The Losers Morality

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On Sunday, a US Air Force member named Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire outside the Israel embassy to protest the war in Gaza. This being the modern age, he live steamed the act on Twitch. According to the BBC, he had e-mailed a message to the Antifa media operators with whom he was associated. “Today, I am planning to engage in an extreme act of protest against the genocide of the Palestinian people,” the email read, warning it would be “highly disturbing”.

The video is disturbing for a number of reasons, the most obvious of which it shows a man burning to death, which is one of the most horrific ways to die. It also shows uniformed police doing nothing but pointing their guns at the man as he burned to death, because that is the only thing they know how to do now. Finally, someone rushed up with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames, but the cops still stood there ready to shoot the poor man if they could find a reason to do it.

The point of this act was to get attention to the cause, which is the Israeli war on the Palestinian settlements in Gaza. Antifa, with whom Mr. Bushnell was associated, is anti-Israel, so they have taken up the cause of Gaza. Despite claiming to be antifascist, the anarchist subculture is surprisingly antisemitic, something that gets left out of the reporting by the media. It is a good example of how the Washington regime will align with anyone, no matter how bizarre, if it suits their needs.

The logic behind this protest is that it so shocks the sensibilities that no one can ignore it, thus attention is brought to the cause. There is no disputing this. Before Aaron Bushnell self-immolated, no one other than his family and friends had any reason to know his name, but now he is global news. To a lesser degree, his reasons for doing what he did are also global news. For the anti-Israel movement around the world, Aaron Bushnell is now a martyr and hero for the cause.

That is where things get complicated. For those already in the pro-Gaza camp, Mr. Bushnell’s actions are noble because they elicit pity. Michael Tracy tried unsuccessfully to make this point on Twitter. You are supposed to see the act, feel pity for the man suffering and then think about his reasoning. Presumably, once you understand his reasoning, you will not only embrace his reasoning, but embrace the moral claims that he is making with regards to Israel.

Of course, you could just as easily look at his act, feel pity for the man and then conclude he must be insane. After all, reason tells us that all living creators seek to preserve their lives by any means necessary. This we can observe in nature and within ourselves as living things. Therefore, a human seeking to die is probably suffering from mental defect and needs protection from himself. Perhaps his cause is just as crazy as the man killing himself in the name of the cause.

There is something else. Why should the moral claims of a loser, a failure, a maniac, have greater appeal than the moral claims of the people supporting the stronger party in the Gaza conflict? In other words, why do the losers have a claim on our sympathy rather than the winners? Why should our sympathy have any role in determining the morality of the two parties in the conflict? Why are both sides appealing to our pity and sympathy rather than some other emotion?

In no other area of life is this logic applied. In a war the winners are celebrated and the losers are punished, usually by their own people. When the Ukraine army falls apart, the political leaders of Ukraine will flee for their lives. The leaders of NATO countries will be mocked and scorned by their own people. We see the same in sports competition, where the winners are feted and the losers and excoriated. Why in this case should the morality be turned on its head?

The truth is, it is not turned on its head. The reason this sort of protest, and most protests, fail to sway the public is they appeal to a loser’s morality. The protestors are saying, in effect, that they cannot win the debate with the public and they cannot win the argument with the rulers. They are powerless, so no one addresses their concerns, which leaves them with nothing by an appeal to your sympathy. This always fails as people naturally support the winner and reject the loser.

This is why most of the commentary online about the self-immolation of Aaron Bushnell was mocking and joking. Even in that Michael Tracey thread the replies are sarcastic, despite his obvious appeal to pity. It turns out that appeals to pity only work on those who see themselves as pitiful. To everyone else, they just reinforce the notion that the losers deserve to lose, which is why they act like losers. For most people, Bushnell’s act proves his cause is not worth considering.

It is an important point about politics. Democratic politics are theater and self-pity makes for bad box office. Successful political movements project strength and confidence, not weakness and self-pity. That means all public displays, including protests, should project strength and confidence. Aaron Bushnell would have served his cause better if he went about punching Israelis in the nose. At least then he would have been seen as a threat and people will respect a man who is a threat.

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285 thoughts on “The Losers Morality

  1. The pros and cons of the Gaza fight never crossed my mind when I heard about this self-immolation incident. All I thought of was that the US military policy of recruiting mental defectives was already paying dividends.

    • That always struck me from reading (((Zinn’s))) People’s History of the United States. Even when I first read it back in the Clinton years, when I was moderately leftist and sympathetic to many of the characters depicted therein, it struck me that in chapter after chapter the purported “good guys” would have succeeded in their plans if not for our meddling (insert descriptor: racist, fascist, capitalist, etc.) overlords. In Zinn’s view, the best among us are victims who are constantly beaten down and never catch a break.

      • It’s like in the Soviet Union, every failure was due to saboteurs and Western agents.

        Progressives can’t ever be in charge, because they know the way to Utopia, and if they were perceived as the ones calling the shots, the question would immediately be raised why everything’s going to hell and Utopia seems farther away than ever.

      • the best among us are victims who are constantly beaten down and never catch a break.

        Totally stealing this!

  2. Another martyr for someone else’s lost cause. How original. Mkultra lives on, evidently. They won’t give up their twisted ways and they mean to have every innocent generation of Americans, and especially the Christian or patriotic ones, suffer their sins until we are bled dry.

    Is that about it?

  3. Down below somewhere I posted some opinions about self immolation demographics, which according to this convenient self immolation one stop shop were in error. Turns out many women have self immolated, many of them buddhist nuns. Indeed, the early days of political self immolation appear to have been entirely buddhist, before catching on with westerners.

    However, I may have been closer to correct about the racial demographics. While east asians, south asians, europeans, semites, and americans are all well represented, among the 240 cases listed there is only one hispanic, and perhaps one negro, the latter I can’t confirm, name unknown, but incident happened in the DRC so could have been. Supposedly there’s a video of it out there somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it.

    • Z: “Antifa, with whom Mr. Bushnell was associated, is anti-Israel, so they have taken up the cause of Gaza. Despite claiming to be antifascist, the anarchist subculture is surprisingly antisemitic, something that gets left out of the reporting by the media.”

      What’s [logically] bizarre here is that Anti-Fa was created by the Council of the Sanhedrin way back in the 1930s, as a desperate attempt to counter the rise of Mustachio’ed Austrian Water-Coloring Artist Dude.

      To this day, the j00z are immensely proud of Anti-Fa; they’ve made a magnificent Wikipedia page for it:

      But here in this instance, we have an anti-j00 self-immolating in protest of the perfidy of the j00-ish race, and yet, in the process of self-immolating, he has left the world with one less anti-j00 than before.

      It really is fascinating how the j00ish behavioral psychologists always seem to get precisely the outcome they desire, which is to say, the last laugh.

      And, my goodness, the j00ish behavioral psychologists are the absolute masters of the domain of Cluster B [the narcissistic, the borderline, the anti-social and the histrionic].

      You gotta hand it to them; their methods are d@mned near omnipotent when exercised upon the weak-minded.

  4. Maybe we should oppose Israel’s war in Gaza because it is mass murder masquerading as self defense?

        • The only reason more people in the west aren’t is the msm has suppressed it at the behest of the zoinests & dotgov
          I’ve been to Israel twice for business It’s as degenerate as anywhere else, the few Muslims I have interacted with there were nothing except polite & reasonable. The Jewish people were a mixed bag at best.
          As far as I’m concerned all of that part of the world is a sink hole. Knee jerk muh Isreal makes is just as stupid as nutball Islam.
          Also, if you didn’t know. Evangelicals are not well.liked there at all.

    • What is the significance of my “opposing” or “standing with” one side or the other? None of the people involved have the least thing to do with me. Nor does the regime give the first little shit what I think about its policies.

      In fact, given the baizuo regime’s propensity for doing the opposite of whatever they think “maga” wants, assuming that the opposite must be the moral good, then the best thing we “deplorables” could do for palestinians is to “support” israel, in the hopes that the regime would withdraw support from israel just to spite us.

    • We should oppose it if “joe biden’ is secretly deploying our soldiers to do the bidding of desert tribes in the middle east and doing things that aren’t becoming of an American soldier, for Christ’s sake…we are not like and should not be like them! It’s shameful. We are not a desert tribe, or a European NATO weenie either. American used to mean we weren’t like them. We fled from their ways.

    • Maybe when two desert tribes who both hate us fight a millennia old war, the sane thing for us is to keep out of it.

  5. I was wondering how long it would take for people to suss out the fact that 50% of the pro-Pali protests are staged by islamist nutjobs and the other 50% are the usual suspects from the Antifa/BLM/woke crowd who simply like to get out and muck about. It seems that it didn’t take quite as long as I thought it might, given the rather ho-hum, too-bad-so-sad reaction to this self-imolating loser. The support for the Pali/Hamas crew is sorely lacking among normal people here in America who have long ago lost any sense of pity or sympathy for the always demanding Palis, who resemble nothing more than spoiled brats in the family of man. Yes, I get it, some of their ancestors got a bum deal back when the Brits decided it was a good idea to carve out a sliver of Arab territory and let the Jews settle in. The effect was sort of like what Biden’s cabal is doing to America now, bringing in a bunch of aliens and outsiders to disrupt the normal tranquility of American life so they can create their socialist utopia after it all crashes and burns. But life goes on, and three generations of Palis have done nothing to improve their own lot in life. Even their Arab “brothers” in Jordan and Egypt don’t want anything to do with them. They are like a virus that, once established in the body gradually takes over and destroys the host organism. You might not like Jews, but as a general rule they make somewhat better neighbors than the allahu akbar crowd. Frankly, I wish a pox on both their houses. Sort of the same way I feel about the Ukies and the Russkies.

    • Yet who are they, really? There never was a Palestinian coin, or nation, or language. The whole thing is a creation of the Mandate. Palestinian used to be a word for Jew, as South Asian is a word for Indian (and Pakistan itself is another artificial British creation, Pashtun-Afghan-Kurd-Iranian-Land.) Plus, as I said below, the Palestinian identity was created by a New York marketing firm in 1967.

      No, not Philistine/Phoenicians, that’s the Lebanese. The genetic tell is that quinine kills them; they are a separate people from the Semites.

      The thing is, is this the power of borders or flags? The power to confer such an anchor of identity that the rootless tribe fears it, and wishes to tear it down?

      I need to look at history before the Mandate.
      Where did these radicals come from?

      • That’s funny.
        I have an 1847 map of “Turkey in Asia” and right there, around Jerusalem, Gaza, and Hebron it says in big letters “Palestine”.

    • Ok jew.

      I greatly prefer them to the BLM. They aren’t burning shit down or targeting whites.

      Immigration was a problem well before Biden. Doubt Trump is going to do mass deportations, might stem the flow and buy some time, but Whites are slated for extinction unless we get serious.

    • Not to mention that it was largely jewish NGOs like the Hebrew immigrant aid society who brought muslims into our countries in the first place.

      Hmmm… mostly fighting age men why would that be? Who would want their enemies fighting potential sapped? Hmmm…

  6. “Aaron Bushnell would have served his cause better if he went about punching Israelis in the nose. At least then he would have been seen as a threat and people will respect a man who is a threat.”

