud people can be summed up with the old Lily Tomlin joke: “we don’t care. We don’t have to. We are the phone company.”

    Like the phone company the cloud may be broken up but things are still good enough and most people still have too much to lose to rebel. The cloud people are determined to make the masses as miserable as possible so that may change.

    • Did the entire entertainment and advertising industries all decide that anti-whiteness provides the greatest profit?

      If you only see greed as an explanation then you’re missing a lot. Greed is powerful but there’s a lot more going on.

  9. I don’t think the rulers in France were that out of touch. At the Assembly of Notables in 1787 the notables seemed to be pretty with-it.
    I blame Ben Franklin, for bonking the court babes at Versailles and sucking money out of France for financing the War of Independence.

    • Sounds what that fatass vindman and the rest of the parasitic Ukrainians and jews have in mind for the US. It’s amazing in the story of the American revolution, no one ever looks to what happened to the European backers. Ending with their heads in baskets.

      • Lafayette did alright. The European backers all ideologues that believed in freedom; quite a few backed the colonists to put indirect pressure on England, for various political reasons.

        • Which government survived the revolution again, royalist England or France? Which revolt led to 30 years of idiotic conflict that accomplished close to nothing except piles of corpses?

          • England was only nominally royalist and in actuality was an economic oligarchy. Their fleet and their isolation from Europe protected them from the French armies and allowed them to organize the successful anti-Bonaparte coalition. Although Nappy went down to defeat, the French revolutionaries actually succeeded in the long run and the conservative monarchies of Europe were all abolished or neutered and replaced with liberal republics (the monarchs in those de facto republics are mere figureheads).

        • French and Indian War only a couple of decades before. France and England weren’t buddies, ultimately to America’s benefit.

          You appreciate the help, but you also remember being at war, and that probably casts the help in a somewhat cynical light.

          • My mind goes back to a book from “‘Mad” magazine – “History gone mad” whenever that war is mentioned, 1763: The French and Indian War ends, the French and Indians both lost.

  10. ZMan wrote: “Why are these people so obsessed with Ukraine? We know the Kagan cult has enormous sway in Washington, probably due to their work with Epstein. We know that Ukraine is a money laundering operation and much of the money ends up in the pockets of connected people in Washington. That all makes sense, but we also know that this project is doomed, so why are they still obsessed with it?……….Self-interest should have told Washington that it was time to find a way out of this mess. Instead, they remain singularly obsessed with this project. ”

    I’m not giving anyone a newsflash when I say that King Dollar’s throne is built largely out of GAE military supremacy. Or what was GAE military supremacy. It’s why I’ve been saying for a long time that in Ukraine the GAE finally picked a fight it can’t walk away from. The GAE could walk away from Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan under the guise that “we could have whipped em if we wanted to but we have better things to do,” but re: Ukraine no such illusions can be propagated.
    The Kagans may have other motives, but for the top clouds, above them, this is about the dollar. Lose to Putler and the writing is on the wall for it. There is no “way out of this mess” other than defeating him. Which appears impossible.

    Reading reviews of Emmanuel Todd’s new book, I see he made the point that GAE clouds seceded from AINO a long time ago. I would say circa 1990. For them it’s just a vehicle to be driven until it runs out of gas. Back then, maybe they thought it never would run out. More recently they probably still thought so. It appears they don’t have another vehicle on standby and things have come to a head before they’ve been able to locate one. So they are by necessity all in for Ukraine and the dollar.

    • If they need military supremacy to to maintain their dollar economy then why have they worked so diligently to destroy the military?

      The ZMan has pointed out that many of them are true believers. Do they really think that a rainbow military with weapons mostly produced to move funds to the right people and not to win wars is going to help with that?

      • Assuming competency is probably a mistake. I would say yes, they most likely do, or at least did, believe the rainbow military would be just as good. Bear in mind that few of the clouds have ever spent much time around negros. Making them more susceptible to believing the most fanciful notions about them. And if one is a fan of homo marriage and trannies, then obviously one is given to believing all kinds of fanciful things.

        For a great many years, they just took GAE military supremacy for granted. To them it was like a black box (since they never participated in it) that was there ready to do their bidding whenever called upon. How it gained and maintained that supremacy was not their concern. It just “was.” I wouldn’t say this has worn off yet either, although they have to be aware of industrial/logistical shortcomings.

        • ” To them it was like a black box (since they never participated in it) that was there ready to do their bidding whenever called upon. How it gained and maintained that supremacy was not their concern. It just “was.””

          Well said. And great post by Zman.

          Our elite is much like an aristocracy that inherited a wonderful machine but is clueless. The Eloi.

          I grew up in a “steel town” and had some experience in and appreciation for Dirt things like coke ovens and blast furnaces and rolling mills. Decades went by and I watched Them dismantle our industry and I always wondered whether the day would come when ….

          And it has.

          All of Western Europe and the mighty USSA cannot provide Ukraine with the PROMISED goods.

          Except for dollars. Those we can always print.

          • Always look on the bright side of Bethlehem’s demise. We got to dismantle our rust belt air polluting industries, and in exchange for green colored paper some overseas suckers send us refrigerators and we transition into a service economy. What a deal -what could go wrong.

      • In their minds, they are not destroying it. They are foolishly relying on tech to save the day. They don’t need competent soldiers because drones, etc. will do the fighting.

        I’m no military expert, but seems to me for some sorts of war, that may be true – i.e., smash and declare victory. Not so sure it would work if actual territory needs to be taken and controlled.

        For example, compare the Houthis success in disrupting the GAE. No territory needed, in fact no actual casualties needed. Seems merely the risk of damage is all it took to raise the cost of war for the GAE.

        On the other hand, the Gaza/Israel war, and the Ukr/Russia war shows that, while drones and tech, etc. are involved, you still need boots on the ground to take and hold territory.

      • You kind of overestimate them. These are people who have been told how brilliant they are their whole lives, who have never been allowed to fail or have been told that their failure was not really failure and have no idea of anything outside their bubble. The only cure for them is a hard lesson that likely they won’t survive

    • Personal belief of mine is that sound currency can be built on at least three things:

      1. a strong economy (real, not fake – we have/make things you want)
      2. strong trust in the political environment (basically, the Swiss model – your $$ is safe here and we won’t steal it or give it to others and is available upon request)
      3. Force (accept our money or we kill you, or in the case of the petrodollar, we control by force what you want – hints of #1)

      The last remaining of these for the ZOG is #3, and it is fading fast.

  11. I don’t know. It is also hard to know because you can’t follow all of the channels through which information filters. You can at times get lucky and fall upon the correct channels for a given episode.

    That happened to me yesterday when I saw a story that Sharpton was on CNN with some Connecticut based Great Replacement sponsor. I think he is a Connecticut Senator which means he represents hedge funds and financialization rackets. He went on to plug the bill and the CNN propaganda facilitator, (a.k.a. show host), then lined up Sharpton to scream, “This is an invasion! You must pass this bill to stop this invasion. Anyone who votes against this bill is voting for the invasion!”

