The Big Show

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One of the novel things about this age is the role played by carnival acts in reinforcing public morality and shaping public opinion. With the exception of ancient Athens, human societies assigned entertainers a low status. After all, we still have the expression, “run away to the circus”, even though we no longer have the circus. The idea behind that expression is you reach such a degraded state that you literally leave decent society and join the low status world of the circus.

In modern America and the West in general, the circus not only plays a central role in society, but the circus performers also have enormous influence. So much so, in fact, the most powerful people want to be friends with the popular carnies. Every president has a stream of carnies coming through the White House, often attending state dinners with important foreign leaders. Carnies have even turned up in Ukraine, getting a special welcome by the Ukrainian dictator.

Of course, we have just had the biggest circus event on the American calendar, which is the Super Bowl, the title game of the NFL. According to the people in charge, almost all Americans stop what they are doing to watch the spectacle. The Super Bowl party has become something of an industry. Americans spend over $15 billion on parties that host three quarters of all adults. Naturally, all the important carnies seek a way to be part of what is the biggest carnie act of the year.

It is popular to compare the Super Bowl to the Roman games, maybe even dusting off Juvenal’s line about bread and circuses. There is some truth to that, but the Roman games were nothing compared to American entertainment. The games were a distraction for the masses and important people, but the performers were never treated like the modern celebrity or athlete. The performers in the arena were low status and important people made sure they remained so.

This is the great innovation of America. Entertainment has become a church at which the morality of the day is preached to the audience. It is easy to see at the Super Bowl, where moral messaging is everywhere. In the end zones there was a message about ending racism, a hobgoblin of the modern elites. There were ads about other hobgoblins like antisemitism, bullying and Gaia. They have your attention, so they make sure to let you know what you ought and ought not be doing.

Then you have the appeals to unity, by which they mean conformity. At the start of the game, you get patriotic songs. They even have something called the “The Black National Anthem” which is supposed to shame whites and remind them they can never be forgiven for the sin of whiteness. In a prior age, parishioners were told they were at the mercy of an angry God. Today they are told they are at the mercy of angry minorities, which is far more terrifying than an angry god.

When these songs are played at the start of the game, the players, who should only care about winning, make themselves cry and look moved by the program. This is where you see the supremacy of carny life. The star players know this game is really an audition for them to join the media circus or possibly get a brand going so they can be a celebrity past their playing career. Everyone wants to run away to the circus, even people already in the circus.

You see the warping power of the circus with the public romance of Chiefs player Kelce Travis and middle-aged warbler Taylor Swift. She is a super famous pop star, but she can always be more famous, so dating a famous sports star, especially one who gets to perform in the big circus, is good business. The NFL loves it and makes sure to feature this totally authentic romance in their shows. Any bets on whether these two love birds manage to build a life together?

All of this is the product of democracy. In theory, democracy is about convincing fifty percent plus one. In order to do that, you need to get the attention of the public, which is why celebrity becomes the coin of the democratic realm. The only way you can have a chance to influence anyone is by getting on the stage and you do that by getting everyone’s attention. Carnies live to get attention, so it does not take long before they take center stage in the democratic process.

It is why our politicians are mostly actors playing a role. The producers of the political shows are no different from the people who make movies, television shows or produce extravaganzas like the Super Bowl. They select people who can play the role, which often means picking people who will not question the script. Oklahoma senator James Lankford was picked because he is not smart enough to question things. He looks the part, and he reads his lines. That is why he is in the Senate.

It is easy to be critical of mass democracy, but the Super Bowl shows how powerful it is at controlling the masses. More people care about why Travis Kelce wore a suit made from garbage bags than the fact Joe Biden is non compos mentis. More important, it encourages the masses to empty their wallets in order to see the next show that the ruling elite will stage for them. Mass democracy is where the ruling elite charge the masses to be the masses.

For most of human history, carnies were relegated to the fringes of society because the running of society was too important to do otherwise. Today the running of society is over on the fringes, in the shadows where no one looks, because the carnies are now at the center of society. Maybe this is how the great experiment with participatory government is supposed to end. The masses think their voice matters, but in reality, no one cares, just as long as they pay full price for their ticket.

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243 thoughts on “The Big Show

  1. seems to me you white people actually enjoying being a slave for literally inferior people

    west is declining because all the power of west gave to the parasitic race who doesn’t have the ability to create
    The problem is west dragged us into the same mess, a fucking Jewish own plantation

    if white people keep acting like golem used by Jews
    we Han-Chinese might convince colored people to kill white people

    • You “Han Chinese” (if that’s what you really are) would be far better served by allying yourselves with us Whites, no matter how beleaguered we may appear at the moment. It actually pains me to read your comment, as it reinforces that you hate us just as much as the rest of the world seems to. I’d like to have have thought better of you :-/ I’m no prophet but one thing I do know is that if you should get your way (you won’t) but IF you do, the golems you weaponised against us will soon turn on you

    • That’s exactly what I want. You Chinese to convince colored people to kill white people. It’s a beautiful solution. Make it happen please.

  2. “America the Beautiful” sung by a guy with face tattoos and metal teeth.
    This, on a broadcast supposedly aimed at normal people.
    They’re mocking us.

    • Either that or they’re so deranged that they think that freak is actually beautiful. I don’t know which would be worse.

      • That means the two of you watched it?? Good god, wasn’t there a book you could read??

        In the before times the players were satisfied with a car dealership upon.

        • According to the numbers, 123 million watched the SB, making it the highest rated telecast ever.

          Which makes it all the more peculiar there was ZERO conversation about the game, ads, or Taytay in my workplace on Monday.

          • Staggering numbers, thanks for reporting.

            It must be true, when people can’t game, eat doritos or drink beer, they may then start paying attention.

        • No, of course I didn’t watch it. I was just taking np’s word for it, and given what I now about the pop culture, I strongly suspect’s his take is dead-on-balls accurate.

    • I missed a lot of it because I was socializing but I did see those jew ads…. wow. Not even trying to mask anymore. Their time is really almost up. And it’s their own fault more than anyone else. No thinking human of any stripe thinks white people are doing anything to jews. Every non-retard, of any race… wow, just wow. All I can say. Dumbstruck by the hubris and megalomania.

      Anyway team taylor swift won. Hope none of you bet otherwise lmao.

  3. OT (but more on topic for dissidents than sportsball):

    Joel Osteen’s “church” illustrates everything degenerate about murrikan Christianity, but yesterday’s shooter was a transgender criminal from El Salvador. And this is what a “non-hispanic, White” looks like officially.

    So before anyone here cites official numbers about AINO being 58.9% non-hispanic White, bear this in mind. And then add in the juice and the Iranians and various subcons who also self-identify as White, and perhaps start accepting that this former country is about 55% White European ancestry at best. And then remember how many are over age 50.

    Sorry for the black pill, but this has been going on for years. And in addition to the lies of official stats, I’m tired of reading faux dissidents and c*ckservatards (will that get past the damned filter?) go on about “White” hispanics.

    • I note that TGP doesn’t say one word about that little factoid. But then from what I know about it, that site is probably “we’re gonna win the black vote this time” central.

    • But should we care that a pervert shot a bunch of heretics that think Jesus’ message was “believe in me and win a brand new car!”

      • If we are intent on being people a replacement elite wants to work closely with we should care. Why? Because we have to be the men of quality and of high integrity. We don’t just cheer our own kind getting shot up like lambs at slaughter by a Regime ambassador of Anarcho-Tyranny.

        We have to be aristocratic and condemn that barbaric butchery of our own people. Are their values screwed up? Yes. But ours should not be. We are here to replace the barbarity of their anarcho-tyranny. A great place to start is to not condemn these people and have them rightfully think us repugnant. Rather, maybe we should bus or fly in and volunteer and be of service in some way. Then when trust is built maybe a few will start to listen to us.

    • About 38% of Americans under the age of 5 are White.

      50% of births are to White mothers. 15% of those White mothers have a non-White father. -7.5% = 42.5% White.

      Then you have 2% Jewish, another 2.5% Arab / Persian / whatever.

      What’s leftover, you get 38% White. No other western country (not even Canada (!!)) is anywhere close to that bad.

