After Left And Right

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Over the last decade, “conservatism” in America has declined reputationally largely due to the failures and embarrassments of professional conservatism. Depending upon your disposition, the Bush years either sent the conservative movement over a cliff or exposed it for being nothing more than a financial hustle. There are other views of the failure of professional conservatism and all of them are right in their own way, but there is no denying that the Buckley project has failed.

As a result, the last decade has seen various efforts to create a “new right” to replace the Buckley project. Remnants of the alt-right went so far as to call themselves the “new right” for a while, but they had nothing to offer but new slogans. The Claremont collective has fumbled about trying to create a new conservatism, piggybacking on the populism of Donald Trump. Yoram Hazony has tried to preach a new form of nationalism to take the place of conservatism.

So far none of these efforts has made much progress, outside of creating some interesting debates at times. Most recently Claremont published a long essay on its main site attacking the contradictions within Hazony’s nationalism. On their American Mind site they posted a response from David Goldman, formerly known as Spengler in the Asia Times, coming to the partial defense of nationalism. Less rigorous minds have also waded into the topic with echolalic babbling.

One problem that all attempts to fashion a new right face is something Kesler touched on in his essay about Hazony’s nationalism. America is and always has been a multicultural country. Even putting aside the race issue, the thirteen colonies that came together to form the United States were composed of people with unique cultures and histories, which were often at odds with the other states. These differences pre-dated the colonies themselves, coming over from the Old World.

This presents an obvious problem for nationalism as by definition it assumes a common people with common ancestors. Nationalism is exclusive to a particular people, which cannot work when the people are a mixed bag of various people from different parts of the world with different histories. The story of the Tidewater is different from the story of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Framers understood this which is why they settled on a federal system of government.

As Samuel Goldman explained in his excellent little book, After Nationalism, what has held America together since the beginning is a combination of the covenant, the crucible and the creed. The covenant being a mission to build the city on the hill, the crucible being the shared struggle that binds our various people together and the creed is the statement of shared principles. To one degree or another, these concepts still turn up in our political rhetoric.

Early in his book, Goldman quotes the historian Wilfred McClay, who wrote, “Ties of blood, religion, and soil are not sufficient to hold us together as Americans, and they never have been. We are forever in the business of making a workable unity out of our unruly plurality.” This is the problem with nationalism as a defining force in America, but it also presents a problem for anything calling itself conservatism. Which is why the covenant, the crucible and the creed have shaped conservatism.

Like nationalism, conservatism is strongly tied to the past. You cannot have nationalism without a shared history or at least an overlapping history. Different parts of Germany may have unique pasts, but they share enough of a common past to feel a part of the greater concept of German. Similarly, conservatism seeks to preserve social order by maintaining historical continuity. Conservatives do not oppose change, but instead seek to contain new ideas within the framework of the past.

Central to conservatism is the notion that some things are too important to be put up to the scrutiny of reason. Questioning a tradition, for example, should be resisted even if the logic of tradition is no longer obvious. Conservatives assume that the shared habits of a people exist for a reason. Altering or abandoning the old ways risks unknown and unwelcome consequences, so change must be gradual and cautious. Traditions are the result of trial and error over many generations.

The specter that haunts conservatism, however, is who decides that certain things are not to be questioned? Traditions and customs do not fall out of the sky onto people, but are the product of people, a specific people. The reason they are traditions is they have been handed down to you by your ancestors. They are part of your cultural inheritance that comes from those with whom you share blood. Again, this is something the Framers understood as they debated the new Constitution.

What this means is American conservatism must limit itself to defending the political order as defined by the Constitution. Since that order allows for unlimited changes to the document itself, not to mention unlimited interpretation of the plain text, conservatism is committed to defending a moving target. It is why American conservatism has always been, as Robert Lewis Dabney observed a century ago, “the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition.”

There is another problem for conservatism in America. The thing they wish to defend, even if they dismiss the centuries of innovation since its creation, is itself the product of the radical idea of the intentional society. The Framers started from the assumption that they could create the society they wanted because society is, as John Locke understood, the result of human labor and intention. Maker’s knowledge lets man create a society as he would make anything else.

If it is perfectly moral and possible to create a nation out of the wilderness, then it is perfectly moral and possible to recreate that nation, even create a new nation from the old, to meet the demands of the present. In other words, American conservatism must defend that which it claims to oppose, because what it defends is the radical idea that we can make our society into anything we choose. America is, after all, a radical experiment in self-government.

There is a way out of this that some conservatives proposed. Pat Buchanan, for example, argued that the Constitution was the result of British people living in the New World for two centuries. The final organizing document by the Framers was simply the only option possible for the American people. Defending the Constitution is a defense of the people and history behind it, not whatever abstract political theories some people claim as the inspiration for the Constitution.

That may be true, but it runs into that same old problem. The people who created that world and the political order that sprang from it are long gone, along with their sense of history and identity. That America was not just European. It was almost exclusively British and Protestant. America will soon be majority-minority and the founding stock is down to ten percent of the population. Defending something that no longer exists is no more possible than defending a moving target.

All of this brings us to why there will not be a “new right” that emerges from the wreckage of professional conservatism. There never was a right in America, at least not since the North conquered the South. Once the last bits of hierarchy were washed from the continent in the blood of the Confederacy, conservatism ceased to be a thing that could take root in the New World. America is and continues to be a radical experiment, a perpetual revolution seeking to reach the end of history.

This is not all bad news. Conservatism in America has always been a reaction to the peculiar ideology of progressivism which emerged in the 19th century. Conservatism sought to create an alternative ideology as an antidote to progressivism. The failure of conservatism may lead to a greater understanding that the antidote to ideology is not ideology but the anathematization of ideology. In its place there may grow a chemotherapy to the cancer of ideology.

This could be helped by the fact that we seem to be reaching the end of the ideological age, as what we call liberal democracy, but is the mature version of American progressivism, reaches its end. The last ideological states are all in a crisis, which has put the ideology in crisis. Just as failure anathematized the other great ideologies, the failure of Western liberalism may do the same for progressivism, perhaps opening the way to an organic organizing ethos.

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177 thoughts on “After Left And Right

  1. At some point, I see cannibalism coming to this country. At least for a short time. Literal cannibalism and curb stomping.

  2. JR Wirth’s dying mall. Great analogy. Taking it further, one of the most depressing and uncanny things is to watch the many YT videos of urban explorers traversing aforesaid abandoned suburban malls. Wonder if the robot historians will document our wasteland on this larger level?

  3. I tend to think that what is coming next is a political Balkanization of the trad left-right order. I view a multiparty system as a good thing.

    Republicans are fracturing over Trump. GOP Senators are talking about switching parties or going “independent” if Trump wins. House members are quitting in an effort to throw the House back to Democrats. Several of the more traitorous Repubs like Romney and Pence have already said they won’t vote for Trump.

    As the GOP drives off its worst members, and staggers towards financial ruin, Democrats are in even worse shape. Biden is a nightmare. He’s mentally incompetent. Unlike DiFi, they can’t hide him from the public while they’re milking the corpse for every last drop of power. Worse yet, it appears they have no plan to replace him at the convention. The lunatics calling the shots have made home buying unaffordable for millions, created massive inflation, started two new wars, and extended the others in Iraq/Syria. Oh and they’re batshit crazy in their tranny worship and completely transient use of the DOJ/FBI and state courts to persecute Trump. They’ve got a white geezer problem and the coalition of the vibrant is stupid and dangerous. And they’re losing traditional Democrat voters to Trump, further eroding their power base. And those damn Latinos aren’t voting Democrat in the numbers required. Trump got 13% of blacks in 2020, and probably cracks 20% this year. Word is that Obama is starting to panic because the “fundamental transformation” is at risk.

    In a politically Balkanized country, we’ll see team ups of convenience, more like a parliamentary system. I think we’ll see less need for the status quo right vs left. It creates weird obstacles like “How do you organize effective voter fraud to gain power when there are 9 parties on the ballot?”

    The Balkanized result likely creates loose coalitions around two governing approaches:

    1. Local, small, independent, nationalist in the geographic sense, anti-establishment. A lot of people we call Democrats and Republicans today hate Forever Wars, CBDC, Big Brother and Big Pharma. These people recognize state power as a direct threat to their well being and personal economy.
    2. Corporate, distant, collectivist, globalist, bureaucratic. A lot of people we call Democrats and Republicans today prefer centrally managed regional economic zones run by a commission headquartered in Brussels. They respect neither borders nor anything resembling natural science (eg trannies) as those things are only weapons to be deployed against #1.

    #1 is at a tactical disadvantage because of how money works in the West…hence the rush to CBDC. But only as far as #1 decides to play ball by #2’s rules. Note the collapse in streaming services, cord cutting, and Bud Light as signs #1 is adapting to the new paradigm.

    At some point the lines will break down like this: who controls my life? Me? Or a committee?

    • One of the new “things” is the movement to allow illegal aliens to seize (White peoples) houses via squatting. Though its starting to affect rich people. LeBron is very upset as his neighbor’s mansion has been squatted, they can’t get him out, he has to pay for 24/7 security, and other rich people in the Hollywood Hills are very angry.

      Meanwhile Elon Musk not only will not get to Mars with Greater El Salvador, he won’t even continue Space X launches. Some of the military people are getting scared, realizing that both the Chinese and Russians are real enemies now. Throw in a few of the financial people also scared and you have divisions among the elites. Not saying that is definitive, but the ambitions and dynastic/familial desires of some of the big shots are coming up a cropper of the desires of the weirdos in the Regime.

      • Yep, Balkanization. Good example of how the two groups operate and the weird team-ups it creates.

        Team 1: Local, small, independent, nationalist in the geographic sense, anti-establishment.

        Private property rights are a big issue for group 1.

        Group 2’a WEF motto: you will own nothing and be happy.

      • Is squatting a predominantly illegal alien phenomenon? In my Hispanic majority city squatters tend to be white homeless drug addicts..

      • The squatting thing is really interesting. Squatting has been around for a long, long time and I bet it was common in the hippie days of the late 1960s and early 1970s. It also wouldn’t surprise me if it is common now, these are tough times, many states have insanely tenant-friendly laws, etc. All of the sudden out of nowhere, though, the media started to cover it. They covered it in this weird way though. Like, “look at this degenerate who is living in a massive house for free! It’s so easy for this degenerate to do this. It’s scary that anyone can do this, it’s so easy, all he had to do was !” Then you had that invader go viral for telling people exactly how to do it and how easy it is.

        It really does feel like the media is inviting invaders, drug addicts, bums, degenerates, etc. to steal peoples’ homes and telling them how to do it.

