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It is appropriate that on this Good Friday I have carried your questions up the hill to my studio and answered them in the podcast. Lots of good ones this time. No questions about Easter, which was not a surprise, as I do not do a lot on religion. Putting the show together, it occurred to me that we will soon see a push to remove Good Friday from the federal calendar of holidays.

Easter has already been greatly minimized. When I was a kid, spring break was always before or after Easter. The schools did an Easter show where the little kids were dressed up in silly outfits to entertain the parents. We also made Easter baskets and colored eggs in school, which is banned now. I think the Easter basket tradition has pretty much gone away entirely at this point.

The current war on the phrase “Christ is King” is a no doubt the first shots in the coming war on the remains of public Christianity. If they manage to make public professions of Christian faith “antisemitic” then it will not be long before Republican governors are banning all displays of Christianity in the public square. It may sound crazy, but most of what is normal today was lunacy just a few years ago.

For now, at least, I hope everyone has a blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend with your friends and family. For the Orthodox readers, you will have to wait another month this year, but that is how it goes some years. Catholics, of course, will be saying a special thanks for the Episcopal Church. It is a reminder that no matter how terrible things have gotten for Catholics, it can always get worse.

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  • Micro-Nationalism
  • Not Even Wrong
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Candace Owens
  • Blacks
  • Immigration
  • Women
  • Modern Crap
  • Suburban Peasants
  • We are Doomed

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272 thoughts on “A Z Potpourri

  1. Since the new comment system can’t reply directly, I’m responding here to Steve about https://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=31785#comment-397594

    Could be, Steve. My expectation is that events will force whites to see what I see, but who knows.

    Given the limitations that you describe, what do you believe is the best goal/message to improve our situation? What’s the best solution that is achievable within the limitations?

    • One can find like-minded people. There just aren’t a whole lot out there, and the enemy owns the cities, so you have to seek friends elsewhere.

      Half the whites will never vote their demographics, and most of the remainder are too fragmented to make a difference. Heck, there are more Jews than “real” DR, and that’s taking an extremely broad definition of R. But at least the remainder can be reached.

      For followers of Christ, Matthew 24 does not paint a rosy picture, but we know how it all comes out in the end.

      For those who are not, plenty of our side and our side-adjacent counsel the same. Remus, avoid crowds. Wilder, better a year too early than a day too late. Etc. It’s too late to save, but not too late to rebuild.

      The upside of all the bloodletting? It’s going to disproportionately weed out the parasites and their enablers, as the early fighting when ammo is plentiful will be in the cities, between these groups. I don’t feel all that happy placing my hope in >50 million dead whites, but I think its going to take that.

  2. I guess we’re doing some comments program changes. I no longer can reply on IPAD, Opera.

  3. I like the new format look but the reply function is messed up, brings me to a blank page on two different browser. Ergo, this new post.

    Re: Spring Break, back in my school days it was always the same time of year. Because Easter is a movable feast, it was too difficult scheduling-wise to move it around every year.

  4. Regarding the smoke detector meme, I have a friend in Chicago, very much on our side of the great divide, with many rental units, most of which he rents to joggers. In the past 6 months he has sent me 7 brief videos that he took surreptitiously of chirping smoke detectors in his tenants’ apartments. All of them black. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen and heard the evidence myself.

  5. I wonder what the Great Men of History would have to say about people turning away from religion in large numbers. Probably that the typical young man should be spending more time fighting on the actual battlefield and less time fighting on his XBox or PlayStation.

  6. By now everyone knows that the Biden administration has transformed Easter into “Transgender Day of Visibility.” They aren’t even hiding it anymore. Au contraire, they are rubbing our faces in it.

    • My comment from another forum, I think it is appropriate to repost it here under this as it relates to this demonic abomination that they did this Easter—

      I can’t lie that I’m very happy to now be observing this insanity and the sinking ship from 5000 miles away. I’ve gone from boiling murderous rage to simply a contemplative sadness at what once was. The way you would perhaps watch a family member slowly fading away from dementia who was once a robust and strong male patriarch for the entire clan, but is this shriveled little shell remaining, clinging to life.

      The country is long gone. You are living in the North American Global Economic Zone. Nothing more, nothing less. Rootless, untethered, adrift on a sea of governmental tyranny, virulently spreading brown genetics, and mental illness.

      Where I am currently living, they shut down the entire city early on Good Friday. Imagine, say Reston, VA a liberal bughive if ever there was one, completely closing down on friday. A city of 60,000 people. They closed the main road from the town square to city hall so that several miles were available for a procession of the faithful. They carried a life-sized version of Christ on the Cross, Mother Mary, and lots of placards venerating the various saints. A bishop, dozens of priests, even more deacons, a large male choir, a large female choir, and hundreds of others participated in the procession. Thousands left work early and closed their shops to come view it. Imagine again, basically, the entire city of Reston, VA participating in a city encompassing Christian holiday.

      I tell you these things as a messenger of hope. It is –not– like the US everywhere in the world. Not even close actually. It is simply too easy to forget this when you are being bombarded with this demonic and poisonous ideology 24x7x365. They do that on purpose to immiserate you and get you to lose hope. Do NOT!

      And, if by any means you are able, escape to either the hinterlands of the US or, preferably, leave that sinking ship altogether to the lefties so you can watch from a safe distance as they are savaged and eaten by their pets in the next few years.

        • Get back to me when you’ve actually done something that run your mouth on your keyboard. I had a SWAT team up my ass and already did some time for my “fight” what the fuck have you done keyboard jockey? You know nothing about my story, move on…

    • E. Michael Jones said that this administration has made it impossible to be both American and a Catholic and I think that’s the most succint way to say it.

    • They’ll be playing some Hank Jr.
      I cooked a pig in the ground, we got some beer on ice
      And all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight

  7. I never could stand the tiny troll Ben Shapiro. I do like Matt Walsh, who walks the walk. He seems like a legit, old school, family values American. A Ward Clever for the 21st century.
    He does not toe the Daily Wire line. And, at times cuts against the grain butting heads with his boss Bennie or just ignoring whatever drama is going on at the Daily Wire.

    Being the middle aged, misanthropic curmudgeon that I am, he resonates with me. At minimum, he has a style and delivery that makes him worth watching even if it’s just right wing indignance porn. He is usually right on the merits.

    Candace Owen’s was always just a MAGA grifter, and is a hardcore feminazi LARPing as a “trad wife.”
    She ensconced herself deep into the Steven Crowder divorce drama, befriending his ex wife, at the exact time Daily Wire was trying to sign Crowder onto their team, and Crowder went on Tim Pools show and revealed the lame contract offer the Daily Wire had on offer. Right after Crowder revealed he was getting divorced, and Owen’s released that security video of Crowder supposedly abusing his wife. I believe Candice Owens had a hand in sabotaging Crowders marriage.
    As a pundit, she has zero charisma or debating skills, and is just another drama queen phoney grifter like Lauren Southern She’s your typical “token black,” to get clicks for the Daily Wire by blacks, because like all dumb ass conservatives, they think if they just play their cards right, they can win blacks over to their side and win some elections.

    I think Michael Knowles is pretty solid. It was great watching him shred the sluts on that Whatever show on YouTube.

    Other than That weasel Shapiro, I think you should rethink throwing guys like Walsh and Knowles under the bus Z. They want the madness to stop and a return to sanity. They certainly aren’t the enemies of the dissident right. And Walsh for sure, is a race realist, and he does make no bones about it!

    • Walsh and Knowles look extremely weird, like a pair of identikit kidnappers. Trust your senses.

      We are normal people.

    • The guys you praise promote civic nationalism, which doesn’t work. You may like hearing them criticize our culture, but their solution will just cause us to repeat past mistakes.

      The lesson that whites must learn is that racial tribalism in non-whites commands more loyalty that shared values or religion. You may wish that it wasn’t the case, I do, but it’s still true.

      • Problem is that purely white nationalism as espoused here doesn’t work either, for very long or for a very large territory. If you boot MAGA and civnat and normie, you are left with just a dozen or so people.

        Though it is much better than a few months back, we seem to strive to alienate people rather than explain why their premises are in error. They have no reason to believe “Culture is downstream from genetics” any more than they have to believe “War is Peace”.

        Until /ourside/ invents the quadium bomb, it is less realistic than most other alternatives.

  8. Great show. Small country nationalism should absolutely be ignored or at least substantially downplayed – see Serbia and Belgium and their impact on the resulting catastrophic Great War.

  9. Ah jeez, sorry bout the rant
    Thinking of Iceland

    all it took was letting in their first rabbi immigrant, pushing.,,you guessed it, circum-c

    Anyways, Happy Easter and Good Friday

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  11. Not only has the “Spring Break” been disassociated from Holy Week, various districts have different Spring Break periods, which is immensely frustrating to parents with children in different districts (e.g., elementary and high school). I pointed out to my wife years ago that the change of Spring break times away from Easter was a deliberately anti-Christian act. Making a variety a break periods was salt in the wound.

    • Because what they now call spring break. Was originally “Easter vacation..” But you know… Heathens gonna heathen.

  12. Music has never recovered from the death of Cliff Burton, and I will stand on Lars Ulrich’s coffee table in my white Converse high tops and say that.

    • That’s a stretch, coming from a Metallica fan. I say it went off the rails post metal 80’s, and the advent of grunge.

      • 80s hair metal was the harbinger of the end, more obviously in hindsight than it was at the time

        • I love that shit. At least those guys could play their asses off.
          Melodic, hook laden. Catchy and generally upbeat.

          They could write “songs.”
          Like it or not you can’t deny the talent differential compared to anything out there today.
          Taylor Swift? Hip Hop? C’mon!

    • Ulrich ultra rich money grubber. All in on shaking dwn single mothers during the Napster honey pot scam.

  13. Who are the rich to familiarize with and direct into our camp? I have operated under billionaires but never befriended a one. They are all psychos. I am currently actual friends and an advisor to half-billionaires. I walk through their libraries wearing socks because the vaulted library room the size of a gymnasium has padded leather floors. Brad Gerstner at Altimeter is aligned. (Yeah, I am outted.) The oligarchs in my humble opinion truly will not persuaded about anything. Z’s analogy about the cloud people and the dirt people is valid as hell. This stream does not resonate with me. Buy your own coffee. Not sorry. Perhaps a rushed off-the-cuff? I hope so.

    • Yeah I don’t think things will improve when it hits the really rich. Their response will be more gated communities, guards etc. Money is not the only term of the power equation. And no single individual or mutually acquainted group is in charge

        • I’ll agree with DaBears about the billionaires. I don’t see them switching sides and to be honest, I don’t think I can forgive them for what they have done to us. Let them suffer the same fate as the aristocrats of the ancien regime.

          We might have a chance with the lower tier millionaires. Maybe. But I’m not gonna pin my hope on it. We might be better off just letting the current cadre of elites perish and see them replaced with a new one that doesn’t hate on the dirt people.

        • As Jay Gould said well over a century ago, “I can hire half the working class to kill the other half.”

    • I think the point is simply that there will never be a peasant revolt. The idea that we need to convince Normie to do or think or convert is a busted flush. They cannot do anything at all because they have no agency, and if they do, well- a British teacher was just fired from his job for refusing to use the preferred pronouns of some tranny.

      On the other hand, immigration was turned completely off for a generation the afternoon the Italian immigrants set a bomb off in front of JP Morgan.

      • The idea that we need to convince Normie to do or think or convert is a busted flush.

        A thousand times, NO!

        Wiping out the DR now would be trivial. A couple small camps, a few drone strikes, and spreading the lie that we were terrorists is all it would take.

        The J6 persecutions worked because so few people have any idea what it was about.

        The only possible ways DR survives is going to ground or getting people to understand that it’s not about setting off bombs in shopping malls.

