The Gangster State

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Whenever there is a terrorist attack, the main question immediately after it is who conducted the attack. This is not just for the mundane reason of apprehending the people responsible, but also for understanding why they did it. Terrorism, by definition, exists within the context of a larger political cause. A crazy person opening fire at a mall is a different thing than an Antifa member opening fire at a church school. The former is simply crazy while the latter has a political motivation.

After the attack on the Moscow music venue over the weekend, the first thing people naturally asked is who did it. The Russians quickly apprehended the four gunmen and then the question shifted to who sponsored it, as it was clear that these four people could never have done this alone. The Russians have arrested a dozen other suspects they think may have been involved, but the four Tajiks have been identified as the shooters and they have confessed.

The bullets were still flying when the many bot accounts operated by American intelligence started to flood social media platforms with claims that it was Islamic terrorism, which was a red flag. Then Washington rolled out the ISIS-K claim, which is another red flag. No one had ever heard of ISIS-K until now, so that is one problem, but the bigger problem is ISIS is an American creation. Coupled with the recent State Department warnings, it looks suspicious.

It gets even more suspicious when internet sleuths figured out that the head of ISIS-K is a person calling himself Sanaullah Ghafari, who used to work at Bagram airfield as a special guard to the vice president of the American backed Afghan government, until that government was ousted by the Taliban. Mr. Ghafari also has ties to NATO as a sanctioned arms dealer. Maybe this is the wrong Sanaullah Ghafari, it is a common name, but it is another red flag.

What we know is that four Tajiks were given weapons that are exceedingly rare on the black market and paid a quarter of a million dollars each to go on a shooting rampage in Moscow and then they fled toward Ukraine. Washington claims they were backed by an organization that was created by Washington and appears to be led by a man with deep ties to American intelligence. It should be noted that Washington is now backing off the ISIS story, which can be interpreted in several ways.

There is another way of looking at this. It is possible that the White House simply has no idea what is going on with Project Ukraine. This would not be the first time they were caught off-guard by a terrorist act. After the Nord Stream attack, the Biden admin jumped from story to story, trying to find a narrative that people would accept, until the CIA planted the story of Ukrainian frogmen using a dingy to float out into the sea and plant the bombs on the gas pipeline.

The Biden admin was also lost when Daria Dugina was blown up by a car bomb in an attempt to assassinate her father, Alexander Dugin. The first story said that there was no way the Ukrainians were behind it. Eventually, they had to admit that it was most likely Ukrainian intelligence behind the assassination. This event was the start of a pattern where Ukraine or friends of Ukraine in the murky world in which the Kagan cult operates do things outside official channels.

Of course, stupidity always plays a role in these things now. Back when all the best people were sure the looming Ukrainian offensive would smash the Russian lines, Mark Milley, told a gathering of top NATO commanders and Ukrainian special forces being trained by the American military, “There should be no Russian who goes to sleep without wondering if they’re going to get their throat slit in the middle of the night. You gotta get back there, and create a campaign behind the lines.”

Every day for over two years voices of authority in Washington have said that Ukraine must win by any means necessary. European leaders come out daily and say there are no red lines when it comes to beating Russia. France is now threatening to send their troops into Ukraine and encouraging other NATO countries to join them. If you are running a CIA operation in Syria, like Sanaullah Ghafari, you are not going to hesitate to help your friends put together a terror attack in Moscow.

Getting back to the central question of terrorism, the answer here may be that this is the result of the Biden administration losing control of their foreign policy. They are no longer calling the shots. Instead, it is the shadowy world of the usual suspects doing what they like without regard to the political or geopolitical consequences. It is not as if the political class ever had tight control of foreign policy. Maybe now they no longer have any control over what happens in their name.

If you want further evidence that the White House no longer controls foreign policy, you can look at what Israel is doing. Netanyahu is openly defying the White House in his campaign to drive the Arabs out of Gaza. Anthony Blinken has been sent there to beg Netanyahu to stop a dozen times to no avail. If America’s greatest ally no longer cares what the White House has to say, maybe Israel is simply working with people it sees as more important than the White House.

Since the most likely suspect in the Israel case is also behind Project Ukraine, it is not a big leap to think they are working with the Ukrainians to conduct terrorism. It is also not a big leap to think that these same people would turn their weapons on politicians that do not support their projects. Given the direction of the Ukraine war, this may explain why European politicians make daily devotionals to the project. They do not want any Tajiks showing up at their house.

All of this is speculation and supposition, but it fits in with the general breakdown of order we see in the Global America Empire. For the last ten years this has been the defining feature of America. The rules are falling to pieces because powerful people refuse to abide by them or enforce them. This Ukraine fiasco suggests that America is falling into gangsterism. Powerful players no longer care what elected officials say or think as they conduct their private agendas.

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195 thoughts on “The Gangster State

  1. Hi folks

    I get the idea of creating a map with color scales for ideology of governments.

    Problem : I can’t decide which one is “liberal”, “conservative” or “populist” for the period 1789-1920

    I guess Jackson was populist, but what about Tyler, Van Buren, Jefferson, McKinley and co ?

    If some fellow Americans could help me… 🙂

  2. Z, I have a bridge back in Lagos to sell you. It’s a fixer-upper but I’m willing to part with it at this one-time offer for cheap.

  3. “… America is falling into gangsterism.”

    Falling since when? Maybe 1861. Or 1913. Perhaps 1917. Could be post 1945, as in Vietnam, the Kennedy murders. certainly 9/11, the Covid pysop, 2020 election, Jan 6.

    It’s not falling, it has fallen. And it was a very long time ago.

  4. Woops, I forgot that other bit of confusion: the owner of the Crocus is an American friend of Donald Trump and has a foreign-born Jewish wife and son. (Not from Israel.)

    I just saw the NYT has put out a full backstory on “ISIS-K”, as if we’re hearing about the nefarious KAOS for the first time! Somebody, call Agent Smart and Ninety-Nine on his shoe phone!

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  6. Vladimir Putin has certainly not been reticent to strike out at various ex-Regime members of his own nation he deemed threats. Alexander Litivinko, Alexy Navalny, the Skripals, all have been sent unmistakable messages. So too have those around them.

    Yet, for some reason (fear of escalation, desire to avoid explicit NATO troop involvement, something else) Putin has NOT retaliated for: the blowing up of Nordstream, the assassination of Darina Dugina, the assassination of the Moscow Russian mil-blogger, the blowing up of the Kerch bridge, the sinking of half the Russian Navy, the attacks on Belgorod both missile/artillery and various 10/7 incursions, the repeated attacks on Crimea, the attacks on deep inside Russia Strategic Air bases, and the attacks on Russian oil refineries, many deep inside Russia. LIKE this attack, all required considerable CIA/US Military involvement. There was no other way for example for Ukraine to find and hit Russian Refineries so deep inside Russia without US satellite help.

    Who provided the car, the cash, and the weapons (not easy to obtain even in Russia)? Who provided the training? Who surveilled the place, and staged the attack right during Rush Hour so responding police/security would be stymied by traffic? Who provided the exit plan, and the mad dash for the border?

    Very likely to Putin the answer will be the CIA. And Nuland.

    Nuland is of course untouchable. She even though retired no doubt sits behind a security curtain of the best and most alert, with likely massive security unseen but lurking around. However there are no lack of other targets eminently reachable. Putin’s past history suggests that a lot of regime journalist/propaganda hos, toadies, and other lower level functionaries will be targets. Perhaps even Nuland, even the best security can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers and there is no shortage of young men from third world hell-holes with criminal experience willing to hit a target for money. Russia has money. And a history of targeting Regime enemies without heavy security presence.

    And that’s a message.

    Whatever restraints Putin likely had are now gone, he cannot appear weak and pro-Western at this point.

    • Putin could really shake things up if he wanted.

      Because of resignations, the U.S. house rep majority is now in peril.

      Imagine the chaos he could cause if he took out 1-2 neocon Republicans and let Hakeem Jeffries become majority leader.

