A Peak Inside The Hive

Every cult has defense mechanism. It is the nature of all organic things to have some way to protect themselves from assault by predators and competitors. Religions are organic things, even the ones cooked up by bored science fiction writers. They quickly evolve into something that has a nature different from the sum of its parts. Secrets, rituals and practices that define who is in and who is out of the group are an essential defense mechanism.

Because Progressives lack consecrated buildings in which to meet and spread the good word, they have developed an elaborate way to signal to one another their membership in the cult. These change over time as the Cult of Modern Liberalism is occasionalist. In the 80’s, male adherents wore linen collars and had floppy JFK hairdos. Today they have 90’s dance club beards and wear fake glasses.

The preferred defense mechanism of the Cult of Modern Liberalism is the shifting of focus from it to some conjured bogeyman. Defining that bogeyman, therefore, is an important part of the daily life of the true believer. For the lesser lights, the “what to do about Grendel” becomes their reason to exist. The bogeyman becomes the all-consuming issue.

This floating about on twitter is a good example.Elizabeth Grattan as far as I can tell, is a low watt social justice warrior desperate to gain attention for herself by trying to our-crazy everyone else in the Cult of Modern Liberalism. Her website is unintentional self-parody. Reading her LinedIn CV, it seems she is a low-level nuisance in Chicago’s crazy scene. That and a stalker.

As to the post in question, it’s a good example of a common feature with moonbats. They have a lot of words for “other” that they liberally employ as epithets. The word “racist” has magical qualities because it can be applied to anyone they don’t like at the moment. This quiz is basically just a list of things this poor deranged women thinks are bad at the moment.

The other thing that you see here and with all moonbats is the use of insider language to suggest they hold a special place in the cult. Ms. Grattan used “WoC” not because it is explanatory, but to indicate she is inside while you are outside. No doubt other moonbat women in her coven congratulated her for the use of “WoC” in her post. This whole effort, after all, was just a public act of piety. Getting the pat on the head is the point.

The thing about wackos like Grattan is she invests a lot of her time blocking people on social media and shouting down people who hold opinions she does not like. Her test is not about testing your degree of racism. It is about closing off any discussion of the topic. It’s settled and unless you agree it is settled, you’re a bad person.

The strangest thing about people like Grattan is she is a colossal hypocrite. She rails about racism, but lives in an all-white neighborhood. When she was arrested for stalking her boyfriend, it was in one of the richest and best guarded and most white parts of Chicago. If she wanted to be down with the cause, she could move to any of the city’s ghettos, but that’s not going to happen.

2 thoughts on “A Peak Inside The Hive

  1. Looks like a trust fund kid. Lost her faith around 2005-06 (that’s when she stops supporting Christian causes) and joined the cult.

  2. Don’t you understand that she is “Better People”? She and her ilk truly believe that they are superior to the Great Unwashed (read: those who do not think like them). Or should I say believe, rather than think. Core Progressive beliefs don’t require much thinking, just fervency. And who actually takes the charge of racism seriously anymore? The Progressives use the word so often it’s completely lost its meaning. And people whom they accuse of it should just brush it aside as the obnoxious noise that it is.

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