        • The J6 persecutions “worked”? Seems to me a large majority of people aren’t buying the lies, and if anything, have become a bit radicalized against FedGov and its Stasi.

          • And, yet, still rounding them up, putting them in cells for years without trial, possibly abusing them, all the while, half the population still believes Sicknik died from being hit by a fire extinguisher.

            If that’s all it take to be a winner…

      • JP Morgan had to take a road to work. A lot of these guys fly in to the roof top and fly home – if they go. If they don’t fly, you don’t necessarily know who they are in the padded car. I think Davos is essentially a DMZ.

        Tough to get to these guys. Not impossible but tough.

        The subway stop for Wall St. is a squeaky clean and brand new station btw. So, this is evidence for their valued underlings, they will pull strings to get something decent built. Maybe if one of those underlings is a relative or someone valued and loved get bumped off at that station this is the event ZMan is talking about.

        The point does hold. They just don’t give a crap. It could really be that to be the guy who moves to stop replacement immigration finds himself shunned by all of the ski resorts, prime Burning Man parties, yacht orgies … … and so he won’t do it.

        We don’t know. We do know that very powerful elbow rubbers like Krugman are openly hostile in their genocidal intentions for whites. Why that doesn’t get him shunned is the thing that makes one rub one’s chin.

      • If you think about it, all peasant revolts in the past were triggered by starvation. Never in the history of man, has there been such a thing as a government check. Welfare, section 8, Medicaid, HEAP etc.

        The people on the dole aren’t even aware of the looming crisis. They are the stupidest, laziest, and generally most satiated of population.

        They pay little or no attention to politics, short of the woke b.s.

        The normie middle class,”MAGA,” or what’s left of it, aren’t going to risk what little they have to save the welfare class and all the illegals they work and pay taxes to support, regardless of how pissed off they may be.

        As bad as the economy, political climate, and social upheaval is… They can still afford their creature comforts, sports ball, porn, new cars, beer, pot, vacations you name it. The key here is NONE are yet starving.

    • Thiel stumbled across Moldbug and liked his essays because he interpreted them as personal flattery, and now that he pays for them, that’s exactly what they are.

      That’s what “persuading” an oligarch can get us.

      We can hope that an extremely weird (normal) guy somehow stumbles into billions. Elon kinda resembles that sometimes, but nothing will ever convince him to betray HIS PEOPLE—who are not us, and we can’t fool him into thinking we are. *After* he learned the true state of Twitter, who’d he hire as CEO? Case closed.

      And of course normie political attitudes don’t matter, except in decisive private moments, like when the door knock comes.

      Persuasion is the wrong idea.

    • There are people aligned at least against the Regime. Neither Raytheon nor the Colonels and lower tier Generals and Admirals will have their Defense Contract retirement plans advising the big Defense Contractors with open borders. Open Borders = 100% social welfare spending. It means the military budget of Honduras. This is why Musk, a lot of the Pentagon, Palantir, and the rest of those guys though not the neocons are aligned with OMB.

      The energy industry is another. Exxon, Shell, etc. cannot survive in the current regime. And aligned with them are other Hawks, not neo-cons who understand the the Regime is Green and thus determined to end the GAE.

      Then there are those on Wall Street not aligned directly and wired up to the Fed. The non-Blackrocks, State Streets, Vanguards. Smaller guys with still lots of money and influence like Nelson Peltz. And there is Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Saudi, and other influencers who want/need GAE protection and understand the Regime’s aim is Gotterdammerung in Open Borders style. Greater Guatemala is not going to protect them.

      That’s not definitive. But its not nothing either.

    • All the chit aside, I was facetious in respect of our host. Not that he should GAF.

      Happy Easter, all.

  14. I have noticed that the good Dr Johnson has seemed a little off lately. Maybe it’s just me.

    No one can be good at everything and war and peace is simply not Greg’s strong suit. It is really hard for really smart people to be really wrong in public about really important things. At least I assume it is: being an anonymous, Acme-certified super genuis who has never been wrong about anything, I really wouldn’t know. I thought I was wrong once, but it turned out I was mistaken…

    I am pro-Estonian but if Estonia disappears this means nothing in the grand scheme. As I see it, the re-establishment of national self-determination for white people in the western hemisphere is more important than anything that happens in Europe. I would expect a European to hold the converse position. He would be wrong, but this is also to be expected.

    In terms of genetic preservation, there is more than enough living space in above-Rio-Grande Americas to support twice the existing global white population in a condition of prosperity with only a single southern border to worry about.

    In Europe, what happens among the Germans, the French, the Italians, the Iberians, the Poles, and the Russians is more important than what happens to the Estonians or the Danes. This isn’t ethnic chauvanism, this is ethnic realism. As for the native English, they should be removed to the Dakotas and toughened up for a generation or two before being re-introduced into Britain as re-conquerors.

    In terms of national/cultural preservation, it makes zero sense to me for Americans to become distracted by the ethnic preservation of anyone else while they themselves are imperilled. Fortunately, many seem to be waking up to this, having spent the past three score and ten plus propping up a parasite tribe’s redoubt in the Levant.

    But I don’t think we can go cold turkey with regard to ideology. I think that we will need an ideological bridge to get beyond ideology, and this is simply racial consciousness wrapped in nationalism conditioning a reflexive racial self-interest.

    Two generations of this and it will no longer be an ideology, but simply a return to a natural way of being. Maintaning this will be a matter of employing extreme prejudice in denying the usual suspects access to white nations and their instituions.

  15. RE: Z-Man’s digression on the sheer ugliness of today’s brutalist modern architecture.


    “Gerhardt Fjuck: The Man Behind the World’s Ugliest Buildings”

    “When you enter a Gerhardt environment…I want you to feel like I hate you personally…because I do.”

    • A healthy culture would exile such a douche for life or just crucify him. He can hate us all he wants hanging up there

      I’m kinda thinking “kill nihilists to prove life has value”

      • MyS — Yessir. You terminate these types promptly and with extreme prejudice and public witness, or they destroy your everything.

    • They love ugliness and there’s no other explanation than the spite that arises from a darkened soul. I was in a Target recently and every single poster festooning the walls and racks depicted an ugly human. Fat, deformed, and coal black seemed to be a prerequisite. The makeup section prominently displayed a placard of a hideous black man in drag with multiple chins.

      From a business standpoint, why would you confront your customers with images that arouse a primal fight-or-flight instinct? You should want to maximize the amount of time that customers browse the floor. It’s just more evidence that their behavior isn’t driven by a quest for money and power, but to immiserate all of us.

      • Humans have known how to build beautiful buildings for thousands of years. The monstrosities designed by modern architects are deliberate affronts to both beauty and the public.

      • With all due respect, KGB, what were you doing in a Target? Yes, I know all corporations are evil and one cannot avoid them entirely, but Target is especially evil. Haven’t been in one in many a year, and never will again.

        • No offense taken. I had my elderly mom with me and she wanted to browse. I didn’t spend a cent, just marvelled at the garish decorations.

      • I noticed today that they don’t put the dark, fat, ugly slobs and trannies in front of the cameras reading the news. I don’t know what that means. That they know you can use the remote faster than you can exit the store, or throw the catalogue in the trash?

        • The news is still propaganda channel 1. It’s how the regime sets the narrative for everything. If they made it impossible for Normie to watch without retching, Normie might start getting his news from us. Of course, TV is really only reaching Boomers now. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to keep the Boomers on message. Boomercons are the only real demographic that still favors America’s World Police role.

          • Not myself nor the many, many fellow boomers I know. But by all means carry on in your abject ignorance.

        • Could be they just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. But don’t worry; they will.

  16. Advocating the ‘family vote’ is hilarious, given that the collective power of women destroyed the family during the past fifty years . . . with the help of government, law, media, corporations, NGOs, and the ‘charity’ foundations of the moneyed elite. And that women have ruled over the ‘family’ utterly for four decades and counting.

    It is not 1962 still, folks.

    Plainly, anglo men can’t face their women and tell them the truth — that they are destroying all good things, and soon will burn even their own nests — and then take away not merely their vote, but all of their socio-political power.

    Instead, men talk sagely about the ‘family vote’, about cratering birth rates and everything else . . . but right or left, religious or secular, modern men will not say the word feminism, and admit that it must be removed, or your nations will be removed.

    Suit yerselves!

    • The feminism industry has been dominated by Jewesses. There are plenty men who talk about women; weeds need to be removed by the roots or it’s just in vain.

      • Disruptor —

        No. The American feminist movement from an organized standpoint began with Quaker women and the daughters and wives of the moneyed elite of the time. Continental bluebloods, mostly.
        That was 1848 at Seneca Falls. There was no Jewish presence of which I am aware.

        (The kernel, however, began with Atlantic coast wives of ship captains and officers in places like New Bedford MA, during the heyday of the whaling industry.)

        The cavalcade of hate-spewing Jewish women did not arrive until relatively late in the U.S. feminist movement, and largely were restricted to doing damage after the passage of suffrage. But the doors of hell assuredly were released then, with a slew of monsters including bella abzug, betty friedan, susan brownmiller, and gloria steinem.

        I have no interest in hating any group of people, especially a group as radically diverse as ‘the jews’. However, I do have an interest in the truth.

        • I was focusing on the doings of the last several decades / hundred years and there we are in agreement: radical jews.

          Going back, in the north, in colonial days, puritan-types had female preachers. In the 1640s? English civil war there were diggers and levelers who were radical equalists.

          Going back to the First & Second century AD, women were deacons, and played active roles. Christian scriptures promote equality.

          Unless we tell the truth, we have no path forward. The truth is: In the last hundred years, and many more, jews have been actively working against our interests.

    • I tell mine all the time her “tribe” is the reason everyone is miserable, and why life isn’t as good as it used to be.
      I explain in detail how I draw that conclusion and she agrees… Sack Up fella’s!

    • Look at South Korea, 0.68 birth rate and the 4B movement. They are going to follow feminism to its natural conclusion, which is a complete erasure of their people. This is a people, who, by the way, have survived thousands of years in the shadow of an empire, countless wars, occupations, total destruction, etc. Yet it’s not going to survive a century of feminism.

      (Of course, I know North Korea exists, but the point is clear).

  17. “Catholics, of course, will be saying a special thanks for the Episcopal Church. It is a reminder that no matter how terrible things have gotten for Catholics, it can always get worse.”

    The Episcopal Church that I belonged to for years was full of lapsed R.C.’s. Progressives took over the Church and the Church has since jumped on every fad, most recently cheering, in a polite way, for Hamas.

    Obviously, there are exemplary Episcopops. My retired bishop was a gem. But he was the exception.

    And FWIW, my Jewish friends are saying, “What about Christians saying, ‘Christ The King’ is anti-semitic? We don’t get it.” When it come from the mouth of Pepe the Frog, I tell them.

    • Former Episcopal priest here (yes, I should still be in church rather than typing on my phone). What you say is true. I love what the Episcopal Church was with its genuine love of Christ, its tradition and beauty. It had room for rich and poor, left and right, and Evangelicals, Anglo-Catholics and liberals.

      It seemed like an act of charity to tolerate the liberalism but it was like tolerating a termite infestation. Eventually, when the roof trusses half collapse and the refrigerator sinks through the floor you have to leave for the safety of your family and friends. To think I got all Franciscan and tried to find the beauty in Brother Termite and Sister Queen Termite. In truth the progressives already ruled the place and I was tolerated as a conservative priest because of actual actual cross-cultural experience and skills until I wasn’t anymore. Openly refusing to officiate at a ‘same sex wedding’ was the final straw for the homosexual dominated hierarchy.
      Do not tolerate progressives. They will turn everything to hate and squalor. Enough lament , I wish all you Z people, and the ZMan himself, a joyous Easter. God bless!