        • It definitely has the feel of a coordinated operation. We’re also seeing stories about how the sanctuary cities can’t house all the illegals and homes.

          Solution? Tell people to squat and how to do it, using reports of squatting to train new squatters. Oh, and scare Normie by reporting how there’s nothing you can do about it, and you’ll get in trouble if you try to kick them out.

          A solid 60-70% of the general public would allow themselves to be bullied into allowing the squatters to stay. It’ll be up to the 30-40% willing to use deadly force to bring this chapter to a close.

    • >>>”who controls my life? Me? Or a committee?”

      “Me” is not a legitimate choice. That’s the preference of bad lords and libernuttian boys who never wonder why Lew Rockwell and Black Leather Jacket Guy at Reason have so little to say against the self-evident goal of Psalms 2. In fact, why do guys who call their thing “Dissident Right” have so little to say against that shemitic political program? It’s like they are fearful cringeing dogs in cages.

  4. My own take is that this is an old problem. One of various inter-related families who are insecure (their power relies upon them sitting in bureaucratic seats) and thus constantly trying to fend off various threats from people like them lower down the ladder.

    The Chinese have had their own issues with this type of situation, so too the Russians. The usual “fix” is a Big Man who takes over: Sargon, Caesar, Napoleon, Stalin, Mao (his Cultural Revolution), etc. All bureaucracies tend to get caught up in collective dynastic evolution, where the purpose of the bureaucracy is to advance the family dynasties not the original purpose.

    This is why they hate you and want you dead. Because you are a threat to their stupid offspring having the power their parents do, given your ability and ambition.

  5. Thank you Z, here is a positive solution.
    “ The failure of conservatism may lead to a greater understanding that the antidote to ideology is not ideology but the anathematization of ideology. In its place there may grow a chemotherapy to the cancer of ideology.”

    I’m taking strong exception to the Founders being a radical experiment in self government, they had been doing so for 169 years by 1776 (start 1607) and they essentially made two Federations out of what existed. Nor was the idea of self government nor Republics new at the time, self government existed 500 or more years before Christ in Greece, Rome, Carthage and elsewhere. Had you mentioned radical experiment to the Founders they would have disagreed.

    “A Republic if you can keep it.”
    At the time Venice had been a Republic from 697 , or 11 centuries already.
    There’s been many Republics.
    They have a good as a track record as any and better than most. There was nothing radical in a republic or a Constitution.

    We are a nation and not a proposition (that’s Jewish Left wing horseshit from the early 20th century, basically to justify open borders to escape the pogroms, they’d say anything). I’m not against other people’s, especially other Americans.
    I will not cosign their mendacity, nor let others tell us what we are…

  6. Z has often discussed the distinct nations of America, which had their origins in the the different regions of England (described by Fischer in Albion’s Seed). But Americans tend to miss the fact that other European countries also have strong regional divides.

    (1) Spain has Catalans, Basques and Galicians, each with their own language. The only reason Castilian Spanish is so widely spoken at all is that Castile ended up conquering much of Al-Andalus, and their mercenaries, notably from Extremadura, then proceeded to do the same in the New World.

    (2) Italy, whose peoples are not all that dissimilar from other Mediterranean peoples in Sicily, become more like Swiss as you go north (South Tyrolleans are literally German-speaking). Since unification, its military history has often suffered from a failure of other Italians to live up to Savoyan military ambitions.

    (3) Germany was constructed from numerous principalities, whose unification under the conservative-agrarian Prussian junkers was always an uncomfortable one. Freed from the Prussians, whose land was practically abolished following the Second World War, they are now kept in check by American occupation.

    (4) France was made up a medieval patchwork of peoples, partly ruled by English kings. After a hundred years or so, they managed to chase the English out, and bring about linguistic unity with the Académie Française, as well as centralized authority through the person of the king. Said hard-won unity is now endangered by Moslem immigration.

    Like France, whatever sense of nationhood America managed to achieve prior to 1965 was part of a fairly deliberate effort over many generations (not just post-independence, but also through our colonial experience). But this entailed some measure of self-determination, which we now lack in both the political and cultural sense.

  7. In doing some research a few years back that entailed combing through old newspapers from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, it was my impression that progressives and/ progressivism referred more to advances in technology and perhaps the whole idea of promoting the ideals of capitalism. You know, telegraph, electricity, automobiles, aircraft, radio, movies, television etc. The true curse of social progressivism probably didn’t truly kick off until the damned 19th amendment, which we’ve been heavily paying for these past 50 years in particular.

  8. I have two bones to stick with your article.

    1. I’m amused by all the Jewish names we see in these opinion pieces that try to reduce conservatism into some intellectual circle jerk. Nothing against the Jews, at least when it comes to this comment, I just don’t think Jews have the same experience as we goyim have. You basically have a group of people who demographically skew “over-educated bougie” trying to resonate with and set the code that people who span all walks of life have to live by. That’s one of the reasons conservatism has fallen flat. Conservatism like we are conservative just isn’t part of their life experience or their DNA.

    You can see this anytime somebody like Trump rises up and gets traction with voters. Although they tried to ride Reagan’s coattails, they also tried to destroy Pat Buchanan. Likewise, with Perot and Trump. They simply can’t connect at the same emotional level like some of the other people over the years who have caught fire because they don’t have it in their DNA.

    2. America has always been a melting pot. That is, European melting pot. Or, maybe better described as a greater Roman Empire melting pot. (Depending on which way the wind is blowing, England sees itself as European, but as an island can keep its arms-length distance.) The various cultures may not be so similar, but they aren’t all that dissimilar either, except for regional customs and quirks. Our national culture was largely based on European Christianity. This new phenomenon where we are introducing hindus, Asians, Orientals, Muslims, Africans and all kinds of people with completely alien cultures and mindsets is something completely different from what we’ve had in the past. I don’t like it because even though I’m not a holy roller, I think Christian culture has served us well. I don’t like anything that dilutes that and I believe we are diluting that.

    3. One of the other problems of conservatism is that it was infiltrated and redefined. Redefined to mean that you have to support Israel, kumbaya toward alien cultures and religions, having your government controlled by Jewish bankster overlords, believing US propaganda against Russia and, of course, free trade. (I’m sure I missed a few things, but you get the idea.)

    • I go further and say it’s not a country. It’s a dying mall. A mall with aqua and gray tile work from the 80’s. A Sbarro that’s been closed since 2001. Etc. It’s as dead as can be. A corpse with financial liquidity occasionally pumped in from the central bank. There’s nothing left. Imagine telling a 20 year old who hasn’t yet committed suicide to get in a uniform and defend this mall out of loyalty or honor etc., which is owned by some private equity firm thousands of miles away. We’re all mercenaries at this point. That’s what we have to understand. Whatever you do it should be towards your material worthwhile. The mall still employs security guards both inside and outside, but they’re working for a paycheck, not because they love the mall and will defend it with their lives.

      • Your mall analogy is a pretty good one, but you needed to work in one little nuance and that is the bankster slumlord who bought it at a foreclosure sale. The slumlord is there for one purpose and one purpose only: to milk every last penny he can out of that dying mall before he has to lock the doors and tear it down. He’s not going to remodel it. He’s not going to bring Ikea to the mall. He’s just going to milk it for every last dime he can get out of it. I’m not criticizing that business model, it’s basically like running a junkyard. To a large degree, that is what America has become.

      • I once heard the current iteration of the United States of America described as a “bazaar with a flag.”

        • I like the late-great-ModernHeretic3000’s description: “Open Air Talmudic Bodega”

    • I’m amused that you use the Jewish construct of the “melting pot” right after pointing out all the Jews that Z habitually (and counterproductively) drags into conversations about the future of white people.

      Letting the future of whites be governed by dictionary definitions or anything else beyond self-interested survival is a recipe for blithering inaction.

      The perfect philsophical formulation is impossible. Even if we had it, it wouldn’t get us out of this any more than voting will.

      • I get your point, but I’m okay with “melting pot”. It was a melting pot of Hungarians and poles and Serbians and Greeks and Italians and Germans and Dutch, etc. … The trouble is when they get squishy with that idea and apply that to the third world. It was never that kind of a melting pot.

    • Your observation about pre-1965 diversity being all-European is an important point. I recently saw the pro-immigration propaganda flick ‘Cabrini’ in which the Italian immigrants were treated like animals, and the Irish immigrants complained about being treated like animals, and aren’t the Americans just bastards to these new waves of immigrants? Well, consider; If there was that much friction, discord and unhappiness with people of the same race and faith, who were practically neighbors in the Old World, how can one expect things to go well with these new waves of people from wildly different cultures and creeds? There is no self-awareness or reflection amongst immigration romantics.

      • Throne and altar have been the ingredients of society for a long time, and where they are united (or at least not at odds), things seem to go best. It was not for nothing that a king would drag the rest of his kingdom along with his preferred religion. As you point out, pre-1965 America had these frictions even among relatively similar religious belief systems (generic Christians). Throw completely dissimilar systems into the mix, and how could you expect anything but trouble? At best, what you get is the present apathy.

  9. Astute analysis, Z.

    “Conservatism” in the U.S. was the antebellum preservation of the agrarian Tidewater society. It was destroyed by the “Radical Republicans” during the Civil war. Conservatism was then redefined as the preservation of Northern, Republican moneyed interests, i.e. industrial “capitalism.”

    When the Progressives embarked on a global crusade for “democracy” in 1917, “conservatism” was again redefined by the Lodge-Coolidge-Bob Taft-Lindbergh wing of the Republican Party which coalesced around “America First” and a return to the Monroe Doctrine.

    One could argue that preserving the principles of the Constitution (even if amended) could be the basis for “conservatism,” but the New Deal smashed all of that. Not only did the New Deal decisively defeat the America Firsters and the “capitalist” moneyed interests, it set a dangerous precedent by completely ignoring the constitutional limits on government power, and by rewriting the Bill of Rights as the “Four Freedoms.”

    The New Deal created a Leviathan government, an imperial presidency, and a global military empire, with the full — nay, overwhelming — support of the American people, all in the name of “emergency” and “crisis.”

    There has been no true conservatism since. The post-New Deal United States is, frankly, a revolutionary ideological and expansionist regime, and like the Soviet Union will not be stopped until it overextends itself, becomes sclerotic, and fails due to its own excess. Appeals to “conservatism” are going to be just as ineffective as appeals to tsarism and Russian Orthodoxy would have been on the Brezhnev regime in the 1970s. Like Solzhenitsyn, all you can really do is be a dissident and a witness to the truth and wait for it to implode.