    Here is the deal. The system is bent on dispossessing white America and it is a full court press. In its place it has created a coalition of patronage groups. The primary group getting the most play are blacks in America. This is why they dominate commercials, their national anthem is the new anthem, their months and days are the new national holidays … … This incident is Sharpton out to try and bamboozle that constituency for the Ruling Regime. Blacks in America are now pissed off about the aliens landing in their neighborhoods and getting better gibz. Sharpton’s job is to tell White shitlibs and these blacks that this bill will stop the invasion and to get in line and support the bill. If the bill does not pass it is Whitey’s fault for messing around and permitting his neighborhoods to keep getting invaded.

    In other words, this bill is the Ruling Regime basically saying – We give you nothing. We do want we want and you can suck it. Just like White America, who we feel no compunction about lying to and gaslighting, we have no compunction about lying to and gaslighting blacks in America and turning them into chumps and blaming Whitey who opposes the invasion for supporting the invasion.

    In other words, the Ruling Regime is full out brazen. They don’t answer to anyone anymore. They do what they want, and they will use the propaganda organs to lie to anyone and everyone and they will contradict yesterday’s lie with today’s lie as many times as they like. It is chaos. This is the Grand Arch Demon’s satrapy to do with what he wants now. He’s got the power and the Dirt People and even any non supplicant Cloud People can pound sand.

    • That’s quite plausible. Sharpton is shaking his money maker for the highest bidder, and the financial houses would be a good suspect. Also, TPTB are indeed ruling by brute force now. That’s not a good long-term strategy but it does work in the interim.

  12. I want to believe that we are smarter than just standing on the sidelines waiting for the pressure cooker to explode. But that is the current reality. Normie’s ass is glued to the sofa and only a change in his immediate environment will motivate real action. He sees the carrot of a Trump election as his salvation and opens another bag of Doritos. It never occurs to him that the fatness of his ass is what dooms him when the shit starts flying. There is way too much deadfall waiting on a match and when the conflagration begins, the resultant violence with be extremely local, especially in the big cities. And this carnage will be largely confined to the bottom of the social pyramid, where it will it do absolutely nothing to address the root of the problem.

    There is a better way. It begins with the fog of chaos, and out of this fog must arise the antibodies; numerous, dispersed, invisible in their benign blandness. And everything solely within the confines of your cranium. When the elites destroyed all social trust, they enabled the means of their own destruction. Poetic justice methinks.

    • “ When the elites destroyed all social trust, they enabled the means of their own destruction.”

      There has to be a better—more specific—wording than “all”. The destruction of social trust runs right down to us “dirt” folk. It is painful to meet with neighbors and wonder just *who* they are and have to couch one’s words and actions, just in case…

      That’s not a way to start a movement.

      • In the old Soviet Union, the dirt people learned to speak in code both publicly and privately with friends and family. That evolved as the only safe way to communicate in a world where anyone could be a spy for State and giving trust was risky business that might result in a vacation to the gulag. As a result of modern technology, this problem is an order of magnitude worse in current life. Yes it’s sad, and it seriously undermines the peaceful creation of grassroots movements, but reality doesn’t care about your emotions. They hate you and want you dead. You cannot beat that with group hugs and naivete´.

  13. I’m vehemently against guillotines until we have medical technology capable of keeping the heads alive afterwards as a form of torture.

      • The immune system is the biggest problem, it’d be easy enough to artificially supply oxygenated blood to the head but eventually an infection would set in. What I want is years of disembodied consciousness where they go completely mad as a simple precaution just in case hell isn’t real.

        • Wow. Brings back memories. Way long ago, Robert White was at our medical school. He was famous for cutting off dog heads and reattaching them to other dogs. Here’s his Wiki bio:

          I was a student taking continuing education credits, so attended his presentation. I thought it was pretty neat. However, seems even in those days, we had a large antivivisection med student population.

          All hell broke loose in the surgery auditorium. Students in lab coats screaming and challenging his “experiments” as meaningless and worse, immoral. I must say that 50 years later, I remember little of the science he produced, but all of the entertainment.

          In any event, you could keep a head alive then and I imagine with drug development and heart-lung equipment, alive and conscious for quite awhile if not indefinitely. 😉

    • I prefer the slow, feet first drop into the wood chipper, with intermittent pauses…

      I’ve clearly never given this any thought at all…

    • What’s so bad about public floggings? They were good enough for the empire that ruled the waves for centuries.

  14. I think that I’ve cleared something up in my mind, so I’m going to repost something that I just wrote. I’ve been trying to figure out the relationship between our real rulers and the Cloud people that we see every day, and I think that I have it – at least in my own mind, so here it is:

    I tend to see it as the (((bankers))) hire the Cloud people. Basically, the bankers are like producers and directors of a reality show while the Cloud people are the cast of the show. Granted, the Cloud people are only vaguely aware that they’re just cast members on a reality show, but that’s what they are.

    The producers and directors push the show in certain directions but let the cast do their thing so long as it fits what the producers and directors want. It’s not as though the cast members aren’t real or that they don’t have power within the confines of the show. Indeed, if they become popular enough, it becomes difficult for the producers and directors to tell them what to do up to a point.

    However, if a member of the cast or the whole cast goes way off what the producers and directors want, they will be put back into the place or even replaced.

    What we’re seeing is an elaborate reality show.

    So, the question isn’t whether the Cloud people (the cast) know what the Dirt People are thinking? It’s whether the producers and directors of the show know or care.

    • Btw, I should say that I don’t think that it’s only Jews as the producers and directors, but they’re a large portion and the only producers and directors that are organized as a group and loyal to that group, which gives them a huge advantage over the other producers and directors.

    • A lot of people don’t agree, and this includes you based on your comment, but I think it is the inverse: the Tribe is the junior partner of the Puritan Clouds. That is based on the assumption that the Puritans have the monopoly on state power and can liquidate their junior partners at will. As far as I know, the Joint Chiefs don’t include any Christian Zionists let alone Tribe members. Bribes only go so far if money can be taken outright when the time comes.

      • There’s no way the tribe is the junior partner. Just look at Biden’s cabinet.

        Also, our military is zero threat to the tribe.

        The Puritans aren’t organized, nor do they have ethnic loyalty.

        • Also keeping with their culture, the tribe are bosses and managers. The military, even those of very high rank, are considered the hired help by the “tribe.” As you say the military is no threat to the them.

          Or so it seems to me.

        • The true patricians are only loyal to their class. Randolph and Mortimer Duke don’t invite merchants to their dinner parties. At the end of the day, as powerful as they are, to the blue-bloods they’ll always be hairy little hand-rubbing merchants. Which is fun to think about because:
          a) that must really annoy them, and
          b) it’ll drive them over the edge eventually

      • Jack, because lots of smart people of good faith disagree about who has the whip hand, I look for evidence that can clarify the chain of command. I tend to agree with our Silly Citizen, but I’m willing to change my mind.

        (Caveats: the chain of command can change over time and sometimes the ones in control can lose on a particular issue while still being on top.)

        Doesn’t the fact that the non-whites who criticize the Gaza genocide got decisively defeated demonstrate that the tribe is at the helm?

        Doesn’t the fact that almost every politician with national ambitions must kneel at the wailing wall or visit a holocaust museum show that the tribe calls the tune?

        • Yep. If the military or the old WASP elite had any say at all, we would have forced Israel into a cease-fire. We also wouldn’t have gone all in on Ukr.