      • Based on your first paragraph, am I correct in guessing that the Episcopal was an attempt to reunite the various western branches- Prots, Catholic, Anglican, etc?

        • The Episcopal Church is simply the continuation of the Church of England in America. Some of its oldest churches go back to before the Revolution— think of Trinity Church, Wall Street, Old North Church, Boston, etc. Historically, it was the established church from Maryland south and high prestige in the North. It was really the ethnic church of non-Puritan, non-dissenting English settlers and their descendants. Since the Church didn’t provide priests for the settlers moving west, the Methodists provided lay and later ordained ministers on the frontier. Baptists and other denominations arose as well to care for the less wealthy, less established folk and demographically the Episcopal Church declined. Theologically, it encompassed Evangelical and very traditional, conservative ordained and lay people, as well as very liberal clerics. The same as in England. It is important to note that it is/was self-consciously the “thinking man’s church “ and could be very snobbish. (I confess to my shame— I am a working class guy who grew up in mostly black public housing, but I ended up being the religion teacher for the president’s kids/grandkids before going off to work in another church institution that served mentally I’ll foster kids. A very broad church and if I hadn’t been on the West Coast I might have stuck it out. Sorry for the long winded response

          • Sorry, Anglican orders are “absolutely null and utterly void” according to the famous papal bull Apostolicae cure (1896), Pope Leo XIII. No apostolic succession for ‘bishops’, no sacrificial priesthood but merely an ecclesiastical institution instead of a sacramental conferral of actual grace by the action itself, thereby invalidating any sacramental holy order. As such, like all other Protestant clergy, they are unable to confect the Holy Eucharist. As St. John Henry Neuman, convert to Catholicism from High Church Anglicanism has been attributed as saying whilst passing and Anglican church – ‘He is not here’.
            Happy Easter.

  18. Easter. Interesting stuff.

    From the Gospel, it obviously has to do with Passover. But, from quick internet research, various un-cited sources:

    “The eight-day Jewish holiday of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan, April 22 – 30, 2024. Passover (Pesach) commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt”

    “Unlike our calendar which is based on the solar year, the Jewish calendar uses twelve lunar months of 29 to 30 days in length. The new moon marks the beginning of each month with the full moon occuring halfway through the month.”

    “In 325 AD, the Council of Nicaea decided that Easter would be observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the March equinox. While the Council of Nicaea set the Easter date for most churches worldwide, not all Christian churches observe Easter according to the Gregorian calendar. Many Orthodox churches still witness Easter in congruence with the Julian calendar.”

    “The term “Pascha” for Orthodox Easter is derived from the Greek word “Pascha,” which itself comes from the Hebrew word “Pesach.” “Pesach” is the Jewish festival of Passover, which commemorates the Israelites’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. The Last Supper of Jesus, which is associated with the Christian Eucharist, is believed to have been a Passover meal.”

    “Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. Her symbols (like the egg and bunny) were and still are fertility and sex symbols (or did you actually think eggs and bunnies had anything to do with the resurrection?) After Constantine decided to Christianize the Empire, Easter was changed to represent Jesus. But at its roots, Easter (which is how you pronounce Ishtar) is all about celebrating fertility and sex.”

    So, three different calendars, presumably, three different dates. Orthodoxy still calls it Passover, which is interesting. Not sure what I make of the Easter/Ishtar theory, but the fertility motif of bunnies and eggs is impossible to deny.

    • The Easter/Ishtar thing is standard 19th century American Protestant bullshit, developed because the illiterates were eager to connect Babylon with Catholicism. The obvious connection to Passover is obvious:

      French: Pâques
      Spanish: el Domingo de Pascua
      Greek: Pascha
      Russian: Пасха (Paskha)

      The English & German terms have to do with some variation of the term for “dawn,” and possibly the Saxon goddess with a similar name. Because Saxons do what they want.

      The point of the bunnies is because there are bunnies in the spring, as you may have noticed. The thing with eggs is that, if you’ve followed the strict Lenten fast of the Middle Ages, you haven’t had one in six weeks.

      • To whomever downvoted this: Protestants really very excited to find any reason that the Catholic Church that gave them Bible was magically somehow Babylon.

        The idea that Easter of all Holy Days, which is called Pascal in other languages is a pagan holiday is about semi-pagans themselves trying and completely failing to be more Christian that what they were rejecting. The further away from Catholicism, the less Christian people become in culture/theology.

        Atheists also like the idea that Christian Holy Days come from something else, when they mostly just land near events on the calendar.

        • The Catholic church was founded by a Jew, Protestantism was founded by Europeans.

          Catholics always seem to be most excited when attacking Europeans; one wonders if this is a manifestation of the un-European nature of their faith.

          Your ignorance about the extent to which your faith “borrowed” from the old religions is impressive!

      • Eastern Orthodoxy —> Roman Catholicism —> Protestantism

        East —> West

        Make of it what you want, those are the facts.

      • No worries now, it’s no longer Easter according to Biden and Hochul, it’s officially Transgender Day of Visibility. So set aside your petty religious squabbles and embrace the new dawn, bigots!!!

  19. Just some thoughts on your Good Friday podcast, take them for what they’re worth:

    With regard to your comments about the micronationalism, there’s another nuance I think that you should consider and that is the divide between nations that are predominantly Eastern Orthodox and those that are Roman Catholic. You spoke about the bizarre things you heard in some of those countries that sounded like it could have come from Bill Krystol. I think what you’re hearing comes from the puppet governments beholden to the West. (Installed? Color revolution?) I still think the sentiment of the man on the street is going to be majority pro Russian in the Orthodox countries. Blood is thicker than water.

    Continuing with the Roman Catholic/Orthodox divide and Ukraine, I think the sentiment of the average Eastern Orthodox person is going to be mixed with predominantly pro-russian feelings east of the Dnieper River. However, you were minimizing the fact that most of the hostility comes from the Greek Catholics, i.e. traditionally Orthodox lands that fell under the Pope. Given all the Nazi symbolism in Ukraine and how Serbians suffered at the hands of another Roman Catholic fascist group call the Ustache (founded by a Catholic priest), it would be interesting to explore this idea more.

    I think there are powerful elements within the Roman Catholic Church who want the Eastern Orthodox Churches to submit under the pope. Not all Catholics, of course, but those elements do exist. I also wonder if there is still an element of nostalgia for the old Habsburg Empire. They’re definitely seems to be a fault line there.

    I think you mentioned something about Polish history in a previous article about how they made a lot of noise in the past and drag the Brits into their problems. I think you’ve seen a lot of that now where the Poles act like they are too big for their britches. The noise they’ve been making during the Ukrainian War pretty much exposed them to be jerks, IMO. In other words, they’re getting what they deserve.

    The part about Russia taking all of Ukraine and perhaps giving the Catholic part to Poland, remember something. Those are traditionally Orthodox lands. That was territory occupied by Poland and during the occupation, they tried to convert them to Roman Catholicism. The peasants rebelled and as a compromise they got to keep the outward trappings of orthodoxy, but came under the jurisdiction of the Pope. They don’t seem to like the Poles anymore than they like the Russians.

    • “I think there are powerful elements within the Roman Catholic Church who want the Eastern Orthodox Churches to submit under the pope. Not all Catholics, of course, but those elements do exist. I also wonder if there is still an element of nostalgia for the old Habsburg Empire. They’re definitely seems to be a fault line there.”

      Any serious Catholic is going to want reunification. The original Church was unified under Peter. The EO were under the Pope for the first 1000 years. They have drifted without Peter since then, and not just in calendar. There’s issue divorce certificates issue, now contraception, etc, etc.

      There has been a serious push by the last several papacies to reunify. My personal experience online is that people apparently like hanging onto 1000 year old grudge matches. Noble work, but it appears from this keyboard that the best shot at reunification will be individual conversations.

      EO, when they get bitten by the anti-Catholic bug, are at least as comically paranoid about the Catholic Church as Protestants, maybe more. That you’ve termed this in terms of Marxist power struggles suggests the EO anti-Catholic view point and/or non-belief.

      Eastern Rite Catholics exist right now. If the EO came back they could keep their liturgy, customs, etc. There’s plenty of room inside not the Roman Catholic Church (a specific church and rite) but the Catholic Church, of which Roman is just one part. The EO would regain the protection of Peter.
      EO national churches tend to be nothing more than state pawns in the home regions. Currently have doctrinal drift, are unable to call councils, are frequent schism with each other at the Ukraine war showed. That’s the price of breaking away from what Christ established.

      • “If the EO came back”

        There’s nothing to come back to. In 1054 they were all independent bishops in communion with each other. (Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem, Antioch, etc.) The Pope had the most prestigious chair, otherwise, he didn’t lord it over the rest. The Pope needs to understand that he’s the head of his church and nothing more.

        • Wiffle demonstrates typical historical ignorance.

          The “pope” wasn’t a thing at all until the 8th century. And then only an equal archbishop for another 4 centuries.

          The great schism was the beginning of a power grab by the papacy that secularized the western church and made the protestant reformation inevitable.

          • I dunno; I think there’s something to be said for the Bishop of Rome being able to make Emperors walk barefoot in the snow…

      • Some protection. The RCC has shown absolutely no interest in protecting any of the Eastern Orthodox. Crusade after crusade against the Orthodox, culminating in more recent times with the Croatian Ustache, and then when the fascists had lost, rescuing some of the worst culprits responsible for the enormities against the Orthodox from the comsequences they had coming to them.

        The Western church has been addicted to temporal authority for a long time. Who in their right mind in the Orthodox lands would want to give them carte blanche absent some tangible evidence of remorse?

  20. “Catholics, of course, will be saying a special thanks for the Episcopal Church. It is a reminder that no matter how terrible things have gotten for Catholics, it can always get worse.”

    Like the female Anglican archdeacon who called for her congregants to “Smash the patriarchy” — despite being a leader in a 2,000 year old-religion that worships “God the Father”?


    I used to think that it was pretty crazy for the Church to burn “witches” during the Middle Ages — but maybe they were on to something…

    • Amen brother! Men build, women destroy. Men create civilizations, women burn em down… when weak men captitulate to women’s non stop bitching.

    • The Roman Catholic Church was officially condemned witch burnings or hunts. They still rarely happened but the Church would come down on them for it.

      They said there were no witches because they had no powers and instead were just crazy people.

      Unlike Hollywood’s reality, most witch burnings and hunts happened under the Protestants. They also were they ones that came up with the “tests” that proved one was a with. like drowning.

      • This is just a lie. The historical record shows witches were more likely to be killed in catholic countries.

          • Afterwards, however, the historical record attests to vastly more people being executed as accused witches in Protestant lands, said lands not having the benefit of the rigorous and skeptical Catholic Inquisitors, who, as noted above, generally tended to find little real evidence of witchcraft amongst the accused.

  21. Today’s podcast was a bit of a downer; the litany of what ails us is certainly getting longer and more malicious at a faster rate. And I agree that Trump is unlikely to be allowed to win this November. But what comes after that? Will another blatantly stolen election become the final straw?

    The models predict that a groundswell of resistance will arise in the form of blather about secession and national divorce (mostly as a means of macro-venting). Bongino will start his next crusade for “we’ll gettum next time in 2028”. Serious militias will start organizing and the Stasi will be hard-pressed to infiltrate all of them. Mass anxiety will be revealed in countless TikTok viral videos of average people losing it via public antagonism and spontaneous wanton fighting. Things get worse at a faster pace and then the dollar craters after Ukraine is finally put to bed by Russia.

    Its going to get ugly and the pent up anger is initially going to be felt pleb on pleb. But Zman is correct in that nothing will change until the elites feel the burn. And the faster than happens, the less collateral damage there will be.

  22. I started getting into science fiction in my early 30s, pretty late for the genre. But the genre was more or less dead by the time I started reading it. I stopped in the book store one day and bought a book of short stories, supposedly all winners of various scifi awards. The very first story in the book was about robots having gay sex.

