Understanding Our History

One of the weird things about the Cloud people is how they talk about history as if it is a spirit force or a god. In his State of the Union speech, Biden kept saying things like “history is watching us” and “history requires us” as if “history” was the name of the guy controlling the simulation. He is not the only one who does this. In fact, he never talked like this until the rest of the Cloud people started doing it.

One reason for talking about history this way is it gives them a false sense of moral authority for their various schemes. They claim that history moves toward some paradise, so if their schemes advance us toward that paradise, then they must be on the side of history. It is all nonsense, of course, but nonsense has been the fuel of fanatics and lunatics since the dawn of time.

Even with a sober-minded ruling class, however, there would still be this need to shape history so that the present feels inevitable. Much of what has brought us to the present crisis is the shaping of history to fit the causes of the moment. Our progressive ruling class has been rewriting history since Gettysburg, maybe even since the Battle of Naseby, because the future is certain, but the past is unpredictable.

That is the show this week. I am taking a brief stab at reframing American history in a way that not only helps us understand how we got here but justifies why we must do that which must be done to restore sanity. I am stealing for another “Z” man, Howard Zinn, and creating a dissident version of American history. Maybe more like taking a first stab at the idea of creating a Dirt People history of America.

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This Week’s Show


  • Intro
  • All History Is Bullshit
  • Real Founding
  • The Civil War
  • The American Empire
  • Democratic Empire

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227 thoughts on “Understanding Our History

  1. Schumer’s demand for Netanyahu’s ouster is an Israeli internecine conflict wrapped in an American delusion. It is another manifestation of the Israeli protests over the latter’s judicial reforms, as the Israeli courts are the last bastion of Ashkenazi political control in that country. American Jews in positions of power are decidedly Ashkenazi in their sensibilities. Netanyahu, despite his own background, represents the Sephardi/Mizrahi Jewish body politic. The American delusion comes into play in that faced with an unwinnable situation abroad, maybe even a defeat, the solution is always to try and overthrow the leader of your opponent, since whoever replaces them is sure to be more amenable to your wishes. In fact, behind Netanyahu are a lot of potential Israeli leaders even more opposed to any sort of accommodation with the Palestinians than he is. His replacement (like Putin’s in Russia) would likely be a whole lot worse from an American perspective. As usual, America is stuck with the losers and will probably win the booby prize again (i.e. refugees).

  2. Ok now will try again:

    The Schoolhouse Rock cartoon about Bill on Capitol Hill came along right about when the process it depicted had ceased to exist. I don’t see that as coincidental. Analogous to (here I go again) the Clancy novels about the patriotic CIA analyst, brave and true, published around the same time that the intelligence community was taking over the rest of the regime. There must be other such examples.

  3. Testing testing 123, this blog keeps vaporizing my posts and I’m wondering if it’s the content, or if it’s just me

      • Bill on Capitol Hill

        (it seemed like some variation of this was what was triggering the censor)

          • Truly this is baffling. Those are the keywords in what I was trying to post, Schoolhouse Rock, Bill on Capitol Hill, Clancy, CIA, the other words are all ordinary and common, and it just won’t go through when I try to post the whole thing, which is only about a paragraph long, about the same length as this.

  4. The Schoolhouse Rock cartoon about Bill on Capitol Hill came along right around the same time that the process it depicted had ceased to exist. I don’t see that as coincidental. Analogous to (here I go again) the Clancy novels about the patriotic CIA analyst brave and true, which were published around the same time that the intelligence community was taking over the rest of the regime. There must be other examples.

  5. The Schoolhouse Rock cartoon about Bill on Capitol Hill went on the air right around the same time that the process it depicted no longer existed. I don’t view that as coincidental. Kind of like how the Clancy novels about the patriotic CIA analyst brave and true came along right as the CIA was taking over the rest of the regime.

    These are but two examples. I’m sure there are more if I really thought about it.

    • This post stayed in queue for close to 36 hrs before appearing. The beginning of my confusion.

      • I am not sure what happened here. I did not see it or any of the others and then all of a sudden they were in moderation.

        • It’s happening fairly often for some reason, and not just on this site. 36 hours is an outlier, but 24 is not uncommon. I figured it was some offense I committed elsewhere that put me on some list where some of my stuff has to be approved by WordPress before it gets passed on to you.

  6. Great show Z, however I take issue with “the settlers killed the Indians and stole their land.” No… They conquered the Indians and took possession of conquered lands. The way it’s been done since the first caveman conquered his neighbor and took possession of his cave and women. There is a drastic difference between stole and conquered.
    Stealing is taking with little risk involved. where as conquest requires risk of losing life and resources.

    When you say “killed and stole” that’s how a leftist kook would reframe conquest. Which is simply a hard wired part of human nature across all ethnicities, cultures, and peoples.

    That said,I cannot see any reason why the elites of the USSA, or the Russians, Chinese or any other wealthy and solidified 1st world country feel the need to keep on keeping on with the war and conquest bullshit. We have ours, they have theirs. But as I said above, this non stop cycle of war and conquest is simply backed into the cake of human nature.

    • I dunno. Isn’t “we killed them and took their land” kinda the approach that we need right now? We can construct the fine language later…

    • It must be with great satisfaction that the yellow people and the Old Testament people watch the black & brown people do to white and New Testament people what white people did to red people.

  7. RE: The echoey sound in the Z-Man’s new “Eagle’s Nest” mountain top studio. It’s possible all of the audio filters you were using to mask all of the various background noises in Lagos (basketball thuds, gunfire, first responder sirens, shouting, etc.) also served to remove any echo. I can’t imagine there will be much noise at all (at least of the human variety) up near your mountain retreat. The most noise you’ll have to contend with are frogs and crickets chirping in the summertime.

    • I’ve noticed some podcasters have their studio walls lined with those (usually black, charcoal or some other neutral color) sound absorbing tiles or panels. That fix might help to counteract the echo.

      • That’s the sound of a building made with corrugated metal panels.(most of my outbuilding’s are that way).

        Good on Z for keeping it authentic.

        And Good luck to you Z on your new Redoubt.

        My daughters and I are praying for you.

    • I think it is a combination of things. One is higher ceilings here. Every room here has an echo. Digging around, I learned that something like a bed or a couch will deaden sound a lot. I tested this theory and found zero echo in my bedroom, so the lack of that queen sized sound deadening panel is probably the biggest issue. I also have my desk perpendicular to the wall with my back to the adjoining wall. I have three sides of a box going on here, so that makes it worse.

      Once I get unboxed and settled, I will put some sound deadening panels on the wall behind me and the adjacent wall. Apparently these things work very well for my needs. I do not need a sound proof booth for the show. I just need to have it reasonably quiet. I just have to find panels that are decorated with Confederate flags.

      • A few curtains, wall hangings (we have several William Morris emulating tapestries up) , or area rugs exert quite a salutary effect on undesired sound reflectivity.

        Our family room and the adjoining kitchen were refloored with porcelain tiles, but as our senior border collie’s rear hips got less strong, in conjunction with muscle loss, she was having problems with her legs splaying out on this slippery floor. My wife thought that installing some rug runners would be of material benefit to her, and we did just that. It has worked quite well for her with these Princess Runways in place. And, as a side benefit, these runners also changed the room acoustic in that formerly highly sound reflective room. As a musical sort, this was one of the first things I noticed once they were on the floor.

      • Any irregular surface will interfere with sound waves bouncing around your room. The best-sounding recording studios look like hoarders’ dens, not consultant-designed acoustic environments. Put a lifetime of useless accumulation to work for you! High ceilings don’t matter if waves can’t cleanly propagate.

        Consumer-quality sound dampening kits, the foam pads and stuff, don’t really work unless *very* precisely placed, which normal people can’t do. Near-universal truth of the audio biz: If it looks “professional” to normal people it’s a scam. Podcasters like to show their foam, so you know it’s useless. A comfy chair next to a bookshelf is a million-dollar “sound treatment.”

        The hidden menace of nagging echoes and oscillations is HVAC. If there’s ventilation i/o near your equipment, you might have to close/remove/stuff it. This can cause other weird problems and noises, of course. I have an unalterable a/c vent in a weird spot. The solution is don’t play a c# where it can hear you.

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    • Essay writing is a luxury of a well-established high-trust society in which discourse is a fundamental component of group education and intellectual thought enhancement. But an essay will not stop an illegal alien mercenary from raping and murdering you when you walk home from the office at night. For that you will need a 9mm automatic and both the skill and determination to use it.

      Now ask yourself. Are we living in a high-trust high-functioning society at present? Do you own a 9mm automatic?

        • It really isn’t. It’s the most common handgun caliber in the world because it gets the job done.

          Ammo choice and shot placement are always the key factors.

          A Glock 17 and a couple of 17-rd magazines stuffed with 147 grain HSTs should handle almost any defensive situation quite well.

  9. The Z Man has failed to note that America is not dominated by either a Yankee or Southern elite but by a Jewish elite that has little to do with the old national struggles between North and South. It is rather dedicated to the complete demoralization, de-Christianization and exploitation of the American people, north, south, east and west. It has commandeered both liberals and conservatives for its dirty work, as evidenced by the support of both for the current slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and the insane war in Ukraine.