          The Puritans are more focused on China than Russia or the Middle East. The Jews also have issues with China but are more focused on Ukr and Israel for obvious personal reasons.

          • Is the military fully onboard Project Ukraine, though? That seems more the handiwork and project of the intelligence services. The Jews got royally slapped down by China but it still more or less runs the political class in D.C., which sanctions it very little.

            I also note that Israel has not participated in the sanctions against Russia. What to make of that, I don’t know.

          • Jack,

            The Pentagon wasn’t and isn’t on board with Project Ukr, which tells you that they do what they’re told.

            As to Israel, Israeli Jews and Americans Jews don’t always see eye to eye, though it’s still fairly rare and they’ll close ranks at the first sign of trouble. But Israeli Jews are easier to deal with. They have some understanding of having to look after the country in which they live.

        • The Tribe attained their status via control of “The Media,” which has become surprisingly hostile to Israel in some quarters. Obama, particularly, and Biden, to a lesser extent, purged the media and inserted leftists as officers, almost all of whom are hostile to Israel (there are reports of grumbling over the Red Sea situation). The pop culture is becoming less Jewish although that is admittedly happening from a point of total domination.

          I agree in part with Citizen, as he said in disagreement, that the Puritans have no ethnic loyalty, but they do have a class and caste loyalty that is as strong as ever. Institutional power trumps money even though it obviously requires it. I’m watching the Harvard situation closely because while Ackman got his way, it came at a great cost and my money is on the Puritans exacting revenge and regaining total control of that institution.

          I agree that dominant groups come and go, but I simply don’t think Jews ever were at the pinnacle. We are seeing money denied Israel and the ADL criticized quite a bit of late, Musk’s groveling aside. Those are Puritan power plays.

        • I agree that the Finkels are in charge, but I also believe there’s no way they could have destroyed America without the help of the Kennedys, Rockefellers and Carnegies. Who holds the whip is really beside the point. The fact of the matter is that the Judeo-Puritan combine proved an irresistable and cataclysmic force. And if there is a reckoning, both must pay.

          • While I think the Puritans still have the whip hand, there is no doubt they used Jews as weapons against the Untermensch. If I am wrong on who is still in charge, there certainly have been many cases of hostile takeovers where the folks in charge thought they were more clever and devious than they were.

            If there ever is a reckoning, you are absolutely right about the punishment.

        • I would argue a synthesis: Kabbalah. The esoteric teachings and views on alchemy, golems, self/Satanic worship, money/power, all seem to align nicely. In this sense, Israel and Zionism are seen as components, albeit a lesser component in the grand scheme of their beliefs, of a wider belief system.

        • You are correct. The ongoing slaughter of innocent Gazans has been a clarifying event. The anti-semites have basically been proven to be correct, not a bunch of fringe lunatics.

          Do the anti-semites sometimes go too far? Yes, and when they do, it helps (((them))) immensely. But no one can now credibly argue that all anti-semitism is just for nutjobs and hateful racists.

      • Jack: Sorry but I must disagree. It’s not the Puritans running a worldwide banking cartel since Napoleon, and it’s not Puritans running the media (electronic and print) empires. And yes, this holds for the US and the UK and Argentina and Sweden and . . . etc.

        • Yes, we disagree since I think the Puritans have always and still hold institutional power. It takes money, of course, to do so, but they have plenty of jack, too.

      • Who controls the money? The tribe. The military does the bidding of who controls the money. In fact calling it a military is disrespectful to true militaries – it’s a mercenary force.

        • I remember (many years ago) reading a transcript of a senate subcommittee meeting. It was a bunch of WASP’s in the late 1960’s. I think Fulbright was one of them.

          I don’t remember which subcommittee because they weren’t talking about what they were supposed to be talking about, but rather discussing the fact they had just lost control over America to Jews. They didn’t come right out and say it, but it was clear to me at the time that they were referring to losing control over the money system (manufacture and distribution) that determined political behavior in Washington DC. We have pretty much always had a system of legalized bribery.

          My take is that they didn’t know what to do about it. Vietnam was underway and not going well. Their political cohesion had been taking body blows for decades. They really couldn’t do much about it.

          The WASP’s had not taken the warning signs seriously (Jews don’t have a monopoly on arrogance as a besetting sin), and by the time they realized they were under terminal attack, they had already decisively lost. Implicit or not, it appears that the Jews gave the WASP’s a deal: don’t challenge us for primacy and you can continue to make staggering fat stacks of cash. Just don’t even think about using that money to organize your goy tribe against us to depose us as the senior ‘partner’ or we will cut you out of the herd and destroy you. The vast majority of mid/late 20 century WASP’s were money-grubbing whores in nice suits. They took the deal to the ruin of all.

    • On a final note, I’m wondering if some of the upcoming Cloud people are chaffing at being only reality stars. People like King Cobra and JD Vance don’t seem too happy to take on that role.

      I’m also wondering if some other the upcoming non-Jewish producers and directors are chaffing at being subordinate to the Jewish producers and directors. You can definitely see that happening internationally. China, Russia, India and Iran want nothing to do with the whole show and want to have their own networks, which isn’t pleasing GAE.

  15. The cloud people who should be closest to the pulse of the dirt people are the very important set on the boards of major banks and hedge funds. Particularly people like Jamie Dimon. They’ve always had an oversized voice in D.C. given their roles. While I see blurbs here and there about their unhappiness, along with some other large hedge fund operators, it’s almost as if they’ve had their wings clipped in D.C. This will sound absurd, but this really comes down to the D.C. cloud people, who actually have their hands on the levers, no longer even understanding money as a concept. Like a four year old opening the kitchen faucet and just knowing the water is there for them in unlimited quantities. You could explain the network of pipes and pumps and electricity it takes to get them that water, which came from somewhere else. They wouldn’t get it. It’s easier for the hedge fund guy to buy a house in New Zealand and have a NetJet account to get there quickly, than to explain to the D.C. crowd people why they’re playing with fire which only upsets them and causes them to storm out of the room.

    While most of the cloud people will come together in any peasant revolt. At least a few of them know what’s happening. These same people were more attached places like Zurich than St. Louis anyway, so they’ll have the idea that they can pull a scene like the Havana new years eve of 1959, where some of the wealthiest Cubans, knowing exactly what was going on, flew to Miami after midnight as Castro was coming down the hills.

    • Won’t New Zealand be in the same condition, though? If they are smart, the bags will be full of gold and the destination will be the People’s Republic of China–if they will have them.

  16. “Somehow, official Washington convinced themselves that bundling Israel money, Ukraine money and open borders money was a winning formula with the Dirt People.”

    Not denying Z-man’s insight posted today. However, I’m not as enlightened—or as smart—as Z-man. To me, the elites simply pulled a common trick out of the hat, which was to “name” the bill something palatable and deceptive, i.e., Immigration Reform Act, then do something completely different within.

    This is the current level of disrespect they have for the Dirt people, i.e., Dirt people are an ignorant mob/nuisance with short memories. Certainly it worked for Biden when he passed the Inflation Reduction Act that sent a minor reopening inflation blip into the stratosphere! Why not do it again 2 years later?

    This time around however, it seems that the Dirt people’s suffering has brought about a wonderful “focusing of the mind” wrt same old, same old from Washington. Certainly, from day one, the radio pundits rallied the mob with insight as to this common trick—false title, multiple funding efforts, secrecy, etc.

