Their Huey Long Crisis

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Former President Trump won the South Carolina primary on Saturday, clobbering Nikki Haley by twenty points. Haley, of course, was the governor of the state and pitched herself as the local favorite. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the anti-Trump elements in the Republican ecosystem thought Haley had a chance to upset Trump in her home state and thus bring about the collapse of Trump. Instead, Saturday should be the end of the Haley campaign.

Whether or not Haley drops out of the race is an open question. The Koch network announced they would stop funding this ridiculous project in order to focus on other ridiculous projects. Typically, this sort of announcement is a signal to the rest of the donors and the media that the project is finished. The usual suspects, however, never abandon a project. They still think we should have troops in Iraq in order to spread democracy, so they will stick with Haley.

Nevertheless, the attention will now shift from Haley to the prospect of Trump securing the nomination and what can be done to stop it. That last part is the important part, as the usual suspects never accept defeat. Paul Ramsey has a short video up explaining the various lawfare shenanigans they have ready to stop Trump. What lies ahead now is not the normal progress toward the candidate securing the nomination, but a series a political witch trials intended to jail an opposition candidate.

Because the courts are thoroughly politicized now and controlled by the regime, there is no question about the results. Trump will be convicted in all of them, probably before the end of the year. Some convictions will come before the November elections, as the regime thinks this will sink Trump in the polls. Alternatively, it will force the Republican party to remove Trump from the ballot. Nothing says democracy like removing the opposition candidate from the ballot.

As an aside, you have to admire the cynicism of the people who think these cases will erode Trump’s support. Their starting point is the assumption that Trump voters respect the system and have high enough moral standards that they would not support a man convicted by the system. Therefore, if the usual suspects can rig a few court cases against Trump, these decent people will be tricked into dropping their support for the enemy of the tricksters and go along with the trickster option.

Putting that aside, as Paul Ramsey notes in his video, we are heading toward a crisis that is without parallel in our history. Trump will be facing prison time, but either have the nomination or have the delegates to secure the nomination. That and he will be the favorite to win the general election, assuming the general election is not as corrupt as it was the last time. What we have seen thus far is Trump will not quit and his support will not drop due to the lawfare shenanigans.

A systemic crisis is when the options available within the system to the people in charge of the system are all viewed as unacceptable. In this case, the Republican Party can be forced to break its rules and remove Trump. This is not just the death of the party, but the death of the Potemkin opposition the regime requires. They can put Trump in jail and hope he loses, but that makes him a martyr. They can call off the dogs, but that means admitting it was all a lie from the start.

The thing that political insiders see that regime media is not allowed to admit is that Trump is probably gaining in popularity. South Carolina is an open system, so Democrats were free to vote in the Republican primary. The regime spent millions to get the black vote out to vote for Haley. In other words, like New Hampshire this was closer to a general election voting pool. Trump still crushed Haley, which suggests the TDS card is no longer working as it did in 2020.

The closest we have in our past to what we see happening with Trump is Eugene V. Debs, who was a socialist agitator a century ago. The Wilson administration put him in jail for heresy, which they called “sedition” at the time. Today they call it insurrection, but it is the same idea. The obvious difference here is that Debs was not a popular national figure like Donald Trump. Debs was a fringe character without much sympathy from the public, even before his antiwar activities.

The irony here is the people rubbing their hands together and salivating at the prospect of Trump behind bars just spent the last week carrying on over the death of Alexi Navalny, as if he was the Gandhi of Russia. In other words, they dream of doing to Trump what they accuse the Russians of doing to Navalny. In fact, they accuse lots of enemy governments of acting this way. It is a good reminder that these people have no souls and therefore no conscience, so no sense of shame.

An important thing to keep in mind with all of this is that the people leading the revolution at the top have drawn one lesson from the past. That lesson is they can never relent until they reach their goal. They see the failures of their past subversions as the result of a failure to go all in on the project. It is why they never accept defeat and continue to push forward against all evidence. We are seeing this with Ukraine, where their response to failure is to double down.

What this tells us is the brewing crisis over the Trump nomination will not frighten the people responsible for it into finding a way out of it. Instead, they will no doubt see it as an opportunity for even more lawless shenanigans. The New Hampshire results had them double down on South Carolina. The South Carolina failure will have them go all in on the lawfare schemes. If those fail then one can only imagine what comes next, but they no doubt have something ready just in case.

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239 thoughts on “Their Huey Long Crisis

  1. I’ve always been in the “they’ll have to kill him” camp when it comes to Trump. They’ve been swinging and missing for too long, and most of the public now concedes that 2020 was rigged. The Lawfare stuff I think has convinced all the persuadables. The only holdouts at this point are holdouts because they approved of the results. They also know it was fake.

    But, a note of optimism is warranted. The same people planning all these shenanigans planned the glorious Ukrainian victories in 2022 and 2023. You should never count on the stupidity of your enemies, but in this case they’ve shown really no reason to doubt their stupidity.

    I remain doubtful that Lawfare will get much traction. It’s a media consumption strategy. For example, they selectively edit Trump’s 1/6 speech and deleted his “protest peacefully and go home” statements and offers of National Guard security from the indictment. That’ll come out, and as the regime gets more depraved, TDS becomes an issue.

    The Government Party now has two hot wars and a third brewing. It’s not impossible, but it’s harder to rig the vote when half your own people refuse to play along.

    Trump 47 will have a lot of volunteers willing to take jobs in the bureaucracy with the simple charter of finding and destroying #resistance members. A lot of the media reporting about Trump getting “revenge” stems from news that he already has a team hard at work planning the purge. Could it be a fever dream? Sure. But I think Democrats and bureaucrats are right to fear what may be coming for them.

    After all, their side is well known for political purges of the lethal kind.

    Always remember that the purpose of the indictments wasn’t to put Trump in jail. It was to force him out of the race. We were never supposed to get this far. This is all starting to shape up like 2016, but there will be no contested convention. And Trump will run this fall on a campaign that can truthfully state that the regime is trying to jail political opposition.

    Just like Ukraine did, btw. But we haven’t canceled the election. Yet.

    The Stupid Party is actually starting to fall in line. Wide swaths of elected DC Repubs have endorsed Trump. Haley is a rear guard action. Whether she drops out or not is irrelevant because she is just that. Irrelevant. All primary voting from here on out is meant to fire up the MAGA base…keep them motivated.

    Winning in November, believe it or not, is the easy party. The hard part is what comes next. Some very difficult and painful purges are needed. Saving the military alone will require firing hundreds of GO/FO’s and showing every tranny the door. You’re also potentially looking at mass arrests and deportations.

    I think the election runs more or less normally and Trump wins 30 states.

    • I really hope you are right, but I’m not gonna bet on it. Judging by what I’ve seen in the last 8 years… the office of President does not actually wield that much in the way of actual power. On top of that, Trump’s outgoing pardon of black rappers and lack of pardon for J6er’s does not inspire me with much confidence. I’ve got a whole list of other things in my head too but I’m sleepy tonight. Trump says a lot of good things but his actions are often disappointing.

      Anyway, I hope your right but be wary of counting chickens. I think it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than an election to even begin to start the process of fixing things.

      • Trump isn’t playing 4 dimensional chess, but he still looks like he has a vision of sorts. My guess is he’s banking 🏦 on the strength of American sentiment 💓 💓 to save his scrawny ass. He wants to be beloved Tribune to the plebes.

      • The fear in their eyes tells me they don’t think the Presidency is as powerless as we’ve been led to believe. They are genuinely frightened that Trump will gut the bureaucracy through mass firings and furloughs. They genuinely fear declassification.

        The question, the very open question, is whether he will use it.

    • Hokkoda:

      I think you meant to say “Nimrata Randhawa”, right?! …. rather than “Haley.”

      Let’s call a spade a spade.

  2. I hope they are that stupid. They probably are.

    Even if they are not we are already at full Weimar. The fall of the USD is all but set in stone now, and I think that’s far more likely to be the catalyst. Once the world moves far enough away from SWIFT/IMF/Petrodollar, the masses are gonna get a real sober look at how a paper economy actually looks in the morning without it’s makeup. I think they might have a real negative response when that happens. And it’s a will at this point in 2024, not an if.

    • NeoSpartan: “I hope they are that stupid. They probably are. Even if they are not we are already at full Weimar.”

      Z: “The irony here is the people rubbing their hands together and salivating at the prospect of Trump behind bars just spent the last week carrying on over the death of Alexi Navalny, as if he was the Gandhi of Russia. In other words, they dream of doing to Trump what they accuse the Russians of doing to Navalny…”

      I was going to reply to Z that the meta-darwinian personalititty types we’re dealing with here [Managerialists, Passive Aggressives, Deep Staters, Cabal] – these personalititties don’t have souls.

      But then I read a little further: “It is a good reminder that these people have no souls and therefore no conscience, so no sense of shame.”

      In Darwinism, and especially in Meta-Darwinism, there can be only one.

      Then I read even further further, and I saw the following,

      Z: “In fact, they accuse lots of enemy governments of acting this way…”

      Never forget that sh!tlibs [Managerialists, Passive Aggressives, Deep Staters, Cabal] SH!TLIBS ALWAYS PROJECT.

      And of course [cf Wiemar, as above], the Khazarian conmen are the masters of Projection.

      It truly is eerie when they attempt to force their own personalititties upon the weak-minded [apparently often with a great deal of success].

      Where’s Jabba the Hutt when you need him?

    • It’s hard to look at Ukraine and not come to the realization that the Government is led by stupid people with an admixture of crazies.

      They’ve already lost in their primary stop-Trump strategy. The primaries have been over since September, and really since the Miami and DC indictments that were supposed to push Trump out.

