Our Democracy

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Joseph de Maistre famously observed, “False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.” We get a sense of that in the weekend media drama over Trump using the word “bloodbath” in a speech. He used the word in reference to what would happen to the auto industry under a second Biden term, but the media left out the part about the auto industry.

The result was a media frenzy based on the false claim that Trump was promising some sort of homicidal revenge if he did not win the election. One media pinhead after another went to their favorite platform to repeat the claim. In some cases, they did so on video platforms as the video of Trump giving the speech in which he used the word was playing in the corner of the screen with the sound muted. So much for the second half of that de Maistre quote about honest people perpetuating the crime.

It probably would have gone like so many other fake media narratives in that normal people without access to the megaphone would have spent days clarifying what was said but by that point the media would be onto the next lie. This time the world’s richest man noticed and posted about it on Twitter. Joe Scarborough deleted his post about it, but others kept up the lie. Nancy Pelosi made the rounds stammering through the claim that Trump is promising a homicidal rampage.

There is nothing new about this, of course. The entirety of the Trump administration was spent this way, where the media would make up obvious lies and people would spend days correcting the lies. The difference now is the world’s richest man has suddenly started to notice things like this. Elon Musk is an eccentric guy, but when he notices something the world notices it with him. Musk seems to be taking aim at the legacy media this cycle, so it will make for some good drama.

This misses the larger issue we see with this story. The person who initiated this drama over Trump using the word “bloodbath” lied and she knew she was lying when she claimed he said, “there would be a bloodbath if he lost.” Her bosses surely knew she was lying but went along with it because it would get attention. The rest of the media who piled on also knew it was a lie. In other words, everyone involved knew it was a lie, but they kept on lying, even when everyone knew it was a lie.

In theory, the media is supposed to be the arena of public debate, where the political combatants argue for their proposals. In imagination land, the media is just a referee, but in more sober telling the media is a collection of competing entities fighting to gain the trust and attention of the market. The marketplace for information should correct for this constant lying, much as it prevents the one airplane maker from filling up on diversity hires and building planes that fall apart in midair.

Therein lies the problem. Just as Boeing is pretty much a monopoly, the media is also a monopoly and for the same reasons. Over the years, Boeing was able to make the best of friends in government, so that it was able to buy up the competition. Similarly, the media has coalesced around a critical mass of flatterers who have exclusive access to permanent Washington. If you want to buy a commercial plan you go to Boeing and if you want to reach the public, you go to the media.

Just as the free market always seems to end up with a few players controlling the marketplace, democracy seems to end up with a few players controlling the marketplace for ideas. The reason a nonsense story like the Trump “bloodbath” comment runs wild is that the media is a monolith. The people in it speak only to each other and the people in it are selected for their ideological compliance. The media is a massive hive controlled by the uniparty.

Of course, the fact that we have the expression “uniparty” and everyone understands exactly what it means speaks to the reality of “democracy.” Instead of it being the marketplace of ideas, it collapses like all markets into monopoly. Reformers like Trump are treated like upstarts in any industry dominated by a few players. If a collection of rich guys tried to challenge the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing, they would quickly cease to be rich guys, as they would be crushed.

That is the plight of anyone who seeks to reform democracy. The desire for reform comes only when it has evolved to its natural state of oligopoly, which often appears to the people as a monopoly. Like the upstart challenging the major players in an industry, the reformers get crushed, unless they have friends in government. To get friends in government means making the same deal as the major players. The path forward is always a deal with the devil or death by his minions.

Joseph de Maistre said, “To hear these defenders of democracy talk, one would think that the people deliberate like a committee of wise men, whereas in truth judicial murders, foolhardy undertakings, wild choices, and above all foolish and disastrous wars are eminently the prerogatives of this form of government.” That was two hundred years ago before any nation foolishly set about proving him correct. Every day the media reminds us that there is no reforming democracy.

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201 thoughts on “Our Democracy

  1. If I’ve learned anything about democracy the last few years, it’s that canceling elections, arresting political opponents, banning speech critical of the government, demonetizing dissidents, and starting three new wars are definitely “democracy”.

    But most importantly, democracy absolutely depends on everyone unthinkingly embracing the contradiction of an authoritarian state as it tells lies with a breathless ease.

    The new wars thing is the one that brings the contradictions into sharp relief. Suddenly, all these people who claimed to oppose war…don’t. In fact, it’s great! More wars for everybody, and let’s restart the draft!


        • Z: “The media is a massive hive controlled by the uniparty.”

          Z, muh gut instinct tells me that it’s likely to be the other way around; that in fact the Uniparty is a massive hive controlled by the Media.

          Guys like Schumer & Wyden & Rosen are back-benchers in any synagogue worth its salt.

          The real talent is with the Mossad behavioral psychologists who write the scripts for the various psychological warfare operations [i.e. who bridge the intellectual gap between the screenwriters in Hollywood and the War Gamers in the Pentagon].

          The politicians are just a bunch of actors & actresses who dutifully mouth the words which the behavioral psychologists script for them to mouth.

    • Western political culture has embraced “we had to destroy the village to save it” as its guiding principle.

    • Control the food, control the people. When will normalcy bias die?? The genocidal, tyrannical, possibly neo commie, takeover, it is really happening. This is what it looks like in real time

    • I agree. Sure would be nice if those stupid “limited government” and “libertarian” types would just STFU and get with the program…

    • Shut up and eat your bugs!

      Oh yea, right now we’d have to import them from Canadian bug factories but fear not, I’m sure Oregon will soon built a real American one!

  2. Off topic but important: France is commandeering nuclear power reactors to place target rods for the production of tritium for the French nuclear weapons program. In the U.S. I don’t think this would be permitted, but France’s program is smaller and they may not have a reactor for the production of tritium. Tritium is a relatively short half-lived radioactive isotope (12 years) so eventually it has to be replaced, but the timing here is troubling.


  3. “That was two hundred years ago before any nation foolishly set about proving him correct”

    That’s not entirely true. Athens also ended up as a shit show with all the aforementioned negative qualities listed by de Maistre, and all philosophers of the era were very well versed in Greek history. I wonder if more modern proponents thought “Yeah, but we haven’t tried REAL democracy yet,” like we hear all the time from the apologetic commies.

  4. Trump wants a “biometric wall”, ie total surveillance system. And tons of legal immigration. Musk made his fortune in an artificial government created system of massive subsidies and interagency rivalries. Without the highly harmful “green revolution” hysteria EVs would be impractical toys for a few eccentric millionaires in silicon valley. And he’s a cutting edge transhumanist who literally wants electrodes and ports in every skull.

    Point being, neither is our guy and we should not forget this. They are probably far better than their detractors. But still dystopian as hell


    • Moran: Everyone wants a hero, and no one wants to have to do the difficult and dirty work of ridding AINO of its filth and deviancy. On the one hand, we have AWFLs running (and ruining) libraries, schools, and HOAs. We have POX and Jews destroying the universities and the military. We have blind and greedy Whites replacing American workers and any tradition of excellence (Tyson and Boeing).

      And young White men, understandably, are checking out while boomers and silents tell them to ‘man up,’ join AINO’s military, and bootstrap themselves into middle-class prosperity and stability. And they’re somehow supposed to create the next generation of
      Whites whom? Fat, tatted White women or mestizo and east Asian ones. That way lies . . . no self- respect, no happiness, or no more White children.

      I have no solutions to offer. Make me dictator of the world without any repercussions in the afterlife and I’d take a stab at it. Otherwise, I’m just trying to look out for my family and stay away from people in general.

      • We’re long past ‘good solutions ‘. Now the question is, are there any solutions at all. I’d take collapse before their biometric open air prison full of POX, fully recognizing how insane and dangerous collapse would be. “Happy endings” was a million exits ago

      • 3g4me for dictator of the world, who’s with me? We can bend our rules about chicks in this case.

  5. What has been lost, and I think Z-Man has not seen this, is that the squid ink was not about smearing BOM but about obfuscating and changing the subject of his charge: that Brandon will flood the US with cheap Chinese EVs and destroy the US auto / truck industry.

    The charge, is proven true by the hysteria that greeted it and the lying lies of the lying liars who lie.

    This has: A. the truck dependent independent contractors and working men who require ICE trucks and big ones at that to do their jobs: plumbing, electrical, carpentry (one of my neighbors is in his early 70s still doing this daily and making bucks), landscaping etc. on edge and angry.

    These guys invest up to $100K or more in their trucks which when the Big Three fail means no more support, parts, etc.

    B. The union workers and small shareholders angry and afraid. While Mary Barra, the Ford heir, and whatever Euroweenie running Stellantis/Chrysler may or may not be purchased by Team Brandon/ Larry Fink of Blackrock, along with the leaders of the UAW, the workers know they will be out of a job. The smaller shareholders and hedge funds know they will be left holding nothing.

    C. The supporting companies that provide parts, service, etc. including but not limited to: brake manufacturers, engine manufacturers, car dealers, service centers, tire manufacturers, etc. These people face certain economic extinction with a flood of cheap Chinese EVs which will have their own service/parts ecosystem based in CHINA not the US.