      Yeah, the Dems are just as big war mongers. But imagine the implications of foreign agents causing a change of power in the U.S legislative branch.


      • I think he will target those who are close to the power players, and their support network. This was the approach taken by the CIA to remove Pablo Escobar. Message was sent.

        Victoria Nuland has lots of security. But do her lawyers, publicists, bankers, etc. have security?

        That was the weakness of Escobar. He could not provide security for his support network and thus ran out of options and security.

      • Good lord. Japan was able to survive nuclear bombardment, but it would not have survived a Hakeem Jeffries.

    • No one is untouchable especially Nuland. Besides of the three names you mentioned, two of them were not Russian hits I’m sure, Navalny and the Skripals were MI6/CIA hits to blame on Russia.

      Besides that, the Western elite have lived their whole lives never having faced any consequence for anything they’ve done. They aren’t prepared to face judgement day. I’d bet the security around Nuland and the rest is pretty light.

  7. We all (seem to) agree that this was an unusual attack, but seem to be skipping over that the guys arrested for it claim that they were recruited and directed by an anonymous party online.

    I don’t believe four men can simultaneously be stupid enough to act this way on behalf of a stranger, and also smart enough to maintain secrecy for a month prior to the operation.

    We could suppose all day who the mastermind was with that in consideration, but I believe that is irrelevant because all sides will pick a favorite story and act accordingly. What I think WILL matter to the average American audience is the “anonymous mastermind” angle.

    I forsee an MSM narrative around “radicalization” by “anonymous masterminds” as a tool to stiffle speech further. After all, didn’t four regular, poor, family men just get pushed to violence by a paltry $5k payday? Surely this ability to influence must be stopped!

    • Poor, backwards, from a rural village? Traditional, religious?
      I imagine the trailer parks of Murikkka are teeming with just these types. They might even find a red MAGA cap in the wreckage!

      See? This is exactly what happens when you ban Pride parades and Drag Queen Story Hour.

  8. The thing about the glowies is this: compartmentalizaion means they don’t know anything about anything they don’t know they know. And even then what they know may turn out to be bullshit. They tend to fall for their own propaganda in the NYT or WaPo or the Economist. Among the higher-ups, the need not to know to preserve a figleaf of deniability means that no one knows much of anything, much less everything.

    I have a non-imaginary friend with a clearance. He works for one of the 17 joke-and-dagger agencies, is well-read, well-travelled, and speaks multiple languages. I do not know what he does, I do not ask what he does, and he has never said a word about what he does.

    But what he has said about world affairs over the years has led me to believe that, outside of this or that person’s particular area of expertise (and sometimes maybe inside it, too) these people are less informed and have less of a big picture view than people who read Z or Moon of Alabama or Naked Capitalism or India Punchline or Dancing With Bears or any of the dozens of other sites who dare to consider we may be being lied to…

  9. Vicki the Vicious announces “some nasty surprises,” and then scurries for cover?
    These masterminds can’t be that oblivious, can they?

    Remember Beslan in Odessa, the school massacre.
    Distant family members stared receiving van loads of 3-inch boxes.
    In those boxes, were the near family members of the Beslan shooters, and the shooters themselves…brought to you, courtesy, of the Russian red white and blue.

    When we start seeing Russian delivery vans arriving at Kagan and Mayorkas-related doorsteps, well, perhaps quiet negotiations will begin in earnest.

      • No big deal, I once wrote Balkan instead of Baltic and the guy who I was critizing jumped all over it and was calling me an idiot for doing it. He was still wrong but he was totally vindicated by my mistake.

  10. A small correction: one of the arrested suspects said he was promised 500,000, and got paid 250,000 rubles, not dollars.

  11. Hi. I’m from Russia, I want to make an amendment. They were given not 500 thousand dollars each, but 500 thousand rubles (5400 dollars), moreover, FOR EVERYONE. Initially, one of them said that they received 500 thousand rubles (5,400) each, which was perceived by us as an extremely ridiculous amount, even offensively small. Now we are talking about the fact that this money was intended for everyone. I suppose there was no money at all, and this amount was used in one way or another to prepare a terrorist attack, because it’s ridiculous. Thank you. I’ve been waiting for your text. I’ll quote you on my TG channel, if you don’t mind.

    • He is correct. I ask, as a follow-up, a genuine question. The annual income per capita is around 700 dollars. I realize how fuzzy these ideas get (regions, purchasing power, etc.). Could this not be, however, construed as a decent deal of money for people there? I know nothing of Tajikistan.

      • In Tajikistan, this is considered a large sum, right. But funny in Russia. These people have families, children, they worked in Moscow, they know that about 100,000 rubles per person is a very ridiculous amount. These are two of their average monthly salaries. Money is definitely not motivation.

    • Nice to have voices from Russia here given the topic. Who do Russian nationalists think planned it and why?

      • There are two groups of nationalists in Russia. The first are state-owned, they maintain a position close to the state, support the war with Ukraine and the general state narrative. They are leaning towards ISIS with some degree of Ukrainian involvement. The second group (I belong to it) has not yet seen a Ukrainian trace, so so far we are blaming only Islamic fundamentalists. In fact, this is a very strange terrorist attack with a lot of unknown details, they did not put forward statements, manifestos, they just came and killed a lot of people. They are not suicide bombers, because they chose a good place to leave (Crocus City is located on the MKAD, it is easy to leave Moscow from there, which they did), they drove for 10 hours towards Ukraine. They were very unusually equipped, not all of them had rifle training. They studied the building for a month. The very fact of escaping to Ukraine says nothing, I suppose any criminal will try to escape to them, because there is nowhere else. But this has never happened before. We don’t know what to think yet and who to blame. Putin, of course, cautiously accuses Ukraine, but there is no fact of that yet. However, this is a very strange terrorist attack.

        • The style, shooting up a public venue, seems similar to the bataclan attack in France or the theater attack in Moscow about twenty years ago. But those were hardcore Islamic fanatics that expected to die and left no one in doubt who they were. So yes, this does seem strange. Maybe it was proof of concept by people who have planned more such attacks in Russia or the West??

          Btw, interesting to hear you guys also have controlled opposition. Tons of that here

        • “””….. this is a very strange terrorist attack….”””

          Empire is collapsing, rats are jumping sinking ship and remaining deepstaters do not have necessary means and competent manpower anymore to arrange decent terrorist attack. Or whatever attack.

          Hitler Germany at the end of the war suffered similar fate. Competent people understood that war is lost, went into hiding and last operations were weird mess where incompetent civilians without proper equipment tried to do something for their collapsing 1000 year Reich. Some were remarkably successful but most failed badly and only beclowned themselves.

        • “The very fact of escaping to Ukraine says nothing,”

          Why says nothing?

          Belarus border is closer to Moscow.

          • They were moving along the M3 federal highway, they were detained equidistant from Ukraine and Belarus, a hundred kilometers from the border. It made no sense for them to go to Belarus, there was little chance of going to Ukraine. It’s easy to blame Ukraine now, but, of course, I don’t rule out cooperation with the Ukrainian GUR at some stage, they behaved too strangely after the terrorist attack. I would like to clarify that it took them 18 minutes from the moment the shooting started and they left. They came in from different directions, blocked the doors, and did everything professionally. And then they drove headlong to no one knows where. It doesn’t happen that way. We’re missing something.

          • Belarus is Russia’s ally. Priggy’s men were seen there, remember, as potential pressure on Poland. That border would be a death trap for sure.

      • Ukraine, of course.

        BUT he wrote, “escaping to Ukraine means nothing”.

        Obviously, escaping to Ukarine means something which was my point.

        • It is extremely stupid on the part of the Ukrainian intelligence service to invite them to their place after the terrorist attack. This is how you can earn yourself a portion of dehumanization among your new allies. It is much more convenient to hire suicide bombers. Or send them to the border with Kazakhstan. But they purposefully drove to the west of the country. Why? Unclear.