  10. Great show and a lot of food for thought. Lots of perspective I’ve never really entertained. But I absolutely agree that the present group of “elites” must be gotten rid of, so we can even possibly realize a normal, moral society. Some sort of amalgamation of north/south sensibilities – and just realistically mind our own damn business…

  11. Anyone on the lookout for more based content should check out Chris Bray on Substack.

    Also, thank you to whoever here who turned me on to LTC Steven Murray’s Rumble channel. His roundtable discussions are just unbelievably based.

    • I will 2nd that, and add that Matt Bracken is a regular on the round able. I also recommend Steve’s telegram and X channels for news and updates.

  12. I just read the West Point has removed “Duty,Honor,Country” from its mission statement.

    Can anyone confirm, or is this just a joke?

  13. There is definitely a need for a right wing version of Zinn’s book for the masses but an honest one can’t be sold that covers the 20th and 21st centuries. Without going into some depth about the role of the tribe in the events of the past 100 years + you aren’t writing an honest book and one that does cover those special people will be banned so it won’t reach the masses.

    Strange situation that has no parallel in modern world except maybe the laws surrounding the monarchy in Thailand. However the monarchy doesn’t shape all the narratives or wage war aro3 the globe for tribal purposes.

    It would be like trying to write a history of modern China without being able to discus the CCP. Sure your could mention Mao and Xi but only anti Chinese fascists say the Communist party controls the country.

    • I can sort of infer the point that I suspect you are trying to make but this is not coherent.

      Also, why would you expect the history of Siam to be common knowledge?

      Lay off the sauce brother.

    • I am amazed that someone doesn’t know of Mao, Xi and the CCP who reads a blog like Z’s. Mao is one of the most famous figures of the 20th century. Xi and the CCP are all over the US news daily and are famous worldwide.

      But I have always been amazed by how little most Americans know of the world and history and how proud they are of their lack of knowledge.

    • “There is definitely a need for a right wing version of Zinn’s book for the masses but an honest one can’t be sold that covers the 20th and 21st centuries”

      Go ahead and write it. What are you wanting for? Plenty of publishers out there in the Alt Right world who would be more than willing to publish it.

      Then follow it up with a book tour through Skokie. You would draw hundreds of thousands of pro white supporters.

  14. Generally in agreement with Z. Great podcast. However, I will give a slightly different revisionist history of the U.S. informed by the “cycle of regimes” in Book VIII of Plato’s Republic.

    The Founders were a “guardian class” of educated aristocrats dedicated to objective, enlightened principles and to justice. (This is my chief disagreement with Z. The Founders certainly did have banal, pedestrian political needs like protection, but anyone who read Washington’s Farewell Address or the Federalist Papers knows they were far more high-minded than merely setting up a protection racket).

    They created a patrician, agrarian society based on the Natural Order, and those most naturally suited to be slaves, were. Perhaps the Declaration was a kind of Noble Lie, but nonetheless a good and useful one.

    The agrarian, patrician society they founded was overthrown in 1865 by military conquest, which Plato referred to as “timocracy” — dedicated not to justice but to military honor. The American timocracy began to conquer the rest of the world in 1917 and lasted until 1991. It relied upon hitherto unthinkable mass conscription and created the military industrial complex and the national security state.

    The timocracy enabled the creation of the Yankee oligarchy, which created a capitalist, industrial society based on the exploitation of free white immigrant labor. They used the emancipation of the Negro as a replacement Noble Lie and moral justification for conquering the South and displacing the Tidewater elites.

    Starting in the 1960s, the U.S. became decidedly more “democratic.” The franchise had already been expanded to negroes and women, and then to high school seniors. Created by the lotus-eating sons of the oligarchy, the ruling principle of the democracy was “equality” and “liberation” from sexual mores, patriotic duty, the patriarchy, etc.

    As Plato predicted, men and women, parents and children, foreigners and citizens, teachers and pupils, masters and slaves, and even animals all became equal, resulting in mass chaos. (Today one might add homosexuals and transsexuals as well).

    The next step is the creation of a tyranny, the worst type of regime. This happens when a “man of the people” arises by flattering the prejudices of the democratic mob. He suspends justice and the rule of law, and in the name of the people puts to death anyone who speaks out against him.

    This is not a perfect analogy but it is spooky how spot-on Plato was about the chaos of democracy and how the democratic mob will seek a tyrant to flatter its sensibilities.

    When you look at the evolution of our contemporary police state, with panopticon surveillance and the historic arrest of a presidential candidate… you can fill in the banks.

    • The flaw in the idea of Plato’s “man of the people” coming to power, is that in our case there is no “people.” There are competing tribes, each too large for the other(s) to “put to death.” And they can’t maintain their economy when they debank tens of millions of the people in it, so that option is also out (at least at any large scale). Think of what it would do to their precious stock market.

    • Plato did not anticipate the collegial oligarchy that describes the West. Putin has complained, no doubt Xi as well, that they have no one to negotiate with because no one really rules. There are figureheads but the real power lies behind the scenes and remains hidden.

      If you look at our elites, they spend a LOT of time arguing and meeting with each other in a giant WEF talk that never ends to come to some sort of consensus. Imagine the Church’s College of Cardinals, but with the entry into the College of Cardinal’s ill-defined, constantly changing, and riven by factions as always.

      I suspect the situation is not stable, not the least of which is the power is going out. South Africa first, of course, but the US will soon follow as will Europe. You can’t have Panopticon with South African power grids. All that surveillance cell phone stuff does not work when the power is mostly off.

    • The Founders developed a nation that had conflicting ideologies as to what path to take. Agrarianism was eventually replaced by industrialization. The authors of our Constitution also put into place an important mechanism in the Preamble—our posterity. They recognized that future generations would chart their own path by way of freedom of association and the rule of law. As America grew in size and matured intellectually, it realized that the enslavement of blacks went against the Natural Order. A series of events led to the smashing of those Tidewater elites, who, if we’re being honest about it, were only concerned about making Mammon, and had little regard for the southern yeoman farmer. Not surprisingly, our rights and freedoms expanded. The franchise has been a cudgel against the machinations of the corporatists.

      So your effort to offer an alternate view is noble, but bizarre. Fortunately your outside of the margins thinking has little traction with normal white peoples.

      • Expansion of the franchise a cudgel against the machinations of the corporatists? I don’t think that that has been the way it worked at all. Once our “elites” caught wise to the power of propaganda, extrapolating from the insights and techniques of Edward Bernays, linking these with conscious and malicious manipulation and exacerbation of class and racial disparities, gave our “elites” a strong pimp hand by which to rule through the very expansion of the franchise and bulking up the clueless hordes so easily gulled through these manipulations and through appealing to their baser natures.

        As to Freedom of Association and the Rule of Law, well these have been either disallowed or exchanged for the rule of dissolute men. Our rights expanding? Cut me a break.

        Similarly with industrialization; where has our once puissant industrial and technological core gone? Sold off through offshoring production, or outright deindustrialized by those who sold whole factories and/or hard won intellectual property to foreigners for a quick buck.

  15. Monotheism chains God to historical time.

    When God is dead, History fills the vaccuum.

  16. If they control our understanding of history they can tell us who we are and who we aren’t. It opens the path to massive gaslighting and demoralizing.

    If you have the space to spare it is a good idea to buy or just save old history books. The ones that tell the old story. Yes it may be a narrative itself but at least it does not cast us in the role of white devils. If power cuts out you’ll need something to read anyway and possibly to teach kids with

    • OT but I find it fascinating if towns in Oregon and Washington state closely mirror the culture of the New England towns the founders came from. I didn’t know that and it seems to confirm the importance of genetics.

      • Anything written before the 1960s would probably be an improvement on anything mainstream published today I’d think

        • I coincidentally read an old book written befor the 1960s that I found in an antique shop. It was about the Incan empire, written by a biologist who traveled and lived there for a decade in the 1950s. Turns out, the incans destroyed over 100 South American cultures, using the women to breed and selling the men north into slavery, forcing everyone to learn Quechua, a century before the Spaniards arrived. Sounds like colonization to me, though I can’t find anything so mean written about these noble savages after the 1960s.

      • If Conceived in Liberty is not already on that list, it should be. Pretty sure it’s a free download somewhere. Got a paperback reprint by mises.org a few years back for like $30.

      • Having just across bookshelves briefly, anything written by actual Victorians, you’ll get a whiff of how white men from a genuinely confident civilization write and hoe they think and feel, knowing they represent the long end of the stick. Byron Falwell also catches this confident, assumed frame of “of course we’re the civilized ones” frame well.

        But again, anything old has got to be an improvement

    • Old 1950’s/early 1960’s era high school textbooks are great if you can find them, American history, ancient history (name 5 countries that no longer exist–Biafra, Formosa, Yugoslavia, Dalmatia, Pomerania heehee), English grammar, English composition, and surprisingly Home Economics–who knew manners were a thing back then–

      • One great regret is throwing away a Presidential history book for 5th graders, publish date 1963, with JFK’s picture on the intro page.

        It covered every Presidency in a “Reader’s Digest” format, so chock full of quips, quotes, bits, and aphorisms I would’ve given the best Civnat columnist a run for his money.
        Heck, I would’ve given a seasoned pro like Severian some weighty competition. I coulda fooled the best of ’em and sounded like a Serious Scholar.