    • Leviathan government, yes. Imperial presidency? Don’t you see how the permanent government in DC controls what happens? Do you not remember Vindman testifying that he thought Trump should be impeached because he wouldn’t follow their orders?

      • Puppet emperor perhaps, but it remains the legal mechanism through which leviathan expresses itself. It doesn’t like having to take the mask off.

  10. Roger Scruton in “Conservatism” defines conservatism as a don’t “go too far” movement. First against liberalism, then against socialism, and now against educated wokism and Islamic violence.

    Thus conservatism has always projected something less than a totalizing political and religious world view. Unlike our lefty friends.

    The other thing to remember is that every political state is a result of the unity following the victory of its young men in a war. Humans are divided until they have to fight a war. That’s why the US was united for 20 years after World War II.

  11. “America is and always has been a multicultural country.”

    A slight quibble: we are and always have been a multi-ethnic country.

    multicultural =/ multiethnic

    The difference is one of demographic spatial distribution (aggregation) and local self rule. Multiethnic societies like Switzerland can be stable because each of their ethnicities has their own area where their children are taught their own culture in their own language. There is assured cultural and genetic perpetuation for all the ethnic components of the federation, so none of them feel under threat. That which binds them together is grafted on top (multilingualism being key). One can have individuals from one ethnicity moving to another area (French speaking Swiss to German speaking Swiss canton) without becoming angry rootless civilization wreckers, because if they are unhappy they can always go back to their ‘home’ area.

    Multiculturalism is about destroying cohesive ethnic entities by blending and erasing peoples instead of integrating them into larger organizational structures. The concept and its practitioners are fundamentally rootless internationalists. communist and corporatist, who seek to undermine their victims’ capability for self defense. It has never improved any civilization.

    No redoubts or pockets of ethnic homogeneity will remain in a fully multicultural society. If they get that far with their social engineering, then the people within their society will in fact be a new homogeneous ethnicity, one engineered to be an obedient slave people to transnational oligarchy.

    • Yes. Their goal is ethno-genesis. Perhaps they looked at “Et Pluribus Unum”, thought about it for a long time, and then Paul Krugman cackled and laughed a deep and demonic laugh and said, “Yes! Perfect! I know! Out of many one. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Except there is no waking up thinking we are watching a good old fashioned 70s or 80s Saturday morning cartoon super villain.

      These demons are alive and determined to breed their cattle.

  12. “Conservatism” is a fraught term these days, but it does have a vernacular definition that still has purchase with many ordinary people. It was never supposed to be the name of an ideology. It is just supposed to be the posture of the people who defend the interests of the core. “Nationalism” is an even more fraught term, but it has much the same meaning. The point is that people ought to recognize and honor a sense of fiduciary responsibility towards their own commonwealth. (I’m using the word “commonwealth” here in the sense that Nietzsche used it in The Genealogy of Morals, i.e. the society whose care and protection you received as an advance when you were young and vulnerable, and which you are expected to pay back when you reach adulthood.)

    “Politics,” which Aristotle rightly considered to be the parent function of ethics, is not supposed to be an ideological playground. It is simply the act of assuming this mantle of responsibility. To do politics is just to take on the cares of the commonwealth as your own. It is an endeavor blissfully free of ideology, but it does require ethics, which is the science of the virtues that go towards contributing to the health of the community.

    Since America was never really a nation, it does not really have a “national interest,” and this makes it impossible to do real politics here. This is why America is the land of grift and theatrical politics. The people who do feel a sense of responsibility and who want to step up to the plate are frustrated by the fact that they don’t really have anything to attach themselves to, and this is manifesting itself in a loyalty to Trump and MAGA populism, despite the fact that Trump is only very loosely committed to a program of real nationalism.

    The field is still open for a MAGA-type candidate to succeed Trump with no political platform at all other than “we just want to be normal.” That’s it. No ideology, no grandstanding, no proposed “solutions” to anything: we just want to be normal. As the famous line from The Great Escape goes, it’s so stupid it’s positively brilliant. If there is any way to society without doing massive collateral damage, this is it.

    • Trump is gross and tacky to me as a human being. He’s like some rich, fat, caricature you see in the movie. I’ve heard he’s fun to play golf with, but I wouldn’t want to have him over for Thanksgiving dinner.

      But Trump is the only man with the ability to smash conventional wisdom to bits. Just look at how far he has moved the Overton window on a number of issues just because of his big fat mouth. For this he has my undying gratitude and I will vote for him as many times as he is able to appear on the ballot. I know I’m projecting a lot of my own hope on what I think he’s going to do in his second term, but I’m hoping he smashes the federal government to bits. He is already the greatest president of my lifetime. He will be a legend if he does that.

      • Trump did away with the Clintons. For cleansing our politics of those two swine, he has my eternal gratitude.

        • I believe Victor Davis Hanson once commented Trump was a monster. A necessary monster capable of monstrous things no that no typical politician could even think of doing.

          Most Germans are not fans of Trump. They despise him for his character, or lack there of. But they are beginning to realize he was right about many of the things he was criticized for, or they laughed at him about. And they are amazed at the legal shit storm he has endured and weathered over the past few years.

          Given the number of absolute disasters Biden is directly responsible for and the state of global insecurity since he has been in office, a state that directly affects the safety of Germans and all of Europe, Trump may well be the only choice in November.

          A. Merkle – I let in 1 million immigrants.
          J. Biden – Hold my… you know, the thing.

          • It’s bizarre to hear a man with the political views of a Reagan Democrat described as a “monster”.

          • Monstrous things? What monstrous things could Hansen have possibly been referencing? Good grief what handwringing – if only Trump was 1/10th what the left bills him as!

      • As I have said before, I worked in Westchester county just north of NYC for five years in the 90’s. I knew a lot of guys with same personality as Trump. They were loud, brash, bombastic but most of them were good and honest men. I am from the south and I got along with them fine. I really don’t know why people despise Trump so much especially since he has been a popular national figure in America for at least 40 years.

        • He committed the unforgivable sin of getting between the left and power.

          The deplorables he represented were supposed to have become a shrinking permanent minority, forever vanquished. The long dreamed of leftist rainbow utopia had finally arrived. The afternoon of Tuesday 11/3/2020, that was reality. A few hours later, it wasn’t. They reacted the same way any other spoiled child does when their toy is taken away.

  13. This country was founded on Enlightenment ideas and we still live in an Enlightenment era. The Enlightenment contains within it this notion of “progress.” Conservatism is an ideology that stays that progress is bad but the Enlightenment is good. So, you can see the inherent conflict here, and it is one that conservatism has never been able to solve. It is why we got articles about the conservative case for Juneteenth last year. It is why conservatism is such a mess, go to Wikipedia and see what a disaster it is intellectually.

    That’s why it is dead. Something with so many contradictions cannot hold. It’s an irrelevant and bankrupt ideology. If it had any juice to it anymore, Nikki Haley would be the GOP nominee. The question is – does the conservative establishment know this? Not sure, but it’s getting dinged up every day. Daily Wire is the latest victim, exposed as a pitiful Zionist propaganda rag to all the world. No surprise to readers of this website, of course.

  14. “Different parts of Germany may have unique pasts, but they share enough of a common past to feel a part of the greater concept of German.”

    You might want to double check with the Bavarians on that one. 😉

    It has been said the Bavarians only joined Germany after everyone else agreed to their beer standards.

    • Agreed. Nation-states of any size are modern inventions pretending to be a common people. Prior to Westphalia, heck, before the Great War, the only way such large regions were held together was implicit or explicit empire. The Russian Federation is slowly morphing towards what the Constitutional US started as, but could not retain, a bunch of largely independent, home rule states with a few specific powers centralized. Be interesting to be able to live another century or two and see where Russia ends up.

      • The United Kingdom is a perfect example. Made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, they’d all gladly part company and manage themselves.

        Considering how the global elitists hate anything to do with sovereign nationalism, the more fragmentation in a given society the better.

        • It can be broken down even further. A common refrain in Liverpool is “we’re not English, we’re Scouse.”

    • “It has been said the Bavarians only joined Germany after everyone else agreed to their beer standards.”

      And having polished off a couple pints of Julius Echter weissbier over the weekend, I can attest that their beer standards are pretty damn good.

      • Fun fact – The Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan is located at the monastery site since at least 1040. It is the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery.

  15. The anathematization of ideology was supposed to be the post-war consumer culture. Material gain was the last best hope for keeping the country together as ideologies battled out. And for a time, it worked. Americans were held together by walk-in closets and the bonus room with the skylight that no one knew what to do with. But that was dependent on financialization once we began living above our productive capacity. The whole idea peaked with plastic go-go boots and stayed afloat for the cold war.

    The deeper problem with a “new right” was exposed by the Patriot Front. Besides being laden with Feds making lists of people, what flag do they walk around with in their Dockers? It’s the American Flag. The flag of the GAE. At best, this is an empty, dead symbol and it only gets worse from there. So you have another version of the right, with the NJP, now deceased, that stupidly decided to do a late 30’s theme involving a defeated European power. No one looks good in olive colored shirts.

    Whatever new right emerges, needs to pick a totally new identity based on local regionalism. This also means the advocacy for splitting up this one-size-fits-all behemoth that few benefit from these days. Should Honolulu be in the same country as Boston? Should Atlanta be in the same country as Seattle? These are the real questions of our day. The politics will follow. (the answer is absolutely not)…

    • Economic prosperity barely is holding things together now. There are glacial, de facto separations slowly happening now. Imagine when that goes away. It will unravel quickly.

      • On the Chains, some people used to do fantasy breakaway White America maps. Basically, it would be the Midwest and some states on the periphery. I’m not so sure that would be tomorrow all the way I see things these days. Yes, I live in the Midwest.

      • I keep turning off autocorrect and Google keeps turning it back on again. Let’s try this again:

        On the Chans, some people used to do fantasy breakaway White America maps. Basically, it would be the Midwest and some states on the periphery. I’m not so sure that I would be too sorry about that at all the way I see things these days. Yes, I live in the Midwest.

    • Boston arguably has more in common with Honolulu than it does with Pittsfield.

  16. The anathematization of ideology was supposed to be the post-war consumer culture. Material gain was the last best hope for keeping the country together as ideologies battled out. And for a time, it worked. Americans were held together by walk-in closets and the bonus room with the skylight that no one knew what to do with. But that was dependent on financialization once we began living above our productive capacity. The whole idea peaked with plastic go-go boots and stayed afloat for the cold war.

