Living Outside The Law

A recurring theme in the parade of madness that passes for the public life of late empire America is the lawlessness. Every week we get some new outrageous subversion of the law from the courts or from the government. These are the institutions charged with defending the law because it is the law that ultimately defends the people. The reason we have government is to defend the law.

The Steyn case is the latest example, but hardly a surprising one. Slowly people are coming to understand that if you go into a courtroom it is a lottery and that assumes they cannot accuse you of heresy. Even under ideal conditions you could be faced with a deranged lunatic as a judge or a jury full of morons. Trial by combat is now a preferable option than the American court system.

We also got word from the government that Joe Biden cannot and will not be charged with mishandling government secrets because he is non compos mentis, but he can be president, while Trump can be charged because he is not insane or demented, but he cannot be president. You have to wonder if we are in a simulation and the people running it have been dropping acid.

It would be funny except that real harm is being done to people. Men are being sent away to dungeons for being white or holding the wrong opinions. Steyn now has to raise a million dollars because he sinned against Gaia. The real harm, however, is to the law itself which is what makes civilization possible. The crazies are making everyone an outlaw by destroying the idea of the law.

If you create enough outlaws, eventually you create some people who feel they have nothing to lose as an outlaw. Right now the outlaws are still coming to terms with being made outlaws. They still hope to come back inside the law, but in time some will simply decide the price is not worth it. Get enough people who like being outlaws and you end up with a war of all against all.

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98 thoughts on “Living Outside The Law

  1. My only thought when listening to the show was that it’s legal system for our gynocracy: it’s there to enforce consensus, not any actual, traditional, legal matter.

  2. Currently on vacation with my wife trying to experience some joy in this shithole world. Got a chance to read a good portion of the comments. You people, and you know who you are, give me hope.

    This was an outstanding podcast, and a very important one. Thank you for being my people.

    On a side note, I have been following Z for four years now and I’ve listened to every podcast. I’ve been a green door subscriber for a few years as well, and I’ve never noticed any production issues. That being said, even if I did, I’d never think about complaining about it. Here’s a guy putting himself out there, advocating for us and doing immense good. To find things to bitch about is why we’re in this predicament to begin with.

  3. Conservatives fawned over Amy Coney Barrett because she knows a lot about Constitutional law, and because she owned the libs by holding up a blank notepad when she was being grilled before her confirmation. But all that Constitutional knowledge meant nothing when it came to the border. Her feelings for people that look like her adopted non-White kids trumped everything else.

  4. I’ve said three or four times that “this was one of the best shows on the Z blog” so my quota of saying that is getting exhausted. However I think this was a particularly important show. It was not the show I enjoyed the most. But it came very close to making the quasi politico legal cas that the government is now an illegitimate and lawless regime. The traditional freedoms of an American, the augmented and modified traditional freedoms of an Englishman, are now abolished.

    I know you’re writing a book but this could be a book, or pamphlet, of its own. We need updated rallying documents. The Declaration, the original document of rebellion, was written against very different (and in some ways very related) grievances. But it didn’t start with the declaration. It started with pamphlets like “Common Sense”. The themes of this week’s show could be developed into something like that. A list of things that are clearly unjust, nefarious, wicked and a breach of the spirit and letter of all traditional laws as intended and originally understood.

    I don’t know what exactly I want at the end of a successful revolution. But the list if what I know I don’t want, is helped by things like this show. Completely arbitrary and bizarre rulings of the court for example.

    And you might ask “why appeal to normie?” The reason is painfully clear; we need numbers. We need numbers for safety. The state apparatus, state and fed level, is a threat to each and every one individually. And as long as we don’t stick together, we could all be Chauvin (very conspicuous name is it not?? Add -ist to it. What are the odds that the patsy of the most symbolic case would have that name?? Makes me wonder how deep the gaslighting is. But I digress).

    Anyway, it just seems to me that this non lawyer, non mumbojumbo layout of the overwhelming case for why this system is becoming tyrannical and an actual, ram through the door on the micro level, threat to everyone, cam be laid out in a way that spurs more to, as the rallying cry seems to become, “tribe up”. We need organization and we need numbers. Sadly we also need kamikaze bees that just attack people, whether in or out of regime office, Fs with us. Individually we slaughter lambs to the regime. Tribed up, we’re a hornet’s nest not to F with . End of my rant

    • Typed on my phone, apologies for the many typos. It’s difficult to review what I’ve written before pushing “comment” on the small screen

  5. Liebowitz does worse than Steyn every time he opens his (filthy) cake hole, what privilege is he exploiting??

  6. Right now, we dissidents have to live like Southerners did under Yankee occupation and “Reconstruction” from 1865-1876, when the former two legged farm equipment, with the help of carpetbaggers and scumbags like Andrew Johnson, made “justice” a joke. That’s why guys like Jesse James were outlaws to some, but heroes to others. That’s why the original Pointy Hat Guys got together.

  7. Are you sure that this is a bad news ? For me it looks like desperate regime firing all cannons because they know that when they lose now, everything will be lost. This makes me think that The Donald Drain the Swamp might be much serious as previously thought. Regime puppets know that they have nothing to lose. They must win whatever it takes or suffer very heavy consequences.