  17. Great podcast. I have one quibble. The Yankee elite that dominated since the Civil War is largely gone, replaced by another merchant people who also believe themselves to be righteous and deserving to meddle in everyone’s business.

    However, while similar to the Yankee elite in many ways, Jews are much worse at governing. In their thirty or so years of truly running the show, they’ve managed to degrade the American empire in numerous ways to point that it’s losing its grip on global power and the debt threatens to bring us down entirely.

    But coming back to the writing of history angle, it’s not surprising that as the Jews took over for the Yankees that they started to re-write history in their favor. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      • Nice analogy.

        Whites must realize that the non-whites can’t stop themselves. On some subconscious level, many of them suspect that they are killing the golden goose.

        But they can’t stop themselves. They will kill the golden goose out of the immediate joy of tribalism, yet be much poorer for it afterwards.

        But they can’t stop themselves. Take heed, well-meaning white man. Stop it with this belief that dark people can act on what is in their long term best interest.

  18. Referring to History as a moral authority is such a laughable concept when someone does it they should be ridiculed mercilessly. After the revolution we can harken back to the Inquisition for guidance on how to handle such criminals. What western communists are trying to do when they appeal to it is apply a redacting mask over the traditional Christian moral framework adhered to by the majority. They block out all the parts that gave rise to the idea that individual souls are endowed with certain God-given rights too numerous to list here and incompatible with communist megalomania while emphasizing those that encouraged blind obedience to worldly authority. Burning at the stake seems too merciful for disseminating such poisonous ideas. A literate person could not in sincerity make moral appeals to the example of History, rather they fall to their knees and pray History doesn’t take any notice of them.

  19. History used to be the practice of documenting prior events in order to learn from errors and not repeat them. It was a civilized enhancement from the earlier practice of propagating wisdom by aphorism, storytelling, song, poetry and parables. But wisdom is not the same the world over. What is wise in Scandinavia is not the same as what is wise in the Congo. Hence, only local history is useful as a guide to future decision-making. And none of this matters anymore because the parasites have commandeered the vehicle of history as a tool of indoctrination in which wisdom plays no part.

    Its nice to imagine what idealized future leaders might be like, but that effort must be secondary to actually ridding ourselves of the parasites in the first instance. Otherwise, we may be dead before the sunrise occurs. And history teaches that hard times, hard tasks, and hard accomplishments often reveal who is best to lead.

  20. Part of the problem stems from the nature of our elected officials.

    They feel they have to pander to their base. For the Democrats, this base is a starry-eyed, dreamy bunch of drifters who like the sound of the word “history.” It offers solidity, so often missing in their lives, to the narrative.

    The elected officials, who take praise from the media for their left-wing stances, cannot stand to be ignored. By reaching for high-sounding language, they simultaneously elevate their message and denigrate themselves. They are leaders, not rulers.

    For more discussion on the difference between rulers and leaders, go to:


  21. A martial, land based Sparta in the South, versus a philosophical, sea based Athens in the North! Plus, the more radical northern elites hated…kulaks! Shades of Lenin.

    So good. I never could quite grasp Southern culture before.
    Sparta, they are. Now this Californian can intuit Southron ways.

    Also, this brings up a very big dog that didn’t bark.
    From Chesapeake to Charlottesville to Savannah…do you realize there is nothing, nothing about early Southern settlement history? All I’ve ever heard is about the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock, as if all those people who appeared in the Southern stretch just magically appeared there, like scenery in a Pilgrim passion play.

    • True that. Even as a youngster living up north, I thought it was odd that our history books put so much stress on the Pilgrims at the expense of Jamestown, despite the latter’s earlier founding.

      • I remember hearing plenty about Jamestown in my Alabama public school. But as for Charleston and Savannah, zilch, nada, zip, nothing.

    • Check out “This Country of Ours” by H.E. Marshall. 100 year old US history text book. Fascinating early chapters on ALL stages of European and English colonization of the US.

      • Mow: I just checked it at Amazon (I know). First listing is for an ‘updated’ edition that celebrates “people brought together not because they are of the same race or ethnicity or background or even with a common journey here, but because they share belief in a core of ideas. ”

        Hard pass. What edition to do have?

    • Yes, very true…But this was a great show, very extensive, and Z-man couldn’t get to everything…

    • I learned about the Pilgrims in kindergarten. Later on, I learned about Roanoke and Jamestown. Kind of this idea of two English colonies, far apart, that were different and eventually came into conflict. Also learned about PA, obviously, as a third, Quaker, project. Idk, maybe I was getting the PA perspective on the whole thing.

      • In Pennsylvania, one can’t forget about the German impact, both from the urbane, literate, and trades they brought, as well as the largely agricultural Amish, Mennonite, and Moravian peoples who settled further West. And then there were the Scots Irish who pushed yet further West during the early to middle time frame.

  22. Anglos would have an Anglo perspective on how society should be organized. America is obviously not as Anglo as it used to be.

    Re: Civil War and its roots, am I wrong in thinking that New England would have more of a Viking influence than the South? The Albion’s Seed thing. NE has cold weather, not the best farmland, etc. Even the region is a little Scandinavian lol. Any rate, Vikings were traders, raiders, seafarers, egalitarian. Also, even when they conquered, they tended to assimilate into the local culture, rather than strictly imposing theirs. You can, perhaps, see the seed of the melting pot in this. Iow, Anglos with an Anglo perspective. (I also wonder how Celtic in outlook the South might be, given that their ancestors held out the longest against the Germanic hordes. Iirc.)

    Imo, centuries-long trends have favored reason and commerce (the black death thing, weakened church, etc.). These trends could be reversing, I think they are.

    One point of contention: I would argue that the Yankees got outcompeted and replaced by people who are better at commerce and learning. Jews, I mean, of course. And this is why there were no armies deciding the matter— merchants and professors aren’t fighting men. They compete in the marketplaces of goods and ideas. So, as far as the Judeo-Puritan elite, I don’t see much Puritan, at least not in spirit. At the risk of being spicy, skinsuits and mindsuits, but not the spirit. Puritans as judaizers? Maybe to the extent that reason and commerce are Jewish?

    • For various reasons, I don’t think there is a ton of Viking heritage among the New England Yankees.

      Personally, I believe those Yankees are the descendants of Cromwell and his Parliamentarian ilk.

      • I’ll admit my assumption is that Vikings spread their genes and ideas in the areas they conquered, even as they eventually assimilated.

        With that said, East Anglia (re: Albion’s Seed) was in the Danelaw. Much the same with people who came to PA, looks like. Iow, the colonial American north was generally peopled by those got hit the hardest.

        Idk, I’m not a professional historian. Wouldn’t know if it was a different population in the region by the time of the Civil War, but I’ve never heard anything like that.

        • Painters-

          No worries mate.

          I’m basing my point on the idea that the Anglo-Saxons had largely suppressed direct Viking influence in Britain by the time of the Norman Conquest.

          Yes, the Normans had some Viking influence of their own, but overall they were a very different people compared to the Vikings.

          • The Danish kong Canute conquered all of England less than half a century before the Normans did so at Hastings.

            The Danish-Viking influence on England is vastly underrated.

    • Jews are not better at learning. Name one jewish intellectual that contributed something worthwhile to humanity. Off the top of my head..

      Newton, Copernicus, Plato, Copernicus, Aristotle, Edison, Tesla, Watson, Crick, Bell, Cooper, Watt, Hubble, Ford, De Vinci, Wright bros, Deere, Pasteur, Nobel, Pythagoras, Hippocrates.

      Not one jew. Wait.. I think Jonas Salk was jewish. Okay… one jew I can name off the top of my head. They might have a contribution equal to their percentage of the population, but it certainly does not exceed it.

      Unless you focus on banking and financial schemes of course. They definitely have made an outsized contribution to the development of those things. Sachs, Fink, Icahn, Dalio, Soros, Dimon, Goldman, Schneider, Bloomberg, Yellen, Cramer, Stein, and…. Buffet. The reverse of before… one goy this time. How ironic.

      • With a little effort I could probably name 50 Finkels, off the top of my head, who have made highly significant contributions to Western civilization. That does not negate the incalculable harm they have done, but to deny their very real and obvious contributions is absurd.

          • Philo
            Baruch Spinoza
            Karl Polanyi
            Ludwig Wittgenstein
            Edmund Husserl
            Ernst Cassirer
            Karl Popper
            Martin Buber
            Moses Maimonides
            Saul Kripke
            Gustav Mahler
            Felix Mendelssohn
            Darius Milhaud
            Charles Alkan
            David Diamond
            Arnold Schoenberg
            Karl Goldmark
            Aaron Copland
            Ernest Bloch
            Kurt Weill
            Gyorgi Ligeti
            Osip Mandelshtam
            Heinrich Heine
            Marc Chagall
            Amedeo Modigliani
            Saul Bellow
            El Lissitzky
            Mark Rothko
            Barnett Newman
            Albert Einstein
            Wolfgang Pauli
            Robert Oppenheimer
            Coen Brothers
            Stephen Spielberg
            Sidney Lumet
            Neil Simon
            Isaac Babel
            Max Bruch
            Eric Korngold
            Boris Pasternak
            Leon Bakst
            Harold Bloom
            Sigmund Freud
            Jacomo Meyerbeer
            Louis Kahn
            Georges Pissaro
            Emile Durkheim
            Claude Levi-Strauss
            Richard Feynman
            Henri Bergson
            Isaac Singer

        • NeoSpartan,
          Well, you asked, and got an extensive list.