      Like US military vehicles burning in Russian minefields, the usual primary campaign war materials were a disaster. And a dozen faux candidates were blown away like Ukrainian conscripts. The Winter Offensive against Trump failed. Here in the campaign, as in Ukraine, the money is drying up. The Government Party thought it could run a media war against Russia. Fail. Lawfare is their media war against Trump. They’re losing ally here, too. It doesn’t matter what the judges say or do, or how many rulings go against Trump. They all prove him right.

      The best play is to drop the whole Lawfare thing entirely. Maybe SCOTUS saves them from themselves. But stupid-crazy isn’t going to stop on their own.

  3. While I love RAMZ and have been a supporter of his for more than a decade, there are a couple of points to consider:

    1) Trump himself is hardly a sympathetic character. He reneged on most of his promises, let his followers twist in the wind, upped the ante in the Ukraine (authorized lethal aid, which Obama did not), ordered the abduction of Julian Assange, met with Ice Cub to discuss $500 billion “Platinum Plan” for Blacks, sat and fiddled while BLM and Antifa rioted, almost caused WW3 by assassinating (ISIS’ arch-enemy) Soleimani. Anyone willing to die on that hill? There’s a sense he may be getting his just deserts. Yes, sure he’s a symbol for anti-regime animus, but the reality behind the symbol is not encouraging. He’s not exactly Napoleon or George Washington.

    2) America is moving into a two-tier, Third World/Latin system where the dumb masses just shrug and accept elite corruption, as long as they have their gibs and sportsball. Whites as well as non-whites. People aren’t going to stick their necks out for Muh Constitution or Muh Bill of Rights…but to the regime’s peril, nor will they stick their necks out for Muh Democracy in Russia or Iran.

    So per the foregoing, I’d be greatly surprised at any civil unrest in favor of Trump. We’re already the Republica Bananera de los Estados Unidos.

    • Most people rightfully, are slow to react. However talking with everyday people. there is growing anger. Every day another insult, another slight, another mocking outrage.
      there will be a tipping point.
      It may have already started.

  4. Fox News is on here at the gym. The chyron says “Campaigns move to Michigan for critical primary”. Critical primary? In what sense? This thing is done and dusted. So they either know something we don’t or else they’re even more obtuse than first suspected. I have to think it’s the latter.

    • It takes weeks, often months, for the narratives to change. So much of what we call news is just a copy-paste job.

  5. I don’t think the blob can pull off the lawfare shenanigans or keep him off the ballot – too many people see how corrupt the system is now. As to what happens should they actually go that route remains to be seen. There has to be a tipping point somewhere…

  6. Off-topic, but I’ve been informed that my subscription is expired and Subscribestar can’t process my extension at this time. Any word on a resolution?

    • Yeah I was going to ask about that too. My card didn’t change but they flushed the subscription status which sounds like they were trying to address some system issue on their end. I’m not sure who comments at Substack so I didn’t want to change if I didn’t have to.

    • I had the same problem myself. I have no idea what’s going on, but I chose to enter a new credit card number and just re-entered the information that was already saved. Then I just deleted the older duplicate version. That let me log back in just fine.

      • I’m not going to go to a lot of trouble to fix their problem so they can continue to take my money. If they still want my money, they can ask nicely. If I don’t hear back from them, I’ll go to Substack.

      • I was asked to confirm my ZIP Code for the purposes of calculating sales tax. I did, and my sales tax went from $0.00 to $0.00. So, not really an issue.

        • Yeah, I was asked to confirm my location, too. I did so, and it still refused to process. They have no actual customer support system, so, me following the instructions on screen and pushing the button like I’m supposed to is all they get out of me.

          • The usual suspect made war on their payment processor, so they had to implement some changes to maintain their ability to process credit cards. It is the so tiresome, but a part of modern life now.

      • RDittmar’s suggestion worked for me, deleting the card and putting it back in cleared up the issue.

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  8. If what happened to Haley on Saturday happened in any other year – losing the primary of the state you governed by double digits – she would have been roundly mocked and declared one of the worst politicians ever. In any other year, in fact, she never would have even let South Carolina vote against her like that, because that sort of loss ruins political careers. So, the fact that she not only let the loss happen, but proudly declared that she is going to keep running, tells me that she knows something we don’t. Her plan cannot possibly be to lose every primary by 20+ points and then concede and gear up for 2028. I don’t know what the system has in store for Trump but I am really coming around to the idea that he won’t be the nominee for some reason. They’ve lost the ability to manufacture consent, and what comes after that is not changing your ways but brute force. They will remove Trump from the ballot and say they are doing it to save democracy. The media is already floating that storyline with regards to AfD in Germany, and I am sure it is intentional.

    • It’s interesting that she is the only one to stay in. Others would be equally justified in keeping on in the hope of being the one, after Trump is “disqualified.” Suggesting that some kind of bargain has been struck, plan made.

  9. Luckily, Trump has a new line of sneakers that just came out, for all the little Trumpers and Trumpettes.

    They say “SCREW YOU” on the backs and, in the front is a big steel spike ripe for poking in lamestream media eyes.

    [To read more of my stuff, click on my name]

      • LMAO that was great Compsci…Thing is I think he just shits and runs so I don’t think he will see it…

  10. No, no, people. Go to Hillsdale!

    We can reason with people like Fani Willis.
    At last we’ll capture that elusive black vote, and it will be 1954 all over again!

    • My history is a bit sketchy: was 1954 before the white children were prodded with bayonets to accept their new classmates or after?

      • That was 1957, Little Rock. 101st Airborne active duty troops armed with M1 Garands, bayonets fixed, forcing white fathers to send their white daughters to school with colored bucks.

        • Those White Fathers could of had some balls and said my daughter won’t go to school then but alas they were just as cucked as the White Men sending their daughters to be raped by mentally ill faggots today…

          • Unlike today, they still had ways of dealing with them if they got uppity. Maybe they should have said, “Screw you Ike!” and got the heck out of Dodge. There was plenty of the US where Brown didn’t make any difference because they were still 100% white. My folks settled in one of these, and moved when it dropped below 100%.

            Still can be done, but you have to accept you won’t have the material standard of living you can have if you just sell out.

  11. Putting trump in jail gives them the cover they need to steal the election. fox and the rest of the media will bray about the morally outraged conservitives deserting him and giving the dems a created landslide. with a streight face.
    We need to face it , the regime can produce any election result they want , but it’s a lot of work so they only do it when they really need to . like southe carolina in the dem primary in 2020 and the 2020 and 2022 general elections.
    They just need a cover story they can sell to normie, and grillers .

    • I don’t think they can remove Trump, regardless of any ridiculous convictions… Even if such convictions come before the Convention (dubious IMO) and appeals have been heard, Trump won’t be in jail… …Otherwise, most of their voters will desert them, many for RFK jr…But it’s going to be too late to get new candidates on the ballot in many States, so it’s not going to work…..Same for the Democrats…

      • And there is nothing that prevents someone in or threatened with jail being elected President, in which case he can pardon himself….

        • I doubt Trump can pardon himself—even ignoring the State vs Federal crimes issue. Be interesting to see if SCOTUS would get involved. That the Executive can pardon himself makes him above the law as was the problem with Kings and belies the entire purpose of the Founding.

      • I don’t think the RNC cares about losing the Presidential election. They seem far too comfortable being the pilot fish to the Democrat shark.

    • What part of “they are fixed now ” can you guys not understand? they can make the “vote” whatever they want.

  12. The big difference is that Navalny was an actual criminal. I looked him up when he first became a Western cause, and learned that he’d committed massive fraud in Russia, and was jailed not for his politics (he’d lived openly in Moscow for years, how hard could it be to kill him?) but rather because he’d skipped out on several million worth of court-mandated restitution.

    The guy was scum, and was only the “opposition” because there was Western intent to use him for a color revolution.

    • Was this Trump style “fraud” of which Navalny was guilty, or something that actually had victims?

    • Reziac: Putin may be a nationalist who doesn’t hate his people, but he’s also an autocrat. He’s not going to bother the average Russian who has a YT account, but he’s not going to idly sit by and tolerate political agitation to depose him. And at this point, any domestic opposition is certain to be backed and at least minimally funded by AINO’s ruling cohort.

      • True. In looking at the Navalnyi situation we mustn’t be straitjacketed by AINO’s failed ethical norms. Ergo, AINO’s Left wanted to put Navalnyi on the liberal democracy bus until it reached the preferred destination, at which point he debarks and becomes an anti-white Leftist autocrat. I prefer our autocrat to theirs.

    • They’ve ruined the whole schtick by using Zelensky, he’s so scummy. This a huge problem for them. The people really willing to carry out their plans are scum of the earth, not to mention embarrassing! Joe Biden, Fani Willis, Nathan Wade, Zelensky, the Letitica (10% to the big girl?) lady, Judge Egoron.

      So, when they come around saying look at this righteous person, it just doesn’t work anymore. You highly suspect they are some kinda freak, pervert, corrupt weirdo and that they pretty much have to be to be at this point.

  13. “They can put Trump in jail and hope he loses,” – I think this will be the strategy.

    Along with they typical Operation Shanequa, running through enough ballots in the inner cities to have a 5% buffer. All they care about is securing that victory on election night. Everything else is clean-up-on-aisle 6 type stuff. If you start seeing middle aged people congregate in various places with ARs they’ll be run off. Their cell phone data will be collected to be arrested one-by-one at another time. Any shooting event will be treated as J6-2, and a threat to “our democracy.” They’ll go full Nero/Caligula and by the end of this every American citizen will understand the raw power of the state. Even the most “vote harder” types will have their illusions shattered. This will not be an end, but a beginning of a multi-year political sea change. A very necessary one.