  8. The worst part about the weaponization of the law is it is not even limited to the political realm. The Jennifer Crumbley conviction the other day opens the door to vicarious criminal liability without an underlying conspiracy. No conspiracy is even being alleged.

    How the hell do you get a manslaughter conviction from what is at worst a gun crime. Jennifer Crumbley is not going to win any mother of the year awards, but she is not responsible for what her teenage son does. They try to get around this by claiming any reasonable person could have foreseen the event, despite the fact that the so-called professionals at the school, despite knowing all the facts did not foresee the event either.

    I’m no lawyer, but as far as I know, there needs to be an underlying conspiracy or crime for one person to be criminally liable for the acts of another. This is usually charged as felony murder. By definition, you cannot conspire to do something legal, like give your kid a gun for his birthday.

    • The Crumbley verdict is actually worse than you’re describing, because they charged the 15-year-old as an adult and as a “terrorist”… but when they charged the mother they alleged that he was a minor with mental problems that she should have taken steps to address.

      If the kid actually had the mental problems that were cited in the prosecution of the mother, and if he had indeed been her responsibility, then he belongs in a mental institution rather than a prison and she should have been charged with neglect instead of homicide. If, on the other hand, he was a “terrorist” acting as an adult, she cannot be held criminally responsible for his actions.

      They wanted it — and got it — both ways.

      The other thing they did was introduce the mother’s sexual behavior into court as evidence. I cannot understand how the judge allowed that and how it is relevant to a manslaughter charge. If it had been a rape case and she had been a left-wing swinger from the Upper East Side and the defense tried to introduce her sexual behavior as evidence, the feminists would have gone apeshit if the judge had admitted it.

      • Who/whom: Crumbley’s sexual history would not have been admitted into evidence if she were an Upper East Side swinger. I fight with this normalcy bias myself at times, but no matter how much longer this goes on, the concept of equality under the law–to the extent it ever actually existed–has officially ended. I thought the GAE still wanted to put on a show of sham democracy for the rest of the world, but naaah.

      • Goes to show that Z is right, it is lawlessness now. As white and a gun owner, she checks many of the regime’s outlaw boxes. Being a woman is actually the only “mitigating” thing according to the regime’s (demonic) law

    • The Crumbley verdict was just and should be replicated more often. It was not an anti-gun verdict—with all the 2nd Amendment stuff associated. Nor as some said (Matt Walsh) was this a “bad parenting” verdict per se, as there are no “bad parenting” laws.

      It was, if anything, a verdict holding people accountable for their actions. In this case, providing access to a deadly weapon to a *child* who was mentally ill. She bought a gun at her child’s request, thinking in some strange way this would help “straighten him out”. She then failed to secure said deadly weapon and her disturbed child obtained access, brought it to school, and 4 children’s lives were taken through her negligence. Criminal negligence (leading to death) is what the jury convicted her of.

      We don’t allow children to buy guns, why? We don’t allow the mentally defective to own guns, why? We don’t allow felons to possess gun, why?

      All my life, I’ve had firearms. I have more guns than teeth. I raised children, now grandchildren. As I write this, I am 2 feet away from a firearm. The children are here visiting, some are toddlers. There are firearms all over—but none are accessible. All are under “lock and key”. Why? Because I’m not an idiot and I respect/defemd the 2nd Amendment, but don’t abuse the right.

      Don’t defend those folk who abuse their rights and then use them as an excuse *not* to be held accountable for those actions.

      • Nobody is denying that the mother wasn’t stupid, moronic, idiotic, clueless, unintelligent, and negligent. What is at issue here is whether she was responsible, or whether the kid was acting as an adult and he was responsible.

        Nobody denies that prudent people should keep guns away from children and the deranged. But you’re wrong in thinking that this isn’t an anti-2A verdict — it is, because the Left in this country will attack the 2A from any angle they can. The next step is to hold manufacturers and dealers criminally liable for crimes committed with guns they sold. They’re already trying to bankrupt manufacturers with “false advertising” suits despite federal legislation that protects gun manufacturers.

        if Jennifer Crumbley had left a bottle of liquor in the kitchen next to the car keys and the kid got drunk, took the car and killed four people, nobody would find her guilty of manslaughter. Reckless endangerment, maybe. Child neglect or endangering the welfare of a child, maybe.

        Ultimately this should be a tort not a criminal homicide prosecution.

        • Nope. That the child was *sentenced* as an adult has nothing to do with whether prosecutor/judge believes he is an adult. It has to do with the sentence that can be imposed. A juvenile sentence would put this kid back on the street when 18, maybe 21. I’m not sure as to their State law. A mass murderer is too dangerous to chance to be put back on the street, so they asked he be tried and sentence as an adult. That’s all this sentence tells us.

          That there can only be *one* person responsible for the murders is silly. We have groups of criminals tried and sentenced for a single murder all the time. What often differs is the level of *culpability* and therefore punishment dealt to these folk. The same in this case.

          The son pulled the trigger, he goes to jail for life. The mother provided the gun, she goes to jail for…? And so forth. The father is next in line. I don’t know his story.