          You are new around here as a commentator. The fund of knowledge, both intellectual and practical to be found hereabouts is not your average. It is to be treasured, and received with the humility it deserves. Some here are prolix, others laconic. We learn from each other, largely because of a culture of mutual respect. While disagreements often emerge, ideally they don’t degenerate toward chippiness or curtness.

          Bluntly, I have seen you exhibiting some of these traits in your recent interactions, and this does not work to your advantage. But I have read others of your thoughts with interest; welcome to our host’s colloquium. We are all pilgrims here.

          • Yeah, I’m an asshole sometimes… Sorry about that.

            I do get that it’s especially pathetic to be an asshole on the internet because nobody can punch me in the face if I act like a pos lol. Anyway, I’ll try to be less of one. My personal life is a bit hectic right now so my mood’s been bad a lot recently.

            Sorry all.

            I do gotta be honest in rebuttal though…
            Dude seems to have spent well over an hour googling mostly mid-tier jewish intellectuals and compiling a list of them… I can’t not call that pathetic.

            Also a lot of those are trash or evil. Picasso and Oppenheimer, for example. Some decent composers, I’ll give them that. But you can’t count people like Paul, converts to Christianity do not count as modern jews.

            Modern jews rejected Christ, that’s what makes them jewish dude, I thought that was common knowledge?

            Not going to spend time going through his list, but much of it is disingenuous crap included to try and win the argument. Bro argues like my sister. Truth matters not.

      • There are different kinds of intelligence. An ability to be educated, and to think in an educated way, is one of them. Call it learning. Doesn’t mean it’s always right!

    • While there was Scandinavian settlement in the Northeast of medieval England, as well as the Norman Conquest—comprised of French-speaking Northmen—in 1066, New England was mainly settled by well assimilated English Puritans from the Southeast. Scandinavians did not arrive in America in large numbers (cf. New Sweden, 1638–1655) until well into the 19th Century, settling in the Upper Midwest. However, since the original Europeans who came to this region were in fact New Englanders, Puritan culture continued to be conspicuous there.

      Much of this is explained in Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America, the title I believe Z was trying to remember in the podcast. Because the book eschews the usual chronological style, however, it can be rather tedious to read. As for Jewish influence, you need look no further than the books’s author or his former institutional affiliation. Although I do not think their social position is owed to out-competing anyone, so much as it is to subverting what the Puritans had created for themselves in the New World.

      • Idk, like you say, they came from southeastern England, much of which the Vikings ruled. This was, of course, centuries after the fact, centuries after those Vikings would’ve become Englishmen. Maybe I’m missing something.

        • Roman Britain was populated by Celtic tribes. Following the Roman withdrawal, Germanic tribes including Angles, Saxons and Jutes took advantage of this to occupy much of England (get it, Angle-land?). The Jutes gave their name to Jutland, which is the mainland portion of Denmark, so we’re already talking Scandinavia here. The point is, these were not so genetically different tribes, which were, as you rightly say, well-assimilated by the beginning of the 17th Century when the English colonists arrived in America.

          • Yes, no argument with that. My point is maybe some parts of England got more genes than others, so to speak. You can assimilate, but some things are still latent.

  23. Haven’t finished the show yet, but so far it’s excellent as usual.

    I’m nearly 50, and I remember being taught in history class the evils of Hitler and the nazis. I remember reading in my textbook in 8th grade that the nazis burned books. Reallly…. Well they did burn them, but they weren’t the kinds of books we were taught now were they.

    I think the hardest part for normies when making their way to our side of the great divide is coming to the realization that much of what you were told and taught about America is a great big lie. I have a few friends who are your typical White, conservative civ nats who still complain about “democrats” and how they vote. They just can’t reconcile that voting is nonsense and that the system is a complete fraud. When I share these ideas with them you can see their brains churning and searching for some sort of cope so they do not need to face this reality. This is the Trump voter base in a nutshell. “They’re dividing us on purpose!”.

    • Those types are the most exasperating of all. Back in my gullible 20s, I had a boss, the owner of the small company I worked for tell me. ” George, if voting could change anything they wouldn’t let you do it.”

      A wise man.

    • Everything is framed for you in a way to instill emotional attachment to all the propaganda you’ve been subject to every single day of your life.

      Things were bad enough before the invention of radio with just newspapers, pamphlets and books. But it was the inventions of radio and TV along with “mass education” in the 70s and now the internet that we became awash in endless propaganda nonstop every single day.

      It is a miracle that anyone anywhere in the US is capable of thinking a single independent thought. Even the words we use are propaganda. The big brouhaha about Biden using the word illegal to describe an illegal alien is illustrative of this point. Calling someone an illegal or alien doesn’t sound neutral, it has a certain negative connotation. We can’t have that. So everyone is forced to use “undocumented immigrant” so nobody ever has any ideas about an illegal alien. I just ran into this yesterday when someone was referring to prostitutes as “sex workers” This is another propaganda phrase to equate prostitution with an auto-worker or retail worker etc. It’s to ease the stigma attached to prostitution.

      Nothing can compare to TV and movies and that is why they are filled with propaganda.

      Large parts of modern education is just pure propaganda.

      The mass nature of all this propaganda and brainwashing is one of the reasons our elite is so crazy. The elites are exposed to it every bit as much as the dirt people, probably more so as they read more books than the dirt people. Most of them have been rendered entirely incapable of entertaining a thought that does not conform to the narrative. No amount of evidence will ever change their minds.

      • Don’t forget MAPS (Minor Attracted Persons).

        The evil knows no bounds, which is why I will take great pleasure in seeing these people mercilessly destroyed.

      • Most “Normies” don’t understand the psychological power of the Media. For decades my favorite example has been the “Smart Black/Stupid White” TV commercials which I finally woke up to back in the mid-1990’s. Of course, the Normies considered these as harmless comedy, and up till that point, so did I. Once I started noticing this gist these of ads, the genie was out of the bottle, never to be stuffed back in.
        If enough relentless brainwashing to advance “Ms.” and “African-American” upon the pubic doesn’t stop, eventually all resistance finally grows too exhausted to continue.
        The final result is social and political conservatives saying “Oh yeah, we were for desegregation and gender equality all along!”

        • Tweet currently making the rounds (at WRSA):

          “Every person who’s ever uttered the phrase, “One race the human race,” should be forced to wait tables in an inner city Waffle House so they never have the desire to parrot that ridiculouly stupid statement ever again”

    • I discovered our host by reading the comments on NRO back in the day. But I wouldn’t have read the NRO if I hadn’t been deluded. So, sometimes delusion pays off.

    • When I share these ideas with them you can see their brains churning and searching for some sort of cope so they do not need to face this reality.

      Same way I feel when I talk to our side about the need for Tribe Brother… Everyone on our side of the aisle loves to talk, debate, and argue about what they are doing to us and how bad it’s getting but hardly anyone talks about the solutions needed to live the 14 Words…

      • Many years ago I tried to apply for a Florida “Vanity” license tag reading “14 Words”, but by that time, they were wise to what it meant. Oh well!

        • Don’t know if my Latin passes muster, but maybe if you had put in for “XIVVERBA”, you might have gotten that secret handshake accepted through a bit of subterfuge.

      • First, talk to them about helping younger members of their family.
        (By “younger”, note, I also include 40-somethings trying to keep my deceased dad’s house in the family, for instance. That place was “granpa’s”; they grew up with that anchor, and all the kith and kin who partook of it.)

        Yes, it’s a massive headache taking on other people’s problems. But younger people have friends; the younger, the more friends, the older, friends based on skills and interests. They all have problems and extended family too.

        This, and organized associations, is how one begins networking, that and living simply are suited even to a very limited budget. Don’t cost much to whack the weeds at that old lady’s place two doors down, or that strip in front of your neighbor’s.

        It’s a pain, a real pain, but you’ve dealt with pain before.
        Everyone has problems and threats, everyone has family and friends.

        When approached as a puzzle, it gives one a certain feeling when you can break ice on an intractable problem that they’re stuck on, or even just lend a helping hand. I call these, “street tithing.”

        If they’re white, they’ll remember, with gratitude.
        It doesn’t always work, and some people are crap, or a danger, or a bloodsucker.
        But, words get around. You are a minister to your flock, and they will begin to gather, since nobody else in their lives gives a shit. When they are old, and what our children and grandchildren will have to face, it is a piece of you they will remember and pass on. These are the trees we must plant, in whose shade we will never sit.

          • Thanks also are due to Lineman and RealityRules (among others…) for articulating similar points. Tribe, tradition, the inculcation of the cardinal virtue of the questing mind.

    • This was one of my final and most liberating black pills for me. That 20th century American history as we know it, is basically fake & gay. Not just recent history but at least as far back WW2 and probably even a bit before that if we are being honest.

      I’m still sort of in awe at the sheer power of our tribal friends in regards to dragging all of Europe into the bloodiest brother war of all time. How they must have rejoiced watching millions of European young men throwing themselves against one another in that meatgrinder! The Austrian Painter did a lot wrong, but about certain things he was dead on accurate. These people are simply better at propaganda and the chameleon act than Europeans, so we were totally caught off guard and its gotten much worse with the new technology & tools.

