Looks Like I Was Right

Last week I posted something about the University of Virginia rape “scandal.”  I was not buying it and it now looks like I was right. Not that anyone should be surprised that I was right. That should be your default position. I’m a little surprised that I was so incredibly right. I said it “reads like what liberals imagine happens in the rape culture of fraternities.” Reality is rarely so neat and tidy like it is depicted on TV or in pulp fiction aimed at women. Steve Sailer did an excellent literary critique of the story the other day.

Anyway, the magazine is now running away from their story. The fraternity is about release facts that contradict key parts of the story. Getting details here or there wrong would be one thing, but we’re now learning that large chunks of the story are complete nonsense. Apparently, the young girl in question has been massaging this story for years, embellishing it as she goes, to the point where even her friends think she is a nut.

I do wonder if this will be a tipping point for this stuff. There’s a limit to how many times you can cry wolf. When you get highly memorable whoppers like this and the Duke lacrosse case, they tend to stick in people’s minds. When the next one comes up it gets easier to recall these hoaxes. It also makes it easier to recall the lesser hoaxes as they string together like beads on a string.

Unsaid in all of this is what it means for the Progressive coalition. The war on women stuff was a huge flop in the election. This stuff does not help the cause. It just makes appeals to lady part solidarity sound ridiculous, even to young women. With everyone re-thinking race relations in light of Ferguson, the progressive coalition is looking like it is about to collapse. Time will tell, but it looks like the late-70’s all of a sudden.

4 thoughts on “Looks Like I Was Right

  1. I think the country is at a tipping point on so many issues. People are fed up with the constant Leftist antics. Identity politics are contributing heavily to dividing the country and those of us who can see the destruction it’s caused are at the very least, disgusted.

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