    D. Neo con hawks and the military, which already cannot supply much capacity on merely military contracts alone, the ATACMS missile from Raytheon, a very good one, takes 32 months to build. Without the extensive manufacturing base supporting the Big Three which still has domestic and near-domestic (Canada and Mexico) manufacturing there is no way to scale up for any near peer conflict and they know it. This is why, Military Industrial Complex aligned Elon Musk was allowed to speak out on this. The serious military people are getting scared that the US could in a conflict with China be forced to cede Hawaii, Alaska, and parts of the West Coast our inability to match any of China’s scale is that bad.

    Trump’s charge: that Brandon is so bribed by the Chinese he will allow them to flood the market with cheap below-cost Chinese EVs and destroy the remainder of the US auto industry is proven true. And that has a LOT of powerful people angry and afraid. And realistically, the only way to stop that is Trump. There is just no other alternative. So there is that. Insanity provokes a Thermidorean reaction.

      • I think Whiskey is onto something with the deflection angle, but, yeah, ignoring it would have been smarter. Michigan will know this in full if it doesn’t already.

    • Which would certainly explain Musk’s interest in it. That’s his lunch after all

    • We all like to pretend it didn’t happen, but in real life Trump was deposed via military coup. Are The Generals™ really willing to take it back? To keep *land* away from a supposed rival state—a state to which The Generals brag they already answer? To believe this we not only have to take Musk for their spokesman, but we have to attribute to them a sudden outburst of traditional “national interest” motivations. The American military has *never* shown that motivation.

      The elite faction we do know Musk represents, the pod-bugs-brainchip guys, have no territorial aims. For them it’s total human enslavement or nothing. They don’t care who’s Chinese. Their world is the whole world, and it must be subdued *as such*.

      Conflicts within the elite are petty and personal, not world-historic.

      • I agree, we’re not at the table. Trump and Musk may be the lesser evils but neither is our guy. I still hope for a Trump victory bur that’s as much from an accelerationist POV as because I think he’ll do anything good. He might prevent some bad things. I still don’t believe they’ll allow a second Trump admin. We’ll see what happens

    • The problem with your thesis is EV’s are going nowhere fast,
      GM, Ford, Chrysler and the Euro and Japanese dealers are sitting on EV inventory they cannot move.

      There are photos of EV’s sitting stockpiled by the tens of thousands in China, no one wants them except practitioners of the green religion, and virtue signaling yuppies.

      The big 3, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Toyota have all announced recently retreat from their previously stated delusional EV goals.

      EV game over!

      • Benz too. That said, here in the Bay Area EV’s abound. Tesla the most by far but electric offerings from the other major automakers plus small niche brands such as Rivian, Lucid and Fisker.

  6. It’s funny how even people who are supposedly “red pilled” on the political media still consume mainstream financial media as if it is truthful, accurate, or predictive, when it is in fact none of these things. I don’t know if financial media is as deliberately deceptive as political media, rather than just emotionally driven as markets tend to be. But there is some degree of deception going on there, especially when it comes to featuring some big shot investor billionaire type on air, ostensibly dispensing advice, when almost invariably he is talking his book. Bottom line, you aren’t going to get any closer to the truth on CNBC than you are on CNN. They certainly didn’t issue warnings in 1929, 1973, 2000, 2008, or whatever the next year in that sequence is.

    • I used to consume a lot of mainstream media but not any more.

      I only watch enough of it to hurl a few obscenities and vulgarities at the propaganda, and then turn to the samizdat for the real truth.

    • If the SEC were an actual regulatory body rather than a Regime profit enforcer, financial media would be really scrutinized.

      • I don’t think that’s true. There is vastly more money to be made by “cheating”, so the cheaters will always be able to hire better talent.

        One of the few things that corporations cannot cheat on is dividend checks or bond interest. When the money is actually in your checking account, it doesn’t really matter what kinds of accounting gimmicks they try to pull. The huge mistake made was actually having an SEC. (Whose first Chair was Joe Kennedy, who established it as the corrupt organization it’s been ever since.)

        • C’mon, you know the odds Cramer is consistently that wrong are rather low. Wouldn’t you like to see his trade balance sheet?

          • I’m indifferent. For a while, I just did the opposite of what he said, which worked pretty well, then once others started catching on, just started ignoring him. It will soon be the same with Congresscritter investments.

            Back in the heyday of daytrading, there was good money in buying whatever went down the most the day before. But once HFT got into the game…

    • I was watching CNBC pretty regularly during 2007-2008, most of their programming was just straight pump the market propaganda. I remember them doing some shows from Arizona designed to pump up housing in the area and thinking something was really off with it. If anything they have gotten worse since then.

      • The emotional aspect is huge. After the market goes up, the attitude on CNBC gets optimistic. After it goes down, pessimistic. Which has zero to do with what it’s about to do. Mostly no different from the average retail investor. Just more respectable looking.


        The Income Needed to Afford a Home Up 80% since 2020, while Median Income has Risen 23%


        Every penny of the COVID emergency spending went straight into Real Estate, i.e. into the banks for purposes of (((Usury))).

        With hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and mortgage payments [due to the COVID emergency spending] almost doubling in 4 years [up 96.4%], the late Millennials & the early Zoomers don’t stand a chance to own their own homes.

        And if they can’t own homes, then you can kiss the White Christian Total Fertility Rate the hell goodbye.

        Meanwhile, literal cannibals from Haiti will be welcomed into this country and given free housing, free meals, free transportation and free healthcare, all paid for by the taxes on White Christian Boomers & Millennials & Zoomers.

        This is literal (((FINANCE)))-driven DEPOPULATIONISM.

        (((They))) are trying to do with (((finance))) in the USA what they’ve used F-16s & F-35s to do in Gaza.

        (((Blackrock))) is in the process of obliterating any possible hope that Millennials & Zoomers would have had for Fambly Formation.

      • Meant to say: “all paid for by the taxes on White Christian Boomers & Xers & Millennials & Zoomers”

        White Christian people will pay the taxes for the subsidization of the Haitian Cannibals who will replace them.

  7. To borrow a phrase from our small hat imposed post-White cultural vernacular,
    “I wish a nigga would”.

    And Z is 100% right. Democracy does not work. At least in the age of captured mass media and biased Gemini algorithms. We don’t have any power, that lies in the hands of the shadow Oligarchy who control the megaphones, the people have no real say in anything but the superficial and inconsequential.

    In the past, most aristocracies had, at least, some stake in the future and sense of loyalty to their countries and people. What we have now is rule from the shadows by an international merchant class who can pack up and move somewhere else as soon as they finish pillaging what remains of our homelands.

    Puppets like Biden and the rest only serve to distract the masses anger from the ones who really make the decisions in our countries. People like Larry Fink (of Blackrock, holdings estimated at 10 TRILLION with a T. Our entire national GDP if you believe the numbers is only 23 T), Janet Yellen and Antony Blinken are the ones who are really in charge. The legally allowed to print money class, the small hats.

    What we need is a Putin like figure, a Caesar. Not a corrupt puppet senate sold out and beholden to a misanthropic foreign merchant class that owns 98% of our media and holds an ancient tribal hatred towards us.

    • What we need really is a true populist figure to rally around.

      Someone like Trump but stronger, and not a sellout.

      We already all pretty much agree on what we want.

      Loyalty to our people.
      An end to immigration.
      A breakup and restructuring of corrupt monopolistic companies.
      And end to offshoring and the overly financialized economy.
      A quality of life similar to what we had before the 1960s, when the population didn’t feel the need for drugs or antidepressants or fentanyl. Would be nice wouldn’t it?

      Basically, we just want our country back from the people who stole it.

      • “Someone like Trump but stronger, and not a sellout.”

        Your problem is, you don’t have a real person in mind, just three indistinct characteristics.

        Say what you will of Trump: He exists, which is more than I can say for your candidate.

        • I’m not disputing that. My problem with Trump is he would be a band aid/sleeping pill to a much deeper problem that requires a total renovation, not some duct tape on the dam that’s about to collapse.

          I do think though, that’s it not outside the realm of possibility that once things do get bad enough.. they might not be able to stop someone real from rising. Especially if the economy turns bad very quickly, which it’s looking like it will. It already is, but the geopolitical situation portends that it will be get much worse in not too long from now.

          Anyway, vote for him if you want. He would at least be a cultural victory, I do get the appeal. I’m more the type who would rather rip the band aid off and deal with the problem at it’s root rather than take a painkiller to feel better for today and worry about the problem tomorrow. That’s my thinking.

          Brandon would definitely be the accelerationist candidate, but that’s why I think he won’t win. I also think they desire us to be on a better war footing and Trump would definitely be better for recruitment. So… I don’t think they will rig it this time.

          But, I definitely could be wrong, I’m just some guy. I’m not privy to information that hasn’t been made public, just gotta make educated guesses based on pattern recognition. One thing that comes to mind is the army actually did a white guy recruitment commercial recently. That seems significant, especially if you’ve seen the others they had been putting out before Oct 7th.

          • Maybe Biden bumbles us into war and leaves Trump holding the bag. Dumb MAGA Whites rush to enlist for their Kang.

            Hopefully not.