      They had been honing their “craft” for centuries on the Slavs (see Solzhenitsyn, 200 Years together) including the literal theft of genetics over generations. These people did NOT have Euro features when they first arrived in that part of the world. Slow methodical infiltration and now many of them are literally Nordic looking! You have to admire that centuries long patience & tenacity even if you despise the results & outcomes.

      • I managed to drop a red pill on my dad a few months ago, a boomer. I said “I doubt the confederates would have put up with rampant illegal aliens and fentanyl crossing the border.” He agreed, and said “maybe the wrong side won the war. We’d probably own South America by now.”

    • Wild Geese Howard: I hate to sound jaded, but Colombian gangs have been targeting, attacking, and robbing jewelers and coin dealers for 25 years. No arrests, no prosecution, no visa refusals. Colombians, Chileans, Venezuelans, Mexicans. It’s why I get sick to my stomach when people here insist that they wouldn’t mind living among them.

      • Nobody’s saying they wouldn’t mind living among Hispanics. We’re saying, if it comes down to it, they are preferable to certain other groups, namely nuggras and white race traitors. And that is incontrovertibly true.

        • I take living around Whites not matter how bad they are any day of the week and twice on Sun than living around any sort of shitskin…I’ve lived.and worked around all kinds so I can say that without a doubt…

          • To each his own. I loathe the purple-haired nose-ringers and skinny-pantsed ectomorphs with their scraggly beards and idiotic tatts on sight. Messkins aren’t my people, but unlike white Leftists, few of them are actively working for the destruction of my people.

          • I take it you never heard of La Raza or any of the other Mexican groups out there and never seen the large groups of them getting together and flying the Mexican flag and saying fuck you gringos…

        • Ostei, you’ll never win converts until they actually walk among Blacks and then Hispanics. Having been born in NYC, I’ll done both. Reality set in at a tender age when I was attacked by a pack of feral Blacks (but I repeat myself here) in NYC.

          In Tucson, I’ve been to the heavy Hispanic neighborhoods and never have given it a second thought. Obviously, I don’t wander about in the dead of night, but I’ve been the only White guy in the immediate area without giving it a second thought.

          I don’t like our Hispanic politics, and the workmen for the most part are pretty subpar. But that’s nothing compared to Blacks. Interacting with a Black is a dangerous “adventure” since one never knows how and why they may chimp out. Was the same at the University, and these were supposed to be the most civilized ones.

          I can see wanting to live/interact with one’s own kind, but to ignore the difference/preference between Blacks and everyone else is astonishing to me.

      • I suppose my post yesterday is the topic here. My primary motivation was expressing my distaste for the shitlib white. Inspiration was no doubt drawn from the eleven years I spent living in southeast Florida (the blue part of Florida on the election maps), where the two main groups are shitlib whites and mestizos. It was quite the contrast between them. Making for an easy choice. It’s probable that had I never lived there, I’d have never reached this conclusion. The shitlibs were just that bad (mostly a blend of jews and northeast puritan types). I’ve never encountered such wretched white people anywhere else on the planet. (putting aside whether jews are white, since in this context they appeared so)

        • Jeffrey Zoar: I grew up amongst White shitlibs. I’m with you on wanting nothing to do with them. I had zero knowledge of/contact with other races (aside from blacks in middle school) until I went overseas and was shocked by all the Pakistanis and Malaysians in northern England.

          But then I came back to the US and encountered all the Nicaraguans and Salvadorans in DC in the mid ’80s, and all the standard pathologies they brought with them. And years later I visited my in-laws in El Paso, and settled in the DFW area.

          This does not mean I ‘hate’ every single individual of another ethnicity. I can actually be quite polite and pleasant. I don’t disagree those from the global south are less consumed with hatred of White people than sub-Saharans are, but as others have said, they are not my people. I will never feel comfortable or at home in their natural environment.

          White shitlibs – if hypothetically forced to live in a solely White environment – might be more tolerable. They prefer the results of their pathologies destroy others’ lives, not their own. Of course any other Whites, the more rural the better. I learned to truly love and appreciate great English language literature from a teacher from West Virginia. The comments I hear in Bible study now, from old and young rural Whites, are thoughtful and relatable. These are not stupid people. Perhaps foolish in the protestant Zionism they’ve been taught, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be taught otherwise.

          I would hold the same hope for sh*tlibs if they had no access to non-Whites to fetishize. They might still have the capacity to be taught. With non-Whites – even those who don’t pose an immediate physical danger – their very DNA precludes this. Western civilization is not ‘theirs.’ Their natural instincts are just . . . different.

          I can appreciate different people and cultures. And eat their foods, and value their loyalty to their own and hospitality to strangers. But I have learned not to mistake these things for more than they are. Just as you will never be one of them, they will never be White Europeans.

          • “Their natural instincts are just… different”

            Spoken like a true dissident. You can readily recognize and, dare I say, even appreciate the differences. Whereas, those of whom you speak can only stand homogeneity, both because they believe it a prerequisite to their egalitarian ideal and because any amount of difference likely reminds them of their own loathsomeness.

      • 3g4me-

        No worries.

        As a northerner I’ve largely been insulated, (and thus very näive about), from the decades of problems at the southern border.

  24. Looks like the elites may be shaping history in advance. Macron gave an interview yesterday in which he said, among other bizarre statements: “I am informed that Trump will not win the Presidential election in the U.S.”

    He also said that the West is open to negotiations with Russia over Ukraine but only if Putin is replaced. So they still believe that it is possible to do a color revolution in Russia.

    • As to the first, Macron is correct. There is no way the Regime will allow Orange Man Bad, no matter how shambolic and dangerous the prosecutions are by DMV ladies. You saw that in Georgia where the shambolic DMV lady was not immediately disbarred but allowed to get on with the case against BOM as long as she fires her special friend.

      Of course, there are those in the White House who would like to dispense with elections all together, the First Crackhead needs about 20 years of grifting to pay off his dealer bills. Not to mention escort services. So there is that.

      It does look like France will go first, with “tripwire” military people getting hit by Russia, “triggering” a US response and some way to either create mass arrests, “state of emergency” or lawfare up to 11 at not just BOM nor high level supporters but also Dirt People by the millions. The Party of Chaos only knows more chaos, to create more emergency measures to create more tyranny. A Draft throughout the Western nations has been signaled for half a year now. So I expect it, Straight White Men only of course.

      • If a “tripwire” force is deployed it won’t be France alone. Some kind of NATO conglomeration. Macron is just the designated trial balloon floater.

        • Putin responded by basically saying that any foreign troops that arrive in Ukraine will be considered invaders and will be targeted no matter their assigned roles.

      • The “conspiracy theory” that Manny’s much older “wife” Brigitte is actually a tranny who is in fact who “she” claims is her older brother, Jean-Michel Trogneux, is beginning to have legs. Everyone’s favorite young black woman civnat Candace Owens is pushing it hard, based on some French women journalists’ research.

        Sometimes I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    • George1-

      I believe that Macron was voicing something that DGSE (French intelligence) briefed him about. DGSE received that information from their CIA contacts.

  25. “The future is certain, but the past is unpredictable.”

    I like that. I like it a lot.

  26. Just talking about recording the podcast by a stream makes me have to go to the restroom 😉

    Your comment on elites reminded me of Auron MacIntyre’s podcast that listened to yesterday where they made mention of Elon Musk being stripped of his compensation package from Tesla. I had forgotten about that, but West Coast tech elites (and to a lessor extent all “money elites” as opposed to “religious elites) did not. Even they noted that this group is largely not “our guys” but they’re more “our guys” than the “guys” we have now.

    • What defines “us,” I think, is the knowledge/attitude that our civilization is being or has been wrecked, and our people with it. Let’s pretend we’re now given two options to rescue/restore it/us.

      One is the suddenly dominant fantasy of every “post-libertarian”/NR righty: An elite “cycle” is accomplished—the present plan is to steal the government from Trump (really)—giving us Secret Emperor Thiel and a reformed managerial class, one that’s been self-help-talked into being Thiel sycophants, as now they’re brainwashed into being a supposedly (but not) less capitalist-friendly form of evil retards. The shitlib CEO reich, via restoration of “state capacity” and “competency” (sic), will send man into space! Etc.

      Our other fantasy option is that every single person Thiel has ever spoken to in his life gets piled in a ditch.

      Which way, Western /ourguy/?

      (Those aren’t the two ways, but you understand.)

    • Good, good catch. We’ve all been asking “where are our elites’ that will replace the old money Ivy class. I even helped the East Coast drive out this potential threat at the beginning of the Web age in the nineties; a CD factory in Boston’s Silicon Alley was being physically dismantled, the equipment shipped to San Jose for cheaper taxes (!).

      The bubble billionaires had a meet with Obama in Palo Alto and told him, “give us the infosys and surveillance contracts, and we’ll make you President.” (I moved a butt-ton of computer stacks, switching and wiring equipment to DC.)