      • In my neighborhood there is an elementary school. I see the kids getting out often. There are literally zero white kids. None, zilch. They’re either Indian, black or some sort of brown mix.

        Your country has been conquered.

        • Same here in London. Literally every primary school, when it turns out is black/brown/mixed. I can’t remember the last time I was in London and saw a white kid leave school.

          Not sure exactly what this means, but I know it means “negative consequences” for middle-to-old age UK natives!

  4. One of the most ironic ads on the Big Lame was one touting, in glowing terms, the viewing public as literal couch potatoes.
    Pretty much spot on. So much for any rising of the peasants.

    • Nothing ironic about it. Nearly all advertising takes a vice and turns it into a virtue in order to flatter the viewer and remove any inhibition that would have prevented the consumption of the product.

  5. I turned down two Normie parties for SB58 to attend a based event with a small group of guys who are race realists and have no restraint in mocking the Negro Felons League annual debutante ball. I missed the Black Anthem (sadz); but by half time the message was clear that the KC quarterback was the second coming of Jesus. I almost felt sorry for the Swifties that Tay-Tay had only been cammed three short times. Of course, the wokeness challenge of the advertising was expected and did not disappoint.
    Then the half-time show with Black Liberace sucking in Las Vegas sith the cameos of a hundred carny freaks of that ilk. A couple (literally) white female “dancers” but absolutely zero white male “entertainers.” Even amongst the carnies, they are the lowest on the totem pole. It was a giant wealth transfer to black mediocrity and a huge F**k You to the white plebs drinking their rehabilitated Bud Lite™ and shoveling cheap avocado guacamole down their pie holes.
    Returning to football, which is supposed to be the rason d’etre of the event, one could be forgiven for edging into conspiratorial thinking that the 49ers, led by their white quarterback and receiver combo and winning an otherwise insipid game of defense on defense, were told to throw the game in a manner calculated to lionize Mahomes. At any rate, he “won” the show in overtime in a dramatic fashion and Tay-Tay was shown as over-the-moon happy; so chock one up for Negrolatry.
    A terrible day of reckoning is coming. Liberia didn’t work after Civil War 1.0; and the so-called Civil Rights era unleashed the 13 do 50 that Jim Crow kept bottled up on the other side of the tracks. When the Spiciness 2.0 kicks off, this unchecked white hatred and Negrolatry is going to be met with an Endlosung for which blacks will have only themselves to blame. The point of bread and circuses is to prevent civil wars. They work until they don’t, then the rivers of blood flow.
    The Super Bowl doesn’t work anymore…

    • “A terrible day of reckoning is coming.”

      Show it to me. I see not -one iota- of evidence that McNormie and Griller are going to do anything other than continue to eat wings, drink beer, and be slowly programmed to hate themselves while worshipping n-ggers are their new gods.

      Can you cite even a single example of the worm being about to turn? I’ve been hearing of this great day of reckoning since the wignats of the 1990s were still a thing. What we actually have is… crickets.

      • Agreed. It will take some serious starving before the pitchforks rise, and, by then the great replacement will have done its work well and good. Any Rising Remnant would be crushed .

        • The first step to defeating an enemy is to convince him that you’ve already won and that his defeat is inevitable.

      • Agree, mostly. I see zero evidence of GrillerCons getting off the couch. That said, at least from what I’ve seen, a lot more whites have become much more aware of what’s going on.

        Again, has that translated into action? No. But I do see some progress. Also, Normies start noticing that the world is tribal, it’s hard to completely put back on the blinders. But we’ll see.

        • To paraphrase a William Pierce quote from long ago: “The longer we wait, the bloodier and more heartbreaking our struggle will be once it starts.”
          Time is NOT on our side!

      • Jose and Mohammed are also here. And unlike the American mutt whitey, they got no problems partying like it’s 1099.

      • Valid point. “Based” Super Bowl is an oxymoron unless the whole point is to view it, MST3K-style, booing, jeering, mocking and belittling the participants and the idiots who lap it up like honey.

      • yeah no shit. I walked my priperty gathering kindling after a recent windstorm. a crackling fire, good book. the super what?

    • Anyone who thought that SF had a prayer of winning, probably agonizes over whether to put out milk with the cookies for Santa.

      • You have to admit the NFL’s writers scripted the SB really tightly, nearly permitting the Great White Hopes Purdy and McCaffery to win it all.

        WWE’s showrunners could learn a thing or two from the NFL.

  6. I say let them eat cake… or in the case of the cattle and sheep called Americans, stuff their fat faces with Doritos whole watching stupid, negroid worshipping Dorito’s commercials… While watching the negroid worshipping fest called the Super Bowl. While passing tho “Super sized” Bowl of Dorito’s around.
    Oh the irony…

    • ” the negroid worshipping fest…”
      McDonalds started that sh!t about time they stopped cooking fries in tallow, and everyone thought Michael Jackson was normal. And people are indeed more pathetic and stupider now when compared to then.

  7. The NFL should cut all the pretenses and finally fully embrace its true idendity as the Colosseum Coon Fighting League (CCFL). Clearly they are aware of their function as blacked Ersatz-Roman-Games and they tease the fact, but in the end, they always shy away from embracing it fully and then muddle things by issuing the gayest word salad possible. “We DEEPLY care about our athletes’ health and wellbeing (but we roid them mandingos up so much that they are wrecked or dead at 45 and look the other way when they kill or rape civilians)”

    Dear NFL – stop living in the closet! Encourage wide receivers to use Corn Pop’s old straight razor to discourage cornerbacks. OL vs DL should involve baseball bats with spikes. If QB Mahomes fears career threatening injures, allow him to take his two favorite pitbulls on the field with him for protection. Have mumble rappers throughout the game instead of only the halftime show. And most importantly: Allow players to bling up uniforms to their heart’s content.

    Just transition into being the league that you already know you truly are.

  8. It wasn’t until during the plandemic, when everything was shut down but the regime decided the sportsball had to go on, with the spectators spaced out one to every 10 seats or whatever it was, that I realized how important the circuses were to them (slow on the uptake, I know). Public funding of the stadiums suddenly made perfect sense. When all else is gone, the circus and the gibs will be the last things to remain.

    There’s kind of a fine line to be walked in being both aware of clown world yet not allowing oneself to be corrupted or negatively influenced by it. Being in the world but not of it. Separate from it too completely and one becomes sort of like the Japanese soldier they find on the island 40 years after the war ended. (Maybe that’s not all bad). I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a “point in my favor” that I don’t know a single Taylor Swift song nor the black national anthem, as if there are points or anyone is keeping score, but it’s probably a mental positive, in the garbage in garbage out sense.

    I remember going to an actual traveling carnival about 40 years ago. The carnies were these shaggy unkempt tattooed people. Today the pop culture icons look just like that. And increasingly, the white women with their tattoo sleeves. It could give a person a little hope, to think of what is “fringe” or “edgy” today that could similarly become “mainstream” in another few decades.

      • So simple even a cave man could figure it out and yet the dissident right still want to remain atomized individuals…Tribe Up or Die Brothers….

    • Come to think of it, I think that archetype of the Jap soldier still carrying on for the Emperor for 40 years was an operative in their clandestine services. Name escapes me, but his biography’s been translated and there was a book written (in Engliah) about his organization. Not very informative because not much is really known about them and frankly, who cares? Japan lost the war. The biography is good, though, and should be read by all. Sorry again, old guy moment, the name escapes me. Easy enough to source.

  9. A fitting encounter at a superball party, I almost got into it with a dumb Boomer that was explaining to me how Israel is completely in the right because “the Palestinians started it”, completely unmoved by my suggestion that the tens of thousands of children didn’t start anything since “they were cheering Hamas on”. These people are truly hopeless.

    • Cheyenne children and Aztec children weren’t responsible for savagery, torture and slavery, but they needed to be killed or subdued to build a civilization in the wilderness.

      As late as the middle of the last century incinerating the enemy’s children was part of war. FAFO.

    • Poppy, I’m of mixed emotion as well. However, as I’ve said, one’s adversaries often set the “rules of engagement”. If one lets an adversary use your virtues against you, you will lose the engagement.