        • Gespensst

          Please stop. Trump is only good for being a thorn in the side of the elites. He’s not going to bring about any change. The only possibility of a Trump positive is accelerating us to what needs to eventually happen. There is no fixing this mess, there is no voting our way out, there is no political solution. There is only one way out and one way only. We all know what that is…

          None of us will live to see that and we need to stop pretending that we will. If it ever even happens, it will take the rounding up and loading onto cattle cars before someone decides to “do something”. By then, there will be so few actual Americans left, it will probably be hopeless anyway. The USA had a good run, but it is over and it’s never coming back.

          Is there a chance for something new? Maybe – but it’s not getting created by White people until Whites start to stand up and advocate for their race. Until that time, the criminal race, the Asians and the mestizos will be running the show.

          Oh, and we can’t forget the tiny hats now can we…

          The best thing to do is to find happiness in this life. Raise your children to believe in themselves and to understand that their skin color is their uniform. Get the fuck away from negros and live amongst your own.

      • We should also have a very clear definition/understanding of who is included in the term “our”.
        There are waaaayyyy too many people who haven’t been living here all that long – and many who have been living here for a while, who should have never been allowed here in the first place – who believe Heritage Americans should be catering to them. Who qualifies as “our” needs to be spelled out in very clear, concise wording, thus avoiding any misunderstandings later.

      • Always someone “like” Trump but not the real deal, which would of course be Trump.
        You people just can’t get enough, fake, phony, copycat, artificial, and virtual everything can you?

    • When Putin and Caesar came to power, there was still a nation to rally behind them. Is there such a nation here, to rally behind our “caesar”? I don’t see it. We have multiple nations occupying the same country.

      • Yep.. Realistically the USA is probably going to fracture in a way similar to Yugoslavia I would think. Blacks don’t want to live with Whites, Whites don’t want to live with blacks (though for us it is pretty much illegal to say that), and jews want to dominate everybody.

        I didn’t mean a Caesar for the USA, I meant a Caesar for Whites, like Trump pretended to be.

    • I was unaware until yesterday that the person who shot Lee Harvey Oswald was, in reality, a Jew (Jack Ruby–Jacob Rubenstein)…

      • It would be impossible to imagine some random nightclub owner being allowed to get that close to a presidential assassin as he was being transferred, if it hadn’t actually happened. It would be kind of like you being allowed to stand 5 feet from Timothy McVeigh or El Chapo as he was being led away to his cell. Totally normal, happens all the time.

      • Ben Gurion assigned Meyer Lansky to the hit, and Jack Ruby Rubenstein was Lansky’s man in Dallas.

        Obviously Ruby was Oswald’s handler AFTER the assassination.

        However, just last summer [August 1, 2023], it was revealed that Oswald’s handler BEFORE the assassination was a j00 at the CIA, named, “Reuben Efron”:


        Ergo Ben Gurion & Lansky had all the angles covered [with handlers for Oswald both before and after the hit].

        The Mossad surely released that August 1, 2023 story about Reuben Efron as a warning to Bobby Kennedy Jr as to what would happen if BKjr got to be just a little too uppity of a goy.

        Otherwise the printing of the story would make no sense whatsoever [it should have been a state secret which everyone would have wanted to have taken to their graves].

        PS: If you read the surviving manuscripts of the FBI interrogation of Oswald [before Ruby silenced Oswald forever], it’s abundantly obvious that the j00ish behavioral scientists chose Oswald as their assassin because he was severely Cluster B [pride metastasizing into sheer lunacy].

        • BTW, Abraham Zapruder, who just so happened to be only person on the scene with a movie camera, Abraham Zapruder has the following

          EARLY LIFE: Zapruder was born into a Ukrainian-Jewish family in the city of Kovel, the Russian Empire (now Ukraine), the son of Israel Zapruder.


          I hate to chuckle about something so serious, but my God the j00z must think we goyim are mentally retarded children [and maybe they’re ackshually correct]?

    • What we need is a Putin like figure, a Caesar.

      Nah, what we need is a growing awareness that we don’t need a government anywhere close to the powers that it currently has. We don’t even need one with the powers it had in living memory.

      If all they were deciding was the national bird or flower, no one would care about their pronouncements, and no one would bother trying to influence their decrees.

      • Ask yourself, “Why is a libertarian gathering more white than an American Renaissance conference?”

        Because limited government only appeals to a segment of white men, and no one else.

        If you were to achieve a minimal state, that state would spend its time suppressing rebellions by the people who want the state to act beyond its limited scope and for the collective good.

        Minimal government can only be maintained by repression, unless the population is white men.

        • Agreed. When you “authorize” any organization to collect taxes, the first thing they want to spend money on is hiring thugs to keep the populace from objecting to further taxation.

          Historically speaking, propertied white males have been the only ones to have even managed some degree of control over the taxing body. And even they are at a serious disadvantage if they allow that taxing body to become even a part-time job, as they are too busy managing their own businesses and lives to properly oversee what the taxing body is doing.

          • I think the main problem with that dude is… we’ve been trying that line of attack for decades and it has gained no ground.

            In my mind it’s a limp wristed way to be pro-white or “racist” without manning up and telling it like it is.

            Also, the people in power are never going to give up their power unless they have to. Part of how they maintain that power is free gibs and preferential to blacks and the rest of the POC, LBTQGASZ+ alliance.

            The one “victory” that was ever gained from the meritocracy/limited gov’t argument was the SCOTUS ruling against AA and that was prosecuted on behalf of Asians, not Whites.

            Also, colleges are just ignoring it. Fact is, CA got “rid of AA” over a decade ago and it changed nothing for whites. Fewer whites than ever get into the UC system. More Asians then ever get in but… it didn’t help us at all. We aren’t Asian are we?

            Look into it. You are promoting ideas that have already been tested and failed.

          • The one “victory” that was ever gained from the meritocracy/limited gov’t argument was the SCOTUS ruling against AA…colleges are just ignoring it.. CA got “rid of AA” over a decade ago and it changed nothing for whites.

            So in what sense was it a “win” for our side? That’s the part that always gets me about this argument. “It’s never worked in our favor, so, by gum, let’s keep doing it.”

            You are promoting ideas that have already been tested and failed.

            Meh. They will come back around. Hopefully before it requires a total collapse, but like Stein’s Law says, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

          • That’s why I used quotes my dude. To imply that the “win” was a hollow one and not real.

            And.. we aren’t getting past anything without a collapse. That’s baked in at this point. Like the great Tolkien once wrote, “Collapse is upon you, whether you would risk it or not”.

            And it is man, even the MSM is quietly admitting it now. Bad times are coming.


            Anyway, in keeping with the analogy, I think it was Wormtongue that whispered the “Free Market Libertarianism will solve everything” blind alley into your ear. I get the appeal I guess.. but it’s really not a solution to anything.

            Who would win? A unified army of 100 orcs or 500 infighting horsemen? The orcs would sweep you up one by one unless you tribed up and formed ranks. Every single time.

            Whites are the only group without an ADL, NAACP, LA RAZA or CAIR. This is why we are losing. We’ve been tricked into individualism, divided, deracinated, and made easy targets of.

          • @Neo, That’s why I used quotes my dude. To imply that the “win” was a hollow one and not real.

            Ah, so that’s why you think it’s a winning strategy to keep on doing the same thing that has always lost before.

            …we aren’t getting past anything without a collapse.

            Probably true. So I take it you have also formed a group of like-minded people out in the middle of nowhere, plus a backup plan, to help your family ride things out? Or are the lives of you and your family as much at risk in the collapse as most peoples’ are?

          • I’m not sure what you mean by “doing the same thing that has lost before” Steve.

            You mean the Caesar thing? That actually has won before, I don’t know when or who it might be in our future of it will even happen but times of great strife have historically given rise to such figures. I think the closest historical analogy our current times line up with would be a combination of the late USSR and the Weimar republic. USSR geopolitically, Weimar culturally and domestically.

            As for a group of likeminded people around you I do agree that that is a very important thing to have. Everyone should be building that. I don’t know how much we can really prepare though, nobody will be immune if things go really bad and it’s pretty impossible to predict with any certainty what will happen in the future.

            I don’t think it’s going to be a movie style apocalypse though. When the USSR collapsed things just got really shitty for awhile, it wasn’t like movie it was just.. crappy. Although… if the gov’t can no longer afford to provide blacks and such with gibs, riots in the cities do seem pretty likely, so I mean.. Floyd riots X10 seem to be a pretty safe prediction no? So.. I would say… getting out of the cities, which are terrible anyway, is probably a good move if you can swing it.

            But you know, darkest before the dawn. If Whites do manage to take back control of our countries our children and grandchildren will have a much brighter future than if we just continued on the track we are now on. Nobody wants to live in South Africa.

          • I don’t think we disagree all that much, @Neo. Well, except that we’ve tried bigger and bigger government and things keep getting worse. Yet you seem to think an even more powerful government would make things all better. If one must use the same referent, you seem to think making Sauron lord would fix everything.