      He did, and they did; now, real money and real power are on the line, and smart types whose origin ethos is startup-from-scratch revolutions (and woke libertarianism, unfortunately) are feeling the heavy hand of apparatchnik harridans telling them what to do.
      I imagine the Musk types really resent a bunch of spies saying, “nice business you got here…”

      Pacificists versus Atlanticists, looks to be how it’s shaping up.
      Then you’ve got Chicago commodities versus Texas oil, as the regional trade flows I ran were Chicago-Northeast / California-Dallas, then Dallas-Atlanta.

      • Sorry, Dallas-Atlanta and Dallas-Chicago.
        The I-55 is the fault line to watch, smack dab in the middle.
        Follow the east-west corridors 80, 40, 10 and the north-south 25, 55, 75 to find the new borders when we go Yugoslavia.

        Instead of rivers and mountain ranges, the motorized trade corridors will be the divisors, until we run out of refineries and go back to the WWII Famine Relief railroad-hub plan.

    • Real, real power is held by the nexus of permanent Government National Security employees, and the NGOs they fund. Where one ends and the other begins is impossible to say. But they have the real power.

      Power to stir up their servants in the media to go on some moral jihad against the Two Minutes of Hate target of the day. Power to use the form of the hollowed out legal and administrative system against any enemy. This is no different from Russia or China. Save our upcoming camp system is likely to be far more brutal (for target dirt people) than that of China’s. More like the old Soviet System.

      The Tech Bros are simply too little and too late. They don’t command and control where power flows from (see Mao) and so will brushed aside like a sandcastle on the beach when the tide comes in.

      • Reminds me of something else mentioned: that the tech bros still have it in their mind to save the system. That’s key: the first sign that the system is soon to be done is when the first real implementation of reform is attempted.

      • Agreed, I had forgotten the new wrinkle, their secret weapon: the NGOs. These are a repeat of the Rhodes Societies of old, the “philantropist” pirates.

        Not really government, not really business, these shapeshifting spy firms operate in the cracks. And every damn lefty I’ve ever met advocates for their own revolutionary lawsuit, drawing on the full faith and power of the government establishment.

        • Alz-

          The NGOs and the corporations have both been weaponized by the Uniparty to do end arounds the Constitution at will.

  27. The most influential factor in my political evolution over the last twenty or so years has been the realization that “History” is not just bullshit, but deliberate lies.

    Also, that no one in authority tells the truth, or at least the whole truth, about anything, ever.

    • The year is 2072. Little Hector has been assigned to do a report on the great insurrection of 2021 for his fifth grade history class. The only access to the history of it will be the archives of sites like the NYT and Washington Post and other “official” sources. Hector will be completely ignorant of what actually happened.

      We are little Hector. All the people who were there and experienced what we call history at that time are dead and their writings, if they had any have been thrown away or are otherwise no longer accessible. All we have is archives of the propaganda of the day.

      Recent history, like the present, is all weaponized propaganda.

    • The key to me is that my unquestioning acceptance of the past, from ‘a day that will live in infamy’ backwards, has been altered due to the overreach of the current persons of import.

      Their lies, rampant lies have opened up an examination of the past. Among others, family, even opening the eyes of some 70 and 80-somethings, triggered by their, ‘well WW2 was the good war…’ longings for ‘the past.’

      If they had not gone so far, ‘the most popular president’ and all similar examples of the big lie, maybe the past could have remained the past. But no, typical of certain types, they cannot help themselves. Tough talk by lawfare wusses, geeks that murder.

      One particular Savior, also considered a prophet by many, many millions, nailed them right out of the gate, codified until they retcon the bible.

  28. Solid podcast, and a quick observation.

    The Regime’s ability to expand has stopped. Economic strain, bad policies and a vulgar and repellent culture all play roles to one degree or another in the growing rejection of the GAE. Regardless of the precise reasons, as the tide of Empire recedes, the many contradictions, hypocrisies and falsehoods that were once below the surface now are naked and exposed.

    We often get so wrapped up in the parlor game of the exact expiry date that we overlook the bigger picture that the Empire actually is dying, timeline aside. The lies and atrocities that no longer can be buried accelerate the process of decline. Assuming it all doesn’t end beneath mushroom clouds, which I think is probable, future historians likely will use the humiliations in Afghanistan and Ukraine and the ethnic cleansing in Gaza as the markers for when the GAE started to fall apart (I think it was sooner and started with anti-whiteness but that is too nebulous really to serve the purpose).

    You only can control the past for so long.

    • The fact that the interest payments on our debt now exceed defense spending is an screaming indicator. Oh yes, a reckoning is coming. If you look at the situation from the cloud people perspective their only options are to cut social programs because that is where the money is. When that happens we all better have a well hidden retreat.

      The conversion to digital currency in which they steal half of everything would only work temporarily so then they will back to cutting social programs.

      By the way, what is the consensus for when our first cannibal will be elected to Congress?

      • “The conversion to digital currency in which they steal half of everything would only work temporarily so then they will back to cutting social programs.”

        What is planned with CDBC would make Lenin blush.

      • I’ve heard this all my life. So far, at least, it has not come to pass. Money is not tied to anything real. There is no limit to the amount of money we can print. It’s really just an accounting system with an arbitrary unit of account we call the Dollar.

        Are there limits? Possibly. I don’t pretend to know though. This system could live on for a hundred years or may die tomorrow.

        Doug Casey is one of the people always predicting the Dollar collapse. Here’s a video from 1980 with Casey predicting imminent hyperinflation:


        • I previously thought that way. However now with the rise of BRICS+ it may be that maintaining the GAE and the dollar will be much harder.

        • MMT, for all it’s flaws, is scary right in that if one must cough up taxes in whatever form the government decrees or go to jail, you will use that currency. And even if you think you will hold out, your employer will not choose jail.

          They really can print any amount of “money” and keep inflation at bay by just taxing away the “excess”. What they may not be able to do is run a welfare state at the same time. The jury is still out on that.

  29. Howard (Clownworld) Zinn 🤡 the other Zman
    We also need to write the book: the closed society and its friends
    Nietzche wrote the gay science, he was onto something

  30. I have a first edition copy of Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe. It has two sentences on concentration camps and the mistreatment of the Jews. Recently I read Orderly and Humane by RM Douglas about the expulsion of Germans from what became the Eastern block after the war ended. Estimates are between 1 million and 2 million died and some of the same concentration camps were used to temporarily house those being expelled. I suspect this is part of the reason the Holocaust wasn’t mentioned much in the first 30 years after the war.

    • I’d suspect that it wasn’t mentioned because it wasn’t what we’ve been told it was. It was probably Jews being sent to work camps along with God knows how many other ethnic and political groups, just as the Soviets were doing, i.e., pretty damn cruel but nothing unusual.

      Conditions at those camps were nasty and people died – a lot. Things probably got worse as the war went along and Allied bombing disrupted supplies, so even more people died, just as German civilians were dying.

      When the war ended, the camps were liberated and the troops thought that they were very nasty places, but nothing that the world hadn’t seen before, so no one thought to point them out as anything special.

      Decades later, the propaganda machine kicked in and here we are.

      • The biggest modern WWII myth and misperception is that orderly death camps were the main form of extermination. For the most part, the Einsatzgruppen simply shot and killed people as they entered into towns and villages. Given the Allies did this themselves, it was thought best to ignore that.

        • Exactly. Very nasty stuff was done by both sides, particularly the Germans and Russians, to all kinds of people. No need to exaggerate.

          Thankfully, the world is moving on from both WWII and the Holocaust story. It’s just too far in the past for young whites and non-whites don’t care what happened since those events involved whites, not them.

          We’re witnessing the world moving on from the 20th century, but America and Europe (and our rulers) won’t let go. Thankfully, the rest of world is getting big enough not to care. They’re moving on regardless.

        • Jack: My husband’s Godfather, who surrendered to the Americans, was then interred in a prison camp in Germany before being sent to the US. Uncertain who ran the camp, but he boiled grass to survive and got down to 80 lbs.

          • If that was at the Bulge or generally ’44 onward, your grandfather-in-law actually was semi-fortunate. The Brits and Americans started to kill POW’s frequently rather than intern them during the final stage of the war. Dresden hardly was the sole Allied atrocity.

          • You can hear recollections of the execution of German POW’s by Americans in the European theater on YouTube (ditto for the Pacific theater). I don’t like it, but that’s war on a rapidly advancing front. Basically, surrendering Germans held back the advance.

            One old GI spoke of his commanding officer ordering him to take 3 just surrendered Germans “down the road” and be back in “5 minutes” so the group could pull out and continue the advance.

            Of course, the old GI knew what that was code for and that there was no rear station that close for holding captured Germans. It was basically code for take them out of sight and shoot them—which he did. I also note there was little anguish apparent in the old soldier. We were a different breed of men in those years.

        • Side note: the Einsatzgruppen, 4000 men in all, were formed and sent to hunt down non-uniformed partisans who were engaged in spectacularly grisly torture executions of uniformed soldiers, Apache style, on the Eastern front.

      • Brother Nathanael says that no one ever talked about any such “holocaust” when he was growing up in the 1950s; he said that it was Eli Wiesel who came along and introduced the myth about a decade or two later.

        • In the ’60s Wiesel and Jerzy Kosinski gave the first popular accounts that weren’t pornography (quite). They were literary stories, not coherent or plausible, but they were sold as autobiography, and they changed The Story. Building on what Resnais had done in Night And Fog (the soap!) Wiesel made the nazis insanely evil in the specific ways we now imagine they were—and Kosinski made normal Europeans even worse. It was TV documentaries that did the most work building the present’s founding myth, but those two guys laid the cornerstone. Before them, the camps were a story of war government. After them, the camps are you.