          • More evidence as said below that somebody wanted them caught. Hapless stooges with professional execution and yet a sketchy escape window in a counter-counter operation? WTF?

          • Thank you for your responses. You are correct, something makes not sense.

            FSB works out details.

        • I would agree that is important to consider. I have a feeling we’ll never know for sure who did it.

  12. Listen, I can’t deny the possibility of the GAE being behind this. My eyes are wide open on their global misdeeds. However, it’s AT LEAST as likely that the Ukrainians did this on their own. They’ve grown to be rabid dogs out of control of their handlers in many instances. Heres a few disjointed facts to show this:

    ~We had an article come out a few months ago which talked about the informal rules of the spy game. It was clearly the CIA signaling to the Russians that they were trying to play by the old rules. An attack like this would be a pretty reckless departure. As you said, it could be people like Nuland or MIC people trying to goad Russia.
    ~Another important point is that the West clearly sees the Ukrainians as rabid and untrustworthy. Since the beginning of the war, the west has purposely given the Ukrainians weapons with limited range capabilities so they couldn’t target Russian civilians on Russia proper.
    ~Budanov, Ukraine’s intelligence chief, is insane and has also promised to carry out assassinations and killings on Russia’s soil.
    ~Chechen dissident groups have been spotted on the battlefield on Ukraine’s side, sometimes sporting ISIS patches. Russia largely drove out the Muslim fundamentalists in their war, and the ones that didn’t get killed by Russia left to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. So Ukrainians certainly have available open lines of communication with these people.

    With all this being said, the money that the Ukrainians gave these patsies almost certainly came from some of the untold billions of unaccounted dollars that have flowed from the west, so they would have some blood on their hands even if they weren’t directly involved in the planning.

  13. Our overlords’ combination of evil and stupidity never ceases to amaze. The same guys who can’t solve the Nord Stream bombing after 2 years of investigation, have the Moscow attack solved while it’s happening.

    If they were in on it (which now seems likely) silence would have been a much better strategy instead of easily proven lies.

    Other than their blind hatred of Russia, I don’t understand why they would be on it. To get the Russians to slaughter Ukrainians faster and maybe start WWIII (which we have no hope of winning)?

  14. Shapiro Strategy update: The latest hill Republicans are ritually sacrificing themselves on is “Didn’t Earn It!”

    Dilbert guy told them to incant this phrase, that it’s What DEI Really Stands For. Nearly 100% of online conservatives and libertarians are obeying his order with incredible enthusiasm, because they’re vile idiots.

    What’s demonstrably bad about DEI is that it’s resulted in almost none of corporate America’s new hires being white men. There’s a nerd-friendly chart that shows it, one that corporate America is very proud of. They put it on the news to show it to us. THE ONLY LIBERTARIAN DEMOGRAPHIC IN THE WORLD is being provably systematically dispossessed—even more so than it appears they are (and it *clearly* appears).

    Talk about that? Show sympathy for your increasingly oppressed neighbor? Never! Rerun “welfare queens!”

    Downticket Republicans? Get a job! (You can’t.)

    • “Dilbert guy told them to incant this phrase, that it’s What DEI Really Stands For. Nearly 100% of online conservatives and libertarians are obeying his order with incredible enthusiasm, because they’re vile idiots.”

      Or maybe they just think it’s funny and makes sense, given the kind of nepotism-driven mediocrity that “DEI” initiatives cultivate.

  15. The speed at which the ISIS narrative was dismantled was encouraging. Every post on Twitter about it had endless responses along the lines of, “oh, you mean that organization that only pops up when the Kagan cult is in power? That Islamic terrorist group that only seems to attack other Muslims and enemies of the US, while apologizing when it attacks Israel by accident?” This ISIS narrative got destroyed faster than the 40 beheaded babies claim.

    It might just be a bunch of “Muslims being Muslims”, as one Bronze Age Pervert (controlled opposition) acolyte said online, but it’s both reasonable and necessary to be skeptical of the claim. The people in charge of this operation on the NATO side really are thugs and gangsters, and it’s not like Zelensky’s people have any compunction about murdering innocent civilians to advance their aims.

    • “That Islamic terrorist group that only seems to attack other Muslims and enemies of the US”

      Except when it’s France or the UK or Germany….
      Does everyone forget the Christmas market in Germany has to have concrete pillars to prevent a truck of peace from entering the market?

      I have absolutely no idea who was behind it. But to say that ISIS only attacks Muslims or the enemies of the GAE is just not reality. While it certainly could have been a GAE-OP, it could have just as easily been Muslims practicing their faith. Frankly, we will likely never know.

      • “Muslims” and “ISIS” are not the same, though. The ISIS organization plainly is an American and Israeli state-sponsored terror group. I don’t think they would particularly care now, but US policymakers a decade or so back were afraid of public blowback over genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq, so ISIS provided the cover for those holocausts.

        • That is true, but I’m pretty sure Isis claimed responsibility for some of the attacks in Europe including the Christmas market that now has concrete blocks wrapped in Christmas paper during the holidays.

      • Proxy means proxy- attacking White Christians is most certainly attacking the enemies of the GAE.

        That’s what the Long War has always been about, victory is when you subdue your enemies.

    • This looks nothing like any previous attack by ISIS or similar groups. They do not plan escape routes, pay their operators, or get take alive. Maybe it’s a first. More likely this was somebody else.

  16. From the GAE’s many provocations of Russia, and Russia’s failure to respond directly, we can conclude that Russia fears the GAE more than the GAE fears Russia. Whether or not either party is justified in their attitude, the truth of it is plain to see. Among dissidents it is fashionable to portray the GAE as a paper tiger, all bark and no bite, but clearly Russia does not share this view. On the other hand, the GAE leadership doesn’t appear overly worried about Russian retaliation. So either they are delusional/reckless, or as our host suggests, just a rabble of gangsters, or else they know something(s) we don’t.

    • I think the enemies of the GAE would be fine with running out the clock. If, say, China has to take on the GAE, it would rather do it in a decade than now. They and everyone else know that time is running out for it and in many ways the empire is in collapse. Thing is, it can take a very long time and do a lot of damage before it is extinguished.

    • There’s a simple reason for this. Europe is an external province of the GAE from which they can easily stage military operations against Russia. Russia, on the other hand, cannot so easily launch mechanized attacks on the core landmass of the GAE. The GAE has a strong strategic advantage over Russia because of geography and geopolitics.

      • If there is any sustained military operation (other than pressing The Button) that the GAE is capable of staging against mainland Russia it is news to me. What are they going to do, land the marines at Arkangel? Send the armor on a blitzkrieg through Belarus? lol. Evidently they can send some drones to attack oil refineries. You’d think that would be easy enough to reciprocate.

        • Don’t be silly. The GAE could easily deploy in Finland, Poland, the Ukraine and possibly Moldova. And I don’t think Byelorus would be much of an impediment to anything. OTOH, what is Russia going to do? Team up with its boon globoheauxmeaux companion Canada and invade Michigan?

          • I don’t see anything easy about such a deployment, at least not to where it would be a sufficient force to accomplish anything worth doing. First of all, there aren’t a whole lot of troops to be deployed, but more importantly, the logistics to support them over that continental arc you describe just don’t exist anymore.

            Yes, the GAE could deploy troops to Russia, but how many, and to realistically accomplish what, before they are inevitably repulsed? I’m sure they could land a dozen marines at Vladivostok tomorrow if they really wanted to, but to what end?

            Do I really have to go into detail about how vulnerable AINO infrastructure is?

          • The logistics? Good gravy, you’re looking for uniforms, when you have millions of politicians, bureaucrats, NGOs, and suppliers as the real army…that army is the EU itself.

            We are forgetting that the entire Cold War, and the many DARPA programs we’ve inherited, were a sustained military operation.

          • Alzaebo, that is an interesting line of thought. There could be financial things the GAE hasn’t done to Russia yet that Russia fears.