    Trump will do his Trump version of Letter from a Birmingham jail, but he will rot and die there. And good riddance. He was merely the battering ram to get to this event. With the door flung open he will no longer be necessary. A hindrance in fact. The worst thing that could happen is his actual victory, which through his cowardice, and venal incompetence, would once again bottle up the right.

    The Republican Party will admonish Trump, as they always wanted to do. Watching the Republican Party wither and die like pouring salt on a slug will be wonderful. Its supportive, sock puppet apparatuses like Fox News will sink with it. As people like Laura Ingraham nakedly run interference for the state. All will be agreed that Trump “went too far” and was “destructive to the country.”

    • They’ve already clearly scripted him as a comic fall guy. It reads like chinese theatre. So we just have to vote harder. This was a joke.

      • “This was a joke.”

        You left out a word there. The word is “country”. Personally, I look forward to both Trump’s victory in the election AND his incarceration. It’ll remind people of when Lyndon Larouche famously campaigned for President from jail. We will have a maximum security White Big House. In all seriousness though, how can all this *not* insure that he’ll win? I’m voting for him even if I have to write him in. It’s the best way to illustrate what I was talking about above.

    • JR – Good post.

      I’ve often said that I want a Trump “win” because I believed that it would cause a collapse of the system. The left would lose their shit completely and things would just unravel. They won’t certify him, and chaos from the negros would be unleashed on the city dwellers. Homes would be burned, looting of people’s property would ensue and guns would start to come out in certain areas of the country.

      At this point, there is no way they are going to even let him run. Nikki Haley should have dropped out of the race, but since everything is rigged, she’s hanging in there for some reason. I feel like if the lawfare doesn’t work, they will take the final step and assassinate him. I don’t think it will be necessary however. They’re going to make him destitute and he will undoubtedly go to jail for the rest of his life. The progressives will all cheer and celebrate this and I think it will embolden the ferals to simply attack anyone who supported Trump. The violence will erupt.

      I believe very dark times are ahead. It will take pushing normies to the point where they have nothing to lose before we see things happening. I’m skeptical as far as whether or not normies will finally realize the system is fully corrupt once they realize their candidate is “not allowed”. Will they just move onto another republican and wash, rinse and repeat?

    • “Watching the Republican Party wither and die like pouring salt on a slug will be wonderful.”

      Agreed. It will happen in the next nine months, too.

    • That’s a prett shitty thing to say about Trump, sure he’s flawed and far from perfect but to wish death in jail on him is many steps too far. Once again, we are harsher on our allies than we are on our enemies. Lighten up a little unless you want to judged by the same standards.

    • No, I think not…As an attorney, I don’t see any cases against him that are likely to even reach a conclusion before the election, and I don’t see any where he is realistically facing jail at any time…

      • You may well be right. OTOH, I don’t see AINO’s Power Structure being overly constrained by law.

    • “If you start seeing middle aged people congregate in various places with ARs they’ll be run off. Their cell phone data will be collected to be arrested one-by-one at another time.”

      Sorry, but I just cannot give a hoot about anybody at this stage of the game that does not understand the ramifications of carrying their cell phone into such actions. You need communications, buy a burner phone.

      • Lots of good portable Ham radios too if you don’t need too much privacy. I’ve got one from Baofeng that was $25. Yes, I know – Chinese junk. At that price point though there’s no way it can be reporting back to Beijing on me. Even if it were, I’d be more concerned about Langley.

    • Wow, that’s. Some crystal ball you’ve got there. Do you know what next weeks powerball numbers will be as well? Any other future events you can predict with such certainty?

  14. A new administration has thousands of political appointments to make. In 2016, Trump was woefully unprepared and did not have a bench of candidates for appointments. Conveniently, Boston Consulting Group just happened to have a deep list of candidates for appointments. Trump’s staff brought them in and they staffed up the candidates with establishment republicans, who promptly thwarted every MAGA policy Trump wanted to advance. It’s one of the reasons Steve Bannon concluded he could be far more effective outside the (now tainted) Trump administration than inside the administration.

    I have mentioned here before that articles are beginning to appear in the normiecon press in which the authors provide suggestions for cabinet appointments for a Trump administration. I recall one from Hugh Hewitt and another from Kurt Schlicter. Of course, their suggestions are all drawn from establishment normiecon republicans who are certain to thwart any attempt by Trump to implement MAGA policies. I read these articles as a clear signal from the republican “right” to the establishment that they will provide their full cooperation to the effort to contain Trump in his second term, just like they did in the first term.

    I suspect the Establishment is going to conclude that the risks associated with assassinating, exiling, or imprisoning Trump or with stealing the election again in 2024 are far in excess of the benefits. (The drop in military recruitment among Whites will rattle the Pentagon’s few remaining brain trusts). I believe the Establishment will pivot to a strategy that will run a relatively clean election and, in the event of a Trump victory, will use the appointment process to throttle the Trump administration.

  15. “In this case, the Republican Party can be forced to break its rules and remove Trump. This is not just the death of the party, but the death of the Potemkin opposition the regime requires”

    Z is ever the optimist. The death of the GOP is the best outcome we could ever hope for.

    • I don’t know. The death of the Republican party would be great, but it’s only a tiny fraction of what has to happen. For example, the Republicans aren’t the ones trying to force black or gay or trans worship down our throats.

      • They’re not pushing it YET. Plus, the GOP is the only feasible vehicle for fighting back. Since it is run by cucks and traitors, its collapse could allow a new party not run by cucks and traitors.

        Imagine if we had a political party that in response to gay marriage would make homosexuality a capital offense.

        This is the problem with them. When the leftists win a victory, the right does nothing in response and will eventually take it on as a deeply conservative principle.

        • It is certainly true that the role of the Republicans is to consolidate the gains made by the Democrats. That’s why you get all those articles in NRO with titles like “The Conservative Case for Communism.”

          But you are fooling yourself if you think there is some based party waiting in the wings for the death of Team R. Team R didn’t have to do anything about even someone as barely right of center as Ron Paul. The voters rejected him fair and square. There is no electoral path for a GLR. There is no electoral path for a Calvin Coolidge.

      • Of course they are. The GOP acts as a rearguard for the Democrats, to clean up the mess they made and make it palatable to the normies. The GOP gladly voted for the bill to fully legalize gay marriage in case SCOUTS struck it down. The GOP voted near unanimously in both chambers to make “Juneteenth” a federal holiday. You don’t have to search hard to find the conservative case for transgenderism, the conservative case for gay marriage, the conservative case for Juneteenth, and of course every January every conservative outlet writes about the greatness of MLK. They’re not controlled opposition, they’re not even opposition. They are doing the exact same things as the Democrats just in a different way.

        The death of the Republican Party would pave the way for true opposition in ALL aspects. For example, even if you oppose gay, trans, and black worship and find some people in the GOP who feel the same way, chances are they are also fanatical Zionists and cheerleaders for the GAE war machine.

        • YES!!! The “package” with even the best GOP tools is awful. You get 1 thing you like and 6 things you hate.
          Like they are good on one thing, but they are a radical libertarian and so all the corporate evil is part of the deal.

        • So you are forming an effective, “true opposition” party with all 193 of the DR? On the positive side, you could hold all your party conventions at the local McDonalds.

          Have you stopped to wonder why the Rs voted for those things? Because there aren’t enough voters who agree that those things were bad. Which means there is nothing large enough “right” of R to make any difference.

          Hate to be a blackpill, but as bad as the Rs are, the Ds are even worse.

          • No one said the Dem’s were better. But what people are getting on about is in essence the “two party” system. As long as it remains, there is no room for others. Break the mold, then see what reforms to fill the vacuum. Worth a chance.

          • “Have you stopped to wonder why the Rs voted for those things? Because there aren’t enough voters who agree that those things were bad.”

            Few if any of the things Mycale alludes to had majority voter support. Gay marriage? Even Obama didn’t support this in the White House. No Congressional Republicans campaigned for it. Sorry, but the voters have practically no influence on public policy. Both Rs and Ds will say whatever people need to hear to get their vote, then do something different when they get into office due to perverse incentives. How about a third choice? None of the above.

          • @Compsci, sounds like a heck of a long shot. Destroy the party that’s less Left, then hope that something fills in the void from an even smaller subset of the electorate. Kinda like, “withdraw all your fiat bux because its not real money, and burn it, and hope things come out better.” Minneapolis is hardly voting more right even though Democrats torched it in honor of St. Floyd.

            @Gideon, I agree that the voters say they don’t support it, but what they say and $10 won’t buy you a Value Meal. Fact is, they keep electing left-wing loons. Even Wyoming sent that Cheney thing, and South Dakota has two Team Rs who consistently vote with Schumer. At least Wyoming primaried her, though they didn’t have her dragged behind a horse like would have happened had anyone listened to the voters.

  16. What you are really saying is that their best hope is if Trump dies. He will be 78 soon, so there are ways they can “help” him cross into the afterlife in a believable fashion. I hear that Trump is a big believer in vexxination for example…
    Of course, there will be plenty of people who will not buy it and they will be just as effective as the people who obsess about JFK to this day

        • He’s publicly anti-abortion. This destroys him as an electable candidate. Cannot happen even if the other candidate would have an itchy finger on the nuclear trigger.

          • Women won’t take a chance RFK jr will sustain his last publicly issued statement on the issue. To clarify, he’s wishy washy. Had expected somebody would do the correction for me.

      • It’s gone way beyond voting for Trump because of his policy differences with Biden. He has massive support because it signals a giant “F-You” to the establishment.