            As for our current situation, I agree we most closely parallel Weimar culturally, but USSR domestically. We are in uncharted waters globally. To the best of my knowledge, no country has ever done as much to poke every other country in the eye. The only saving grace is that I think the rest of the world seems even more pessimistic than I about the ruling class’ ability to keep their nukes in their pants.

            In my most rosy dreams, I hope the end of GAE is as peaceful as the end of USSR, but I doubt it will be. For sure, once the EBT cards stop working, the cities burn. Any whites, and I mean ANY, will die, hopefully quickly but more likely, very painfully, and after having to watch loved ones die similarly gruesomely. I’d think it will likely cover the suburbs and exurbs, plus whomever in rural countryside who is foolish enough to be running a generator or have solar panels out. Grey wins.

            Over the long haul, though, we win. We as in whites. Probably not we as in DR. DR is too committed to creating enemies. Heck, DR thinks those who don’t sufficiently hate Trump are enemies.

  8. The same crowd who told us “Dark Brandon” was insanely clever and a warning and that calling half the country “tea baggers” was a witty bon mon of the highest order is now faking hysteria over the rhetorical use of the word “bloodbath.”

    It’s so tedious. I imagine it only works on some level because after 20 years of full on indoctrinations and general dumbing down, words definitions are infinitely malleable.

    (See sex/gender, etc.)

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  10. Today’s post is somewhat misleading.

    >>>”Just as the free market always seems to end up with a few players controlling the marketplace”

    “free market” belongs in sneer quotes or after the phrase so-called. There’s been no such thing for the past 110 yrs in the USA, and probably never.

    “democracy seems to end up with a few players controlling the marketplace for ideas.”

    Democracy begins with a few players promoting obvious lies about everyone ruling and making the laws. The populist system called the USA began with similar rhetoric which seeded the so-called republic with lies about equality and “We the People” establishing a constitution. The USA’s founders were scoundrels and retards who knew or ought to have known that their empire would be a permanently revolutionary state soon to be called a democracy.

    >>>”the reality of “democracy.” Instead of it being the marketplace of ideas, it collapses like all markets into monopoly”

    Who believes that a democracy is a marketplace? It’s a system.of rule. The so-called marketplace of ideas is a figure of speech for debating society which is encouraged and welcomed, at least at first, to ensnare chumps like Phil Donahue and earnest, 20th century newspapermen.

    >>>”The desire for reform comes only when it has evolved to its natural state of oligopoly,”

    The natural state of democracy is oligopoly; it begins this way. So it can’t evolve in that direction. Only a reatively few people can arrange it; the masses are a fractious bunch. What the oligopoy can do, however, is evolve in the direction of absolute despotism. The USA and democracy were imposed in contrast to the old regime, which means pandering to laborers, tradesmen, and professionals; so they could not have come out of the gate as totalitarian regimes. After the old regime and its mouthpieces (priests, ministers, royalists) were leashed and tamed, or just eliminated, the social capital left over from the old system was so weak that the replacement oligigarchy could proceed to its natural destination. This reminds us that (i) Christianity is a failed personality cult, and (ii) a new religion is needed to defeat and replace the contemporary oligarchy with one which does not consume its own people like capital consumed laborers in 19th century coal mines.

    >>>”Every day the media reminds us that there is no reforming democracy.”

    Well, ok. There’s no changing it from an inherently oligarchical system into what it pretends to be.

    >>>”If a collection of rich guys tried to challenge the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing, they would quickly cease to be rich guys, as they would be crushed.”

    If Elon Musk and some of his wealthy aquaintances decided to enter the jet aircraft industry, they would design and build both the vehicles and the engines, like at SpaceX. The new players would soak up the best engineers. Incumbents like Airbus, Boeing, GE, CFM, and Rolls Royce would be in big trouble within 10 years. Just the announcement would send some people into a panic. Futurists at the Pentagon, however, would be salivating at the thought of what may come, for they are already very familiar with Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, the Merlin, Starship, and Raptor. So the new players would have protection. It would be fun to watch the incumbents grasping for straws to avoid drowning.

    • As regards Haiti–Anarchy/Chaos is not a permanent state, at some point, a leader arises, for good or ill.

      • El Salvador is a good example of a leader rising. Another would be an Austrian painter whose name shall not be mentioned lest a certain set of folks get triggered, rose quite high politically in the 1930s.

        • That Austrian guy turned out to be among the world’s greatest losers–as were his followers. What a bunch of pathetic sadsacks!

          • Absolutely wrecked Europe. Brought the commie savages into the heart of a bombed-out wasteland. Made nationalism a cuss-word. Sacrificed the lives of millions who could have been building an iron-clad future world against which communism would have inevitably foundered. Simply awful.

          • Hitler didn’t want to fight anyone except the Communists, but the British, French and Americans had other plans for him.

  11. “ The reason a nonsense story like the Trump “bloodbath” comment runs wild is that the media is a monolith.”

    The issue spoken of in multivarient, IMO. Why is it that the folks regularly reading and commenting here are not fooled by the current example of MSM corruption? Although today’s missive by Z-man is profound, does it impress—as in change minds—of anyone here? No. Because we are different. It always gets back in some form to the individual, doesn’t it?

    My question is why? Because I’d like that “difference” to spread. 😉 We should not let the general populace off the hook here. We have become a very stupid people. Last I read, over 20% of the current population are not native born. Highest ever recorded, and we’ve had census records since the very beginning. Most major school systems no longer graduate students competent in the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics—but rather are indoctrinated in historical mythology and other Leftist nonsense.

    No country can survive this for long. The MSM corruption, I assert, is a symptom, not the cause. We—the general populace—are the cause.

    • I posit (again) that the well refined propaganda techniques of the media are too powerful for virtually anyone who is exposed to it for any significant period of time to mentally resist. That is, if you consume the media’s product regularly, you will be taken in. As will I. I’ll bet that everyone who qualifies as a dissident is someone who tuned out the broadcast media long ago. (The propaganda is more effective on tv than in print). I probably didn’t become a true dissident until about a decade after I’d stopped watching tv news altogether. Even though I never watched it a whole lot to begin with, and was always skeptical (I can remember calling the newspaper the propaganda leaflet in my late teens). But even that attitude was not enough to make a dissident out of me. It took almost complete separation from the propaganda organs.

      I have a link to a video that I’ve posted before of Lowell Bergman, longtime 60 Minutes producer, stating that 60 Minutes was some of the “most sophisticated propaganda ever developed,” modeled on what Leni Riefenstahl did. You’re average normie, confronted with this, would just refuse to believe it I think. But it’s an hour long and you’ll have to watch a while to get to that part. https://iis.berkeley.edu/publications/lowell-bergman-long-march-through-institution-television-journalism

      • Who would you bet to be more likely to be taken in (fooled) by propaganda—one who is educated in history, mathematics, economic theory, can read (and does,) speaks the language of the country and is gainfully employed—or someone who is basically uneducated, non-native speaker, and on the “left side” of the Bell Curve?

        You can’t answer that without admitting there is a decided populace variable in the answer. People are indeed fooled by propaganda—even the better educated, especially midwits—but the stupid ever more so and for longer.

        Television is a tool used by propagandists. In prior times it was murels and radio—still is in North Korea and somewhat in China. 😉 I too stopped watching programs like 60 Minutes a long time ago, but why? Because the show’s contradictions from reality became impossible to believe and therefore wasted my time. Again, a personological variable.

        • I don’t think the “stupid” are fooled for as long as the midwits because they don’t have ego riding on it. True, there are the stupid who think themselves smarter than they are but those who just barely passed high school tend to know their limits.

          Or at least that used to be the case back when a high school diploma meant anything at all. Might not still be true in the days of participation trophies and social promotion.

      • Disagree… I’ve consumed a lot of it, as has every dissident before they were dissidents. No one here has not ever not been exposed. Yet here we are!

        You never turned on a tv, watched a movie, or attended K-12 schools? Of course you have..

        Yes some ppl can be mercifully hammered with propaganda, and not only resist it, but scoff at it.

    • That’s a great question and I have no answer, Compsci. Susceptibility to propaganda certainly is not correlated to intelligence. With Covid, the two groups highest in skepticism were those who did not graduate high school and those who hold advanced STEM degrees (I realize education does not translate into intelligence, to be clear).

      • Jack, your point is well made.

        I thought of that as well, but I think the cause is not quite as you describe, or rather accept. The very bright, knew enough to be skeptical of the disease and knew enough about immunology to navigate their way through the scamdemic. I was one of those—not that I consider myself very bright—but rather I caught COVID before the shots and was knowledgeable in the concept of developed immunity to disease. I was able to posit that I no longer needed a shot to develop immunity to a disease that I already had and survived! That coupled with an untested new vaccine process sealed the deal.

        On the lower end of the Bell Curve, we have different skepticism, one that distrusts authority, period. And this (vexxination) was an argument from authority. I’m not sure other examples of propaganda foisted upon the masses is rejected in the same vane, but you may be correct. Of course, ignorance and stupidity (which follow on that side of the “curve”) cannot help.

        How does one build a critical thinking defense to propaganda without a firm base in knowledge and understanding?