    Absolutely. In the days of my youth during the Vietnam War the occasional Monk would immolate himself for the same reason, i.e. to draw attention. All it accomplished at the time and regrettably all that I remember 55 years later were the crass jokes comparing gas mileage between Volkswagens and Buddhists.

    I can only pray that in his last moments Aaron made an act of Contrition to save his soul from an even worse fate.

  7. All this looks like to me yet another example of how whites have been brainwashed into believing that the struggles of non-whites are more important than the struggles of his own people.

    I’d have sympathy for Aaron Bushnell had he set himself on fire outside the doors of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, in protest of all the millions of US whites who have been duped into getting themselves addicted to powerful opioids and destroying their lives.

    So whether he was an antisemite or not, the juice were successful in brainwashing him to hate himself regardless.

    • He was an Antfia. They are a lost cause. For whatever reason their anti-white brainwashing is extra effective on 5-10% of whites. Probably those who already had preexisting mental disorders.

      I’m just glad that some of their anti-whiteness is being directed at people other than us for once.

      Nobody without a mental disorder is going to set themselves on fire. If something happens to Perdue, let it itself be burned down, rather than a real human. Much better form of protest imo.

      Look to the Irish form of resistance. Much more healthy.

    • “So whether he was an antisemite or not, the juice were successful in brainwashing him to hate himself regardless.”

      Kind of makes you wonder if the poor sod was the victim of some MK Ultra type of brainwashing.

      At least he only offed himself and did not take a bunch of others with him as has been the case with some SSRI imbibers.

  8. As far as the Pali/Israeli issue, it’s Semites gonna Semite.
    If I was an Indian, I wouldn’t care to walk in either of their moccasins.

    The mystery that has vexed me, though, is the pro-Palestine protests.

    The are synchronised, sponsored, funded, and organized exactly like any other Soros color revolution. Bussed in, media alerted and attentive, headlines headlining.
    Somebody paid for the banners and signs. Heavy promo at university.

    What’s more, “global”. Country to country- at a soccer game in Ireland, for eff’s sake!- EXACTLY like the absurd George Floyd “protests”.

    This is entirely as astroturfed as any campaign as The Usual Suspects or The Intelligence Community would pull. Somebody’s even been whispering to the crazies online.

    So…why the heck would the J**s who run this industry do a “pro-Palestine” campaign? Something is seriously skewed in this picture.

    Any good guesses on what this is *really* all about, anyone?
    I just can’t wrap my head around what the alien menace is thinking this time.

    • “So…why the heck would the J**s who run this industry do a “pro-Palestine” campaign? Something is seriously skewed in this picture.”

      muslims have a lot of sway as well, they know how to manipulate leftists.

      Lots of money behind islam.

      • Thinking about it, and in reference to the Tunisian fruit-cart seller (thankfully mentioned below), yeah, this has “Arab Spring
        / Obama-Powers-Rice social media SMO” written all over it.

        I do know, sentry, that Lebanon Daily Star and Al-jazeera completely lost their sh*t, as did the Turks. Cairo noticeably quiet, since Sisi was the target of the Obama twitter SMO; it brought down Mubarak, even.

        Dunno. Some serious fuckery afoot. Some damn fool thing in the Balkans or whatnot.

        • sisi works for js and so are the turks.

          i was mostly referring to iranians and saudis.

          both of whom had close connections to obama administration.

        • The “elderly fruit seller” whose abuse by police sparked a rent-a-riot in Tunisia was an interesting script twist on the “young aspiring rapper” whose abuse by police can reliably spark rent-a-riot in America. Same script writers, methinks.

          • I dunno
            The left has been highly organized for along time here in the PNW they can get bus loads of white kids for just about every thing. The full time Black block are well organized & financed they are always accompanied with medical and legal.
            That are trained if not actually professional
            They also conduct firearms training and do have a few ex military.
            They should not be underestimated. Sometimes they will have marches through affluent areas
            (However never on mercer island)
            Last year a gaggle of them with a blm banner marched down a road in my neighborhood that winds through a very affluent area crossed the bridge on the lake that the area surrounds and on through the area.
            Several days later I found their banner draped across a fence on the opposite side of the lake. Several people took took turns wstching the house one of the marchers was photographed &identified
            A very well off white kid.
            We are behind the curve and are highly out numbered.
            The left has a core of intelligent and motivated people and can call up a rabble quickly.
            I do not know how high their support goes in state government goes but it is there for sure.
            As I said behind the curve & behind enemy lines in this area. However we are here.
            Time will tell.

    • I do apologise for the add-on, but it was Caroline Glick- as trustworthy a voice as you’ll find in that neck of the woods- who complained at the start about Israeli NGOs staging the protests.

      Like me, her column was basically, “What in the wide wide world o’ sports is a-goin’ on?”

    • I agree with you that the fact that some powerful chosen groups promote and display measured sympathy for the Palis is one of the best arguments against the alleged tribal unity of the chosen.

      The explanation is usually offered is that there are two groups who want the same thing but disagree about the speed with which that shared goal should be pursued.

      It’s like the Democrats and Republicans arguing about the border or immigration. They both want essentially the same result, but disagree about how aggressive the execution of the plan should be.

      Still, it’s a good argument against people who say that the chosen are a cohesive tribe.

    • #1 The Chinese may be running this op to damage the US, weaken the US-israeli relationship, turn NATO populations against their leaders, secure access to oil for China, and drive a resolution they ultimately negotiate in their favor, emerging as the new hegemon.

      #2 Copy what works. Big Oil doesn’t want a shooting war in MENA. The western powers seem ineffective and lost for solutions. The jews are genocidally crazy and won’t rein-in. The letterbet neocons are stoking conflict everywhere. Somebody with resources had the idea to use proven political tactics to put the jews back on a leash somewhat.

      • That’s good. That’s very good. Israel has trade contracts with China, of course, and as Line notes, Bibi has political enemies in Israel who want to see him in jail.

        Plus, Israeli dealers make a butt-ton of money as middlemen trading with so-called “enemies”- Russia, Iran, Turkey, China, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Nigeria, Congo, pretty much every crook in every market, black, grey, or Episcopalian.

        And Chinese cargo, of course, sails happily up the Red Sea.
        While China pursues that full-spectrum assymetric Sun Tzu war doctrine of theirs.

        Putting pressure back on the bankers after a few Chinese banks failed might be a bit of tit-for-tat; like ships trading warning shots, or hot rods playing chicken.

        Plus, I see failed gambits of lebensraum in Ukraine and Palestine as pressure by the Amero-Euro neocon tribe to do reverse asabiyah. Just as with Germany before WWII, the “industrialists” put out anti-semitic hysteria: Big J was pushing Little J to go and secure that foothold in the newly oil-rich Mideast.

        I am tenuously betting that not back to Canaan, not back to Khazaria: that if both are overrun, the message is “come to New York, our third homeland is here.”

        We won’t get a million Palestinians.
        No, we have plenty of room for 6 million Israelis;
        just like South America got the brunt of emigres from pre-WWII Europe. They may or may not let ’em back into Russia, but they’ll likely be welcome in Argentina, Mexico, or Broward County.

        • Sorry, length. Putting a leash on it, absolutely.
          I was thinking about Plan B; if it all blows up, they’ll run to strength. That’s here.

          They always run to strength, from Ur to Egypt to Rome.

        • Yes, unfortunately, we probably get a bunch of little hats. Already, some of the dual passports crowd are looking for the exit. My, just what we need millions more of them, all fully equipped with grievances against the goyim for not being willing to die for Greater Israel as has been done in the past. Oh, frabjous joy.

          And if we are really lucky, we’ll wind up with millions of similarly aggrieved Palestinians, too.

          • It’s a “buy” signal for options on condos in Boca, and real estate in Great Neck, Scarsdale, Newton and West LA.

      • Big Oil doesn’t want a shooting war in MENA.

        Why not? Best case, the market for gasoline/diesel is relatively inelastic, and they sell the same quantity, at a higher price and higher spread, particularly when local refineries are no longer options. Worst case, fuel turns out to be elastic, so they sell less at a higher price. At a certain point, they sell enough less that they can shut down refineries and lay off workers.

        What’s the down side to them?

        • Cut the horseshit, son. I’ve got their disciplinary files right here. Who dropped a whole truckload of fizzies into the swim meet? Who delivered the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner? Every Halloween, the trees are filled with underwear. Every spring, the toilets explode.

          Because their entire infrastructure is vulnerable. Pipelines, refineries, depots, storage, tanker cars, ships, headquarters, laboratories, and personnel. Anywhere in the world.

          You cannot sell what you don’t have. You cannot achieve your personal goals if you and your family are dead.

          With a wholesale shooting war in MENA, which would be global, you are exposed to destruction. Thousands of those illegal immigrants and visa overstays are trained killers and saboteurs. Big Oil praises stability of world events, they have other means available to push prices as high as the market will bear. They don’t want to be the kings of smouldering heaps of ash. Is why. Do you per chance work for the US government?

          • They never have praised world stability. Big Oil never made out as well as when the wells in Iran or SA or Venezuela were nationalized. A very close second was when Angola fell to the commies.

            Like Rothschild is supposed to have said, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets.” Whether or not he said it, it is true.

    • To get all X-files and Grassy Knoll about it – perhaps they need to move some Palestinian “activists” (i.e. terrorists) into position in the US, Eurodisneyland, or the 51st state (UK) to pull off some new 9-11 type shit. This rallies a certain type of neocon Boomer/Griller around the need to bomb Iran, Yemen, or other sand-based theme-parks. Everybody forgets about Ukraine and Joe Potato can deliver his 2024 victory speech from an aircraft carrier in the Red Sea, unless the elections are just cancelled outright.

      No I don’t really think this is it. It’s not that the neocons wouldn’t think it was possible but that I doubt they can pull all the needed strings like they used to. I suspect you *will* hear this conspiracy theory though from other people than me.

      • Due to their own history, the Irish are pro-Palestinian. Ireland was making pro Palestinian noise within the EU when this Gaza thing kicked off. Then came the Muslim migrant stabbing attack, and then anti-migrant riots out of nowhere, in a country with no history of such thing. Suddenly Ireland had no authority to criticize Israel, and, to my knowledge, they’ve quieted down. Interesting fact pattern and absolutely perfect timing.

      • I think that idea has a lot of strength; setting up razzia, raiding bases, (like they did with the poor Molochites before taking Jerusalem), and most especially, getting us to fight their wars for them. More likely than trying to colonize the New Covenant.

        I agree with Pozy more than my own far-fetched idea..
        Setting up a false flag, like they did with former CIA bagman Osama bin Laden.

        from the web:
        “If Ukraine has been a proxy since the Geoffrey Pyatt days, then we’re looking at an old CIA policy of provoking Russia at its border and then accusing them of invasion. See Afghanistan 1979.

        Zbigniew Brzezinski, aka “Mika’s dad” was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor. Saudi operatives were sent to Afghanistan to train the locals and create disruption on the then border of the USSR, causing the USSR to invade. The trainer of many of those locals? One Osama Bin Laden (Binladin). Al Qaeda was the database of the names of these operatives.”

      • No, I think you’re more right than my own far-fetched idea.

