Standing Heads

In the newspaper business, a standing head is a special label for any regularly appearing section, page or story. The typesetters would put the letters together in a block and keep them as a set because they would use them frequently. It’s also a snarky way to indicate that a recurring story has something to do with long held stereotypes. For instance, “Rapper Killed in Drive By” would be a standing head.

So it is with Lionel Pickens, aka “Chinx.”

A Queens rapper who was part of French Montana’s group, Coke Boys, has been killed in an early morning shooting.

Lionel Pickens died at a Queens hospital, police said. The 31-year-old, who performed as Chinx, had been shot multiple times in the chest around 4 a.m. Sunday at Queens Boulevard and 84th Drive in Briarwood.

Another man was also shot. He was in the hospital in critical condition

The two men were in a Porsche when another car pulled up alongside, and multiple shots were fired, police said.

Pickens’ management team issued a statement on Instagram saying his “dedication, humor and vision will always be remembered.”

“It is with a heavy heart that The Legion Media Group and 4 Kings Management announce the passing of Lionel “Chinx’ Pickens this morning,” it wrote.

No arrests have been made. An investigation is underway.

As CBS2’s Steve Langford reported, Pickens grew up in Far Rockaway, his roots were often featured in his music videos.

Pickens had played a show in Brooklyn on Saturday night, before he was ambushed.

“It was a black Mercedes that came right next to that car and they let off shots,” witness Raymond Rivera said.

River said he saw the shooting from up the block and watched Pickens fall to the pavement.

“Police came. They put a blanket over him. They came took him in the ambulance,” Rivera said.

Just hours after the shooting there was a major show of force by the NYPD in Far Rockaway.

Police took at least two men into custody and were questioning in connection with the murder.

At the crime scene a sobbing woman declined to speak, while friends and fans watched in stunned silence.

“Those were young kids. Young kids that I watched grow up. Man this is like sad right,” Vasco Alder said.

Alex, a fan of Chinx’s music, wonders if perhaps someone was jealous.

“He was headed to the top,” he told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria. “He was with the right team. And some people didn’t like that.”

Pickens did have a rap sheet, with arrests for attempted murder, robbery and drugs, D’Auria reported. He spent more than three years in prison.

The image white people get from TV is that gang bangers are killing each other for drug turf. Libertarians imagine that the hoppers are just off-the-grid entrepreneurs, marketing, selling and defending a product. Liberals imagine they are victims thrust into this life because honest work is not available.

Reality is something different. Most of the killing is over respect. One banger looks at the other the wrong way and someone starts shooting. Sometimes they shoot one another for sport because they have nothing better to do with their time. “I don’t know. Because I felt like it” is the most common answer for why someone shot someone in the ghetto.

Whether or not it is nature or nurture can be debated, but what’s not debatable is whether there is any hope of fixing these people. It’s the thing no one wants to discuss because there can only be answers that no one wants to face. A population of violent morons must be isolated and set apart from the rest of society.

Maintaining urban reservations let’s everyone pretend we doing something other than isolating and controlling a trouble population. It is largely out of sight and therefore out of mind. Maybe that’s as good as it gets, but it is that lie that gives liberals and lunatics a lever to use against civil society.

4 thoughts on “Standing Heads

  1. We have been dealling with a guy that has been in and out of jail. Mostly, he gets thrown in jail because he won’t call his PO or forgets court dates. These people, for the most part, make bad decisions, never accept responsibility for anything they do and don’t give a damn if they are sent back to jail. You or I would do those things to stay out of jail. They simply won’t.

  2. “Maybe that’s as good as it gets.” Sigh, you might just be right. Money has been spent, colloquies tendered, programs implemented, set-asides granted, families discouraged, hiring preferences obtained, academic points added, excuses made, justifications shouted in our faces but the sad fact is that it has not solved the problem. I don’t know the answers, I hardly know the questions but I know when systems work or do not and the current “system” has produced our current situation, so new approaches need to be sought out and considered.

  3. If I recall correctly, it was John Lott who wrote that nothing good ever happens after midnight. That’s the top of the day for the feral population.

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