        • It is puzzling, yes. One guess is those on the lower side of the Bell Curve, and certainly of lower socio-economic status, which generally correlates, were burned first and hardest by Regime policies such as offshoring so they developed a natural distrust of its propaganda. Look at Trump’s initial support. Much stemmed from rejection of the status quo by those hurt most by it. To contradict myself, those same types also love ‘Murica!, hell yes!, and mouth patriotic platitudes in fealty to the same system they despise.

          It gets even murkier with people of high intelligence and ample education outside of their familiar areas who blindly buy into nonsense such as untested vaccines are safe and effective, Trump is a Hitler redux, Ukraine is winning, and on and on. Whether they are wired to obey and follow authority blindly, or just have not been burned enough not to do so–I just don’t know. I’ve told this ad nauseum but I literally cut off lifelong friendships over Covid, in particular, because it revealed some to be untrustworthy. That was a good thing, ultimately, but a case where ignorance was bliss on a personal level for a long time.

          • I think what’s going on here is that when we think of “stupid people” we’re picturing working class rural white people and assuming that their resistance to regime propaganda is a property of low IQ people. The urban and minority demographics of stupid people certainly believe all the regime’s bullshit, look how easy it is for the regime to provoke them into rioting.

            The rural white lower class resistance stems more from the reality that the regime openly despises them to the point where they don’t actually bother trying to propagandize them. As the scapegoat demographic they need to be anti-government anyways so that the regime has an excuse to go after them every time Cletus shoots a mailbox.

        • I don’t find it too puzzling. I’ve been reading scientific papers my entire adult life and then some, and am astounded at the crappy methods and logic used therein. Even engineering papers.

          It wasn’t until March 2020 that I started reading CDC’s own Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases (link used to be at the bottom of CDC’s home page) and I realized that not only was that as bad or worse than anything else I was reading, but the papers they published usually refuted their policy prescriptions elsewhere on their site.

          The papers were not difficult to understand. Definitely not above the level of an underclassman with anything on the ball. And yet, people either chose not to read for themselves or failed to understand, neither of which are encouraging.

          • Bingo! Steve.

            The “safety” study submitted by Pfizer to the FDA was published in the JAMA before the vex rollout. This study, as others for Pharma, become the drug’s “use” label, not the stupid 5 point type crepe paper insert given with the prescription.

            The study is not that long a read, nor too complex for a thinking man to have an “ah hah” moment upon reading. For example, the study itself *explicitly* states that it does not maintain/conclude that the vexxination will *prevent* Covid! Prevention was something our political class and medical establishment immediately began to tout (did they even read the damn study) to sell the vex.

            Another point worth noting were the subjects of the study. It is typical for certain patient classes to be excluded as well as under or over sampled. Pregnant women *were* excluded, as were children and the co-morbid. Oldsters were under sampled. And yet, those bastards in the medical field were recommending shots for pregnant women and children under 5 within a year of introduction!

            A final point of the “safety” study was that it was truncated. IIRC, less than a year (8 months?). The only safety shown was that the shot didn’t kill you within 24 hours. Two+ years later we now are regularly presented with increased “all cause death rates” that cannot be explained through current Covid cases, nor through known causes except the vex and its boosters.

      • My experience was that the STEM types were on board with all the Covid measures, including the shots. The medical industry would consider itself under the STEM umbrella and it pushed all its chips into the center of the table when it came to masking, distancing, hatred of NPI’s, and promotion of the vax. As for the others in the STEM fields, it’s my judgment that many consider themselves experts in some field or other and that they instinctively trust the advice of self-anointed experts in other, similar fields – much the same way members of the managerial class all speak the same language.

        I don’t know what mechanism is behind it, but in my neck of the woods there has been an insane rash of 40-50 somethings dying suddenly in 2024. I was talking to the engineering manager at my plant about it last week, since it’s a small town and we all have connections to each other, and he did nothing but come up with rationalizations for each and every case. This person liked to drink, that person recovered from cancer 10 years ago but the stress of worrying about his health finally did his ticker in, this other person had been overweight at one point in his life. He’ll never allow himself to believe that he was too credulous about the clot shot, and it’s not because he fears for his health, but because it would mean admitting that he’s not part of the smart set.

        • From my perspective there does seem to be a recent uptick in ‘died suddenly,’ after it had appeared to be fading away for a while.

          • Agreed and I’ve been skeptical about the severity. Fauci and the gang have been more or less memoryholed now, which is the primary way propaganda remains any way effective.

        • I just heard this morning that another one of my long-term acquaintances died last night. He is the fifth one (and fourth physician) that “died suddenly” of cardiovascular issues. He was 56 years old and was not a drinker, didn’t smoke and very fit. My brother-in-law (an emergency specialist) died two years ago from a sudden stroke shortly after being boosted. Another physician friend died three days after his final booster. All of these people were true believers in the vax and were adamant to stay fully boosted. It’s the damndest thing when you see seemingly intelligent people being true believers in a “vaccine” that is plainly high risk and has a low probability of effectiveness. It was even partly understandable in the original hysteria but after 4 years, it is proof of the power of propaganda and an appeal to authority. Yet another funeral to attend.

          • Being in technology I can say that huge swaths of people don’t believe they’re part of grifting scheme, and much like BigMed, the harder they believe it, the more likely they’re party to a grift. It’s no wonder then that they’ll do the suicide shots before accepting that they’re just a sponge soaking up resources.

          • Yep. My dad died of complications from getting a stent because of “abnormal endothelial plasticity” a few months post-jab, a brother-in-law who died of “turbo” cancer 6 months post-jab. and a brother and nephew, also jabbed, who are currently “fighting” aggressive Stage 4 and Stage 3 cancers, respectively.

            There is only so much one can do for people who buy into the propaganda.

      • “With Covid, the two groups highest in skepticism were those who did not graduate high school and those who hold advanced STEM degrees.”

        Those at the lower end of the IQ bell curve usually are also at the lower end of the economic ladder. For them, life is harsh and survival means to face reality, undistorted by any rose tinted glasses.

        That would probably explain the vaccine skepticism at the lower end of scale.

      • Stephen Pinker, MSM’s pet intellectual and supposedly one of the greatest minds on the planet, fell hook, line and sinker for the Covid and clotshot two-step.

    • A country is a territory, not a people, and the 20% (or whatever) born elsewhere are not the cause. Another 20% or so have some illusions about how things work, but not very much. The European part, on the other hand, is mostly delusional about the system under which they live, or just too self-absorbed to notice. This fat fraction descends from the people who performed the Bellamy salute enthusiastically at school. They’re proud of what their ancestors and forebears did during the world wars. They think Lincoln was a swell guy who told the truth when he said that the founding separatists brought forth a new nation. The Declaration of Independence is not an abomination but a source of pride for them. They are lost like any members of a cult and institutionalized like prisoners condemned for life to a low security facility. Those who call theirselves “conservative” are by far the most lost of all, of course. Even so-called dissidents here are mentally crippled by the USA’s framework imposed on their thinking since early childhood. The phrase “dissident right” is moronic. They’re too worried about their investments and their pointless retirement years, I suppose.

      • The Declaration of Independence is not an abomination but a source of pride for them.

        I understand neither of those positions. And, I’ve never even heard the case for abomination. Care to explain?


      • Let me make myself clearer—by 20%, I mean 20% (and their children) not of *White* European stock. These are for the most part those who emigrated after changes in immigration law post ‘64 and those who avail themselves of the family reunification act and those who now simply walk across the border (and those numbers are probably underestimated in the 20% figure).

        These folk are overwhelmingly from countries of lower IQ than that founding stock and are woefully undereducated in skills needed to thrive in a first world technological society. So you don’t like the current remaining White stock, fine, but they still represent what’s keeping this country’s “lights on”.

        Since you don’t care for the country’s founding stock, you’ve simply posted what amounts to a nihilistic screed. Lot’s of heat, but little illumination on the problem.

  12. “The media” are the most despicable, dishonest whores imaginable. I remember back in the 1990s when Dateline was doing a show on gas tanks in GM pickup trucks allegedly igniting in collisions. They staged several collisions and couldn’t get one to blow up, so they put remote-control igniters in the tank and lit one off and aired the video of that.

    When NBC did a story about George Zimmerman shooting St. Trayvon of Skittles, they aired parts of the 911 call that Zimmerman had placed about a suspicious person. They deliberately edited out the dispatcher’s question “What is his race?” and aired only Zimmerman’s response — “He looks black.”

    The vile media scum are nothing more than the puppetmasters casting the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave and then feeding the hoi polloi an “artificial reality” narrative.

  13. Anyone here agree that covid redpilled them on the he media? It feels that they are the ones who are actually sovereign. It also fet like there was some secret “master light switch” that can be turned on or off at will

    • The MSM was in disrepute before Covid. I myself, was more red-pilled on the last institution of trust, the medical establishment—CDC, FDA, etc. If anything, the MSM was perhaps even more red-pilled when it was shown their voluntary censorship of Covid dissidents—of whom many were more medically accredited than their adversaries in the government.

      • That the media is being “discredited” is one of those right wing copes that never dies.

        I have seen the same boomers, who said the media was being discredited back in the 1990s saying the same thing today.