    Freaks and weirdos, which scifi has always suffered with, took over the publishers, took over the agents and took over the award bodies. The SFWA is a nest of SJW vipers. TOR is controlled by them too. Most of them are women which has had a further corrosive effect on scifi, turning it into ‘romance in space’ even when social justice and freak shows are not the main story line. From my various ventures into modern fiction in other genres, it’s pretty much all of them. Right now I’m slogging my way through “When the Sleeper Awakes,” published in like 1898 (it’s really not very good and far too wordy) because I really don’t read fiction published after like 1990. The last new fiction books I read were Terry Brooks’ Shannara series. While he largely stays clear of SJW stuff, even this series has SJW elements, like race mixing.

    Not only is modern fiction so awful, it’s also dumbed down. You simply cannot read old fiction (or non-fiction) without a dictionary. Even stuff aimed at the masses, like the pulps. I only very rarely need a dictionary reading anything printed after 1990 or so. Plus the way it is written is simpler. I almost never have to re-read a paragraph in modern fiction unless I get distracted. It’s kind of like reading a newspaper.

    • Due to my reading within the last year, I got the reference of your name, Tars Tarkas.

      Lovecraft led me to Howard, which led me to other authors. The correspondence between Lovecraft and Howard was outrageously race realist.

      It’s reassuring to know that most of the intelligent people of the past saw the world more like us than how our elites insist that we see the world now.

      • I’d guess 95% of the world’s undeniable geniuses throughout history would qualify as DRs today, and many of them would make us look like bed-wetting sissies. We have the misfortune to live in a weird oxbow of history where obvious truth has been effectively criminalized, and the most baldfaced of lies are enshrined as unholy writ. Choose virtually any towering genius of the past–Plotinus, Boethius, Frederick the Great, Nicholas of Cusa, Galileo, Balzac, Brahms, etc.–expose him to what passes for truth today, and he would shake himself to pieces with laughter. He’d then damand to be reinterred, forthwith.

        • To get an idea of the level of self-censorship needed to keep a job today you need to look to the Soviet Union or the other Warsaw Pact powers of the Cold War. Only people with blue collar jobs can escape this and there’s pressure on even them.

    • Tars: This is yet another case where a certain other blogger, whom I admittedly find arrogant and obnoxious, has been proven prescient and correct. It doesn’t matter if you follow sports, or knitting, or quilting, or comic books, or sci fi – there is literally NOTHING the left will not defile. Because they cannot create, and beauty is poison to their twisted psyches, so they defile and destroy.

      I’ve mentioned before I read teotwawki fiction as escapism. Fwiw I also read just about any other genre with the exception of horror. But it’s gotten so bad I will ‘borrow’ 5-10 kindle books (after checking author and comments) and then return 99% of them after reading only a few pages now. It hits you right between the eyes immediately – strong womyn, race mixing, homosexuality, disease porn, all about feelingz, etc. I find it literally unreadable.

      Actually, I just started a book last night that I plan to continue with. I’ve read others by this author, with mixed reviews. I am not big on predicting events based on Revelations, but this newest one is spot on re government/tech surveillance, sexual deviancy, and the people and money behind it. Mark Goodwin’s newest, “The Days of Lot.” In the military and security fiction field, I cannot recommend Peter Nealen highly enough. Also helps he’s had real life experience and is a Christian.

      • That “certain other blogger, whom I admittedly find arrogant and obnoxious,” his name wouldn’t happen to rhyme with Dox Vay?

        • In this case, probably so.

          Personally, I think Correia et al. did/does it better. While Sad Puppies is no more, and Castalia is, if there were a way out of the drek that SF has become, it’s not through charging exorbitant prices for leather-bound copies of public domain books.

      • There is a ton of good old stuff at least. What is bad is bad because it’s just not good and not because it’s pushing some horrible message about LGBTQ, pedophiles or other modern horror. Best of all, it’s free and so taking chances with an author you’ve never heard of won’t be chucking 20 bucks down the drain or, worse, giving money to people who hate you.

        I picked up Ender’s Game from a junk pile of a book store for 50 cents. It was a very good book. I actually own printed copies of almost every Edgar Rice Burroughs book. Though I read a lot on a tablet, I still like physical books. I lost interest towards the end of the series, but I enjoyed The Amtrak Wars by Patrick Tilley. But the author really milked that series for every penny he could. It just went on too long. I really enjoyed the World of Tiers series by Jose Farmer. It’s sort of like Burroughs’ fiction, just not as wordy. (I find “wordy” books a slog and robs me of enjoyment. Shanara was like this. Endless long wordy descriptions of the environment) But I think he turned into an SJW in later series. I started the River World series, but I kind of lost interest early in the first book. World of Tiers was written in the 60s and early 70s, so still relatively “modern” but mostly devoid of SJW social messaging. The really old stuff, say pre-war can be very good. But, it has to be said that they often feel dated, though usually not in a terrible way.

        • Retvrn to pulps! Asimovs.com, analog.com if you like more science (I get both pulp and online, to save the faves.) The venerable Fantasy and Science Fiction has fallen to a black girlboss, while Asimov’s (female) editor of many years has been able to fight off the die crowd with only a few forgettable surges.

          I get online to save the faves because there are so many of them. Beware, many more writers now are non-American, but Asimov’s maintains higher standards, and quite a bit of plain ol’ ripping good fun and rather prescient dark pieces too. (I just started back to reading some fiction again, recently; the pulps were my highlight of the month.)

          • How could I forget? Man-Kzin Wars, Kindle, for a blast with a Casablanca Bogart flavor. Up to 15 anthologies and books, I think. Built off of Larry Niven’s Protector (our Pak ancestors) and Ringworld.

            R Garcia y Robertson
            Robert Reed – Great Ship
            Paul McCauley – Quiet War
            Ian MacDonald
            Alexander Jablakov
            Steven Baxter
            the legendary late Kage Baker – the Company

          • OMG
            and Gene Wolfe – the New Sun and Long Whorl

            Those are mandatory. The greatest writer since Rudyard Kipling. Profound. As good as Dune.

            Alistair Reynolds for Big Space Opera.
            (Please stay away from the “military sci-fi” drek.
            That’s for gamers.)

      • @3g

        not sure I’ve seen a more accurate statement than this:

        “It doesn’t matter if you follow sports, or knitting, or quilting, or comic books, or sci fi – there is literally NOTHING the left will not defile. Because they cannot create, and beauty is poison to their twisted psyches, so they defile and destroy.”

        Nail on head…

      • Matt Brackens book are great escapism, especially the last 2 , castigo cay and red hills of zourhon. they are all prescient beyond belief. the stuff he wrote about in castigo cay in 2011 was a great description of what we found out in 2019. all his books are good. https://enemiesforeignanddomestic.com/

        • miforest: Agreed. I’ve read them all, and look forward to reading the one he’s finishing up now.

          Also see Clay Martin’s books. Excellent reads.

  23. A few things: the family vote, no. Sometimes you shouldn’t softball it. You had a good post the other day about why equality doesn’t work. This also applies to the sexes. The wife has to be subservient to the husband. Why do you think women like bad boys? They want men they naturally feel subservient to. Daughters without strong father’s go feral. Some things are the woman’s domain, others are the man’s. Politics is one of the latter. There’s no getting around this thorn.

    Paraphrasing: “Immigration and debt can’t be fixed until they are too painful a d therefore not worth writing about.” I suspect you’re probably right. I don’t see a realistic path to a real policy change inside the current system. But I believe that means we’re going to hit the dirt hard. Immigration IS replacing us, not “may”, not “will”. And the gazillions in debt means there won’t be an economy for a significant period of time, once that breaks. The immigration part will end in a very foreign country. I don’t know how the debt part will end but it may be back to kerosene lamps horses and carriages. Or maybe even back to bows and arrows and animal hides. Some desperate fool may also take us all down the nuclear trail just before the lights are about to go out. Not having to worry about whether the two flints are radioactive could already be a win.

    We need to deal realistically with immigration and the debt. If that isn’t possible it has to become possible. Otherwise I think it’s game over.

    Happy Easter

    • The debt really isn’t that big of a problem. We don’t owe them gold. We owe them digital currency not tied to anything. If we had serious people in charge, we could also simply default. It’s not like this would be simple, easy or consequence free, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

      The real problem is getting rid of the all the foreigners. The sooner it happens, the easier it will be. These people walked here, they have homes/families and ties to the old home and most importantly, citizenship somewhere else. But this will erode over time. Over time, going home will be as hard or harder as it was to come here. Eventually, they will be a stateless people if we eject them later if we don’t get rid of them now or soon. We already have some of these people. We don’t need more of them.

      Economics come and go. Bad times are forgotten. I was born 30 years after the great depression ended. It’s a memory old people had, though most of them are gone. But demographics are forever.

      • How much of all the non food stuff in Walmart is made in the USA? Why do you think prices rising? Why do you think gold is rising? The whole reserve currency thing? Not when Biden steals Russia’s accounts in front of everyone. The BRICS were given the largest incentive in history to find alternatives. Betting that they won’t is thin ice indeed.

        The debt matters. Even Japan and Saudi Arabia are jumping ship on the dollar. Not imagining that can happen is 20th century thinking

        • I understand what you’re saying and I agree with it. Losing reserve currency status would hurt badly. The suffering would be incredible. But the nation would survive. It is not a nation ending event. Even Zimbabwe survived hyperinflation. The US has already had hyperinflation in the very early days of existence (the Continental). It survived the Great Depression. Hell, China survived Chairman Mao and Russia survived Stalin and communism.

          Surviving economic hardship including collapse of the money system just isn’t anywhere near as detrimental to the nation as demographic replacement. America as a country may survive, but the American nation will not. Look at what just a small influx of hostile foreigners (maybe 2% of the population) has already done!!!

          • Even Zimbabwe survived hyperinflation.

            Yes, but having the bank foreclose on your mud hut is not the same thing. Particularly not when the economy was largely grow your own food or rely on aid shipments. How well would Yanks do in those circumstances? How many have ever grown food in their lives?

    • Using a war as a solution to the current failed economic and manufacturing policies is a scary possibility. The powers that be could believe they will be able to maintain power by involving the world in a massive war that will allow them to declare some flavor of martial law and use any level of force they deem necessary to maintain control. World wide.

      The current lack of punishment for crimes seems like it could be a way to soften the public to the idea that the government will have to use force to keep them safe. This perspective assumes intent, instead of stupidity for the current state of affairs concerning crime and punishment. A coin toss could be the more accurate route to the truth when it comes to far too many of our current dilemmas.

      • They could indeed try something really desperate. That is a real danger.

        I’m increasingly thinking “look you [myself] know this doesn’t end well”. That’s not a black pill although it mat feel like one it’s motivation to rig your situation to survive what happens next

        • Yes. It appears we are entering a new dark ages of unknown depth.

          The only way out is through. I can not imagine anything that resembles a solution. Borrow, spend, collapse… anarchy and chaos.

      • I’m sure there’s a faction of the elite that sees WWIII as something like a smoke grenade. They’ll wait until things get completely out of hand, then toss the grenade and try to make their exit while everyone is choking on the smoke and blinded. I hope that more pragmatic factions exist that are coming to understand that if they would just stop destroying Western civilization and adopt more traditional values they would probably earn the right to live after the coming upheaval.

  24. Yesterday I saw two Ben Shapiro tweets juxtaposed. The first one was Shapiro saying that even though Ben and Jerry’s supports every liberal cause, he still eats it because it’s good ice cream. That (IIRC) was from 2012. Just recently Ben and Jerry’s tweeted their support of Palestine and he replied with something like this is why I no longer eat Ben and Jerry’s.

