Death to Whitey!

I’ve been saying for a very long time that “social justice” just a nice way of saying “revenge.” People used to know this. When the old ruler was over thrown, the new ruler delivered swift justice to the former ruler’s people. If the mob got angry enough, they would deliver “rough justice” to the object of their anger. In the affairs of man, justice is the winners punishing the losers.

Toni Morrison, the clownishly inept poet, at least has the honesty to state what everyone knows, with regards to racism.

The Nobel prize-winning author Toni Morrison has delivered a frank assessment of race relations in America, declaring that until racial disparities in the criminal justice system are resolved, the conversation about racism will never be over.

Morrison, who won the Pulitzer prize in 1988 for her novel Beloved, which told a story of racism and slavery in 19th-century Kentucky and Ohio, drew on a recent spate of high-profile killings of unarmed African Americans by law enforcement officials to illustrate the ongoing struggle.

“People keep saying, ‘We need to have a conversation about race’,” Morrison told the Daily Telegraph.

“This is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back.”

She added: “And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman. Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?’, I will say yes.”

Well, she could have seen a four white men convicted of raping a black women. It was in 1959 in Florida, of all places, when four white men were sent away for life in the rape of Betty Jean Owens. After all, if she just wanted one white man convicted, having four convicted must have her waddling around in ecstasy.

As far as a cop shooting  a white kid, we have lots of examples. Gilbert Collar was shot by a black cop in Alabama and not charged. Alabama! Just last year Dillon Taylor was shot by a black cop. Dillon was not only named “Dillon” he was unarmed. No charges in that one either.

Now, maybe Toni Morrison is just a stupid person. But, she has been smart enough to play the skins game well enough to get rich as a colossally bad poet. No, I suspect she knows the truth of things. She just hates white people and would enjoy seeing more white people suffer and die. The cops could shoot a thousand white teenagers in the back tonight and Morrison will want more.

I don’t blame her, really. She’s old and no one really cares what she has to say about anything. She may as well let loose with what’s on her mind. She also must think the tide of history is on the side of nonwhites. Look around and ask yourself if she is wrong. She does not have much time so just in case she is dead when American is majority NAM, she has got her two cents in on what should be done.

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  1. I think all sorts of things happened during the slave era.

    Through the genealogy work of one of her cousins, we recently found out that my wife’s four-times great grandfather was born a slave. His mother was a 14 year old slave and his father was her white owner who had a reasonably sized plantation. The slave owner was a widower who already had three children from his marriage. Apparently he wasn’t interested in getting married again and made this his arrangement instead.

    He had three children with his slave, and per the terms of his will, she and her children were manumitted and taken to the nearest free state after his death. She was also supposed to be provided with some money, but that never materialized.

    We believe that my wife’s grandmother may have been the first to pass for white. She was long dead by the time my wife and I met, but looking at her photographs you wouldn’t be able to tell the African American ancestry. She married a European immigrant who came over as an adult, who may not have been much into the nuances of American racial classifications. My mother-in-law knew this but never told her husband or any of her children. She told one of my sisters-in-law about it very late in her life and swore her to secrecy. Once the genealogy work came out, the sister-in-law felt free to come forward with it.

    We were surprised by this and are quite bemused. My wife is a brunette with wavy hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin with freckles. I told my wife she should change her racial classification to AA on the forms at the place she works. She did much to the consternation of the human resources department. I’ve told our kids the same, though I’m not sure if they have done that. My daughter, who has blonde wavy hair like mine (or was before it turned gray), and blue eyes, delights in telling people she is AA whenever the subject of race comes up.

    I’m from the South, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find that in my background as well, though nothing has come up yet in the genealogy work we’ve done. When those DNA tests fall to a reasonable price, I’ll get one and see. All I know for certain on that front now is that the 1820 census shows my five-times great grandfather owned two slaves.

  2. A rapist is, by nature and by legal definition, a criminal. Rape is not a one off thing. Before Albert de Salvo began strangling women, it is thought he raped several hundred women a year. So what the FBI statistics are saying is that even white criminals will not rape a black woman. To judge by their complete silence on that subject this seems to not represent a triumph for the black narrative, but an embarrassment. The black narrative is of course that plantation owners raped black slave women, leaving cream in the coffee, ergo white men find black women irresistible. The fact that it is not happening at all now strongly suggest that it didn’t happen that way then.

