La Fantasía

It appears that no amount of facts or experience will kill some fantasies. The myth of the Latino voter is one example.

With President Barack Obama vowing to press ahead on immigration, prominent Hispanic Republicans are worried about the reaction of staunch conservatives. They fear it will harm the party’s ability to win over Latinos in the next presidential election and beyond.

This chart makes clear that Hispanics are not that important and no amount of pandering will change the party split.

But, when objective reality is infinity negotiable. why bother with facts?

While immigration was generally a muted issue in elections dominated by the Republicans, Obama promised the next day to move ahead on his own to remove the threat of deportation or grant work permits to an unspecified number of immigrants living here illegally.

“The initial reaction from Republicans is going to be very ugly and not well- thought-out, unfortunately,” said Alfonso Aguilar, former chief of the U.S. Office of Citizenship in the George W. Bush administration and executive director of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

Immigration was a central feature of many races, but pretending otherwise is so much more fun.

Aguilar said congressional Republicans must offer a plausible alternative to the president’s plan, especially since the Republican- controlled House has shelved bipartisan immigration legislation. His call echoes those of some of the party’s potential 2016 candidates to reach out to Hispanic voters in some way.

This is what I call the Lunatic’s Gambit. It works like this. The Left decides some issue has to be addressed. It is so urgent that “doing nothing is no longer an option.” Then they offer up their crackpot plan to address the crisis. When normal people object to the crackpot plan, the Left begins demanding the other side propose an alternative they will accept, or else we just have to go along with their crackpot idea. In this case, merely stopping a Caesarian power grab by the executive is not enough. The GOP has to come up with some way to satisfy the fanatics or else they must stand aside and allow Obama to declare himself emperor.

But House Republican aides note that Speaker John Boehner and others have no effective way to tone down comments of members who stridently oppose looser immigration rules. Indeed, many of those members are proud to defy party leaders.

Boehner himself likened Obama’s remarks to playing with matches. “He’s going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path,” Boehner said Thursday, a day after Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell warned the president not to act without congressional approval. Such a move, McConnell said, “poisons the well” for potential bipartisan efforts.

A Congress controlled by the Republicans come January “will defend itself and our citizens from these lawless actions,” said Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Aguilar and others are concerned that conservative firebrands will go further in their rhetoric, perhaps by calling for Obama’s impeachment or for mass deportations — creating a political sweet spot for Democrats not long after the Republican triumph at the polls and exposing a rift inside the party just as it assumes control of both chambers.

Well, I’m concerned that my neighborhood will be flooded with disease riddled peasants form the third world. That’s a concern Alfonso Aguilar does not have as he lives in a bunker community that is whiter than Reykjavik. If Alfonso Aguilar gets his feelings hurt because patriots say mean things about the open borders fanatics I can live with that. I can’t live in Tijuana Norte.

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  2. If the Reps actually opposed large-scale illegal immigration, they could get pretty ham-handed about stopping it before there was any electoral backlash.

    Proof? Oregon. A state past blue, into deep indigo, which OVERWHELMINGLY defeated “drivers licenses for illegals”.

    No, the GOP talks a good game, but big business still wants that cheap labor, and so they will whine while allowing the D’s to invite another 10 million peasants who will drive down wages.

  3. This will change only when the GOP base rises up and primaries John McCain. That would at least make the accomodationist toady wing of the GOP sit down and shuddup for a couple of years.

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