    This perfectly demonstrates everything you need to know about Shapiro. He is an Israeli nationalist. Israel is his first, last and only interest. America is just the place he happens to reside.

    • “ This perfectly demonstrates everything you need to know about Shapiro. He is…”

      Well, not in my view. He is a hypocrite and liar and therefore a man of no true values. As our politicians all too often, he is a whore who is whoever you want him to be at the moment. That he promotes Israel and the Jews is not his fundamental flaw.

      • What I meant is it demonstrates he is not on our side. The only issue he truly cares about is Israel. It’s not that it’s Israel. It could be Chile or Sri Lanka and the point would still be the same. Shapiro is not an American, knows he not an American. The only issues he truly cares about are his narrow ethnic interests. Whether it’s Israel or circumcision, these are the only times he ever takes a strong stand. He even said the quiet part out loud recently when he said Israel’s security is the biggest guarantor of his loyalty to America. His “loyalty to America” is contingent on us not opposing Israel in any way shape or form. He is a foreign agent.

  25. Biden immediately ponied up federal money for the bridge because insurance doesn’t cover acts of war.
    If I lived in Britain, I would avoid the Chunnel like the plague.

  26. I don’t know how many “normies” can be reached. But I am pretty sure the number isn’t zero. Certainly tens of millions of them can at least be convinced to vote for Bad Orange Man when the regime is screaming for them not to (not that this is in itself necessarily a worthwhile endeavour). However, that’s not dissidence, it’s mostly just “the wish for kings,” believing the man on the white horse will (or even can) ride in and make everything ok. But I digress. It does indicate some fertile ground.

    I notice Steve Sailer comes in for a good bit of disdain around here. Maybe he deserves it, I haven’t read enough of him to say (because what little I have read didn’t have me wanting more). However, his stats and graphs are not for convincing leftists, who are unreachable. They are for planting seeds with Civnat G. Normiecon, who is reachable (I should know). So Sailer is useful. Unlike the Shapiros and Pragers, who are there to narrow the discourse to what is regime approved, Sailer (I have a feeling I might regret using him as the example) broadens it toward what is dissident and race realist, however flawed he might be.

    Yes we are doomed, yes it is too little too late, but what else are we gonna do other than try to bring over more normies

    • Jeffrey Zoar: I read Sailer pretty regularly some years ago (past 4-5 I have found him unreadable so I will only skim headlines and occasionally skim comments). He, himself, is a normiecon. The only thing he ‘notices’ is the black propensity for crime and mayhem. He refuses to ‘notice’ certain propensities and behaviors by Asians, subcons, jews, and mestizos. This is echoed in his regular commentariat (who have been there for many years and never move past Sailer’s degree of noticing) and by those whose comments he instantly approves and promotes.

      There are far better uses of one’s time than trying to reach normiecons, and having a committed few has – historically – changed things more dramatically than a mushy albeit large middle.

      • The normiecons will probably have to die out before anyone can really notice. The establishment however seems freaked out now. The younger someone is the less likely they are to think all protected groups walk on water. They will be easier to convince. They also will have much less invested in system that has not invested into them.

    • The problem with Sailer is he’s made a career being at the forefront of HBD, and is a race realist, who mind fucks himself into being a civic nationalist. He believes whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians are all Americans and “why can’t we all just get along.”

  27. Since Candace Owens and the Daily Wire “mutually parted ways”, I’ve always thought that the comments on Gaza and her supposed anti-Semitic rhetoric is not why she no longer works there.

    I think she personally pissed off Ben Shapiro and eventually they were going to reach a point where they needed to part ways. I don’t believe it was a firing.

    I think a few years down the road, her and Fuentes will be fighting with each other. I think she always has had grander visions than just working at the Daily Wire. She wants to have her own platform and audience to grift off of. I think she is like everyone else in politics; she wants the highest possible dollar amount and she knows she is at a dead end on that front if she stays at the Daily Wire.

    In no way, shape or form do I believe her and Fuentes (and America First) will be allies for long. Fuentes is useful in that he helps generate drama and clicks for people who don’t usually get them.

    • I don’t think AF much cares for a long term alliance with Candace. AF has been remarkably effective at using various Con Inc personalities to give their ideas national exposure i.e Charlie Kirk, Kanye, ect…and it’s working. Just look at how fast the term antisemitism is being laughed off these days.

    • I saw either ZMan or RamzPaul suggest this a few days ago on Twitter. Although I think their plan was to the D.C. political elite. Still it is good to see. You have to wonder how they are going to stop this while still allowing to have it happen to normies.

      • Squatters on elite/ celebrity properties will simply disappear after being given a warning to move on (if that).

        You and I will go to jail if we do the same. As straight forward as the rest of this mess.

  28. Ukraine is a sucessful effort by Slav hating kegan clan to leverage the corruption in ukraine to get them in a war . the purpose of the war is to genocide the ukrainians and get as many russians as they can killed. when this is over , a million ukrainians will be dead, two million hideously maimed, and 10 million driven out of their land as destitute refugees. in their view , the russian casualties are also a plus.
    It is a horrific toll. truly an evil thing. Deliberate and calculated mass slaughter.

    • The line I use over at Instapundit is that our government has been hijacked run by a bunch of Jews who must have inherited their grandparents’ PTSD. Their grandparents must have told them horrific bedtime stories about the evil Ruskies as children and it left an indelible impression on them, because they just can’t let it go. That’s the only thing I can think of to explain the irrational hostility of our heavily Jewish influenced government toward the Russians.

  29. My guess is the American regime won’t ban all public displays of Christianity outright. They will follow the Communist Chinese model regarding religious tolerance. Eventually, only those Christian congregations and denominations who adhere to the Woke party line will be allowed to worship openly. Those Christian churches that will not bend the knee to Wokism will be relentlessly harassed and forced to close because they are deemed centers of “hate speech,” “intolerance,” and possible havens of “terrorism.”

    • In Shinto Japan, Christmas is celebrated widely. They have Santa Claus and costumes and trees and hats. But of course, completely devoid of Christianity and the foreign god thereof. It basically is a shopping and gift giving event, but amusing for an American to experience over there.

      We’ve really reached close to that level of decline as well. The season will be celebrated, but the reason will change to one devoid of what us old timers would call Christianity—and the “reason for the season” completely forgotten.

      Whether it gets as bad as current in China, who can tell. China now requires churches to be pretty nondescript via cross removal and they have authority over the appointment of Chinese Christian church leadership. For those looking at how such repression might play out here, some of the worst I’ve noted has been in Canada during the COVID scamdemic with the forced closure of churches as public venues. In the USA, that would play into a conflict under the 1st Amendment, which mostly was avoided due to “voluntary” closures from the mainstream denominations.

      But I may not have followed the situation as well as others here.

      • Compsci: The ‘voluntary’ closures were worse, in my view, than the forced closures. Every denomination knuckled under to disease paranoia, authoritarianism, and always obeying the government. Today’s palid Christians are pathetic. In another example, purported ‘Christian’ female soccer player Korbin Albert made a groveling apology for her Tiktok post saying God could heal sexual deviants.

        No normal woman ought to be playing ‘professional’ soccer, nor ought she be on Tiktok. But she denied Christ to keep her money, fame, and to appease the lezzbians. She epitomizes, to me, modern American ‘Christians.’

        I can only repeat what my wise husband says: Whom do you serve? That’s what it ultimately boils down to, and there is only one correct answer.

          • Marriage is a union of two complementary parts, and as such is the strength of the institution. If one examines any successful such union, this will become apparent and is as old as the Bible. Without my wife, I am incomplete and inadequate to the God-given task of a good life.

            Unfortunately it took most of a lifetime to come to the realization of this.

      • Japanese Christmas commercials are the last outpost of pre-globohomo American culture. If you’re old, you’ll recognize it. We endure!

        (as subtext in weird ads for fried chicken date night)

        • Yep… A proper traditional Tokyo Shibuya Christmas is KFC + bang your gf afterwards on Love Hotel Hill.

          Slightly surreal, but it’s got nothing on a visit to the Takarazuka Revue.

  30. Re: modern art…

    I recently spent time in Rome, and visited the Vatican Museum. They have a modern art section. After walking through Raphael’s Rooms and the Sistine Chapel, the contrast is stark. Why does modern have to be ugly? What is wrong with aesthetics? I assume most of it is inspired by Lucifer.

    I’ll also add, it was re-energizing as a dissident to engage with all the aesthetic beauty our people used to create. In the case of St. Peter’s Basilica, it took over 100 years to complete. Those who designed it, and most who worked on it, would never live to see its completion. But they were dedicating their work to something bigger than themselves, something which would rightly glorify God. And when you enter that building, anyone with a soul is immediately humbled and awed as they look around.

    We used to create beautiful things as a people, the most beautiful things ever created. Now we (or maybe (((they)))) elevate ugliness and perversion.

    • That which you decry is part and parcel of post-modern revisionism. The old saw, “Those who can’t do, teach” is really “Those who can’t do tear down what those who can do create.”

      • As the proportion of European males dips ever lower, and the flow of African migrants continues, it’s really only a matter of time before someone realizes there’s billions in artwork within the Vatican Museums just there for the taking. Whatever isn’t destroyed by looters could end up in private collections in the Arab Gulf States. Another possibility is they might hire African museum guards, and the treasures would simply disappear over time.

      • Compsci: “Those who can’t do, teach” is really “Those who can’t do, tear down what those who can do create.”

        The important question here is the WHY?

        Why not just leave well enough alone?

        What seething raging satanic fire in their souls drove (((Sigmund Freud))) & (((Jacques Derrida))) & (((Betty Friedan))) & (((Stanley Kramer))) to invent pseudo-intellectual paradigms designed to destroy all of Western Civilization?

        What is it about the White sh!tlib personalititty that propels the sh!tlib to seek out & embrace the very worst of the pseudo-intellectual paradigms?

        I don’t even wanna try to analyze the kneegr0id mind; that would be like trying to understand what motivates a pitbull.

        WARNING: not for the faint of heart

        As 3g4me was saying just yesterday, “Culture is downstream from Genetics.”

        • That reminds me of a shitlib woman I know, whimpering and crying because her cat assassinated a bird in the backyard. She’s a teacher btw

        • “What seething raging satanic fire in their souls drove (((Sigmund Freud))) & (((Jacques Derrida))) & (((Betty Friedan))) & (((Stanley Kramer))) to invent pseudo-intellectual paradigms designed to destroy all of Western Civilization?”

          Three out of four are Jews!

    • One can experience that humbling sense of awe in a great many antique ecclesiastical structures. It happened to me on multiple occasions upon entering some of Venice’s grand buildings, and not only San Marco Cathedral.

      • There’s a 1971 vidya of Karl Boehm conducting the VSO, in a performance of the Mozart Requiem, which you might find appealing:


        There’s an handful of fatties, but moast of the ladies in the choir are ackshually quite slender…

        By way of contrast, recent vidya of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is just about 110% Beluga Whales.

        HFCS 4 da win!!!

    • Lucius: Check out Wrath of Gnon – a laser focus on past decency, common sense, and beauty versus today’s perversion.

    • You’d think with centuries of living among Europeans, and having all the money necessary to do so, there would be a string of world class synagogues, comparable to the great cathedrals of Christianity. Hell, even the Mohammedans took a few stabs at building mosques on a grand scale.

      Yet, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Why is that?

      • That is an excellent question, and one for which I don’t have an answer. And you are right–the Muzz have indeed built many a monumental mosque. Of course, some of their more impressive mosques in the Maghreb and Near East were originally churches and cathedrals. The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is the most prominent example.

        • Ostei: The Hagia Sophia was built as an orthodox Christian church in 537. Nothing to do with the Mohammedans. I’ve seen it, but it struck me as a sad, faded, debased beauty.