          The (faux) example of the parent leaving car keys and liquor in the home and the kid getting drunk, driving, and killing someone is not the same thing as the above. How about the bartender at the local pub for example. You do know that a bartender serving an obvious drunk followed by a fatal accident will land him in jail? Parents have no less responsibility.

          As to a 2nd Amendment case, I’m not privy to the thoughts of jurors, but I’m pretty damn tired of idiots using weapons “to my detriment as a gun owner”. I am a responsible gun owner and I expect the same of others. Most everyone I associate with is a responsible gun owner. If they are not responsible, I don’t associate with them, nor am I such an 2nd Amendment ideologue as to make excuses for them simply because they and I both “like” guns.

          Indeed, there is a recent incident I’m aware of where a good friend went over to his son-in-law’s home and took his weapons when son-in-law became a mentally impaired, hospitalized, pot smoker. No chances to be taken with grandchildren. No red flag laws needed. Just do the right thing.

          When one reads about any number of these incidents—not all, but many. You often find (stupid) people facilitate these things, who should know better. Sandy Hook for example. The mother bought the AR-15 her son used. She thought it might be handy for some mother-son bonding at the local range. Of course, the son killed her and took the rifle so she received the ultimate punishment. None-the-less, the kid was a wacko. There should have been no such weapon unsecured in the house.

          Well, perhaps a few examples being made for some of these more egregious cases is in order. Parents need to monitor and control their children, not be a friend—or worse—contribute to their child’s homicidal delusions.

          Women need to especially be held accountable for their actions. What’s the old line of Jack Nicholson concerning women being without reason and accountability?

    • “The Jennifer Crumbley conviction…”

      Just imagine if every birthing human, absentee sperm donater of our criminal class was brought up on charges for being bad parents.

      • As I’ve noted, Crumbley was not brought up on charges of “bad parenting.” There is no such law!. She was charged and convicted of criminal negligence. That the negligence is between her and her child is beside the point. Such negligence occurs in many other situations around the country. Just because there is a familial relationship here does not give her immunity. That is the main lesson of this case. Parents had better learn that.

  9. Increasingly, the courts and the prosecutors are so corrupt that people need to start adopting a “never let them take you alive” attitude. If they want to ruin you, court is just a formality where they will contrive some sophisms to justify doing it. They can already take you property and your firearms and your money without due process anyway (or with rubber-stamp faux due process).

    And if you can technically beat the rap, you can’t beat the ride. Court is a rigged game. They will make you bankrupt trying to fight arcane procedural minutiae, unemployed, and will slander your reputation even if they don’t end up incarcerating you. The Trump persecutions are perfect examples of this. The guy has been around since the 1980s and he never got so much as a parking ticket until he ran for president and beat Hillary, now all of a sudden he’s charged with 91 felonies. They actually repealed the statute of limitations so that Carroll bitch could sue him and get awarded over $80 million with absolutely zero evidence.

    Never forget that courts are not neutral institutions, they are government institutions. I considered becoming a lawyer once, I’m glad I didn’t. The Constitution is supposed to be the “Supreme law of the land” but The System doesn’t give fuck-all about it any more. Face, it, you have no rights against the State unless the elites decide to grant them to you. It’s a purely Hobbesian sovereignty at this point.

    “Free country,” my ass.

  10. Connecting dots and prognostication. The dots are yesterday’s podcast theme and the history of Zman’s new neighbors.

    Once upon a time, people resorted to other means when the law (or those enforcing the laws) became dysfunctional and things continued to get worse without any real prospect of correction. The natural response to this insanity is to get angry, and for the vast majority of civil society, this anger gets swallowed where it festers and builds up like a pressure cooker. Resentment grows and it eventually becomes a powder keg waiting on a match. Collapse, rioting, and the opportunity for the release of this repressed anger can be a fearsome thing. With all the LEOs now on riot duty, old scores may get settled in the dark of night when no one is watching. That is the price of standing on the sidelines and watching the legal system degenerate into an arbitrary instrument of political warfare (lawfare). The current legal crusade against Trump is transparently political and strong evidence that we have passed the tipping point. God help us, but a new era of Hatfields and McCoys may be upon us.

  11. Z, sounds like you’ve lived a privileged life.

    The folks in charge in the places you describe, particularly if they’re minorities, grew up in a majority culture where the law was the will of the powerful that enforced the law on behalf of the majority. It shouldn’t be surprising, now that they’re in power in many places, that they’ve become the evil they beheld. Law is codified prejudice selectively enforced. It’s only in paradise that the law operates as you might wish.

    • Does this comment deserve so many down votes? Can not what imbroglio stated be interpreted as law being most wholefully/fairly applied in a racially/culturally unified society, whereas a racially/culturally mixed society presents the exact problems mentioned?

      • Compsci: Yes, it deserves every downvote. Imbroglio has revealed himself to have a massive chip on his shoulder, and has – of late – attempted to twist every post/subject matter/comment thread into an indictment of White, Christian, heritage America. I am no fan of the law – in great part because of how Imbroglio’s fellow people have helped turn it into the farce it is today.

        But he is indicting all Western law – including the roots of English Common Law – as “codified prejudice selectively enforced.” Essentially tarring any aspect of any White society as being best suited to those who actually created such society and formed its roots and its people and culture.