        Yet, they lack the awareness to even wonder why a media that was supposedly discredited so long ago is still able to wield so much power today.

        Conservatives lack the ability to remember their past statements and errors, and so the cope will go on.

        2040’s conservatives: “That’s it! The media has totally discredited itself this time!!”

  14. 2024 is going to be a “rally the base” election and the Democratic base needs the psychological crutch of believing Trump is H!tler so they can justify the enormity of the crimes it will take to get Biden reinstalled.

    Even if they have to retract “bloodbath”, the message has been sent, and the mental derangement enabled.

  15. The easiest thing to do with respect to the MSM is ignore them, or ridicule them, or hate them with a passion. Those things don’t require much effort and can provide some emotional and intellectual relief whenever their shit splatters on you do to incidental contact. But the next level of enlightenment occurs when you realize that nothing will change until the environment changes. In other words, they will not heal themselves and develop some integrity until forced to do so by circumstances outside their control.

    With that understanding comes a new focus on remedy that is more than just self-gratification. If you want to avail yourself of a better news product, you either must go elsewhere for it or attempt to change the environment in a way that motivates a change in MSM behavior. At a minimum, this can include a tit-for-tat tactic. It is very likely that everyone of these talking heads has skeletons in the closet, and every phone has a video camera built in, and these cretins live somewhere, and they are fair game too. And just maybe, if they also become an internet star for the wrong reason, they might just grow a conscience. Just sayin’.

  16. A bigger point is missed here. The propaganda organs largely are spent and wasted assets. Therefore, what do they really have left to lose with easily disproved lies and transparent falsehoods? Is there any real downside to becoming blatant State propaganda?

    The only people who routinely continue to believe their banal and ludicrous actual disinformation and misinformation never will stop believing it. While this is a far smaller number than in the past, it is still a significant amount of people. Some of that remaining number believe it because the WANT to believe it, so literal truth is irrelevant to that particular subset. With some luck the repetitious lying from time to time may effect more than the permanently gullible and the True Believers. Again, since it is already largely a wasted asset its preservation is a secondary concern. This may damage future use of Deep Fakes such as a holographic BOM extolling the virtues of Uncle Adolph, but that’s not a given or apparent concern.

    I once was a First Amendment absolutist and while the concept remains appealing, I now realize it never as an actual and real thing. The only goal should be to become the censors rather than the censored. Whether that even is possible is beside the point. Each new information technology has been the immediate target of government censorship via licensing and increasingly pressure on the so-called “private sector.” The digital age is somewhat problematic but great strides toward censorship have been made.

    As for Musk, he knows full well what the deal is and his feigned enlightenment is laughable. Given Musk is the world’s biggest Welfare Queen, it is surprising he has given as much guff as he has to Uncle Sugar. Perhaps he has a kill switch in the sense of an ability to crater the economy in a way that isn’t easily apparent. Maybe he just enjoys the troll. Who knows.

    Just as the Neocons will move to their next humiliation and catastrophe after the Ukraine cluster implodes, the propaganda organs seamlessly will transition into their next farcical lying campaign soon enough. Yes, what can’t go on will stop at some point, but the point is failure is not an impediment at the moment.

    • Maybe he just enjoys the troll. Who knows.

      It’s kabuki. Musk is a globalist asset, and they could pull the plug at him on a moment’s notice, they can just start short-selling Tesla and tell the government to stop glad-handing him.

      But now he just scored a 1.5 billon dollar government contract for a network of spy satellites, so I doubt he’s in bad standing.

      • If it is kabuki and it emerged Musk made X into even stickier fly paper on behalf of the intelligence services, the only less surprising thing would have been the admission Liberace was gay. No doubt Musk is a globalist asset, but he may vastly underestimate the unhinged, vicious pettiness of the patrons he is mocking. It does look like they have wounded the Golden Goose of Chinese bribery in a fit of pique after all. Whores generally pay a price when they sass their pimps.

        • Yeah, and I can’t believe Liberace was gay. I mean, women loved him, man. I didn’t see that one coming

          • Damn, don’t start me on women and their contribution to the nation’s moral decay via their acceptance of such moral deviancy. If they got their heads together, this country would flip in a couple of election cycles…

            No insult intended to the very fine and level headed women commenting here…however, you seem in the minority of your kind.

    • Well, since the Spanish-American war was started by a Hearst propaganda war based on an explosion on the Maine that, (if it even occurred), was clearly caused by the US Navy, I would say that the media “creating its own reality” goes way back….
      The internet has allowed a minority to obtain information that the media/deep state finds inconvenient, that is now the main target of censorship…which would be bad for Musk, hence he’s fighting back..

      • Yeah, I’m undecided about Musk, but we’ve seen this stuff escalate exponentially in our lifetimes. Gorbachev thought the introduction of perestroika would allow the Soviet people to blow off the steam but it helped take down the system. Admittedly the USSR was far poorer, but still, cracking the door open just a little can spiral out of control quickly. That may be happening in the West and account to the transition from censorship to public arrests, primarily but not exclusively in Europe.

    • I believe you underestimate how much the propaganda succeeds. Though the individual claims may be disproven, for normie, the truths of the system are well-preserved. Though half may “believe” that the George Floyd incident was a hoax, 95% of that 50% still believe in equality and civil rights legislation. This is the success of the propaganda. The individual story may be disproven, but the Truths are successfully implanted.

      • Even with themes vs. specific, narrow stories, compare and contrast the “civil rights movement” of sixty years ago with the attempt to promote transgenderism in the modern era; even force has limits. Propaganda’s potency is severely diminished even if still somewhat effective. We’ll see how the next wave of Deep Fakes plays out but a lot of pre-emptive damage has been done to it. The current crop of propagandists just aren’t as good at it.

        • The propagandists may not be as competent as their forebearers, but neither are their marks. The dumbing down applies to both transmitter and receiver. Imagine the stupidity and gullibility of those who still consume msm product.

          • Covid was instructive. The propaganda initially worked, and now the latest iteration of the vaccine has been taken by, what, ten or 15 percent? Whatever that number, those are the segment who want to believe. Good point about the marks being dumber, too, but it looks like the propagandists are racing to the bottom quicker now.

          • That is because they do not care if the population takes the vaxx anymore. If they did, they would get them to. The vaxx served the purpose, now on to a new one.

          • @Eloi:

            Disagree. They stopped promoting the boosters because people were disregarding the demand to take them. This actually started with the first round of boosters. Obedience fell to…what, a third then? The purpose of the mandate was to pick up where the propaganda came up short.

            They may have achieved the goal, but there was an initial full-court press on the boosters. It is stunning so many didn’t take even the first round of Original Vax. I admit surprise by the hold-outs.

          • This is not because people awoke. The decrease in boosters is because the excitement wore off. The population is processed so that they respond to excitement like startled cattle. The population will move onto whatever the overlords display as the new “Thing” to be excited about, fulfilling their desire for dopamine release. The population only became dumber through this drama, not more aware. They only became more receptive to large-scale drama, not more immune.
            When our overlords want the population to do something, they will manufacture it.
            I do recognize, however, that this requires more and more heightened levels of stimulus and drama each time. Such is the addicts mindset.

      • “The individual story may be disproven, but the Truths are successfully implanted.”

        Yes. In addition to providing interpretations of individual stories (or not covering some stories at all), the media dictates a morality.

        Gregory Hood is correct that we don’t live in a state controlled media, but a media controlled state. The direction of the arrow of causality is important here.

        The people with the most control over our lives and politics are those who control the morality that the media broadcasts.

        The head of the snake.

      • Nazi Germany had the greatest propagandist of all time in Joseph Goebbels. Nazi Germany lost

      • In between retweeting conservative dweebs and impregnating girlbosses without having sex with them, Musk says exactly what he wants: total and inescapable surveillance. All his businesses advance aspects of that—while doing other things too, because being the full-on monopoly-panopticon supervillain, with no celebrity or gadgetry to conceal it, is Thiel’s job/fetish.

    • “ The digital age is somewhat problematic but great strides toward censorship have been made.”

      Jack, I’m coming around to your thinking. I too was one who was there at the very beginning of social media, via a vis the internet. I remember remarking to faculty that this could never survive. The government would never allow such a development to challenge it.

      But it did last for almost two decades, why?

      I’ve read, but sadly can’t remember the reference, only the thought, that the internet and all the nonsense of information/communication being “free” was at the *behest* or approval of our government, or rather elements deep within. The internet was seen immediately as a tool of subversion. Our deep statists used it, as it embedded itself throughout the world to undermine other governments and effect regime change and “color revolutions” and sway public opinion.

      It is only recently that the internet is seen as being a two edged sword that censorship in being promoted and enforced by Western governments as it is being used against their interests by other world player like the Chinese and Russians, and of course local dissidents like ourselves.

      • “But it did last for almost two decades, why?”

        Rather Gate happened, what, twenty years ago? Dissident information warfare escalated from there. My guess is the reason for the delay in extreme censorship was somewhat more financial than political (without knowing exactly how so), but the Regime also no longer has the confidence it once did, so there’s that. Deep Fakes hold a lot of propaganda promise because of the confusion they will sow, but that also cuts both ways. Maybe they just will release EMP’s at some point.