    • Russians are generally very patient and don’t go off half-cocked on their enemies even when they probably should. Immediate retaliation won’t happen but when they do it will be epic, I hope anyway.

      I think that Russia is being patient because they aren’t willing to burn the world down unlike the Kagan cult. They’re showing superhuman patience but surely are beginning to lose it in the face of constant provocations.

    • GAE has repeatedly failed to make tritium which is a necessary sparkplug in thermonuclears. It has a half-life of 12 yrs. So every twelve years the ceiling on GAE nukes that don’t semi fizzle, halves. At the same time the rocket engines on the minuteman missiles, built to last ten years and now going on 50, are showing more cracks while the replacement sentinel ICBMs are lost in the familiar cluster of “government programs”.

      I don’t know if such factors in to decisions to just wait GAE out but maybe they do?

      • Tritium is a part of the gas-boost mechanism of the fission primary of a nuclear weapon, the fusing of deuterium and tritium into helium releases extra neutrons which greatly enhance the efficiency of the plutonium-fueled, implosion-assembled fission primaries. Tritium has a reatively short radioactive half life (12.4 years), but I see that it has been produced by the irradiation of certain rods in commercial light water reactors, and then extracted at the Savannah River Plant. France recently announced a similar production program using electricty-producing reactors. There are, of course, serious questions about the reliability of the nuclear weapons stockpile, since the weapons now deployed were designed with a service life of about 20 years, but which have been deployed, in some cases for 40 or more years. And without testing, no one really knows how such weapons will perform. Russia probably has similar problems, but Russian designs tended to be less complicated, so they may hold up better; In any event, the probable result in the event of use would be a yield substantially below what the designers expected,, but with nuclear weapons that’s still a lot of explosive power.

        • Without having looked into it I would imagine the Russians kept more reactors to produce all the ingredients including tritium and plutonium. Judging by artillery shell and tank production facilities the Russians place a lesser premium on profitability and a greater one on spare capacity. Surely the same mentality would apply to the crown jewels of their weapons. So I guess that Russian nukes are more reliable than American, or French, nukes

    • Russia does not want Ukraine to turn into another Afghanistan, where they spend a decade bleeding in an asymmetric war that ultimately collapses their government. Despite some current logistical advantages, long term Russia cannot win an offensive war against NATO without the active participation of China, and my guess is the Chinese are not going along, for now.

      The “ISIS” cover story may be falling apart, but that was only for western consumption anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me if the usual suspects finked on the escape plan, because they wanted the Tajiks caught, so there would be no doubt as to responsibility. They want Russia to react in such a way as will justify NATO intervention, not with the intent of slugging it out, but freezing the conflict, and turning it into a quagmire for Russia.

      • “they wanted the Tajiks caught”
        Yes, yes, that’s the missing puzzle piece, right there.

        Instead of blacks or South Americans, Russia’s migrant problem underclass is the Stans. They’re trying to spark a BLM movement, West Asia style.

  17. The attack in Moscow is yet another confirmation of the existential desperation being felt by the Deep State and their masters. The consequence of losing in Ukraine is an acceleration of the decline of the GAE and the collapse that will ensue when the plates stop spinning. Without the rape of Russian and Ukrainian resources, they cannot continue the charade that the US dollar is anything other than a fiat mirage. They have few options remaining.

    The Moscow gambit was an attempt to trick the Russians into overreacting and lay the foundation for starting WW3. Only a world war can overt or mask the coming collapse. And all of us plebs are merely bystander witnesses to these machinations. They best we can do at this time is get to a safe haven, ride out the initial chaos, and have a plan for what to do when the fog arrives.

  18. “What we know is that four Tajiks were given weapons that are exceedingly rare on the black market and paid a quarter of a million dollars each to go on a shooting rampage in Moscow and then they fled toward Ukraine.”

    And according to Andrei Martyanov, Russia noticed this, and immediately retaliated by taking out a major power generation facility in Ukraine, turning out the lights in Odessa. (Per the photos, the accuracy was astonishing. Turbines on fire, dam undamaged.)

  19. Russia will quickly work out who the terrorists are and who supported them, I have no doubt about that. The more important question is why it was allowed to happen in the first place.

    At the very least, this represents a costly intelligence failure on Russia’s part, and there needs to be a ruthless internal review to figure out what the hell is going on. It also underscores a point that I have been making basically since Mariupol. Russia really needs to up the operational tempo of this “existential” war. If Putin would get serious, and pick up the pace, the West would have less time to arrange these little surprises.

    And what about the Muscovites? We’re more than two years into this thing, and people are just casually going to concerts in Moscow like it’s no big deal? Visa overstayers from Tajikistan are allowed to travel to Moscow during a time of war and nobody stops them?

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven, and not just because of the barbarism of the act or the likelihood of Western involvement. There is still a great reluctance on the part of Russia to fully engage with its situation.

      • Z: “There is another way of looking at this. It is possible that the White House simply has no idea what is going on with Project Ukraine.”

        OTOH, I can guaran-damn-tee you who does know precisely what is going on with Project Ukraine:

        Hint: He’s Anthony Blinken’s boss…

        • I often worder what the Israelis are thinking about as the US and the West in general start to lose our status. I’m sure that they’re quite of aware of the situation, but they don’t really have a lot of alternative options.

          Jews will never have the kind of control (not even in the same universe) in China, India, SE Asia, Muslim countries or even Russia that they have in the West.

          I’m sure that they can see the rest of the world rising, but they can play the “My fellow Chinese . . .” card with them. Sure, they can influence, but they’ll remain outsiders, so their influence will be limited.

          I’d suspect that this is why they’ve decided that now is the time to push the Palestinians out of Gaza (and maybe even the West Bank). They realize that the clock is running out for them to act with such impunity.

    • Interesting how we hear day after day about Putin, the great “dictator” and the 21st century resurrection of Hitler. But when he runs his country as a relatively benign, open, and free State—the exact opposite of the old USSR—and a terrorist attack occurs, he’s an incompetent fool for allowing free assembly and not checking everyone’s “papers” at every street corner?

      I would remind everyone, that this same situation happened here with the 9/11 attacks. I don’t remember more than a temporary closure of such assemblies—as is the same now in Russia. After a couple of weeks, we regained composure and life went on in most areas.

      Of course, we still have much security theater for the rubes, I suspect Putin will be more intelligent is his adjustment to such future attacks, which are unavoidable in a truly free State.

      • May I ask, why the downvote? That is about as non-controversial as can be. I wish this country was as free as Russia.

        • Freedom is great when you’re the weak party. Not so much when you’re in charge.

        • > May I ask, why the downvote?

          First rule of downvoting is asking about a downvoting earns you a downvoting.

          • Second rule is not to care unless it is accompanied by intelligent criticism of your point

        • There’s someone who almost never fails to downvote anything I post. I could say “Merry Christmas” on December 24th and there would be a downvote. I suspect there is some deeply autistic person who has a hit list of people here to downvote every day.

          Now the question is…

          • As I’ve said before, my concept of downvote use is not to use it for simple disagreement, but rather outlandish postings. I rarely downvote, rather I post a rejoinder and state my disagreement.

            Pozy, I can’t remember all our disagreements, but I can remember never downvoting a single comment of yours. Why, because they are always well stated and well meant.

            One really only learns from disagreement. If you’re wrong, it may serve to correct you. If you are right, it will serve to sharpen your argument in future postings.

      • Instead of completely reorganizing every little security checkpoint in society, Putin will do what he should do. Find the true people responsible for the attacks, kill them, destroy their organization and warn all of their friends/ethnic cohorts who didn’t know about the attack that this is what happens to you and your entire organization (which provide for your family both today and in the future) if you mess with Russia.

        Putin knows how to deal with mobsters.

  20. Cui bono? It appears only the Ukes benefit from potential escalatory scenarios here. Recently, the White House is struggling to find the offramp in Gaza and is looking for one in Ukraine, despite the tough talk. The “election” is coming and the Regime is focused on “optics”. I think there’s near zero chance the White House knew anything about this.