        I have no issue with the Han or Nigerians living according to their own culture, morality, and law . . . in their own lands. But not in what used to be America. Imbroglio is stating that Whites have no right to White morality and law in their own lands. He labels that “prejudice.”

  12. Said another way, they have torn to shreds the fabric of society. They have done it all in the name of helping the weak and poor or in its modern incantation – trust and safety.

    The end result of their malevolence hiding behind their veil of virtue*, is that the complex tapestry of Occidental Man and his society lies in tatters in the gutter of some God forsaken American favella, soaked with gasoline.

    * credit to MJ Keenan for that twist of phrase from the song Disgustipated

  13. I graduated from law school in the late 1970s and admit that I felt at the time and until perhaps 10-15 years ago that the courts would always be there to enforce the rules and protect the genuinely innocent. It may not have been true then and it certainly isn’t now. Courts and judges are thoroughly politicized and should be avoided at all costs. Here in France we have a case similar to the Penny case in New York where an elderly man injured a migrant in defense of a neighbor. The elderly man now faces some time in prison. The police and the courts are no longer your friend; Maybe they never genuinely were.

    • Over here, Antifa and like groups now menace judges and justices. That has exacerbated the erosion of rule of law. I would be surprised but not shocked to learn French and other European jurists would tolerate such.

  14. I confess, I had to turn off the podcast during the description of the police shootings. Chauvin has been exonerated in a different court where it was revealed that the state went through at least 3 SA before they found one who would charge him.

    Whites should take a week off, and see how things go. A month without whitey would crash the system. Stay home. Hit the medical. Spend time with the kids. Make the house safe. It pisses me off to no end when white coppers I know STILL are proactive on duty. Guess you can’t fix stupid.

    Ok, I’m done. Good podcast, but in the end, for most of the folks who frequent this site, stuff we already know.

    • That is why we have to spread the ideas that the media censors when and where we can brother. Places like this are the home base, but the difference is made when we reach out to those who aren’t quite here yet, who have only begun to question or who have questioned but have always felt isolated so just dropped the train of thought.

      Refer them to Z-blog, Unz, Takimag, CC, Sailer, hell even Charlie Kirk is a decent starting point these days. Overton window is moving pretty fast. If you have the wit, perspicacity and amenability, ease em into it yourself. Never forget how you used to be when you were still asleep. Things are bad and it’s a hard pill to swallow. Though of course, the worse things get, the easier it will be to spread the truth. Even the most head in the sand coward can feel that something is very very wrong with how things have been going. Remember, we all have been conditioned since birth by jewish media and academia to view white collectivism as evil anathema a.k.a. Hitler.

      Double standards are far too obvious now though, for F’s sake the jews are literally genociding arabs and it’s not well hidden that the jews in the US are controlling our gov’t and helping their overseas psychos with the project best they can. DEI BLM literally every single group but whites has race based scholarships, civil rights groups, aid orgs, legal funds etc. etc. etc. Every group but whites. It’s too obvious now. All we really have to do is point it out. Jew owned media never will so it’s gotta be grassroots.

      It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but we have all been psychologically conditioned to see it as forbidden. Any Tolkien fans, it’s Sauron. HP is gay but its also Voldemort. Remember, take a light touch. Ease them into it if they are scared still. Treat normies like a PTSD patient.

    • Bartleby: You are correct – a mass White ‘quitting’ would crash the system, but it will not happen. Merely one week without Whites working at water/sewage/electric utility plants. One week without White pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. They’ve already been told they aren’t wanted, and that they will be replaced by BIPOX and womyn, but still they show up.

      Instead of mass public protests or any lame cuckservatard announcement, just one week where people just happen to call in sick, or have a ‘family emergency,” etc. It would definitely make an impression on some people, but it will never happen.

      • Another obstacle is that majority of the US population now would just sift the rubble for useable items and carry on with life and adjust to the absence of infrastructure like running sewerage. I’ve witnessed this in turd world countries. Once the open sewers are blocked, nobody does anything about it and the people just crap in the street. No joke. Lower tier whites will use the woods, and rural whites will just dig an outhouse. Non-whites and lower tier whites are willing to live poorly instead of taking actions that require the exertion of effort.

      • Disagrees. Lower-tier whites will just squat in the streets like the turd world does. Rural whites will dig outhouses. Progressive whites will crap on their neighbors. Non-whites will revert to their customary means. I’ve toured the third world extensively and traveled the US. People will accept devolution and go on about their business even after they start dropping dead.

        • DaBears: Actually, we don’t disagree at all. When I say that a mass White quitting would make a difference I mean now – to the elites, who don’t yet have a system in place to completely pacify the brown masses and isolate themselves in their compounds. I don’t know that they have enough qualified non-Whites to keep necessary systems running, although there will always be enough White traitors who will do their bidding for pay – just like the White pilots and bodyguards for the jogger-rich crap stars and sportsball players.

          After it all crashes – more according to the elite timeline and plans rather than Whites going on strike, it will be as you say. The bottom 15% will descend to the animal level of the rest of the non-White world, etc. And it’s hard to say just how many self-sufficient Whites will be left if things all go according to the WEF’s plans.