        • EMPs (assuming they work) are likely the only way for extreme censorship to work. Well, except what they are doing would work fine for the vast unwashed who would never think about using the “Dark” web or *shudder* a BBS.

          All it does is eliminate non-face-to-face outreach. Keys to encrypted comms can be left in plain sight on any censored node of social media.

  17. The harridans and harpies may be right. I don’t think the next election will be about Trump vs Biden…it will be the ballot box vs the cartridge box.

    Leftie is telegraphing his intent. Given the nature of the women on the Other Side, some kind of lethal comedy is almost guaranteed.

  18. I think Musk’s days are numbered at this point. Some people have been posting the text of that so-called “Tik-Tok” bill on-line and it’s clear as can be that it’s actually directed against Musk and Twitter. The President can basically determine unilaterally that some platform or web-site is under “foreign influence” and shut it down and even imprison or fine the U.S. citizens that are allegedly under this “foreign influence” without any ability for them to appeal anywhere but the D.C. Circuit Court. And just like clockwork – as the clowns of the GOPe and Con., Inc. are running around declaring a great triumph for our side – the Dems are immediately out claiming that Twitter allows “terrorists” to post and Twitter is therefore under foreign influence. I’m expecting Twitter to be shut down shortly in advance of this year’s election.

    • May 18, 1864
      Major-General John A. Dix,

      Commanding at New York:

      Whereas there has been wickedly and traitorously printed and published this morning in the New York World and New York Journal of Commerce, newspapers printed and published in the city of New York, a false and spurious proclamation purporting to be signed by the President and to be countersigned by the Secretary of State, which publication is of a treasonable nature, designed to give aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States and to the rebels now at war against the Government and their aiders and abettors, you are therefore hereby commanded forthwith to arrest and imprison in any fort or military prison in your command the editors, proprietors, and publishers of the aforesaid newspapers, and all such persons as, after public notice has been given of the falsehood of said publication, print and publish the same with intent to give aid and comfort to the enemy; and you will hold the persons so arrested in close custody until they can be brought to trial before a military commission for their offense. You will also take possession by military force of the printing establishments of the New York World and Journal of Commerce, and hold the same until further orders, and prohibit any further publication therefrom.

      A. LINCOLN.

    • Twitter is still the social media newsgathering app of choice. So I doubt it’ll be shut down; the worst that’ll happen in Musk will be forced to sell it back into the hands he took it from. Then noticing accounts will be banned and it’ll be 2018 all over again.

      But I do think the cat is out of the bag here. Trump’s popularity proves that all the censorship that started in 2017 didn’t work. All that’s left are arrests, as you’re seeing in Europe. The question is, will popular rebellion jump from the virtual to the actual.

      • “ The question is, will popular rebellion jump from the virtual to the actual.”

        Indeed. Being older and from a prior generation, I’m reminded of the older activists/subversives of the time. Rebellion need not take the form of say, armed conflict, to bring a government down. Rebellion may take a more subtle form of simply tossing sand in the gears.

        A popular book (and fun read) of the time was, “Steal This Book” by Abbie Hoffman. Still an interesting book.

  19. And we also hear now that dictator Putin has foisted himself upon the Russian people for another six years to possibly become to longest serving ruler in Russian history – in a “stolen” election of course. God, the media and government here are so unbelievably pathetic…

    • It’s clear Putin was not popular — he only got 88% of the vote. Whereas Biden will get 110%. That’s popularity.

      • I would laugh my ass off if Putin asked that international observers be deployed to monitor the upcoming American election. That would be funny even if not necessary since no one takes this ludicrous shitshow of a country seriously any longer.

    • “It only matters who counts the votes.”

      — Uncle Joe.

      (Biden, not Stalin. Actually both).

  20. I sometimes get the sense the media is performing primarily for other media. They are judging each other on how close each sticks to the party line. if you want to be the cool kid you have to be exactly on the same page as everyone else. It’s a bit like high school, with mean girls (pundits), a BMOC (the New York Times) and the losers (Rachel Maddie and the gang at MSNBC)… And Trump is the new kid, mercilessly picked on. God help you if they doxx you and you have to go to that 🏫 school!

      • State offense, I presume. Better to register your dogs and cats for absentee voting. Force the BIPOCs working in the warehouse ballot operations to work overtime. Then if you’re caught act all shocked that someone would be using your mailing address for purposes of ballot fraud. Trying to distinguish the fake signatures coming from the warehouse ops with the fake ones supplied by random citizens could just about drive them crazy. Of course, if they’ve already destroyed the absentee envelopes to cover for the warehouse ballot ops then they’d be out of luck.

        You could also helpfully register all the illegals in your area for the same purpose. At this point you probably ought to be using an accommodation address and fake ID obtained from your local illegal alien employment counterfeiter. Imagine their incredulity at so many illegals voting Republican (yeah, I know, another issue). I strongly discourage this, however, since they have all the resources at the disposal of the Secretary of State for purposes of cheating and almost certain impunity from prosecution; but it could still be amusing if you’re criminally inclined.

        • Since most voting is by mail. You simply print up ballots and slip them in the box late at night after preliminary counting shows how many votes you will need for your candidate.

          Works here just fine.

          (I say this because there was a bill vetoed that would have “serialized” and distributed all *official* ballots to be used and counted—as opposed to simply printing them up on the fly at voting centers and for mail-ins. Simple process which we use for fiat currency, but can’t seem to use for something infinitely more important)

    • As I’ve seen people smarter than me remark: “I wish I could give the Trump that these kooks have in their head form so that I could vote for that Trump”

  21. It would be a great service to humanity if the people who would say, “Aksually, we have a Constitutional Republic,” would… stop saying that. Or consider Canadian options.

  22. It’s interesting to watch Musk. He’s started noticing, so you can see him struggling to put the pieces together. How far down the path will he let himself go.

    People on our side of the divide just assume that once you start noticing, you’ll end up here, but there are many who don’t. Steve Sailer and Charles Murray notice racial differences but don’t notice anything unusual about politics and who runs the show behind the scenes. So, it’s not a given that Musk will notice everything.

    Of course, the fact that he’s already been punished once for noticing some inconvenient facts hints that he’d head down our path if he allows himself. But who knows.

    • He’s noticed for a long time. Right now he’s playing a very dangerous game where he is slowly trying to build an alternative elite coalition with people on our side. People rag on him for not going hard enough, but I would argue he’s close to coming in too hard on these topics.

      This doesn’t mean he’s one of /our guys/. He just wants his technocratic future of chips in people’s brains and space rockets, ad the current elite will ruin everything if they stay in power.

      • He just wants his technocratic future of chips in people’s brains and space rockets…

        Of course, the Transhumanist/Futurist agenda. Musk seems to have his role to play, but this sort of thing is pretty creepy if you ask me (chips in the brain).

        In addition, probably more important things to worry about than sending wockets into space.

        • Musk’s recently announced Starshiwld project for the DoD is terrifying.

          If that comes to fruition, there will literally be nowhere left to run and hide.

          • That’s the beauty of Musk. He’s the “free market” genius capitalist that can be the face man for the States techifascist projects.

            Starlink is DARPA tech from the Regan era SDI “Star wars” missile defense.

            Almost nothing coming out of any valley, silicon or otherwise is some random idea cooked up in a suburban garage.

            This is all part of the game. Starlink is a beard. The next phase is just the public release of what the are already doing in order to lube up the public coffers for moar funding.

      • “People rag on him for not going hard enough, but I would argue he’s close to coming in too hard on these topics.”

        Assuming he is not ad-libbing a world class troll, this is correct. Maybe he really is furious about his so-called “trans child.”

      • Must has the “advantage” of watching his originating country of South Africa descend into madness, anarchy and despair over the course of his lifetime due to some incredibly stupid ideas.

        The Zman posting quotes by Joseph DeMaistre suggests some dabbling in “elite theory.” Which is to acknowledge that the only reform (bloody or otherwise) only happens is when organized elites spearhead it.

        Musk isn’t “our guy”; such a man will never exist. But he might be part of a growing counter-elite who isn’t interested in ruling over what’s left of South Africa II. One can only hope, because there’s not much else out there than to hope for a “long knives” campaign from a small but determined inner elite that wants change.

    • Dissidence is a journey. I used to be a grillin’ normiecon boomer that thought the jews were our friends and Ben Shipiro owned the lefties.

      Then I started hanging out here and I got violated and corrupted. 😂

      It’s a journey that takes time. I’m even seeing lefties getting red pilled in huge numbers now.

      • [I formerly] thought the jews were our friends…

        Seriously? I had never met anyone who thought that. The closest I’ve ever seen are people who think jews are people, too. A few friends, a few enemies, most irrelevant, whose existence has no measurable impact on your life. Well, unless you choose to let it.

        • One of the best things I learned from the younger crowd here is to fact check.

          If there’s one thing you can learn from our esteemed blog host – that is it. I don’t always agree with him but he always has ammo for his argument. I started fact checking jews. I watched a few Ben Shapiro vids and actually paid attention. “Narratives” don’t hold or stand up under objective cross examination – as we see in this case of blood bathing by the lunatic left.

