Plotting The Collapse

On 24 February 2022, Russian president Vladimir Putin went on television to announce the Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Russia is a legalistic society, so Putin did not declare war or even say it was an invasion, as those terms carry meaning within Russian law that would trigger other parts of the law. We are now fast approaching the two-year anniversary of what everyone involved thought was going to be a quick and largely bloodless path to a negotiated settlement.

For the last eighteen months Russian leaders have talked about the conflict lasting years, as it is now a proxy war between Russia and its partners and the United States and the vassal states of the West. Some have suggested this war is like the Thirty Years War in that it will radically change the moral and political order in Europe, eventually seeing the United States exit Europe entirely. Others see this as another sign that the West is in crisis and headed for dark times.

Putting aside the big picture aspects of the war, things may be running ahead of schedule, at least from the Russian perspective. The first big item to start the year is the stalemate in Washington over Ukraine funding. To the shock and horror of the neocons and their fellow travelers, the public is not interested in the issue, which means there is no risk to opposing more money for Ukraine. The result is money for Ukraine is probably a dead issue for 2024.

That will have enormous implications for Ukraine. The billions flowing from Washington to Kiev do three important things. First, Zelensky uses the money to buy loyalty, as he is Washington’s bagman. This allows him to buy off the various factions in Ukraine and make sure pro-Washington people are in the government. It is why he has faced little opposition to cancelling the elections. Those inclined to speak out against this have either been bribed or jailed by those being bribed.

That brings up the second thing the money does for Ukraine. Those dollars are not just dumped on Ukraine. Instead, the dollars are converted into Ukrainian hryvnia, which are then deposited into the Ukraine banking system. Of course, Ukraine also gets euros from selling energy products and agricultural products to the EU on special deals and those are converted to hryvnia. This is what allows Kiev to pay government employees and mask the money printing to pay the soldiers.

The final piece of the puzzle is the corruption around converting dollars and euros into weapons that can be used in the war. Even regime media has been forced to admit that a lot of the weapons have ended up on the black market. No one knows how much has been stolen or who is doing the stealing, but Ukraine is a pirate’s cove now, with privateers, official and unofficial, stealing everything they can. Even Kiev is getting worried about the degree of theft.

If the flow of dollars stops or even significantly declines, all three legs of the Ukrainian side of the racket will snap. We may be seeing the first signs of this in the drama between President Zelensky and General Zaluzhny. It has been known for months that Zelensky wants to fire Zaluzhny, but so far, he has not been able to do it. Zaluzhny simply refuses to cooperate by resigning or taking another position. Instead he posts pics of himself with the leader of the ultra-nationalist faction.

When the president of a country wants to fire his top military officer, the officer usually resigns in order to save some face. In some cases, the civilian leader will fire the man in order to make a point. Truman fired MacArthur in order to send a message and underscore the subordination of the military to the civilian government. When the civilian leader cannot fire the top military commander and that commander is openly challenging the civilian leadership, there is a crisis.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the head of the Wagner organization repeatedly challenged the authority of the Russian government. He even went so far as to stage a ceremonial march on Moscow. The Russians foolishly thought they could tolerate the behavior of Prigozhin until that point. They realized their error and it was not long before Prigozhin’s plane was falling out of the air in pieces.

You also have to add in the fact that Ukraine is a lawless, corrupt kleptocracy now flooded with weapons and soldiers. Last year, one of Zaluzhny’s lieutenants was blown up by a grenade hidden in a gift intended for Zaluzhny. Someone tried to poison the head of the secret police, Kyrylo Budanov, but missed and poisoned his wife and some of his staff instead. Of course, the Russians mysteriously got the coordinates of Budanov’s location and tried to take him out with a missile.

In such conditions, it is not hard to see how the end of dollars from Washington could set off a political crisis. If that is not enough, the war is going poorly for Ukraine as the Russians slowly ramp up the pressure on all fronts. According to Ukraine, they need thirty thousand new recruits a month to keep up their numbers, which means they are losing a thousand men a day in this war. Many of those men are trained, experienced soldiers who cannot be replaced with raw recruits.

As of this writing, the Russians have broken through one of the biggest strongholds in Ukraine, a place called Avdiivka, or often spelled Avdeevka. Since 2014 the Ukrainians have been building this place up with tunnels, bunkers, mine fields and heavy weapons, to be an anchor point of the front line. Reports from Ukraine say the Russians have entered the city and have trapped Ukrainian forces. That would mean a starving out operation will be followed by a surrender.

There are similar stories around smaller fortifications along the front and all of it is due to the shortage of men and material. According to Ukraine, they have mobilized close to a million men so far and they have plans to mobilize half a million more. Those kinds of losses are added pressure on a political system that has major cracks. If the money runs out, it is not long before some factorions think about what sort of deal they can cut with the Russians to end the war.

Collapse is like the famous Hemingway line about bankruptcy. It happens a little at a time and then all of a sudden. Armies collapse slowly over time then they begin to surrender in great waves. Governments collapse over a period of time, punctuated by crises until the principles either flee or end up dead in a final crisis. The current crisis in Ukraine could be just one chapter, but not the final chapter. Maybe the Republicans will produce the money and save the day.

Regardless, all of this points to a catastrophe down the road and probably right around the November presidential elections, which will make for great drama. Eventually the reality of Ukraine will come home to Washington, no matter how hard they try to pretend it does not exist. Like all bankruptcies, the failure of imperial foreign policy proceeds a little here and a little there, all leading to a point when the whole project collapses, maybe taking the empire with it.

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198 thoughts on “Plotting The Collapse

  1. Hey Z-Man,

    I wanted to bring to your attention the “Traders were told of Hamas attack on Israel in advance and ‘profited from tragic events’, researchers claim” news item featured on some media.

    Don’t think anything more than “lol” can be the comment.

  2. The DC panic is palpable. They tried this bizarre strategy of trying to hide $61B in Ukraine funding inside an “immigration enforcement” bill. Then they tried to say MAGA voters would be mad at Trump if the “immigration enforcement” bill didn’t pass. That just nuts. Completely nuts. NOBODY believed that bill was anything other than an attempt to legalize illegals. You don’t need a new law when you refuse to follow all the other laws. There are no MAGA voters fooled by this. 99.9% of them WANTED the bill killed because they knew is was a damn dirty lie.

    Then it became clear that it really was yet another Ukraine ruse to restart the money laundering machine.

    So now they’re trying to force reps to vote for it by telling them they can’t have Taiwan or Israel money unless they approve Ukraine money. But that approach was DOA when McCarthy got thrown out for pushing it.

    Plus the fact that the average American’s reaction to the Middle East dust up is, “Another f$$cking war? AYFKM?!” So it’s not like Israel is feeling the love.

    The Government Party in this country deserves to be bitch slapped, and it looks increasingly like that is exactly what is coming. They’re incapable of performing two of the most basic duties of government: defending the country from invasion and not looting the treasury for personal profit.

    • Trying to blame the border on Trump and co is standard satanic Marxist projection and inversion.

      It does appear that at least some more sheeple are beginning to catch wise to the ‘kraine laundering scheme, why is why Senator Six Ways to Sunday’s (D-Tel Aviv) lame threat about ‘merican troopz in Europastan fell on deaf ears.

    • they can’t have Taiwan or Israel money unless they approve Ukraine money.

      So none of them get $$$. Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

  3. The Reformation was the result of an institution that had evolved down a dead end because it evolved for a world that was beginning to recede. The social and economic relations that made the Church possible were giving way to new social and economic relations, so a new moral order rose up to challenge the old moral order

    That’s not an explanation but just the usual darwinian pattern adapted to history.

    The awesome Christian civilisation (aka “middle ages”, aka “dark ages”) collapsed because people started to follow the pathway of falseness instead of the pathway of rightness.

    The theory (which can be denied, but has very strong logic) is as follow : a) God exists. b) Jesus is the one true God. c) the Church founded by saint Peter is the one true Church. d) if this is true, the Scriptures are a serious thing. e) there are rules which, because God is good, are a pathway for the construction of a faithful, happy, harmonious and prosperous.

    That was the theory.
    Consequently with that theory, if people chose to follow the pathway of falseness, society will become more and more unharmonious, unhappy, unprosperous, and more and more immoral.
    And more and more stupid. (which is totally logical : the more you follow false ideas, the more you lost your mind, in the same way as you will be lost while driving if you follow a false map). And I think everyone here would agree than our world become more and more stupid (and more and more despotic).
    Why wokism increase? Why feminism, leftism, budget deficit, military spend, obesity, tattoos, abortion, etc. increase ?