    The deeper problem with a “new right” was exposed by the Patriot Front. Besides being laden with Feds making lists of people, what flag do they walk around with in their Dockers? It’s the American Flag. The flag of the GAE. At best, this is an empty, dead symbol and it only gets worse from there. So you have another version of the right, with the NJP, now deceased, that stupidly decided to do a late 30’s theme involving a defeated European power. No one looks good in olive colored shirts.

    Whatever new right emerges, needs to pick a totally new identity based on local regionalism. This also means the advocacy for splitting up this one-size-fits-all behemoth that few benefit from these days. Should Honolulu be in the same country as Boston? Should Atlanta be in the same country as Seattle? These are the real questions of our day. The politics will follow. (the answer is absolutely not).

    • Southern protestantism, or evangelicalism as it is often called by the regime media, is still very much a thing. Probably more of a thing, in terms of a cohesive identity, than most of the other competing things in AINO. Because its “members” are more willing to suffer for it than your average northern shitlib is for “progressivism,” or your average mestizo for azatlan etc. Those folks, for the most part, just follow the money. Of which there is very little, if any, for southern protestants to follow, and hasn’t been for a long time, if ever. So materialism is not their motivation. Thus this bloc will endure, in some form or fashion. This is not wishful thinking on my part to say this. I’m just recognizing a cohesive bloc that exists and will continue to exist even as other things fragment, and AINO itself fragments.

      • I should have mentioned something about status. Being a southern protestant is a negative status proposition, yet they adhere to it anyway. So it will endure.

      • Duly noted. And don’t forget to place a long bet on the Amish – in a little over a century if their replacement trend holds. Imagine America under significant Amish sway – that’d be an interesting long-term outcome to AINO – great crackup or not.

  17. The real problem with “Conservatism” is it has never been anything other than low tax liberalism in the US since the 2nd world war. Add in the “neoconservative” element and it’s low tax warmongering liberalism. It has conserved absolutely nothing. It has embraced, conserved and defended every progressive innovation.

    “Altering or abandoning the old ways risks unknown and unwelcome consequences, so change must be gradual and cautious”
    “If at all” should be added to this sentence. Most political change is awful with easily foreseeable consequences.

    It doesn’t help that progressivism has often been little more than foreign ethnic interests presented as “ideology.” Take the melting pot and the whole “diversity is our greatest strength” business. Nobody believes this stuff. It’s just foreign ethnic interests being forced upon the actual American nation under the guise of progressive equality. They don’t believe in equality. Nobody does. It is self-evident that people and peoples are not equal. I’m sure there is some delusion in there as well, but most of it is just a trick.

  18. What’s wrong with a world-view based on free minds, free markets. limited government, individual liberty, and material progress?

    • It’s all fake and gay. Plus, it’s empty rhetoric. Every despot of the last 200 years spoke of freedom and progress. Freedom is about as empty as hope and change. What is a free market, exactly? This is more empty rhetoric. There are no free markets anywhere in the world. Even if there were, I don’t want oligarchs. “Limited government” is another piece of empty fake and gay rhetoric. Furthermore, absolutely nobody wants what is assumed to be the definition of “limited government” The “limited government” party has had super-majorities multiple times over the last 80 years and has used that super-majority to expand the size and scope of government for their own ends, just as they have had the ability to pass constitutional amendments to undo some of the SCOTUS insanity of the postwar period.

    • Look all around you and you’ll see what is wrong with it.

      Now, you would say, but wait, this isn’t a free market and limited government. You would be right. It isn’t. However, that is one of the first problems. Those concepts are a gentleman’s agreement that amount to a power vacuum. That power vacuum was filled at the beginning of the 20th century.

      In short, there is nothing wrong with those things. However, the Founders saw the problems of these power vacuums and gentleman’s agreements and fluffed it over with well, it can and should only be possible if it is Anglo-Saxon people ruled over by a landed gentry as a non-hereditary monarchy.

      They were right. Today that saying is modifed to say, “Libertarianism only works in a country made up solely of 125 IQ and higher white men.” That too is true.

      I love what you discuss. That is in the ideal America. But America is long gone. That ideal is problematic because it has no defense mechanisms. That is why it has been so thoroughly obliterated. It is basic game theory. If everybody plays by the rules then great. However, the first movers to not play by the rules exploit the total defenselessness of the system and come to dominate it, destroy it and replace it with their system.

      James Madison understood this but they tried it anyway. Like the Greeks, like the other democratic republics, it ended in total failure except this time, with mass replacement migration, it may end us as a people for eternity. That is the battle that lies ahead. Forget countries and ideas. Does Occidental Man want to exist as a race with a unique and distinct bio-culture and some semblance of a homeland that is his and his alone?

      Renaud Camous has aptly called what is unfolding in The West as The Disaster.

      • I think we can use his term as the baseline for what lies ahead and as the basis of the necessary Friend Enemy Distinction we must adopt now.

        In Camous’ terms are you a:

        a) Enemy of The Disaster
        b) Friend of The Disaster

      • OK. Well then, in addition to closing the border and ending all further immigration into the U.S., just what public policies do you guys want that would not be considered “libertarian” that would be practical?

        • Well, if we’re sticking with a “democratic” governmental system, a radical reduction of the franchise would be a good and necessary start.

          • Who would you take the franchise away from? Would you propose it go back to only those who own land or some modern day equivalent of financial solvency? Perhaps the franchise should limited to those who file “schedule C” tax filings. That is, those who own their own business or are self-employed. Either of these are a good metric of competence and skin in the game.

            How do you propose for the selection of political leaders for a “non-democratic” system?

        • * Peaceful Separation – presided over by us so one way or the other we get it.

          * Peaceful Repatriation –
          – See the repatriation proposals of the White Paper Policy Institute for a comprehensive plan.

          * An orderly debt restructuring where the pseudo-financiers get the worst of it.

          * A Full Accounting for The Great Replacement:
          – Government bureaucrats, NGOs, Churches who participated … … stripped of their wealth and permanent loss of tax exempt status
          – Highest level officials and funders extradited and put on trial for treason. Some would include:
          – Soros; Fink; Shapiro; Pope; Mayorkas; Biden; Clinton; Obama; Chamber of Commerce leaders; Office of Global Michigan (and all such organizations.

          They would be tried for treason and publicly executed for a crime against the nation that will never be repeated again.

          – All Universities that propose reparations will have their endowment stripped to pay for reparations whose stipulation will be that to collect will require repatriation to Liberia with an eternal banishment on any right of return. Any balance that remains will be used to compensate all White families that were denied access to any University due to Affirmative Action. Any left over after that will go to pay off student debt.

          – Defund and strip the entire Teacher’s Credentialing and Union apparatus from every single state. Salt the earth with it.

          The thing about this that isn’t Libertarian is that this would be done with a heavy hand when it isn’t done through polite means and measures. There is no voluntarism. You do it, or you pay a higher price than had you done it.

          – All Military officers who have advocated for anti-white racial quotas and agitation will be tried for treason for subverting and weakening the military.

          – All Museum and National Park/Historic Site administrators that denigrate the nation, distort history and demonize the Historic American Nation (wrongly), will be stripped of their positions and denied their retirement.

          – Encourage MIC and Intelligence whistle blowers and begin hearings in Congress.

          – Re-subpoena GW Bush and Dick Cheney for a public hearing on 9/11. GW Bush’s president retirement check confiscated for neglicance in protecting the American homeland and sponsoring an invasion when we were under a high terrorist threat.

          – Full commission and investigations into the activities of Muslims in Congress who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist organizations.

          – Rashida Tlaib immediately stripped of Congressional duty and deported. Would consider a trial for treason though.

          – A thorough re-industrialization plan and a reclamation of the American cities destroyed by The Great Migration by the Heritage American Nation after a massive Bukele style crime crackdown.

          I could keep going. What isn’t Libertarian about this is its administration. We will place justice and truth and punishment above kid gloves good faith interactions with our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

          • I don’t see what you are seeing in this that is not libertarian. There are some fringe pacifists (in a fringe group, so a fringe of a fringe) who would agree that was not “libertarian”, and there are some aspects that they would handle differently, like shutting down public funding for most of the stuff you talk about, and punishing those who committed some actionable crime.

            In many respects libertarians would be even more radical than your reforms.

          • That’s my point. Most of what you guys advocate in here and other alt-right blogs are not necessarily incompatible with libertarianism as defined as limited government and increased personal and economic liberty.

            I think you guys’ main beef with libertarianism is over immigration and free trade, particularly immigration. Certainly immigration needs to be reformed and brought under control. Countries that take advantage of trade with us, such as China, need to be dinged with tariffs or some other restraints.

          • @Abelard Lindsey, immigration is one thing libertarians have wrong. In a libertarian world, there is no such thing as public property or the conventional idea of commons. You are free to invite someone onto your property, but he can’t then go to the next owner’s property without his permission. Further, your invitation does not mean those intervening property owners must allow passage.

            I don’t think that distinction makes libertarianism unworkable, but it does mean it won’t look anything like libertarians imagine it will.

    • @Abelard Lindsey, What’s wrong with a world-view based on free minds, free markets. limited government, individual liberty, and material progress?

      Nothing on a local scale, where one can keep tabs on his oppressors (government). It might be possible on a larger scale if, instead of secret ballot, people chose their representatives as a matter of public record, and they agreed to be bound legally and financially for the intentional and unintentional consequences of the actions of their chosen agent.

      If your agent chooses to open the borders and as a result, welfare payments skyrocket, you, personally, jointly and severally, are responsible to reimburse those who are harmed. If a citizen ends up raped or murdered, you are jointly and severally liable in criminal court.

  19. Please excuse my daydreaming, but if there is an American renewal, I nominate the American Chestnut as its symbol. Once king of the eastern forests, laid low by an Asian blight. Around here, you can still find stump sprouts in the woods, the roots of ancient trees trying to grow back 70-90 years (iirc) after they fell.

    • Interesting metaphor.

      The proposed solution is to alter the trees DNA through crossbreeding.

      • 3 methods I know of:

        1. GM trees. Fastest, but no thanks!

        2. Hybridization/back crossing to produce American trees with Asian genes for blight resistance. Slower, but you end up with hybrid trees instead of frankentrees.

        3. Breeding trees that survived the blight and selecting for blight resistance in the offspring. Slowest, but in theory you end up with pure, blight-resistant American trees.

        I’m with #3. Ordered 8 blight-resistant seedlings last fall. Told they should be 70% resistant, which I take to mean 2 should die, 6 should survive, though infected and harmed. Doing it the hard but right way lol.