          • My childhood memory of the Holohaux going Big Time was a Talmudvision series [possibly on ABC?], called, (((Herman Wouk)))’s “The Winds of War”.

            It’s bizarre that I can remember the name,(((Herman Wouk))), after all these years.

            The only scene I remember from the Talmudvision series was a bunch of Christians & j00z in German custody, and the Germans demanding that the men take off their pants & underwear [so as to display their private parts], and the Amurrikkkunz objecting because so many White Christian Amurrikkkun men were themselves cut.

            In my memory of the scene, the German officers were humiliated, and backed off on the order.


            There was a competing Talmudvision series back then, called, “The Thorn Birds,” starring Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward.

            Chamberlain subsequently proved to have been a S0d0mite.

            I can’t tell from his wikipedia entry whether or not he died of AIDS.

            Apparently Rachel Ward is still alive, and her daughter’s kinda hawt:


      • How thoroughly rotten and cruel was the Andersonville prison camp during the civil war? Always been this way.

        • Yep, the Gauls didn’t fare well under Caesar. And so on and so on and so on.

          • Yea you would think it would cause us to do everything we could to not lose this war we are in… Talking about it with a Brother over coffee today and the conclusion we came too is most people no matter what they say or meme about it must not really believe that they are marked for extinction otherwise they would be doing everything in their power right to not let that happen…

          • Lineman: “most people no matter what they say or meme about it must not really believe that they are marked for extinction otherwise they would be doing everything in their power right to not let that happen…”

            Bro, I spent all day yesterday & all night last night & much of this morning, obsessing about yesterday’s STERILITY thread at /pol/…


            Normies must be completely utterly oblivious to WTF the v@xxines are doing to them & their children & any and all of their possible descendants.

            It’s sounding like the Depopulationists have in fact already succeeded in trimming the world’s population from
            8 Billion down to only 500 Million, but it’s gonna take a few generations to get there.

            Apparently female children of v@xxinated parents now carry in them a recessive trait for ovarian failure which will eventually remove their DNA from the tree of life [after several generations of the recessive traits have matched up in their descendants].

            My point being that either Normies are just complete idiots, or Normies are so lazy that they’ll never bother to inform themselves about these matters, or else Normies simply don’t give a damn about the looming specter of their literal extinction.

          • Lineman, if a person is convinced that is inevitable, then the ONLY right answer is expatriation

        • Exactly. Check out Camp Douglas in Chicago, too. Confederate POWs were marched naked in the winter just for shits and giggles. War is a lot more hellish than its retelling.

        • The Andersonville prison story is documented in about 6 or so books, all out of copyright, but on line. Great reading. One thing I found interesting is a lot of the bad stuff was not the immediate cause of the Confederate staff. The way the prison worked was to dump prisoners into the compound and let the Yankees organize and sort things out internally, while the Confederates simply guarded the camp perimeter.

          This laissez faire practice allowed prison gangs to run the camp internals, steal from the new arrivals and inflicted much suffering and starvation. It finally was so bad, that—at the request of Yankee officers—Wirz allowed the prisoners to conduct court marshals and *execution* of convicted prisoners. Yep, he allowed internal Yankee military justice to reestablish order in the camp.—and it worked! 😉

    • I remember watching an episode from a British series on WWII in which there was film footage concerning the expulsions of ethnic Germans from areas of Eastern Europe. Grossvattern and Grossmuttern in their overcoats, toting a few belongings in tatty suitcases along a road in Czechoslovakia, being lined up alongside of the road and machinegunned, and then trucks driving over the bodies ostensibly to make sure that they were dead, but actually to further scorn these oldsters who likely had little to do with the war that swept all up. Scenarios no doubt repeated many times. Don’t know how this footage aired, even then.

      • Seen the same video. I really don’t blame the people.

        There is a lesson here for us (DR). The reason these German ethnics were so hated was that their presence in the country was the pretext for German occupation/annexation in the prewar era. These countries learned their lesson wrt “multi-culturalism”.

        We seem to have not learned this yet.

        • Can’t agree there, friend Compsci. I thought the Germans had been in the Sudentenland, renamed Chechoslovakia after the War, for at least 500 years.

          You must have a more recent upset in mind?

          That reminds me of the question I wanted to ask Joey Junger. 1848. The whole European continent was embroiled in a Communist revolution, from the bare gist of it that I get.

          Can anyone tell me what was going on in 1848, and was that the upset Compsci was talking about?
          Or, did it have more to do with Bismark’s consolidation of 1500 Prussian duchies into the nation-state of Germany. (Note that both Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany became unified nation-states in the 1880s.)

      • Judas priest. Judas goddam priest.
        And here “Hitler attacked Poland first, we had a Secret Treaty!”

        Yeah. Right. Hitler “attacked” Poland over opening the Danzig corridor, because the freedom-loving Poles had already murdered 58,000 ethnic Germans there.

        We’re seeing an exact goddam replay with 8 years of Ukraine shelling Donetsk-Lugansk and banning everything Russian.

        Kiev was the original capitol of the Rus, 1400 years ago! Just as the old Ukrainian told me.

    • No she wasn’t. Willis was told to step aside or fire Wade, that will be an easy call. They might even send her someone better to prosecute the case. The clown of a judge made no mention of the fact they both committed perjury in his courtroom. This is as legit as the regime could make this look.

      • Barnard: Essentially, the judge (who had donated to Willis’ campaign) told her to break up with her boyfriend; otherwise carry on. Same old, same old. The law is whatever they say it is depending on circumstances.

        • To bad our side doesn’t even have a tenth of that unity amongst that criminal class…

    • That is a fabulous find, Boniface.
      People, please click the link, it’s a quick summary of what drove the Pilgrims here.

      (Cromwell worked for Henry the 8th, author of the Anglican Schism!
      Henry was a Tudor, Tudor economics is why we revolted! We could only ship raw goods; processing and manufacturing were only allowed in Mother England, so we had to buy all our stuff made by foreign employees.

      Man do I have a lot of catching up to do. Anyone, what are the “Three Kingdoms”, anyways, since our Revolutionary history is an extension of the ‘War of the Three Kingdoms’?)

  31. I was a history major and gradually realized it was all bullshit. Every big episode in history was written by the victors, that’s why it always seems like the good guys win like a superhero movie.

    The two most obvious examples to me were the last successful invasions of Britain. William the Bastard’s claim to the English throne was obvious nonsense, but he won, wiped out the old English nobility and rewrote history.

    Then Henry Tudor won through luck (Richard got within a few yards of him before being killed) and guile. The rewrite of that history even included a Shakespearean play depicting Richard as a monster – sponsored by Henry’s granddaughter.

    • As someone who grew up around American Indians, I realized fairly early that the history that we learn, especially recent history, is just PR for the winners.

      You also learn that a territory belongs to those that can take and hold it. That’s nature’s morality.

      All this hand wringing about our rulers tearing down our statues and re-writing our history is stupid and cowardly. These people are in charge now; of course, they’re going to destroy our history and make us the bad guys. That’s what happens when a people are defeated.

      They’re not going to stop because we ask them to stop. We either fight back or break away. That’s it. Those are the two choices.

      • Citizen of a Silly Country: “You also learn that a territory belongs to those that can take and hold it. That’s nature’s morality.”

        Nature’s morality is darwinism.

        And in the case of sentient creatures, Meta-Darwinism.

        Not much room for sentiment, nor wistfulness, nor philosophizing.

        There was a rather horrifying thread at /p01/ yesterday, concerning the v@xxines and genealogies of sterility:


        There was some disagreement as to the algebra of it, but there was a general consensus that all second generation females [descending from v@xxinated parents] would be carrying at least a recessive trait for sterility.

        • Add to that-cattle. The Hereford herd across the road, a bunch of about 36, produced only 3 calves this year. Prep accordingly.

          • p: Where? Everything I can find online claims no mrna vaccines have been approved for use on US cattle.

          • Holy schmidt. There is an all-fronts war against US beef. Chicken too, and pork when China stops buying so much.

          • 3g4me, all I remember is that mrna vaccines were originally proposed specifically for the food-grade animal industries.

            At least a decade or two ago, along with growth hormones for meat, making cows produce more milk, and laced animal/bird feed.

      • Truer words. I think the breaking away part has started, too, and that process will accelerate. This is starting while the economy remains relatively good, by the way. It won’t take much of a push now. Covid drove that point home and was only called off because states and localities said “no.” That shows a little more self-awareness than we have come to expect.

        The cucks have chosen, unsurprisingly, a third option of surrender. You see fewer and fewer Muh Constitution delusions expressed in National Review these days, to cite one example, and The Conservate Case Against Lincoln is on the horizon.

        • You too Sister sometime this year before the faux election I would love to have you all out here for a meet and greet and have some great food and campfire conversation…

  32. Well I’m glad you’re finally out of Deepest, Darkest America Z. But… now the work begins, eh? Home ImproveMINT. Gah… but some people love home improvement so whadda I know?