    • JW, what happened was that the black women pursued the white slave owner and got pregnant, consensually, without rape. By having a mulatto, it was a ticket into the nice house, and the offspring would be able to live a better life. That’s a condensed version of what I’ve read in other sources.

      • There’s a pretty good study on this. Americans who call themselves black are about 25% white. That’s population-wide so a guy like Obama who says he is black is 50% white. His wife is probably 100% black. On average, the highest levels of African ancestry are found in African Americans living in or born in the South, especially South Carolina and Georgia. In other words, there was less miscegenation in the South than anywhere else in the country.

        • My idea is that the great mixing did not happen until after the Civil War. The link estimates six generations, which would be right.

          When we look at the numerous photos of black Union troops it is clear they are entirely African. That is true of the occasional photo of southern slaves as well, but those are a far less representative sample of the broad population. As Mike wrote, a woman with mulatto children gave those children and herself a leg up in the plantation pecking order, out of the fields and into the house. They were not however offspring of the plantation aristocracy, whose wives and social standing would not tolerate those arrangements.

          Then the children of mulattoes bred with mulattoes, the lighter the better, or, as with Sally Hemings, with white men, and you had individuals who could pass, as some of Hemings children did before the war.

          After the war, those individuals, however few in actual number, were wildly successful reproductively, and due to biological reasons especially the men.

          To this day blacks are relentlessly discriminatory to each other according to color and hair, and schoolchildren are the worst.

          White men don’t rape black women. Can we get a shout out from Al, Jessie, or Barry for showing restraint? I know I have.

  3. “And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman.”

    That will be a tough one, because even according to the U.S. DOJ:

    “The rate of black women being raped by white men is so low it cannot be represented down to the tenths place as a percentage of overall rapes and is therefore either zero or extremely close to zero.”

    They have to literally round it up to zero for statistical reasons.

  4. I often wonder how the Toni Morrisons, et al, currently U.S. citizens would fare if their ancestors were not brought out of Africa to the civilized world. They would be like the millions of black Africans living in squalor with no education, no basic human rights, no health care and on and on. Maybe their resentment stems from the fact that the failure of their race to prosper and grow as the other races have gnaws at their very being and they lash out like angry teenagers. Maybe not, but their racism is disproportionate to the benefits they have received by being delivered. They should be thanking not hating white people.

    • ” They should be thanking not hating white people.” Tripletap

      Mean IQ of American Blacks 80 to 85 (various estimates).

      Nuff said.

      Dan Kurt

  5. I often say to people that we live in an Age Of Fear. There was an Age Of Reason once, but we have put aside reason and grown to be utterly fearful of anything and everything. The provision of cushions by the state for a soft landing has also turned into the supply, and use, of cushions to smother the people.

    But we are also in an Age Of Naivety, and probably in an Age Of Hypocrisy as well.

    A case in point would be a Labour politician in this country who is defending her seat in the forthcoming general election. She has a constituency with a large number of black people, which as she is black herself is not a problem. But her local party put out a poster that showed a happy, smiling black family and the message was that black families are well served by this candidate (they stop being MPs when the election is called and revert to just being candidate, by the way)

    But this woman in naive and hypocritical, and relies on the current age of fear to allow her to get away with presenting what is in effect a racist message. But because all of us here are so fearful of saying boo to a goose, we let such an obvious example of racism go. The candidate should, by the terms of the job, work equally for all families irrespective of either their colour or hers. But we don’t (and won’t) say anything because we have been taught to be so fearful, though we would collectively scream with indignation if the poster was of a white family who are promised good treatment because of the lightness of their pigmentation.

    In that we are at least united in our collective hatred of the pale ones.

    There are new ways of feeling that society has lost its head every day, and thus we are not surprised any more how much people of a disruptive and selfish attitude are allowed to get away with in their quest to undermine everything worthwhile. Those who demand equality are allowed to be as unequal as they like, and we just nod and bury our heads in our lovely, free cushions.

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