        A false flag, like Junior pulled with his dad’s bagman in Afghanistan. Much, much more likely.
        Dragging us in to do the dirty work, getting their enemies to kill each other.

        from the web:
        “If Ukraine has been a proxy since the Geoffrey Pyatt days, then we’re looking at an old CIA policy of provoking Russia at its border and then accusing them of invasion. See Afghanistan 1979.

        Zbigniew Brzezinski, aka “Mika’s dad” was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor. Saudi operatives were sent to Afghanistan to train the locals and create disruption on the then border of the USSR, causing the USSR to invade. The trainer of many of those locals? One Osama Bin Laden (Binladin). Al Qaeda was the database of the names of these operatives.”

    • Personally, I’m not mystified by that. “The best way to control the revolution is to create it,” right?

      Lately, this approach has its limits. Considering that at least some of the IDF knew about the Oct 7 before it was underway, the precise mixture of bullies to victims inside the Israeli population might not be clear-cut.

    • “Any good guesses on what this is *really* all about, anyone?”

      Netanyahu’s Zionist/Likud party seized control of the Israeli high court in September 2023, which had veto power over the legislature and was controlled by secular/globalist Jews. This seizure of power… basically a coup… was so unpopular that Israel was on the brink of civil war. IDF was splintering into factions.

      October 6 was Hamas’ attack. It was the best thing that could have happened for Netanyahu, perfectly timed to preserve the feuding Israeli government by uniting it against a common, external threat. A classic strategy of statecraft.

      Three days before Hamas’ attack, the Zionists desecrated their mosque in order to spin them up. Perfect timing to rile emotions for that obviously-preplanned operation.

      And the day the attack happened, was the one day that Israel left the border unguarded. Perfect timing again.

      If Netanyahu didn’t order the Hamas attack himself, then he at least had foreknowledge of it. There are longstanding rumors that Hamas was even created by Israeli Zionists, to derail any peace plan.

      Not all the secular Jews fell for his gambit, however, and they certainly haven’t forgotten their loss of power in the government. They’re the ones financing the anti-Gaza protests.

      Those are actually anti-Netanyahu protests. However, Benny is now a wartime PM. Israeli government bigwigs publicly accusing him of orchestrating the Hamas attack would cross several black lines.

      Hence the cats-paws protesting Gaza in Jewish strongholds such as Harvard “for no reason at all”.

    • Alzaebo, I think “you have said the actual truth,” to borrow a current phrase. I too have noticed this. Dialectic seems to be the name of the game. I don’t know what to make of it. Anytime I try and elaborate a theory of what’s happening it comes out so weird I stop myself.

      My working hypothesis, so far as I have one, is that there is an actual left (e.g. Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges) and an actual right (e.g. Pat Buchannan, guys on this board etc) These are real political positions, agree or disagree with the content. Then there exists a cartoon “Idiot Left” (e.g. John Fetterman and The Squad, Ibram X Kendi) and a cartoon “Idiot Right” (e.g. Marjorie Taylor Green, Q-Anon, Buffalo Hat Guy and a large section of Trumpworld possibly including Donald). These people will throw out a real point here and there but there’s no depth to it. These people exist just to stir the pot. They cardboard cutouts. They are performers for money and ego. Their backers are many and powerful, but hidden.

      It is my view that “Idiot Left” and “Idiot Right” are funded by similar people to deliberately weaken the real left and real right.

      Tying it back to your comment, some of the Palestinian protests seem calculated to make the Palestinian cause look like another ridiculous “woke” cause rather than a legitimate position. Similarly consider the “Extinction Rebellion” people throwing soup on artworks and stopping commuter trains during rush hour. Mental illness on the left is real enough but these people are getting funding and encouragement for cynical ends, I think. The insanity is being inflamed.

      The best tangible evidence I can think of is the way the Bernie Sanders campaign, a pretty standard socialist campaign focused on healthcare, trade unions, etc., got derailed by the “woke” people acting as agents of Hillary Clinton.

      Youtube search “Black Lives Matter Disrupts Bernie Sanders in Seattle” and tell me the cultural left doesn’t work for corporate capital. Keep in mind the old, trade union left has always been anti-immigration and anti-globalist.

      • I seriously agree. The Scofield evangicals were politicized, and given discount tv time to put their most ludicrous revival-tent acts up on the big stage, to diminish and discredit serious Christian scholarship and responsible, nationalistic Christianity in general.

        Now Palestinian claims are ignored. Just as Hamas was installed to counter the corrupt Palestinian Authority.

        As a side note, Besa Institute asks, “why don’t the Arabs want these Arabs back?” (Even though most “Palestinians” are either foreign Arab farmworkers on Ottoman holdings, or Arab army soldiers who grabbed the homes of the indigenous and never left after 1948.)

        It’s because every Semite hates- hates!- being out-cheated by his own. The Pali’s are actually quite fat and happy living on UNWRA welfare; their corrupt politicians live in mansions, while large Pali families sell or rent their own housing at high prices. All of this when only half, the bottom half, of them works (often at Israeli maquiladoras.)

        When they were “starving”, during the 2006 war, they opened a luxury shopping mall in East Jerusalem; an NGO activist was there buying candy bars in a high-end mini-mart while telling her audience she was giving “desperately needed flour and cooking oil” to the “refugee camps” (that is, towns with multi-story buildings, taxis, and cell-phone service.)

        Dunno why the twits didn’t open some nice Red Sea resorts like Eritrea. Instead, the Hamas leaders in Qatar built lots and lots of tunnels, and poured a lot of concrete bunkers for Iranian allies.

        The region was empty in Mark Twain’s day, Jerusalem was deserted ruins in 1900 when the British rail brought forth a few Bedouin creeping in to sell trinkets.

        The indigenous 700,000 were pushed out by WWII;
        “Palestinian” identity was a created by a New York marketing firm in 1967 for kids of the Arab League’s colonial occupation troops.

        Semites gonna Semite. I just don’t know which set of liars to believe on any given day.

    • It’s pretty simple.

      They have unlimited money.

      It was going to happen anyway.

      Much better for them to get ahead of it so it can be controlled. At least as far as they are able to control it.

  9. To get back to the forest, great message that is highly relevant to our cause. Even though we are being dispossessed and persecuted, how do we, as individuals and as a group, project real strength?

    Step one is to put more emphasis, in word and in deed, on what we are doing to overcome our persecution and dispossession rather than complaining that it is happening and who is doing it. We have to do it as individuals and as collections of groups. We must identify and bolster what we have working for us through actions and assert our will against what is working against us.

    Great post, great reminder. We need a Winner’s mindset and posture.

  10. >”Antifa, with whom Mr. Bushnell was associated, is anti-Israel, so they have taken up the cause of Gaza. Despite claiming to be antifascist, the anarchist subculture is surprisingly antisemitic.”

    Has the Z-Man’s account been hijacked by Jews? I’m not defending Antifa. I’m referring to his unironic use of the words anti-Israel and antisemitic. He sounds like an actual Jew. In case you haven’t noticed the Jew is the enemy of the White race.

    >”It turns out that appeals to pity only work on those who see themselves as pitiful.”

    I have often thought that the White guilt and misplaced altruism of Whites was in part due to a sense of cocky invulnerability, a kind of smugness. If Whites saw their true situation they would see themselves a pitiful. Those F-22’s and B-2 bombers fly for Jews, white boy.

    >”Successful political movements project strength and confidence, not weakness and self-pity. That means all public displays, including protests, should project strength and confidence.”

    I’m not so sure about that. Zionism is a successful political movement based on projecting weakness an self-pity.

    >”Aaron Bushnell would have served his cause better if he went about punching Israelis in the nose.”

    That’s laughable. Jews love to be the narrative victim.

    • I noticed something similar. Holocaustianity seems to be the ultimate celebration of pitifulness and yet its effectiveness, at least on whites, is overwhelming.

      But the same rules that apply to other groups don’t apply to the most powerful group, I guess.

      If a group can ruin your life for not applauding their play for sympathy then they play by different rules than the other groups.

  11. i’ve seen a James Lindsay video where according to him, leftists believe js have climbed the stairs of white supremacy and are now at the top of the food chain.
    Apparently holocaust stories don’t work on them.

    Leftists also hate US army cause it bombs precious brown people, they want it weakened and stripped of finances, which is a death sentence to Israel.

    So every time Trump goes to js to campaign he tells them if you want to save Israel you need me. And Biden’s top donor is also Trump’s top donor, and according to max Blumenthal all he cares about is who’s better for Israel.

    So now Mossad has to decide if they allow Soros-run democrats to steal elections again(who are obsessed with Ukraine, they want Netanyahu gone and they promote minorities in high ranking military positions) or will they support Trump?

    It will be interesting to see if js hate whites so much they’re willing to shoot themselves in the foot just to watch them suffer.

  12. The timing seems suspicious. With “Joe Biden saying, “look we have a ceasefire in the works! LOOK!” in a desperate tone.

    I hope it didn’t happen and they are efing with us, it’s AI, a benign psyop, a robot, lol, who knows. It’s too terrible for words for his family.

    It is odd though with it being an American soldier and the timing and the ‘current download’ aspect of it.

    • Why aren’t Antifa associates screened out of the military recruitment process?
      And why wasn’t someone capable of self-immolation – someone who no doubt harbors a GREAT MANY psychological pathologies – likewise screened out?
      Rhetorical questions; I am fairly certain of the answer to both.
      It’s all very alarming.

  13. The only type of these stunts that ever work is a targeted attack on a member of the elite.

    Killing yourself or murdering a few peasants never seems to change things.

    Its strange how all the violent types chose to repeat others failures. They probably don’t even know the name of Gavrilo Princip, the most wildly successful terrorist of all time. The man who singlehandly set in motion the complete destruction of his enemies’ empire and independence for his own country.

    • Well the truth is the people that do these things are crazy. My best guess is they want to commit suicide and also want attention. So they attach some political cause to their suicide, or they do a spree killing.

  14. Why is the dissident Right shedding crocodile tears over Palestinians? Is the idea that anyone who fights Jews is the good guy? Or that Israeli knew/allowed the October 7th massacre to happen? Surely such a massacre of a thousand civilians calls for the flattening of an enemy, right?

    Is Israel hated because it is a Jewish ethnostate or because it’s tied to USA/Western/globalist powers?

    Genuinely curious about the thought process here. If peoples should have their own state, then shouldn’t Jews have Israel? And if there should be an Israel, should it not be in the middle east?

    • The Israelis don’t just have a state; They have a civilization. The Palestinians are just violent savages who build nothing but misery. Civilization cannot tolerate savagery from barbarians. Pacify them or push them into the sea if they cannot be pacified.

      The morality is pretty straight-forward unless one is so blinkered as to take civilization for granted.

      • Not really seeing your point here. From everything I’ve seen both sides are violent savages in this affair. In fact, Israel is worse because they had a veneer of civilization and are much more capable of wholesale death and destruction than the Palestinians are.

    • I think it’s a combination of associating all Jews with the likes of George Soros, associating enemies of the GAE as useful and maybe even ‘just’, and Iranian agitprop.

      • Re: the parasite metaphor, you do realize it’s the exact same metaphor that is used for unborn babies, right?

    • “Is Israel hated because it is a Jewish ethnostate or because it’s tied to USA/Western/globalist powers?”