    The trick was revealed and the bill killed within a few days of release. Even predictions were made as to the political shenanigans that would now occur and Biden, the old demented fool, was right on schedule blaming Trump and MAGA zombies for immigration failure—which of course the bill never addressed in the first place outside of its title.

    I think this is progress of a sort.

    • Yes, they actually thought it could pass without too much uproar. That degree of insularity is terrifying. I think the open borders have radicalized more people, including core Democrat/Uniparty constituencies, than the inflation has. At a minimum, this threw gasoline on the fire.

      Also recall that W attempted to do the same thing and the public revolted then, too, and it was scuttled. That’s been almost twenty years ago, and it is somewhat pleasing to see there still are things outside of starvation and cold that can provoke the Dirt folks.

        • Sharpton’s easily bought, so that may indicate the high bidder doesn’t like the current situation.

          • The Nuggras may be straying from the plantation a bit here. They think the current situation, where whitey worships the negro, is a pretty good deal and they don’t want it to change. They fear, and perhaps with some justification, that if AINO is overwhelmed by other PoC, and whitey is thoroughly dispossessed, the country will cease its negrolatry. Whitey is easily bullied into groveling before the Numinous Negro. Those brownskins from Chichen Itza may be less impressed by slam dunks and the guttural racket known as rap.

          • @Ostei:

            There is a precedent: the Liberty City riots in 1980. These initially started over four Cuban cops being acquitted of assaulting a black, but intensified with the Marielito boat immivasion. Blacks already were being squeezed out of Miami and that was just fuel on the fire.

            It doesn’t take a tinfoil hat to believe the NGO’s started to push Sub-Saharans and Haitians across the border not to celebrate diversity but so as not to upset the colored folks as much. It didn’t work but it was a good theory.

          • Ostei, precisely! Sharpton and others of the Black grifter class know that they (Blacks) are next in line when Whites decline into meaningless/powerless minority status. The worst thing for Blacks and their race baiter handlers would be a majority Hispanic community. We’ve already seen how the Hispanic community handled Blacks in Compton. Minority communities will not put up with Black dysfunction as have Whites.

      • Jack: I don’t think they counted on the blaqs resenting the mestizos getting so much of what they regard as ‘their’ gibs. And the fact that the elites don’t see or understand that level of ethnic competition and racial loyalty amongst/between non-Whites is both funny and frightening. We know they despise us, and we know they have no reason to worry about a White middle-class uprising in the short-term. But their blindness extending to non-White competition and turf battles (both political and financial) is what is striking.

        Note: I don’t confuse this non-White competition with any sort of genuine sea change or even temporary allieship – unlike gayway pundit who’s always pushing based blaqs.

        • The cluelessness is striking and it is also terrifying. It is a window into the mind of those who think millions of non-whites are fungible with whites (the ones who don’t explicitly want to end “whiteness”).

        • So I am not the only one who noticed the “predilections” of the leadership team at “gayway pundit”

          Insert appropriate emoji here…

  17. The best recent example of the detachment you describe happened while Liz Truss was prime minister in the UK. With a facial expression of total satisfaction, she used the term “Putin’s inflation” to describe the rising prices there and throughout the West. You could almost imagine the “Eureka” moment when that phrase was coined by the Managerial Elite. Despite it being such low-hanging fruit, the opposition MP’s nodded right along in full agreement.

    British subjects paying exorbitant prices understandably didn’t buy a word of it, of course. Such scenes also played out in America and the rest of the West, and eventually the term fell into disuse, whether because it polled badly or was forgotten I don’t know.

    Even so, as long as houses are warm and bellies are full (too full, actually), this farcical clownshow will go on. Once people get cold and hungry, it will collapse in a nanosecond. You would hope there is a smart faction that realizes there are limits to the fuckery, but that seems not to be the case…

    Revolutionary France did not have nukes, but it has them now. You can make proper and safe assumptions about what that means.

    • Let’s hope that when the time comes, the military will remain fairly neutral and as during the collapse of the USSR, retain control of nukes and other weapons of mass destruction and let the politics play out around them.

      • The American military has been largely purged of any rational faction. That’s not just the brass but also the NCO’s. I suspect it will be more like Tiananmen Square than Red Square.

    • The reason the term “Putin’s inflation” has stopped is because people are stupid. They have already forgotten about the spike in prices and adjusted unconsciously towards an increasingly crappy lifestyle. Inflation is now forgotten. Channel has changed, and so has their pathetic attention span. I fractured my leg a few years ago. At first, I noticed the pain intensely. It continued to hurt for a while. But, after a while, the pain became a dull ache largely forgotten. So with Normie. This does not bode well for the prospects of a peasant revolt.
      To be clear, I agree with your point about the origin and the fact people’s bellies are too full. That is why they have forgotten about inflation, for money has always been an elusive, in flux concept for them. Most have lived paycheck to paycheck for year. What this means is most feel rich the moment they get paid, and then they feel poor after they spend it, until the next cycle. This is why only the middle class, the true middle class, one which builds wealth and savings, are feeling it. We are the minority. The mindless masses are insensible.

      • Excellent comment. I upvoted you even though I disagree with the central premise. I don’t think it has been forgotten at all, and that will be evidenced when people lose jobs or have their hours and gibs cut. The dull toothache analogy is close to reality, to be sure, but awareness of it is still there.

        • Besides your close circle of people, probably of a stable financial situation, do you hear anything beyond “Things are more expensive!” ejaculated? They may have a spasmodic occasional reaction when that nerve is hit (to follow the pain metaphor), but they do not think of it in a way that 1)Changes their lifestyle, and 2) Changes their outlook. Note that you even say they it will be shown when they lose their job, etc. I agree. But I am saying that they are not aware of it in the way we are – the slow nibble away of our wealth.
          Allow me to phrase it in this manner: What could the average Normie living paycheck to paycheck say about it, beyond a brief utterance of curses? Not much. That is how long they can stay attuned to it. The reason is that their lifestyles have not been altered because the proportions may have been shifted, but the fundamental lifestyle is still the same (e.g. “I am 500 bucks short this month, as opposed to 400 last month).
          My wife and I try to pack away 2 grand a month. We feel the impact because we have been forced to alter our habits (though, to be fair, we were always pretty frugal). The ones on Tiktok whining about inflation were the same ones whining about a living wage 3 years ago. Their circumstances and views have not been altered. Thus, their awareness of inflation is minimal.
          To revisit my opening point, when have you heard someone outside your circle mention inflation besides in a passing comment, and extremely infrequently? For the morons, inflation is just a word that means I cannot buy everything I want in order to be happy. They have long held this position. We know the difference; they do not.
          When the belly rumbles, sure. But then what will they do, except what they have always done: Beg for the Gods to save them – in this case, Big Gub.

  18. Speaking of out of touch elites, Trump is going to do a Superbowl commercial for friggin Bud Lite!!!

    The one really successful right wing boycott in generations!!!! Even Trump is cucking, or, really, selling us out. Since when has any candidate for President ever done non-political commercial in the middle of a campaign? What’s next, a Disney commercial?!?

    It is just a stark reminder that the GOP will never be a vehicle for anything but the status quo and clownworld.