          We have to be careful that we don’t let the far left goad us into going “far right”. This is why I love the dissidents – if you ask a legitimate question that goes off script in any other camp… the cognitive dissonence kicks in, and the cancellations, doxxing and other abuse is sure to follow. Here – if it’s legit we talk about it like adults. I am old enough to remember when everyone did that.

      • I don’t remember if Haywood is really an example of this, but it comes to mind—often, lately:

        There’s a stock righty coming-of-age (again) story where the post-alt-right-era “dissident” claims to have, as a young man, graduated from an innocent College Republican-ism via Ayn Rand, whose books turned him into something like a libertarian (but not exactly), then gradually the realities of the present situation cured him of that youthful idealism, too, and he really got serious, so now he’s an actual rightist/reactionary, way into Moldbug or Evola or whatever.

        I don’t think change is impossible, exactly, but I do believe that what you become as a young man is what you *are*. And if what *overcame you* at that hazardous time in your time was Ayn Rand, what you’re into is girly romance novels about capitalists, and your only true desire is to live in one.

        • Hemid: I generally concur that most people don’t really change much over time. But I think Z’s commentariat are a horse of a different color, and offer my own “transition” as an example. I entered college a far-left shitlib, and graduated only slightly less so. I had no coherent economic and political theory, but I parroted the opinions I had been taught. And all the other freshman students had read Ayn Rand, while I had never heard of her.

          I ‘changed’ fairly dramatically via direct experience with other people and cultures, and entered my mainstream conservative patriot phase (aged 24 – 41) during which I moved ever so gradually rightwards. I was certainly red-pilled on race well before the OJ verdict.

          Once I began reading online about 2000, I quickly moved from Townhall to VDare and Steve Sailer and the web’s self-proclaimed genius. I learned something from each. And then followed links to finally better understanding social and sexual dynamics from reading Chateau Heartiste. This was definitely a process that took a few years. I kept discovering blogs further to the right and getting exposed to new-to-me arguments and theories and opinions.

          I would argue I’ve continued to learn and change since reading and commenting here at Zman. And I think other commenters have as well. But again, this returns to your initial point. Most people don’t change, don’t grow. They find a moderate spectrum of social/economic/political positions they embrace, and never move on. Like a woman wearing the same hairstyle at 60 that she did at 20, most people live in self-chosen ‘ruts’ where they feel they’ve figured things out and satisfy themselves that they are smart and informed enough – certainly more so than the average bear (in their minds).

          So why does a small minority continue to learn and change? Why do some people make radical lifestyle changes, whereas most older people die shortly after any move or major lifestyle change? My husband and I have discussed how most people we knew during our professional and adult years have followed highly predictable paths. They would find our dissident opinions and lifestyle choices today insane and beyond the pale.

          I always say I am a unicorn, but what has made me so? What causes some to grow with every year while their fellows stay on the same treadmill for decades? It’s not merely IQ, or even just curiosity or ‘openness’ to new experiences (that way lies pink hair). I haven’t a clue.

          • What causes some to grow with every year while their fellows stay on the same treadmill for decades?

            My hypothesis: cunning ancestors. States have for millennia hammered down or executed nails sticking up above the rest, which brought an end to any such genes. At least any genes whose current holders were not wise enough to go grey as required.

          • No clue here as to why others do not evolve, either, but it almost has to be something hardwired and psychological. Given how blatant the anti-white animus is now, denial almost has to be willful. Maybe the explanation for denial is the same reason people do not dwell on their eventual death. It is mind-blowing that people are either able to compartmentalize what is happening or able to ignore it all together.

            It is odd you mention OJ in the sense that was a turning point for so many. I’ve encountered others who cited an earlier event, Waco, which happened a few years prior, that opened their eyes to how monstrous the Regime had become. The outrages come too fast and furious these days to really isolate an event as a hinge moment although I’m sure something like the Trump-Russia collusion hoax may have had a similar effect on many.

            It really is difficult to have serious interaction with people who suffer such cognitive dissonance. It may make life easier but given it seems like things are about to get far worse who really would want to be them when even darker days arrive?

          • I have tested very very low on agreeableness on the five axis personality test that seems to be the current thing now.

            As I understand it, agreeableness is the tendency to “go along to get along”.

            My guess would be that you do, too…

  23. The Uniparty is freighted and this Bloodbath story is good evidence of that. They’ll be coming harder after Musk and X as immediately debunking one of their myths in real time and mocking them for it is something they can’t allow.

  24. I was watching some well-meaning vestigial “dirt bag” remnants of the free speech left talking about the Boeing fiasco in a YouTube powwow. They concluded that it was due to the financialization of the airline industry, as with medicine, which led to all kinds of cost-cutting shenanigans that literally imperiled people’s lives. If you’ll pump safe and effective poison into someone’s veins for profit, you’ll skimp on airfoils and bolting on fuselage. It makes sense, up to a point. They couldn’t countenance it as a “both/and” problem. Blaming the DEI initiative, they thought, was just declassee white former middle and working class people trying to fob the blame off on minorities.

    It is clearly a both/and problem, though (and plenty of working class whites are also to blame, as revealed in that undercover video of factory workers hammered on oxy, weed, and beer.) The thing these people don’t understand, though—and even some normiecons and dissidents don’t seem to grasp—is that the elite are right in thinking they can no longer leave elections or much of anything else to chance, or trust Americans to be engaged, even “low information voters” as Limbaugh used to say.

    We’re simply getting too brown and black and stupid to leave anything to the masses. I’d also imagine that the flooding of borders is going to lead to much higher population density, which will erode the vestigial concept of individual liberty from the public sphere. You don’t just need a smart fraction to keep things running. You need a lot of normal white people to keep things running as they have been, and also to have these Western ideals preserved, even in forms most on our side tend to mock: i.e. the Constitution in your back pocket crowd. These are not bad people, just the easiest for bad people to take advantage of. When there are enough of them in society, it makes the society better.

    Have enough of the marks wised up? I haven’t heard any normies I know talking about “God’s Chosen people” or the “Free Market” for awhile. Fewer listen to AM talk radio and most would rather watch Alex Jones or Tucker online than some human hairdo talking on Fox. Yes, they’re going to vote for Trump, not in the hope that he’ll save them, but like a man on the scaffold spitting in the face of the executioner.

    • We’re simply getting too brown and black and stupid to leave anything to the masses.

      Yeah, the DIE stuff is one problem but there are others. There seems to have been (from my experience) a general drop in ability and character across the board, with whites affected as well. Add to that the way these companies just don’t seem to have the same ethos they used to (read about Boeing in the early years), this sort of result seems baked into the cake.

      • The increasingly poor quality human capital in the collective West will be its eventual undoing.

      • DIE causes general rot within an organization as to make DIE work requires a lowering of standards across the board (If no one cares if Shetavious works or not, pretty soon no one cares if anybody works).

    • Things are changing not as glacially but it really is late in the day. I frequently encounter acknowledgments these day that multiculturalism and multi-racial societies probably compel TPTB to be more oppressive about speech and basic civil liberties. There seems to be more resignation than outrage, though.

  25. The rest of the media who piled on also knew it was a lie. In other words, everyone involved knew it was a lie, but they kept on lying, even when everyone knew it was a lie.

    This demonstrates some of the worst behaviours of The Leftist: the extent to which they lie and knowingly manipulate. Lying, of course, is a pretty big sin – effectively bearing false witness against a person, if you like. And how many do it these days? Almost everyone to some-degree-or-another.

    Perhaps the worst of it is that these people will resolutely defend their actions. It is not just ‘Democracy’ that will not be reformed, but a serious Christian belief amongst the people – one that requires self-reflection and constant checking of oneself against sin.

    It staggers me that people take any of ‘our’ politicians seriously at all. The Evil is so obviously and constantly on display.

    Thanks for the article (a bit early in the day for you, Z Man?!). And God bless as always to you and all here.

  26. Am I a bad person if I think the bloodbath sans auto industry part sounds entirely justified?
    Preferable, even?

    • When I first heard the media’s interpretation of it, I thought, now we’re talking. Rather disappointing when I read the whole quote.

        • Why would anyone downvote this? The “sell us on it” meme was the first thing I thought of when I heard the bloodbath story. It’s never not funny.

  27. I don’t consume any mainstream US media, written or on television. And probably many people commenting here are in the same boat. Just blatant lies and propaganda. People who do consume this garbage probably deserve the system they get.

    I don’t know what Pelosi or Graham shriek or howl and I don’t want to. They are part of the media-entertainment complex.

    • Same here, Arshad.

      It is so bad now that, when confronted with a TV and a rhetoric-spewing-son-of-Satan, I find it to be like looking into another world.

      • As lies and propaganda it’s not even coherent. Just one hysterical sound-bite to the next, interspersed with “a message from our sponsors.” A complete lack of coherence and continuity. Probably induces ADHD. But then again, the average reading level in the US today is around fifth or sixth grade level.

    • It is hard to believe there are still people out there falling for this stuff, but I meet them regularly. It is beyond religious zealotry for some of them, I just can’t understand it.


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