          • Reread my post. That is exactly what I said, i.e. the Muzz repurposed Christian structures, viz the Hagia Sophia, as Islamic ones. And incidentally, there was no Orthodoxy in 537, only Christianity.

          • Ostei: My apologies. I initially responded and then reread your post. But I still stand by my impressions of the Hagia Sophia itself – it struck me as – best I can put it – empty. No heart or faith left in it. Neither fish nor fowl.

          • Odd, but I misread Ostei’s post myself. Must be something in the formatting of the paragraph. Easy to skip over.

      • KGB: I am no fan of any alien faith, but I must admit I was quite moved by the celebration of God and beauty I saw at the Selimiye mosque in Edirne. In its own way, it called to mind the York Minster – the same human attempt to express beauty, faith, and power via human artistry in stone.

        Worth noting that the York Minster’s beauty and craft date from 1220-1472, while the mosque was built in 1568. God blessed historic, Christian, England.

      • KGB: “Why is that?”

        The j00 cannot create.

        The j00 can only destroy.

        What’s so deeply counterintuitive to the Occidental mind is just quite how phenomenally financially profitable it is to DESTROY, rather than to create.

        By way of example, the j00ish race will likely come out of their current Ukrainian war several hundred BILLION dollars richer than they were prior to the war, just as they did with 9-11 and the endless desert wars.

        All because a fellow from Michigan, named Cyrus I. Scofield, got snookered by a (((Psy-Op))).

        And because J Edgar Hoover crossed paths with a particularly clever young cabana boy, named (((Roy Cohn))).

        And because there are thousands of hours of Hi-Def vidya & audio of the likes of Lindsey Grahamnesty molesting under-aged cabana boys.

        Et cetera et cetera et cetera…

        • For the lone JIDF agent who objected to muh assertion that, “the j00ish race will likely come out of their current Ukrainian war several hundred BILLION dollars richer than they were prior to the war, just as they did with 9-11 and the endless desert wars”, consider the following news headline this morning:

          A quarter-trillion dollars, vaporized: The GAO has brought to light a staggering figure of $236B in improper or incorrect payments made under the Biden administration last year alone.

          All of that money is being laundered through Ukraine & Switzerland & the Caribbean & Singapore & cetera & cetera & cetera & eventually back to Tel Aviv & NYC & Mountain View.

          Moderin (((War))) is, from the goyische point of view, simply unimaginably profitable for the (((Warmongers))).

    • I remember one of my profs giving me The Talk. Paraphrasing: Son, you’re a white, Christian, heterosexual, man. That’s tough. But if become a communist like me, you can still have a decent career.

      Yes, the art world, in my experience, is one of the most Jewish-dominated cultural institutions— because they get involved in it and patronize it. No, I doubt it’s a coincidence that modern art is often ugly, or that contemporary art is often downright soul-sucking. Whatever you think, it’s the aesthetic of the tortured, alienated, nihilistic soul imo.

      With that said, there are things I like about modern art, mostly how stripped-down it is. Gives stuff like composition and color more clarity without all the technique and storytelling. Maybe that doesn’t do anything for people who aren’t trained in this stuff, maybe it doesn’t have ‘cultural utility’, or does have the opposite effect. Fair enough.

      Philip Guston was my favorite painter in college. His AbEx stuff is a lot better than the bigger names imo. I get the impression he was trying to make it beautiful, and it often is, in its way. His later, cartoonish, stuff is obviously the product of a neurotic mind that has turned on itself, which I get a kick out of. Painter’s Forms II is ackshually where I got my internet handle:


      Any rate, not as into all of that like I used to be.

  31. WRT Renegade History of the United States, that has to be one of the oddest reads I ever read. It literally justified every single old ethnic and racial stereotype, but they were all framed as positive things, so it got a pass. If you look at just the facts laid out in the book, it basically admitted everything your hardcore racist uncle said was true.

  32. In some Slavic countries and Hungary, the Easter Monday custom is to wake up your wife by throwing her into a cold stream. If you are a young man and don’t have a wife yet, you make a whip from willow branches and chase the women in your area with it. You have all morning until noon to whip as many women as you like and they must give you eggs and sweets as rewards for your efforts.

    • Ha ha! I now see why the Women’s Studies Department at Cornell celebrates Easter so passionately!

    • Hun: Can’t say I’ve heard of that tradition before. Among my prized possessions are a few dozen hand-blown, hand-painted/decorated eggs collected during our travels in Hungary and (former) Czechoslovakia in Easter 1991. The beauty, artistry, and tradition delight me. I don’t know if these skills and traditions are still being passed down to the young there.

    • A variation of these practices is still popular among the Polonia community in and around Buffalo. The day after Easter in Western New York is a fairly big deal called “Dyngus Day”. It’s a way to let your hair down after Lent. The modern twist on it involves using squirt guns instead of throwing them into water.

      In fact, it’s more popular today than ever; one of those kitschy things that everyone’s embraced.

      • Interesting that this little tribe of ugly people feels entitled to harassing the whole world with their annoying screeching. And most of the (Western) world obliges. This can’t go on forever.

        • No, it cannot. And it may not end well for the Finkels. But they just can’t help themselves, can they?

    • 100% can verify this. My smoking hot ex-GF was an off the boat Hungarian and she told me both of these things and I was sort of in amazement at them. It is not really “a thing” as much as it used to be but it is great that there is still enough of a cultural anchor that at least it is -widely known- what to do, even if it perhaps isn’t done as much. Almost like they are proud of their long traditions and culture…

  33. It sounds like P Diddy was running an Epstein type operation in Hollywood. It will all seem weird because the FBI just grabbed all his blackmail recordings for their own purposes.

  34. Z, for a good, focused look at a segment of American slavery in a specific place and time, I would suggest “Down by the Riverside: A South Carolina Slave Community” by Charles Joyner. The problem with trying to understand slavery in America is that it covers centuries and thousands of miles. Slavery in Virginia in 1650 is not the same as New York in 1750 and not going to be much like slavery in South Carolina in 1850. The other huge problem with a study of slavery is that everyone concentrates on the large plantations with the Cotton Kings, where the documentation is. Noby, to my knowledge, has ever done a study on slavery with respect to how it operates on the small scale, like my ancestor, who owned 9 slaves in 1790. That is an entirely different and more common “slavery” than Jefferson Davis’s cotton plantation, over the 300 years of chattel slavery in America.

    • Stephanie McCurry’s ‘Masters of Small Worlds’ does look at this small scale slave economy in the antebellum Low Country of So. Carolina.
      IIRC from my grad days, it has a lotta good statistical data, but is also freighted with the “centrality of women as historical actors.” Worth a look,

      • Boom. Thanks. That dovetails perfectly with “Down by the Riverside” as it deals with the rice planters of the Lowcountry, so both books complement each other. I’m completely stoked to get into that as my ancestors are from the South Carolina Lowcountry, and have been since 1713. They were part of that world.

    • Up Vote, Down Vote, both. No doubt the Unitarian Church and most other main-stream Protestant churches have gone Woke. The local Unitarian Church in our town swaps out its Fruit Flags, BLM and Earth flags on a regular basis. I am sure they have a lesbian preacher. Christianity for Degenerates. I would call it the Democrat Party of Christianity.

      The only people I know who attend a Mega-Church are solid conservatives in all ways. I don’t care for the tamborines, strumming guitars and drum-set up on the altar, but it seems to pack them in.

      The Catholic Church, to which I am an adherent, is in big trouble. The only people entering the priesthood seem to be Indians [dot] and Africans. Our old white priest retired and was replaced with a Nigerian. His first service he brought along his fellow African deacons. That was the last time we went there. It is hard to focus on God when your mind is filled with un-Christian thoughts.

      There is a vibe these third world priests give off that they are using the Church as an immigration scam.

      Many congregants have changed to attend mass at a local Franciscan monastery. The pews are hard. They won’t turn on the heat. The kneelers were torture until they put pads on the bare wood. But the music is good and there have been some great homilies. And none of the Brothers are brothers. It is an extra twenty minute drive to get there, but that’s a cross we gladly bear.

      Everyone knows the Catholic Church had a homosexual priest pederasty problem. The media keeps insisting it is a child abuse scandal, but I am unaware of any girls who were abused. So between the darkening of the clergy, the homosexual priest problem, and the border-line apostasy, heresy and blasphemy of the current Pope, the Church is in a bad way.

      • Mu best friend in high school attended a mega church. I went a couple of times. Rock band, speaking in tongues, filled with the Spirit, but also very culturally conservative. Very anti-abortion, for instance. Weird juxtaposition.

        I think they’re corrupted by money. Muh market, muh capitalism, etc. If we didn’t have an economy based on liquidation of social capital and dependent on debt, if people didn’t fear for their livelihoods, the woke crap would go away, progress wouldn’t mean things get worse.

        Can’t speak to the Catholic Church. Maybe infiltration of the gay mafia (I’ve heard this attributed to Jesuits but idk) has something to do with it, who knows, but I do think the idea of catholicity and Galatians have been interpreted (twisted?) to mean diverse.

        It’s a phase, I’m confident. This too shall pass.

        • If we didn’t have an economy based on liquidation of social capital and dependent on debt, if people didn’t fear for their livelihoods, the woke crap would go away.

          I’m always interested in solutions. Is there a causal link to the “woke crap” or is this more wishful thinking/confirmation bias? Reason I ask is that “woke crap” did not spawn in Great Plains or Midwest, but in the urban centers, mostly on the coast, where they had already abandoned “muh capitalism”. It had to migrate from there to us.

          I do agree about the liquidation of social capital, but as someone who has for more than 2 decades chosen to live miles from the nearest town, I’m seeing the dissolution of social capital because of impositions of wokery from both the state and national capital. It’s not muh capitalism that’s trying to convert places near me to Section 8 housing.

          • Some things I’ve noticed over the years:

            1. Most advertising amounts to, Your life sucks, but if you give us your money, our product will fix it! Especially drugs. Drug commercials are acid trips at this point.

            2. Most (maybe, probably?) all of the mixed-race people my age I’ve known have had some identity-related insecurity, or at least gave the impression. Not sure where they fit in, trying to fit in, just plain angry— runs the gamut. Maybe that’s starting to change, but maybe that’s because it’s another leveling down.

            3. Homosexuals generally don’t make babies, so homosexuals generally have money to spend— on themselves— nor, generally not having a posterity, do they have to think as far ahead. This is also a trend among heterosexuals, as is, unsurprisingly, ‘coming out’. I don’t care what anyone says, many of today’s homos and queers aren’t what they claim to be.

            4. To go back to #1, insecure people have a hole in themselves to fill. Things like family and community based on a shared, positive, identity go a long way. In their absence, drink, smoke weed, pop pills, CONSUME.

            5. I bought a car at a dealership many years ago. The sales manager asked what payment I wanted. I insisted we negotiate the price. Blew my mind this is how people buy things. Consumption drives up prices. Finance consumption, prices go higher. Throw in subsidies, even higher. We’re well past the point where cost outstripped value. Upside down.

            6. Rootless, queer mutts without people are good for business. The coasts and cities are farther along. It’s why people, along with their social maladies, are (I imagine) landing in your neck of the woods.

            7. As I tap this, my points seem very Obama-era. Like these things were normalized before anybody thought them through. For instance, homosexual marriage. Marriage is about starting a family, not love, and homosexual couples don’t make babies, so it’s not a marriage. This was preceded by divorce, which was made to be about love, or happiness, or having one’s needs met, which destroyed marriages and families. Here we are.

            Sorry for rambling.

          • Capitalism pays a premium to those willing to delay gratification. Government subsidizes it.

            I agree with much of what you say, or at least don’t dispute it, due to limited knowledge in some cases. I have met exactly one mixed race couple, and that was while I was working in California 40 years ago. Jewish guy married a porky Korean girl.