    I almost gagged with laughter when you described the narrative around Lincoln. Even up here in Canada the guy walked on water like Jesus Christ himself! FDR was the other sainted saviour of American History, HAR HAR HAR!!! Their virtue signalling narratives are nauseating… but they are simple, fit together well and if you don’t have time for history or want to think…they’re awesome. If you have a triple digit IQ… maybe not so much so.

    I’d like to suggest a collaboration, Z: we need to make a Dissident episode of School House Rock. The plot will be the Dissidents invent a time machine and instead of going back to kill Hitler… we’ll whack Lincoln and FDR! Can you imagine cities like Baltimore, Chicago and New Orleans looking like modern cities and not like film sets for Planet Of The Apes?

    Oh gawd… Dissident History would be AWESOME…


    • …Dissident History would be awesome…

      This was a great podcast and one to be added to any homeschool curriculum: History is Bull Crap 101. The Abbeville Institute and George Bagby are good Civil War resources but a Zblog Power Hour on the Civil War would be excellent.

      Colonial Williamsburg now offers tours led by chubby, blue and purple haired tour guides with fish hooks in their noses. Just what our founding fathers would have wanted.

      “People are going to show up expecting all this great stuff and they’ll be disappointed and angry”

      “Just like Colonial Williamsburg” – Tracy Jordan.

      • Melissa: I have treasured memories of visiting Colonial Williamsburg as a kid. The living maze and bayberry candles. It’s all going to be lost.

          • 3ge and Jersey:
            Colonial Williamsburg and Historic Jamestown are wonderful places to visit. The glass making presentations in Jamestown are extraordinary.

  33. The TikTok legislation seems like a Corleone-Moe Green takeover. Make them sell to friendly investors. I hear Mnuchin has a team with an offer. Others to follow I bet, maybe Tony Soprano.

  34. It’s a psychological attack. The “history” crap.

    Everyone with a brain knows that they currently write the western history books, especially since they won WWII and the mantra is meant to imply that they expect to still be writing them well into the future. It’s a threat and a flex.

    Personally though, I see it as a sign of weakness. If they truly did have a secure and permanent grip on informational control then they wouldn’t need to remind people of it, it would just be a given.

    Their white replacement strategy is failing. Blacks are never going to get any smarter or more competent and their Indian and Asian golems are good at copying but not much else.

    And, to make matters worse for them, most of their high competency replacements for us are generally more loyal to their homelands than they are to to their jewish paymasters. When the USD house of cards falls, they are going to be left with very little. 95% of the “model immigrants” are here for USD, not homosexual and BLM values.

    It’s going to suck for us too, but we are the people that recovered from the black death to create the renaissance. We will be fine, after some recovery time from our contemporary plague. The first step will be cleaning out the parasites and invaders. If the Chinese could recover from their century of humiliation to become a giant again, so can we. And we have, fall of Rome, black death, Muslim invasions and occupation, etc.

    White people have overcome a lot of shit.

    I’m not sure how many small hats are in denial, probably a lot of them, but the smarter ones know that the jewish century is quickly nearing it’s end. Expect a hard push for new middle east wars in the near to medium term. Their intrinsic hubris demands it, they are going to milk from their power all they can while it remains.

    • This is one thing that Americans forget: there is no such thing as controlled speech In Nazi Germany, in Soviet Russia, even in communist China today, with their social credit enforcement, cameras, face recognition… people are talking and speaking amongst themselves. They know a chit burger when they see it and given enough time, they will feed it back to the people that made it.

      Controlled speech is even more difficult today. The internet always tells the truth – somewhere. And it goes viral despite their best efforts. In America the Cloud People are talking and preaching to themselves. Nobody outside Washington believes them other than geriatrics and lunatics.

      It won’t be long now until the Current Trash is swept away, because western gubbimints are not protecting their people. At all. Hopefully we’ll bring in something better.

    • Well said. Our side is way too prone to doomposting, but that wayvlies certain failure. Things will suck worse than they do now for some time, but whites can’t forget what we are capable of either.

      • “Our side is way too prone to doomposting …”

        If we were actually doomed, our enemies wouldn’t be afraid.

      • Black pill dispensaries are more common on the Countercultural Right than weed dispensaries are in Colorado.

        • The younger you are, the less time you have had to acquire knowledge other than what has been fed to you by the system.

          The impetus to doubt what you are told by the powers that be and investigate for yourself is much stronger in 2024 than it was in 1980 though, I can tell you that.

          So yes, we do, but the social climate is very toxic for the younger generations. There is a lot of Stockholm syndrome and confusion going on as well.

  35. There’s another.good.one: the long arc of history is toward decency.

    Really? Is it really?

    I wish I could get into my time machine and show the resurgence of torture in the year 2500.

    How I would laugh if some genius invented a brain scan machine that differentiated bleeding edge liberals from cutting edge thinkers like me, and shoved the pinkos into microwave oven ROOMS for live nuking, like they were hot dogs on a stick. The Marxists also believed their opponents we’re headed for the trash can of history. It is sheer pablum to soothe a baby.

      • In one of his old tech articles Tom Wolfe mentioned a machine that could accurately assess IQ by tracking eye movements for a few seconds. Its inventor could find no investors.

        Everything you “are” is a thing your body does. It’s probably all measurable. If so, absolute techno-dystopia is possible, but we may have—just in time!—become too dumb to make it. Silver lining.

  36. You’re thinking about “Albion’s Seed”as the big book on America’s English roots. It is huge, but it is readable, since it is broken into four parts.

    • I thought American Nations by Colin Woodard was a shorter and more readable take on the same topic.

      • I’m sure he did, since nobody holds such personal venom and hatred of each other as eggheads in the ivory tower. McDonald had his own pseudo-Celtic hobbyhorse he flogged. I think Fischer, while in no way “one of ours” has the right of the argument, rather than McDonald’s romantic fever dreams of America as some kind of Celtic Promised Land. The Ulster Scots who came to America were Anglo-Norse Lowlanders and Borderers, and spoke the Germanic dialect of Lallans (or Lowland/Broad) Scots, not kilted highlanders who spoke Gaelic, and for sure not Potato Irish.

        • Family spat, for sure, since Ulster was where the Scot royals from the home island dumped their bastard offspring.

          Burned the monasteries holding Celtic title deeds back to the Roman founding of Londinium times, then grabbed the lands to eventually pass the Corn Laws and starve the natives of their own produce, as well.

          Some right royal bastards they were.
          Those Mideast lunatics have nothing on us when it comes to seething with historical memory. I want revenge on those Sons of Heaven from Eden way (Qumra, Iraq) for raiding our coastal towns and megalithic cities, and taking our fair daughters of the earth.

  37. Busy at work, look fwd to listening. The anthropomorphization of an abstract concept, ‘History,’ into a wise god-surrogate is a hackneyed rhetorical device intended to clothe deviltry in the garb of righteousness. It’s the Battle Hymn of the Republic for the neocon power lust; this time the grapes being crushed are Manischewitz varietal, and Victoria Nuland is the plump hag goddess waving the flag with the star of Rephan.

  38. I’m praying for the day we get a based remake of Good Will Hunting and Will owns the BIPOC Harvard guy by name-dropping Zman’s A Dirt People’s History

  39. *wouldn’t fit

    Blah blah, coffee dogs rule something to satisfy field length.

  40. “One of the weird things about the Cloud people is how they talk about history as if it is a spirit force or a god.”

    Linear time. The Beginning, The End. Must be for a purpose, must be a plan. It’s the End of History, so the crazies are out. Probably has as much to do with the eschatological mood as the general decay.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes— or don’t play them. Prophets of apocalypse or utopia have a really bad record. No heaven on earth, nobody knows the day or the hour. Carry on.

  41. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Understanding Our History

  42. Looking forward to the show.. I’ve often thought a remake of the peoples history of the United States is in order. Also, interesting would be a remake of all in the family with Archie Bunker a liberal Democrat.

  43. Your Room has flutter echo.

    A few sound panels – 6” Owens Corning 703 2×4’ panels covered in Jute will help. Maybe Curtains too.

    Real Traps” TM are decent – but you can make your own👍🏻

    • You could send that as a house warming gift. Probably wouldn’t die in the PO box, but that’s Z’s problem.

      • *wouldn’t fit

        Blah blah, coffee dogs rule something to satisfy field length.

      • Careful, Templar! There were rumours going around about a certain little mountain town in Kentucky- two different drivers (Averitt and Fedex) went in to make a delivery and done got theyselves lynched!

        You know how them thar mountain folk is.
        Goldenrod hunters, moonshiners, single-wide meth labs and all that. If the Zman starts podcasting with a twang in his speech, I’m afeared they mighta done got to ‘im!

  44. History of cloud people is very simple.

    1. A bad man named Hitler bullied everyone and destroyed “their democracy”.

    2. Chamberlain was nice to him and caused WWII, Holocaust and every bad thing that happened to mankind.

    Therefore, never be nice to anyone we identify as “literally Hitler”.

    • “their democracy” => Weimar Republic
      “our democracy” => GAE

      Both were controlled by money from the bankers.

    • Narrator: We’re gonna take you back, to the year 1939 when Charlie Chaplin and his Nazi regime enslaved Europe and tried to take over the world…
      Narrator: But then an even greater force emerged, the U.N [pronounced “un”]
      Narrator: and the U.N. un-Nazified the world – forever.

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