      Israel has much to answer for in their behavior, but when an enemy attacks you with the sole purpose to kill old men, women and children…have they themselves much to answer for? If they care that little for their people, are you to care less for yours and more for theirs?

      It’s a moral conundrum I am ill equipped to answer, however Israel aside, it is precisely the conundrum we, as dissidents, must answer for ourselves—and soon. White genocide is real and occurs as we speak. We are the Palestinians of America.

      • Tactically speaking the Gaza conflict is an opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored. The Jews have pushed pro-brown person progressive liberalism here to the point where it’s the state religion, and we finally have an opportunity to hoist them by their own petards by loudly and repeatedly pointing out that the Jews are butchering little brown children.

        The dumbest thing the dissident right could ever do is suddenly say “aw geez but I don’t like brown people so I have to support the slightly less brown people who own the banks and want to kill me because I’m sure they’ll support my ethnostate if they get their ethnostate lol”

  10. I became aware of taylor swift a long time ago because one of kanye west’s many widely reported mania episodes involved her. If not for that I wouldn’t know she existed at all & in fact I completely forgot about her until about a week ago.

    Now I can’t open a web browser or converse with my local conservative schizophrenics without being inundated with news about her, her apparent CIA operation to get biden elected & the NFL player she’s currently fornicating.

    I’m used to getting hammered with nonstop propaganda in election years but this is beyond ridiculous & we’re several months away from the election. It’s gonna be a long, long year, even by election year standards, I can already tell.

    • How many teenage boys did the NFL alienate with that Taylor Swift stunt? That age cohort was strongly leaning toward UFC before that saccharine telenovela storyline was introduced into pro football. My guess is that the NFL gained short term attention (and revenue) from a number of AWFL, but drove tens of thousands of potential long term male fans into the welcoming arms of Dana White and the UFC.

      • Anecdotal but I don’t know any young White men who are into football the way gen x, boomers & brown people are. Ever since the kneeling began most people I know have viewed it along the lines of a BLM summit rather than a sporting event, meanwhile UFC is very popular. Again that’s very much anecdotal to the people I know but as you point out this obsession the NFL has can’t be doing them any favors with *any* male demographic. I can’t imagine tyrone & juan give a shit about taylor swift anymore than a typical White guy.

        I could see the super bowl getting a boost from subversive shitlib women but not a year round thing. Not that it matters to the NFL since they get tons of money siphoning sin tax money from the states, it’s basically a welfare program.

      • I don’t follow UFC but it’s just about time for them to take the step of going head to head with the Superbowl. Or something else – something dissident-leaning – whatever that may be. Give people an alternative, a way to demonstrate their cultural bona fides. Despite the Nimrata debacle last week, “None of the above” is never going to win an election. We can’t rely on people simply tuning out of this dreck, the process would be too gradual and subtle, there has to be an alternative to help convey them closer to our side.

        Again, UFC may not be the best thing for us, and there’s always the possibility that it would be corrupted by the same degeneracy as the NFL, but in the near term it wouldn’t hurt to give young men the chance to say, “oh, you still watch the Superbowl? Not me, I’m going to be watching X.”

    • So Taylor Whatever is a mud shark. Right there I’d stop thinking about anything about her and only spend a few moments laughing about how inept, stupid, but very corrupt and evil entertainment, the Government, and our dual-citizenship leaders are.

      • To my knowledge she’s not a mudshark. And that’s perhaps the single positive thing I can dredge up in her support.

        • If she could do us all a favor and get knocked up with a white baby, it could set off a nice little white baby boom, which we could sorely use right about now

  11. Carnies have even turned up in Ukraine, getting a special welcome by the Ukrainian dictator.

    The Ukrainian dictator, a jew, ostensibly catapaulted to the role by playing piano with his schlong. He IS a carney.

    The orange former US President operates tantamount to a carney.

    Clown world.

  12. To give some sense of the Super Bowl’s centrality to life in AINO, yesterday, during the event, I ventured to a store called World Market to buy my wife her Valentine’s Day gifts. Now this store is very popular, and it is typically inundated with customers on weekends. Alas, in the half hour I spent there, I was the only customer except for a couple of chubby dykes with chromatic coiffures. Having the store all to my lonesome was nice, but the reason for its utter vacancy was depressing. AINO’s subjects constitute the largest herd of mindless sheep on the planet.

    • Super bowl certainly has it’s unintended benefits, Jared Taylor said it’s a great Sunday to go to the zoo since you’ll have the place to yourself. Shame it’s always in February, I’d love if they made a second super bowl during the summer.

      • RVIDXR: We used to spend black Friday at the zoo when our children were small. Then even that got too crowded and we just stayed home.

        • With amazon getting so popular I imagine it coincided with lot less people rushing to physical stores on black friday. It certainly played out that way where I live while the super bowl never stopped being treated like a holy event.

  13. The fact that so many whites willingly subject themselves to AINO’s chief–so to speak–anti-white orgy fills me with profound contempt for them. I know we’ve dilated endlessly on the transformation of whites from praiseworthy and prideful folk into pathetic cattle fit only for the slaughter in half a century, and our explantions and hypotheses doubtless have some validity. Even still, I remain dumbfounded and perplexed by this bizarre phenomenon. It is assuredly one of the great mysteries of the modern age, and if history worth its name is still being written 100 years from now I doubt historians will crack this nut any more convincingly than we have. Alas, when rational explanations do not suffice, one must have recourse to the supernatural…

    • Yes. No invading army, no occupying force. People grumbled some, and gave up. It’s the law now. Muh Democracy. How did that happen?

    • 3 big answers:

      1) women’s lib has allowed white women selecting the worst men to mate and procreate with.

      2) welfare: no matter how shit someone is they will survive and reproduce on the backs of the tax payer

      3) the teevee

  14. Yes, the dissident right is famously not interested in carnies, which is why none of “our guys” have opinions on BAP, The Red Scare girls, Nick Fuentes, Kanye, Richard Spencer, Curtis Yarvin, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, Alex Jones, etc.

    • Since when are any of these guys spoken of positively on this site? Closest is ZMan cutting Fuentes some slack that he might not be gay.

    • Nobody’s perfect. However, I dare say that among AINO’s political factions, the DR is far and away the least invested in the popular “culture.” Indeed, calling us the Countercultural Right would not be a misnomer.

    • Excellent observation! I’m sure you’ve hurt a few “feelings” and bruised some over sized egos here.

      • Vinnyvette: This is not Unz, and we’re not in Jersey. The regulars here generally know how to disagree respectfully, as well as take a well-landed punch when warranted. So sorry you haven’t gotten sufficient upvotes.

        • As a former regular at UNZ who got bored with the Jew this Jew that bitch fest, if I were concerned with upvotes, I would not call out b.s. when I see it.
          Again another hypocrite who can’t “take a punch,” but wants to throw punches.
          Practice what thou preacheth.

          • So your sportzball team did not score as much as the other sportzball team?
            Didn’t get enough Doritos?
            Tater didn’t sing?

  15. “It is why our politicians are mostly actors playing a role. The producers of the political shows are no different from the people who make movies, television shows or produce extravaganzas like the Super Bowl.”

    Literally true in Ukraine.

  16. So in 5 years what will be the degeneracy level of the Super Bowl?Will the media and announcers use the 5 year old boyfriend of one of the players to lecture the audience that Love is Love?

  17. Decades ago I dubbed it The Stupor Bowl, because it mesmerizes millions of people who ought to know better than to invest so much as a nanosecond of their time in such a propagandist spectacle.

    • Well, that’s just it. White people seem to be drugged. Anesthatized. All faculties of discrimination and judgment have been completely blunted and dulled. We are willess drones with no individual identity who act as receptacles for the inane dreck and anti-white propaganda the Power Structure pours into us. It beggars belief. It really does.

      • You put up a lot of eloquent posts today. You should consider writing a book or at least having your own blog.

        • Thank you. I have published one book but don’t want to mention it here because I don’t want to dox myself more than I already have.