    I agree with Zman that we’ve totally lost control. Everyone knows this and so they are freelancing.

    That said, we’ve pursued a foreign policy of nonstop provocation against real/perceived/invented “foes”. Our “entangling alliances” have left us vulnerable to outrageous behavior (Gaza, Moscow attack, French troop deployments etc) by “allies” that we are forced to either tolerate or reinforce after the fact. So a perverse system of rewards has arisen. Should we really be surprised?

    It’s a “self-licking ice cream cone” for the MIC though. Provocation, response, more funding, more provocation, escalation…….

    • For the Ukraine leadership, the only path that leads to them reaching old age is if the United States gets directly involved in the war and either magically defeats Russia or the Russians choose to avoid WW3 by calling off the advance. The Russian army is advancing on all fronts and they have not even started what everyone expects to be a big offensive this summer. Ukraine is out of men and running low on supplies.

      This means the Ukrainians will pull out all the stops to get NATO involved, but I suspect maybe this stunt will cause every Western capital to think about where this is headed. America has an open borders. Europe has open borders. Imagine some Jihadis loose in Berlin or Paris with a javelin missile system. Imagine Mexican cartels with Stinger missiles.

      Time will tell.

      • I can’t imagine that our open borders have not allowed multiple terrorist cells to assemble. They simply wait upon orders. The BP here (lower level grunts) have said as much. They know via whom they’ve already caught attempting to cross the border identified as on the watch list. For every one of those caught, how many pass undetected?

      • Hate to be “that guy”, but since I’m sure it’s going to happen anyway, it would be nice if the terrorist acts started happening soon. Now, before the Republicans give away friggin’ everything.

        Most likely, such events would mostly cluster in cities and suburbs, where it’s unlikely that anyone has a battle rifle under the seat of his pickup. And, as such, would have a massive death toll, the lawn forcement being busy shooting dogs and arresting people for praying.

        But taking place in the cities has the positive that the dead are almost to a man opposed to everything the DR wants. Assuming there is a reaction of some sort to avenge the deaths of shitlibs, it will necessarily have to target ISIS-K, or MS-13 or the Bloods or whatever is declared to be the patsy.

      • > Imagine Mexican cartels with Stinger missiles.

        I DO imagine they already have them. The CIA has no difficulty procuring hand-held weaponry for their assets. Operation Fast and Furious was just cover for what really is going on at the border.

        • I always considered Operation Fast and Furious to be the Deep State’s way of saying, “Say, how’d ya like to do some business?”

          Too cynical? Not if current conditions along the border had already been in the works.

      • I was in a meeting a couple months ago with some high-level, state border patrol folks. The work I do is sort of tangental to border issues. I probably shouldn’t have even been in there; I am not particularly important.
        There was a lot of realtalk from those guys and too much to mention in a comment, but I came away convinced that parts of the SW–maybe substantial parts–will be narco-states within the next decade. No one outright said this, it just seems like the logical outcome to me, given the realities of what was discussed. I also expect significant, domestic Cartel violence in 2024-25, to distract from election shenanigans. The CIA will not be able to put this genie back in the bottle.

  21. Part of the problem with being a gangster country is no one is really sure who’s actually in charge. I suppose the people actually in charge know, but that’s a tiny number of people and nobody really knows who they are.

    Putin mentioned this in his Tucker interview. The Russians don’t know who to call. They genuinely don’t seem to know who’s in charge.

    • It is reasonable to assume no one actually is in charge. Crime families have modi vivendi, but much like law and the Constitution, that’s just suggestions. There very clearly are pro-China and anti-China factions, for example, and policies change unpredictably as a direct result. The wildest part is the total lack of self-respect on the parts of those who play the roles of senator and representative–even crack whores have some sort of red line.

      • Yeah, politicians – outside of maybe Trump – are just kind of laughed at. Interestingly, more and more regular people are starting to understand that who fills the role of politician doesn’t matter, just as which actor plays a part doesn’t matter.

        It’s the producers behind the show that matter.

    • Nature abhors a vacuum. Someone will emerge from the primordial ooze. It might be our guy or it might be Europe’s guy or it might be Putin’s guy.

    • “Part of the problem with being a gangster country is no one is really sure who’s actually in charge.”

      I also think the CIA, FBI, Zio-ops, etc. behave more like mafia crime families than governmental agencies or NGOs. Indeed, the politicians themselves can be the target of their actions (this is fairly openly bragged about when it comes to foreign pols, less so when it comes to domestic ones). However, unlike la Cosa Nostra there is no Mafia Commission. So the poor corrupt politicians can find themselves dodging and weaving as they try desperately to avoid organized hate campaigns, criminal indictments, financial ruin, and possibly worse when the interests of these crime families conflict.

    • Putin could start with the high level neocons. Having Boris and Natasha crash a summer pool party in the DC suburbs and engaging the host in an unexpected and uncomfortable conversation could tone down the international turmoil quite a bit.

  22. Gaslighting stories are coming so fast and furious now, a nuke could be detonated on a battlefield in Europe and everyone would move onto “the next thing” (Taylor Swift dumps Travis maybe, or a Royal dies) inside a week.

    No one who pulls these shenanigans ever faces any consequences. The”red line” is a laughable myth.

    I keep thinking were headed back to the 1970’s when Americans were hunted abroad, US Airlines were hijacked, US embassies were fortresses because were so despised.

  23. America isn’t just falling into gangsterism, it’s become a system completely dominated by corruption and insanity. Those that can are busy extracting as much wealth out of the carcass of this country as they can before the SHTF, with no scruples or thought to the aftereffects of what they are doing.

    Tourgeville predicted it, the latest federal “budget” confirms it, now we just wait for the fat lady to sing. .

    • Yes they are licking the bones clean with no thought for tomorrow. It is not surprising that Zuckerberg and others are building bunkers in remote areas. I would too if I had the means

      • This really isn’t a good survival system for them at all. Those bunkers need food, water, and fuel brought in. They need to be serviced and there also needs to be people providing security.

        All those vendors and staff members have children, parents, siblings, cousins, and friends who are vulnerable if things go awry, and there are a lot more of them than there are billionaires and their families. Honestly, if the S really does HTF, the billionaires and their families will be the *first* ones to be eaten.

        • Yeah I hope you’re right. Maybe Zuckerberg imagines himself with his wife and kids in a dungeon full of canned food and guns waiting out the mayhem?? But it doesn’t sound like a good plan

          • > Maybe Zuckerberg imagines himself with his wife and kids in a dungeon full of canned food and guns waiting out the mayhem?

            Those guns and canned food won’t be too useful when folks on the surface plug the air intake.

          • A good plan would have been for Zuckerberg and his billionaire buddies “settling” for $500 billion fortunes in s country with a stable middle class and a demographic of 90% European descent. But these Captain’s of Industry had to go for a $Trillion each even if it means burning the World down. And so here we are.

          • The System is their bunker, thus they pitch technocracy as their wunderweapon, and imagine that teeming hordes from the Global South will be their unending supply of support peasants. They intend to be sheikhs and sultanas.

            What they don’t realize is the power of stupid and cruelty in the nonwhites; the talented tenth will be washed away by its own breeder hordes. There’s a reason smart niggas flee the hood, squatemalans the barrio, muslims the caliphate, or indians the squalid- and end up with their relatives following them.

            (Or, why liberals and communists come to hate and flee their own suffocating urban hives, only to be bored stiff by rural tedium.)

            So the long question is, how long can techno-medievalism last? Their space efforts might not last any longer than ours, but the tradeoff is that their nuclear weapons, biolabs, transport, and surplus populations won’t either.

            I see that as the stilted, stable equilibrium that the gaia or the yahweh is trying to return to.
            The bestial is bound by its own limits absent the Whites. We are the sugar in the petri dish.