  20. Possibly off topic but maybe related: What do you make of the rightwing president of Argentina, Z? If the Blabbers are to be believed – he just fired 70% of the nation’s gov’t workers. It is obvious that our elite leaders need to be culled… but so does the managerial class.

    The Argies are ahead of us and are in a state of collapse. I *think* they are vibrant and diverse as we are. Could they be an accurate harbinger of things to come for America?

    Also of interest is the state of the former left. All is not well over there either. They are infested with perverts, incompetents and drifters that can’t read off a script or play their parts in the morality show. There seems to be a distinct rising of a small, but growing “dissident left” over there too.

    Could you see yourself making peace with a dissident leftist and working with them?

    Not trying to be a dink or stir up anyone – I am just asking the questions because I don’t know. They seemed relevant given this lecture… but whadda I know?

    • My understanding is they are not quite as diverse, and the diversity they suffer is of a different hue for the most part. They do have a significant tribal infestation but how powerful it is I am not sure. Doubt it is as powerful as AINO’s.

      • Milei…Mileikowsky. one of the first things he did was scurry to Israel if reports were correct.

        But we shall see.

  21. Abstract versus tangible.

    Today’s topic is Big Picture complex and amorphous; hence difficult to wrap your mind around and figure out what to do. Do you pick up a long rifle and start marching toward DC? Or form an ad hoc committee of like-minded neighbors and debate political strategy in the hope of spawning the next Bolshevik Revolution? What is the pleb supposed to do in the face of Mass Insanity sweeping the country?

    When disease infects a host, an antibody does not concern itself with highfalutin principles or even the actions of other antibodies. It goes in search of a single pathogen and does what needs to be done. If enough of its fellow antibodies do the same, there is a reasonable chance that the host survives and heals. Is this outcome guaranteed? No, of course not. But this natural process been working pretty well for about a billion years.

    • Tom… I can’t help it: I don’t think any recovery is possible until necks start getting stretched and skulls cracked. The parasites aligned against us are dug in, protected, and guarded by underlings whose well being is hitched to that of the parasites.

      If worst comes to worst, and they start liquidating the parasites…the job won’t be done until their underlings are dealt with too. A purge of biblical proportions will need to be done. It is clear at this point, that they are thinking of us in similar terms.

      Not to fedpoast… but the current order will never hold. Something has to give and when it does I think the gloves will come off.

      • History can be instructive here. Many a great battle was lost when one side’s leaders were removed and the foot soldiers then broke and fled the field. The Deep State managerial class is largely composed of incompetent cowards who never held a real job in their life. It won’t take much to get them advancing to the rear or switching sides in a heartbeat. But more to your point; yes, culling is an important component of sustained cure.

        • The Deep State managerial class is largely composed of incompetent cowards who never held a real job in their life.

          A lot of the managerial class today is made up of women and historically they are renowned for switching sides and mating with the winners.

          This probably explains why 80% of the divorces are initiated by women.

    • “Do you pick up a long rifle and start marching toward DC?”

      It’s going to be a hell of a lonely march because none of the grillers are going to join you, and a hell of a lonely death when about 500 robocop SWAT goons from the DHS, the FBI, the ATF and the JTTF all get their dicks hard by doing as many mag dumps as they can into you — and your dog, of course.

      One need only look at how the poor J6 saps were treated to know what a stupid idea that is.

      Empires fall as they slowly lose control and retreat on the periphery, almost never from a direct attack on the imperial capitol. ZOG will treat you about as well as the Romans treated Spartacus if you try anything like that.

      Fight smarter… not harder.

      • That quote was a rhetorical question, not a recommendation. No, I don’t recommend an armed march on DC. If you’ve read my comments previously, you know that I have an entirely different approach to making a difference, and it does not involve confronting the jackboots head-on.

  22. I did make an honest attempt to read the links you included, Zman, but the endless qualifiers and asides and buts and therefores got the best of me. The Claremont piece (endlessly long) lost me early on. One of my criticisms of ‘our’ commentariat here is that it tends to be majority age 45 and up (if I am flagrantly wrong, please correct me). This leads to a tendency to repeatedly slip into past assumptions now proven false, and truisms taught in one’s youth. Yet Kesler dismisses that today’s “kids” condemn what they term “the uniparty.”

    Too few here are ‘kids’ in any sense of the term, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that we all agree there isn’t any significant ideological difference between the dems and the repukes. Kesler’s condescension that everything old is new again is beyond irritating. To conflate the dissident right’s complete rejection of party politics and the electoral system to Buckley’s attempt to corral dissent within what he deemed acceptable parameters displays a complete lack of understanding of the dissident right’s criticism. Kesler’s entire essay (or at least the portion of it that I read) is based on false assumptions.

    Both Kesler and then Goldman utilize long appeals to the authority of their individual understanding of history. It’s the standard “my erudition is greater than yours” that dominates those who term themselves ‘the academy.’ But, as usual, the elephant in the room goes unremarked upon. Here we have two Jews telling us what it is to be an American, a conservative, and a nationalist. And both do so via an Israeli Jew’s Zionist pet project to construct a ‘nationalism for me but not for thee.’

    As you, Zman, have comprehensively written about here, we live in an age of demographics, not ideology. Because ideology adrift from racial roots remains a conceit of White Europeans, now down to less than 10% of the world’s billions. Everyone else who opines on this topic is a tribal grifter attempting to define and steer the ‘cattle’ in his desired direction. For both essays to base the definition of and appeal to ‘nationalism’ on Hazony is signifier enough that they have no understanding of what they claim to address. It is yet another attempt to discredit any sort of White racial unity by claiming “You were never one nation and your claim to allyship is based on false premises.”

    I make no claim to be an historian – nor a professor nor a paid columnist. But I do claim to understand and share in what the dissident right means by nationalism. My beliefs are based on a bit of understanding of human nature and reality, along with some interesting ‘life experiences,’ a decent enough education, and a mixed bag of continued reading and learning.

    The young White American men experiencing endless attacks and deaths of despair don’t need some academic defining ‘nationalism’ for them. The European men being replaced by women and racial and religious aliens don’t need Hazony to tell them they cannot possibly make common cause with American (and Canadian, and Australian) ‘dissidents.’ Theory is useful . . . up to a point. But these essays and their authors’ pet theories are yet another attempt to corral and tame White people’s minds and lives.

    I don’t need Rod Dreher (what flavor of ‘faith’ is he espousing this week?) to tell me what particular Christian belief is correct. And I don’t need Kesler and Goldman to tell me that my rejection of ‘our democracy’ is based on a misunderstanding. As usual, all I see is endless pontificating on theories and ideas and numbers and examples to prove what any White individual of common sense could say far more cogently: “Something’s not right.”

    Nothing is right any more, particularly in the field of political and ideological theory. Because people are not fungible economic units and only White Europeans claim “I think, therefore I am.” All the other races and peoples say “I have a people and a place, and these are mine/ours .” And they are all busy taking what used to be White people’s ‘ours,’ because self-proclaimed experts who were never a genuine part of ‘us’ have pil-pulled people and power and identity into nothing more than “echolalic babbling.”

    A pox on them all.

    • Note to the Z: Gottfried and Goldman! Splendid.

      Note to 3g: you see, it was Goldman who helped me head down my own road. He stated once, as he did here, “we cannot know the meaning of life.”

      A polymath! A really smart joe like him! Still can’t answer the question? The What, the How, the Why? Can’t put it into intelligible words?

      Well, no. He can’t. That showed me the limits of even Goldman’s style of thinking. Since I had already met his God, the yahweh, that very question- “what is the meaning of life?”, and getting a similar retort from his god- spurred me to find a way outside those limits.

      In other words, “who sez?”
      The genius who cannot give a straight answer, the god who is not what people claim it to be, the priests who can’t explain how any of it works?

      No. No. Though it led to a trap- one that led to disaster- still did we learn. I and mine have made our mistakes- grievous is my guilt, rage, and shame- and yet still, we have learned, we are still here. This is what Palm Sunday said to me, who am nothing.

      A pox on their houses!
      For all their blather, they will never figure it out!
      Thus even their attempts betrays certain weaknesses. These can be exploited. I am heartened and renewed. Thinking that all was lost was itself part of the trap. It ain’t over yet.

      The answer? It’s an ecology at work.
      Warning, some of its niches, layers, and aspects seem impossibly dangerous. But…not limitlessly so. Not at all, only at a cost.

      I remember I mumbled something when the great Apex said I seemed a bit lost. Ha! As if! No, good Apex, it’s only that me and mine are bloody bunch of amateurs. That, and…well, we’re not going to Heaven, okay? Heaven’s not the problem.

  23. The likeliest course seems to be “soft secession.” AINO will stagger on as an on-paper entity. Just as the Roman Senate continued to debate things and issue edicts to the far-flung provinces, even as the “provinces” were de facto independent of, and even hostile to, the imperial center, so will the DC idiots continue to issue diktats to the various Administrative Regions, who will comply or not, as local conditions dictate. Actual political disaggregation is simply too much hassle, and unnecessary — AINO doesn’t have the military force to hold down its territory, even if it had the will, which it doesn’t.

    We’re already seeing some of it from “both sides.” Abbott in TX and DeSantis in FL are doing their thing with the “migrants,” on the “right,” but on the “left” you’ve got Gavin Newsom receiving an embassy from Xi Jinping. No serious government would allow a mere provincial governor to receive an embassy from not just a sovereign power, but an “enemy nation” to boot… and yet, there it is. You’ve even got various cities attempting to set state and even national policy on things like immigration and crime. That will continue, and accelerate — Texas ignores DC; but so does California, and meanwhile the Inland Empire ignores Sacramento, Austin ignores the State House part of Austin, and so on. Throw in the fact that DC is trying its best to wreck both the internal combustion engine and all the infrastructure that supports it, and it’s localism for the win.

    • That’s about right, and in many ways it is a return to normality. The glaring exception there is, as you point out, foreign policy, but with the teeming hordes how could it be otherwise? I anxiously await to see how Gretchen Whitmer responds to one of her key constituencies, the Palestinians, the Progress Left’s Holiest of Holies in its Pantheon of Color. It is a good bet her response does not align with D.C. even with her party in charge.

      The schism and fragmentation likely became irreversible with Covid, which was brought to a halt in part to staunch the revolts in the provinces. The federal answer to the rube ingrates was to flood the country with aliens, and predictably that led to even more antagonism. I also think there will be soft, de facto secessions but given the lunacy of those in charge it could get hot, too.