  18. How long can a nation remain productive and prosperous while being run by carny acts and snake oil salesmen? TBD. But the reason we have been coasting along all these past few decades is because the US$ can be printed out of thin air and circulated around the world as if it was a magic thing of value. And this insanity hit hyperdrive during Covid so we now have a $35 trillion national debt that can never be repaid. Restructuring, default, or World War becomes inevitable when hyperinflation kicks in. And then things will go from grumpy to maniacal in a heartbeat.

    The elites are counting on the plebs turning on each other in an orgy of violence and population reduction. And that is where the carnies come in. Their job is to set the stage for this bloodletting. Get everyone seething with anger at everyone else. Add in a dose of real sustained hunger and cities will burn. Nothing can stop that, but we can use the fog it creates. Stay out of the melee and become the antibody. Smarter not harder.

  19. I did my watch.

    I guessing the Chiefs won, as that would fit in nicely with The Swiffers and Kelce Grammer.

    It’s all fake and gay.

  20. “… the Roman games were nothing compared to American entertainment. The games were a distraction for the masses and important people, but the performers were never treated like the modern celebrity or athlete.”

    No quibble with the gist of today’s missive, however a minor quibble with the above. The “athletes” in the Colosseum *were* ancient day rock stars—gladiators in particular. Graffiti carved into the walls of arenas celebrated these men. Wealthy nobel families invited them to gatherings/parties in order to show them off to other nobles. Wealthy women were also known to “bed” such athletes. Folks paid large sums of money for rags soaked in dead gladiators’ blood—baseball cards not being invented yet.

    Hard to think of what else the ancients could do to celebrate these brutal individuals. Perhaps you are thinking of the “opening acts” of a typical colosseum show. Those were the slaughter of condemned criminals, and later Christians, in the most “inventive” ways. Those people were just so much “filler” and later, feed for the performing animals.

    • I remember there was one gladiator who was offered his freedom by the emperor four times, and he refused each time. Must have been the celebrity status he was unwilling to relinquish.

      There’s some truth in the film “The Gladiator” — Maximus had celebrity status as a gladiator.

    • Yes. One of the gladiators is still one of the wealthiest men in history.

      The point of this post is solid, but the idea that Roman aristocrats and dignitaries did not associate with these gladiators is wrong. Not sure if non-aristocratic poets, musicians, actors … … were not associated with.

      • Ali/Reality. Not to break my arm patting myself on the back, but a background in liberal arts—history—is a handy thing for everybody. Tends to put a lot of modern observations in perspective.

      • “Yes. One of the gladiators is still one of the wealthiest men in history.”

        The wealthiest athlete in history being Diocles, a Roman-era chariot driver from Spain, whose wealth at the rime of his retirement at age 42 amounted to approximately *15 billion US dollars.*

    • Your points are accurate, but gladiators were never in a position to influence any kind of policy with their opinion, they didn’t stand for election to the senate, and no one put them in charge of a legion. Even culturally, there wasn’t a gladiator equivalent to Colin Kaepernick.

      Spartacus might be an exception (?), but I think we can agree that he was far from the norm.

      • There is a hopeless conflation today between MSM and the “influence” of athletes and pop stars. Such could not occur in ancient times.

        The original citation was assumed to refer to adoration and popularity. However, seems your interpretation (influence on political matters) is as good as mine.

      • True enough and that is a good angle I did not consider. Kaepernewgongole is a Spartacus analogy given how the two systems worked. Spartacus led a very bloody uprising by leading with the sword.

        Kaepernewgongole led a revolt sanctioned by Nike the NFL and other Optimates. Ultimately that revolt is still ongoing, as is its destruction.

        History rhymes. Long ago, the street elements of the Optimates and Populares fought on equal footing in the streets. Today, the Optimates run the street game for The Regime totally unopposed.

        In any case, excellent point that I didn’t consider.

  21. Another year, another black halftime performer (Usher). I’m positive next year will be the same. They are very intent on shoving that crap down our throats. Several years ago, Coldplay, a White band played halftime. Also Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney. That was another world and those days are over.

    I recently attended a Blackhawk NHL game in multiracial Chicago. There were virtually all White fans attending. I’d say 95 percent White. The only blacks were working concessions. (where you can’t pay cash, by the way–another topic…..) There was another black playing a big role—-the in-between period entertainment. A rapper/DJ shoving the hip-hop/rap down our throats, loudly and enthusiastically. Someone has decided that this is the dominant “music.” of today, White audience or not.

    • The reason you can’t pay cash at concessions is bartender theft. So I was told by a bartender working one of those concessions.

    • Unless I am forced into it in some way, I won’t do anything you cannot do in cash. I try to make most payments in cash.

      This all started a long time ago with the discount cards in supermarkets. In exchange for a few minor discounts, you were giving up a lot of data about yourself. Not just to the supermarket either. They sold the data to other organizations.

      So far as I know, it hasn’t happened yet that credit card and your bank aren’t selling your sales history, but no doubt this is coming. Even the damned DMV is doing this now. It seems like everyone but me just decided that nothing you do should ever be private.

      • Tars: There is no true privacy left to us, even if you use a VPN and all the rest. Have you tried getting your general info removed from one of those online aggregators? Each has an ‘opt out’ or ‘my privacy’ listing hidden carefully somewhere on the main screen. Then you have to pull up your own name, copy the url, go through multiple “I’m not a robot” photo verification screens, and confirm your email. Then wait for them to email you back with a special link to confirm your identity asking that you really truly want your information removed.

        Do this for each one. And wait. And wait. And do it again in a few months. It’s hardly worth the trouble. I’m debating paying once of those companies that claim they will do it all for you – and they are undoubtedly in bed with the alphabet agencies.

        • The companies that “do it all” for you, can’t! That’s because much of the spam you get is through the purchase of mailing lists, which I suspect are untouchable and basically black market. Then there are programs that attempt to discover your name/affiliation and create mailing addresses through formats known to be used by large companies.

          For example, say I ( I Am Compsci) work for IBM. The standard employee email address that was created for employees used to be of the form “IA.Compsci”, or “IA,Compsci” or “IACompsci” I forget. Anyway, it’s easy to create addresses like this and send them.

          How do I know? Well, I actually maintain a mail program and get these bounced email addresses returned to me (postmaster) all the time. These emails are to legitimate recipients, but the address form is guessed at. Of course, all are spam. Oddly enough however often from legit corporation, some of them large.

    • Gonna guess Usher “played” ‘Yeah Yeah’ which is 20 years old now (Purple Rain was 23 years old when Prince played it for nostalgia purposes at the Super Bowl).

    • It will be n-ggers from here forward. The (((programmers))) now understand that the majority of whites gladly know their place and accept their servitude. So no more White ‘culture’ for you. You’ll gladly let your daughter get Blacked by Mandingo. Anti-Racism being the new religion you wouldn’t want to go against the DIE God would you?

  22. I am happy to say I carried out my tradition of not giving a crap about the Super Bowl and especially not watching it. I don’t even know who was playing.

    Frankly, I would far more enjoy going to the local high school football game. At least they are neighborhood kids.

    • Quite right, Tars. Family came over here and not a mention was made of the Super Bowl. Family spent the day together and visited a local arts and crafts show. We finished the night with dinner and absolutely no television.

      I did not even know who won until this morning, nor of this Taylor Swift person and the alpha (?) male she is infatuated with—who I admit seems crazy as Z-man pointed out dressed up in his bizarre outfit.

      This is all well and good as had the TV been turned on and I saw the Black national anthem being played, I’d have lost it. So either the family is wise to me, or they have the same/similar values as I. I prefer to believe the later.

    • Tars Tarkas: “I would far more enjoy going to the local high school football game. At least they are neighborhood kids.”

      I can’t even support skrewl sports anymoar.

      When a White football player with an IQ of 115 is struck in the head by the helmet of a kneegr0w football player with an IQ of 85, and both suffer concussions, the White player is at extreme risk of losing his place as a fully functioning adult in suhciety [due to the loss of IQ], whereas the kneegr0w player is at risk of nothing whatsoever.

      The concussion won’t even phase the kneegrow [and the kneegrow’s skull is so thick that it might not even experience a concussion in the first place].

      I simply cannot approve of White Christian boys playing football with kneegr0wz and the helmet-to-helmet and helmet-to-chin blows which the White Christian player will be required to suffer.