      • As Americans we are fixated on the ‘big thing’ – after all this is the biggest religious holiday of the year, “watch the ads!”\

        If people simply embraced the small things – en masse … it would make a difference. HIre illegals to cut your lawn ‘cuz cheaper’ don’t do it. Same for home repairs. Same for everything. Cut the cord, replace relationships in all senses with the bad people – no lucre for you.

        No convoy. No rubber duck. No flash. Just do it. No stupid ‘subscriptions’ and all that drip, drip, drip that eats your soul, the future of your children.

        Look, I have Normies all around me. Oooh, my marriage blew up. Booster 17, my heart blew up. Ah, my kid got laid off … fill in the blanks. THEY may never do a thing. But for me and my house…

  15. james Rolfe is ultimate escapist avoiding hard question of life
    many lucky millennial white guys had the luxury of comfort boomer lifestyle
    plenty of childhood game to escape from reality
    Unfortunately, race politics getting more profitable than ever, so comfortable things gonna end now

    even super Shabbos goy like James Rolfe will get questions such as you are white men and don’t deserve to have nice things

  16. Here in AZ, there’s an outrageous case against a 73 year old rancher down by the Mexican border accused of killing an illegal beaner last year. I remember when the news first came out, he was initially charged with1st degree murder. I was thinking, he’s being accused of a premeditated killing before the facts are even known? Sure, cause he’s an old white guy and the supposed victim, while not magical negro status, is but a step or two down, an “undocumented border crosser”. When he’s exonerated, I hope he sues the shit out of everyone involved. The legal/justice system in this former country is nothing but a bad freaking joke.

    • Doubtful he’s a victim of anything but his big mouth. He made one big mistake, he spoke to investigating LEO’s. Lawyer up, say nothing is rule number one.

      He admitted to shooting “toward” the IA’s, whether he could see them or not is in dispute. However, that’s about all the authorities need to put him on trial. He’ll be charged, or has been, with 1st degree murder, 2nd degree and so forth—giving the jury a variety of lessor charges to convict on.

      The real problem for me is that after the trial, the IA’s family will be allowed to sue him into oblivion for damages. This is the problem—that an alien can avail himself of the full suite of rights reserved for a citizen of the USA. Only in America as they say.

      • Compsci: So do you also oppose the Castle Doctrine? Or does that only apply to individual homes, not what used to be a nation state? How about tribal territory?

        If that man is guilty of anything, it’s being an old White man who didn’t realize he no longer has a country nor any rights as a genuine, natural-born citizen and property owner.

        • That’s one way to look at it and I admit, I’m being harsh.

          However, the castle doctrine (to me anyway) is not a license to shoot and kill trespassers, especially on open range. The law in most States no longer equates simple misdemeanors such as trespass and property theft to a deadly encounter of life and death.

          Here in AZ it has been codified that wrt burglary, I may show deadly force (a weapon), but may not use such to prevent burglary (assault being another story). In there probably lies his defense against 1st degree murder, if the jury believes he did not wish to kill or injure, but rather deter. This will not prevent a lessor degree of negligence or manslaughter being found. However, now might be the ideal time for trial given the public frustration with IA’s.

          As I said, this “old White man” (I’m an old White man of his age as well) played into his stereotype—a grumpy old White guy whose best years are past, couldn’t deal with his current situation (powerlessness to stop IA’s), and therefore lost control. And that is to all our detriment, not praise.

          • Compsci: If the law now declares one may not use deadly force to prevent trespass and property theft, then once again we see the law has been twisted and turned against the principles upon which the country was ostensibly founded (right to privacy and private property ownership). Just as eternal property taxes mean one never actually owns one’s own land or home.

            Again – Whites must learn that everything has been taken from us and turned against us, giving preference to the ‘other.’ In this case, as in most others these days, the law is both immoral – and an ass.

          • When did property theft become a simple misdemeanor?
            What sort of moral leper has this sort of attitude?
            Who the fuck wants to live in a country with that appalling disregard for basic moral principles ?.

  17. Don’t really give a shit about your production difficulties, Z. You’re human, computers are hard, things happen, don’t have to justify yourself, not for several minutes anyway.

  18. You could have stopped after “who/whom.” I have relatives by marriage who came of age in the old communist Czechoslovakia. They assure me that the present-day United States is a mirror image of that place back then albeit with more wealth and less heavy-handedness (which is increasingly not the case). Your best suggestion in that podcast is to avoid court systems at all costs. While I support jury nullification, be advised that the police state apparatus that is fully in control now will mark you as an enemy of the people if you refuse to comply with the expected verdict. Obviously, you cannot control what the Regime or others do to you but, for example, weighing the cost/benefit analysis of jumping bail, which eventually will be denied whites, is among things to consider. If someone stands for governor or mayor in a free and fair election (if such even is possible now) who actually will not enforce extradition orders, vote for them. These are minor and unlikely things you will encounter, but they must serve as templates by example. The young white males in the South and Midwest who have said “fuck you” to military service have shown us the way. Your travel and relocation plans at least should follow their lead.