    That wasn’t the result of a plot made by some evil guys in a crypt. That’s dechristianisation. And the US are the headquarter of that movement. Hard to believe, considering the huge amount of hard believers that country have. Yes. But, if I continue to follow the theory written above, that’s still coherent : according to that theory, protestantism is false. Consequently, protestantism is disarmed and can’t fight back the Error.

    Once again, everyone may think that this theory is false, but no one can deny that it is consistent

    • Can you expand a bit more on the Protestantism is false idea?
      I’ve been studying some Christian history, via some Orthodox writers.
      Is it mostly the Sola Scriptura point allowing for each man to interpret as he sees fit and to accommodate how he chooses to live?
      Isn’t their fault though in the men of the ecumenical decision-making? In the end they become a bit of Pharisees themselves?
      Happy to be corrected and/or educated.
      Thank You

      • You didn’t ask me, but put it this way: when my parents bought our first PC, they came with thick technical manuals, and I read those manuals so I could do more than point and click. The engineers who designed the thing wrote those manuals, or at least somebody who got it from the source. Maybe I was a heretic for figuring out how to overclock the thing lol.

        Sorry, feeling defensive!

        • To carry your analogy further, the programmers who wrote the software to work with the PC wrote specific code to do specific things. If you “re-interpret” the code and insist on typing commands your own way, the software is not gonna work (or at least not do what the programmers programmed it to do). You can write a new software program (Luther 2.0), but then it may not work with the hardware or you may get wonky results.

          • Software is a different ballgame. That’s where idealism comes into play. All I had to do was switch a jumper on the motherboard.

            Point being, the foundation of my knowledge was ‘maker’s knowledge.’
            Otoh, I’m dubious of, say, genetic engineering, because God didn’t write a biology textbook. We should be much more careful when we don’t know what we don’t know.

      • I think if we look at the history of Protestantism, northern European protestant societies thrived very well for a long while, such as England, and the earlier United States, and German states. They had that civilisational confidence that Kenneth Clark described, which was so valuable.

        The “dechristianisation” which Colbert mentions is also key, although I’m not willing to condemn Protestantism as much. I’m also not anti-Catholic, and I hate to see what has happened to the Catholic Church since Vatican II. I see a lot of good in what Protestants were able to accomplish, until all churches, Catholic, Protestant and otherwise, started succumbing to the world more and more.

      • The issues with Protestantism from a Catholic perspective are pretty simple:

        1. If you want a religion that is built around a book written by a prophet, well that religion is Islam. It is not Christianity. Jesus entrusted his church to a man, who then set up the line of succession from which the Catholic Church derives its authority. Protestantism intentionally and purposefully breaks that line, and so the question becomes where does it derive its authority from?

        2. If it is a personal interpretation of the Bible, then any interpretation is as valid as any other. If that’s the case, then you would just get hundreds of different religions that all have slightly different interpretations of this and that – and that’s exactly what happened. And it is one reason why after about 500 years, Protestantism has completely run out of steam in Europe and America and has collapsed as a religious and moral authority for the flock.

      • Can you expand a bit more on the Protestantism is false idea?

        The problem with the protestant reformation is that it set in motion a train of events that led to the point we are at today.

        One of Martin Luther’s opponents in the 16th century stated that the logical end point of the reformation was that everyman would have his own church. Which may have seamed an argument absurdum at the time – but has come to pass. From there it is just a short jump to everman being his own god – which is the end state o liberalism – that we are also enjoying today.

    • Whatever the causes or explanations, no civ could survive the demographic collapse Europe experienced intact, I imagine.

    • Rephrasing you a bit, but what you’re describing is “incoherence”. The Church of Rome grew increasingly incoherent. The name Protestant literally flows from Protest. Martin Luther wasn’t trying to start a new Christian sect. He was protesting the incoherence. (selling of indulgences, for example)

      The Church has had two maybe three waves of incoherence since St John Paul II:
      – the sex abuse scandals which they clearly covered up (fueled by gay priests)
      – banning people from church during COVID and implementing anti-Christian “mandates” – if you REALLY believe what that man hanging on a cross stands for, you have no need of a single covid mandate.
      – Pope Benedict’s love of communists and gays

      There’s only so much incoherence an institution can take before it implodes.

      That’s where America, and the West in general, is today. Their climate change predictions never come to pass. Too much snow, not enough snow, and average snow all signal the end times. The whole tranny thing is just nutty. You can’t turn lead into gold. Immigration cultural suicide. Flat out lies re: COVID and elections.

      As that incoherence accelerates things get worse.

      • The problems you discuss can be summed up in one word, “Americanism”, known to the Church over 100 years ago but unfortunately fully embraced and adopted by the Church post-Vatican 2 through the tremendous influence of the future Pope Benedict XVI. It’s a huge mistake and unfortunately something the Church needs to deal with (they tried 100 years ago, but failed obviously), but if history is any indication it will. For better or worse, it has survived worse.

      • You forget the Church also survived Arianism. The errors you speak of are human errors due to the existence of human beings in the Church. Yes, it sucks. Yes, Luther may have had somewhat of a point with abuse of indulgences, but then he went much farther off the rails himself (sola scriptura, once saved, etc.).

        Point is, these errors we will always have with us popping up their ugly heads from time to time. The Church’s divine institution is a guard and guaranty against these errors overcoming her, but that doesn’t mean she won’t get infected and ill from time to time. Just like with our own immune system, she can get ill and look and feel like sheet for while, but eventually bounces back.

    • The reformation was “caused” by a papal power grab – the Gregorian revolution – in the 11th century – which resulted in the supremacy of the church over secular rulers. At least in theory,
      And the establishment of an entrenched self aware church bureaucracy.

      That revolution was so successful that moderns just assume that the result had always been the case. But it was not.

      Along with power came corruption. Almost immediately. With reform after reform effort being violently suppressed by the catholic power structure. Each suppression just led to a larger and more violent attempt at reform. Until finally the Protestant reformation succeeded. Followed eventually by the return of secular power to civil authorities un the Catholic sphere over a period of centuries

      By the time we got to the reformation, unfortunately, the reformist had been moved to the point of throwing out the baby with the bath water. In this case, undermining the moral authority of the church entirely, not just rolling back the papal power grab.

  4. Ukraine people thought the Jewish president would give will and grace lifestyle
    literally delusional and retarded, no one in the west thinks that the west has such abilities
    outcome is Ukraine  became a vassal state and spoils for Jews
    Ukraine men end up death ropes, Ukraine women became a cheap prostitute

    Russian-Ukraine war summarize up white history
    there’s one logical option left, just kill and looting jews at Alaric style

  5. Aside from the suffering of Ukrainians, I don’t sense much danger in this Ukraine situation, for whatever reason. The closest I came was at the beginning, before Russian dominance was established. Russian restraint in the face of Western goading and bluster— I’m glad it apparently wasn’t taken as weakness.

    Idk, I’m not sure what’s going on. If this is WWIII, the West is militarily gelded, and the coup de grace is financial, why not end it? I notice this sliding scale of the dollar. Used to be the unquestioned standard, then said it was propped up at gunpoint— clearly no longer the case. Now, supposedly, there’s no better option. Can’t imagine there are many excuses left.

    I kind of think there has to be some serious horse trading going on behind the scenes. People in the know have to know we get that New World Order everybody’s been talking about for a long time— just not the one that was predicted.

  6. Where are all the wonder weapons of the West that were supposed to turn the face of battle? I thought Russian engineering was supposed to be shit. Instead, so many Bradleys are burning that Ukrainians are calling it “Bradley Park.”

    Putin has played a marvelous game of not involving the common citizens of the capital, Moscow, in his war and keeping the Russian economy going in the face of sanctions from the West. He is truly a skilled player. When Trump comes in office, look to a total collapse of the Ukrainian defense and Trump to take credit for “peace.”

    [To read more of my stuff, click on my name up above with your mouse]

    • You aren’t wrong but we aren’t Russians here. Putin is only useful to us insofar as he seems to be an enemy of the fifth column that currently illegitimately rules over us and poisons the culture of our people. I down voted you as well.

    • Agreed. If Trump has learned anything, upon inauguration, he will partner with Putin for peace—and will be lauded for such statesmanship! If he is the dope (and hidden neocon) folks here decry, he will shove money at the Uke’s and pick up the fight where a Biden left off. At that point, I will post an apology to the comment section for wasting so much of their time with Trump support.

      You still get a downvote for your continuous promotion of your blog in this forum.

  7. Our political and ruling classes are completely incapable of perceiving the reality of the situation at home or abroad. It’s the Dunning-Kruger Effect: you cannot convince a fool that he is a fool because he IS a fool.