      Our White Christian boyz are far too valuable to risk their neurological status to the Frankfurt-School-architected Potemkin Village of Sportsball.

      • With your inability to spell even the simplest of words, you’re not in a position to about IQ… Have another shot of whiskey on me. What’s a few more brain cells?

        • There aren’t any mis-spellings in anything I wrote.

          WTF kinda JIDF r u ?

          PS: If it’s facetiousness which I’m failing to recognize, then kindly forgive me.

          PPS: Is “Vinny” some sort of an eggplant name?

          Is that why we’re so sensitive to this topic?

        • Here we have another example of a troll from UNZ. They move here because they simply can’t get a rise over at UNZ. Too much traffic from other trolls. Don’t feed him a and he’ll move on.

      • Bourbon: You make valid points, but all sports are inherently dangerous. My husband’s parents wouldn’t let him play football in school (way back in the ’70s) for the reasons you listed, so he played basketball instead. And got a massively broken ankle on a growth plate and ended up with one leg a bit shorter than the other.

  23. I predict Kelce and Swift will get married in the next 5 months and end up having five children. I just have a feeling. Maybe I’m just softhearted (and softheaded) but their love seems so genuine and true. I wish them all the best!

    • The question dissidents must ask themselves constantly is, “I want what’s best for my.people, and I know them when I see them. Are (sports and music carnies) my people?”

      With these two mutants the answer is quickly apparent. No, they’re not my people. Therefore I don’t wish them well.

    • Joey you forgot the sarc tag.

      I would not be surprised to learn that they’ve not slept together even once.

      There was an excellent piece a while back on ZH about this little romance being a PR thing and psyop. They included a chart showing how TS refs in the media went parabolicin 2023 and her net worth doubled.

      The NFL has been bleeding support for years. Biden is sinking fast. TS gives the league a shot in the arm, getting women interested, and later she and the guy will help Biden with their endorsement.

      Sounds about right.

      It reminds me a little of the PR romance set up in the Coen’s Hail Caesar, where the cowboy star takes the Latina singing star to his latest premier. Only that was small potatoes and innocent fun. But that was another America.

      • Oh, and for the record the only way I even knew anything about this SuperBore was the TS angle covered by ZH.

        Have not watched one in at least 30 years.

  24. It’s been a point of pride for me to say I’ve never been lured into the arcane world of sportzball. I take pride in living under a rock deep in Geek Forest. I don’t know who Taylor is, nor have I ever seen a Kardashian.

    My high point yesterday was an impromptu piano concerto by an escaped one year old at the little chapel out in the country. I got reamed by her mother for opening up the piano for the tot. I didn’t care, they were both cute as buttons. Being a Bad Grampa is a role that appeals to me.

    At church at least 1/3…and probably close to half the seats were empty. Even up here in Canada the Super Bowl is a big deal. Folks probly stayed home to prep for the party and Big Game.

    My former progressive liberal hive mind family is addicted to sportzball. I’m glad I’m no longer expected at their circus gatherings. It’s been that way for decades. But this year… Pop is in the hospital with dementia and couldn’t even follow the game. But the show must go on.

    What did I miss? A garment failure? Some demented silly slut twerking for the drunks and cameras? Did some retarded black baboon get his 15 seconds of fame? Hopefully I will be as distant and unconcerned when the Empire falls, and our Imperial capitols burn…

    • ” Hopefully I will be as distant and unconcerned when the Empire falls, and our Imperial capitols burn…”

      I have a feeling that most of us except the most ancient are going to be living through this, and not before too long.

    • We are the original 51st state. (All the others who want to claim that title can just STFU and get in line.)

      Visting my mother’s nursing home on Sunday I saw notices that they would be putting up a big screen in … the Chapel (it opens onto a large common area) to show the game.

      Rather appropriate, yes?

  25. Only saw one US Military recruiting advertisement (Navy). It was over the top wymans in the top slots, minorities in the officer uniforms, one white male dweeb doing a job that no one will ever make a movie about. “I have two moms” levels of ick.

    Superbowl used to be flooded with them. “The Few, The Proud, The Marines.” “Be all that you can be.” , etc.

    I wonder if the NFL asked the military to not advertise? This year the NFL clearly tried to expand it’s fan base beyond the heteronormative white male. The really, REALLY want women to watch…probably explains all the “temu” advertisements.

    • I don’t get it. My wife is addicted to Temu. Do all they do is sell girlie stuff and junk? My wife buys me stuff and I have to wait until her back is turned so that I can either give it away or smuggle it out to the garbage can…

    • ProZNoV: “This year the NFL clearly tried to expand it’s fan base beyond the heteronormative white male. They really, REALLY want women to watch…”

      It’s all about miscegenation and White genocide.

      It’s the primary reason why the j00z went on a binge and bought up all the professional sports teams in the last quarter century or so.

      Melungeon Tom Brady, courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs, is cumming to dinner at your house.

      Your daughters will be behaviorally conditioned to miscegenate with him.

      And the behavioral conditioning will start as early as nursery skrewl.

    • Women used to be a vast untapped sportzball market. Alas, no more. Do not underestimate the role capitalistic corporate greed plays in all this. The magnates will happily drive civilization into the abyss so long as they get ever richer by so doing.

      • It is said that unbridled capitalism will soon be selling human flesh in the supermarket. And so it is.

  26. I didn’t watch any of the game, and I’m usually averse to conspiratorial thinking, but reading through the play-by-play, it certainly gave the impression of being a scripted event. The 49ers collapsed just after the half, racking up a spate of injuries and blown plays in what looked for all he world like a flop.

    Somebody had a talk with them during the unnaturally long (45min-WTF?) halftime show and pressed a button on a few reliable partners. The way SF melted down after that was just too good to be true.

    • Did you ever doubt that Taylor Swift’s boyfriend would emerge victorious?
      Our whole society is Wag the Dog…

        • pyrrhus: “Did you ever doubt that Taylor Swift’s boyfriend…”

          The rumor is that IRL he bats for the other team.

          I guess right now he’s pretending to be a switch hitter?

          Well at least Tay Tay wasn’t filmed kissing Melungeon Tom Brady.

          Maybe next year?

    • This is tin foil hat stuff. The game is not rigged.

      Kyle Shanahan has now lost 3 super bowls because he refused to run the ball. He didn’t run the ball for most of the 3rd quarter when it was effective in the first half. You are not going to win a game if your plan is to have Purdy out throw Mahomes. The 49ers took the lead when they went back to the run.

      There is a lot to hate about the NFL without going down rabbit holes.

      • I’ll add this.

        The 49ers should have gone for it on 4th down inside the 10yd line in OT. Even if stopped, KC has to drive from inside its own 10 at least 50-60 yds for a field goal attempt. Whether they were stopped or kick a FG, KC and Mahomes get the ball again, though in better field position after a kickoff.

        If they convert 4th down, they likely score a TD and win the Super Bowl.

        I’ve not run the math, but I am pretty sure the percentages favor going for it in that situation.

        • Hate to tell ya, but most people who read and post comments here don’t give a flying sh!t about pro-sports anymore.

          • Exactly. Sorry Lucius. Advanced knowledge as you post is lost upon us. It’s sort of a “tell” as well.

        • Here are all the hardcore “dissentients,” who like to mock the “grillers,” for their flat refusal to walk away from sports ball, in spite of being bitch slapped around by the pro sports leagues, most of whom clearly watched the game, and are discussing play by play and sports ball strategy. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites! 😂

          • Explain to us how you arrived at the determination that “most” of the commenters here watched this (or any other) game.

          • KGB, he doesn’t have any data. He’s just trying to save “face” as they say with a gratuitous comment—which has just as logically been refuted with another gratuitous comment.

            The point I tried to make previously is that “we all live in the world”, but not all of us are “of this world”. That is (to me anyway) one of the goals of being a true dissident—to be in this world, but not of it, at least not wrt “clown world”!

            Now for the disclaimer: I have not reached completely being “not of this world”, that’s probably an unreachable goal for me. On the other hand, I’m not watching the “game” and not following the sport with learned commentary of the game’s strategy and team mistakes.

            This to me is the “tell” that some folks have perhaps a long way to go.

