Lunatic on Lunatic Violence

It appears a civil war is breaking out on the Left. The blacks are mad at the SWPL’s and SJW’s for letting them down. The SWPL’s are mad at the SJW’s for expecting them to practice what they preach. Everyone is mad at the Hispanics for not showing up and playing their part in the narrative. Of course, the war on white people is coming home as the SJW’s attach the robber barons of Silicon Valley for not singing along with the vagina monologue. It looks like it may get very nasty.

An Uber executive’s suggestion that the company should investigate the private lives of journalists has sparked a backlash against the popular car service, offering a potent reminder that tech companies are amassing detailed — and potentially embarrassing — records of users’ communications, Internet traffic and even physical movements.

The controversy stemmed from remarks by Uber Senior Vice President Emil Michael on Friday night as he spoke of his desire to spend $1 million to dig up information on “your personal lives, your families,” referring to journalists who write critically about the company, according to a report published Monday night by Buzzfeed. The same story said a different Uber executive once had examined the private travel records of a Buzzfeed reporter during an e-mail exchange about an article without seeking permission to access the data.

That combination of vindictiveness and willingness to tap into user information provoked outrage Tuesday on social-media sites, spawning the hashtag “#ubergate” on Twitter. Critics recounted a series of Uber privacy missteps, including a 2012 blog post in which a company official analyzed anonymous ridership data in Washington and several other cities in an attempt to determine the frequency of overnight sexual liaisons by customers — which Uber dubbed “Rides of Glory.”

I’ll just note that “outrage on social media” now resembles something like the scene from Life of Brian where Brian meets the People’s Front of Judea.

This week’s incident was the latest reminder about the potential for abuse as intimate information accumulates on the servers of tech companies that have widely varying approaches to user privacy and face few legal barriers in how they use personal data.

“We have never in history been at a point where we were more extortable,” said Chris Hoofnagle, a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley who specializes in online privacy. “We have to think about how the service provider itself can be a threat.”

Uber officials have sought to distance themselves from Michael’s comments. Chief executive Travis Kalanick tweeted that they were “terrible,” and Michael issued an apologetic statement calling the remarks “wrong” and expressing regret.

On Tuesday, the company said in a blog post: “Uber has a strict policy prohibiting all employees at every level from accessing a rider or driver’s data. The only exception to this policy is for a limited set of legitimate business purposes.”

I think we begin to see much more of this sort of lunatic on lunatic violence. Powerful people don’t like it when people say bad things about them. For its part, the Left is “all in” on the war on the white people. It has no choice. If they drop that the who thing falls apart and modern liberalism begins to resemble a UFO cult. That means they have to press forward with their war on tech companies who refuse to hire unqualified women and minorities just to make the brochure look good to the Left.

2 thoughts on “Lunatic on Lunatic Violence

  1. The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on.

    Sorry Omar K, today it is more that the moving finger having writ on the OpEd page hangs round and writs it over again and then examines the online comments to see if it is in line with correct thinking and whether the rest of the Eloi approve and will thus invite the finger to their next little soiree.

  2. The word journalist has lost all meaning. Emil is not trying to intimidate F. Chuck Todd here; he’s threatening trust fund hipsters with attitudes and blogs.

    I find it hysterical that all these ubermenschen who have flouted and belittled bourgeois values since infancy are now in a twittering panic because someone might reveal their louche sexual habits or tedious drug use. People who think it acceptable to use nude selfies for passport photos are now worried that strangers may see their junk. Is it possible that the Eloi and the Morlocks have bred, producing this weird race of bestial effeminati? It’s like the drag queens have inherited the earth.

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