    Ultimately and possibly soon enough, the United States will collapse because its economic fortunes are tied to transparent markets and the rule of law, and those have vanished. Surviving in the meantime and in the aftermath should be your immediate goal.

    The Steyn case is very important because it lays bare the previously mentioned who/whom in a very stark way. The Leticia James case against Trump shows the stupidity of having any investments at all in a New York-based institution or within its jurisdiction, and on and on. It only will get worse and more lawless. Pay attention.

    • Also: the late Friday podcast was awesome. I’m a free rider until your book is published but late Friday podcasts based on this one are recommended.

    • Steyn won’t be paying $1 million in punitive damages on $1 of actual damages…That’s not allowed under any State’s law, and the Judge should set it aside immediately, or the appeals court will…

      • I realize that punitives have been circumscribed even by the USSC, but…that’s just my opinion, man. Steyn likely will have to appeal all the way up at enormous cost, both financial and physical. The point here is to punish him with the process. It would be nice to think the trial judge or an immediate appellate court would set this aside but that’s not the way to bet.

        Free speech always has been phantasmic. Now it is non-existent.

        Who/whom, bottom line.

  19. Before global order can be imposed, nationalist chaos must be manufactured. Due to its traditional, flyover, southron and Christian populations, America was not croaking with sufficient haste.

    So they’ve been helping, gone turbo since 2020. The latest bipartisan Open Borders Fail was a direct f.u. to, well, us.

    Order outta chaos. That’s the way these vultures fly.

  20. My historical understanding is that when Stalin’s government started agitating against the Kulaks (land-owning peasants) as “Enemies of The People”, the Kulaks were incredulous. “But we ARE the people!” they said. Rural delegations went to Moscow to try and meet with Stalin. If only Stalin knew what was happening then the harassment by revolutionary zealots and lower officials would stop. Of course Stalin knew full well, and the “The People” were his deliberate target.

    Not a perfect comparison but I think of this when I hear politicians and security apparatchiks speak about “Extremism” and “Spreaders of Disinformation” and “Threats to Our Democracy.”

    Fox McNormieCon still thinks this rhetoric, while overheated, is about somebody else….the Proud Boys or WWII re-enactors or Tikki Torch enthusiasts or whatever. He thinks events 2020-present are system malfunctions or episodic abuses. If only the written law were fairly applied or the Republican party were more disciplined or the security apparatus (prosecutors, cops, border security, military) were properly directed and then unleashed, the madness would stop. Too frightening is the alternative…the idea that the system works superbly well, but is aimed inward, at THEM. I myself can still hardly believe it sometimes, even as evidence was accumulating as far back as the revised surveillance laws of Sept 12, 2001.

    Population control is gentler in some ways (and more effective) in 2023 than the 1930s. There will be no literal gulags, I do not think. Nonetheless the middle class white man is very much in the position of the incredulous Kulak right now.

    • They realized there’s no point in killing, and it just attracts negative attention. If they take all your bank accounts away or whatever people aren’t going to care but it’s enough of a deterrance to keep the middle classes under control.

    • Were there Soviet “normiecons” who thought the courts were legitimate the entire time, all the way from Lenin to Gorbachev? I bet there were some. Trying to draw an analogy with today, I tend to doubt that there is a moment or phase when they are required to “wake up.” It is possible, even likely, for some people, many people, to remain stupid their entire lives.

  21. Tribe up you say ? That sounds like a good idea. It’s built in our instincts. Most of us would agree with that. Unfortunately this weekend is the Super Bowl. Which has nothing to do with our tribe anymore unfortunately. I’m going for a hike in the mountains Sunday. I cant stomach either notional anthems at this point. Some one at work actually wished me a good Super Bowl weekend. Felt like punching him.

    • Don’t watch such crap, not even clips. Marginalize those in your sphere who do. You live in a totalitarian shithole. Don’t fund it.

    • Grew up in the 70s watching the NFL every September Sunday thru the Super Bowl. Haven’t watched an NFL game in around seven years.

      • I’ve been asked once or twice about watching this or that *special* sportsball game or whom I’m rooting for. My reply is quick these days, why should I support a team that does look like me? Quick conversation stopper.

      • Same here – might as well take the cap off my septic and go for a swim. Preferable to sportsball, with all the cultural garbage, gambling, a laughing stock beneath my attention.

    • I was watching a compendium of short teaser clips of tomorrows super blow (sic) commercials, and my only thought is these are so lame, what kind of people think these are funny, then I realized–

      On a lighter note, I am one of few existing who still send out paper Xmas cards w/newsletters, and in this way I have been able to secretly spread the word, giving Z’s weblog address, as well as zerohedge and the burning platform. Interesting result, several of the people I sent these to have now apparently consigned me to Coventry (shunning) so my list has shortened considerably. Guess that’s progress or identification of enemies, of a sort–

  22. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Living Outside The Law

  23. For the record, any jury is going to be made up of morons. By definition, juries are made up of the first twelve people who are too stupid to figure out how to get out of jury duty.

    • The point where they really cracked down on juries was after the Waco verdict. Subsequent interviews with the jurors after the “Not guilty” verdict revealed that while the jurors were not happy with the Branch Davidians, they were disgusted and horrified at the actions of the DOJ.
      I remember a lot of handwringing in the media over the opinions of these jurors. Dan Rather in particular had plenty to say about the whole affair, not that I give a shit what he thinks. Ever since then, the pheds in particular are extremely careful about who they let on a jury.