    • Anhiesar bush was bought by In Bev way way back in 2005 or 6 i believe, so really they aren’t even an American company. Sure they employ Americans, but that doesn’t make them an American company. I love how people lie by omission (trump). They too stupid to know i lie! Sadly i think that is correct for at least 70% of the population. Rather insulting.

    • > Speaking of out of touch elites, Trump is going to do a Superbowl commercial for friggin Bud Lite!!!

      So they’re paying our allies and putting his face up there as a positive spokesperson? Honestly, this sounds like Bud bending the knee to me.

    • I can’t say that I’m really surprised by this. Trump has always championed the LBGTDJF~!J+ crowd. He pushed countries into buying that homo crap.

      Reason #1 why I never vote for him.

  19. I think it’s even sillier (and thus more terrifying) than that. I think the whole bill was Failure Theater for both parties. I posit that there’s a “competent fraction” (for evil clown values of “competent”) inside the Apparat. They realize that Projekt Ukraine has failed. They’re also facing a revolt from one of their core constituencies, the Diverse politicians in places like NY and Chicongo, over illegal immigration.

    This “competent fraction” is setting up the standard Media narrative for any Leftist failure: “Republican intransigence.” Once again, we were thiiiiiis close to Utopia, and once again, “Republican intransigence” doomed it. By rolling it all into an omnibus bill — and making that bill so onerous that no one could possibly support it — all the Republicans were supposed to make principled noises as they voted “nay,” and then the Media would roll out their pre-scripted Narratives: There are Russian tanks in Keeeeve, and MS-13 controls Chicago now, because “Republican intransigence” killed the necessary blah blah blah.

    The problem is, the Republicans are so goddamn dumb, and so accustomed to / sexually aroused by getting rolled by the Democrats, that they were gonna pass it anyway — thus Glitchy Mitch the Left’s Bitch having to take to the airwaves to urge everyone to vote against his own bill. (“The shame is part of the kink,” remember).

    And now they’re really stuck, because any proposed legislation that might accomplish something in their own interests would be “handing MAGA a win,” and that’s unpossible.

    • I do think there is some cult service going on with this. “It is not your fault comrades. The evil ones are to blame.” I agree that the open borders people had nothing to gain and nothing to lose from this deal, so tying it to a bunch of other stuff did not matter to them. What is puzzling is the neocons were the ones who cooked up this scheme to tie Ukraine money to an open borders bill. If you want to play 4-D chess, look for whoever assigned that simpleton Lankford to be the point man on the bill. That guy better hire a food taster.

      • Do you honestly believe that politicians write bills anymore? “We have to pass it to see whats in it!” Was how an old mafia shrew from Baltimore described obamacare, which was just a bailout for the people who wrote the bill………….

        • Well at the State level, they do not. One needs only to look around at laws passed wrt legalized marijuana, or even Constitutional carry. They are all alike—as in identical—and pushed through by national organizations using local pol’s as front men.

      • It’s always dangerous to attribute stupidity to your enemies, but if the shoe fits… I really can’t think of any other explanation but “The neocons really are that dumb.” Or “out of touch, even with the other Swamp Creatures,” take your pick. Their “reasoning,” such as it was, was along the lines of “You yokels like ‘border security,’ right? Well guess what — to get your open borders you’re gonna have to give us money for Ukraine, and to make sure, we’re gonna call it ‘border security.’ How ya like them apples? Now you *have to* vote for it!”

        They really thought they were being slick. May God have mercy on us*, they really did. Dunning-Krueger for the win.

        *Although He really, really shouldn’t. We’re well past the point where He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology, frankly.

    • There is a good chance that they sent this crap sandwich for it to be shot down, and they’ll return with another bill that is another crap sandwich, but not quite as bad. The staunch resisters will hem and haw, say “well, we got some of what we wanted” and pass it.

      Then again, the fanatics seem to have such a stranglehold that even minor compromises might be out of the question.

      • That’s what I thought was happening when details of the package “leaked” last week; it was to key up the old “half a loaf” Republican BS.

        It just confused me when that is what ended up being ACTUALLY presented. Maybe you’re right and my timing was just off.

  20. I’m not 100% sure that the Cloud people don’t know what the Dirt people are thinking. They just don’t care. Why should they? For at least 50 years, our rulers have been able to either manipulate or ignore the Dirt people with zero consequences. Indeed, they’ve become even more powerful.

    Perhaps, the Ukr/Israel/border bill wasn’t due to ignorance but more a middle finger to a powerless people. “What are you going to do about it, Dirt people? Nothing, that’s what.”

    And you know what. They’re right. Sure, the bill won’t get through the House for now. But they’ll still get their money for Ukr one way or the other. And if they don’t, well, they’re still in charge and will go on another adventure in a few years.

    As to Dirt people not understanding the Cloud people, it’s more a question of understanding that they hate you and view you as cattle.

    There is no reforming the system because the system is run by a foreign elite who view themselves special – chosen if you will – and the rest of us as beasts of burden who need to used to produce things and cared for as stupid children. I don’t even buy completely into the “Cloud people” idea as I think that they are mostly just house ni$$ers for the real power.

    The French Revolution was a struggle between the French nobility and a rising French bourgeois class – but they were both French. Our struggle is more between a small colonial force which rules by money, manipulation, bribery and occasional violence and what is now a collection of tribes. It’s why we’re never allowed to say who rules us because once they’re fingered, people will demand accountability.

    Once you know who rules us, the strange behavior of the Cloud people actually makes a lot of sense.

    • “For at least 50 years, our rulers have been able to either manipulate or ignore the Dirt people with zero consequences.”

      Precisely. No consequences. A bit of grumbling from the hoi polloi. But no action. And for diversion from the travails of everyday life in the USA, there’s fentanyl, television, social media, professional sports.

      But outside the USA, the cloud people are discovering there are consequences. Foreign powers hit back.

    • Last week they were doing the victory marches around the EU screwing over the Europeans and passing a 50 billion Ukraine aid deal. So what do the Ukies need our money for anyway?

      They do not care what we think on any subject. We are completely irrelevant. Our opinions on the matter were neither sought nor considered. They will do whatever it is they want to do.

      Though I haven’t read it, the alt-hype did a podcast on a study that was done about public opinion and the policies enacted by the government. There was a negative correlation between what the public wants and what policies are enacted. IOW, the more we want something, the less likely we are to get it.

      • Study demonstrates the obvious: “elite opinion” is the only opinion that counts in Our Democracy, present and historical.

        I’d say “appears to count.” I don’t recall that study, Hype, or anybody else ever really going into the how-it’s-made of “elite opinion.” It’s a dark continent.

        Obviously there’s what we used to call a “self-sucking mechanism” involved, à la “Social media metrics gathered from the censored internet show broad public approval of censors and censorship.” You don’t come out of Harvard with proper “connections” to join the ruling class if you were in there talking like Jared Taylor. Etc.

        *Somebody* aims and maintains that mechanism.

        /ourguys/ have a weakness for tracing everything back to school—not the social environment of school but *books*, especially books almost nobody ever read, because we’re “intellectuals” (nerds). The people who rule us are not. They’re “oversocialized” and *busy*. Busyness is the opposite of thinking.

        However clearly we see it, there’s no path from, e.g., Derrida to DEI. Something else happens. We are wholly outside it.