      Israel as an ethnostate has a deliberately engendered ambiguous status — call it Orwellian doublethink. On the one hand the Jews supposedly need their own state because the anti-semitic Europeans want to kill them. At the same time, Israel and the West see it as an outpost of Western civilization and values, umbilically tied to the Europe they fled (and a lot of Ashkenazi Isaelis keep their European passports just in case things don’t pan out in Eretz Israel.

      The Arabs certainly agree that it’s an colonial outpost and doesn’t belong in the Middle East.

    • It’s the double standard from Jews in America/the West that irks us. Far left on most issues, from immigration to abortion, celebrate the “great replacement” and homosexuals preying on kids, abortion, subvert our legal system with lawfare, fund BLM and antifa and pull down statues of Robert E. Lee…but when it comes to Israel they turn into racial fascists!

      • In other news it is funny that no one is interested in finding out what was going on in the tunnels under the NYC HQ of Chabad isn’t it.

        No investigation. Apparently it never happened.

    • Noticing that Israel went scorched earth on not only the Palestinians, but also their own people in the ultimate freakout isn’t shedding crocodile tears about anyone.

      Then seeing them act like weird middle-eastern barbaric idiots themselves, their soldiers, well they aren’t so separated from other desert tribes over there in people’s minds now. That’s all that has happened.

    • “Is the idea that anyone who fights Jews is the good guy?” – Yes. Absolutely. That’s what they believe. Their rationale for this is that we’re there whether you like it or not, the entire state apparatus exists to serve Israel, therefore, we need to support their mortal enemies.

      I disagree with this strategy because it overthinks the situation. We should be taking a page from the blacks. Look at the outsized power the black communittayy has in out country. This is with an average IQ of what? 65? It’s because their brains are hard wired to say every morning when they wake up “what’s good for black people?” It’s that simple. Who else does that? The very people who wear the star of David. It’s a winning strategy. Just focus on yourself and your people. Supporting Palestinians brings zero to the table for us. Just part of the billions of useless eaters in this world. Every minute of advocacy is precious and should not be thrown out supporting alien tribes. All of the effort should be for the establishment of a white version of the SPLC, NAACP, etc.

      • “We should be taking a page from the blacks. Look at the outsized power the black communittayy has in out country”

        Terrible example. The only reason for their importance is others acting on their behalf.

        In fact, it exactly what is wrong with us. So many of our people refuse to do anything and patiently wait for some white knight on a horse to come save them.

        • Instead, lets project all of our anger into supporting an alien tribe 10 time zones away. Makes perfect sense! In the meantime our own are caught up in the lawfare system every f – ing day. With ZERO support. And ZERO advocacy. This is about nuts and bolts activism for your own, not pie in the sky political theory. It reminds me of the 10 tiered chess board that the MAGA people falsely believed in. Maybe Trump can learn it in his prison cell.

        • That’s not entirely true. Yes, blacks do not have primary agency. They don’t have the intellectual candlepower to conceptualize, plan and organize, even for their own good. On the other hand, when the Judeo-Puritans put the chauvinistic bits in the Hutus’ mouths, they pull in one direction like crazed Clydesdales on steroids, and the only way to stop them is to shoot them or herd them onto a freighter bound for the Dark Continent.

          • I gave two examples not one. The Jewish do the same and they have more than enough candle power. Liberal democracy is very simple. If you’ve played Hungry Hippo you know how it works. Its not chess or even checkers. Its Hungry Hippo. It’s about me me me me, hit the lever, hit the lever over and over. That’s who wins. The only people who seem to understand this are either really stupid or really smart.

    • Israel is hated because it is the ethnostate that both controls American foreign policy and because it is the expression of the ethnicity that has been at war with the Christian West for a couple thousand years.

      The idea that “peoples” should have their own state is wrong. People who are not my enemies should have their own state.

      • There is no “Christian West”. It died in Flanders Fields. It’s only us. Not some civilizational superstructure that’s long gone. Here and now, in 2024, we are getting picked off one by one because of a distracted focus on abstract issues. Courthouse protesting. Legal defense. Etc. Those are the issues.

      • Wrong. Every people should have their own state and every member of that people should live in that state. Dismantle diversity.

  15. I debated adding a comment because it’s going to bring out my lack of compassion for these types of people. I felt nothing. I think my first words were, “wow, what a retard”.

    Then again, if this is what it takes to remove these problematic people I say go for it. Now had he done what Citizen recommended and taken out Chuck Scummer, then that act would have garnered some admiration from me.

    All this tells me is that my assertions of people on the left and their mental fitness are correct.

    • In the movie “Patton” George C. Scott’s opening lines come to mind.

      No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You win a war by letting the other poor bastard die for his country.

  16. a US Air Force member named Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire outside the Israel embassy to protest the war in Gaza.

    That’s another thing that struck me: he was in the USAF; wonder how many other Antifa sympathizers there are in there? Guess it shouldn’t surprise me as the USAF is probably as woke-as-possible nowadays.

  17. Aaron was about to be deployed to help the Israelis kill Arab civilians. I don’t agree with his action but people with a conscience have a hard time slaughtering children. So taking Z’s lesson we should cheer the winning Israelis for doing such a great job bombing hospitals and slaughtering women and children.

    Will his death increase awareness and concern? Well definitely not with people who celebrate the Israeli and USA military killing civilians. Maybe with others.

    I keep thinking back to the Jew Madeline Albright telling Leslie Stahl that they (Clinton administration) felt killing 500,000 kids by blockading prescriptions from going to Iraq was worth it to hurt Sadaam. I guess we should be cheering the Americans for doing that but I find it revolting. What kind of sociopaths think killing 500k kids is worth it to help Israel?

    Now that genocide of Iraqi kids is all but forgotten. Maybe it wouldn’t have been if someone had made a dramatic but crazy suicide by fire over it. We will never know

    • Frankly, given what I know about history, and the endemic nature of human atrocities and abominations, I can no longer get steamed up by them, even in the present. It’s not that I don’t care; I simply understand that people have done ghastly things for as long as anybody has been keeping score, and will be doing the same as long as we exist. Call it despairing fatalism.

  18. Subsequent to the Buddhists of ’63, who you could say were successful at turning sentiment against Diem, there have been some other scattered self immolating protesters over the years. Most of them were quickly forgotten or barely remembered, and best as I can recall they all burned in “service” of a cause that failed. Every single one. I cannot recall one single self immolater who you could say helped make his cause successful. So you’d think that by now, it would be recognized that it’s not a winning move.

    I cannot recall a woman, a negro, or a mestizo ever self immolating. It’s always either an asian man or a white man. Please correct if mistaken.

    From the wikipedia page about Thích Quảng Đức, the monk who burned himself in Saigon, “In Europe, the photographs were sold on the streets as postcards during the 1960s.”

    • The people who control the media were largely against the Vietnam War, so the Buddhist monks were not memoryholed. Bushnell likely will be, though.

      • I don’t see the connection. The monks were against Diem’s discrimination against Buddhists. And Diem got removed and then assassinated. US military involvement in Vietnam was in the future. Unless the media was making some non-existent connection.

        • There were many copycats after the original Diem protest, and the reason the later monks cited was the war. But, yeah, the OG was in protest of the maltreatment of Buddhists, which is something of a tradition for them.

          As an aside, a conspiracy theory once widely believed was that JFK was assassinated as retaliation for Diem’s offing. Not a strong foundation there but it was a thing.

    • And the grandma of today’s purple haired woman was there taking it all in. With the same reaction. “So brave.” That year Fawn Liebowitz was also killed in a kiln explosion. She happened to be writing her thesis on it prior to the explosion.

    • Most of them were quickly forgotten or barely remembered

      Look. It really is very simple; if you wish to be remembered by Western audiences, don’t go about with a name like ‘Thick Kwang Duck’ – makes no sense. Can’t expect a fellow to remember that lot.

      Get yourself ‘Westernified’ with a name like ‘John Smith’, or, for maximum memorability ‘Max Power’. Then immolate.

      Silly monk.

      • I think the Arab Spring was started by a Tunisian who set himself on fire. That fire burnt through Libya and is still burning in Syria. That’s not to say any good came of it, but the man’s action wasn’t insignificant.

    • A Bhuddist need not worry about the consequences of suicide to the same degree as a Westerner (E.g., White, Christian). Right?
      (Of course, based on his mug his associations, and his behavior, I suspect that this fellow was “substantially eff-headed,” if not completely “effed in the head.”

    • You speak from the standpoint of rational calculation. I don’t think rational calculation enters the picture for people who burn themselves to death.

      • It is certainly calculated. Every single case of political protest self immolation is calculated. Planned, prepared, placed, and timed.

        • Not to the extent that they actually think through the likelihood of their self-immolation actually accomplishing its aim.

  19. Well, I had no idea that Bushy set himself ablaze for the Abrahamic Desert War Thingy. So I’ll offer my bigoted opinion…

    About all I can say is this: he had a cause he cared for and paid (for an assumably secular, Godless person) the ultimate price for. I guess that’s something in today’s Mickey Mouse Value-Inverted world.

    But, that is really all I can say. And that is sparse praise – he committed a grave sin; and has not made an iota of difference. We all shall have forgotten his name in a week and moved onto the next lunacy: Perhaps there will be some new Hasidic Holes popping up in a US city festooned with Tunnelling Talmudics? Who knows?

    The act was practically as destructive as it was valueless and negative.

    May the Good God have mercy on him.

    • The worship of the brown and the black. The filthier and more backwards the better, is practically in the Nicene Creed of what he believed, which was fundamentalist leftism. It’s why they dump Somalians into Minneapolis and Maine. To cleanse those places of their whiteness.

      • Quite. And for such as Bushnell, Finkels are effectively white regardless of how functionally anti-white they really are. So, in his befogged mind, this is a two-fer–support the dusky saints and shunt opprobrium whitey’s way.

        It’s hard to know which is uppermost with these race traitors–worship of the Other or hatred of the Same.

  20. “Successful political movements project strength and confidence, not weakness and self-pity.” – But it’s a religious movement. The politics are merely appendages of the underlying religion.

    The word “piety” was mentioned in the opening. This is a very loaded and meaningful word in describing what’s going on. Why would “piety” not be a dead word these days? It conjures visions of trappist monasteries. But in the inverted morality of 2024, should I say, Satanic morality? We worship death not life. Given what we know of this person from his online postings, he was an “anarchist,” whatever that means. But we do have a short list. In an inverted morality, one that worships death, the most painful suicide imaginable would be an 11 on a 1-10 scale. Very few make it to 11. In medieval times, or in Mecca, he would have been the man who whipped himself so hard he would have passed out from the blood loss.

    In modern ‘Muricah, he does this and has anarchist affiliations. Very few acts of inverted piety come close to self immolation. Partial birth abortion would be one. I’m sure one is being performed right now, and the nurses are talking about this while the anesthesia is being administered. “Wow…so brave…”

  21. It’s a shame for him he didn’t understand that protest only ever works when you are protesting for/against something the elites already agree with you about. The protests just provide cover to the elite to do what they want to do with the excuse that it is what the public wants.