    • I agree with you but couldn’t help but notice how amusing formal logic can be sometimes:

      If X is a fool then you can’t convince X that he is a fool.

      The logicaly equivalent contrapositive statement is:

      If you can can convince X that he is a fool then he is not a fool.

      My post convinces me that I am a fool, so I’m not.

      • The set of all sets not a member of itself…. Logic and reality are faithful companions for a long, long way. But eventually daylight sneaks in between them here and there. It is interesting that the human brain can understand these situations where computers crash

    • “You cannot convince a fool that he is a fool because he IS a fool.”

      That’s funny. It reminds me of my college days when a buddy and I cooked up “aphorisms” that we would quote, deadpan, sometimes in their “original” Spanish or Italian. One I still treasure is “a fool is he who shoest his horse in the rain.” All of our “aphorisms” were like that; vaguely poetic, utterly meaningless, but above all, a fool test.*

      *Said in Italian with a decent accent, to an “earnest” female undergrad in the Humanities, desired results are known to follow.

      • The axiom most germane to our current situation is one by Twain.
        “It is easier to fool a man than to convince him he has been fooled.”

        That’s about 1/2 of America.

  8. Lest we forget, it seems likely Kiev could have gotten a fair deal half a million dead and maybe one million disabled Ukrainian men ago. Now the deal will be much tougher. The leaders of the west may just be the sickest leaders in history

    • we installed Zelenski and the other puppets there with a color revolution and maintained them with NGO’s . For the specific purpose of starting this war. we had them unleash the AZOF paramilitaries on the ethnic russians in the donbass to provoke russia . the UN says thhat 14000 civilians were killed in the donbass from 2014 to 2020. When that didn’t do it we had them start the process of joining NATO so that we could put our nuke on the russian border , 3 minutes flight time to moscow. That finaly forced putins hand. He foolishly thought once ukraine saw he was serious they would relent …. and here we are . zelenski announced that the was going to start talks with russia on a solution after 6 months of fightinh . Boris Johnson showed up i Kiev the very next weekent to “consult” with him . Whhen he left on monday, selenski came out and announced Ukraine would fight untill they gained the entire donbass back And Crimea , and russia agreed to reperations. Now nknown as the fight to the last ukrainian . The level of evil here on our part is off the charts . most likely the real numbers including civilians is close to a million killed and 2 to 3 million maimed and crippled in Ukraine engineered by the Kegan/Nuland clan at the behest of some nefarious group who oversee them .

      • Basically, first we shoved Russia across the bar. Then we poured our beer on them in front of everyone. Then we grabbed their lady and force kissed her in front of them. And now we’re complaining about the black eye and how violent Russia is

      • This one started with the meme that the Black Sea was going to become a NATO Lake.

        The neocon filth are starting to make the same noises about the Baltic. The morons in Sweden and Finland will come to regret their stupidity.

        • Yes, many times this. They’ll get what they richly deserve and then blame it on Russia. That’s what happens with women in politics and feminine men too.

  9. It’s definitely become clear that Russia (and China) now view themselves to be in a long-term cold war against the US. Ukraine is just one aspect of this multi-decade struggle, which is one of the reasons why Russia is taking it slow.

    The real battle will be on trade/global finance front. That’s where the US very much still holds the upper hand and where it’s difficult to see how to defeat it. This is why I’d suspect that Russians and Chinese don’t want to provoke (be provoked) by the US. They’re playing a very long game.

    The neocons, OTOH, never seem to think one step ahead. To them, everything can be solved by a color revolution and US missiles.

    I suspect that the neocons are going to get increasingly frustrated in this cold war against the East. Like the parasites that they are, their only real skill is infiltrating a society and then using their skills to corrupt from within. If the Chinese keep them out of their society and Putin keeps his own neocons on a leash, our neocons will discover that they have no power of them – except, of course, the dollar.

    Basically, it’s all about the dollar as the global reserve currency and treasuries as the global reserve asset. That’s the neocon’s last real weapon. If that is even diminished, it’s over for GAE.

    • I do wish they would play it a bit faster. Bit of a doomer maybe but I don’t think Whites have any real shot of getting control of their countries back as long as the IMF and such continue to be dominant.

      The main thing holding us down is money and censorship. If they lose the ability to print money and bribe people they are done.

      • Reminds me of that scene from LOTR, where Pippin comments to Gandalf as bad as war is, sitting on the edge of one is unbearable.

  10. I remember a hilarious scene from the animated Archer series. That magnificient bitch – Mallory – describes ‘the Irishman’s Dilemma’: Do I eat the potato, or ferment it…?

    If I were permitted a cheap shot at our American friends… I might suggest a snide variant of the joke. We now have the American Dilemma: do we bomb Iran today? Or wait for the election…?

    I am sure the libs and Donks will have a Current Thing ready to go. It sounds like the Uke grift is screeching to a halt up here in Canada too….I am of the mind that the sooner this chit show falls apart, the better… which probably means it will drag on…

    • How do the people there feel about the Ukrainians who settled there and made more little Banderites? And especially about Parliament giving that unreconstructed SS Galician a standing ovation?

  11. OT:

    “Rep. Tom McClintock said on Tuesday that he will oppose impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas… argued that the GOP articles against Mayorkas stretched how the founders would define an impeachable offense. And he warned that, if successful, Republicans were setting a precedent that Democrats might use against them in the future.”

    MIGHT use against them in the FUTURE? WTF? How about have repeatedly used in the past, present, and triply into the future.

    So fake and gay. grillers still blabbering about “muh constitution/founders” and honorable/reciprocal behavior while dems a hairs breath from completely holocausting them.

    • What on earth is the point of wasting everyone’s time with such an impeachment effort when A. The Senate will never vote to convict and B. They will just appoint another one. Possibly an even worse one

      • The point is to tie them up/defame them at every turn or opportunity. Dems don’t hesitate even if it won’t lead to a direct victory. For them, it’s bloodsport. For grillers, they’re just uniparty beatiful losers/washington generals.

        • True, except they’re not beautiful, and the Generals actually won a game once every few years

      • Wasting time IS the point. It’s the only play in the Republicans know.

        Actually passing something of significance to people outside the swamp is a frightening and alien concept to them.

    • When I used to live in CA, McClintock was the best conservative representative in the state, by far. He used to go on local talk radio and explain the principled constitutional conservative view. I liked him a lot and donated to him multiple times even though I didn’t live in his district.

      Over the last year or so, his name keeps showing up in votes that stymie MAGA. What happened? Did he visit Epstein’s island? Or maybe his constituency has turned decisively liberal and he’s trying to keep his job. He used to seem like a sincerely principled guy.

  12. As long as King Dollar remains on his throne the GAE is not defeated. Other than how it would mark the end of Ukraine as a political entity, there cannot really be any such thing as a Russian military victory in Ukraine, since that does not end the conflict between Russia and the GAE, it merely moves the line on the map farther west. The Russians seem to be aware of this truth, which is part of why there does not appear to be more urgency on their part to win this “military victory.” They are aware that in such a situation they will not really have won anything. Which buys, or has bought, time for the GAE. There’s no indication that the GAE knows what to do with this time, there’s not much indication that the GAE knows what to do at all. It’s sort of like WW3 kicked off, yet everybody on all sides realized they aren’t prepared to fight it. Sitzkrieg, this was called in another time. Which in Ukraine proper is a poor name for it, as lots of people really are dying there. The thousand Ukrainians lost per day figure seems accurate. At that rate one has a hard time picturing this current state of affairs lasting very long into 2025. By which point the GAE will be required to up the ante in some way if it wishes to stay in the game.

    • GAE wants an escalation. Just like they want their own citizens to escalate, so they can say “see we told you they were terrible people, bring on the camps!” Why give your enemy what they want? GAE is doing a splendid job falling apart on its own efforts, just grab some popcorn and bide your time. The difference between clever and wisdom.

    • Ha, I said basically the same thing in my comment. The Russians and Chinese understand that they are now in a long war involving multiple fronts – military, global finance, tech and culture. I don’t think that the neocons fully understand this. They seem to be very short-term thinkers.

      But the lynchpin is the dollar as the GRC and treasuries as the global reserve asset (GRA). For the foreseeable future, there’s no alternative to the dollar. Treasuries, however, are another matter.

      The world needs dollars and treasuries were the best way to ensure actual dollars when needed as Eurodollars recede in a crisis. The question is can another asset be used to reliably access Eurodollars in a crisis? I don’t know, but I’d suspect that lots of people are trying to figure that out.