    • here’s something I wouldn’t put past them…unmarked airplanes delivering pallets of cash in the middle of the night. no need for approval or oversight. Naw, they’d never attempt it (honk).
      Really, why the theater though??

    • The Cloud People held their breath while passing the wildly-unpopular TARP banker bailout circa 2008. When there was no popular revolt, the gloves came off…..and now with their God-tier level of surveillance they can just van anyone inconvenient.

    • There is one “hit back” the Dirts can do, and that is possibly the only thing keeping them from going all out internationally. They can’t fight a land war against Russia/Iran/China without us. It ain’t much, but it’s something.

  21. ‘It was the open borders crazies getting support from the blow up the world crazies so they could both get billions to fling open the borders and blow up the world.’

    There it is. I now will nap in peace.

  22. Well, the first American Revolution was a revolution from above. John Hancock and George Washington were two of the richest men in the colonies. Nearly all of the Declaration signers were wealthy, prominent men. The southerners were planters (generally) and the northerners were merchants, landlords and shipowners etc.

    So when the second one comes, it will likely also come from the top. One group of elites will decide the other is bad for business and turf them out. The Dirts will have little to do with instigating it, although their support will be critical for it to succeed.

    It’s going to take a financial crisis for this to happen. (That’s what happened in France). We’re not getting a revolt with the stock market at all-time highs.

    • Ah, but the higher the high of the stock market, the greater the fall. Wait until every (Dirt) investment holder thinking they’re set in old age is reduced to subsistence—if that.

    • Captain Willard: The stock market may be hitting highs, but for many moneymen it’s just a means to an end. They want to increase their winnings and take their profits, sure, but what do they then do with them?

      Let’s see. Diamonds have been revealed for the scam they’ve always been (a much larger supply than most people ever realized, with the flow very carefully controlled). And lab-grown diamonds are now almost indistinguishable – same carbon, same pressure, same shiny pretty rock . . . far lower price point. Same goes for fancy Swiss watches – drop in value. This is not to say some people aren’t still buying ‘luxury” items – but the people with real money and power aren’t the nuggras buying branded pleather handbags.

      Even though the price of precious metals is volatile, consider the volume instead, and who is buying and how much. And yes, the Silver Institute has its own self-interest, but far more silver is necessary for modern industrial uses (not just electronics) than people realize. Berkshire Hathaway owns 130 million troy ounces of silver. There is definitely profit taking going on, but the powers behind the professional cloud people are not liquidating their metals holdings. Neither is Russia, nor any other serious nation.

      While commercial real estate may be in the toilet, US housing prices are not dropping significantly. Yes, there could well be a repeat of 2008, but I’m not talking about people buying standard stick-built house in the ‘burbs with almost nothing down. Those who can afford to buy are looking for “good schools” (i.e. Whiter neighborhoods) and those are ever fewer. And the people with genuine wealth are buying land – and lots of it – and the more remote from the hoi polloi the better. Yes, they’ll still vacation in Portofino, but they tend to buy homes where there aren’t so many ‘diverse’ inhabitants on the streets. Again – I’m not talking Hollywood thots or rich nuggras, I’m talking about the people with money and genuine political and/or industrial/banking/business power and clout.

      Point of all that being: The stock market doesn’t measure a whole lot of things that matter. A lot of people seem to lack confidence in the economy longer-term (and whether that means 5 months or 5 years I cannot say), and know just how much inflation really is. I don’t believe that Joe Q. Normiecon is going to get off the couch anytime soon, but a lot of “the people” are genuinely hurting economically. And they are not measured by the Dow Jones, and no one knows precisely what will rouse them – but the regime seems peculiarly concerned about some of those dirts.

  23. One needn’t look so far afield for historical analogues. There were multiple points leading up to the American Revolution where the Monarchy could have deescalated rather than ramping things up. Great Britain was in straits—or at least overextended—after the Seven Years War, and so had to levy taxes on their colonial holdings. But they didn’t have to make them so onerous, force citizens to house soldiers, impose taxes on wood so that paper became too expensive for printing (the 18th century version of installing internet kill switches.) It’s not even as if the feedback mechanisms you speak of didn’t exist back then; spies have always existed and the people in charge have always been able to get a sense of what’s actually going on outside the walls if they care to do so. Regime outlets have disabled comments specifically to ensure the windows of their “black box” stay tinted. Maybe you can still call in to those Sunday morning C-Span shows, and voice discontent, but that’s about it.

    I don’t think this bill is a sign that our rulers are out of touch. I think it’s a throwing down of the gauntlet, the legislative equivalent of Kevin Williamson’s infamous “F Off and Die” article, “Donald Trump and the White Working Class.” They’ve decided that the demoralization of their enemies (us) plus the inertial force of the border flooding will be enough to actually break us now, once and for all. They can pretty much explicitly admit what they want us to do, which, again, is to die.

    They may be right about this being their moment. Going out now, I see more and more very Indio-Mestizo featured little guys and gals walking around with stars in their eyes, looking at the stocked shelves of the grocery stores and malls as if it were Disneyland. It’s looking weird out there, so weird even black people and our garden variety Hispanics are looking at me confused, wondering what’s going on. Schumer, et. al., are of course grateful. These new constituents really just expect three hots and a cot per day, and maybe less than that. You could probably pay some of these deep South and Central Americans in turquoise beads. No more angry townhalls, no pesky people who’ve read the Bill of Rights so much as once or twice.

    Most normies are still home, streaming Netflix or watching the game and grilling. And if they were to get off their duffs and protest, a Ray Epps would be thrown into the mix somewhere and they’d either be doing five years or pushing up daisies with Ashley Babbitt.

    It’s our move in a game in which every avenue has been denied us. It’s either fedposting or pointing out the obviousness of our quandary at this point.

    • > Regime outlets have disabled comments specifically to ensure the windows of their “black box” stay tinted.

      The rapidity in which CNN closed their comments was darkly hilarious. Then NPR closed their comments for something along of the lines of defending democracy. NYT still has open comments for paying readers, but they paid an outside company to spam and direct the conversation with regime talking points, which is arguably even worse.

      The sheer brazenness brought the “If only you knew how bad things are” meme to life.

    • At the end, but before the shooting started, the onerous taxes you speak of were reduced to one minor one. Which was, even then, not out of line with the expense Britain had in protecting the colonies (IMO).

      We’ve always been tax averse as a populace and that aversion was played upon by those having ulterior motives.

  24. “This is mostly what happened in the late-1960’s and 1970’s. One group of Cloud People revolted and ushered in a period of reform”

    Can you please clarify the groups and reforms?

    • Hippies/student radicals as revolutionary Clouds? Perhaps, although it’s hard to square the image of those grubby grodes wallowing about in the mire of Woodstock as Clouds.

      • Woodstock was for the cool and fun revolutionaries. Look at picture of a young Hillary Clinton: that’s what the Cloud People looked like during Woodstock.

  25. The cloud people should fear, not the guillotine, but being ignored. Specifically, being ignored by the various states should be what keeps them up at night. States are a ready-made replacement government ready to go at a moment’s notice.

    “Well, John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” Jackson

    • I agree with your point, but disagree on scale. Leaders at the state and major city level are the “farm teams” for the DC Major League; I don’t expect meaningful resistance from them.