    Frankly, as much as I don’t really want to admit to myself, I think it’s hilarious this antifa scum offed himself and in the most painful way imaginable. In a better world he might not have been antifa scum, but in this world he was and deserved everything he did to himself.

    I am a bit perplexed how any American can get themselves all worked up for the Palestinians. Who cares? They are the least sympathetic people on Earth. Besides, ain’t my people, ain’t my problem. Can we talk about Whites in South Africa?

    • “Can we talk about Whites in South Africa?”

      We can’t because as you mentioned, the only protest and free speech permitted is elite-approved, and white South Africans are not elite-approved.

    • I am a bit perplexed how any American can get themselves all worked up for the Palestinians. Who cares?


      I wonder this Myself. Along with most narratives we’re fed by the MSM and other organs, when you think about it, they’re just junk you don’t really care for.

      Is stopped reading ‘The News’ when I forced Myself to ask two questions: Do I care? And if I do, is it true? Never got past the first one:

      Paper: Ice shelf breaks off because Climate Change.
      Me: Don’t care.

      BBC: Acid attacked on black teen in London.
      Me: Don’t care.

      Paper: University leader calls for more diversity.
      Me: Don’t care.

      I suppose local news is another matter, sometimes the local papers reveal some interesting things. But we all here well aware of the fundamental problems with our countries – and they are not reported in any large scale news outfit.

      • OrangeFrog: I’m right there with you. I’m fast running out of things to read/watch online – because most of the time, I just don’t care. Climate – politics – various wars – meh. Totally uninterested. Self-described “elderly disabled single woman” living in a subsidized apartment wondering how to prep? Meh. I’m far more concerned about the survival of White children. The ‘best’ knife? I doubt I have ‘the best’ of much of anything – but what I have will suffice.

        I suppose I have, in many ways, retreated to a self-protective ‘bubble.’ But if I have no impact and no voice and no means to change anything larger than immediately personal issues, why ought I care? Politics is meaningless, climate is nature’s realm (aside from some geoengineering), and the fate of a particular African or Palestinian child is not my purview.

        My immediate family, my friends, and when and how I am able, my race. Otherwise I cannot be bothered.

  22. “Aaron Bushnell would have served his cause better if he went about punching Israelis in the nose. At least then he would have been seen as a threat …”

    No disagreement with today’s missive. However, I see Bushnell as a threat, or rather his *type* as a threat. To me, Bushnell represent’s the Left and their *will* to power. Imagine a hoard of Bushnells in power over you and yours. Does anyone think that such individuals who resort to “self-immolation” for “the cause” would hesitate to destroy you and yours in the most painful and cruel ways imaginable once in power? This is Pol Pot type of stuff.

    These people can’t be reasoned with, they can only be destroyed. This problem really is existential. Remember, your enemies set the “rules of engagement”. You would be wise to understand this and learn from their examples.

    • The outliers like this guy certainly are dangerous, but he and others also pose a real threat to the Regime. For years, Clown World protected and sponsored these terrorists and they usually have complied with directives. But the Regime and Israel are in full alignment of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and some of the dangerous pets have gone rogue on this issue. Expect more of this.

      There almost certainly will be an attempted Night of the Long Knives, which the Regime just as certainly will screw up and lose be forced into a truce with these types. The bottom line is the immediate threat is to the Regime although the likely outcome will pose a grave danger to all of us. You have to wonder how many of these fine specimens are fully embedded throughout the MIC, likely inserted wherever they are due to their radicalism, too.

      The problem with anarcho-tyranny is the “anarcho” part, which can’t be completely controlled. This could be a one-off but I doubt it. The saner and smarter fraction of the Regime likely doubts it as well.

      • The anarcho part is selective. When they are opposing stuff the regime hates, they are the good guys and will be protected. When they oppose stuff the regime likes, they will be dealt with like any other scum.

        Like imagine if they actually supported labor like they claim they do and opposed mass migration because of that support for labor. The regime would be busting them up and sentencing them to decades in prison just like they do to people who oppose it from the right.

        They are what the communists used to call “useful idiots” and nothing more.

        • Once the useful idiot becomes Full Bushnell, it is not like the white Deplorables who attend their court dates to be sent to the gulag. Yes, the actions are supposed to align with the Elite, but when they no longer do so and the person is suicidal, that’s a problem for TPTB.

      • What threat do they pose to Clown World? Without counting on an Own Goal on the part of the Fearless Leader, I mean.

        If they wanted to, they could spin this into commentary about how mentally unbalanced the .mil already is, and that it needs more DIE to fix it.

        • The problem is the suicide part and their insertion throughout the military and elsewhere. The significance of the problem will depend on the number.

      • As the Power Structure is further enriched with melanin, it will cease supporting Finkels and Israel. If this change occurs gradually, the Power Structure will remain fully intact–and anti-white–and only the Finkels and Isreal will suffer. If, on the other hand, the Finkels make some grandstand power play to try to retain control, the Power Structure could split and collapse. Who knows what might ensue then, but I think it would probably be good for our side.

    • Aye. Bushnell and that raving Google loon in charge of the recent anti-white AI fiasco are cut from the very same cloth. These people are deranged, they hate white people with incandescent fury, and they have a great deal of power. If that realization doesn’t sober you up, I don’t know what will.

  23. I must a did it wrong. I see a man giving the Establishment the ultimate middle finger. When people get this angry, or this hopeless… I close my mouth and open my ears. I want to know what drove them to it. People like this are capable of anything. I’d a had my gun out too.

    I may get egged by the dissidents but I don’t care: being on the losing side doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong side. That notion should be lesson one in basic dissidence.

  24. If he really wanted to have an impact, he should’ve stolen some sensitive and secret information from the US gov showing some shady stuff the Israelis and or the Israeli/US gov have done in furthering the Israeli cause vis-a-vi their latest multi millennial blood feud and either posted it or hand it to a journalist.

    Honorable, brave, precedented, might have a real impact, and risky (therefore brave) as hell because he’d probably go to prison for a very long time. Executed, if AIPAC had any say.

    What he did instead was just an insane level of narcissism and “main character syndrome.”

    • There was a guy who did that and they not only jailed him but also trannified him and made him suicidal and who knows where he is today. But one thing is for sure, he doesn’t cause them anymore problems.

  25. The striking thing about the incident is that he actually killed himself for a belief in an age where that’s pretty much unthinkable. Usually the antifa types are around to terrorize the general population with the full backing of the police force. IMO they behave the way they do because they believe they are insulated from both physical danger and legal consequence.

    The whole point of virtue signaling is that you take proudly take positions that generally reward you in some way or at least have negligible cost. Burning yourself to death for foreigners while nowhere near the conflict nor anyone with any sway over the conflict is ridiculed for being both costly and ineffective.

    All he achieved was to have many people talk about him for a few days, and not in a good way.

    • Brilliant insight there. It is just narcissism fully manifested, maybe. But you are right, though, that this is a step beyond the usual cost-free virtue signaling that is normally the hallmark of Antifa and like groups, which up until now have been state-sponsored and protected terrorists.

      TPTB have encouraged anarcho-tyranny, but the problem for them is that some True Believers may freelance in ways not envisioned. For those types, incoherence has its own quality. I’m certain this has sent a few chills in the right direction, no matter how inadvertent that was. The DNC, for example, may be lit AF, and not just figuratively, if more of these types pop up.

  26. Give a man a fire & he’ll be warm for the evening, set a man on fire & he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.

  27. Bushnell’s protest was an attempt to sway public opinion by an extreme act of violence directed at himself. The underlying principle is that persuasion “works” and his final act would generate worldwide political pressure that induces Israel to change course and stop committing genocide against Palestinian civilians. A Buddhist monk famously did something similar during the Vietnam war and the associated photo was broadcast around the world instantly in the days before the internet.

    Most of the time, these sort of acts generate sympathy at the margin but rarely trigger a major change in events. An odd variant on this theme was the former Palestinian suicide-vest bombers that plagued Israel in years past. This was also an attempt to coerce a course change via violence. Ditto for the 9-11 highjackers. The latter gave us the TSA, which was not exactly what the perpetrators had in mind.

    The common denominator here is that none of these acts directly impacted the root of the problem. Our current methods of selecting national leaders is failing us and we are now being led by many horrendously bad actors who are frequently both incompetent and corrupt. Until we focus on removing these pathogens, our societies will continue to get sicker and more dysfunctional. Nothing improves the quality of leadership decision-making like having real skin in the game.

    • Speaking of the Pali suicide bombers, has the number of those attacks dropped in a big way the last couple years? Maybe the Palis are beginning to civilize some. The settlers and IDF sure are trying to radicalize more and more of them though.

    • Wait, what?
      Are we deploying to Gaza like we’re “not” deploying to Ukraine?

      Or is it like American forces standing guard in Saudi Arabia?
      (bin Laden’s supposed complaint)

      • There was a photo with SF soldiers standing around Joe Biden in Israel right after 0ct. 7. Maybe they’ve been there the whole time, flattening Gaza? (Ukraine too, both places do look scorched earth, flattened.)

  28. As someone pointed out — being the underdog doesn’t automatically mean your cause is just.

    Notably unjust underdogs include Robespierre, Lenin, and Obama.

    • If those men were underdogs, none of us would know their names. Losers literally never win.

      They acted roles they were judged qualified to play. Robespierre was an agent of “the creditors of the state.” (The French Revolution might be the only true bankers’ war; see “assignats.”) Lenin was the hype man for a genocide of Slavs by “the West,” still ongoing. Obama of course belongs to intelligence.

      They were advertised as underdogs to their enemies because their enemies were Christians, who fall for that shit every time. To their supporters they embody extreme, perverse retribution—wild violence against the father on his deathbed, already unconscious, his (your) blood flung into the void.

  29. Something I’ve noticed that dovetails more with Friday’s show than this piece:
    Prime is seemingly flooded (or I’m being flooded with) Russian films about the ‘Great Patriotic War’. As film, they are entertaining flush with action, special effects, good guys that cooperate with their comrades in struggle against the ebil nahtzees to get the girl (a decidedly feminine, non-stronk version, a stand-in for heart and home to have babies) . Zero diversity, unless you count Eurasians/Mongols as diverse. Aside from the insignias, mention of Lenin/Stalin/Communism is minimized.

    They are mostly dated late 2010s to 2020, i.e. after the 2014 coup and during the Donbas fighting but before the SMO officially kicked off. As the first Abrams smolders, Stoltenberg persists in bringing (what’s left of) Ukraine into NATO, and the NYT(!) admits that yeah the CIA was doing all those things. The RF stolidly reiterates FAFO.
    The neocons are going to get everyone killed.

    • The Russians play chess, the Americans play poker. During the Cuba crises, the Russians were installing nuclear missiles in the American backyard and, appreciating this aspect, the Russians backed down when the Americans agreed to remove their own nuclear missiles from Turkey. Win win. As Ukraine unravels, there are no known Russian nukes near American borders except for those on Russian submarines. The Americans have ringed Russia with all sorts of offensive weaponry, including nukes, and support infrastructure within minutes of Russian metros. Why? The Americans need to apprehend, and I question whether they do, there is much less bluffing in chess than with poker. I can easily see us stupidly crossing too far, well over Russian red lines, which are like chessboard squares, and the Russians responding with surprise attacks that catch us with our pants down. What’s the deescalation path with Ukraine and the other military and intelligence gathering American and its proxies bases surrounding Russia? I don’t see one, especially now that countries like China and Iran are powerful opponents.