      • “ I anxiously await to see how Gretchen Whitmer responds to one of her key constituencies, the Palestinians, …”

        It will be interesting indeed. The Palestinians of all people are the worst wrt their assimilation and ideology. It’s not for nothing that they’ve been thrown—violently—out of every Arab State they’ve fled to. There is simply no place they’ve settled in sufficient numbers that they’ve not attempted to subvert and overthrow.

          • Haven’t seen any lefties passing laws banning “anti-Semitic” speech, though. That belongs to Governors Noem and DeSantis, and soon, many others.

            The Right is obsessed with Israel. Turn on Fox News between 7 and 5 pm, and it’s “Israel at War.” I don’t see the same on CNN or MSNBC.

          • Haven’t seen any lefties passing laws banning “anti-Semitic” speech, though.

            They don’t need to. They already own the courts, the banks, the socialist media, the media, the “academy”, the HR departments, etc. What more could they possibly need?

          • @Charles:

            The point is you will see sacralization of the Palestinians on those networks. And, yes, Fox and Con, Inc., does the same with Israelis.

          • That bitch and virtually every “colleague” she claims to be speaking for all voted for that piece of shit presently occupying the white house. So the hell with every goddamned one of them and their supposed principles.

        • That’s not good. We can’t have ethnic groups doing that. Sure hope this doesn’t spread to other groups in the region.

      • Thinking ahead a few years, something Gretchen Whitmer hasn’t done, there will be no more Gretchen Whitmer having to worry about how to deal with her Palenstinian voting bloc. She will be replaced by a Palestinian to represent the Palestinian voting bloc.

        She’ll be fine with her Sauvignon Blanc and her kids will enjoy Burning Man and doing the New Age fad circuits. Then, they will awaken to their dispossession as like the Minnesota flag, the Michigan flag will be replaced.

        We aren’t so many years away from that now. It is then, that the North American powder keg will explode.

  24. This is a great topic. There is a power vacuum and various people are racing to fill it. On the conservatism side the Jews are the most organized and so they are trying to define American and European nationalism from Tel Aviv on their terms, to suit their interests in Israel and its vassals.

    I suspect that within that camp they are arguing over the direction things should go. Should TGR (via mass immigration, iconoclasm, Christianity destruction …) continue on? How do you field an army that is capable and has the will and resolve if they fight for nothing or worse, something they despise? That faction is also setting up Israel to be the storehouse and clearinghouse for cyberwarfare and the panoptican surveillance network. Netanyahu has been working on that since at least 2010.

    On Friday, The Regime declared a new Transgender Day of Visibility. In it, he outlines yet another new constitution. Everyone has a right to be who they are and be free from, “hate.” Then it goes on to declare war on the family and the church. Of course, the Day of Visibility was made for Easter. It was a one-time proclamation so we must assume they will do this every Easter from here on out until they completely destroy Christianity before Christianity destroys itself.

    Z’s point about there not being a people is technically correct. However, there is a people who are The Historic American Nation. We know we are a people because The Regime is waging war against us to dispossess us. The country is already gone, and in the power vacuum they are going to replace us with a formalized anti-white patronage network.

    That act alone is forging nation. It is based on race and an attachment and cultural memory of being American. Those who have the courage and/or the innate revulsion at bending the knee will choose that nation. I suspect many of us here are in that camp. I should say that basing it on race was The Regime’s choice.

    Two things need to happen simultaneously. One is that The Regime and its machinations will have to play out. In the long run it won’t work. It has to offer something besides platitudes and free things and eventually it can’t offer free things if it bleeds the HAN dry. That is going to have to play out. October 7 was a seminal moment as was the rise of Ramaswamy. Why? For 10/7 what is significant is not how the POC coalition fragmented. That was obvious to everyone and there are more such fragmentations waiting. What still is playing out is that the Gentile has been getting a steady glimpse that he has no country. His country is a stepping stone to someone else’s country. There is not a single power center that will intervene to fire people or not hire people who speak against him in genocidal terms. There is not a single power center that will intervene to fire people who speak against him in genocidal terms and replace said people with one of his own kind.

    Eyes are opening everywhere and constantly. At a time where Occidental Man is under seige with a real pogrom he sees how powerless he is relative to how powerful who he thought his fellow Americans were. Nature cannot tolerate this.

    This is playing out and will continue to.

    What we need to do is mostly just let that happen. While we disengage putting energy into a country that is no longer there we must be building the new. Building the new starts with building the cultural transmission mechanisms that are destroyed and replaced with the anti-culture and Broken Man with no country transmission mechanism already in place.

    We must:
    1. Build an aristocratic and old bourgeoise level education system. It must be inexpensive and readily available and easily usable by HAN descended people everywhere. This is of the utmost urgency. We must offer our children a future by showing them their past, and giving them the technical skills to dominate the future as statesman and a cognitive elite.
    2. Acquire property/territory that form redoubts that are intentional, fertile and self organizing with the HAN remnant that is the future.
    3. Only engage in politics and lawfare tactically when it benefits us. Lawfare that attacks the racial attack against us is critical but it has a limited time expiration. Still we have a few good years of using the CRA to punch back. There is a possibility that it can force some to the table.
    4. Preserve and transmit our martial, artistic, literate, technical heritage to our folk.
    5. Strategically master the distributed technologies of the future: 3D printing; Drones/Robotics; Networking; Data centers; Supporting the Claremont guys trying to get a digital bill of rights is an important system engagement. No GPUs, social media, hardware components free of tracking sensors and kill switches if available at all and we are cut off from self sufficient tool building and innovation.
    6. Be masters of the physical world.

    All of this list must be done as a matter of course and cultivated in a way where we offer its benefits to our people. We aren’t going to convince people of anything. We are going to win them over when in the vacuum and crisis of how to educate their children, give them networks of healthy people who don’t hate them, navigate the coming world we can hand them a curriculum, training centers and services that they can use to navigate the crisis.

    In the meantime chaos is going to unfold in the social system. While the leaders of the POC coalition struggle to hold it together, we are too busy engaging to be of service. We also will never forget who betrayed us and how and why. Just like you couldn’t help us, nay assisted dispossessing us, and cared more about other borders and state projects … … we can’t help you. We are too busy helping ourselves.

    In the meantime Steinleight’s grand plan to divide and conquer may not be playing out. Ramaswamy and other more fringe asians aren’t interested in sharing power and they have their own folk and homelands to do deals with.

    Debates over ideas and even predictions of what will happen are a waste of time and energy for our cause. We must build the foundations that our people have built before. We must do it under they eye of Sauron but it can and must be done.

    • “Everyone has a right to be who they are and be free from, “hate.” ”

      There’s that word, “hate” again. As meaningless through misuse as now is the word, racism. Hate is a term of art, meaning whatever I dislike.

        • “So many of my colleagues feel betrayed. I write for myself but speak for many others,”

          Sounds like the shitlib doesn’t realize it, but has been as betrayed as the Middle American GWOT cannon fodder was. At least the latter put on his kit and put his life in danger. Sounds like there is an opportunity for the shitlibs who are true believers to be confronted with that most unaskable of all questions. May scales fall from more eyes all over the political spectrum.

          Things are getting interesting.

      • Compsci: God says “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated” long before either was born or had done anything good or bad. And this is God’s right and privilege – just as the maker may make a fine vessel for wine and another – of the same clay – for common use.

        God hates. So can we. Those who refuse to hate evil are accommodating and condoning it

        There are plenty whom I hate.

        • I’m not disagreeing, just saying that the Left uses “hate” speech as a weapon to suppress speech it does not like. You may hate as your morals and belief system dictates. Indeed, not to hate evil is a sin in God’s eyes.

          • It is beyond that Compsci. It is a social credit mechanism of a tyranny that far surpasses that of China. It is because they define hate. They also define who is protected from hate. Most importantly, they define who gets to accuse others of hating and thus harming them.

            For all of his faults, Jordan Peterson understood that this is the endgame of the pronouns. It isn’t just an attack on free speech, it is a total destruction of the entire notion of justice. You no longer commit a crime that is tangible. You commit a crime that is invisible, invented and power decides who it wants to weaponize that invented crime against.

            Today it is your job, your reputation, your access to services … … Tomorrow it is jail or even death. That is where this is headed.

            That is what makes the Good Friday proclamation and its attendant statement of The Regime having primacy over Easter so sinister. The Regime is claiming authority over the Christian God. And in that proclamation issuing new commandments. Thal Shall Not Hate (as we define it and as we define who can and cannot claim to have been hated and free of hatred)

          • Reality, no argument from me. Your depth of analysis reveals a shallow explanation in my previous comment. Thanks.

        • 3g4me —

          ‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. . . [A] time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace’

          (Ecc. 3)

          This here ain’t the time of peace and love.

    • “easily usable by HAN descended people everywhere.“

      Let the Chinese worry about the Han.

      • Unless that was a little jokey comment of you, HAN surely stands for “Historic American Nation”.
        Hey, I frowned upon reading that sentence too at first. But I figured it out. 🙂

    • One absolutely essential part of the plan that is rarely addressed is a brutal analysis of what exactly led us to this point, and how to avoid at least that path to tyranny in the future. Unless we understand exactly what went wrong, and put in place as barbaric means as necessary to prevent it in the future, what’s the point?

      • Agreed. However, that comes once we are in a position of safety. For now we get to the life boats.

    • Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout. Thanks, RR, I’m all in.
      Recovery time over, PTSD over. Let’s get back to it.

      Goshdang, that day celebrating the empty tomb did something for me.
      I could feel it. The healing. Thanks.

  25. This was a fantastic essay. I would just like to add the financial perspective, since I’m a financial guy by background and this perspective may be helpful.

    As much as the US was and is an ideological project, it was and is an economic and financial project. The logic and benefits of the marketplace, bolstered and indeed encouraged by the Constitution and the rule of law (all the way back to English common law), built America. Business always came first and still does.

    I would argue that the Progressive Project, if it would leave the economic project alone, could actually manage to keep this sh*tshow on the road for another couple of generations. But the Progs cannot help themselves. They’re destroying the country with debt, monetary debasement, over-regulation, DEI, surveillance and immigration (which destroys social capital and business trust) and thousands of other ills which cause economic harm.

    What comes next is anyone’s guess, but for sure it will need to create economic prosperity for the average Joe.

  26. The end of ideology sounds like a synonym for the end of history. And this business of nationalism based on the blood of the ancestors is more wished for than real. “An organic organizing ethos…” Maybe, in future columns, build on that concept if you can flesh it out to be more than just a slogan.