            The only one that’s arguably muh capitalism-based, though, is financing cars. All the rest is muh government. As are the subsidies for the aforementioned car, as well as low interest rates for same. Tell the customer airbags will cost him 20% more and most will just learn to drive more safely.

            Muh government is at the core of this high time preference society.

          • I’m taking capitalism as we know it today. All the good things about it— like delayed gratification— were around long before this economic system. And of course finance not only does away with delayed gratification but robs the future.

          • I’m taking capitalism as we know it today.

            Oh, you mean crapitalism. Agreed.

            Seems to me that by the time you get half or more poop in your roast beef sandwich, it’s time to stop calling it a roast beef sandwich.

      • I whole-heartedly agree with you. I had no idea what an actual Catholic Mass was until some friends got me to go to the Tridentine Rite (Latin Mass) around thirty years ago and I had no idea what I was missing.
        Before that, the parish I was raised in had only nuns (who were anything but traditional) and two priests who were ready to retire. So instead of a mass, it felt more like a gathering (save your Highlander quotes for later) . There were acoustic guitars and sing-alongs and I couldn’t stand it. One Easter Sunday, there was a quartet of choristers who really belted out a few traditional hymns in Gregorian Chant and I was beyond impressed. I remember my parents and grandparents remarking afterwards about how “This is the way it used to be.” And when my brothers and I asked what happened, all we got was “We don’t know. Once Vatican II was enacted, almost all if this went away overnight.” complaints about such were dismissed and any priests who protested and held out were summarily reassigned. Bureaucracies are the same the world over I guess.
        The priest who ran the Latin Mass I was introduced to ran a completely different ship. To begin with, we were literally dissidents in that we had no home parish. Mass was said after the last mass of whatever parish would allow us there was said. For a while we were at a nice pastoral country church near a magnificent estate. The Monsignor there was very old school and had no problem with us being there. In fact we were there for almost four years and during that time, our ranks swelled to around 150 parishioners, after starting out with around thirty. His homilies were relate able and he always kept everyone’s attention. He was also a history fanatic and at times would regale us with things like, “When Sir Thomas More challenged Henry VIII over his casting aside of Catherine of Aragon……” he made me want to read more about things of that nature, as well as early church history.
        But like everything else in life, that ended as well once Cardinal Egan found out about our mass. O’Connor had no problem with it and actively encouraged it, but Egan was hell bent on stamping out every last vestige of it, beginning with our removal from the parish where we had been having mass. He then gave every parish in New York State explicit instructions that they were not to allow any priest and or congregation that celebrated the Tridentine Rite on church grounds.
        There were a few churches that allowed us to say mass, but the congregation fractured. Some stayed around with us in New York, some left for New Jersey and Connecticut, but that feeling of building something and being a part of something ancient never left me. Ironically, parishes that offer the Tridentine Rite are now showing up all over the place in New York. Friends of mine go with their son who at 23 feels that the post-Vatican II mass is “A joke”. So hopefully the seeds that have been planted are now germinating. One other thing about our old priest was his willingness to profess, “When reason has been tried and exhausted to no avail, the sword speaks a language everyone understands.” That always stuck with me. None of the crap going on today would have been tolerated by him: lay people doing readings and distributing the Eucharist? Forget it. Altar Girls? Their place is beside their mother. Anything but Gregorian Chant at High Mass? Don’t even think about it, or as he once addressed a mother who played the guitar who wanted to play a few songs at the Holy Thursday services, “Thank you for your offer, but this is our Lord’s Last Supper, not Woodstock.”
        So a very happy Good Friday to all of you and your families and have a blessed Easter!

        • Steve: I am not Catholic, but I am – to a certain dregree – a traditionalist. Our former church was Episcopalian with a heavy mixture of both Catholic and Baptist influences. We used certain Latin prayers, sang a mixture of traditional hymns during the processional, etc. When I attended an even more Catholic-leaning Episcopal church, including incense and almost everything in Latin, I felt a bit lost.

          But I love your quote about the guitar music. We currently attend a nonaffiliated/baptist type church. Seems quite scripturally solid. We like that it includes many multi-generational families. But we absolutely loathe the music – piano, guitar, and nothing but high-pitched female warbling of the latest praise and worship songs, with no melody and no real message, just AI-type endlessly repeated trite pop phrases. They don’t do weekly mass (I prefer the term “eucharist,” from the Greek word for thanksgiving) and I deeply miss that as well.

          • With very rare exception, all modern popular music is as inane as dreadful as you describe. Little wonder that Christian music wallows in the same fetid tarn.

          • “When I attended an even more Catholic-leaning Episcopal church, including incense and almost everything in Latin, I felt a bit lost.”

            This is why Vatican II happened. Mass is about formation. If you don’t understand even the least little bit with what’s going on, you can’t participate in it as part of the priesthood of believers. I’m afraid many people who prefer the Missal of 62 (TLM) don’t seem to care very much that they are not being formed well or at least easily by their Mass. That in particular is not a compelling reason to get rid of it. It does explain the common sense Vatican II reform, though. The modern open rebellion against Peter and most of his clerics that happens around Missal of 62 communities unfortunately has become a good reason to shut down.

            “But we absolutely loathe the music – piano, guitar, and nothing but high-pitched female warbling of the latest praise and worship songs, with no melody and no real message,”

            I have been to Masses in a gyms and conference centers. Thanks to the Eucharist I know that Jesus is there regardless. But they were not fancy and we were lucky to have anyone sing. Services and Masses are not concerts. It’s impossible for any music director to please the entire congregation. Plus the complaint about guitars is little well, snobbish. David is there dancing with a lyre in front of the Arc of the Covenant. That’s the guitar of the day. Scripture is a about “joyful noise”

            “hey don’t do weekly mass (I prefer the term “eucharist,” from the Greek word for thanksgiving) and I deeply miss that as well.”

            You are always welcome at any Catholic parish. You can’t take communion because it does mean Communion in all the ways, but we’re here with the Real Presence*. Come to an adoration – there’s nothing there but loving Jesus in the Eucharist. I know what’s like to miss Mass. It’s nothing more than just driving to the best parish you can.
            *RCIA/OCIA will bring anyone into full communion

          • 3g4me,
            I miss the beautiful liturgy in the Episcopal Church and I experienced the full spectrum from guitar or cheap electric keyboard accompaniment to lavish professional choirs with splendid pipe organ. My last parish where I filled in for a rector on sick leave even had a weekly vigill Mass in Latin using the old Oxford University Book of Common Prayer text. (Definitely a strange bit oh history!). And the very Anglo-Catholic parish where I had friends used exactly the Tridentine Rite in English. Clouds of incense in both churches. I attend a very ordinary Novus Ordo Catholic church now with, to my sensibilities , very bad music. I try not to grimace, but am grateful when my neighbors in the pews try to sing the ugly tunes. God bless them, but why don’t we have a choir?

            I’ll end with this: This is the only site I visit ever day. I am grateful to have been reading ,and listening to the ZMan for a few years AND reading the comments! I feel blessed by the thoughtful, intelligent commentary here. Thanks to all of you.

        • The Missal of 62 is not the only beautiful liturgy to be found in the Church. There are multiple liturgies in use in the Catholic Church.
          The Catholic world before Vatican II was not the sometimes elitest performance art culture of current Missal of 62 communities. They almost all low Masses. That meant contemporary hymns, not Georgian chant which is simply a musical choice. Vatican II wanted it there in Masses. My current NO Mass is to Vatican II specs and includes it, along with Latin. But when it was 1962, most people including the clerics, almost could have cared less about all the things that people care about when they drive past all sorts of parishes to have a specialty/first world experience on Sunday.
          Upstate New York is place of decay and out migration, unfortunately. Where the communities are more vibrant, there are better Masses using the current missal, including mine. Liturgies are not magic. The emphasis on a missal that I guarantee almost no one in upstate NY understands is a problem. Further, they can’t be “popping up all over the place” because Pope Francis has been very explict in not having Missal of 62 communities spread. No new ones and young priests need very special permission to be trained in them.
          My daughter, despite trying to hold her back, wants to be an altar server. Not my idea and I bought into traditionalist thinking about it. She attends Mass now with attention. Altar serving is not an apprenticeship for the priesthood and never really was. Nobody cares at seminary if you were one. Dubious gender theories that amount to arguing with the Church and Vatican II are..dubious. I have my daughter’s soul to at least try to shepherd into the Church.
          Sorry you don’t like guitars. They are in the same family of instrument that David and the Israelites used to sing Psalms to God. I’ve been at Mass where I was grateful anyone had any music ability whatsoever. It may just be a modern personal preference here, no different than simply preferring Gregorian chant.

      • “Everyone knows the Catholic Church had a homosexual priest pederasty problem. The media keeps insisting it is a child abuse scandal, but I am unaware of any girls who were abused. So between the darkening of the clergy, the homosexual priest problem, and the border-line apostasy, heresy and blasphemy of the current Pope, the Church is in a bad way.”

        Take heart. We are not in big trouble. We have the promise of Christ about his Peter. It’s good until time stops. We will always have sinners in the clerics and the laity. That was Judas.

        The problem with the homosexuals is better because the Catholic priesthood no longer looks like a cushy job. There are better places to access boys (always were) with more freedom and better benefits. The Boomer liberal priest phenomena (part of the same problem) is now on it’s way to the great beyond. There are liberal priests, but they are very thin on the ground. The young ones almost all orthodox in comparison.

        Meanwhile, the fake news about this Pope, there for 10 years is off the charts. It’s coming from liberals who are wanting the Pope to bless gay marriages. It’s coming from right leaners who strangely really want the Pope to be left leaning pope. I interact with the “I’m more Catholic than the pope” crowd quite frequently. They WANT Pope Francis to be a heretic. He is not. If you don’t believe me, read his official source documents from beginning to end. All sections of the media have been lying about their nature.

        And even if you don’t believe that, believe Jesus. Jesus gave us promise about His Church built on Peter. If it’s not good until the end of time, there’s nothing else in the faith to worry about because it makes Jesus a liar.

  35. A couple quick points:

    1. I believe you meant Andrew Klavan, secular Jew and former lefty now larping as a right-wing Christian, not Cliff Clavan, an actor who played a postman on Cheers. Easy mistake to make, as they are both actors.

    2. It seems you might have missed Candace Owens’ interview with the crazed Rabbi, which appears to be the event that resulted in her parting ways with Daily Wire. It’s worth watching the full interview.

    • Is that the guy who had the Twitter meltdown and dressed himself as the Merry Merchant, complete with long nose, supposedly to “own” Candace?

      You could put all the TRS guys back on Twitter and they wouldn’t create a quarter of the Anti-Semites official representatives of Jews create.

    • Actually, Clavin was a character on Cheers. John Ratzenberger is the actor who played him.

    • Your insights into Andrew Klavan are valuable. He certainly had me fooled. I’ve read his stuff for years, including a novel and a thoughtful memoir about his “conversion”*. I had no idea he was LARPing all this time and that he is a fraud, that his loss of screenwriting opportunities in Hollywood was not a consequence of choices he’s made, but part of the “legend” he cleverly built to fool people like me. Thank you. I will cross Klavan off the list of people I trust.

      *Ha ha. He fooled me there too. We all know that no secular Jew can ever change. All a ruse.

  36. > public professions of Christian faith are “antisemitic”

    Your terms are acceptable.

  37. You can be sure that if declaring oneself a Christian becomes “antisemitic” down the road, it’ll as usual be the only one targeted thusly. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism etc., will just fine. Kind of ironic as Christianity (at least in America) is Israel’s greatest supporter. Happy Good Friday and Easter to all!

  38. Cliff Klavan. 😂
    Disagree a bit about Walsh, his faith seems real and the tranny war to him is serious.
    That said, making millions after being working class has now put him in a precarious position. As long as he stays at Daily Wire he will only get worse. Then he can cash out and be a true top grifter.

