Bernie Sanders is now running for president. First he tied an onion to his belt because that’s what they did back when his ideas sounded fresh and original. Soda pop cost a nickel and you could get a good haircut and a shave for two bits. Back then, the Party stood up for the working man against the syndicates, dadgummit!

Listening to clips from his  announcement, I could not help but think that Michael Savage is right and liberalism a mental disease. Bernie Sanders is an old man, 73 to be exact. That means he has seen every idea of the American Left tried multiple times, all of which failed exactly as predicted. Yet, he’s still demanding we spend more money on roads and bridges, the poor and the environment.

His big idea is to spend a trillion dollars on road building. That’s a about what we spend in seven years on roads. Bernie claims that will create 13 million jobs. Assuming those jobs pay roughly $40K per year, that means his big new roads program will keep those 13 million people working for two years. Of course, most of the money would be stolen by local pols, just like the stimulus money was stolen, so those numbers are all mythical.

It’s something an old man should know, particular an old man who has lived off the state for most of his life. That’s the thing with his cult. These guys are always arguing from the position that their ideas have never been tried and their cult has never had political power. The big lefty stimulus bill was just a few years ago, yet no liberal ever mentions it. Instead, they talk about the need for a stimulus spending program.

It’s easy to dismiss a fossil like Sanders. After all, his schtick was tired in the 1970’s when Phil Donahue was a big deal on TV. Forty years on he’s like seeing a guy in a denim leisure suit with a perm. The thing to remember, though, is that the middle-aged harpies on the cable news channels will one day be old commie fossils like Sanders. No amount of failure will ever change their minds. There’s no cure for this form of madness.

The news coverage is worth noting. Sanders has no chance of winning and 90% of America thinks he is a nut, but he gets the favorite uncle treatment. I guess that would be Uncle Ho. If a similarly fringe candidate announced for the GOP nomination, the media would be giving him the business and claiming it is proof the GOP is lurching into madness.

Anyway, Sanders will get some votes. The wool socks and sandals crowd now has an option on the menu. These are the people who think Ralph Nader would have been a great president. Given the state of the Democrat party, that’s probably worth 10% of the vote. That’s coming out of the voter pool to be divided between O’Malley and Clinton. My guess is those are votes that would have gone to O’Malley so Team Clinton has to be happy.

The real benefit to Clinton will be the debates. O’Malley is young and smooth, which would be big trouble for a run down old bat like Clinton. Having Bernie on stage will make Clinton look young and sane by comparison. It will be hard for O’Malley to draw easy comparisons between himself and Clinton. The worst thing for a challenger is a crowded stage, especially when one of the crowd is a crazy old man from another century.

Aside from the entertainment factor, those of us outside the Left will get a chance to see inside this fall. Cankles is the candidate of the aging boomer crazies. These are the folks who cut their teeth in the late sixties and early seventies. Butch O’Malley will be going for the younger moonbats. I’m on the mailing list and it is already clear he plans to be the white Obama.

The difference is O’Malley is probably more authentically black than Obama, given their backgrounds, but O’Malley will have to run as a pale penis person. Cankles is older now and her voters are older and crankier. Eight years of watching the young whipper-snappers run things has been tough.

Sanders is sure to throw some hay-makers at both camps, hopefully working as a catalyst for full-on moonbat-on-moonbat violence. Imagine the Democrat convention of 1968 except with walkers and middle-aged fat guys in cheap khaki shorts screaming about Fox News. The riot will need to be wrapped up by four so the Cankles supporters can make it to the early bird.

I welcome the man from the past into the Democratic race.

9 thoughts on “Sanders-nistas

  1. Sanders is amusing because no one but the hard core socialists and Commies take him seriously. But at least he is what he says he is, he’s not pretending to be someone or something he isn’t, like the current president, or like Shrillary.

  2. The number of jobs he would create has varied between 15 and 25 million, but there is a problem. Bernie forgot to factor in the cost of concrete, steel, asphalt, etc. Big WHOOPS.

  3. Next to Hilldog and Sanders, anyone looks good – even O’malley. The republican debates look to be interesting and tough. The democrat debate/s, if they debate at all, will be real entertainment. No popcorn here, a rack of ribs and cold beers.

  4. At least Sanders shines light on the ugly truth – that people with high three digit IQs hijacked the system and created a society where it is impossible to thrive unless you are hyper intelligent. No real marketable skills? Minimum wage and canned beans for you.

  5. I thought for sure that Jerry Brown would enter the race, but it looks like I was mistaken.

  6. O’Malley seems to want to be the Vladimir Putin of the Democratic Party with his shirtless poses and all.

  7. The other thing about Bernie Sanders’ entry is it tactically outflanked Liz Warren, who would have been to the left of Hil, but not as far over as Bernie. Bernie might even get the VP offer from Clinton, to tie down the left wing, and to show that Biden actually wasn’t the worst possible vice president choice.

    • Cankles has already let slip that she intends to tab an illegal alien Hispanic as her VP. I don’t think she gets the chance. O’Malley will beat her and be the nominee. The Dems don’t like losers and they don’t like old women.

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