        Kennedy, for all his flaws, would be the only alternative. And he has promised to fulfill his uncle’s commitment of tearing the CIA to pieces.

  17. A few days ago, when Nimarata said that the next president would be either her or Kamala, I had the feeling that she was telling the truth. Or at least what she understands to be the truth.

    Thinking back to 2020, peach mints failed on Feb. 5, and 2 weeks to slow the spread began on March 16. In the interregnum, there was a moment of seeming Trump inevitability, the economy appeared good, and it was hard to imagine what could upset that applecart. Feels to me like we are kind of in the same place now, awaiting the arrival of whatever is coming to shake things up. Not much sense in trying to guess what that could be, in 2020 I certainly couldn’t have, until it arrived.

    • I had considered the “Big Mike” Obama candidacy threat as legitimate but she has stated publicly there is zero chance Mike will run for office. I think they’ll push Kamala for “continuity” since things today are going so g-r-e-a—-ttt!

      • Kamala is just as corrupt, perverted, and addle-brained as Biden, but without all of his wit, charm, and competence. Good luck with that.

    • 2024 event?
      20% stock market correction, plus another 20-30% drop from there.
      Which will put US markets back to horrible levels not seen in …3 years? Regime media will light hair on fire and scream “we’re all gonna diiieeeee”. Cattle will moo along.

      • We agree it’s coming, but the regime wouldn’t let that happen to their incumbent, unless they want Haley instead. If I knew for sure which one they wanted, it would make the market timing so much easier

    • Trump is already starting to govern, including ending aid to Ukraine and deep sizing the Senate bill normalizing current rates of immigration.

  18. An excellent column, Zman. Among several fine insights, this one stood out to me:

    “Their starting point is the assumption that Trump voters respect the system and have high enough moral standards that they would not support a man convicted by the system.”

    This points out one of the most insidious aspects of the ruling class: that to advance their cause, the rulers turn the virtues and decency of people against those same people. The rulers only have contempt and scorn for common decency and virtue; they seek to dismantle and humiliate the system built upon those values. But they know they can use the decency of common folk as a cudgel to cripple any opposition to their advancement. So they always peddle their poison under the cloak of “morality” and “civility.”

    I can hardly imagine a more cynical way of operating. But the “good” news is that some people seem to be wise to the tactic, and have ceased to care about receiving the approval, or scorn, of the rulers. In fact, the enforcement of their “morality” by the rulers is a sign to many people to do the opposite. I think that’s one reason why the attempts to suppress Trump are having an inverse effect on the support he receives. You can argue all day about whether Trump is the best vehicle to advance the Right, but the one salient fact about him is that the rulers want to be rid of him—and that’s evidently enough to justify a lot of votes.

    • Some time back I resolved not to let the evil tribe and their affiliates use my honor and morality against me. Honor and morality is only for those who reciprocate.

  19. Admittedly, I haven’t followed the lawfare schemes against BoM as closely as most, but haven’t they all failed? I mean, the man is not making gravel Sing Sing, is he?

    Perhaps the courts aren’t as fully in the Power Structure’s hip pocket as we tend to think. And if that’s the case, then lawfare may not be the answer. But there are other answers–the mildest being election theft and the most dramatic being assassination. My guess is that all options are still on the table.

    • No, the lawfare schemes haven’t failed. They got a fake “rape” civil judgement against him for $2.5 million, then another $2.5 million in “defamation” when he denied it. Then when he continued to deny it they got another $83 million.

      Then Letitia “Mammy” James got a $355 million civil verdict in an unprecedented non-jury case where there was no victim and no complaint other than the state.

      That’s a half-billion right there when you include the legal fees.

      The Atlanta case is in trouble because the sheboon prosecutor is brazenly behaving like a sheboon straight out of the projects, but it hasn’t been dropped or dismissed yet. Then there are the pending federal criminal cases.

      Safe bet says they manufacture a criminal conviction against Trump just in time for the election, and if that doesn’t stop him from winning there will be some kind of “tragedy” between November and January.

      • Granted I’m not real up on all the case law precedents, but it seems as if it is typical in these huge multimillion dollar judgments that it drags out forever, years, before anybody ever has to pay anything, and then quite often it ends up being reduced.

        But when it comes to the Orange Man, no, YOU MUST PAY RIGHT NOW, IN FULL!!!!!

        • Yeah they’re putting the screws to him on the appeal amounts. As usual it’s not what Trump is doing, but just his existence that is bringing benefits as he’s showing the imperial court system to be absolutely corrupt.

        • The one potential flaw in their plans to wreck Trump (and Musk and even Alex Jones) is the regime’s signal that rich man’s justice, the only justice, isn’t for *every* rich man, as it heretofore has been.

          The old joke is to call broke men “judgment proof,” but in fact the state is relentless in its pursuit of blood from stones. Faced with real wealth, it always surrenders. See the Sacklers or Bankman-Fried recently. But now there are exceptions, explicitly partisan—an obedience test above the means test for justice. Or maybe it’s only a blood test now.

          There’s a *very slight* possibility that among the elite there are still some free enough minds to recognize this and react accordingly. The known handful of supposed couter-elites isn’t very smart, or very counter-, but there may be secrets. Whose? No one comes to mind. Regime totality seems already achieved.

          If so, the flaw in the Trump removal plan isn’t a flaw but an announcement.

        • Usually, you have to post the judgement (or at least 10%, depending on jurisdiction) in order to file an appeal.

          Granted, 50 million would be easier to dig up than half a billion, but still, that’s some serous scratch. Probably not possible out of 30-day cash flow, so he will have to sell off something. I’d suggest all holdings in NY…

          • Well, considering the state of “justice” in NYS, it would probably be a relief. On the other hand, the valuation of CRE in NYC is probably not too good, so big money might be difficult to raise from its sale.

      • You’ve heard of this thing called Appeals, right? Or do you just like to wallow in defeatism and despair like a little bitch?

  20. I live in SC. Nikki Haley ads were everywhere and constant the last 2 weeks. After a while, they were just reminders to go vote against the annoying Bhindi.

    Trump spent next to nothing on ads, had a few massive rallies and cruised in her home state.

    • Let’s hope the businesses of SC restauranteers who sell subcontinental food suffer and return home to their literal sh_tholes. We can gift them the africans here as free kitchen help back in the motherland.

    • Maxda – I live here too (upstate). I’m glad I didn’t start to count the number of text / voice mail messages (not sure I can count that high).
      FWIW – she wasn’t all that bad as guv – at least business friendly perspective & mostly stayed out of the way. I kind of pictured her dressed up in a cheerleader outfit (take your pick of USC or Clemson). Otherwise, she was (is)…quite woke.

      • Bitch would falsely accuse you of racially harassing her in grade school if she thought she could get a vote out of it. (When everyone knows she looks like a member of the suburban scolding Karen ‘ethnicity’, if anything, and always has.)

  21. As far as ‘decent’ people go, I can only offer the example of my neighbor. A solid, capable, classically-decent rural heritage American. Whenever talk turns to inflation, or jobs, or politics, or the future, all he can offer is “Well, let’s hope that come November . . . ” He’s not a rah-rah-Trump is God type, but neither would he ever think of abandoning hope in the system. When I asked him (as gently as I could) why he thought that there would not be the same cheating this November as there was four years ago, he could only shrug.

    I could well be wrong, but I see him as epitomizing Joe Honorable Citizen. Prime example, Zman, of your psychology of systemic failure. He cannot accept that he has no genuine options within the current rules, so he can only hope, and punt, and ultimately go down with the ship.

    • Dammit 3g, you stole my post yet again, lol. Of course articulated much better than my savage self could do it.

      I was going to say the same. My friends and acquaintances and family members are exactly this. Their ingrained belief in the system is unwavering. It is truly remarkable. They really believe not only that Trump can win, but that if he does, the country will be fixed and we will go back to 1985. I’ve been locked out of discussion groups for telling people that this line of thinking is nonsense. “We don’t like negative people” they’ve told me.

      Which side is worse at accepting reality – the left or conservatives? It’s a toss up…

      • Conservatives are worse. The Leftists atleast believe in their insane causes and fight ruthlessly. Conservatives just cower and hide and hope their praying will make POC wrath skips over their house. Scared little ostriches trying to hold onto their money.

        • GLR tried to galvanize the conservative against the internal enemies and concluded the same thing about cons. And this was when usa was 90% white and Leave it beaver was on the tube!

          • That was the problem everyone couldn’t see the evil that lurked among them because they were comfortable and when they looked around all they saw was comfortable White People so they put their heads back down and started grazing again…We have so much more knowledge at our fingertips and yet the same thing holds true today…

        • Remind me again — why is fighting for the cause of evil better?

          Personally, I’d rather have a huge number of people just minding their own business, even if they are “cowering”, than a group of strident revolutionaries rounding up inmates for the camps.

          • Exactly. That’s sort of why I’m not worried about 3g4me’s “Normie” neighbor. He’s frustrating to be sure when you’re looking for fellow “revolutionaries”, but when/if the system changes he’ll fall right into line with his ilk and cause you no trouble.

    • Bingo as usual for 3g. The black fantasy is Wakanda. The white fantasy is now “Grillconda”, a lost land wherein ribeye is $9.99/lb, the Rotary is full of white guys on Wednesday night and Ronald Reagan is still President.

      So many of my friends are like this. The amount of Griller cognitive dissonance generated by actually giving up on the system would equal the heat of a thousand suns (as Zman would put it). I actually found myself in a duck blind this season with a guy who said: “if they would just nominate DeSantis, everything would be okay…..”

      This is why God invented earplugs.

