Lunatic versus Lunatic

The trouble with the trip to Utopia is when you get there, not everyone agrees it is, in fact, the paradise everyone imagined. Since perfect social harmony is the hallmark of Utopia, those still grousing about the lack of perfection begin to look suspiciously at those saying they have reached Eden.

Similarly, the people ready to settle into the garden look at the complainers as the final burr under the saddle of humanity. Both sides conclude that the only way forward is to get rid of the other side. Regardless of outcome, this cycle continues with all utopian groups until there’s no one left. Utopia, it turns out, is standing alone on the hilltop drenched in the blood of your former comrades.

The Left is suffering from the same trouble. What has kept the whole thing together is a hatred of heritage Americans. They began with blacks and Jews. Then they started adding all sorts of weirdos and misfits into the coalition. The trouble with that is blacks are not all that fond of Jews and gays. The gays are not fond of one another and the feminists hate the Asians and the gays.

The weird thing about the coalition is they have only one thing in common, spiritually, emotionally and practically. That’s a hatred of regular white people, particularly the pale penis people of the middle-class. Obama reaching the White House was supposed to be the promised land. The trouble is few of his followers agreed it was the promised land. Six years later they are starting to take aim at one another.

Rose McGowan has declared an “indictment” of the gay community, claiming that homosexual men are “more misogynistic” than their straight counterparts and dismissing those who boycotted the Brunei-owned Dorchester Hotel collection as “delusional idiots”.

The American actress, who claims to have lived a life “heavily entrenched” in LGBT, was discussing the protest against the hotel chain with gay author Brett Easton Ellis in his weekly podcast when she made the comments.

The Dorchester Collection, which is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, has been the subject of boycotts since the controversial change to the penal code was scheduled to come into effect on 22 April 2014 that made homosexuality punishable by stoning to death.

Stephen Fry was among the first celebrities to attach themselves to the campaign.

The American Psycho author opened the conversation by calling the Dorchester Collection boycott a “form of narcissistic, self-victimisation, gay insanity” based on “illusionary and tenuous” reports about the Sharia law that ultimately led to the harming of “the people who simply work at the hotel”.

The actress, who herself held a defiant anti-boycott party at the Beverly Hills Hotel over the summer, agreed, then condemned the campaigners for failing to fight against the human rights abuses on behalf of women in Arab states, too.

“Gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so,” she said. “I have an indictment of the gay community right now, I’m actually really upset with them.”

What we are seeing now is the various groups packed into the positive rights pyramid looking around wondering if this is all there is and concluding that the real problem is the other misfits in the coalition. Ms. McGowan has decided she would rather spend her time with the pale penis people than her fellow benighted. Blacks and Asians seem to be coming to the same conclusion. Lunatic on lunatic violence is sure to follow.

4 thoughts on “Lunatic versus Lunatic

  1. It all begins with the whiny “I care more than you do” noises among the left. It is never enough simply to be more caring about the world, but even more important to show how much more you care than your fellow travellers.

    The level of anxiety and tension that surrounds such intense competitive caring usually breaks out into spitting contests before too long. As was made clear in Life Of Brian, it is the splitters in The Judean People’s Front that most annoy the The People’s Front of Judea.

  2. At the wide base of the Pyramid of Aggrieved Victims, there was room for all of these whiny groups of complainers to fit. No friction, no stress. But as each group pushed its own Me First agenda to the forefront at the cost of the other movements striving to do the same, they each discovered that the pyramid becomes very narrow very fast towards the top, and so there’s not enough room there for everyone. And that is when the friction begins to hurt as they rub against each other the wrong way. A good Pharaoh could probably keep all of these people in his pyramid happy, giving a bit of lip service to one group and then tossing a few crumbs of pita bread to another. But unfortunately, King Barry is not a wise or adept Pharoah, and so his pyramid, built on sand, is starting to collapse.

  3. On the bright side, the mess from all the ‘splodie heads needs to be cleaned up by….SOMEBODY!
    Shovel Ready Jobs!

  4. Opposite Day with Liberalist America:

    Preach tolerance whilst enacting Zero Tolerance Laws.

    Condemn European invasion into America and welcome Latino invasion.

    Support gay, feminist and muslim rights – no irony there.

    Sneer at Christianity, devote its soul to the Cult of Liberalism.

    Liberalism in practice is why Liberalism in theory doesn’t work. That should be patently unmistakable of course, but as you say, these guys and girls (and those in between whom I have probably insulted by now) just won’t learn their lessons. They keep coming back for more and more and keep punching themselves in the faces.

    Conservatives aren’t their worst enemy. We stand on the sideline grimacing.

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