      • You’re entitled to your opinion but I watched too many NFL games back in the day to not think that at least some of them were rigged. You’ve got all this betting money, in addition to other factors and people say there’s no possibility they’re fixed.

        • The ubiquity of the gambling today also corrupts the game in other ways besides outright orchestrated rigging. As do the huge salaries for the players. When you’re getting paid $15 million a year, how bad does it really hurt to lose that game?

  27. There does need to be some sort of “fix” to put carnies in their place. China’s method of putting ones who are too uppity under “house arrest” while their money is looted due to “tax evasion” seems draconian, but, no else has any better ideas yet.

    • We already have this.

      Kanye West was the most celebrated celebrity since Audie Murphy. Every popular musician was obligated to call him the greatest. They even got Lou Reed to kiss his ass. Kanye so outranked other famous people, he was allowed to rush the stage and take the mic from Taylor Swift, the system’s favorite “civilian.”

      Then some people did something.

  28. I didn’t realize that they had teams that play in Las Vegas and that they would hold any game, much less the title game in a city and state that is the center of legalized gambling and prostitution.

    What a strange morality on offer. Pleasure seek with any vice. If you want it and you consent to it it is good – just so long as you can pay for it. But we’ll organize our moral crusade around ending a concept that we get to define. Of course, the entire project is racist in that it holds that only one race is racist and that it is born that way and that for that race there really is no salvation. Gambling, prostitution, the wealthiest oligarchs greenlighting the fusion of gambling and their sport. This thing is off the rails.

    As for the carnies, if they had some talent the spectacle would at least have some value. Swift is musical garbage. The music isn’t the point. The music, the shows and she herself is just a vehicle for selling other things.

    The GAE and the “New Economy” were perfectly ushered in by the Clintons. You can put whatever name you want on it. In the end it is all whoring. Being a personal brand is nothing more than whoring yourself to maximize your money and reach.

    We went from We’re All Keyesians Now to They’re All NASCARs Now.

    Circling the track covered in stickers and passing the billboards. And now for the 11 Minute Mark Moment brought to you by Lucky 11 cannaboids. It is 3rd down and 7. It is time for another Third Down Thirsty Driver Three Times The Thrill Topoff – free with a purchase of a Thirsty Driver 12 packs and the score on every 3rd down of this game.

    You have to have alliteration for the dumbtards. I don’t watch these things. Have they had a Halftime Show featuring drag queens? Maybe a Mustang Ranch special performance? I bet in a few years the performer will undergo castration, excuse me sex reassignment, as part of the halftime show. It’s going to happen. There will be a reality show about it first.

    Carny Town!

      • RealityRules: “…they had teams that play in Las Vegas and that they would hold any game, much less the title game in a city and state that is the center of legalized gambling and prostitution…”

        It’s (((Meyer Lansky Inc))) cumming out of the closet.

        A massive [arguably epic] “flex” on the part of the Frankfurt School and the Council of the Sanhedrin.

        They’re rubbing it in our faces now.



  29. No Swifties at football games when I attended Kezar. (Mid-Pliocene, in case anybody’s interested.) No celebrity dickweeds primping either. Celebrity culture is gynocentric culture. Men have forged heroes, women have manufactured ‘celebrities’ that change constantly.

    I happened to hear a verse from ‘America, the Beautiful’ and got singed by caustic irony, ‘God shed His Grace on thee/and crowned thy good with brotherhood’. Ouch.

    No nation ever received God’s grace more than America, for simple reason some of His people dwelt therein. Not because He ever loved America; in truth, the nation was designed as a pagan shrine long before the Pilgrims and Jamestown crew hit the turf.

    And no nation ever hated brotherhood, fatherhood, and masculinity more than modern America. That means God’s grace is going adios, the levee is dry and good luck with the social justice, the female empowerment, and that old pagan shuffle.

    Either men rule or women rule. When brotherhood is eradicated, sisterhood takes over and that only ends one way.

    • It ends with the people living in grass huts and no indoor plumbing….At that point, the hard men take over….

      • The hard men in someplaces will take over the second the welfare payments don’t transfer, and hard men in other places will take care of those who leave the Democrat Sh!tholes seeking a new source of rapine and plunder.

    • ray: “When brotherhood is eradicated, sisterhood takes over and that only ends one way.”

      Recently I was looking at the extracurricular activititties of Catherine the Great, and apparently she really was a nymphomaniac who wasn’t entirely certain as to the sire of any of her various children:

      Anyway, the point being that if you have a nymphomaniac as your monarch-ette, then it’s not gonna be long before your entire nation consists of little more than Potemkin Villages.

      [PS: No offense intended to 3g4me.]

      • Bourbon: I appreciate the consideration, once again, but if I were that easily offended I would not so often be here amongst so many men wiser than myself. No need to spare my feelings, particularly about women and boomers, who I despise as much as anyone else. I identify as a unicorn and I’m sticking to it.

      • Bourbon —

        Elizabeth Uno was an outright occultist, with the likes of John Dee and Eddie Kelley tight on the inside. Skeery monsters abundant. Heck why not bring Liz Bathory on board as well?

        Killary ain’t got nothing on Elizard I. Queenie wrote the book.

  30. I think the NFL is a perfect representation of modern America.

    Blacks and mulattoes flex, strut and preen while burned-out, overweight white coaches keep the whole sh*tshow going. Camp-following exhibitionist women feign interest while showing their wares to the public. Cucked grillers stare at the spectacle, dreaming of glory.

    Oligarch owners count the cash behind the scenes.

        • Captain Willard: “Blacks and mulattoes flex, strut and preen…”

          I hate to be the naysayer all the dadgum time, but I fear that the mixed race boyz in the NFL are ackshually melungeon [White mother] rather than mulatto [kneegr0w mother].

          Melungeonism is of course a Frankfurt School psy-op designed to invoke White gen0cide.

          [Cf “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner”, “Mandingo”, “Roots”, etc etc etc…]

          • Has no one heard of the One Drop Rule. The distinction between a mulatto and a melongeon; quadroons and octaroons; the paper bag test. All that is irrelevant. A nigger is a nigger. Full stop. And I don’t care to hear about IKAGO who lives next door and mows his lawn. That POS Obama was reputedly clean and articulate. How’d that turn out?

  31. Really sorry to hear that this silly spectacle is still so much a part of White American life. I hoped, when I dropped watching football, and eventually all pro sports with the advent of the kneeling nonsense, that many others were doing the same.

    The knuckleheads next door held their yearly loud, obnoxious outdoor (yeah, South Texas) superbowl party yesterday. It sickened me to see so many (over)grown, balding, middle-aged White men and their loud, cackling, morbidly obese sows wearing jerseys with another man’s name on them. Fortunately, none of the kids seemed to give a shit, and they stayed out of sight during the game, presumably glued to their cellphones and video games.

    I’ve never heard this black “national anthem”. Is it quite as stirring to negros as ‘Exodus’ is to that other notable demographic, which throws itself pity parties at every conceivable opportunity?

    • It’s funny…our kids were athletes, but have never shown much interest in professional sports of any kind…I think it’s largely a Boomer and Gen X thing…Taylor Swift and her boyfriend got more publicity than the game….

      • I’ve read writings/opinion in a similar vane. The basic premise is that the rise of sportsball—particularly football—is a generational thing, now declining with the (White) Boomers and will return to pre-1950’s levels eventually. The half-times, commercials, souvenirs, and other glitter are the last gasps of a dying entertainment venue.

        Can’t come fast enough.

        • I think you’re right. Gen Z and the incoming brown hordes are not nearly so invested in this stuff. Not even close.

    • TBC: ‘I’ve never heard this black “national anthem”.’

      White Tennessee Democrat Congressman (((Steve Cohen))) was incensed that Super Bowl fans did not stand in respect for what he called the “Negro National Anthem” during Sunday night’s big game.

      “Cohen” is of course priestly caste.

      [Although there is some disagreement about the extent to which “Cohen” blood comingles with the turkish “Khagan” or Kahan or Kahn of Khazaria.]