      • Captain Willard, start a website selling ” Grillconda” swag and I will buy one of everything.

        • Spell it Grillkanda to point up its nature as total, escapist fantasy. With graphics piggybacking on the idiotic imagery of its cousin, Wakanda.

          • Grillkanda a.k.a. Honkanda = Wakanda for Honkys

            “Honkanda: Where It’s Always Morning in America!”

            “Honkanda: Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1985!”

            “Honkanda: Please, Just Leave Us Alone On Our Patios to Grill in Peace!”

          • Yep. And at any rate, the original spelling sounds like a recipe for a very large barbecued South American snake…

      • How does one “win” by simply giving up on the system? I did that 30 years ago, and, near as I can tell, things have gotten even worse than Papa Bush being surprised about scanning grocery UPCs…

      • WillS: Unfortunately, it seems most of us will. I know I’m going to be accused of maliciously spreading black pills, or of giving in to despair. And yet I’m not the one who’s sitting around a blue city telling myself there is nothing to be done (or that everything will be fine). My husband and I totally upended our lives, selling much of what we owned (and putting the rest in storage) to move to a well-built but small rural cabin in a state where we knew no one. Almost everyone else we know/have known would consider us loons.

        We are happy as can be in our daily lives, although a few million to upgrade our house and land to what would make it a suitable place for family and a select few friends in need would come in handy. But I see no point in pretending about anything. I can only judge reality as I see it, and as my years’ of life experience have led me to expect. No, I don’t trust to people’s ‘better’ natures. No, I don’t believe in merely sitting around proclaiming that God has it all in hand.

        Prayer certainly cannot hurt, and I rely on it constantly. But I also continue to purchase food, and worry about not being able to afford a full-house solar system. And no, I don’t think people are truly ‘waking up’ to their peril, and I definitely don’t see them taking any real action. It’s a safe bet that half the people here haven’t done much, if anything, to make their families more resilient in the case of any serious social or political or economic upheaval, but I’m supposed to believe Joe Q. Citizen is ready to rumble? Hard pass.

        • It’s a safe bet that half the people here haven’t done much, if anything, to make their families more resilient in the case of any serious social or political or economic upheaval, but I’m supposed to believe Joe Q. Citizen is ready to rumble? Hard pass.

          Well said Sister and I’m leaning to more 3/4 of them haven’t…I’m proud of you for doing what you have done and hope more people can do the same…

          • Lineman: Thank you, Sir. We couldn’t have done it without a lot of help – from all sorts of unexpected people and places. But we are truly blessed to be where we are now. No regrets.

        • 3g4me
          I am doing much the same. 10 acres garden and rural.

          My suspicion is I’m only buying time. If things go as bad as they look like they can there will be no escaping the fallout. The thin veneer of civilization will vanish and we will enter a very dark chapter in human history.

          Being prepared is wise. It does not diminish the ugliness of our coming collapse. I am not looking forward to our future. The American experiment has been one of humanities great accomplishments. To be a witness to the current train wreck of AINO is disappointing.

          Our sinking ship will likely throw the rest of the world into chaos. It is impossible to know how bad things will get. When the dust settles, humanity may have lost 10,000 years of advancement in a few years.

          I hope I am wrong and things will not be too bad. I look at where we are and I am baffled at the idiocy that passes for policy. And it is only getting worse.

          I’m in no hurry to see the end.

    • The military recruitment crisis is going to be a serious impediment to implementing the blatant and brazen election theft of the type conducted in 2020. The entire recruitment crisis is due to a collapse in enlistment by Whites, and retention of Whites in the service is collapsing at the same time. The number of soldiers in the ready reserve is at the lowest point since inception of the program.

      The US could not sustain a war against either Russia or China at current staffing levels, and the lunatics in charge are advocating war against both. Another stolen election will cause recruitment and retention among White soldiers to drop even further. The Pentagon cannot afford this.

      • End the all volunteer Army which is a jobs program for blacks, and a gravy train for the military industrial complex, and bring back the draft if only to see the reactions from Muslims, Chinese, and the rest when they get their draft notices.

    • “… epitomizing Joe Honorable Citizen. … cannot accept that he has no genuine options within the current rules, so he can only hope, and punt, and ultimately go down with the ship.”

      In their millions upon millions.

      An endangered species despite its huge numbers.

      Like the buffalo on the prairies once upon a time …

      To be mourned and perhaps commemorated with one of those gold coins.

      It’s all so Darwinian.

  22. I am starting to see emerging patterns.

    In eastern Europe, Putler was supposed to be swatted aside by powerful young Ukranian girl-warriors with AK47s. That was two years ago, and Avdiivka just folded like a cheap tent last week. It’s over in the Kraine, and as for Russia – the world is starting to beat a path to their door. Their currency is tied to gold, the banking processes are clean, and there is money to be made dealing with Slavs rather than jews. New trade partnerships with Russia are being established all the time, despite the best efforts of American Globohomo.

    In the middle east, for the first time, the fractious moslem world is finally starting to unite against Israel and thereby the US. The jewish genocide against the Palestinians in the Gaza has drawn universal condemnation. Strange new folk that no one has ever heard of before – the ‘Hooties’ – put the run on the US Navy in the Red Sea. Iran is insolently inviting America to make a mistake in the area.

    And here at home, in Canada as well as America… people are openly starting to unify and rebel against the Establishment and the finks that are running it. Fear and panic is breaking out in the noble class. To their horror, the institutions that they subverted and took over cannot protect them anymore. The media, the military and now the courts – are bad jokes.

    In all cases, all that is missing is that spark to set the tinder alight. Now would be a really, REALLY bad time to start killing kings. If that happens – it will be a cue for the arrival of a strong man, either a Stalin or a You-Know-Who. Either way it won’t go well for the Beautiful People as the strong man will come with his own people who will need to purge the current elites. The managerial class will be decimated as well.

    It won’t be long now.

    • > Strange new folk that no one has ever heard of before – the ‘Hooties’ – put the run on the US Navy in the Red Sea. Iran is insolently inviting America to make a mistake in the area.

      Iran has figured out the game the United States thought it mastered, the “I’m not touching you” game. You just keep doing obnoxious and embarrassing things to your enemy with plausible deniability and wait for them to blow their stack out of anger.

      Oustide of the performative chest-beating, the GAE is terrified of conflict with Iran, as it could blow all their world hegemony if it goes south, which it has good potential to do.

      • Besides the ability of the Iranians to punch back (a little is all that you need), the Americans don’t want $100 a barrel of oil. Not good for the economy, not good for inflation.

        High debt is a liability for the West. It means that we can’t take high interest rates for too long. High oil price, high interest rates.

        • Hrrrmmmmm. I dunno about American shitlibs, C… but the Canadian libs LOVE the idea of expensive energy. Turdo La Doo has foisted high carbon taxes off on prairie oil provinces and at the pumps right across the country… and it is almost universally hated by everyone. Alberta and Sask are in open revolt and it’s apparent that if they don’t back down the libs will lose the next election.

          Again… these guys are losing everywhere, they’re surrounded and can’t possibly win… but they’re doubling down when the obvious smart play is to concede and shift priorities and battle on safer ground.

          Which brings up another issue: the left is usually smarter and trickier than this. Hell…the conservative right is too. The donors they work for are as well. It’s like everyone is taking stupid pills…

          • “… these guys are losing everywhere, they’re surrounded and can’t possibly win…”

            No they’re not, Filthie. Don’t project your own wishes on reality. Sure, maybe they want to run the shitlibs out of Red Deer and Saskatoon, but what the hell do you think TO, Montreal and Ottawa are like? Wall-to-wall commie left-wingers, Karens, fags and Pakis.

            It’s the same thing in the U.S. — sure, they hate the shitlibs in Beckley, WW and Enid, Oklahoma, but Trump lost Manhattan 86-14% in 2016. 89% of the Bronx voted for Hillary… don’t kid yourself, pal.

          • Why shoudn’t we “project our wishes onto reality,” Xman? Seems to have worked out pretty well for the shitlibs, after all… 😉

      • Military authority? Financial authority? Intellectual?
        Right from the git-go, we all knew they blew their vaunted Moral authority with Gaza. 80 year’s investment in Narrative, right down the drain.

    • Filthie: The elites are not ‘afraid’ of people whom they hold in contempt. And a few people saying mean things is not the equivalent of rebelling against the establishment. I would genuinely like to agree with you, but all I see is hopium.

      • Probably not, but they’re also the type of people who will, at the drop of a hat, begin mewling for mercy and insisting they were in Austria during the war.

      • I don’t think I suffer from terminal optimism, 3G.

        What I’m trying to say is that the world is changing. The old order is collapsing. It can do nothing else. Yes… it will be refreshing when many of the finks from the old world order are brought to justice. But what follows could go either way for us. I suspect we will trade a lot of old headaches for new ones at the very least. We will never get the Utopia we want either.

        • “… the Utopia we want …”

          Speak for yourself!

          Only maniacs look for Utopias or try to create them.

          I would have gladly settled for a quiet life in the country, as a sort of gentleman farmer. Not poor, not rich, but content and with time for family and God and lots of books.

          • Why didn’t you do it? It’s still an option, you know.

            Turns out Baltimore couldn’t hold Zman once he decided to get out. Same is true wherever you are.

    • It doesn’t hurt that the Chinese, via a real diplomat, have openly stated that the Palestinians have a perfect right to resist their occupiers. Thus, this puts paid to the Zionist hope that they can snooker the Chinese to offer them some cover for their deeds. Not a fan of Islamists, Zionists, or Chinese Communists, but I enjoy seeing them going at it.