          • No, I take my reply back. It is too long term to be at all practical, and somewhat disheartening and defeatist. Screw accuracy.

            Honestly, ask yourself- if the Whites go away, will any of us give a flying f**k about God’s plans for the world, or the fate of mankind?

            Frank Herbert said it best; religion is part of the human social ecology. I see belief as a condition of that dynamic at work, just as heat is a condition of an engine at work.

            The culling will occur, as it must, but despite our our own private failures, let us leave what we can to inform those who follow us…that their armor might be adamantine. I believe in my race, my race is my religion. This old fool’s heart cannot remain broken!

        • Yeah, it is really stupid, and Cloud on Cloud violence will erupt early into it, probably before the help turns on them. If they were smart and/or sane, maintenance of their opulent lifestyles would have been prioritized over reigning in Hell.

    • “Tourgeville predicted it, the latest federal “budget” confirms it, now we just wait for the fat lady to sing. .”

      And what a glorious sound it will be. The sooner we dissolve these “united” states, the better.

      • I can’t go with ya there, Tired- that’s exactly what the end times communists are thinking. Fook them and their Glorious Revolution. This is still a really nice place compared to what’s on offer. I’d rather cure the disease than kill the body.

        And if you think you’re down, try being me. Good gods.
        Me babbling here like I do is because I’ve got to recover. You poor good people are my debriefing. Recover I will, I am, my gratitude to all of you. Time to stop this prattle and get back to it.

    • Nuland was the fat lady and she sang her heart out in Ukraine. Now the curtain begins to fall.

  24. As someone said; how are these tajiks different from the several million who are pouring into the West?

    “Your welcome debit card is empty? There’s a stack of AR 15s in such and such junkyard and a country music concert in Albuquerque next month. Find three others and make sure that concert is memorable”

    You can take the Moscow terrorist attack in many ways. Another very bad one is that Russia’s deterrent is insufficiently credible. Reestablishing deterrence credibility is a very dicey phase because you have to do something that puts the fear of God and your nukes into the other side. And right now there are hawks in Moscow telling Putin that he’s too much milquetoast in the eyes of the dildo swingers. And they probably have a point. He needs to do something scary because we’re sliding towards nuclear war, one deranged shittest at a time

    • MyS-

      Bracken thinks that is exactly what they will do with the freeloading invaders in the US.

      Supposedly the latest cruise missile barrage took out the Western Ukrainian airfields planned for the F-16s. I’m surprised those hadn’t been touched already.

      • Geese, could you post a link to that column? The Tsarnaev brothers indicate that very well may be the intention, although they apparently freelanced before they got orders.

      • I probably got it from Bracken yes.

        How many cautionary red lines has the West crossed re Ukraine since it started? A lot. Now F-16s are an of course despite being nuclear capable and the Russians can’t tell if they are carrying nukes until the plane is down. We’re now onto Western soldiers officially in Ukraine. And possibly to totally barbaric attacks on Russian civilians. Can you imagine the pressure on Putin to do something to catch their attention?? I think something big will happen on our side of the fence

        • MyS-

          I can’t believe an ex-KGB guy like Putin doesn’t have multiple sleeper cells ready to go.

          If he wanted to send a loud and clear message to the DC political class, why not make a couple empty think tank buildings go up in smoke at 2 or 3 AM to remind them they are touchable?

          • He will probably end up doing something like that. You could argue he has to because the clowns in charge here are like children insufficiently afraid of fire

        • @Moran:

          “He will probably end up doing something like that.”

          Exactly. I’ve long thought the SJW’s, by way of example, will continue to terrorize people until they are met with violence, upon which they will promptly disintegrate. A preview of that was the Rittenhouse affair. Sane people never want to push the red button until they are forced to do so. The United States is a dead letter now, in no small part because of that natural hesitancy.

          • Also my gut feeling; they are like petulant children or women . They will not stop until they get a smackdown. It’s the darndest thing but sometimes but sometimes children, women and beta men get caught in that loop and can’t be reached outside of pain

          • @Moran:

            The problem, obviously, is in this particular case is there are nukes, and many are under the control of children, women, and beta men.

          • Jack, because of the mental children with nukes aspect, this could go sideways all the way and none of us are sure to survive this. I’m in a large city in Europe and I’ve been thinking about what should be the red line for getting out of Dodge. It’s not a game anymore and not just because of nukes. Electric grid, food security, hostile immigration, all that stuff. It is not a game anymore

          • @Moran:

            Agreed and I’ve expected it to go sideways since the outset. What easily could have represented red lines have been crossed many times. The lack of response has made the crazed children even more reckless and provocative. Big Western cities with complex systems and vulnerable infrastructure could turn into hellscapes overnight. As an aside, if we somehow make it through this without things going kinetic, mass migration and the general dumbing down of the populace still will remain in place and have to be considered as to long-term plans.

            If Putin or Lavrov or Shoigu issue a public warning to us, obviously it has to be taken seriously. The odds are, though, there will be no advance notice if revenge is extracted. It is a truly dangerous moment.

  25. ” It is not as if the political class ever had tight control of foreign policy. Maybe now they no longer have any control over what happens in their name.”

    No doubt. Increasingly it seems the National Security State not only is fully in charge, but doesn’t care who knows it. Stories pop up and disappear from time to time about blatant, once unthinkable involvement of the intelligence services in domestic politics. That may have been the case a long time, but there is little doubt now the political actors and actresses simply read and follow scripts in Our Democracy. There also have been indications that spooks and their corporate sponsors may be lining their pockets, too, which is the hallmark of a standard gangster state.

    As for Tajikistan, if memory serves, it is second only to Israel in influence peddling and so forth. That’s pretty impressive for a nation-state that has the GDP of a mid-cap. It also seems to be a lot of money being laundered through there. Maybe it is the new Ukraine for Western politicians and their masters. It was quite interesting that the Banana Empire along with the Israelis and Turks has been quite willing to help ethnically cleanse the Armenians from there. Investment opportunities abound, apparently.

    Finally, this is dangerous beyond belief. The entire Ukraine cluster has threatened the world with nuclear annihilation since February 2022. If the Russians establish an absolute link in this case, 9/11 boom-boom sounds may be heard in D.C. or NYC after some sketchy Venezuelan or whatever extracts revenge for sanctions or some other motive listed in an easily found manifesto, which will be made public immediately unless he is a tranny. Let’s hope the National Security State is greedier than it is crazy if that happens, but that may not be the way to bet on Clown World.

  26. Objectively, the ruling cabal rewards failure and punishes success..George Kennan was the most successful diplomat of the post-war period, but was forced out in the Eisenhower administration..John Foster Dulles and his brother Allen were a train wreck, but prospered despite being despised by Presidents Ike and JFK…

    • One of Kennan’s last speeches detailed the dangers of Ukraine independence and warned against Western involvement there. It was of course ignored. Interestingly, the current CIA director previously was ambassador to Moscow and agreed fully with Kennan. Must want a second house or something.

  27. I’d like to see some better evidence here, how were the weapons rare? The video I saw looked like they had at least one spray painted AK pattern rifle with only iron sights. Islamists attacking public venues isn’t anything new. When Islamists misbehave somewhere in the world, it’s not necessarily some sort of Mossad / CIA / MI6 conspiracy but rather them doing what they do. ISIS-K has made sudden appearances in the Western press before, I recall the first time hearing of them was during the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle.

    Russian FSB recently neutralized a separate ISIS-K operation in Russia,

    • Up voted for a reasonable comment / question, and to counter the dumb asses who down voted you for no good reason.
      Probably the ones bitching about being down voted themselves!

    • Putin is admitting it was Islamists now. Why did we (US Embassy) post public warnings if we were behind it? I think we warned Russia, they either refused to listen or couldn’t detect the threat. Much like 9/11, when they (and Israel, France, UK) warned us an attack was imminent but we didn’t or couldn’t prevent it.

      • “Make sure you blame them thar crazy muslims!”
        All while pinching pennies on the hired help!