      Anyway, setting aside the genealogy of the Khazarians, pretty much every sociological & political phenomenon in the United States, going back to the assassination of Lincoln [(((Wilkes Booth)))] and the assassination of McKinley [(((Alexander Berkman & Emma Goldman)))] to the Statue of Liberty [(((Emma Lazarus)))], pretty much every phenomenon in [ostensibly] Amurrikkkun history has been one long giant Frankfurt School Psy-Op, courtesy of the Council of the Sanhedrin.

      Priestly Caste j00z pushing Kneegrow National Anthems is simply rote doctrinaire de jure j00daic deconstruction of civilization.

      The expectation that a j00 could even theoretically behave in any other manner would constitute insanity on our part.

  32. Last night’s degeneracy allowed me to somewhat subtly redpill my sons, at least my oldest.

    I poked fun at the “end raycissms” in the end zones. My wife said something like “yeah, racism is real bad, the halftime show was all blacks.” To which I responded “the halftime show was racist – there weren’t any white people in it.” To which my 12yr old replied, “you know Dad, you’re right.”

    Planting the seed for continued “noticing” going forward hopefully.

    • You could have set a better example by not exposing your kid to the anti white, vagina / queer fest, that the Super Bowl has become. You didn’t red pill anyone, you need a heavy dose of it, or at least to practice what you were trying to preach. My guess is your wife wanted to watch tye Taylor fest shit show, and you didn’t have the nads to say no!. Red pill? Lmfao.
      And… I’m going to call out fakes, posers, and hypocrites who like to flame the “grillers,” but are themselves grillers!
      Nothing I can’t stand more than hypocrites! When you put your $$$ where your mouth is, then you can hammer on the grillers. Griller!

      • Not the most mature approach, but in this case I have to agree. 12 year old girls – or our wives – shouldn’t watch this trash. There was little to differentiate between yesterday’s spectacle and a satanic ritual. They both desire the same outcome.

        • That’s the only thing nice about the Super Bowl, it’s a yearly event and you can boycott it next year. Use this year’s commentary to explain next year’s boycott. Take the family to an alternative venue/outing. However you can’t keep watching while decrying the spectacle. Children can detect even the slightest hence of hypocrisy and then the wrong lesson is inculcated.

      • That reminds me the time I almost became a member of an Episcopal Church in Evansville, Indiana. I hadn’t been to one in decades, and started going there. I thought it was great, until they had a foot-washing. That’s when the minister stood up there in his sermon, and rattled on about how a dyke priestess washed his feet, and he just knew that she and her “partner”, who was also washing feet, were bound for heaven.

        I never went back and to that, I can trace my acceptance of the fact that everything today must go down hard and be destroyed, before it can be rebuilt.

    • Internet suggests those are bankrolled by the founder of “Hobby Lobby” – same guy who protested having to provide birth control to his employees via Obamacare to the Supreme Court.

      Those adds were another level of cringe.

    • Foot washing is one of the most repulsive ritual displays I’ve ever seen. It smacks of slave morality, and make me want to slap anyone who does it.

      • Foot washing is not a display of humility, it is a display of self-humiliation/degradation. There is a difference. In ancient times, yes it was humility—because all folk did it as a necessary hygienic function, but today that’s nonsense.

    • Yet another attempt by “Christians” to give a religious imprimatur to a “do what thou wilt” lifestyle.

    • Could there be anything more Satanic than falsely enlisting Jesus Christ in the slaughter of infants?

      • That set no doubt are still laughing about it, just like they do when monuments of American heroes are melted down, and a guy who tears down a satanic idol gets slapped with a felony charge. There truly are people in this country who if they died in the next minute, the country couldn’t help but be improved.

  33. I have never been much into sportsball, but used to see quite a bit because my husband has been a Cowboys’ fan since he was a little guy. Now, he discusses highlights (that he sees online) with our younger son. He spent yesterday traveling, and I spent it cleaning. Superbowl? Oh, that thing that the Daily Mail has splashed all over my screen? Nah. It’s snowing outside, and I made a fire in the wood stove, and I’m going to enjoy all the reasons we moved in the first place. I have never followed the masses in anything, and never will.

    • I’m trying to figure out the mentality of your first down voter. You didn’t say anything offensive. Perhaps it was a C.I.A. “influencer” dropping by to read what the dirt people have to say. In reality the Cloud People really are awful narcissists and psychopaths.

    • Sportsball was much more fun when I was young and living in NYC. My father could give me $5 and that would take me to Shea Stadium (and back), buy a ticket, have a hotdog and soda, and return home with change. Players were by and large not the ego driven, steroid produced, Neanderthals they seem now, but rather modest in their manner. Black or White, they seemed reasonable in their antics on or off the field.

      Now the only “sports” lovers are in the stands.

    • Even Revolver led off today with a glowing story about the SB. It’s the closest thing to a DR aggregator there is, but it still has some ways to go.

      PS–The snow was wonderful. I enjoyed it to the full.

  34. Taylor Swift is 34 years old. That’s not what most would consider middle age. That begins at 40.

    Travis Kelce looks like a thug.

    Pfizer had a terrible ad where they placed themselves in the company of great scientists such as Galileo, Copernicus and Newton.

    • Not middle aged, but against the wall. She has almost passed child bearing age. She sold her birthright for fame. She will regret it.

    • I learned of her perhaps 12 years ago when my daughter was about 12.

      So now to me it feels as if TS has been around FOREVER. She might as well be 50. Yet I take it her target audience remains teen girls.

    • Semi-based QB Aaron Rodgers, who is a Covid vax skeptic, dubbed Travis Kelce Mr. Pfizer because he is a spokesman for the company.

  35. Is it just me or was this year’s Super Bowl even more degenerate than in years past?

    Yeah, it’s been a while since it was just a football game with excessive hype, but this one, especially including the ads, seemed to be the worst ever.

    • Hardly a surprise. Everything in AINO, and I do mean everything, is deteriorating at a dizzying pace.

  36. I kinda watched it with one eye…but one thing jumped out…the Pfizer ad with the historical timeline showing “all the great things we’ve invented”. Reminded me of that Mercedes ad years ago that conveniently skipped from the 20s to the 50s gull wing. “Never mind the icky stuff!”

  37. You know what, we do have our carnies but in the end it will be the quiet diligent ones who take the show. Like in Revolutionary France, there were the “Mothers of the Nation”, the women who sat around the base of the guillotine knitting while the POS were getting their heads lopped off

    • No doubt those ladies took in the excitement as some of the willing executioners were soon to be deemed POSs themselves and led to l’ echaffaud, including Robespierre’s–who lost his head and thus allowied revolution tourist Thomas Paine to escape France relatively intact.

      • Lol, that was a time when the modern American term F.A.F.O. would have applied to everyone.

  38. Good post. The now celebrated roless of the carnies in America seems to be part of the modern desire of Americans, especially women, to be the star of their lives. It doesn’t matter what the carnie does on stage. what matters is that the carnie is on stage and getting attention from millions.

    That desire to be a star has been put on steroids by social media. Women will advocate and do anything for attention now including posting 100 selfies a day and pics of everything they eat. Then there is only fans. Only Fans hit American women like Crack did blacks.

    For men, the game just represents a way for them to kickback with no chores and pretend they are masculine

    • My animus-fortified (Jungian classification) girlfriend notwithstanding, most of our ladies seem to have a strong Venus de Milo complex.

    • Yep, pretend masculinity and ability to play the game and coach. Pol’s also use this to pretend to be just one of the “dirts”. It seems impossible for any politician to be interviewed without the proverbial “hat tip” to the local sportsball team(s).

      If just one pol replied, “I don’t have time to waste keeping up with sportsball” , I’d renew my registration and vote for him. I swear. 😉

    • Quick story: In my early 20s, my sexually desperate housemate observed that women loved any man on a stage.

      Problem: he was not a musician, nor were any of his friends.

      Solution: they put together a joke band that played amplified vacuum cleaners over recorded music and got a short spot at the hip club as the “Vacuum Bag Orchestra.”

      Outcome: he laughed out loud at how the women came to talk to him after he had been seen on stage.

  39. As the great moral and political philsopher Ronald James Padavona taught: If you listen to fools, the mob rules.

    • The energy at the beginning of that song still knocks me down. People say that a guitar sounds like a chain saw, but that’s nothing compared to this song.