      • “the Russians were installing nuclear missiles in the American backyard and, appreciating this aspect, the Russians backed down when the Americans agreed to remove their own nuclear missiles from Turkey.”

        The Russians did this *because* the Americans were installing the missiles in Turkey.

      • I’ve thought all along that nuclear war was at least possible if not probable given how sociopathic the Neocons are. As Ukraine draws to its predictable end, they will go even more balls to the wall. Maybe there are other Bushnells out there whose strategic thinking outweigh their narcissism? Let’s hope so.

      • America, and a feminized Europe tagging along, against Russia and China, with Iran thrown in for sport, is the most extremely unbalanced confrontation since WW2. They lead in nukes, missiles, industry, engineers, people, energy, natural resources,patents and R&D. Worst of all they lead in sanity. This is not a fair fight.

        History is repeating itself: because of Frederic the Great and Bismarck/Moltke, Hitler thought there was some sort of natural law that said that German soldiers always win. Now because of the WW2 mythos GAE believes some historical law says America always wins.

        • “Worst of all they lead in sanity. This is not a fair fight.”

          Brilliant. Exactly. The United States is unhinged as is its vassal states.

        • America won’t always win, because America won’t accept losses in a protracted, or even a short major war. We’ve been weaned off of that very basic fact for over a hundred years…yes WWII was the beginning of such casualty aversion, regardless of the movie depictions.

          Vietnam lost over a million, yet 50k American deaths drove us out. I see nothing that has changed.

          • Maybe, but it was 50k for what? What difference does it make to Americans what form of government the Vietnamese live under?

            I see that as one of the first major pushbacks against GAE. Got pissed away, sure, because morons like Bill Ayres alienated pretty much all of decent society with his methods.

          • “America won’t always win, because America won’t accept losses in a protracted, or even a short major war.”

            Not in half-assed wars of choice. Remember that by the end, half the US army in Vietnam was in mutinous mood. The raison d’etre given for the involvement was the “domino theory” that held sway among the policy-making morons of that era — first Vietnam, the the Philippines, then Indonesia, and the final domino being Australia.

            And such an unnecessary war. Recall that Ho Chi Minh had made overtures to Eisenhower and Dulles, and was rebuffed. Just as Castro did. Looks like the USA deliberately creates its own bogeymen.

        • I don’t think Hitler was entirely wrong. 1 on 1 the German soldier always won. Nothing in WW2 disproved that. The error was believing 1 German could always defeat 2 or 3 or 4 enemies.

          • But it never was one on one was it? Germany lost, they were never going to beat Russia unless the could nuke the entire country.

    • Mosfilm has been restoring their Soviet-era films, starting with the 1967 epic War and Peace, which had practically ceased to exist in celluloid form. They did this without having any real idea how it could be monetized. Then YouTube came along and the state-owned studio gets a decent income from it (also available from Criterion on Blu-ray). Not up for a more than six-hour film? You might enjoy another Academy Award winner Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears.

      • Will explore.

        The ones I’ve mentioned are clearly Western in pacing and character arcs.
        The timing implies that Russia put out nostalgically patriotic war propaganda in preparation for the SMO and the possibility of larger scale war with the west.

        • “…nostalgically patriotic war propaganda in preparation for the SMO and the possibility of larger scale war with the West.”

          I’d put aside the GAE shades to get the most out of these films. They’re a window into other people’s lives. In major cities at least life was a bit austere and gray to be sure, but hardly one of 1984>/i>-esque depravation as we’re led to believe. The supermarket scene in Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears is a case in point: the shelves are not bare; but when an employee leaves a cart of cured meat in the aisle (not bothering to put it up on the shelf), shoppers show keen interest and put at least one in their basket. Settings range from a job-seekers dormitory or shared apartment to a dacha with obligatory garden. It’s a great character study, first at a young age, then 20 years on.

  30. “Despite claiming to be antifascist, the anarchist subculture is surprisingly antisemitic.”

    I was not aware that being fascist entails anti-semitism. Huh.

    Also, it wasn’t a cop pointing the gun and moving in position to shoot Burning Man. It was embassy security. Israeli Embassy security. The EMTs are lucky they weren’t shot in the back by that coward.

    • I was not aware that being fascist entails anti-semitism.

      It does not have to, necessarily, though historically it does because of the strong nationalist character. Jews simply are not natives. Anywhere, with the possible exception of Israel. So, naturally, any nationalistic movement is going to have some degree of anti-semitic character. They are not us.

    • “I was not aware that being fascist entails anti-semitism. Huh.”

      I have always thought there was a correlation. One of the benefits of being a fascist state is being able to kick out the Jews.

    • “I was not aware that being fascist entails anti-semitism.”

      “Fascist” is usually an epithet earned by Gentiles who try to act like Jews.

  31. > Democratic politics are theater and self-pity makes for bad box office.

    This is why the Trump mug shot was dynamite. There was no self-pity, fear, or otherwise in that face. It was pure defiance. The people will rally to an underdog fighter, but all that will be known of Aaron Bushnell in a few weeks will be a few tasteless memes. And that’s a good thing, since we don’t want a bunch of pathetic copycats killing themselves in odd ways.

    • “since we don’t want a bunch of pathetic copycats killing themselves in odd way”

      Really? It would be awesome if self-immolation became an Antifa trend.

  32. -“Why should our sympathy have any role in determining the morality of the two parties in the conflict? Why are both sides appealing to our pity and sympathy rather than some other emotion?”

    An interesting and fundamental question. It’s really a reformulation of Nietzsche’s argument about the distinction between slave morality and master morality.

    By this logic we should always admire the stronger party. This is why the neo-con types are so zealously in favor of Israel — it projects strength and sophistication against the moronic “ragheads.”

    Of course this is the same view that Romans had of Christians — we the Romans should be admired because we could and did put Spartacus and his slaves to death, just like we crucified that Jewish nut who thought he was the “son of God.”

    The problem is that the “winners” usually win in a rigged game, by cheating, lying, duplicity, and hypocrisy. The “winners” also construct a narrative about their own moral superiority when in fact they are usually just the biggest assholes — like Christ pointed out about the Pharisees in Matthew 23.

    As Socrates and Christ both pointed out, morality and justice lies beyond sheer power. If we are to always side with the “winners” then we should laugh at the rigged persecution of the reality TV star Trump instead of being outraged by it, and side with Biden and Garland and Fani Willis and Letitia James.

    I think the guy who self-immolated was probably mentally ill. As Z points out the rational response would be to punch the Zionists in the face rather than kill yourself. Of course if you do that they will give you 30 years for “hate cries” because they control the rigged system.

    This is an important point about why Christ accepted death at the hands of the Jews. They betrayed him with a paid government informant and sentenced him in a rigged trial. But that was not suicide — that was on the Sanhedrin and Pilate, not on him.

    When you call out the corruption of those in power they will make an example out of you. In so doing they expose who they really are. Sometimes that is the only way to challenge a rigged power structure, but you have to be willing to pay the price, and often it is your life.

    • The gods are the id, the pagan is the ego, Christianity and God are the superego. Iirc, Nietzsche speculated that the appeal of Christianity was in the self-denial and self-mastery of its adherents— an impressive feat to life-embracing pagans. Still, you can drive yourself nuts that way.

    • I’m a little confused. Aren’t you arguing that he should have gone ahead an punched Zionists and let the system punish him for hate crimes?

  33. I’ve never understood why people dedicated to a cause commit suicide like this, i.e., only killing themselves.

    If Bushnell was going to kill yourself, why didn’t he strap a bomb on himself and blow up an AIPAC meeting or kill Chuck Schumer. If you’re going to die, why not take out some of your opponents.

    Ten Bushnells killing prominent American Zionists would put an end to this war in a matter of weeks.

    • RamzPaul used Patton quote in his video this morning, “no b*stard ever won a war by dying for his country. You win by making the other b*stard die for his country.”

    • I saw somewhere where he wanted it stressed that he was anti-Zionism and not an anti-Semite. Like, whatever, but it’s probably true since if he was an anti-Semite of some sort he would have known that he was taking an action that his enemy was fully in favor of. (That was the sentiment among many dissidents: sad that another White guy zogged out of his mind had to die).

      • As much as it’s a bit of a cop out, I get Z and other people’s point about what I would consider the true “antisemites.”

        There are people who truly obsess over Jews, elevating them to some mystic power. These people are no good to anybody.

        But I hate when people – like Z sometimes – lump those loons in with people – like me – who notice Jewish power and their position in society.

        Looking at Jews and Jewish power objectively is important. They are an opponent – by far the most important opponent – so studying their strengths and weaknesses is vital. That’s not obsession, that’s what every coach, politician, businessman and officer does.

        If Bushnell wasn’t completely nuts, he would have thought about what his action would accomplish. He did nothing for his cause.

        • Whenever my car starts acting up, to date, it’s never really turned out to be gremlins. There was always some physical cause for it. Gremlins may have been involved, maybe making the battery terminal corrode or something, but gremlins never turned out to be necessary to explain the problem.

          Similarly, whenever my business has had problems, it turns out that I screwed up, usually from making the wrong decision because of information I did not have at the time. To date, so far as I know, it has never once been because of Jews manipulating something in the background.

          • You’re either not smart enough or not a good enough writer to pull off what you’re trying to pull off.

          • We shouldn’t voluntarily give people power over us which they don’t even have, but also blame should be properly assigned. If you park your car on the street and you come out in the morning and it’s up on blocks with it’s tires gone you’ll have a “gremlin” come to mind that is to be blamed.

          • @Sammich, We shouldn’t voluntarily give people power over us which they don’t even have, but also blame should be properly assigned.

            Exactly! Knowing who (((they))) are, and what (they))) are like, what kind of idiot would voluntarily hand over that kind of control?

            If you park your car on the street and you come out in the morning and it’s up on blocks with it’s tires gone…

            Exactly. What kind of a moron would park his car there?

            Why not get out to live with tribe while you still can?

          • At some point, the window will close. Someone earlier said his plan was to head out and use his hunting and fishing skills, but the people already there think of those resources as theirs.

            If you don’t get out in time, you are the invader. And will be dealt with appropriately.

    • Exactly so. Don’t think the enemy has not considered this, either. Bushnell likely was mentally ill and did not think this out, but it could prove a positive thing no matter how inadvertently.

      • Whites like to think of war in an organized, state-approved way. We like an organized mess.

        But that’s not the kind of enemy that we face. Jews fight in a very different – and effective – manner. Stealth. Bribery. Blackmail. Etc.

        A great podcast is MartyrMade’s series on Epstein. Epstein is a fascinating character, but his journey shows how Jewish organizations, billionaires and the Mossad operate both here and abroad, often with approval of American intelligence agencies, which are owned.

        What you see is that organized Jews (the usual stupid caveat about “not all Jews are involved” which is true but irrelevant) act very much like the mob – a very smart, very organized mob family but still the mob.

        If you want to take them on, you’ll need to act like the mafia as well. That’s not the strength of whites, but we’d better learn.

