The Cult’s War on Football

The Left has it in for the NFL because it is a sport enjoyed by normal America. They are now taking it to the next level by having their government get in on the act.

Federal drug agents conducted surprise inspections of National Football League team medical staffs on Sunday as part of an ongoing investigation into prescription drug abuse in the league. The inspections, which entailed bag searches and questioning of team doctors by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, were based on the suspicion that NFL teams dispense drugs illegally to keep players on the field in violation of the Controlled Substances Act, according to a senior law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation.

The medical staffs were part of travel parties whose teams were playing at stadiums across the country. The law enforcement official said DEA agents, working in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration, inspected multiple teams but would not specify which ones were inspected or where.

The San Francisco 49ers confirmed they were inspected by federal agents following their game against the New York Giants in New Jersey but did not provide any details. “The San Francisco 49ers organization was asked to participate in a random inspection with representatives from the DEA Sunday night at MetLife Stadium,” team spokesman Bob Lange said in an e-mailed statement. “The 49ers medical staff complied and the team departed the stadium as scheduled.”

The Seattle Seahawks were subject to an inspection following their game in Kansas City, and the DEA met with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Baltimore-Washington International airport following their win over the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. It didn’t appear a full inspection took place, however.

“Authorities checked in w/our travel party @ BWI & after a 5 min. delay, we proceeded onto our plane w/o incident,” a tweet by the team’s media relations staff said.

An NFL official said multiple teams met with federal authorities on Sunday. “Our teams cooperated with the DEA today and we have no information to indicate that irregularities were found,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

The DEA had reason to look at the teams inspected Sunday in particular, but the investigation is not restricted to them, according to the law enforcement official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the probe is ongoing. The official said the investigation focuses on practices across the 32-team league, including possible distribution of drugs without prescriptions or labels and the dispensing of drugs by trainers rather than physicians.

They could go into any NBA locker room and arrest most of the players for weed, but that’s never going to happen. They could bust up professional wrestling and body building. That’s the lowest of long hanging fruit in the steroid game. Every Gold’s Gym in the country has at least one guy supplying steroids to the muscle-heads. Instead they go after NFL teams, because that’s what the Left wants.

5 thoughts on “The Cult’s War on Football

  1. Lurker, sent here from the estimable Van Der Leun at American Digest.

    Your speculations on the nature of Vox Day are mistaken in many regards, and since I enjoy his work so much I feel compelled to introduce him a little better to you, whose website I also thoroughly enjoy.

    His name is Theodore Beale and he is a science fiction writer of some note. He has recently started a publishing house by the name of Castalia House, for people who are not immersed in the current ‘pink’ liberal cesspit that scifi/fantasy literature has become.

    He also blogs on the Red Pill theories of the Pickup community at I can assure you he is definitely a manly man type, and quite an entertaining read, despite his unfortunate fascination with soccer.

    I like both of your sites immensely, and would prefer that no fireworks begin between you due to misconceptions of his nature on your part.

    Though now that I think about it, a flame war between the two of you would be fascinating. You would be very worthy opponents indeed.

    Should you get the time, peruse his archives. The chapter where he ran for the presidency of the Science Fiction Writers of America was fascinating, as the rabbits circled the wagons to deny him passage.

    Their moans of pain as the ‘racist, misogynistic troglodyte’ got nearly 11% of the votes were like manna from heaven to this old codger.

    To sum up: time spent better characterizing Vox will not be wasted. He is truly an original character of some repute.

  2. Yes, it’s a Cult war on various things, but I am very much reminded of Solzhenitsyn, who said that there were so many KGB agents and so little to do that they got to picking people out of Red Square to interrogate at random, thinking they at some point needed to justify their jobs lest they find themselves on the other side of that equation.

  3. Liked the joke about soccer players being gay. May be true in some cases, not so much in others. The original line about soccer and rugby was that the former is a game for gentlemen played by ruffians, the latter is a game for ruffians played by gentlemen. If you define gentlemen as being gay then there you have it.

    Most soccer players are only moderately educated (again, there are notable exceptions) and they can make a sometimes very good living for twenty years or so in a way that gives them most of the day off and doesn’t require them to read the labels on the cans needing to be stacked at the supermarket.

    For people like me (5′ 6″ tall) I could find a place on a soccer team, especially if they let me pass the ball rather than clatter into people and throw my weight around (sound of laughter here). So it goes: I would get crushed into the mud in rugby and no one would ever notice.

    As for the NFL, of course they would in time come under government scrutiny. Government in the west is about being busy being busy, and when they soon tire of the usual things to bother about — mostly the things people care about that directly affect their income and happiness — they cast round for anything that catches their attention. Of course, governments don’t want to piss off large tracts of voters though perhaps the metrics say that more people who vote don’t watch sports than those who do.

    They also won’t interfere other than snipe at the fringes, depending on political capital, and drug misuse is a good one. It gives the illusion of caring and that is all that matters.

    • In the US, soccer is mostly played by middle-class suburban white kids. The best white athletes head to baseball, football, hockey and basketball. That’s one reason we are so terrible in international play. A big part of it is cultural. Soccer is just not our thing. Another part of it is blacks in America hate soccer. They prefer basketball and football. The “skill and strategy” sport in the US is baseball where you can be a good player, even if you’re 5’6″ and weigh 11 stone.

      The reason I like teasing American soccer fans is they get so worked up over the slightest thing. Brits always laugh at my cracks. They are not bedeviled by the culture war aspect of it like American soccer fans.

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