  27. Michael Anton, semi-Claremontonian, seemed at times as if he was willing to “go there,” into our circles to an extent. I was impressed, for example, by his “Unprecedented” essay at the New Criterion, which unfortunately usually worships loudly at the judaic altar. I think Anton’s essay had very high traffic numbers there, which is maybe a hopeful sign.

  28. “Different parts of Germany may have unique pasts, but they share enough of a common past to feel a part of the greater concept of German.”

    I am not an American guy but I think the same can be said about America. The experience of fleeing England and moving to a new continent, the Protestant ethics, the fight against Indians and the population of North America, “the manifest destiny”, the War of Independence, the Republic, the XIX century…

    Mind you, I criticize many of these things. I think the Republic was founded on Enlightenment ideals and this was a mistake that you are paying right now.

    But thinking America is new is false. Most countries in the world are younger than the United States. See the foundation dates and you will agree with me.

    In addition, thinking the differences between its peoples (read Albion’s seed) are bigger than in other nations is also false. Parts of Germany are Catholic and parts are Protestant. In Spain, each region has a history that is one-thousand-year long, with different languages. In Africa, different tribes are part of the same country. Iraq is divided into three parts: the North are Kurd, the Middle are Sunnites and the South are Shia. Brasil has a coast with black and white and the Amazon full of Indian tribes.

    For a foreigner like me, the difference between South Cavaliers and Northern Puritans are much smaller than the difference between Andalusians and Galicians in Spain. A proof of that is the mobility you have in the job market. You move thousand of miles in search of a job, which is much less common in Europe, even inside the same country. Yes, you see it like big differences because you are immersed in them, but nothing is more similar to an American than another American. Your culture is very homogenous despite the regional differences.

    • The key issue for the English/Scots people who defeated Britain and created the United States was restriction of the power of government…Hence the original Constitution, put together by Hamilton and his Banker friends, was unacceptable to the people and the Bill of Rights had to be tacked on…Even then, Patrick Henry and the anti-Federalists attacked it as inadequate to prevent the same abuses they had suffered under the Crown…As a result, it failed passage in some States, and it was only after much finagling (and likely bribery) that our present Constitution was ratified…So the founding philosophy was one of restriction of power, and leaving most of government to the individual States..Lincoln and the Northern industrialists destroyed that philosophy and agreement in the Civil War, though subsequent 19th century Presidents including Grover Cleveland took some measures to repair it…Woodrow Wilson, however,, created a virtual police state in concert with his decision to enter WW1, and despite attempts by Harding and Coolidge to exit it, FDR sealed our doom……Bottom line is the Constitution failed because it required the courts to enforce it, and the Federal Government to obey the courts’ decisions, and neither happenedr, and probably couldn’t happen, because the Judicial branch doesn’t have enough power….
      So Patrick Henry was right, and our fate was inevitable…

    • This was largely true up until about ten years ago or so. There is probably more regional antagonism now than even before the Civil War, and that has been exacerbated by interstate migration wherein people of like minds have moved to be among people who think like them. The homogeneity is an illusion now and quite superficial. It likely isn’t obvious from the outside due to the cosmetic aspect, and increasingly I find Europeans have at least as many misperceptions of the United States as Americans have of them, which is something also relatively new.

    • America has two tribes that are not only radically different from the other tribes, but who are also implacably hostile to them: Finkels and negroes. Then there are the myriad other tribes–whites, Mestizos, subcons, Moslems, various east Asian groups–who, while able to live together relatively peacefully, are still very different from one another, and do not fully trust one another. The only thing preventing these tribes from creating a bloodbath are the prosperity and comfort that enfold them all. Should those adhesives dissolve, you will see just how different AINO’s subject groups really are. And they will make the petty distinctions of Spain and Germany look like two little boys quarelling over a game of marbles.

      • “ Should those adhesives dissolve,…”

        As evidence of this, I would like to point to examples that have actually occurred in memory—citywide power outages. I had the experience of living through one of the first big ones in the 60’s in NYC. In a matter of hours, the ghettos were a no man’s land of riot and bloodshed. Other areas of the city were advised to shelter in place pending return of control. I

        magine a scenario of no return of power, therefore no food delivery. Hell, even *with* power on, LA descended into chaos with Rodney King verdicts and was restored only with “shoot to kill” orders and the National Guard. Backing up the LAPD.

        Civilization is indeed a thin veneer.

        • Katrina is the best recent example of what sudden collapse looks like. New Orleans got all the press, because it was the big city, but also because that was where the critical mass of feral negros were, who did what feral negros do when the constraints of civilization were gone, the whites having mostly fled prior. So it supplied quite the spectacle for media consumption.

          However, a little ways to the east, the Mississippi coast suffered greater damage, with dramatically less subsequent chaos. Because many more white people.

          • Also, after Katrina hit the Chocoolate City, a sizable cohort of the notoriously corrupt New Orleans P.D. either abandoned their posts during the chaos or joined in the looting and mayhem.

          • I read a bit of an account during Katrina by a few of the Whites who had taken refuge in the Super Dome. Maybe half a dozen, maybe a dozen.

            There is a lesson there and it’s not “how stupid can you be”! The lesson was how quickly they found each other and “tribed” up. Even though a fraction of a fraction, just a few banding together were able to fend off those ferals looking for a fight. They bore witness to how things deteriorate over the days of “shelter” and how the ferals reacted as each feral looked out for himself and gangs of ferals preyed upon the weaker. When the National Guard finally arrived (predominantly White), the first out were those Whites as the Guard knew the danger they were in.

            Can’t remember the source, but it was in national publication at the time. It was a good read at the time.

          • Spent some weeks to a month there in Southern Louisiana that Oct 2005. Saw more than most (maybe all others) due to what I did. Same function in close follow-on storm. Yes to modeling potential.

    • When you travel to European countries and read their histories you realize how much “diversity” actually exists in those countries that we Americans think of as unified wholes. Every area has its own dialect, often unintelligible to those from other areas. Occasionally. one can see the hostility that exists in some provinces to the central authority (e.g., the recent trouble between separatists in Catalonia and the government of Spain and the independence movement in Scotland). When we traveled in Italy a few years ago, I was struck by the marked local patriotism and disdain for the central government of Italy.

      • Dutch Boy: I think most Americans are as ignorant as I was when I first went to Europe 44 years ago. I was genuinely surprised that the Italian au pair I met didn’t speak “Italian” at home – but her local dialect. I had no clue how pervasive this was throughout Europe nor how different and often incomprehensible the local dialects were to the student of the ‘official’ language as taught to American students.

        It’s not simply the different regional accents and expressions that used to be found throughout the US and the UK (and which are now dying out due to mass media). Linguistically and culturally, these were different people. That’s why I love the Ozarks so much – the locals know they have shared roots and history that have nothing to do with either coast.

  29. Samuel Goldman is an enemy of our people. He’s executive director of the John L. Loeb, Jr. Institute for Religious Freedom, an organization that basically exists to undermine the majority religious and moral consensus of the US. I would take anything he has to say about us with a grain of salt.

    • > Samuel Goldman is an enemy of our people.

      You could’ve stopped there. We see his name and know immediately that he is an enemy of our people.

  30. “echolalic babbling”

    Well, one aspect of the Buckley project did not fail. 🙂

  31. We’ve gone so far through the looking glass that actual cultural conservatism, not the Vichy Right version, is without a doubt radicalism now, according to the insane clowns running the circus that once was America. At some point, “conservatism” will have to embrace the fact that is now revolutionary, and act as such. That will have the effect of boiling off the Con Inc grifters as a beneficial side effect.

    • I’m noticing how even the Babylon Bee is struggling right now, as their readership is becoming far more radicalizing than they are capable of dealing with. The neocons that ended up at the Bulwark were boiled off fast, followed by the folks at National Review. Rufo was forced to made a quick change of course when he realized no one had the patience to deal with someone who wasn’t willing to say DEI was anti-white.

      I’ll give the Claremont guys some credit for pivoting and remaining in the national conversation, as they have made some interesting calls not many other mainstream orgs have done. Tucker has been equally interesting. The bow-tied discourse of the right is completely irrelevant now, with only a few stragglers still doing the “own the blue-haired lib college student” tour. It’s gone from stiff discourse to the realization that there is no middle ground, but only power.

      • Hear, hear. The instability offers many opportunities to exploit and is to be celebrated albeit not for the reasons those behind the upheaval would want. All power always has come from the barrel of a gun. Getting control of the gun become possible when there is so much distraction, too. Remington > Chesterton’s fence.

      • The other day, the Babylon Bee guy posted on twitter that they have seen exponential growth since they took on the groypers, which I read a cope in the face of their recent troubles. The game they all play is to signal to their masters that they have the right enemies, while signaling to the audience that they are fighting the good fight. Trouble comes when the audience becomes the right enemy.

        • The Babylon Bee dust up was interesting. The fact that the site is overtly Christian and has been censored made Normies believe that it was on their side, even more so that the more obvious grifter outfits like the Daily Wire.

          Finding out that they BB ultimately has the same morality as the Left seemed to really sting Normies.

          The BB even used the same defense as the Left’s favorite “comedian” Jon Stewart: “Hey, it was just a joke. We make fun of everyone. We’re just a comedy site.”

          It’s a nice sign that the Normies weren’t buying it.

          • The fly in the Christian ointment is Christian Zionism. It has made opposition to Judaization of America impossible.

        • On the plus side Babylon Bee can be added to the pile of evidence for “why you don’t like the juice jump in front and lead your right-wing organization”.

        • The moment you hear Babylon Bee guy’s voice you can tell he’s a shitlib who stumbled into being “conservative” somehow and it doesn’t really mean anything to him—but being a soyboy grotesque is fundamental.

          Normie Republicans really do have no aesthetic sense. It’s not for staring at paintings. It’s for judging everything, especially people. If he looks wrong, sounds wrong, etc., he *is* wrong.

          Are any popular conservative media personalities *not* sissy-voiced men or “bimbofied” women? It has to be a prank. These people are disgusting. And they all eventually prove it.

      • > I’m noticing how even the Babylon Bee is struggling right now, as their readership is becoming far more radicalizing than they are capable of dealing with.

        This. The Overton window is shifting at light-speed and the average “conservative” voter is now far, far more rightwing than he has ever been before, much closer in attitude and ideology to the comment section here on this blog than they are to any elected official or “thought leader” on the right.

        This isn’t sustainable. Yes, I know that elections are rigged, the G.O.P. is controlled opposition, and Fat Orange Man is… Fat Orange Man, but sooner or later, something will happen to channel this massive and growing population to an outlet in a person or cause that actually champions their attitudes and interests.