    • When you get the letter, respond back by checking off the disabled box and write in that you have a profound hearing loss but cannot afford hearing aids, however you are willing to participate if a tv monitor and a typist can be provided to you so you can SEE the attorneys comments on the screen. Works every time as most courtrooms either don’t have them, have lost them, or they no longer work. Either that or the risk of your colostomy bag exploding in the jury seating section…

    • Based5.0: I did all I knew not to get picked. Worked like a charm the first time. Second time I was number 12, picked as an alternate; everyone in the room heard me say “f**k” when my name was called. Problem was I stayed too quiet hoping not to be noticed; had I voiced a strong opinion about the issues they were asking about I probably wouldn’t have been picked.

      Now I am no longer registered to vote and in another state, and hope to never again have anything to do with the US ‘justice’ system.

      • I’d not give up my jury duty for anything if I had it to do all over again. Never cared much for the concept of it being “my civic duty”, but the experience was an eye opener. I still comment on those days and point out what I learned of the nature of people on juries. It’s really way too simplistic to just label juries as collections of morons. Morons they might be, but they do represent a goodly portion of the populace.

        Unfortunately, I’ve not served since ‘95 when empaneled on a 6 month Grand Jury. When we met to be dismissed, we were told by the judge that this was an extraordinary empanelment and that he’d see to it that it would be a good, long time before we’d be asked for such an effort again.

        I was never called for jury duty again. Years later, I was told by an LEO friend that there existed a “list” of “do not call” folks for jury duty. On the list were bigwigs and folks not capable of empanelment. He felt sure I was put on the list. Now I’ve reached an age where I’m told where they (County) automatically excludes you.

        • Compsci: Oh, I learned plenty over the 12 weeks I had to spend on that jury. And in the end – as an alternate – had no say in the final deliberations. The jury did ultimately vote as I would have done, but there was never any question the entitled immigrant would continue to appeal until she (in lieu of a foolish old White man’s daughters) had all of the man’s money and property.

          And that the slippery juice lawyer she had would continue to artfully use words to twist the basic truth. And that a future jury – including non-White magic American immigrants and foolish White womyn – would eventually find in the dragon lady immigrant’s favor.

          Never, ever again.

    • Yep, been dealing with my county system for years — direct emails and calls to poobah Karen of jurors. Dopey broad.

  24. I’ve seen stories of these sorts for years upon years, and the common factor is always that the judges are allowed to just do whatever they want. I’ve never heard of judges getting in trouble for any of this, closest would be liberals threatening judges but that’s just the regime ensuring compliance within itself not any sort of accountability to the public.

    • Ploppy-

      My thinking is that judges are a failure under every form of human governance.

      This is because judges are human, and as humans they are biased. Thus, judges will ALWAYS legislate from the bench.

      That said, I have yet to think up a better substitute for our robed friends. It is not possible to have a benevolent despot adjudicate every legal dispute beyond a medium-large sized city state.

  25. Steyn now has to raise a million dollars because he sinned against Gaia.

    Of course, I disagree with everything Michael Mann says about the climate, but this case didn’t really have anything to do with Gaia. It had to do with the fact that Mark Steyn compared Mann in print to the child molester Jerry Sandusky and never retracted. It was a no-brainer to sue under those conditions, and Steyn is certainly smart enough to know better.

    The fine folks at Watts Up With That? have always criticized Mann’s climate data and even criticized his personal integrity after the “Hide the Decline” episode, but they did it in a non-libelous way and so escaped these kinds of lawsuits.

    This is something important to keep in mind for establishment critics. Don’t present an easy target. Don’t commit a civil offense that they can use against you, because they will. Even the criminals don’t break all the laws. If you’re a mafia soldier on your way to a hit, you don’t risk getting pulled over by running the red lights and driving on the sidewalk. That’s just stupid.

    • Idiots on this side of things like to forget that part of the story. I’ve met Steyn a number of times at events. Good guy but eccentric (he made a music video starring himself, funny stuff just look it up on YT), and he loves to run his mouth. He’s one of those guys that’s never been hit in the face for pissing a guy off. That lawsuit is BS and should’ve never been allowed to go forward, but still. Our side loves to pontificate about the outlandishness and abuse of powet and corruption and blah blah blah, but we know all that. These people hold grudges. That’s the bigger lesson Z missed with the crux of the Steyn debacle.

    • I agree with everything you said, but it still misses the point.

      Your advice would be good advice for the small bakery who is being asked to purchase “protection” from a local gang You don’t argue about the merits of the protection, you pay it. There is no merit.. They’re going to smash your store and throw acid in your face if you don’t pay it. If you try fighting them in any way, you’re going to be attacked.

      You cannot rely on the rule of law to protect you. That is the point. Not all things are avoidable. If you don’t give them an easy reason to come after you, they’ll just make one up. Donald Trump says he never even met that woman. He never went shopping with her. He has never spent any time with her. Yet, he owes her like 100 million Dollars.