      • What is amazing is that we seem to have found a way to have world war without blowing up the world, despite the existence of nukes. But maybe it’s just the cold war template. Two nuclear powers do not shoot at each others’ men (in uniform, “advisors” are fair game)

        Cyber attacks are also “permitted” according to empirical evidence.

        We’ll see about targeted airborne viruses. That could be the bridge too far if there are any finger prints

        Will we reach year 2100 without a nuke fired in combat?? Seems doubtful

        • If anybody ever gains a technological or material advantage that could be decisive, they’ll use it. Through happenstance we’ve arrived at a state of affairs where nobody has one.

          • I know not everyone agrees on AI but I think it will replace nukes as the apex weapon some time in this century. Those lacking behind had better be funny enough to keep around as court jester. Because so far mankind seems at least as homicidal it was in the 20th century

      • I think you are far too blasé about the dollar. It too will follow Hemingway’s rule. Slowly then suddenly.
        The backstop of having the Fed monetize the debt will result in hyperinflation and that happens faster than most people realize.
        Ask an Argentine

      • SA sells oil to China in exchange for Renminbi. SA uses the Renminbi to buy goods and services from China. If there is a Renminbi balance, SA trades the Renminbi for gold bullion on the Shanghai Gold Exchange or in the Dubai Gold Exchange. 20% of the world’s oil trade already uses this method of by passing the US Dollar.

  13. Here in Germany, the schizophrenia re Ukraine has been of the charts since January. 50% of news coverage says “Russians are too incompetent to win in Ukraine”, while the other half argues “Get ready for war now, Ivan will be in Berlin soon.” Funny thing is: You can read both versions in the same newspaper on the same day.

    The “Prepare to fight” propaganda is of course a hoax. Governments in western Europe are well aware that a third or so of young and youngish men are getting more and more right wing by the day. Another third is Muslims, ie Palestine sympathizers, ie antisemites. That makes two thirds of the relevant demographic to whom governments will NEVER EVER give guns.

    The last third of 20 to 40 year olds is so degraded that a conscription army made up of them would be like the Sacred Band of Thebes where you throw out the fighting and keep only the butt stuff.

    • That last paragraph was genius level sarcasm, but the deeper point is that the elites are relying on that last 1/3 of buttboys to be their protectors. Let’s see how that works out for them.

      • The EU has been pushing to de-nationalize Europe for decades. Because being nationalistic and proud of your country is too right-wing for their taste.

        This is why when you see a German flag being displayed, it means it’s because it’s football season and we’re in the World Cup.

        But now, we’re all supposed to rally around the flag because Putin is evidently planning to once again to roll into Berlin like a repeat performance of May 1945.

        German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has echoed the opinion of British General Sir Patrick Sanders who said “The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a sign of things to come.” Pistorius is now warning us that we should prepare for “…decades of confrontation with Russia”. And that we must quickly rebuild the country’s military “in case Vladimir Putin does not plan to stop at the border with Ukraine”.

        Germany ended conscription in 2011, however it’s now back up for debate. Pistorius commented, “There were reasons at the time to suspend compulsory military service. In retrospect, however, it was a mistake,”

        As of October 2023, Germany has around 181,300 soldiers in its ranks (all services), well short of it’s target of 203,000 it would like to have by 2025.

        As usual, Germany’s leadership has perfect 20-20 vision in hindsight; a significant lack of trained and technically capable personnel, military hardware that’s no longer fit for purpose. And due to unstable energy prices, and lack of cheap gas from…Russia…numerous international corporations are putting their investment plans on hold. Or worse, they are building new production capacities abroad.

        All of which means Germany will be hard pressed to fund or support the military they believe we need in order deal with the looming threat in the East.

        • All the while millions of men from the Middle East just walk into Germany.

          They think we’re complete idiots and unfortunately they might have a point

        • I can’t picture Germany wielding any significant military power in my lifetime. Or very much of anybody else in Europe either, for that matter.

        • And no doubt, Germany will have to fight a war in “green” mode – ie., solar/wind powered vehicles along with bows, arrows and swords. They wouldn’t want to be accused of worsening “climate change”. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to believe the greenies and letze generation are even allowing a discussion of possible war – just think of all the evil and toxic emissions.

        • And who was the German Defence Minister during that time of decay and destruction ?

          Ursula Von Der Leyen, the EU President.

      • It’ll work just fine. It already is.

        The defining feature of the warrior caste is obedience to whoever claims power over them. *Submission* gives them permission to “pass it on” and, e.g., murder defenseless women. The men Mark Zuckerberg sends out to Ruby Ridge your family for posting 2028’s equivalent of Let’s Go Brandon on Facebook will look like Patriot Front. Some will be the same guys.

        The trannies, soys, and living antisemitic caricatures are for giving “unconstitutional” orders. They have a special enthusiasm for it. The imported forces, Muslims/etc. in Europe and Mexicans/etc. in America, are for street-level terror—from deadly riots to stinking up Walmart—not military ops. They don’t need orders, just propaganda and physical access.

        It’s a finely judged strategy.

      • sadly no. even the most “right wing ” of military/police will gladly hunt you down and shoot or drone you . just doin their job, ya know. Pay perks and pensions keep them loyal .

    • I am still incredulous that Germany, and others in Europe, do not seem to understand that the U.S. government committed an act of war on your country when they destroyed the Nord Stream Pipeline.

      If a real leader ever gets elected in Germany they would immediately tell the U.S. not to let the screen door hit their backside.

      • Answer from Germany – I get the sense that a vast majority here are very much aware of what happened to Nordstream. Among that majority, 20% say so openly, 80% don’t. The latter, which includes government and media, have a species of battered wive syndrome vis a vis the current US administration. A good example is the current defense minister, Boris Pistorius, who has been mentioned in this thread. If some Washington person told Boris to put on a trans outfit, he would only hesitate to ask if pink or purple looks more flattering.

        Long way to say: Our ruling class had an extreme case of Trump derangement syndrome. So when Biden came in, they suspended all scepticism, self interest or rational thought in favor of blind obedience. Of course, the fact their god Biden is a vegetable gives them severe cognitive dissonance.

        • Europe won’t say boo to the Blackberry Fruitcake Empire because Europe is Leftist, and from Prez BO on, the BFE has been to the left of Europe. No enemies to the left, wot. Europe will happily allow the BFE to destroy it so long as the destruction is in furtherance of Leftist aims.

      • The relation of most Germans, indeed most Europeans to the US is that of a battered spouse to their partner: “He only hits me when I’ve done something wrong. I know he loves me.”

        Like the battered spouse telling everyone she fell down the stairs or walked into a door to explain away her black eye, Germany prefer not to speak about Nordstream, and if you insist they’ll either claim the Ukraine did it or tell you they’re better off without the pipeline anyway. Or if they’re completely delusional they will claim that Putin bombed his own pipeline, the one he could have closed down by turning a wheel. The one he has a standing offer to send gas through the remaining pipe.

        It’s a very sorry state of affairs and speaks to the utter disspirited psyche of the Germans after 75 years of occupation and reeducation. The only ones with some spirit left are the East Germans, who lately feel a very sinister familiarity with speeches from politicians and articles in newspapers.

        I concur that Germany will not play a significant role in any coming war, not even as an industrial powerhouse, because you need energy for industrial production. The ruling coalition will face mouting unrest and discontent, and the only way they know to react to this is by ramping up the authoritarianism, which will of course feed back into the discontent. It’s going to be one down-hill slide to the next federal elections in 2025, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they hadn’t planned on giving the people a chance to throw the out of office anyway.

    • As we all know, Russians do know the way to Berlin too. Done it before and can do it again. This time though, they’ll have a lot of germans rooting for them.

    • Perhaps they are thinking of ancient Greece where the warrior caste was known for occasional butt stuff. As usual, they miss the context. Those guys out on campaign far from their women had an excuse at least. There’s an element of the usual bugman monomania too or what Z calls TORAH (there’s only one right answer). So we eliminate everything masculine and honorable and martial and keep the butt stuff. In fact, we make our military about nothing but butt stuff (pun intended).

  14. I just read an article by some neocon General in Britain. He says that the West must station long range missiles in Poland and Finland and raise a NATO force to enter Ukraine. The article was launched from one of the neocon controlled publications.

    I bet this man’s insanity drips from him. Does he know what Russian artillery has done to Ukraine? Is that what people in Finland and Sweden really want?

    • It won’t matter what the peopl there want. their rulers have all benn throung the “youung global leaders ” program and are in the pocket of the WEF. Do you think the ukrainians wanted to provoke putin? no, but our pupet was installed as their ruler.