      • In a perfect world, the Chinese build an elevated, tofu dreg-quality highway in Gaza and it collapses with the IDF on it and the Hamas leadership underneath.

  23. “The irony here is the people rubbing their hands together and salivating at the prospect of Trump behind bars just spent the last week carrying on over the death of Alexi Navalny, as if he was the Gandhi of Russia.”

    The wildest and funniest part was watching the Clowns in Charge get furious when people pointed out the obvious parallel. The United States in fact is far worse than Russia in this regard because Navalny* was a Western intelligence asset and likely did commit actual crimes. I don’t know how this Trump deal plays out** but it redounds to our benefit either way. And like every other aspect of the Global American Empire’s decline and fall, what the Regime does to Trump will be grotesque and far more vulgar than anything he ever could be. You really can’t hate the Empire enough although it is good for laughs as it thrashes around and lashes out in its death throes. As always, the best thing to do is distance yourself as much as possible from this filth and human garbage.

    *Of particular note was the widespread and general disinterest, if even that, in Navalny’s death. The vast majority neither knew who he was or cared. The Clowns are down to the Superbowl for the most part.
    **If the Regime does go the Weiss route, and it is certainly capable, we should be so fortunate that they again choose a Tribalist as their assassin because that might severely erode or even end MAGA’s love for Our Greatest Ally if the tards made the connection.

    • Targetted assassination is a viable and legitimate tool for all empires. No one is immune – JFK springs to mind. Like Trump, you could see the knives coming out for him long before the deed itself was done.

      Given his proximity to chitbirds like the Clinton’s and other regime power brokers… I’m quite surprised that he is still alive. The only explanation I can come up with is that there is something staying the hand of the regime. Think about it: kill him and if civil war doesn’t break out…he dies and goes away to the great relief of both parties. Using the kangaroo courts? That is pi**ing EVERYONE off. Even the lefties can see the obvious problems with corrupt courts. Antisemitism is going through the roof.

      What has Trump done? The only thing I can think of is that he has open contracts on not only prominent shitlib actors… but their handlers as well…

      • If I had Trump’s money, I already would have received the best rough justice money can buy. But he is a Normie’s Normie. The irony is it likely would stop with one good funeral, too. I expect in the near future Clouds knock one another off routinely. The Rule of Law is not for the Little People, after all.

    • “The irony here is the people rubbing their hands together and salivating at the prospect of Trump behind bars just spent the last week carrying on over the death of Alexi Navalny, as if he was the Gandhi of Russia.”

      Like Gandhi, Navalny was an ethno-Nationalist. We support a lot of them, like Netanyahu and the Azovs. In fact, we will support ethno-Nationalists anywhere except in the US!

  24. ” If those fail then one can only imagine what comes next, but they no doubt have something ready just in case.”

    Plane crash, like Omar Torrijos. These things “happen,” ya know. Real shame. Boeing’s had a lot of problems lately, and Trump’s got a 757… can you say “plausible deniability,” kids?

  25. I think the Trump crisis is a strange mix of those old candidates the system wouldn’t tolerate and then the 1860 election. A prominent national candidate possibly being taken off the ballot in several states despite massive backing. You even have growing rumblings of state governments backing this candidate si the secession ghost is on the doorstep of Overton and gradually entering.

    When you step back it is not surprising that a federal government having gone psychotic must eventually provoke a constitutional crisis of the first order. If now isn’t the time to listen to sensible preppers like Matt Bracken I don’t know what cues you’re waiting for. Get the micro sphere in order for dramatic changes of circumstances as you follow macro events

    • I often call this the 1860 election. Lincoln was not on the ballot in the South, won the electoral college, and the South seceded.

      2024? Trump wins in all but the bluest states. (I don’t think they’ll be able to keep him off the ballot, though.) States like NY and CA start inviting Russia and China for military assistance and go into open rebellion.

      It’ll be a media rebellion not Ft Sumpter. But I expect multiple blue states to start seeking Chinese military assistance if Trump wins.

  26. It is a good reminder that these people have no souls and therefore no conscience, so no sense of shame.

    I travel frequently and interact with people from all over. The ratio of the folks you describe just keeps on increasing with contact.

    The US enjoyed a post-WWII respite but the country has returned to what it has been for most of its history. Now, I’m one of the indians but without a real tribe. We know what happened to them.

      • You are correct. I would enjoy being a gentleman farmer despite I became what I am today professionally to get off the farm. The problem is that you need to not depend on farming for survival because you can lose it all with one rotation due to no fault of your own when starting out. My grandfather, a peaceful engineer, would erupt with loud anger if my grandmother put onions in a dish. “You get those stinkin’ things out of my home right now!” Only few times I ever witnessed this man behave like a lunatic. While growing up, gramps’ family farm collapsed and they were forced to live off nothing but game if they could collect it and onions in their root cellar. For weeks on end during deep winter it was onions for breakfast, onions for lunch and onions for supper. If they ate those meals. Not going there brother, it’s mostly going well enough for me here (for now). Thank you though, someday I hope to apply for vetting.

        • It can be better in rural areas, but there is still a strong tendency towards living in “zip codes” and not communities. I actually have a rural acquaintance who says he lives in a town that does not actually exist, it’s just the legacy name of the post office that delivers his mail.

        • That’s why you can, dehydrate, and freeze dry right now that way you have a larder built up for at least a two year harvest fail…My great grandparents had a one acre garden, chickens, ducks, pigs, and cows during the great depression and never went hungry….

          • Already prepped to the extent I can. Am an active outdoorsman and spend a lot of time in Alaska inter alia. Make my own vacuum-sealed outdoor meals for lengthy times /out/. Have acquired training and gear. Problem we face is living in a nice neighborhood in Chicago. We won’t be able to escape, probably, and our A plan is to stay and be as gray as possible and then eliminate problems, all the while nature takes her course and we’ll be among the last ones standing upright. Plan B is Da Yoop but we have to get up there and we’ll be surrounded by folks we think will remove most fish and game, and our crops and animals assuming we can get some. It’s going to be risky up there but at least no predicted flumes unless somebody nukes Thunder Bay and we don’t think so. Cheers.

          • You are correct, @DaBears. Had a neighbor who worked for the Sheriff back when I lived only an hour out of Chicago who said they had actually trained on using 90 and 94 to channel those fleeing Chicago up into Michigan. The plan was to lead them by dropping caches of supplies ahead of them.

            Put it off too long and you get lumped in with all the rest.

          • Yea Brother if you don’t have a Tribe Up there it will be about as bad as just hunkering down in the city…I would read about what Selco has to say about surviving in a city when SHTF, it’s not pretty to say the least and he said if you don’t have a group you are going to be food for those who do…You need to come out and visit so you can see what you are missing out on now and what will save you and the missus life in the future…

  27. “…assuming the general election is not as corrupt as it was the last time.”

    Quite the assumption.

    “Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

  28. What’s amazing is that there’s a clear exit strategy for our ethnic rulers. All they would have to do is say, “Yes, Trump is clearly guilty, but for the good of the country, we’re going to call off the prosecutions. The evidence is overwhelming, but we don’t want to split the country.”

    Sure, their base will be a bit upset, but they’ll still hate Trump. On top of it, a good chunk of CivNats will applaud their wanting to “save” the country.

    It’s not a great option, but it’s far better than going ahead with the prosecutions, which will only anger Trump supporters and make the few independents skeptical. But as the Duran guys always say, these guys have no reverse gear.

    • They don’t have a record of choosing de-escalation over further provocations so that would be out of character

      • When you control the key institutions, there is no need to de-escalate. You double down and pursue a different path.

        Can somebody identify a key institution or dominant industry player controlled by an opposing force? The energy sector, sin industries, airlines etc. don’t oppose. Perhaps firearms but I see that more distributed.

        There is almost no opposing force standing in their way except for overreach and self-destruction.

        • Yep. They don’t have a reverse gear because they don’t need one. The tribe has complete control, at least for now.

          When you can force the world’s richest man to fly to Poland and kneel before you, that’s power.

    • I think it’s the fact that they are so arrogant and confident that they can literally “remove” all of the Trump supporters. They WANT conflict. If they react, it will give them the ammo (no pun intended) needed to hunt them down using the DOJ or even the military.

      • They’ve been betting on that for years, but Team Red has been smart enough not to take the field.

        Our best weapons are soft power economic and institution killing weapons that can’t be countered.

        US banks are very vulnerable. The court system is very vulnerable (imagine nobody showing up for jury duty, or turning it into a shit show in protest). Hard to Lawfare people when the juries are creating havoc. Quiet flight out of banks is both legal and destabilizing.

        Never fight the enemy on their terms. Fight them on ours. All the FBI agents in America can’t do a damn thing about people simply staying home and telling the government to eff off.

        That’s why the military collapse has them scared. Restarting the draft would get their own base to take to the streets. And white normies families will just sit it out and become refuseniks.

        We haven’t used our best weapons yet.

  29. And so I find myself in an oft-cherished reverie that the Great Unwashed and even some of the buffed and polished bourgeoise will rise up as a proud nation to expel the interlopers and… But then, in sessions of not so sweet silent thought, I remember the many aspects of things past and just how they turned out.

    But one can dream.

  30. I get the sense that the victory that the deep state – oligarchs pulled off in 2020 has turned to shit in their mouths. To pull it off they unleashed forces that they did not control, and at least some of them have come to regret doing so and see where it leads is and are scared of that too.

    So the level of energy to stop Trump BAMN that existed in 2020 isn’t there today.
    There are still plenty of never trump crazies, but nor the unified establishment opposition. So my prediction is that the lawfare attacks will fail as they should.