        Ireland’s the Troubles would be a very good model.

    • There was no point to it, Citizen. The guy was insane and wanted to kill himself. (Naturally the Air Force employed him.)

      But in an attention-whore society like the one we inhabit, this is a way you take yourself out. An especially pathetic variation on “death by cop.”

      • Yeah, he was just nuts. He would have killed himself for some bizarre reason sooner or later. If he actually cared about his cause instead of his one minute of fame, he would have done something far different.

        • Precisely. Had he merely killed himself in the usual way no one would have noticed, or cared, and he knew it. So instead, now we’re all talking about him.

          He was just a very pathetic attention whore, and a stupid one. It’s sad to speak ill of the dead, but in this world observing norms of delicacy gets you nowhere, and might even encourage others to go down the same stupid, useless path. There’s no lesson in this episode except to show it scorn and derision.

    • “I’ve never understood why people dedicated to a cause commit suicide like this, i.e., only killing themselves.”

      To answer your question briefly, it is because people don’t normally kill other people. Excepting sociopaths, deliberate killers are created by outside influences such as group pressure, military indoctrination*, or desperation.

      IMO, Airman Zippo lacked a powerful outside influence to kill others, so he opted for a grand display.

      To answer your question fully, I highly, highly recommend reading “On Killing” by David Grossman. It is a superb book explaining what factors it takes for one man to deliberately take the life of another.

      *The modern USAF doesn’t count as military indoctrination

  34. The man was trying to imitate Gandhi and instead came across as Groucho Marx. An unreal act ends an unreal life. He attempted to cheat: using physical brutality as a shortcut to our heart strings. But in this world cheaters are repulsed as a matter of emotional self-preservation.

    (To read more of my stuff, click on my name)

  35. Bushnell is a depressing reminder of what our military is attracting these days. He was obviously emotionally unstable just to judge by the message he left behind. He lamented slavery, the Jim Crow south, and racism in general. Bushnell was the perfect product of our school system. And the military was happy to have him. I’m just guessing that this guy had some homosexual issues, as well. If this is the soldier of the future, we’re done.

    • we’re done

      Who’s this “we” kemosabe?
      The imperial military can be made up of nothing but these unreliable guys as far as I’m concerned.

    • Epimondas: My ‘gaydar’ was sounding like a klaxon when I read about his supposed background and saw his face. Media made a point of him coming from a ‘devout Christian’ family. Also saying he wanted to ‘transition’ out of the military (another hitherto useful word forever tainted by Klownworld). The guy seemed to me to be a closeted homosexual who couldn’t face his own proclivities and chose a ’cause’ as far from his own genetic and cultural roots as possible for which to ‘martyr’ himself.

      I also remember watching tv news reports when I was a kid about the Buddhists who set themselves on fire in Vietnam. As you note, Zman, fire (seems to me) would be the most horrific way to die. It has also traditionally been used in the West to kill those designated as ‘witches,’ ‘heretics,’ and ‘traitors.’ I know nothing about Buddhist beliefs – whether they look at self immolation as particularly noble or ‘holy,’ but in the Western tradition it inspires horror and distaste, not sympathy.

      • 3g,

        Spot on. Some commenter above posted a link to his picture. I took one look and thought: Gay as F***.

  36. This must be the dumbest piece you have ever written.

    Those self-immolating Buddhist monks in Vietnam are still legendry, still revered. I have never heard of a serious person mocking them.

    Yes this young guy had a goofy face and associated with some goofy people (Antifa).

    This was a powerful act of protest.

    You know what I felt right off? Pride. Finally a white guy reached the level of the Vietnamese, who are awesome warriors, whether in khaki or saffron.

    There is a huge difference between committing suicide out of self-pity and defeat, versus falling on your sword in protest.

    I remember that Top Gun director jumping off the Golden Gate because he had terminal cancer and wanted to go out in style. Awesome.

    I also remember commenters online shaking their soy-filled heads and whining that he should have gone for counselling , the poor man.

    Was he mentally ill? Was Bushnell? How about those monks? I don’t know.

    I know there are people who live life deeper than I do. Saints and martys etc. I can’t explain them, just like I can’t explain Hamas fighting Israel/America after all these years. Or the Vietnamese fighting the GAE back when it was at its monstrous peak. Insane. And awesome.

    But in your book these are losers?

    • Did it escape your notice that this “white guy” justified his act by pointing to the alleged past evils of his fellow whites?

      I’d feel pride, perhaps, if he’d chosen to die in the cause of my people and not some brown foreigners.

    • The guy was willing to die in a way far worse than bullets or lethal injection or nitrogen asphyxiation or whatever they are cooking up these days. And worse than hanging yourself in bedsheets if you get the dungeon treatment. IOW they had nothing to deter this guy

      The willingness to suffer like that gives you a sort of shortlived mental superpower. What a damn waste of his one shot to do something dramatic

    • Those self-immolating Buddhist monks in Vietnam are still legendry, still revered. I have never heard of a serious person mocking them.

      I think that was before I was born, but I definitely remember learning about it in the ’70s, and it was was not presented positively. More of, “See, this is why it’s a bad idea to let Moonies indoctrinate our kids.” And that was underscored by the Weather Underground blowing up shit, Jim Jones and his Kool-Aid Klan, and the SLA’s “brainwashing” of Patti Hearst. That was back when public school was still at least nominally supportive of the American experiment.

    • I do not disagree with your sentiment; Airman Zippo was an extremely dedicated person to choose death in the manner that he did.

      But, the Vietnamese monks were made famous because of the striking photographs and video. An American protester did the exact same thing right outside McNamara’s office window…but no one remembers.

  37. He asked on X what a person would do if he “was alive during Jim Crow south?” To which I answer, “move there”.

    • It isn’t true that there can’t be a modus vivendi with blacks as is often claimed here. But it does require giving up the idea of the same law for everyone. It is also far less cruel for blacks and I don’t “hate” them. Empirically we did have a working formula that also led to better outcomes for blacks. Now not at all

  38. The other thing is that unlike respectable martyrs like that Buddhist Monk in Vietnam; the IT dweeb didn’t self-immolate for his own people but for foreigners.

    That flayed any sliver of nobility from the act.

    • And it didn’t change a damned thing. The Buddhist monks committed self-immolation in 1963 — before the fake Tonkin incident in 1964. There was an American pacifist who committed self-immolation outside McNamara’s office in 1965. This was still at an early stage of American involvement.

      The war only escalated after that, and the U.S. did not get out until 1973. Fat lot of good it did to burn yourself to death.

      Frankly the Weathermen had a more effective strategy… (not that I would ever endorse it, of course).

      • “And it didn’t change a damned thing.”

        The monks were protesting Diem’s anti-Buddhist policy. And it did have some impact as a factor in the Americans deciding to remove Diem. When dogs like Diem and Noriega don’t follow orders, they get removed.

      • The Pentagon Papers, leaked in 1971 had a huge impact, however.

        Your government REALLY doesn’t like having its dirty laundry aired for all to see.

        This AirForce guy was clueless about how to have real potential impact.

    • The monks weren’t respectable martyrs either, and they accomplished nothing. The best I can say is their ideology was less cringe.

  39. “The unintended point he made is that when the Israelis say their enemy is insane and cannot be reasoned with…believe them.”

    So are we to infer then that the Israelis and their accomplices who run most of everything are SANE and CAN be reasoned with? All of a sudden there seems to be a lotta love (and pity?) for those poor, defenseless holy-costed people. Maybe our esteemed host decided to write this piece so his payment process wouldn’t be further tampered with.

    • Don’t see that quote. Did Z edit it out?

      If so, he was probably right to do so.

      • My bad. I meant to hit reply to this:

        on February 27, 2024 at 8:48 am said:
        The unintended point he made is that when the Israelis say their enemy is insane and cannot be reasoned with…believe them.

    • Well, as long as you’re putting words in my mouth, I guess you can say whatever you want.

      My point was far simpler. The Israelis are out there saying there can be no accommodation and that their enemy is insane and cannot be reasoned with.

      Then, out walks an insane person who has lost all reason and goes about lighting himself on fire. If the goal of the “protester” was to make Israel’s point, I think he did so. I think we can all agree that lighting yourself on fire is not a reasonable solution to any problem. If your only answer to a problem is something shockingly unreasonable, all of a sudden the people NOT advocating lighting themselves on fire look pretty darn reasonable.

  40. I’ve been watching Yellowstone after scads of people had recommended it to me. There are some great performances, the scenery is amazing and it has some great themes for dissidents, such as the financialization of social capital, corporate greed, etc.

    But the line from it that I recall when I think of this mentally ill airman committing “revolutionary suicide” is this:

    “You know the thing about suicide, you don’t just kill yourself. You kill every memory of you. This’ll be all everyone remembers, Jamie. Every second you spent on this earth will be reduced to how you chose to leave it. No one will mourn your loss, son, because this isn’t losing your life. This is quitting it.”
    – John Dutton

    I’ve seen enough in my life to know that young man wasted a precious gift. I’ve hauled too many flag-draped caskets out of Iraq and AFG in a C-130, a task that fundamentally changed me and was the impetus to me crossing the great divide.

    The sad thing is both the occupants of those flag-draped caskets and this mentally ill man gave their precious lives for absolutely nothing that should concern them in the least. That is the part that still hurts me.

  41. Maybe some of those old 70’s and 80’s bands can dust themselves off and put on a really big old Live Aid concert for Gaza and the Palestinians – calling Bono…

    • It won’t happen because their payment processors such as they are involve amounts in the seven figures and the likes of Bono have no principles that require anything more than virtue signaling.

      As to Z’s post, what’s not to like about an Antifa member self-immolating and drawing attention to the evil that is Our Greatest Ally? Win-win.

  42. To the persons I speak with, a mention of ‘Solz’s lament’ – the one thing they all agreed on ‘in the camps’ resonated. What they all wished they had done, but none did.

    If this Bushnell man was willing to throw his life away, he could have.

    • My thought exactly. He clearly had what I do not, a willingness to die as things stand right now. That gave him a lot of freedom to do stuff. He chose pathetically

  43. “The leaders of NATO countries will be mocked and scorned by their own people.”

    But they will continue to remain in office. There will be no accountability, no settling of accounts. There wasn’t for Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya, so why here?

    “The protestors are saying, in effect, that they cannot win the debate with the public and they cannot win the argument with the rulers.”

    They can win the debate with the public — well, there is no debate. Probably a majority of Americans see what is happening in Gaza as genocide. Even ZOG squirms and is uncomfortable with what is occurring and makes a few weak and ineffectual squeaks about it. The problem is not the debate but the realities of Zionist control — financial, media, and political — of the USA. This power trumps debate. The situation reminds me of La Fontaine’s parable of the wolf and the lamb:

    The strongest reasons are always trumped by the reasons of the strongest.

    Coming back to this self-immolation, I’m reminded of some Buddhist monks who did the same in Diem’s South Vietnam in 1963:

    These things probably do have some impact but difficult to quantify the effect.

    • As someone mentioned upthread, those monks died for their people. Bushnell inadvertently protested those who oppress and control his people yet deliberately died for hostile strangers. Muddled message there.