      • Speaking of the WEF and NGOs in general, it’s imperative that any nation that wants to remain sovereign recognize that virtually all NGOs (including a lot of “Christian” charities) are the infrastructure of the long-desired World Government that the 20th century intellectuals dreamed of. These groups must be utterly eradicated root and branch. Right now, they don’t have an army. They need to be stopped before they get one.

  15. The Russians clearly need to slow the tempo and reduce the destruction inside the Ukraine in order to prolong the destruction that is being wrought inside the EU and to a lesser extent the US.

    Ukraine is now just a theater in what has become a much larger struggle between the occupied zombie West and much of the rest of the planet.

    Look at what is happening inside Ukraine’s great ally Poland: the newly installed globohomo Tusk is already facing a crisis because Polish farmers are blocking roads as part of a protest targeting, among other things, the aformentioned Ukranian ag products.

    • Exactly this. A limited, protracted war in Ukraine is absolutely in Russia’s strategic interests. This war is driving a wedge between Europe and the US, consuming Western stocks of ammunition required to support NATO’s ability to wage defensive war, and forging stronger bonds between BRICs nations. Putin has no reason to end this war.

  16. “Instead he posts pics of himself with the leader of the ultra-nationalist faction.”

    What, exactly is an “ultra-nationalist?” Usually when I see this term, it’s being used by a regime toady describing anyone who doesn’t want full on open borders. Usually somebody who loves their country and doesn’t want to sell it out to the highest bidder or flood it with hostile foreigners.

    Maybe the “Banderite?” I hear Stepan Bandera was a very, very bad man with ties to an even badder bad man.

    • Strange how a Jew (albeit claiming conversion) runs the country. Ukrainians welcomed NAZI’s in WWII with flowers and flags as they went through the villages toward Moscow. One could understand their hatred of Communists, however Ukrainians were instrumental in Jew roundup, executions, and played a significant role as camp guards.

      My suspicion is that Putin will never eliminate Ukrainian “fascists”, but I don’t deny he truly sees them as a problem.

    • Galicia has produced an amazing number of lunatics, Bandera being one of them. Most of the neocons trace the family tree to that area. Lots of communists and anarchists came from that area. Lenin learned a lot from his time there working with Jewish communists.

      As far as the ultras in Ukraine, if they loved their country they would never have supported this madness.

      • When I was young and loved my country, I supported the US Sandbox Wars.
        The Russians invaded The Ukraine. In the east, they were treated as liberators. In the west, Ukrainians rallied to their flag.
        If not for the misplaced Ukrainian love of their nation (and malignant foreign interference), a modus vivendi would have been reached.

      • The only thing I know about Bandera is the Nazi collaboration and the fighting the soviets after the war.

        The Nazi collaboration sounds quite reasonable to me given the circumstances. Do you fight for a fake empire that deliberately starved millions of your people and imprisoned millions more to deadly “hard labor” or do you take your chances with the army who just wiped out Western Europe’s militaries including France?

        As for the current situation, I’m not sure how they could have prevented or stopped it once it started.

        Frankly, I’m pretty ignorant of Eastern Europe and Russia and especially this war. I was more commenting on the term.

      • “As far as the ultras in Ukraine, if they loved their country they would never have supported this madness.”

        This x10,000. What kind of sad-sack dumb-ass retarded-elf excuse for a neo-Nazi cuts a deal with the International Jew and thinks that they are not going to get screwed in the end? The original Nazis hang their zombie heads in sympathetic shame.

        This is yet another example of how nationalists, driven by the imperative to defend their people, allow themselves to be hoodwinked into serving transnational groups through their own ignorance, venality, and corruption. Ironically enough, it was the former-boxer Jew mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko (who just bought a $6 million mansion in Hamburg, Germany) who publicly commented once that if the people of the Donbass didn’t want to be part of Ukraine then Ukraine should just let them go. If only Ukro-Nazis had the common sense of a brain-addled boxer.

        Klitschko didn’t get it then, that it was never about ‘democracy’ but (for the local Jewish oligarchs) about the massive resources under the Donbass and (for the International Jews) about attacking Russia to get at all the rest of the resources of the Russians. I have no doubt his lack of understanding of the bigger picture was why Victoria Nuland dismissed him from the short list for consideration for appointment (via fake democracy) to senior executive leadership in her famous intercepted conference call in 2015.

        • “Jew mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko”

          He’s Christian. There is an article about him Baptizing his Children in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and his defense of Alexander Usik, who was accused of being pro-Russian for being a member.

          So as best I can tell, he’s not a Jew.

          Also, he is not brain-addled.


            Note that it is only the Orthodox who obsess over the arbitrary minutiae of traditional lineage. Most see shared blood as shared blood. Unlike the Sephardi or Mizrahi who are pretty much genetically the same as the North African or Middle Eastern populations from whence they come, the Ashkenazi are a hybrid people, with ~50% European admixture.

            However, that it a population estimate. It varies greatly among individuals. So, at some point it comes down to a choice. He chose to become part of the ruling class of what essentially is Neo-Khazaria, where those with power and wealth were overwhelmingly Jews and the ruled were overwhelmingly not. (example: 6 of 7 pre-war Ukrainian oligarchs are Jewish) I put him in the same category as the lawyer/bankster Lagarde or the shameful excuse for a diplomat Albright: enough to be in the outer circle but not enough to be in the inner circle.

            My point in ‘brain-addled’ was not to imply that he is stupid, but that in spite of whatever damage he may have incurred during his first career, he is still way smarter than any neo-Nazi. He is going to be living in luxury in Hamburg soon, after all, while the neo-Nazis are going to be hunted to extinction.

          • @Ostel

            Max Baer was a Jewish HW champion.

            But, I do tend to agree they are usually in the money aspect and not the fighting aspect.

      • “If they loved their country they would never supported this madness”.
        The big problem with Ukrainians is their low IQ. As a result, they envy and hate other people who are smarter and had ruled over them: Poles, Jews and Russians.

        • Oooooooooohhhhhhhh, would that make a Uke burn, to think that a Pole is smarter.

          Bites tongue and refrains from posting the obligatory Polish jokes.

  17. An excellent and concise summary of events in the SMO. Now go deeper.

    The Russians know that this doesn’t end with the defeat of Ukraine. They have been trying to engage the West in a negotiation for a new European security arrangement since at least 2007 and have been thwarted by neocons at every step. This leaves only one alternative, which is to facilitate the collapse of Western hegemony, which is a much bigger task.

    The slow-roll war has now largely disarmed NATO and the USA of munitions, AD, armor, and artillery. Worse, it has exposed them as paper tigers. Germany, the linchpin of EU economies, is now de-industrializing and US productivity has been revealed as a mirage. Add in ongoing and unfettered invasion by 3rd World mercenaries and the pressure cooker is primed to explode.

    Most Westerners are now too soft to either recognize what is coming or robust enough to survive the collapse, so the Soma of voting harder is an effective distraction. But we don’t have to degenerate into chaotic self-slaughter like Ukraine. We can choose a better path that focuses on the root of the problem, and thereby bounce back much quicker and with far less horror. The pathogens must go. That is how Mother Nature has handled this problem for about a billion years.

    • The regime is blaming Iran for the Mideast war they now find themselves in, though I suspect Russia too has a hand in these missle attacks, perhaps looking to settle the score on losses of capital ships God help us.

      • It’s possible, but the near-misses that are turning ships back are being made with old kit. If the Russians start getting involved in earnest, then they will provide modern missiles, which will hit and sink. If Globohomo does not back off, soon or later that is going to happen.

    • Still, my personal take is that it all goes kablooey if and when a BRICS currency goes mainstream, or at least as a reasonable alternative to the USD. Then our monopoly money really becomes monopoly money.

  18. Obviously Biden’s people are happy to try to blame the upcoming “failure in Ukraine” on the “MAGA people” refusing more aid. The problem is that the public DGAF and is only focused on the border and rampant inflation. This is the fatal error of assuming a Beltway issue resonates in actual America.

    Meanwhile, Putin is content to grind the Ukes all year and wait to see if Trump wins. He has no incentive to negotiate now, even if he did trust Biden’s people, which he doesn’t.

    Our wiseass Deep State forgets that War changes the participants. Russia is not the same country as it was at the beginning of the SMO, Putin isn’t the same man and Russians aren’t the same people. The longer it goes, the higher the stakes. The Deep State modus operandi of ruining one client state and moving on to the next objective is now facing a major challenge against an implacable, nuclear-armed foe facing an existential cultural, political and military challenge.