      However, leaders at the county and municipal level are almost Dirt People themselves. I believe that is (eventually) where dominoes will begin falling when the grillers can’t grill anymore.

      That difference aside, excellent point about their greatest fear. I think that it is the only reason we aren’t bombing Iran. The GAE military is too small for such a conflict, volunteers are nonexistent, and a draft would simply be ignored.

      TickTock #aintgoing would be the end of the current Cloud People.

      • “leaders at the county and municipal level are almost Dirt People themselves”

        That might have been the case back in the 70’s and 80’s but i don’t think so anymore. Someone is selecting them, case in point:

        Never had a real job in her life, never had to look for a real job in her life and now she is the county executive for the second largest county in the state.

        • Point taken. I spoke too broadly and should have said, “SOME of them are Dirt People”. Part of this era is struggling to find an existing institution to trust.

          Thanks for the link.

    • This is why “Separation of Powers” is an unobtainable myth.

      Trump appointed 3 SCOTUS judges. They all passed on giving him some breathing room after the 2020 election.

      They know their “power” in intertwined with the other 2 branches; they’re no more able to go against the interests of the machine than you could gnaw off your own arm.

  26. “Dirt People political culture is a debate about what in the hell is going on in the clouds.”

    Let it not be overlooked Zman’s uncanny adeptness at distilling a matter to its essence. The dirt people cannot be sure what really occurs in the clouds. Unless one has access to the upper echelons of power, one can only speculate about the ways of the cloud folks, which tend toward the mysterious, inconsistent, and unpredictable.

    My own perhaps incorrect impression has long been that bankers run the world. Most of what financier-controlled mass media expose to the public amounts to little more than a theater of endless distractions — so that bankers can continue running the world, essentially unopposed. There’s a reason Jesus chased the moneylenders out of the temple. Puts me in mind of that old Mayer Rothschild quote (possibly misattributed): “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.” Whoever is funding all the madness has the real power. “Follow the money trail” did not become a stale cliche` for nothing.

    Then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the cloud people represent some weird, esoteric cult operating on impulses and principles that the rest of us cannot begin to comprehend. Maybe they’re a bunch of satanic child molesters. As a lifelong dirt person, I really can’t say one way or the other.

    • I tend to see it as the bankers hire the Cloud people. Basically, the bankers are producers and directors of a reality show while the Cloud people are the people on the show. Granted, that actors are only vaguely aware that they’re just cast members on a reality show, but that’s what they are.

      The producers and directors push the show in certain directions but let the cast do their thing so long as it fits what the producers and directors want. Occasionally, the cast goes way off what the producers and directors want and they need to be put back into the place or even replaced.

      What we’re seeing is a reality show.

      • That’s roughly how I see it as well. Keep in mind if there is one thing a “reality show” has precious little of . . . it’s reality.

        • Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, kathman? You trying to tell me realilty shows are fake and ghey? Dear, oh dear, oh dear…

  27. I don’t think it’s that our rulers don’t know what we dirt people are thinking, but that they just don’t care. Due to money flowing in from the oligarchy, gerrymandering and Dominion voting machines, they feel they are untouchable. And even if they get voted out, they have a pension for life and a lucrative career in lobbying awaiting them. It’s a pure mathematical calculation that they are better off betraying their voters.

    • Excellent point, and I would also add age as a factor. Schumer, McConnell, Biden, et al know they are all going to be dead in ten years. They are “full speed ahead” because they want to see their opponents (us) crushed in their lifetimes. That’s why they stopped “boiling the frog” on social issues.

    • I agree. And Lankford should be first in line. As an Oklahoman, I am ashamed that we sent that ghoul to the US Senate. I sent him a scathing email about what a scumbag he is. I told him that I am currently a registered Independent but will register as a Republican if he is primaried so I can vote against him.

      The guy was a “youth minister” at a Baptist youth camp (Falls Creek) prior to becoming a Senator. There were credible allegations of sexual abuse of the youths by clergy and other staff at the camp. I’m not aware of Lankford being accused of anything, but he was high up in the administration of the camp and I believe he had to be aware of the allegations. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was involved in covering up what happened.

      • Okay, I just looked him up, and Lankford is clearly & obviously & incontrovertibly the most electrically charismatic young GOP sword-swinger since Fey Gowdy; here’s a mockup:

        Physiognomy Israel.


        [They say that’s why the IRA was so he11-bent on ass@ssinating Mountbatten; because Mountbatten had an history of storming the Irish boys’ orphanages in search of new conquests. And apparently Lady Mountbatten wasn’t exactly a saint herself.]

        • The IRA leadership was rife with paedos so I doubt that’s the reason.

          Also ,why did the IRA never do anything about the priests and choirboys?

    • As an American, I incline away from the guillotine and towards hot tar and feathers. You know, out of tradition.

  28. France is Catholic, Catholics supposedly have a culture of submitting with docility to authority. If you want to talk about Jews, they have rabbis instead of priests— the theology department is in charge of the religion. This is how you end up with black boxes, per the first paragraph.

    A couple of years ago, I was flaming Puritans somewhere, and it struck a false note. I asked myself if it was what I thought, or if I was parroting. Realized I was steeped in a critique of Protestantism (much of it quite valid tbh), which made me realize the spent force Protestantism is today.

    When I hear talk of revolution lately, it tends to be French, not 1776. America is (or used to be) DIY. God helps those who help themselves. Doesn’t seem to be much of that spirit left. Trust the Science! Vote harder! Wait for Jesus! (Or Trump lol.) Etc.


  29. I never thought I’d see the day when I was inclined to favor the guillotine or the gibbet. But, I realize that day has come.

    • Guillotines and gibbets are actually merciful compared to many other options. I rate you a moderate.

      • Is it too late to bring back Scaphism? Asking for a friend…

        P.S. Don’t search that term before dinner if you have not heard it before…

  30. The ridiculousness of the tripartite-bill (Israel, Ukraine, open borders) says “we don’t care what the dirt people think”…

    but the “flood the border with infinity immigrants who’ll vote for us forever” says “it’s very important to have the fig leaf of democracy to legitimize our actions”.

    Why even pretend to care about the legitimacy of a system that’s been dead and gone for most of our adult lifetimes?

    • This – they don’t care (and unfortunately don’t need to care) what Dirt People think.

      For that reason, I tend to disagree with this take:

      If Mitch McConnell wanted more power, he would never have gone along with this ridiculous bill and instead railed against the Ukraine project.

      If Bitch McConnel wants more power (or keep what he has) he will do the bidding of those for whom he is a bitch. One simple heuristic explains most political conduct (conduct, not necessarily rhetoric) – is it good for the juice?

  31. These are people who have held a grudge against Russia for generations, going back to the Tsardom and the Pale of Settlement. But they really, really hate Putin for taking away their gravy train after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is pure and total bloodlust for people like Nuland, Kagan, Boot, Kristol, Blinken, etc. – people who never forget and never forgive. They’ve been using the American military and the American economy to advance the interests of their own people for decades and Ukraine is just the next one on the list. They’ll keep doing it as long as they have the power to do so.