    There is also a high level of gridlock on the establishment side, revealed by their inability to replace Biden – or even Harris, with someone new and more palatable.

    Its also should be remembered that Trump has been incredibly lucky over the last several years with attack after attack failing – spectacularly. At some point, you have to question whether that is the result of luck or some behind the scenes machinations. Trump was involved in WWR and their kayfabe for decades, and a showman for longer than that. He’s also a kind of magician – as in using slight of hand and misdirection to execute tricks.

    • “To pull it off they unleashed forces that they did not control”

      It is too early to make this conclusion, but if it proves out that will be the biggest consequence of the blatant election-rigging. You do sense they are now afraid of their foot soldiers, which even if irrational is significant. Fear of those foot soldiers probably was the reason behind the theft in the first place. The Right would grumble if the election were stolen, but the Left would have revolted and possibly seceded if Trump had won again.

      And yes, staying with Biden-Harris is the tell.

      Literally no one now supports the central government even if most are not at the stage of wanting to replace it. That was happening anyhow and 2020 just kicked it into high gear. They probably opted not to plunge into war because of lack of popular support, and that is not their default.

  31. I listen to the z-blog power hour every week and read these posts. I also listen to Derbyshire’s weekly show which I’m sure a lot of people here do as well. I also listen to RamzeyPaul, who the z-man links to here. I only discovered RamzeyPaul about 6 months ago and would recommend his show, which is on pretty much every weekday. If you can get through his self inflicted technical difficulties, which I think have become a humorous part of his act, he really has some insightful and important things to say.

    • I discovered Paul a long time ago. Great insights. I like the Derb, but he’s a hopeless colorblind CivNat in many ways and almost completely ignores the role of Jews in our current predicament.

      That said, Derb is right to say that if whites want a way out of our situation, crying about the Jews isn’t going to cut it. Stop being pussies and fight back.

      But that’s where the Derb falls short. Ok, if you’re going to fight back, you need to think about who and what you are fighting against. His Sgt. Schultz routine in terms of Jews doesn’t help in that respect.

      • Derb may well be a civ nat, but he is by no means colorblind.
        He’s been all over the black problem and immigration, and demographics since he was at National Review.

        • Derb is an emigrated brit who married an asiatic and issued happa progeny. He will never acknowledge the small hats, whom Derb perceives as being intelligent (the jewish g IQ in the Genocide State is a whopping 94 according to its own disclosures), contribute to our woes as a collective of ethnics and religions. Derb is blind as to small hats and this is a critical vulnerability.

        • Incorrect. Derb is HBD aware but still advocates colorblind civic nationalism.

          He’s not colorblind in terms of recognizing group differences, but he is colorblind in terms of politics. As far as I know, Derb doesn’t advocate for whites to tribe up and fight as a group. Or at best, he says that whites should fight back against anti-white racism, not because we are a people and deserve to remain a people, but because identity politics and discrimination of any sort is wrong.

          Now, I could be wrong about that last part, but I believe Derb is like Sailer and Murray. They’d like to severely limit immigration to a few high skilled immigrants, i.e., Asian. Then, with the border secure, we get back to a colorblind society recognizing that group outcomes won’t be the same.

          But that’s a fantasy. Other races won’t play the colorblind, no identity group game, chief among them Jews who have benefited to the point of running the country by playing as a team.

          Derb is way too smart not to recognize this, but he sticks with that plan for reasons that only he knows.

          • 3g4me,

            I understand the appeal. It sounds practical and gives hope that the system can be saved. But, ultimately, it’s escapism.

            I also believe that Sailer and Murray really, really like being part of the punditry class and this offers them a way to stay in their masters’ good graces.

            Sailer and Murray are the equivalent to moder house slaves. They get a seat at the master’s table and even are treated as equals so long as they never question their place or the system. And like house slaves of the past, they look down about the common slaves. Sailer and Murray are both insufferable snobs. One of their main objections to white identity politics is them being throw into the same group as the hillbillies they despise.

            (Btw, don’t give me any BS about Murray living in the country and enjoying mixing with the locals. Murray is like an English lord who likes to walk among his peasants and enjoy “real life” but then retreats to his manor.)

            Derb doesn’t strike me as deferential to the managerial class nor as desiring of their approval or company as Sailer or Murray, but he is fooling himself.

          • I think it’s an age thing as well Brother when you get to be that age bucking the system is so much scarier than when you have some vitality left… Thing is none of them want to get behind someone younger that has the fire and passion, they still want to lead with outdated ideas…

          • Lineman,

            Yeah, I think that’s definitely part of it. But that goes along with Murray and Sailer not wanting to get kicked out of the punditry class. At their age, that status is extremely important to them; indeed, it’s a part of who they are. Lose that status and what’s left.

          • Lose that status and what’s left.
            Their dignity and honor but I guess you can’t feed yourself off of that if that’s all you have…

          • Lineman,

            It comes back to my usual question: Who are your people?

            For Sailer and Murray, their people (at least in their minds) are their fellow mainstream pundits and intellectuals. For them to lose that is tantamount to an old Amish guy getting kicked out of the Amish community. Might as well just commit suicide at that point.

            It’s sad, but I’m certain that’s how they look at it – despite Murray’s folksy facade.

          • That is very true Brother almost like a boomer getting kicked out of the car club…
            Someday I hope we can share a cup of joe or sit around a campfire we would definitely have a few laughs at all the pretentious people out there…

      • Derb’s a piker on the JQ compared to Murray, who recently tweeted that he couldn’t think of one negative consequence of Jews being fully allowed into mainstream society over the past 200 years.

        Yeah, he wrote that.

  32. Curious to hear what people think of the Team A / Team B hypothesis. This is the idea that Team A are the actual nutters who are running things now and doing the various doings (Google AI ethnically cleansing Whites from all things, for example, or flooding the country with killers), while Team B believe all the things Team A does, but thinks we oughtn’t kick off the genocide quite yet, especially while they need White guys around to do things like fight wars and keep the lights on.

    Under this hypothesis, Team B is taking over and plans to put the brakes on Team A nutters for a while. This has to include installing Orange Man as president later on. That is why we see the pushback against the infinite lawfare activities and various media articles about how, when you really think about it, Biden is pretty bad and maybe we should chill out a minute here, guys.


    • While I agree with your first paragraph, I believe your second paragraph to be overly optimistic. If there were plans to put the brakes on Team A Nutters, a more serious effort would be made to close the borders, free the J6 political prisoners, and stop more of this madness. But alas, there are no brakes on the Crazy Train, and it will keep going until it crashes, taking most of the country with it.

      Just my thoughts. I upvoted you for the interesting analysis. It does seem as though some of the elites realize we might be going a tad too fast, but it’s hard to imagine them doing anything significant to stop it — except to make sure they have their own soft place to land in New Zealand or wherever.

    • The political actors have no actual power. It is why eyes are rolled when someone claims Obama is secretly in charge. He is a glorified lawn jockey.

      Dino suggested in this thread that the people who do actually control things may have become alarmed by their foot soldiers. I think that’s likely right. They normally can control them, but there seems some concern that may be slipping away, in which event the genocide will be attempted prematurely and likely fail spectacularly. I wouldn’t be shocked if that is playing out now. It is common for vicious dogs to bite their owners after years of patrolling the yard, after all.

    • btp: Sounds to me as likely as the 4-D chess scenario certain bloggers pushed to explain every failure of the Trump presidency. While the puppet masters are not stupid, they are monomaniacal. Don’t overthink a simple case of hysterical malice.

      • I believe there are disputes among fiefdoms and coalitions at the highest tier. Resolved by mafia means. Otherwise I concur.

        • No doubt there are factions among the actual rulers that increasingly are at war with each other. We see a pretty severer schism between pro-China and anti-China factions, for example. Much of what is happening is so opaque though that we can only hazard ill-informed guesses.

      • The monomania is more or less psychosis. It is hard to analyze what is happening at times because insanity cannot be rationalized. Ad hoc craziness really has no discernible pattern because one does not exist.

    • That’s usually the nomenclature used by that Dread character on Gab/Fedi, although it’s a little different as follows:
      -Team A – Genocide>Zionism
      -Team B- Zionism>Genocide
      Team A’s zealotry is obviously threatening the viability of the Zionism project so Team B is pulling out the stops to get their least-bad option, Trump, across the finish line. Point being that there is some “buyers remorse” among a cohort of the elite in piling in to the Biden train (which is something we’d always brought up, so, yeah, they’re not as smart as they think they are).

      • Yeah, that’s exactly where I was going. Doesn’t seem to be very popular as an explanation around here. Cool.

        Of course, I very much hope Team B, if there is such a thing, utterly fails at their project, if there is such a project, and that Trump is imprisoned, or assassinated, or has the election stolen again. But that’s because I believe only violent conflict with the minions of Team A – if Team A exists – provides a path forward.

        But, then, I believe in doom.

        • But, then, I believe in doom.

          I think it’s just too late.
          Team B is only now realizing what we knew all along: Israel is doomed under the Team A status quo and that they screwed themselves over in their shared paranoid delusion that Trump was Step #1 to getting the ovens fired up. They’re hoping against hope to turn the clock back to 2006, but, that’s never going to happen.

    • Milei (Argentina), Meloni (Italy), Bolsonaro (Brazil), BBB Party in the Netherlands, all are pretty strong evidence that Team B is trying to put the brakes on Team A’s overreach. Team A’s job is to dare outrageously; they advance, while Team B consolidates.

      I could certainly classify Trump as an asset to Team B.
      He’d be the hero facing overwhelming odds in the second act.

      A Trump hudna would allow Team B to get their assets securely in place to further build out what territory Team A has won.