  19. I’m old enough to recall when Putin was a more or less treated with respect by U.S. elites and a military showdown seemed wholly unlikely.

    Then Putin banned homosexual porn ads on the Moscow subway and he became Hitler.

    Gives new meaning to the expression fake and gay.

    • I think this war was in the planning once Putin assumed power and revealed himself to be a Russian nationalist rather than a corrupt, kleptocratic, manipulable joke like Yeltsin. McCain pushed for it hard for nigh-on twenty years. If he’d won the presidency in 2008 we’d probably be talking in hushed tones about the “American Stalingrad” now, amid the ruins of our own bombed-out cities.

    • Then Putin banned homosexual porn ads on the Moscow subway and he became Hitler.

      Rare moment of accuracy.

      • I date the beginning of Globohomo merchant hostility to 2001 when Putin paid off the IMF, then politely ushered their predatory asses out of his people’s country. The homo stuff gave the merchants at the center of the web the means to stampede their leftist human cattle on the outer web into hating Russians.

        “Our future generations will be born without Rothschild chains around their wrists and ankles. This is the best present we can provide.” V.V. Putin

  20. The US used to be much better at overthrowing governments and installing puppet regimes.

    The competency crisis rears its head again.

    (Make no mistake, the US is still pretty good at it, as long as they can play the fox. Poland, Ireland, soon Hungary…it’s impossible for an open society to resist the rainbow dido. It would appear only closed societies can repel it with naked, brute force. )

    • Also, Pakistan. Not exactly an open society, but a highly corrupt and artificial one, much like Ukraine.

      There’s still some life in the old empire. It should not be underestimated.

    • It’s largely a case of other nations wising up. The playbook isn’t complicated, and just involves expelling foreign agitators and their money.

      The reason it’s hard to fight is wiping out NGO’s and foreign groups makes it look like undemocratic repression that will lead to a NATO bombing. Now enough people know the game to the point where NATO can’t just bomb them all.

      • The United States, which is NATO, can barely bomb the freaking Houthis now. It is out of ordinance.

      • You’re right. The way to avoid color revolution turns out to be pretty simple: all NGOs expelled, and their minions exiled, jailed, or dead.

    • Except for with regard to immigration I’m not sure “the open” societies are all that more open than the others. The sitcom has just been running for longer

    • Haley getting the nomination would be the same conundrum as when G.W. Bush was the nominee. It would be a rare instance where letting the Democrats win is the only reasonable way to cut your losses.

    • If allowed on the ballot more often, I expect None Of These Candidates would have a most impressive record

      • There have been proposals wrt changing balloting and counting. We’ve all heard of rank order voting (Australia does this I believe), but also there have been serious proposals to mandate “None of the above” as a choice and if it prevailed, then all candidates would be rejected, not be allowed to run again for the is office, and a new slate of candidates selected. The biggest drawback seems to be the possibility of no winner in time to take office. But it’s been a long time since I followed the discussion.

        • If I recall correctly, the Soviet Union counted blank ballots as a vote of no confidence and the Party had to come up with a new person.

    • You have admire the mulish obtuseness of Dickless Cheney’s campaign:

      “We have not spent a dime nor an ounce of energy on Nevada. We made the decision early on that we were not going to pay $55,000 to a Trump entity to participate in a process that is rigged for Trump.”

      So, you plan to beat your most powerful opponent by refusing to take part in the only process that could win you delegates. And after getting primary votes elsewhere by using crossover voters from *the other party,* you want to moan about a rigged process?

      A whore will always be a whore, whether she spreads her legs for some guys in S.C. or Boeing.

  21. Figured when there was not a “Mannerheim moment” within the first 3-6 months that this was going to turn into a geopolitical balance altering conflict. There is also an odd rule of thumb that once you kill off 3% or better of a population in a war, shit gets really different in the aftermath. Looks like we’re past that threshold for the Ukes, which I expect to effectively “end” as a country.

    • A year ago or so Putin gave a speech in which he said something along the lines of it was never the intention of Russian to destroy Ukraine. It was an odd thing to say at the time as the Russians were still mobilizing to fight the war and preparing for the big Ukrainian attack. In retrospect, it suggest the Russians were thinking about what comes after the war. I suspect the Russians have at least one version where Ukraine no longer exists as a country.

      • Larry Fink and the Kagans have a plan for it existing as an economic administrative zone. It will probably to include an administrative canton called New Gaza, and the rest will be filled with Africans.

        Shining God’s light on the world!

      • I suspect if Russia is forced to occupy Kiev, then all bets are off wrt the future of Ukraine as a sovereign entity. That speech of Putin pretty much outlined the—then—current goals of protecting the majority Russian ethnic provinces from the genocidic laws passed by the Zelenskyy government. There was the possibility of peace and reconciliation at that time.

        • There is a good chance that factions in Ukraine reach out to Russia for support to overthrow Kiev. I would not be shocked if Zaluzhny stages a coup with support from the ultras, then cuts a deal with the Russians that includes handing over the ultras. A pro-Russian government is then setup that signs a deal with Russia to hand over land, dismantle the military and eradicate the nationalists.

          • sounds very possible . The population of ukraine has been decimated by war , and absolutely crushed by people fleeing . there is no real Ukraine any more to go back too.

          • The Russians conducted a brutal war with the Chechens. The extremists were eliminated by military means, and the surviving Chechens decided they had made a mistake and made a deal with the Russians. They retained local control in exchange for fealty to Mother Russia. It’s possible this will be the end result in Ukraine. But first the globalist scum sacrificing Ukrainian men and Ukraine’s future must be eliminated or driven from the area.

    • I never heard of that. Makes sense.
      I wonder how many ” Loyal to nobody but themselves and the people who invited them ” types need to be injected into a society it takes to strongly affect a nation, to impact and change the geopolitical stance of that nation that has been invaded??
      If I was a kid in the back seat, I’d be saying
      Are we there yet?
      I think I heard the GPS announce
      Your destination is on the left
      Some time last month.
      If we weren’t There, Abbott wouldn’t have Finally pretended to GAF and take his Heroic stance. It’s a good thing he’s a Genuine Patriot or it would have taken another coupla years to decide to protect the people of Texas. As If controlling the flow of illegals across the river into a 47 acre park is going to impact the total number more than a couple of percentage points.
      Yeah, I’ve seen the reports that the numbers are drastically down. If true it’s only because TPTB have directed them to cross elsewhere, while the Kabuki theater plays out.

  22. Perhaps there will be an explicit effort to cut off funds for Ukraine, but I’ll believe it when I see it. The tards in charge for sure will funding the juice war in the Middle East, so maybe they’ll figure out a way to funnel some of those dollars surreptitiously to the ukies. Of course that would also have to include figuring out how to get the juice to part with those funds once they’ve got them in their greasy hands. The US government can’t be gotten rid of soon enough.

    • Priorities.

      Didn’t the US break open its stock of artillery shells tasked only for WWIII and stored in Israel to send to Ukraine, then literally re-re direct them back to Israel post October 7?

      The Sampson Option is a nice name for nuclear blackmail, but deadly serious.

      7 million people holding enough nukes to severely f up Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and a few choice US cities is pretty wild.

      Masada is a huge part of the Israeli psyche and can’t be underestimated.

      • The US would certainly not stop that. That could be misconstrued as anti semitic after all. So if it came to that it would probably have to be up to the Russian navy.

        Mu softer side still can’t believe Israel would do that. But believing is one thing. I wouldn’t mind learning that the Russians have state of the art anti sub capabilities. In case my belief was misplaced

      • The Sampson Option is a bluff. The real powers in Asia will eliminate the Jewish State if there is even a hint they might consider the Sampson Option.

    • The problem is that money, even if it is approved, can’t buy artillery shells that aren’t being manufactured

      • Exactly. We’ve basically eaten our “seed corn”. There simply is nothing to be had out of reserves if I read correctly. Now it becomes detrimental to our military readiness. On the other hand, if we stop making tweaking China, Iran, and Russia’s nose, there are not too many enemies on the horizon.

    • And I’m proud to be an American, where the jew rules over me
      And I won’t forget the tribe who sent us to die oversees
      And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend them still today
      ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love that clan
      God bless the jew SA.

  23. Gonna be interesting to see how many of the Ukrainian weapons bought and paid for by ZOG end up in the hands of Muslim jihadists and used against the very NATO countries braying for war with Russia on Ukraine’s behalf.

    Mosques full of RPGs and AKs in Brussels, Paris and London could make for interesting times…

  24. Doesn’t take a West Point grad to see that winning a land war on the other side of the planet, using a (corrupt) proxy nation against a major power is extremely unlikely for the pozzed U.S.