    • I’ve always smelled the whiff of the wolf in sheep’s clothing in Klavan. He’s a Jew before he’s a Christian.

      I think Walsh is sincere in the issues he does tackle, but isn’t willing to give up his paycheck or his platform for the issues he’s pursuing to tackle forbidden topics.

      I do recall him saying something about how he didn’t think there was anything wrong with demanding our politicians put America before other nations at the time of the initial Candace Owens flap when she (I have to admit amusingly) accused Haley of running for President of Israel. He’s also made very subtle racial comments.

  39. When I checked around 2014, I noticed that Ukraine’s oligarchs were all jews except one Tatar guy (Rinat Akhmetov). I am sure it has nothing to do with the country being highly corrupt.

    • Paul, those are Ukrainian “billionaires”. Only Russians can be “oligarchs”.

  40. RE: The comments yesterday about anti-semites.

    I would argue that many of the people making comments are like me. We’re not anti-semites so much as we’re trolls. It’s fun to troll normies, especially goyim who wave the Israel flag and profess their undying love for our greatest ally. Oh, it also drives them nuts pointing out that the Jews aren’t really my tribe. My tribe is the indigenous Christians of the Holy Land, and the indigenous Christians over there are mostly on the Palestinian side. Oh and then there is that Catholic view about Christians being the real Jews the Bible refers to, Jews who accepted the Messiah. 😂

    It also never ceases to amaze me how many times you see something anti-Christian or far out lefty in the news media, and there’s some Jewish name involved. I get endless amusement pointing that out.

    I’ve basically been using the same schtick for many years, but it’s cheap entertainment. If that makes me an anti-semite, so be it, but I don’t see myself as one.

    • My line about antisemitism has always been that I rank it down there with picking your nose in public or breaking wind in an elevator on the hierarchy of evils. That is, it is not something I enjoy experiencing, but it is not something I pay much attention to either. The stuff we see online is performative. That has been true since the BBS in the early days of the internet. In real life, there is no antisemitism to speak of, so why should anyone care?

      • Remember (((Saul Alinsky’s))) Rules for Radicals:

        RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

        • Ridicule is awesome. Back when “Baby on Board!” decals became popular among the proto-Karens and their hapless husbands – we are talking 80s or early 90s here, I think – a cottage industry emerged that made satirical decals, such as “Python on Board!”, which put the original decal out of circulation fairly quickly. That is the power of ridicule, and our side does not make enough use of it.

          As it is Eastertide, it has struck me lately, that what the “What we Believe” signs in the lawns of sh!tlibs could be countered by is another “What we Believe” sign, with the Ten Commandments listed.

          I did see recently a lawn sign that read “Lawn signs matter!” which is subtly awesome too.

    • If antisemitism is hating people simply because they areJews, with no rational foundation behind opinion, then that is detestable. However, noticing that a certain cliquish/clannish group dominates our media, our political leadership, the porn industry, the open borders lobby and the financial industry, and noticing that the same group has an obvious distaste for the majority of Americans, well, that’s not anti anything. That just noticing.

      • The Finkels control AINO. AINO is rapidly spiraling downward into the fiery pit. And not wanting to be incinerated along with my people and country makes ‘me’ the bad guy?

      • Rationality is overrated. One can always choose premises such that they reach a desired conclusion. That’s what rhetoric is, for Pete’s sake.

          • Only for a narrow category of causal premises. Not what I was thinking of, but I understand where you got that impression. That’s the bread and butter of civic nationalists, yet, again, rarely are their premises questioned.

    • You will never ever reach them this way. Normie likes to see himself as a good guy. His heritage is his great-Uncle who liberated a camp. Parading around with various symbols or otherwise confirming that he is the good guy and you are the bad guy is a recipe for continued failure and repelling normie.

      A simple shrug of the shoulders and “those guys wanted Aloha Snackbar, now they have Aloha Snackbar” is sufficient. Not caring is the key.

      Again, normie wants/needs to see himself as the good guy.

      • Whiskey: Then too bad for normie. White people need to become the toughest and winning SOB; being the ‘good guy’ can come later – and then wisely reserved only for one’s own.

      • Again, normie wants/needs to see himself as the good guy.

        Everyone does.

        What /ourside/ really sucks at is attacking the premises of an argument. Yes, /theirside/ tends to have a lot of questionable premises, but simply skipping to /our/ conclusion solves nothing, and perpetuates the stereotype they have of us.

  41. Good Friday? Happy Easter, everyone!
    Let me confess that asking our overworked host to become target central yesterday was ridiculous. After watching 9 youtube clips of Shogun, I have a solution.
    I have dishonored my daimyo! Allow this unworthy one to commit seppuku!

  42. The best examination of the economics of slavery was, _Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery_ written by economists Robert Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman. Slavery didn’t work in the way most people think it worked and contrary to the arguments of modern libertarian economists, it was quite profitable and pretty efficient.

    • No expert on slavery in the Deep South, but I can’t help thinking of Alexis de Tocqueville’s comments on the slavery practice as he witnessed it down there. Basically, he called the slaves he saw working the plantation as the *slowest* laborers he had ever witnessed. To me, that’s not efficiency, albeit it might still be profitable.

      Similar to the USSR under communism, I’ve read that some plantations allowed slaves to work their “own” parcel of land and sell the results of their labor for profit. The time allotted to work this “private” holding was after reaching a quota of work on the master’s holdings. In short, they incentivized the slave to work for his master and himself. We now call this capitalism. 😉

      I’ve not read the book referenced above.

      • “…he called the slaves he saw working the plantation as the *slowest* laborers he had ever witnessed.”

        Working a factory filling up with African “asylum-seekers”, I can attest there is nothing slower than an African woman. They have a special swaying walk that just screams “Ah ain’t in no rush, honey. You white folks are crazy…” (but it’s in Lingala or Swahili).

    • ontrary to the arguments of modern libertarian economists, it was quite profitable and pretty efficient

      Don’t leave off the “and nowhere as brutal as commonly believed, nor nearly as “oppressive” and “exploitative” as being a northern factory worker.”

      There’s a reason the (mostly) Irish freemen and indentured servants were given the dangerous jobs. Much less investment, and none at all in the case of a freeman. If he died in the swamps, he couldn’t collect his pay, while a replacement slave would have to be purchased, back when $1000 meant something. Like 50 ounces of gold something.

  43. Just saw the topic list and downloaded audio. I didn’t see a David French-ism topic. Still, I look forward to your comments.

  44. Thanks for a great show.
    Fairfax County, VA has dedicated Easter Sunday as tranny day of “visibility”. Their hatred of all that is good and holy could not be more obvious. It really is an insane, satanic humiliation ritual at this point.

    I’m glad to hear you spoke with J. Burden and am looking forward to the show. He may have been the one to introduce George Bagby to the DR. It is so important for the younger guys to find good, sensible resources and guidance.
    “Keep your head up, the lie can’t last forever.”

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.

  45. Wise men may be atheists, but religion exists to comfort us and tender to our needs. A religion that ceases to soothe our troubled spirits is a counterfeit 5-dollar bill. Burned by past exposure to charlatans, we huddle under the tent of the New Thing, the fresh religion. And the new religion, however it got here, attracts new adherents through the poetry of its motion, the kinetic truth of its impact. All is revealed. All is welcomed.

    • Clearly looks like it is written with chatgpt.

      Here is another version –

      “Wise men may be atheists, but religion exists to comfort us and tend to our needs. A religion that ceases to soothe our troubled spirits is like a counterfeit 5-dollar bill. Having been burned by past exposure to charlatans, we huddle under the tent of the New Thing—the fresh religion. And this new faith, however it arrived, draws new adherents through the poetry of its motion, the kinetic truth of its impact. All is revealed. All is welcomed.”

      Do you see what happened? The AI bot could not make much change, because the text came out of software. When I tried Zman’s text, the AI bot rewrote many sentences.

    • So I read the xloveli page on “how to tame a woman.”
      It calls that drek its idea of the manosphere?

      Funk me. This may be the stupidest AI ever.

  46. The ADL actually has the Celtic Cross up on their list of anti-Semitic symbols. At this point they should just add garlic and mirrors to the list of things they want to see banned.

    Honestly, being Jewish and having all those complexes has to be a miserable experience. “Gentiles don’t know how to worry,” Kubrick once said, but a certain amount of neuroticism comes with the territory of the modern condition. I can’t imagine, though, what it must feel like to constantly be afraid of something that’s frankly a ridiculous fear to have. If the Sackler family poisoning of the well and the financial meltdowns didn’t cause the “Palinates with Pitchforks,” as Kunstler calls them, to rise up and expel the Jew, pretty sure nothing will. Chuck Schumer’s so repulsive he looks like he gets low blood sugar if he doesn’t drink a goblet of gentile blood every four to six hours, but even he thrives in a supposedly anti-Semitic land.

    Merrick Garland should just develop a Dick Cheney-style “1 Percent Doctrine” policy to the Gentiles. Just wait for Christmastime and order a tactical drone strike on any house that has a nativity scene displayed.

    • Judas priest, just ban circumcision of both sexes already and hang any who propose it. The regurgitated brain damage would ease and the broken branch would be assimilated, outbreeding into more sapient populations. That and nuke Teva Pharm, Jerusalem, and Mecca.*

      The Church Fathers were right to go tell Peter to stuff it (the big doctrinal tiff between Peter and Paul was to circumcize or not.)

      *(And, blitz wherever they’re holding those 5 red heifers, because they’re ready to go this year, with the state itself declared as the Third Temple. Mosiach is what the breathless haste is about.)

      • Circumcision was never that popular in Europe, but seems to have taken hold here in the USA due to sexual phobias of the time (1800’s)—claimed to reduce/prevent masturbation, then later disease.

        My father, having lived in occupied Europe in WWII strictly forbade my circumcision here in this country. He remembered all too well the NAZI’s telling suspected Jews to drop their pants as a final determination of their ilk. As a youngster, I still remember conversation he had with American friends who still promoted the practice to prevent penile cancer. His response was to tell them to “wash it with a bar of soap”. 😉

        Funny how these memories return in old age.

        • It’s a brutal and barbaric practice that needs to be outlawed. Our friend Ben Shapiro says banning circumcision is antisemitic. All the more reason to support banning it.

          • I support forcibly grafting a foreskin onto Ben’s teenie weenie peenie. Of course, I’ll leave the actual procedure to those of you with the requisite medical credentials…

          • “Of course, I’ll leave the actual procedure to those of you with the requisite medical credentials…”

            Well, I’ve got a rusty Bowie knife and a bottle of Jack D. The booze is for me so his screams don’t bother me.

        • All good, but please don’t fall for the propaganda – that some loudmouth freak with onanism issues in 1880 was responsible for the sudden near universal practice in hospitals and acceptance for a nonmedical procedure by insurance companies in the US after WWII.

          It’s the mark of Shechem, used to break then radicalize conquered slave populations.

          Some ask why we aren’t martial men as our fathers used to be? How did we lose our God of crusade and become neurotic pussies simpering to yenta fads, or janissaries of the new faith?

          It is Easter, the time of renewal and resurrection, in a tradition far older than any Bible. Any perpetuation of the godwave some call satanic must be stopped.
          Its OK to be frontal neocortex, and the Christ is King.

      • This is not a topic in which I am interested, but it brings to mind that a few years ago, good folks were trying to ban Female Genital Mutilation as practiced by Muslim immigrants.

        Now all the “good” people support adolescent genital mutilation as practiced by the transgender mania.

        This country has gone bonkers.

      • The Church Fathers were right to go tell Peter to stuff it (the big doctrinal tiff between Peter and Paul was to circumcize or not.)

        And, yet, a few sentences later, Paul is taking Barnabus (?) to get circumcised…

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