      • I can’t argue with this — you’re correct. On the other hand if a Palestinian had done this, it would have had absolutely no impact. The Israelis would have said, “See? These people are insane.”

        Coming back to this self-immolation, the Israelis should do a tit-for-tat and up the ante. They should get on the blower to Biden and Lindsey Graham and say, “Now look here, this won’t do. A white man was willing to immolate himself for the Palestinians. We insist that you two immolate yourselves for Israel.” And we’ll be able to see what these two men — I use the word rashly — are really made of.

        • That would be the next logical step for Biden and Graham to take since they figuratively self-immolate daily.

        • …if a Palestinian had done this, it would have had absolutely no impact.

          And? Exactly how much effect should that have had on your life? How much should this wacko’s decision?

  44. Another way to put it is that shaming tactics and appeals to pity only work on leaders capable of shame and a people capable of pity, which is no longer the case in America.

  45. Is Rage Against The Machine still popular amongst the radical Left, because what I find funny about all this is that he got “inspired” to turn himself into Johnny Storm either by the 1992 RATM album cover, which had a Buddhist monk doing the same thing in 1963 to protest the Vietnam war, or that incident itself. Either way, he decided to ape they style or substance of 1990s or 1960s pop culture,second or thirdhand- not even his own, which is even sadder, as it shows how culturally bankrupt AINO is.

    • That’s brilliant, man. He also died for others who if given a chance would do the same to his own people as the alien oppressors he hated. Maybe this wasn’t well thought out? If he intended to go out in a blaze of glory based on pop culture, there was a myriad of other, better ways suggested in other Vietnam War-themed films. A few fragging scenes spring to mind.

      • “He also died for others who if given a chance would do the same to his own people as the alien oppressors he hated.”

        Damn straight, man. Needs to be underscored. No leftie cause celebre is willing to die for a leftie, but most are willing to kill a leftie. Takes a special kind of stupid…

        • “No leftie cause celebre is willing to die for a leftie, but most are willing to kill a leftie.”

          Although I think that the idea of “pathological altruism” is oversold as an explanation for anti-white whites (because most leftists sacrifice nothing in their personal lives for their causes), this case looks like pathological altruism.

          In cases like this one, I find the idea of reciprocity helpful. Why extend the protections of civility to those who can’t or are unable to reciprocate them with you? For example, why fight for the free speech of those who want to censor you?

      • Even the dimmest have realized that going Aloha Snackbar for Palestine in AINO is counter-productive. Notice that every wannabe Johnny Jihad has chilled out on making martyrs of American Bagels or Normies because it is bad propaganda. They’re winning the propaganda war right now, as evidenced by everything from Harvard to Burning Bushnell. Sometimes even retards can learn.

  46. I tend to agree with this. Though a paratrooper in Algeria, then brave citizen and ending up an historian/writer, the Dominique Venner suicide at Notre Dame saddened me for obvious reasons, let alone that it seemingly had no effect.

  47. Have you noticed that the Palis going into church services and Christian events has really died down? Turns out, sending a bunch of lunatics to protest a Christmas pageant or disrupt mass wasn’t such a hot idea.

    All it does, and all this guy did, was remind people why the Palestinian tribe isn’t welcome really anywhere. They’re the in-law who shows up for dinner and is so obnoxious everyone hurries home before dessert.

    Only the most extreme zealots will see this as an act of protest. Most everyone else will seem his a mentally deranged suicidal maniac. If you’re a Palestinian looking for help, this is the kind of person you wish wasn’t one of your allies. Not helpful.

    Lastly, when the Israelis claim that the Palis are so far gone that Hamas has to be destroyed, this guy is all the extra proof they need. There is no peaceful accommodation with these people.

    • “All it does, and all this guy did, was remind people why the Palestinian tribe isn’t welcome really anywhere.”

      Neither are the Jews.

      Jews are just as insane and fanatical as the Palestinians, but far, far more dangerous. The Palestinians are like having a rat in the house somewhere. Annoying but hardly fatal. Jews are like having tick attached to your body pumping poison into your blood.

      I’d gladly swap every Jew in America for an equal number of Palestinians – and I put Palestinians on the same level as blacks.

      • “But they got kicked out of 2 or 3 countries!”

        Not smart enough to get to 109, I suppose.
        Bidding’s open on 110…

      • “Jews are just as insane and fanatical as the Palestinians”

        The Palestinians are insane and fanatical? Okay, if you say so ….

        • Yes, it seems quite insane and fanatical to attack venues like music concerts and murder people there and take hundreds of hostages. But we see this continuously in parts of the Islamic world, so there is a common denominator there.

          They could have built a Dubai on the Mediterranean if they were behaved, but sadly they could never control themselves.

          • “They could have built a Dubai on the Mediterranean if they were behaved, but sadly they could never control themselves.”

            False. The chosen want their land. All of it. Always have.

            Just like us back in the day with manifest destiny.

            I don’t particularly care for the Palis, but they are fighting for their lives and that is often not a dignified endevour.

          • There doesn’t seem to be an issue with nearby Jordan, I really don’t think there would even be a border wall if these were well behaved people. If they were the kind of people to go to the rave and party, I am sure they would have a functioning country by now.

            There’s not really any point in terrorism like this, it just makes it easy to justify the elimination of the perpetrators and their people.

      • Were the Palestinians just as insane before the genocide started about a century ago or did the insanity develop over time?

        • They were backward in Ottoman times. Then the Ottoman empire imploded at the same time as the empires of the Hohenzollerns and Hapsburgs did, and the British took control of Palestine. The well-funded Zionists then started creeping in with a strategic plan to displace the Palestinians, through terror, through murder, any way they could. That plan remains in place today. The Palestinians call it the “Nakba.” No matter what they do to try to stay in place, they get called “insane and fanatical.” They just can’t win. As I keep saying, I read more balanced narratives in the Israeli press than I do in the US and European press.

      • I don’t argue that point. So we have basically two groups of people that nobody wants in their countries. OK well, let them duke it out and deal with the winner. It’s not like the Palis don’t have a lot of money. You can tell because all their leaders live in expensive luxury hotels…in Qatar.

        These little flare-ups exist to pump more money into the various war machines around the globe. I think in this country people have caught onto the scam, which has made funding Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan a political problem. Unfortunately, a lot of the rest of the world hasn’t figured this out yet. Well, except the rich people in Jerusalem and Qatar. They seem to be doing awesome.

  48. So the foot soldiers of the small hats “antifa” are rebelling against their masters… Fascinating!
    There is much rebellion in the air everywhere you look.

  49. Pity is not something I even considered when I saw the news about Aaron Bushnell. It just seemed like a stupid and pointless act. Nobody really gives a sh*t. People have decided whose side they are on a long time ago.

    • The unintended point he made is that when the Israelis say their enemy is insane and cannot be reasoned with…believe them.

      • Years of relentless murder, oppression, bombing , genocide, etc. by the Israelis have literally turned the Palestinians insane. Our tax dollars at work.

        • It’s interesting how Muslims always end up insane, whether it’s in Gaza, Philippines, or even China.

          It definitely couldn’t be their moon cult that makes them like this?

          • It’s also interesting how Jews end up hated in every country they move to except Israel – and they’re hate by all their neighbors in that case.

            Quite obviously, the best solution for all non-Jews and non-Muslims is to keep both groups as far away from your country/society as possible.

          • If you mean George Soros types, sure. But you also have non-jews like Biden, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates, and these people are also hated. I don’t think the average Jewish people is hated or even noticed.

          • Don’t play that game. Everyone is tired of the “why blame every Jew for a few bad ones” or “they are just as bad whites.”

            It’s the same as saying not every black person is a criminal or I’ve known smart blacks. It’s stupid. It’s trickery. It’s fucking annoying.

            I don’t two shits that most blacks aren’t criminals. Having them in your society leads to more crime. Also, they’re not my people.

            I don’t give two shits that most Jews aren’t a part of the Jewish mob that runs the West. Everywhere that Jews go in the West and are allowed any degree of freedom, you get the same results. Also, they’re not my people.

            Is it a few bad apples? Maybe, but those apples always appear when Jews are around and the “good” Jews never stop them. And before you make some stupid comment about how there are Gates or Clinton types that regular whites don’t stop either, just don’t.

            White assholes operate for themselves. They may associate with each other, but they are out for themselves and don’t really operate as a team. Jews do. Regardless, if I’m going to ruled by assholes, I’d prefer that they be my own assholes and not foreign assholes.

            Jews are trouble everywhere they go with zero exception. I don’t want them in my society, just as I don’t want blacks. The “good” Jews, like “good” blacks, simply aren’t worth the trouble of bad Jews.

            Also, I don’t care about good Jews or blacks. They aren’t my people. That’s all the reason that I need to want them out of my society.

          • @ CoaSC, “Regardless, if I’m going to ruled by assholes, I’d prefer that they be my own assholes and not foreign assholes.”

            How about not being ruled by any assholes?

            Shamelessly riffing off Morpheus, “When you are ready, you won’t need assholes.”

        • That would make more sense if places like Syria, Jordan, and Egypt took them in.

          But they didn’t and they shut the borders down because they knew once inside the Palis would start to do to Egypt what they wanted to do to Israel.

          The Palis live on some of the most valuable oceanfront land in the Mediterranean. Do they say to themselves, “Screw Israel, let’s just make this place awesome to live in”? They would have financiers lined up halfway to Cairo to pay for that.

          It’s kind of a funny observation though.

          “I want to kill you. Let me in so I can kill you!”
          *goes insane*

        • None of these people have been bombed. So why are they bum rushing the stage at a Children’s Christmas Choir concert?

          Look, I get that there are people who understand that Israelis are not blameless. But the point of Z’s column was whether a guy lighting himself on fire actually makes the point he wanted to make.

          It does not.

          And neither did all the nutsacks crashing Christmas celebrations. All they did was piss people off and make them realize why the Palis aren’t wanted in any of the countries bordering Israel either.

      • The same point is being made by the Jews about Jews by their gleeful killing of Palestinian women and children.

        The best plan for any country is keep Jews and Palestinians as far away as possible.

        • “The best plan for any country is keep Jews and Palestinians as far away as possible.”

          In the old Ottoman days there used to be a Jewish enclave in Palestine — mostly Hasidic Jews. They didn’t have any particular problem living there. None of the ghettos and pogroms one saw in Poland or Ukraine. The problem began when secular Ashkenazi Jews with arms funded by the Rothschilds and US Jewish millionaires started to creep in and dispossess the natives.

          Zionism and Nazism both have their roots in the 19th century Volkisch movements in Europe. They are peas in a pod. The only difference is one has been discredited while the other is praised to the skies.

          • difference is a Jew made the world where quality of life ceases to exist for everyone except them while If Nazis won at least European people have quality of life

            Look around you, dumbass

            There is no social improvement, scientific development is declined just like every measure our life
            After World War 2, Stupid White American give the world to Jews and humanity suffer disgrace, desecrate and decadence

            White people become minority is not only true, also They gonna become tiny minority so Jew can’t hide from their action any longer
            Asian and Other ethnic group will put Jews and shabbos goy head on a pike

    • It had no impact at all. People are already on to the next thing. Most people will respond with “who?” if they hear Bushnell’s name by St. Patrick’s Day.


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