    That means the Grift was the major reason for initiating festivities . . . the laundering and the porking and the gunrunning . . . the MIC requiring an unconquerable theatre for Vast Necessary Expenditures, and whatta Terrible Shame It All Is etc. While our own homeland is invaded, ho-hum.

    Big club, we ain’t in it, redux.

    • I do not think so. The neocons who run foreign policy for the empire believe their theories. They really did think Russia would collapse once American wonder weapons hit the ground. Sure, lots of people in Washington are being greased in order to make this war possible, but that is a means to an end, not the point of the project.

      • There was also the unshakeable neocon belief that “the sanctions from hell” would bankrupt Russia and lead to Putin’s ouster. But, even according to the IMF, the Russian economy grew between 3 and 4% in 2023.

        • Russia had been under sanctions at least from 2014. That only served to make them stronger and more independent. Russians never had that much of an affluent “Western” lifestyle to begin with—and therefore to lose. They also have a huge amount of natural resources—as does the USA—so you can’t strangle them—even if you could halt all external trade. Those who think their economy is on the verge of collapse are just useful idiots for the Neocons.

          • > Russia had been under sanctions at least from 2014. That only served to make them stronger and more independent.

            Exactly. If you are serious about hurting Russia’s economy, and you really do believe that they are just “a gas station masquerading as a country”, then a serious economic strategy would be to develop U.S. and allied domestic energy production to the max to flood global markets with cheap oil and natural gas. The fact that they pursued the opposite strategy shows they are not actually serious about weakening Russia’s economy.

      • Z —

        You may well be correct.

        I guess that twixt the two options, I’d prefer they were merely avaricious, corrupt and uncaring, rather than so impossibly dense and cult-soaked that they actually believed they could defeat Russia in a land war. With Russia located adjacent to the theatre.

        Hey wait, I know! Perhaps they are BOTH greedy and stoopid?

        • They counted on winning the war against Russia through the economic sanctions and ousting of Russia from the monetary-financial system they run and control entirely while making sure it’s named, and seen as “international”.

          The idea, or expectation, wasn’t really all that silly — it’s a strategy that mostly never fails them.

      • Hubris will undo them in time. They are too megalomaniacal to change course now. The NYT is pleading, but fifth column wisdom falls on deaf ears when you have full control of the west. We are cattle, remember. Sin Chickens. They have the same problem as we do, smart ones are not breeding because of cultural rot. It’s Jonestown for all of us… unfortunate, but we do have the numbers to outlast them in the long term. Whiteplll.

    • That means the Grift was the major reason for initiating festivities.
      The MIC Needs war. Using weapons and ammo Must continue. Putin staged on the border and sat there. Why? IMO he was on the phone every day, trying to get everyone to Stop pushing NATO closer and closer to his border.

  25. I do not want a collapse. We don’t want to live through that. Though, I suppose you could make a good argument we are living through a collapse meets a planned demolition.

    I do hope that the empire taking another stinging loss creates opportunities for our cause. Things would be difficult but manageable, but throwing The Great Replacement – Stage 3 – Mass Invasion and Subsidized Settlement onto it is just a total catastrophe.

    Trump better win and he better get some of the White Papers folks on board to help with his mass forced and self deportation plan. Otherwise this thing is finished.

    This thing is already finished. It is a matter of what position we are in to start something new with more salvage to build upon.

    The dumpster fire rages. May the death toll on both sides of this brother war be minimal from here on out.

    • Collapse aside, the best/quickest thing a Trump in office could do is to “sour the milk”! Turn off the “goodies” spigot and offer return tickets for all (IA’s) that have arrived. This will be infinitely easier than to track down all these now entrenched illegals, then grabbing them in front of MSM cameras while they regale us with sob stories.

      • Look, Trump is incapable of doing anything.

        If Trump poses a threat in any meaningful way, the left will going into survival mode and look for any weakness to bring him down.

        They have an easy out to wreck his presidency on day one. All they have to do is call up their media toadies and tell them to change the narrative on the vaccine deaths.

        There will be instant riots that Trump will be unable to contain due to his own involvement in signing off on the Warp Speed program.

        The fools on the right should have found another candidate that didn’t have this hanging over his head

        • Can’t agree. Your logic would dictate that they’ve *not* yet thrown everything at eliminating Trump. They have and he’s with stood it all. Vaccine shenanigans began under Trump, yes, but became fully manifested under Biden. Trump can plausibly say he’d never have allowed the program to continue once early reports came out from VAER’s. As to support, the Rep field has tried and failed. Trump—flawed as he is—is the only Rep that has a chance of election.

          Trump is the face of populist anger. It’s Trump or nothing for the GOP. As for the Dem’s, they might try physically eliminating Trump as a last option, but even this window is closing. Once Trump selects a VP, then he has a logical successor grabbing the anger and sympathy of the post-Trump voter.

          • My concern with Trump is more that he just doesn’t have the smarts or judgment to sort this out. Maybe no-one does. Look what he said about Budweiser today. I see no evidence he’s learned a damned thing.

          • Robbo, no disagreement there. But on the other hand, the same is said basically *for* Trump—he is the only one who can/could pull the nation together—assuming he’s learned enough from his mistakes—given his following. He has anti-elite cred’s.

      • How many continuing resoultions did trump sign without a single $ for his wal? several, each time saying “This is the last time I will do this” . Trump can do nothing . If he were real, he would have shut it all down untill he got the wall. but he wouldn’t . When people complained to him about being deplatformed , he mockingly said ” we are watching the situation carfully” . I would vote for him again to spite the omniparty, but I am realistic that he can do nothing .

    • Trumps deportation claim made me laugh out loud. Yes he should and could and must but no, he won’t. No chance. Locating and deporting this vast number of people requires consciencious and persistent work. The mouth that roared.
      I’ll believe that when he appoints O’Bannon chief of staff, and that aint happening.

  26. Anyone else notice that WRSA hasn’t posted since Monday morning?

    Have they been dealt with?

    Their stuff is rather in your face.

    Hope Z has ample security.

      • Western Rifle Shooters Association

        Possibly the best memes on the net, with Matt Bracken shoving his thumb in the eye of the deep state

        • Remember circa 2017 when Matt Bracken tried to start a new social media site? His “partner” was a Zionist who just handed Matt all the code for free. Mossad backdoors included at no cost. Does Matt have incredibly poor instincts on the JQ, or is he a shill? Discuss amongst yourselves.

          • I like Matt, he’s pro-gun, pro-White, anti-great replacement, anti-globohomo et al, but as far as I can tell, quiet on JQ. He also has a pretty standard view of WWII.

            His fiction books are great and he’s been a guest on Red Ice a few times. His last visit was a great show a few months ago. He’s got another book coming out soon.

          • I just red pilled my 73 year old redneck brother with David Irving on WW11–on the third try–and he basically cried. This stuff doesn’t come easy for we Boomerati.

  27. The establishment obviously wants to maintain a stalemate until after the election. But it looks like they’ll run out of Ukrainians first. The smart play would be to negotiate a settlement now and hope people forget. But they aren’t smart as d have no reverse gear, so this will become a debacle in a few months.

  28. Whatever happens in Ukraine will likely play no role in the 2024 elections. Maybe the Democrats will need to try a little harder to create enough votes for Biden but that is about it.

    Americans have never really cared about international events. I grew up during the Vietnam War and it was depressing seeing how little people cared unless they had a kid in the military. Even young draft age kids didn’t care until it became fashionable to be against the War around 1970.

    Hysterical women will care about the Ukraine if they are told by the rulers to care about it but that is about all.

    Traditionally people have voted their pocketbook. Our replacements still do that but Good whites mainly vote for what they feel makes them look and feel good. See what the nyt and others are caring about and that is what they do vote on.

    My guess that the nyt will tell people to vote to stop climate change, systemic racism, attacks on transsexuals and who knows what else.

    The right will likely mainly vote domestic and will be energized by the border and the Crack down on conservatives. Whether they have anyone to view for is the next issue.

    The other big issue will be Trump. Will democrat men be as hysterical as in 2020? The women of course will be because they will be told to be hysterical. What happens if Trump is jailed? That alone will be a bigger issue than Ukraine.

      • This is fine as well for the DR. A few more such examples of the elites arrogance and people may very well begin voting from the rooftops.

        • They already stole the Democrat primary from Kennedy, keeping him off the ballot. He would have run Biden out of town.
          Kennedy would have forced Trump to improve his game and provided more focused entertainment in this game of heads I win tails you lose.