        I say it’s just more luciferian Revelation of the Method; if you fall for it anyways, it’s on you, the victim, because you “deserved” it. So, you deserve more.

        Jeemaneez. A foiled attack on a synagogue even.
        Thanks for making me laugh.

    • Just so. The first time I heard of “ISIS-K” was as a group that carried out attacks on Americans in Afghanistan during Joe Chi Minh’s botched withdrawal two and a half years ago.

      Likewise, it’s hardly surprising to see the Usual Suspects doing this kind of thing during Bombathon, I mean, Ramadan. It is a pattern that’s hard to ignore.

      Yes, ISIS was 100% a US creation. ISIS was the “democratic Syrian resistance” when their representatives were in Washington begging for guns and money twelve years ago, which a certain feckless Kenyan and his party were only too happy to provide–see also, Operation TIMBER SYCAMORE–but magically transmogrified themselves into the Islamic State In Syria when they took and held ground. The line from there to here is not altogether clear, though, and it’s not like this isn’t exactly the kind of thing Moslems really, really like to do even when a superpower isn’t funding them.

  28. In hindsight, Z – we all shoulda seen this one coming.

    Throughout this fiasco all we have ever done is escalate, bluff and double down. There’s no room to do that anymore. Fwance will not send their men in as they are in no condition to take on Russia. None of the other players will back them, their militaries are in even worse shape. For its part, the US is out of ammunition and has a shrinking, increasingly dysfunctional military. We are out of ammunition, defeat is now assured. How do you escalate when you can’t escalate? Nukes are out, as the Russians have those and would light up Washington first. 4th Generation Warfare is the only option. It allows the continued use of proxies too.

    It’s possible we are going to see a dramatic spike in domestic terrorism soon. And you can bet there will be no evidence to infer Russian involvement either. Globohomo is playing a very dangerous game with opponents they have no clue about. They will soon. When you get into squad and platoon level tactics, not even the oligarchs are safe.

    This has gotten much more interesting. But…who knows what Putler will do? The guy is a chess master and brinksmanship is his game. This has all certainly gotten more interesting.

    • “4th Generation Warfare is the only option.”

      This is why there will not be peace in Ukraine for a very long time. Even if a peace treaty is signed, there’s always the option to fight a “4th generation war”

      • I wonder, TT?

        Consider: when they were caught, the authorities cut of ears and wired up their balls to car batteries. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if their bodies aren’t being fed to the incinerators today. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reprisals have been greenlighted too. Families? Friends? The Russian Bear may choose to make a statement to the associates of the perps and warn the others.

        In contrast, we catch terrorists and put them up in luxurious accomodations with three full meals a day. When they sue us for brutality and suffering, we pay them millions of dollars in settlements.

        Terrorism works on us because we let it. Will Putler?

        • Hrrrrrmmmmm… that begs another question: what happens when this gambit fails as all the previous ones have?

  29. If the gay american global empire’s grubby fingerprints aren’t all over this (hard to believe), then who’s are and what are the Russians going to do about it? There’s no doubt the US bureaucratic governmental blob is far more corrupt, “diverse” and stupid than in recent memory, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of evil, scheming, intelligent bastards and bastardettes planning nefarious ends. The wonder is that this system hasn’t yet come crashing down, either financially or in totality, yet.

    • When the videos were posted I got a mental taste of what it’s like to be a powerless Ukrainian and to live under a corrupt government that hates your guts and performs endless atrocities in your name. (My theory being that the oddly specific warning posted by the GAE State Department was a crude attempt at CYA).

    • What are the Russians saying about it? It’s not like Muslims killing civilians seemingly without reason is a rare event. I’m pretty sure this has happened in Russia in recent times, but before the war. Russia, and Moscow in particular has a pretty big Muslim minority who like to shut down parts of Moscow during Friday prayers.

      While it certainly would not surprise me if the GAE was behind it or sponsored it in some way, it would also be no surprise to find out it was just Muslims being Muslim.

      I’ll be more convinced when/if the Kremlin gives their explanation. OTOH, it’s not like they don’t have their own incentives to use the attack for political purposes and blame GAE or Kiev even if they aren’t responsible.

      • The Blackberry Fruitcake Empire, the global engine of the sort of depravity and perversity most anathema to the Muzz (not to mention its perpetual trespass in the Ummah), would seem to be an eminently more desirable target for them than traditionally moral Mother Russia. No, it’s not impossible that the Moscow attack was another instance of wanton Islamic terrorism, but given the litany of far more appealing targets for them, it seems unlikely.

        • Wasn’t it Russia who saved Assad and help drive ISIS from the area? This is why Clinton wanted to start WW3 by imposing a “no-fly-zone” over parts of Syria occupied by ISIS.

          Everyone is so quick to blame the GAE. Right now, nobody knows anything. GAE is claiming they warned Russia, Russia says they were never warned. Though, I do remember hearing the warnings a week or so ago.

          Why not just fund pro Western terrorists or something? Why use foreign Muslims? There are plenty of Western stooges in Russia, many of whom are on SSRIs or are otherwise mentally unstable. It would have been pretty funny to drag “Pussy Riot” back out and have one of them do it, doubly funny if they were naked. The timing seems a bit suspect for the GAE. Doing it before the election would have caused a lot more chaos.

          • “It would have been pretty funny to drag “Pussy Riot” back out and have one of them do it, doubly funny if they were naked.”

            LOL! No comment necessary. ‘Nuff said!

            Well, maybe one comment. Russia must be suppressing the tranny manifesto those schlubs carried next to their I.D. cards!

  30. “If America’s greatest ally no longer cares what the White House has to say, maybe Israel is simply working with people it sees as more important than the White House.”

    Or maybe Israel got sex tapes on every major politician from the M̶o̶s̶s̶a̶d̶ ̶a̶g̶e̶n̶t̶
    “financier” Jeffrey Epstein before he w̶a̶s̶ ̶a̶s̶s̶a̶s̶s̶i̶n̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ “committed suicide” and Uncle Schmuck has no choice but to do whatever Bibi demands.

    • The degeneracy is not about blackmail so much as it is part of a general debasement that makes them amenable to corrupt influences. Whatever sexual perversions they practice are widely celebrated nowadays. The real source of blackmail is the normal things people do which influencers and the media can turn into manufactured outrage. Like what they did to Taylor Swift to coerce her into being an overt shitlib; like what they do to anyone who comes to their attention with rational politics. You may have had some personal experience with this, Xman. Then, if the targets don’t take their lead from that, and they’re in a position to effect real change, active services (antifa, three-letter-agancies, Zio-operatives, etc.) have six ways from Sunday to rat-fuck them.

      • Threats of violence replaced blackmail long ago. Z used the term “gangster state,” and while that is accurate, the United States also bears an eerie resemblance to Nicaragua in the immediate aftermath of the Sandinista revolution. Managua really didn’t have to use its own forces and mostly let its political supporters terrorize dissidents and troublesome folks. That is what happens here now.

        As an aside but related, one of the parties to the Nicaraguan revolution was the widow of the publisher of LA PRENSA, Violetta Chamorro, and she was terrorized daily and her newspaper shut down from time to time, i.e., canceled. Western “journalists” uttered not a peep of support for her. Same as it ever was…

        • Taylor Swift comes from the upper middle class. Typical normie-Republican turf. She got started in country music, whose fans are not exactly flaming liberals. As a young woman I doubt she herself was all that political—it certainly didn’t play any role in her work. She just didn’t talk about it. That was simply unacceptable to the usual suspects. They organized a hate campaign against her “troubling silence” on the usual bogeymen.

          Only someone who’s experienced this for the first time themselves can appreciate how truly terrifying it is. The normal assumption would be it’s organic and you must have done something horribly wrong to deserve it. Reputational experts came forward to help repair her tarnished reputation—right out of the same crowd that slandered her in the first place. Now Taylor is mouthing the same shitlib stuff as the rest of them.