    • Radicals don’t have face tatts, green dreadlocks and fishing lures in their faces. They wear gray suits, black ties, and fedoras, and smoke pipes filled with Borkum Riff.

  32. We should advocate dropping the stale left/right paradigm, it no longer makes sense. A more useful approach would be to make the distinction between those who approach the world as it is, I call them pragmatics, and those who approach the world as they think it ought to be, I call them idealists.

    Clarity of thought should be an goal of this side of the Great Divide.

    • Not a very good distinction. Take race. A pragmatic could point to blacks in his circle who are successful businessmen and raise well-adjusted children. Another could point to the ferals on Chicago’s south side. A third could point to a small number of ferals on Chicago’s south side that are the problem, and note that the majority there are either neutral or maybe even positive in terms of social order. A fourth pragmatist might argue that only a fraction of those neutrals really are neutral, as their community consumes a disproportionate amount of social resources.

      Who is correct? They all are. The weakness of reason is that the conclusions depend on the premises. Which in turn depend on worldview or ideology.

      • Ideology and perception can lead to different interpretations, but reality is what matters. The differences you cite are of degree and have one commonality.

        • Exactly. For anyone whose experience is A, it’s going to be a hard sell to convince him reality is NOT A.

          “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

      • Turn off the benefits, pandering, and government employment programs, and see who survives–?

      • The crucial observation for your example of the pragmatists is that almost all of those blacks, whether upper class or feral, will come together to defend their tribe.

        This means that even the most white-presenting, upper class black will say that George Floyd was murdered, that Michael Brown was shot while saying, “hand up, don’t shoot!” and that OJ should’ve gone free regardless of his guilt.

        The crucial observation is that, in almost every case, racial tribalism commands more loyalty than shared values or religion.

        • I don’t disagree. But as I said above, if one’s experience is A, its going to be hard to convince him reality is NOT A.

          Out here in flyover, there are a lot of people whose experience with blacks is limited to what they heard about BLM riots in the mainstream media, on the mainstream intarwebs (you know how often they identify the race of “youths”, right?) and the occasional times Walter Williams sat in for Rushbo. Sowell, Elder, Thomas, etc. seem to be more or less playing for the right side. Bongino, Hannity, etc. don’t go there other than an occasional jab at Sharpton or Jackson. And that’s about all they know about it.

          Heck, even things like FBI crime reports don’t show up except on the alternate sites.

          It’s not NAXALT. It’s more like, “Pretty much every X I know of is NOT like that.” That’s the fault of messaging, sure, but it’s perfectly reasonable to assume the race realists are the deluded ones when they see so little evidence of what the race realists are saying.

  33. I’m not sure the aristocracy died with the defeat of the South. I think that was just the end of the only aristocratic class in America that had the balls to call itself that. Power is still very much hereditary, but the Powers that Be and their minions will freak out if you talk about it. It still happens every once in a while, though, when some rube for a second-tier leftwing outlet with a high mutagenic load doesn’t get the memo. Some years back someone at HuffPo pointed out that all the girls on some stupid HBO show (“Girls” I think it was actually called) had rich and powerful industry parents. Massa sent Ta Nehesi Coates out (where’s he been lately?) to frontlash the noticer as being animated by “base jealousy.” A negro who will accuse a white boy in a trailer of being privileged but look the other way when some bigwig’s daughter gets a cush TV job knows his place, very well. Coates probably got extra portions of fatback and a new shirt with no holes in it for doing massa that service.
    The WASP aristocracy is a vestige of what it once was, but they’re still there, with their kids popping up in antifa mugshot photos now and then, while the parents attend gala balls for art openings and Democrat party fundraisers. They’re not as loud as Jews, which is why you don’t notice them as much, but they’re still there, and like the English white ruling class, they hate their own ancestors while still finding time to hate you more.
    It’s easy to mock the neoreactionary right—especially when it’s some nosepicker like Vox Day—talking about the cancer beginning with the Enlightenment, but it seems to be the right conclusion. Literal monarchy, though, is probably off the table, even in the event of a bloody war in which people who want that emerge victorious. What does that leave? A return to genuine Republicanism, with a small number of slaveholding elites enfranchised, ruling over the masses, a la the one the South had, and modeled on the ancient Greek one? The Gutenberg Press and then the Internet seem to have made that unworkable. You can’t keep ‘em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree, France, and the Reformation and High Church corruption probably ruined a muscular Christianity’s emergence in the West. The flirting with Orthodoxy and Christian nationalism may pan out, but will more likely peter out. Grifters will try to get their tentacles in there, and the Powers that Be will do a good job of making the morons the face of the movement. Just one “Charlottesville” style “riot” could topple the edifice it took a quite awhile to build.
    I don’t see a way forward. That doesn’t mean one won’t be revealed in time, by events, but still…

    • Very well said. Every government is an oligarchy. Only the facade is different. Our facade is “democracy”, with lunatic clowns sent out to claim they represent us, while their back pockets are stuffed with oligarchy cash. But it matters who the oligarchs are. To our great misfortune, our oligarchs are jews. Hence, “our greatest ally” has become a creed. When I ask normies what Israel ever did for us, I get blank stares. Did they ever send a single soldier to one of our wars? Are they a great trading partner? Do we share a common heritage?

      No, the only thing they tangibly give us is intelligence on their enemies so we can go to war on their behalf. Oh, and a lot of cash to our political class and propaganda outlets. Normies might sputter that they are the only democracy in the Middle East, as if that helps their case. I would rather deal with any Arab dictator than the Israeli prime minister. The former are much more honest.

  34. The 20th century finally seems to be dying. The century was dominated by Europeans, the European diaspora in America and Jews and by those groups’ various ideologies.

    As Europeans and Jews recede and other groups rise, the Ideological Age will end as well. These ideologies were always hot-house flowers the only existed so long as one of those three groups nurtured and protected them. The last of them – liberal democracy – will die with the Boomers.

    The Age of Demographics is upon us. This terrifies our rulers as they are designed for verbal acumen and debating the nuances of ideology. Demographic rule is about numbers and simple definitions.

    • I suspect we’ll pull a renewal, like Russia has. Ideology has been terrible for us. If it’s about demographics, that probably favors us, given all the racist evils attributed to us.

      • We don’t have the demographic luxury of Russia. Given our multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society, I have no idea what system will emerge in this coming demographic age.

        The best that we could hope for is decentralized system that allows the various groups to generally live as they want, police their communities as they see fit and have a lot of self-rule.

        • Not saying it’ll be easy. The US probably ‘breaks apart’ like the USSR did. In our case, that might mean a devolution to federalism, maybe even confederation. DC is making itself irrelevant, so it’s finished. Centralized power was never in our DNA, anyway. Our demographics are unnatural— the most diverse money can buy— and will sort out.

          We’re still a young, adolescent nation, not secure in our identity. Fell in with a bad crowd. Whatever. We’ll get it together in time. The thing that sucks is it will probably take more time than any of us here have.

        • The federal government is becoming less and less capable of projecting power, and so has outsourced things to the Silicon Valley technocracy. The issue is the same as has hit Canada, that importing foreigners good with tech is not actually bringing forth a springtime of innovation, but just far more intelligent grifters. Ends up being, even with good skills, you still need a sense of rootedness and purpose in a people to their country to bring forth any significant change.

        • “The best that we could hope for is decentralized system that allows the various groups to generally live as they want, police their communities as they see fit and have a lot of self-rule.” – Jefferson Davis (1860).

      • The problem for us – and I include Europe too – is that we have no shared beliefs. For all the horrors of communism, Russians were able to rebuilt because they still had a shared history, a surviving Christian faith and a massive strength of character. We have none of these.

        • I’m not sure about that. Russia was in very bad shape in the 90s, and still has problems, but they obviously had a remnant— and so do we.

    • Yes. The rulers rode the tiger of demographic antagonism too long to dismount. Exhibit A is the unmanageable opposition to the ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Most people do not care one way or another about the carnage, but the two factions at each other’s throats over the issue had to be held together in a coalition to keep the tiger moving forward. We can expect a lot more similar ethnic turmoil in the future, and Gaza will mark an inflection point not because of the horrific event per se but because of the uncontrollable demographic factionalism it exposed.

      Fifty percent plus one is a terrifying prospect for those in charge when that becomes an impossibility and the tiger gets hungry. Who the rider currently is not without irony, either.

      The “organizing ethos” Z mentioned at the end is here: tribalism, and the up-and-coming warlords are just politicians by another name. Division, fragmentation and dissolution will be the direct result. The post-Westphalian world will look quite a bit like the one that preceded it. In the final analysis, the ideology of Hate Whitey was insufficient to keep things under control. Best laid plans and all.

      • Jews always take too long to dismount. Their confidence in their ability to ride the tiger has caused the destruction of many nations.

    • Bingo. Future “elections” here will just be glorified censuses like in Iraq, complete with ululating, twerking and, if we’re lucky, purple fingerprints to prevent multiple votes.

  35. “Yoram Hazony has tried to preach a new form of nationalism to take the place of conservatism.”

    Hazony has to be one of the most ardent Jewish Zionists around. He moved to Israel some years back with his wife and children and was (maybe still is) an adviser to Netanyahu. He’s a smart fellow and I like his books but he’s one of the tribe and one of the smartest and most articulate ones.

    • Hazony is honest about his intentions, which sets him apart from most. He is an unabashed Zionist and his idea of nationalism is a defense of the Zionist project. In other words, he wants the West to embrace his idea of nationalism because it will benefit Israel. The main trouble with his project is the many contradictions that he can see but would like to ignore.

      • >>The main trouble with his project is the mana contradictions that he can see but would like to ignore.

        Did you mean “many” contradictions or “manna” contradictions? Both would work in this context.

  36. An amusing attempt to continue the conservative con is Freedom Conservatism; they actually call themselves FreeCons. It’s just a bunch of anti-Trump grifters and neocon interventionists like George Will and Jonah Goldberg.

      • Will always has been ludicrous, and it is kind of nice he lived long enough to see most people realize he is ridiculous.

      • Do they still roll him out on ABC News Sunday? What a sight he must be. I haven’t paid attention to GFW in 20 years.

        Hopefully he’s seeing and realizing what “conservatism” has done to his country, and also that baseball sucks now.

    • The GrifterCons are the ultimate in negative identity. For better or worse, Trump gave them everything they wet-dreamed about for decades. Federalist Society judges, tax cuts, Israel fanboyism, a bigger military, more immigration (just, you know, the legal kind). But what did they do in reaction? They threw a temper tantrum and stabbed him in the back. They only wanted to talk, not govern.

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