      “Aaahhh, come on!”

      Ruthless and rampaging. Merciless.

  40. I didn’t watch even one millisecond of the Negro Felon League propaganda last night.

    I hadn’t shot my trusty ol’ .357 in quite a while, so I went to the pistol range. Had the place to myself, and on the way back the roads were eerily devoid of all traffic, as the grillers were all glued to the telescreen.

    I kinda liked it. Sort of what America used to be — a white man driving his truck alone in the country with a pistol and no television.

    • I like how all the “Pro-Sports” teams, on February 1, 2024, sent a letter to Congress urging the passing of another gun control law. Of course, we know what (((most of the owners))) are. I hope enough people remember this, for if Madame Guillotine ever gets set up across from the Capital, that set will have provided ample evidence to prove that they are The Enemies of The People, and we won’t need them EVER causing problems again.

    • Eerily?? In these here parts, “blessedly” might be more appropriate. Good way to spend ANY Sunday, btw.

  41. Some good news- there are literally no normies wasting even one second talking about the scripted outcome of last night’s game, the fake romance, or any of the increasingly terrible ads.

    I think there may be an unspoken realization that it’s all fake.

    The NFL, Pfizer, and Swift were never going to let Mr. Irrelevant upset their carefully laid plans and devalue their investments. They knew exactly who to pay and threaten to achieve last night’s result.

    Can’t wait to see the fake viewership numbers they publish this week.

  42. Wow, the magic mulatto pulls off another big win – such a surprise. I’d also bet dollars to donuts that Kelsey’s tirade against his coach was staged as well. The only interest I had in the “game” is I won $100 in a stuperbowl pool…

  43. Reports varied, but I am seeing an average ticket price of $8,000 on the resale market. Given all the other ways Las Vegas extracts money from visitors, the cost of attending the game had to be astronomical. This is the other big difference from the circuses of Roman days. How are people funding their attendance at these events? No matter what happens in the economy what people spend for circuses keeps going up.

    • You can get a cheap seat for $1500 most years, but yeah, ten grand for a weekend in Vegas to watcha game is nuts.

      • Maybe tech money from Bay Area 49ers fans made it higher than usual, but that is crazy. When you think about the cost of two people going being almost $20k before gambling or any other Vegas entertainment, that has to limit the market somewhat. Maybe it is just me, but I don’t know many people with the means to do that.

        • I am not sure I could ever have an income level that would permit me to say, “Sure, I will pay $1500 for a ticket in the cheap seats.” Even if I had a blast at the game i would think about that $1500 for a long time, long after I forgot about the game.

          • I remember being disgusted when tickets for the (first) Bauhaus reunion tour were $50. As a kid I had a poster in my room advertising their biggest ’80s concert: $8.

            Live event admission prices are sometimes included along with tuition and medical care in the list of things that have a mysterious hyper-inflationary ailment, baffling to economists, called “cost disease.” It never existed until economists stopped accurately calculating inflation, but that’s a coincidence.

          • Particularly when you can watch the dam’ thing on the boob toob practically for free.


    • $8,000 is what I heard from someone in the know, too. Allegiant is an expensive stadium anyway, add to that the fact that 49ers have long been the most popular team in Vegas, and there are plenty of people in Vegas who have the cash to burn without even considering the rich CA-ers streaming into town…
      But even if not taking place in Vegas, SB is a huge cash cow for anyone in Vegas running a SB party. Even a small mom’n’pop bar/restaurant.

    • People go deeply into credit card debt to attend sportzball events and pop “music” concerts. Fools and their money…

  44. You need masses to control. One of the ads: “They say I can’t change the world, but I have AI to do the work for me!” Yeah, AI is doing the work for somebody, alright.

    What if you don’t need masses, because you have tech? So you think, anyhow. I saw a Pfizer ad, too.

    Clown World is running its course. At least the refs didn’t throw a flag at the end of regulation this time.

  45. Kelsey sets off my Gay-dar actually. There’s something not quite on the level with that guy. It’s also quite rare for straight white men to go full out performatively woke, even liberals. Kelsey is at the “fat black woman” woke level of tone deaf cringe woke with his vax commercials.

    Anyways, I did watch the sportsball event yesterday but only as a social event. The game was really boring and I look forward to not thinking about it again until next year’s party.

    • Kelce looks like he’d be great fit for an updated version of the video for, “YMCA.”

      At best, Swift is frigid and on track for spinster-dom.

    • The other Kelce, his brother Jason, seems pretty odd as well. I looked up a picture of him yesterday. The guy plays center on the offensive line, but he doesn’t look either particularly big or particularly in shape. In fact, he looks like they just pulled some dude out of the stands.

      I do not believe that NFL athletes are at all the best of the best, or even that they represent the best that is possible in the sport. I believe that the ones who are chosen to fill the roster are there for other reasons, political reasons of expediency and controllability.

  46. It isn’t a coincidence that the NFL’s most important family dynasty, and arguably the most politically powerful, is the Rooney family, owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Democratic Party kingmakers in Pennsylvania. Everyone from the Clintons to Biden pays homage to the Rooneys, because they seem to be the power behind the NFL’s political propaganda campaign and thus important patrons in the circuses. Strokey Fetterman is a Pennsylvania Senator because of the Rooney Machine.

    • And the Rooneys are not Finkels. It’s meet to keep in mind that we have plenty of vermin in our own ranks.

    • Listened a first part of the interview. Derb, as always, is a great guy, though I felt you and Derb took the easy way out with regards to the JQ.

      As to his marrying a Chinese woman, I’m with Z; people should do what’s best for them in their own lives and if that means marrying a non-white, that’s what he should do. That said, by definition, if you wish to preserve a people and the culture that grows out of that people, you kind of need to have them marry and have kids with one another. Why not ask Derb how you preserve European (really Anglo-Saxon) values without Europeans?

      Which brings me to the larger point that neither you in this podcast nor Derb in his writing bring up: Morality. I hinted at it in my question, which I don’t believe that you asked.

      Derb seems to be a race-aware but colorblind civic nationalist. Besides having failed for 50+ years as a practical strategy, Citizenism suffers from a larger, more fundamental flaw.

      Citizenism can’t answer the central question of our time: Who are your people?

      Jews can answer that. Muslims can answer that. Blacks can answer that. The Han can answer that. The Japanese can answer that. Heck, even liberals can answer that (Goodwhites).

      Colorblind civic nationalists can’t answer that question. Sure, they might say “Americans,” but when anyone can walk across the border and become an American, that’s doesn’t mean anything. Being an American is being part of a club, not part of a people.

      Colorblind civic nationalism doesn’t offer a competing morality to the Left or to identity groups. The Left has a moral framework. Evil white racism is oppressing people, we need to fight it. Identity groups offer a moral framework. We are a people/religion that needs to protected and preserved.

      What does colorblind civic nationalism offer? Equality under the law. Okay, that’s nice, I guess, but I could have that and live with my own people. Also, why is equality under the law so great in a multi-everything world. I mean, blacks commit crime at 7 time the rate of whites, so even with equality under the law, my life is much worse having to live in a society with these people.

      Instead of asking your guest surface-level questions, go deeper, ask about both the practical effects of their philosophy and whether its moral framework can take on the Progressive’s moral framwork.

      • Non-whites couldn’t participate in a colorblind society if their lives depended on it. Race is everything to non-whites. Especially the chosen.

        White colorblind civic nationalists may wish that it was otherwise, but the non-whites have all chosen you as the race to be trampled. All you can do is respond.

        FVck1ng pVss1es. (not Citizen, of course)

          • Sad but true. However, it was not always so. There were still plenty of very tough white people around less than 50 years ago.

      • That is a good observation. The subset “Culturally-Christian Whites” has become so amorphous and lacking boundaries that it is now tough to define in a way that truly delineates “us” vs “them” (which is to say, friendlies vs hostiles). Conversely anyone knows where the boundary is between black and white.

        I suggest that to encourage self-policing, a given ethnic group should be punished at the ratio of their group’s crimes. Therefore, blacks should be punished 7 times more harshly than whites. /not really sarcasm, because fact is group punishment works

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