          • Thanks. That certainly sounds like a demarche from straight out of the Leftist playbook alright.

          • “She got started in country music, whose fans are not exactly flaming liberals.”

            I’ve listened to a hell of a lot of country music and I couldn’t name a single Swift song if someone offered me a million bucks. If I’ve ever heard one… I didn’t know it.

            Merle Haggard, on the other hand… now that’s real, honest-to God country music.

  31. The gunmen who carried out this attack, seem to have been paid about $5K each for the job, which is just crazy

      • Someone online who speaks their language said they were probably from small villages where it is easy to recruit young males who have no prospects.

          • Yet in Turkmenistan, I think it was, their crooked state robbed the citizenry of so much President Nazarbayev (?) built a 25-foot tall golden statue of himself in the capitol, that rotates with the sun.

            Bling. Floyd caskets and MLK Boston level statues. Good golly, no wonder these guys sell cheap drugs out the back of the kebab store.

  32. I saw photos of one of the suspects— sitting in one of those curious glass cubes the Russians have in their courtrooms for arraignments—and immediately pegged him as a patsy. The vacant cast to the eyes, the ungroomed monobrow. In a world free of schemers, that guy would be cutting shawarma into pita bread in his peddler’s cart, or whistling as he drove a gypsy cab through some small Tajikistani town. He’s not quite an autistic recruited by the CIA over the internet, but he’s no mastermind. Someone definitely put him up to it.
    Was this maybe Ms. Nuland’s “goodbye gift” to her historical enemy on her way out? Hey, some people get fired and steal office supplies, maybe take a printer if they’re really pissed. For neocons it’s much harder to satiate the anger. Gotta kill at least a couple hundred muzzies or Slavs just to blow off a head of steam.
    Recently my Door Dash orders have been getting fulfilled by guys with a lot “-Dov” and “-Nov” and “-Aev” suffixes in their last names. I recognized these names from boxing, and asked one where he was from. “Tajikistan,” he said. Isn’t that wonderful? Maybe the progs are right when they talk about open borders meaning more enhanced culinary options. I’m looking forward to them opening a Haitian barbecue joint around here soon.

    • I have noticed the guys from the Stans too. Lots of cabbies are now from that part of the world. The Marathon bombers were from that part of the world and thy had family connections to the CIA. As part of the project to destabilize Russia, our CIA has been in that part of the world for a long time now, so the usual suspects have ready access to men willing to commit acts of terrorism.

    • Haitian barbecues are one thing but don’t eat beef; that’s bad for the climate

    • Tajikistan, where according to a news report of a couple decades back, the #1 industry is chop shops. Everyone drives a Mercedes, because this is where cars stolen in Europe wind up. (There was video. It was astonishing .,.. obvious goat herders with fancy cars.)

    • We really should not depend on Door Dash (or any of their
      cohorts for that matter) for our grinds. If you’re physically disabled you get a “pass,” else Go Get Your Own Food.

      (Give Me Convenience of Give Me Death!)

      Honestly: able bodied wi-fo pushing buttons to get their cutesy vittles delivered? Fake-and-gay-to-the-max! Stretch your legs…and get away from the damned screen for a spell!

      (And…uh…I don’t need to re-illustrate the who/whom of Doordashistanis, right?)

  33. >> the bigger problem is ISIS is an American creation

    I would believe Israel/Mossad as ISIS’s creator and master as easily as USA/CIA

    • Yes, I certainly think this to be true. But MI6 may have a role here, too. Never count the Brits out, playing the Great Game against those Russkies. Flashman, and all.

      Saw a darkly humorous meme this morning at WRSA. Frame one, three eggs lined up labeled CIA, MI6, MOSSAD. Frame two, three eggs frying in a pan labeled Russia. Teamwork…

  34. We live in a surprisingly safe world. American officials rain death upon a dozen countries around the world and there is no blowback. This suggests the world sees U.S. hegemony as natural and acceptable. There is a symbiotic relationship between U.S. interests and world needs. It amounts to a push-pull scenario. All those foreign students going to school at U.S. colleges shows how desirable the culture remains to this day.

    • Foreign students come here because of reputation only. “The West” is still seen as having the best education system. In many ways it still is…campus activism aside…so every parent of an above-average Chinese or Indian or Nigerian desperately wants their kid to get that credential. This has nothing to do with geopolitics or accepting the might of the USA.

  35. “ The rules are falling to pieces because powerful people refuse to abide by them or enforce them”

    You are right, but what bothers me, is how stable the power structure is under a “no rules” system.

    In gangsterland, someone is always feeling slighted, or some ambitious low ranking member gets the idea to take out his superiors to move up the ladder.

    I find it hard to reconcile the no-rules system with an elite that is in lockstep on nearly every important issue.

    I would expect more “there is no honor amongst thieves” chaos.

    Do “the rules require us to lose” conservatives really serve as such an effective foil that they unify the elite and prevent them from slitting each others throats?

    • I will add that an apparent “no rules” environment and the lack of total anarchy suggests a very disciplined and organized “shadow system” that zealously enforces an unknown internal set of rules while ignoring the public rules as stated by official legal documents.

    • Someone had noted that the whole “Assad gassed his own people” stunt probably involved no more than three for four people. So smalltime gangsters are able to show up, do their wet-work scheme and then drag the rudderless imperial empire along with it. We saw the same thing with the WuFlu where underlings at the CDC (not even the government) could issue more and and more bizarre dictates so long as they roughly fit in with the narrative and goals of The Blob in general.

    • The glimpses we get of the shadow realm are the things “media people” consider normal to do—so normal they let us see that they all do them—that are in fact very strange.

      The ritual pilgrimage to Israel is /our/ standard example. Adopting African kids (and now trooning them out) is a classic. They donate money to politicians. Seems like a small thing, but before “Brexit &Trump,” almost no normal people ever voluntarily did that. They borrow each other’s houses! Think how odd that really is—how it would change what your house is, damage your concept/feeling of home. Etc.

      We could make a long list, see in it the contours of a life wholly unlike ours, and from that perhaps deduce the “real rules.” I think what would prevent us from deducing them correctly is that we have too expansive a view of the political. Politics is only *what they do to us*. In their world it’s not a thing.

      A possibility: The West’s ruling class mass insanity since ~2016 is their reaction to the people *inflicting politics on them* (they think).

  36. Jumping out and saying it was ISIS, with no evidence, before the bodies were even cold is such a diplomatic fail it boggles the mind. Even if American proxies did it, a reasonable country would send its condolences, condemn the attack in the strongest terms possible, and conduct an investigation for a few weeks to build evidence for whatever patsy you want to frame for the attack.

    The hyper-media cycle has really fried these people’s brains, to the extent they just react ,and never bother to sit down and think strategically long-term.

    • ISIS is the Covid of 10 years ago. Everyone remembers “ISIS” because it’s got a zippy name and they were the big bad thing that was going to wreck the world. Our rulers were just reaching for something in the recent past to do a remake and get the eyeballs of rubes, like Hollywoood producers have no imagination anymore and just do Ghostbusters remakes every few years.

      Might as well blame muh terrorisms on the PLO or the Sandinistas while you’re at it.

    • “The hyper-media cycle has really fried these people’s brains, to the extent they just react ,and never bother to sit down and think strategically long-term.”


  37. “This Ukraine fiasco suggests that America is falling into gangsterism. Powerful players no longer care what elected officials say or think as they conduct their private agendas.”

    Couldn’t agree with you more. This particularly holds for the Biden White House, since its occupant was installed solely to be a mouthpiece for the “deep state” and MIC. But it has also held for earlier administrations, perhaps since the assassination of JFK.

    • “Powerful players no longer care what elected officials say or think …”

      Agreed, and I will add that this thorough decoupling of power from authority (“elected officials”) is the defining trait that separates liberal democracy from other manifestations of democracy like what is practiced in Russia and Iran.

  38. It is amazing that these people also have names and addresses, but nothing ever happens to them.


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