  26. I loved it when Z-man called Letitia James Shaniqua James. I figure he just forgot her name but Shaniqua is a better fit. It just made me laugh. Good show though. I like when Z-man gets riled up and goes off.

    • Podcasts of late (either side of the paywall) have been sounding more and more whiny, though. Moving houses sucks, too. Understandable. Hopefully things improve going forward.

  27. Also regarding the Ricky Vaughn case, there is video of Hillary and Nancy Pelosi claiming this cost her the election. I got the impression she really believes it even though they have never even attempted to come up with a woman who attempted to text her vote or what it would say about the system if someone actually did that.

    • It shows that they’re born leaders. The defining psychological defect/gift of Prominent Men is that when they make up a story, they’re telling it to themselves from outside with great confidence and charisma, and by the time they finish, their new lie is a permanent objective fact about the world. All decisions are final.

      • Really. The woman is despised on all sides. It took her cashing in everything she had to run in 2015/16 and I honestly think it nearly killed or dehabilitated her (which sadly didn’t happen).

  28. Regarding your comment on sending an email to congressmen and getting flooded with spam requests from them. I have sent emails to both my Republican Senators angrily complaining about immigration related issues. I received a perfunctory reply from both and am still getting spam and fundraising requests from not only them but everyone even loosely affiliated with Republican politics years later. There is no way any sane person could think I was going to give a donation based on the content of my message but they make money off selling the email address.

      • Sometimes, that is not offered as an option. Maybe, if you send that request to the address in Bucharest, Romania that is offered up instead of a link for unsubscribing, it might happen. Or not, as that let’s them know that you have a valid email address that they can piss on daily. The same logic applies sometimes when you do use the “unsubscribe” link; okay, they won’t keep sending you stuff from the site that you want gone from your inbox, but they have other clients whose spam they will send you now that they are sure that your email address is valid…

        Deleting emails is a time suck, but really, what else genuinely works?

        • The trick is when you send the email to use another representatives email address, different by or/minus one character. Let them spam each other.

      • The point was not unsubscribing—even though that does not often work, but is being subscribed without prior permission. I always hate “opt out” options and prefer opt-in.

        That your inquiry to *your* Congresscriter puts you on a mailing list was poor internet etiquette when I started out years ago. But that was another time and another world.

  29. The international cabal certainly seems to be content to burn all of the USA’s remaining legitimacy don’t they? Very public and obvious kangaroo courts, Proxy wars against the entire world, Blowing up our own allies’ vital infrastructure (very obviously and publicly), Debasement of the currency on a massive scale not to mention undermining it’s credibility by using it as a diplomatic weapon whenever it strikes their fancy. That last one especially is dangerous. If the petrodollar goes, I’m not sure how much, but a very large portion of american power goes with it.

    Is there a secret plan I’m missing? A trump card up their sleeves or are they really just this reckless and imprudent? They still have media domination, sure, but even that is showing big cracks. Most of the important people are around the world, I assume, are smart enough to see past it anyway. Really does seem like the twilight of the Western Roman Empire to me. What are the leading causes historians attribute again? Debasement of the currency, check. Decadent and foolish elites, check. Replacing your core population with mercenary armies and slave labor from the conquered provinces, check and check.

    Oh and invasion of your borders by foreign hordes, half-check or maybe double check? (Is it worse if the foreign hordes don’t even have to fight in order to invade? I think yes, we are even weaker than 5th century Rome, at least they tried to defend their territory) Rome also never had niggers(BLM) and antifa(jewish niggers) looting and burning it’s own cities down in honor of sainted criminal scum.

    But I think the most important thing they have thrown away is trust. The whole point of even having a government is the security and stability that it is supposed to be legally and morally bound to provide to it’s populace and it’s allies. Our corrupt rulers seem ever more manically enthusiastic in their efforts to betray every single citizen and ally they have left. Save for our greatest of all “Allies” the chosen ones of Israel of course.

    What was it Schumer and Pelosi said? “If the USA burns to the ground, the one thing that will remain is our commitment to Israel” I believe them when they say that at least. Might be the one bit of truth to have ever fallen from their lying maws.

    • “What was it Schumer and Pelosi said? “If the USA burns to the ground, the one thing that will remain is our commitment to Israel”

      It was Pelosi. The most incredible thing I’ve heard a politician say during my many many years alive.

      • Right, I had to look it up as I was typing. Amazing… the chutzpah on that hag. Also not very bright, that’s the kind of thing you should only say when you aren’t being recorded I would think. I though Schumer said it too, but I guess he’s less senile. Has publicly said close enough things though.

        Anyway, I guess posting links get your comment put on hold. Makes sense. Or maybe there is a language filter? Also makes sense. I do think the N word needs to be brought back though. I feel like a coward even typing it.. “The N word”… Very tired of walking on egg shells at the behest of people who hate us. Anyway links are clean. Just videos of our rulers being traitors.

        • NeoSpartan: The filter does what it does without any discernable logic. I have had comments held even when I’ve gone through and found nothing that I thought could possibly trigger anything. I just wait until Zman has the time and inclination to clean out whatever the filter has caught. No one here – aside from possible newer readers more accustomed to and comfortable with no one using icky words – cares.

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