  32. I’m trying to work out where the title “The Madame’s Shadow” came from. The reference to Marie Antoinette is clear. And the other part comes from, I think, the sci-fi mini-series “Lexx”, where the emperor is “His Divine Shadow.”

    On an unrelated note I’m looking forward to watching Tucker’s interview with Vladimir this evening. I imagine Team Biden is collectively voiding itself in its trousers (and skirts). Tucker is going to face a hard time if and when he returns to US shores, if he’s courageous (foolhardy?) enough to do so. Personally, if Vladimir offered me a residence permit, I’d gratefully accept it.

  33. “That all makes sense, but we also know that this project is doomed, so why are they still obsessed with it?”

    cause ukraine was meant to be israel 2.0.

    Js own all there is to own in ukraine, if russia takes it, they’ll be left empty-handed.

    “The question that remains is whether or not the American system is past the point where reform is possible.”

    i don’t think so, american wellfare state can’t sustain such a huge influx of migrants.

    trump will probably deport 2-3 million people, but in order to save america he’ll need to deport 60-70 million people. Js will never allow that to happen.

  34. This hits close to home. Most of my golf buddies are stunned that people don’t want to emulate them. From their point of view it makes sense, married, children, good career, material wealth. Who wouldn’t want to be them? They are republicans and think the reason “things don’t get done” are because a tiny group of right wing extremists collude with crazy progressives to sow discord.

    Anyone who has been around upper middle class country club whites will know what I’m talking about.

    • My experience with male upper middle class white friends is a mixed bag, which is more than I could say a few years ago. One friend, who is smarter than I am, supports Nikki Haley. I don’t even know where to start with that one.

      Others though are seeing the hook nose peering out from behind the curtain, and are waking up to the evil of our leaders. A group of us were discussing how much of the history we have learned is probably a lie, and one friend said Osama Bin Laden had a point. I like to pull up the medal count from the 1936 olympics and show how, contrary to the myth that Jesse Owens humiliated Hitler, the Germans completely dominated with 101 medals versus 56 for the US.

      I am also starting to tell the joke about the woman who was a holocaust denier all her life, until her family did an intervention. They brought in a rabbi to explain the history of the Jewish people and what they were doing today. She did a complete 180 and now can’t believe it only happened once.

      • >> One friend, who is smarter than I am, supports Nikki Haley.

        This statement cannot be reconciled. Only a complete imbecile would support Nikki Haley at this point, and you are clearly not dumber than a complete imbecile.

    • Joey: All our former government colleagues – who stayed with and/or have since retired from the government – fit that pattern. Not that we’ve really kept in touch, but even when my husband last saw some of them in 2019 they were still secure with the status quo. And who’s to say they were wrong on a personal level? These were people generally considered conservative pre-Trump, and government jobs and following ‘the rules’ made them all very financially comfortable. They all had far more money than we did, and their kids each had multiple degrees . . . albeit along with multiple divorces and Zero grandchildren.

      Even one of my husband’s childhood friends, also government employed although in the hinterlands and not DC – still seems to think the pattern will hold. On the one hand, he acknowledges that everything my husband warned him about has come to pass. On the other hand, he still has his substantial retirement money invested in the market, and even pushed his sole child to take the clot shot so he could get a job as a minor government functionary. It worked for him, so why not his son? Yes, generational politics here – he’s a boomer with massive normalcy bias. Even though he’s smart enough to see how bad things are getting, deep-down he doesn’t believe the world has truly changed.

      He’s a nice enough guy, but I think he’s going to be shocked by the deluge, when things finally let loose. So, too, will your golf buddies.

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  36. Z: “Israel has check writing privileges at the Fed…”

    The other day, (((somebody))) decided that Phμckerberg needed a few moar shekels in his bank account, and, la voila, suddenly Phμckerberg was worth*** $200B moar than he had been.


    Conversely, (((some other body))) decided that Shegetz Musk was becoming an uppity little goy, and $55B was simply lifted right out of Shegetz’s bank account.


    The Federal Reserve & the Department of Lawfare amount to nothing but Parker Brothers’ Monopoly money being printed & distributed for the glory of greater Khazaria, courtesy of shabbos goyim golem bearing gμns & b@dges.


    ***I defy anyone to show me any property in Phμckerberg’s entire portfolio which is worth moar than Tree Fiddy.

    It’s all just money laundering out of the Federal Reserve; the launderers need a symbolic placeholder in which to park the laundered fiat shekels, and so they invent business fictions such as “Meta” to receive the laundered fiat shekels.

    If we White folk can’t sense this sort of thing intuitively, then we’ve got an existential flaw in our character.

    • I agree with your post, except about the part where Meta is a fiction. There really are simpleton Americans who live on fuckbook, and Fuckerberg really does spy on them and sell their personal data to advertisers and intelligence agencies. Though the intelligence agency payments were created via fiat, so I guess I only half disagree.

  37. James Lankford.

    If he were actually a man of the Book like he says he is, he’d have smelled sulfur around Schumer and then started overturning tables.

    I am a wretched sinner, for sure, but at least I don’t do business with the Devil. Spankford should repent and retire to the desert, if he is who he says he is.

  38. Sen Lankford deserves the Mother of all wedgies. I mean how insufferably ignorant can you get?

    • I went to one of his town halls once. He’s kind of creepy. He locks eyes with you as he talks. Doesn’t blink. He’s that kind of Christian I knew from the 1990s…so satisfied with himself and his relationship with God that he’s saved no matter what, even if he serves Mammon and the Devil.

  39. “They are all chanting the word chaos now”.

    After I read this post, I went to Gateway Pundit,(to see who an offender was), and sure enough, the article, and the first three comments had, you guessed it, the word “chaos” in it.

    While I am distressed by the notion of a collapse, it really is the only way forward, no matter what comes after.

    Pray for your kids and grandkids, and most importantly, get their heads prepared. All the food, water, protection and tribe in the world won’t help if they can’t deal with the shitshow that’s coming.

  40. The black box principle does not only apply stateside. I just saw a headline in a meme but the headline looked real: “Kazakhstan passes law to surgically remove the genitals of pedophiles because chemical castration is not sufficiently severe”.

    The Globohomo elite have no idea how utterly revolting and sick they look to the rest of the world. Pushing gays was one thing and plenty bad. But if you wanted to make a Russian mechanic, a hardcore jihadist, a hard-nosed CCP Chinaman, a Hindu hardliner from India, a Latino macho man, a farmer from Nebraska and even a French baguette baker all agree on one thing, you could do a lot worse than promoting trans surgery in kids and “pedo rights”.

    The DC circuit does not understand what kinds of ferocious defense they are poking in others. This could lead to the mother of all miscalculations. And because of the intense feeling of disgust I actually hope it does lead to something just a few rungs down from that, below the nuclear involvement

    • Proof of your point: In prison, the most hard-core antisocial gangbanger will kill a child molester at his first opportunity.

  41. These days I have a hard time keeping the scene from the John Adams miniseries where he first enters the Court of Versailles, out of my head. He looks like a small child entering a freak show at the county fair for the first time.

  42. Aaaahhh, the sweetness of Madame la Guillotine! Never has there been a ruling class that deserved her affections more than this one….

      • Public beheadings and hangings FTW. Not just for the deterrent effect but also as a female nature red pill. For those who don’t know it’s worth researching just why public executions were phased out back when.

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