      • Not a black pill. What buys them time, buys us garage Indians and Colonial riflers time to work on our toys and prepping too.

    • That’s been the Democrat/Republican thing for I don’t know how long. Dems liquidate social capital, Reps temper it just enough to keep the spigot flowing. The tank is getting empty, the pump is running dry, so it’s starting to break down anyway.

      Whites have become slavish, and are treated accordingly. Slavers gonna slave, because they’re no better, just as helpless. We’ve been here before.

    • I tend to agree with your outlook that “Team B believe all the things Team A does, but thinks we oughtn’t kick off the genocide quite yet.”

      To support your point, I’ll note that a similar dynamic is going on with the market failure of the girl boss superhero movies.

      The normie conservative youtube channels (Critical Drinker, Nerdrotic, Doomcock) are rejoicing because they think that they have finally won because “go woke, go broke.”

      These guys believe that the people who make movies have been taught a lesson about how capitalism works and will now have no choice to go back to making the kind of superhero movies that the normie conservatives like. The clock will turn back to 1990 and we will all live happily ever after.

      No. While the movie makers must take some time to regroup, they have not learned the lesson that the normie conservatives think that they have. Instead, the movie makers simply realized that they have to go a bit slower as they wait for the normie conservatives to be made demographically irrelevant.

      I like these normie conservative movie critics but they are foolish if they think that the movie makers have changed their goals.

      • I like those guys as well (Disparu is good, too), but I don’t think they completely get it, either. Disney & Co. keep doing this stuff because they’re *religiously motivated*. Money doesn’t really enter into it. This is a religious cult and it won’t quit.

        Actually the Disney situation is a PERFECT microcosm: a talentless female sh*tlib fails upwards, steers her gaily painted clown car from one calamity to another, learns nothing, makes bank. The company, meanwhile, hemorrhages money and viewers. But it doesn’t matter! Because a). The Message is getting out, and b). Her white male sh*tlib boss is now a court eunuch hostage who literally cannot make a move – any move – to save the company. It’s almost hauntingly beautiful.

  33. > In fact, they accuse lots of enemy governments of acting this way. It is a good reminder that these people have no souls and therefore no conscience, so no sense of shame.

    I can’t remember if it was the State Department or another official U.S. Twitter profile, but one of them complained about a foreign country taking far too long to count all the ballots (a couple of days), and accused the country of electoral shenanigans. It was just next-level chutzpah.

  34. Trump is another Jewish shenanigan that prevents white people to abandon Jewish projects called America
    There’s  a reason why Jews and blacks have such vanity and reckless behaviour
    They’re thinking that white people are weak and pathetic

    and they are so right about that

  35. There are two national parties, the MAGA party and the Uniparty. The Uniparty likely has the votes but even if it doesn’t, it owns the election. Our ruling junta may offer Trump a deal: leave the country and don’t come back or you’ll get the Navalny or the Julian Assange treatment. Trump’s got his family to think of. He’d likely take the deal for their sake.

    What makes sense is for Nikki to be the Uniparty V.P. and to have Biden step down after the inauguration, leaving a reliable Nikki, a woman of color, to run the deck for twelve years, enough time to bury the U.S. and create a New America.

    • >>> “There are two national parties, the MAGA party and the Uniparty.”

      What exactly are the supposed irreconcilable differences? The Uniparty is Zionist and devoted to Capitalism, Inc., plus the warfare-welfare state and indoctrination centers called schools. MAGA, too, has a place for these elements in its creed. So far, they’re looking rather similar, but MAGA gets the rural white rube, the white small town flagwaver, the petulant white gun nut, and the flattard. It’s a home for people who are naïve enough to believe in both Trinitarianism and the Constitution. They’d still be doing the Bellamy salute if not for FDR wanting to send useful idiots to Europe and the western Pacific to put down the rebellions of Germany, Italy, Japan. MAGA is retards and white semisavages in rebellion against their natural masters.

      • “What exactly are the supposed irreconcilable differences?”

        There are differences. One of the most salient is MAGA’s retreat from empire and the imposition of hegemony by military means. That went past its sell-by date fifteen or twenty years back and is now rancid. The last two years have underscored how obsolete globalism, empire, and military hegemony are: the USA continues to hemorrhage credibilty, respect, influence, and scarce resources. Trump is no great intellect but he has an intuition for the way the world is changing and he is willing to act on it. The “deep state” and the MIC are irreversibly invested in that rancid script as moving away from it probably spells death for them.

    • Couldn’t do that. Well, unless they overturn the decision they made for Ford, which is that he served “too much” of Nixon’s second term, and if he had won in ’76, could not have run in ’80.

      Then again, what does settled law mean to a Democrat?

  36. I’m unconvinced by the inevitability of Stop Trump. For the establishment there is value in having a (relatively) ‘law and order’ candidate in the hot seat in order to prevent the frogs from boiling too fast. He’d also soak up blame for the forthcoming recession and whatever else is coming down the chute. The president’s executive powers can be ignored, as we saw last time, and even supreme court appointments serve only to limit the insanity which, again, could be useful to the establishment.

    The most decisive power held by the presidency is to veto particularly madcap high-profile schemes. I assume the scheme the establishment were so pissed to see vetoed was the baiting of Russia to war and *that’s* why they were so pissed in 2016. Having had their scheme, it’s entirely possible the establishment are all out of ideas, and are quite happy for Trump to soak up some blame while they attempt to re-group.

    Plus he’s old, and thus less dangerous as a long-term figurehead.

    • They must be terrified that instead of taking the blame, Trump will make things right, and that’s the end of their schemes once and for all.

      They want a reliable blame-taker, and Trump is definitely not that.

      • Wish I could be that optimistic, but Trump has a proven track record of ignoring the advisors he should listen to, and listening to the ones he should ignore.

        If he ends up in the Oval Office, they will set him up to take the fall, and, like last time, he likely won’t see it coming.

    • Well, the Regime may have had aspirations of a walk-over win over Russia back in those heady days of 2016, but after seeing what the Bear is capable of against GAE/NATO weaponry and strategery once the Bear put its shoulder to the wheel, they should count themselves lucky that it didn’t come to that. And now, this would be an even more fatefully wrongheaded notion. Even while Trump was being undermined and circumvented by the neocons during his term, it never came to that, and this was a very good thing indeed.

  37. An old colleague once callled The Perfect Storm” the best business book of all time. They had plenty of warning that a big ass storm was brewing. Could have run for home port, could have run to the Canadian Maritimes, at the end could have run for Sable Island. But the fishing was good, so the crew ignored the obviously problems. In the end, the choices were run against or with the seas, but either way you’re gonna sink. Feels like we are there. And yes with the lawfare cases apparently collapsing, I put nothing beyond the current junta. Who will be the ophthalmologist this time?

    • There is a strange psychology to failure. I have seen it in post-mortems of bankrupt companies. It is as if the right answer is always eliminated before the decision making process begins. In 2016 they could have cut a deal with Trump and got 90% of what they wanted, but they eliminated that option at the start. We are seeing a repeat now.

      • What I’ve personally witnessed are executive managements that profit far more from riding the ship down (several years) than from the risk of pro-actively taking risky steps to preserve the business.

      • There could be causality in that link. The things that truly fail do so because the most sensible response was unpalatable for some reason. The 90 percent of fizzling situations that don’t blow up and so are not remembered , are the ones where people do the smart, undramatic thing.

        Btw, the exact same pattern is seen i foreign policy. Here they are flirting with open war, hence possibly nuclear war, against Russia. They are provoking the Russians in ways that would make Truman, JFK and Reagan dizzy. This could obviously go south like nothing in history

      • Given his susceptibility to flattery and faux loyalty, it always has been a mystery why the Regime did not simply coopt Trump. We can’t rule out insanity as the reason, either, because it seemingly would have been in their self-interest.

        • They did try and he was willing. Except in one area: no more wars. That was unpalatable to the regime.

          • “I’d end the war in Ukraine in one day.”
            Yup, that’s what sent them over the top.

            It would disrupt their global black market of trafficking, bioweapons, organ harvesting, weapons, money laundering, and drugs that supports the banking system.

            Ukraine is also the testing grounds for the Web 3.0 digipass panopticon New Bretton Woods system that Fink is heading.

            The mosquito-drone swarm Internet-of-Bodies sampling and surveillance rollout might be delayed long enough for Musk to perfect his Internet-of-Bodies Borg AI Link alternative, we can’t let the competition get ahead!

      • Well the problem was that in 2016 he had just defeated Hillary Clinton. For that there was no possible response but hysterical rage.

      • It’s called the hubris of man Brother and you see it everywhere, it even affects our side which is sad when we know what we are facing…

  38. “The irony here is the people rubbing their hands together and salivating at the prospect of Trump behind bars just spent the last week carrying on over the death of Alexi Navalny, as if he was the Gandhi of Russia. In other words, they dream of doing to Trump what they accuse the Russians of doing to Navalny.”

    Glenn Greenwald made the comparison a few days back:

    Liberal democracy is bullsh!t and always has been. It’s just threadbare camouflage for oligarchic control. The velvet glove over the iron hand — but in these days of deepening crisis the velvet glove has to be dispensed with.

  39. ” assuming the general election is not as corrupt as it was the last time.”

    That is one hell of an assumption.

    • It’s not going to be as corrupt as it was last time, it’s going to be more corrupt. Has to be; not just to beat the level of fraud necessary to pull out a Biden/Kamala? win, but to show the dirt people who is really in charge. Say anything about it and you’ll get the J6’er treatment: years behind bars with no trial, tortured by jailers who hate you.

      As stated above: “It won’t be long now”


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