  29. Another issue is what the inevitable Ukrainian collapse will mean for Europe and the European Union, which recently blackmailed and strong-armed Hungary into agreeing to a 50€ billion aid package for Ukraine. Ukraine’s collapse ought to lead to a crisis of legitimacy for European institutions, but I fear it will lead to a “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” hysteria that will clamp down even more on dissident views. For example, a dissident website named Riposte Laique was recently raided by the French police and there is serious talk in Germany about outright banning the increasingly popular Alternatif fur Deutschland political party. Best not even to mention the UK, where saying something like “It”s okay to be white” can get you a prison term for hate speech.

    • Can’t believe how many nations suckered themselves into the EU. Even that shithole ukraine and their so called nationalists are obsessed with international totalitarian syndicates like the EU and NATO. The diaspora ukrainian freaks confuse me the most. So called caring for the shithole they left and ruining the host nations like the jeilwush ukrainians like Schumer, blinken and nuland and that nazi bitch in canada, freeland.

      • Diaspora Ukrainians are blinded by their hatred of Russia. You talk to them about neocon regime change and they just go blank, like they’ve never heard of them. Some probably haven’t. Some are in on the grift.

        • Normal Ukrainians *almost* took the right the lesson from Soviet occupation. They’re not anti-communists, anti-imperialists, etc., and they have no reason to be. What oppressed them wasn’t ideology but people.

          Their error, greatly amplified by recent Western propaganda, has been to identify those people as Russians—specifically as *ordinary* Russians, gopniks/vatniks, the ones who “support Putin” (remain Russian and resist Westernization), the kind of poor bastards who get press-ganged into a trench. It’s proven a *very* deadly error that might see their people erased from the earth (as perhaps it’s been designed to do).

          Now the Poles and Finns are looking over the Ukrainians’ shoulder, copying their suicide note. It’s astounding to see.

        • Tati Cabot: one of the better known Ukrainian proverbs: “If you don’t steal you don’t have”. It rhymes in Ukrainian.

    • A primary American objective was to divorce Europe from Russia. That has been achieved short term. Over the long haul, it will fail. While the West has become semi-totalitarian, it was only able to do so due to the unprecedented prosperity. Once that goes, and it seems likely maybe as soon as this year or next, governments will teeter. Since NATO is little more than a United States-led Warsaw Pact at this juncture, it almost certainly will be deployed to quell civil unrest. The self-immolation of the state propaganda organs will make it difficult to pull off a repeat of the Gdansk shipyards since Westerners, particularly Americans, now know their governments are monstrous, pathological liars. These governments already operate via raw force and that is not a successfully strategy for an extended period of time.

      This is the most deranged type of foolishness imaginable, and it doesn’t even have the excuse of economic necessity (yet). Putting insane people in leadership positions ultimately is suicidal.

    • Diversity Heretic,

      I expect that the hysteria over the “approaching Russians” will gradually ramp up. Never mind that accurate information about this Mickey Mouse conflict is hard to come by. Never mind that exactly what is said publicly by The Ivans is subject to (mis)translation. Never mind that nobody really knows Ivan’s thoughts.

      Now, I’m an armchair general as much as the next man, but that would seem to make me qualified in this day and age to offer my worthless opinion. Austrian Painter (AP) had, by the last quarter of 1940, taken over most of mainland Western Europe (and therefore unhindered access to The Atlantic and English Channel). AP had at his disposal not only a large fighting force, but some of the toughest and finest units in the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS. Even had “The Battle of Britain” turned out to favour AP, invasion of the British Isles was still have been a formidable and costly undertaking.

      Ivan has none of these things. How, exactly, would Ivan conduct his “imminent invasion” of The Isles, after marching his army across the continent through all those hostile countries? What naval and air might could Ivan level at The Isles?

      As you can see from my crude and amateur analysis, there doesn’t seem to be any fear of an invasion. Guess they could nuke us, though.

    • In poor France it is illegal to even collect data on the subject.of French demography..

      Then ,of course , one must avert one’s eyes for fear of noticing Operation Sentinelle and the insurgecny it is failng to halt.One week in Gagny in the 1990s was enough for me.

      How is Notre Dame faring, Monsieur?

  30. The Ukraine situation, like the border, is the fault of all democrat voters. From the Trump presidency, if he had true support, we could have had the wall and deals. Instead, from the uterus head march, to the russia gate lies, the fatass Ukrainian vindman impeachment, to blm, hunter cencorship and voter fraud, war was declared from democrat voters. It’s their fault for all problems. They should be looked at as enemy combatants and when the empire loses, treat them,including shitlib family members, as such. Because they already declared war on you in 2016 and supported genocide in ukraine and at home.

    • Yep. I have a close friend of many decades who has become a self-righteous liberal. He knows that Biden is a vegetable but he enthusiastically supports those who pull Biden’s string.

      He recently got laid off and has had much trouble finding a new job, in spite of the most recent greatest jobs report ever! He believes that his trouble is due to being an older white man.

      He wants to talk with me about it and I am avoiding him because all I can say to him is, “You deserve this. This is what you asked for.”

      (I hope that 3g4me reads this.)

      • Hope he dies penniless and homeless. A scumbag dem voter like that and prob genetic dead end deserves all he voted for and more.

  31. And when it is all said and done, what Russia doesn’t take, the EU will flood with Africans.

    The Ultranationalists hate Russia more than they love The Ukraine.

    • They have nothing without their hate for Russia. If Russia didn’t exist they would die, of course they’re doing that now anyway.

  32. The SMO actually worked. The Ukrainians and Russians negotiated a deal in Istanbul in March 2022 that would have implemented the Minsk agreements: Russia gets to keep Crimea; Donbas stays in Ukraine but with some limited autonomy.

    At that point, the US and UK intervened, sent Johnson to Kiev to squelch the deal, which he did. After that the real war began. The next negotiation will be the terms of surrender for Ukraine.

    • It took the Russians a long time to internalize what happened in the spring of 2022. It will be interesting to see if Putin talks about this in the Tucker interview. Putin has talked about this at length with non-Western media. The triggering event was when Merkel came out and said the Minsk agreements were a fraud to trick the Russians. That is when Russia reorganized for a long war with the West. Curiously, there has been no signs in the West that they now see this as a long war.

      • Former French president François Hollande also confirmed that there was never any intention of implementing the Minsk Accords; they were a ploy to buy time for Ukraine to be armed to the teeth against Russia. Like you, I think this was and will be a very big factor in Vladimir Putin’s attitude towards peace negotiations with Ukraine.

        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

      • The French author Emmanuel Todd has released a best seller in France called the Death of the West. It is only available in French but there is a good review by Scott McConnell here.

        He discusses the Russia-Ukraine war and that the Russians are prepared for a long war. He notes the failure of sanctions, the rejection of LGBTQ agenda by the whole world other than the US and EU and how hollow outsourcing has made the West’s military. The wheels come off the GAE in 2027.

        An interesting read.

        • Exactly, we are filled to the brim with expats with questionable loyalty. One line of my family hails from the America revolution while the other half I’m technically 3rd generation from the 1880 to 1920 European wave. Talking to the 1st and 2nd gen on that side and they still talk about some damn discrimination and talk lovingly of the crappy country that was abandoned. Who is this new elite feel thw same way towards their so called countrymen and have an emotional, false attachment to the dump they left. Honestly, I am glad the 1924 act restricted more of that mindset from infesting the country that I am loyal too. If only shifty dem voters could be sidelined to shut down this other invasion.

        • Didn’t Pat Buchanan write a book with the same title, I want to say back in the 90s or early 2000s?

          • Yes, PJB wrote “The Death of the West.” Mike has the title slightly off for this one. It’s called “La Défaite de L’Occident” (The Defeat of the West)

        • The article raises another point which I have made here on several occasions. The US no longer has the human capital in terms of engineering capacity to increase production of armaments.

          The US (and the West in general) does not graduate sufficient numbers of engineers to design and build the machinery and factories required to produce armaments, much less the armaments themselves. Further, US engineering programs have tilted significantly toward electrical and computer engineering programs in response to the silicon economy, but we need more mechanical, civil, and chemical engineers for armaments industries.

          There is no path forward for tooling up conventional armaments in a rapid fashion. This will take a generation or more.

      • “ …there has been no signs in the West that they now see this as a long war.”

        That’s because we are a hollowed out, “paper tiger”. About this time, 2 years into WWII, we were producing more war materials than the rest of the allies combined. Liberty ships rolling off the docks and songs sung about the proverbial “Rosie the Riveter”.

        We were not only a serious country, but had the manufacturing base to back it up. Now we are as fake and gay as the rest.


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