Banned From National Review

It took a while, but they finally banned me from posting at National Review. It seems my accurate portrayal of the execrable Ramesh Ponnuru finally did it. I called him Rich Lowry’s house boy, which must have finally forced their hand. The fact is, all of these people are just hired pens. Ponnuru is a hack who gets paid because he is willing to lick the boots of whoever pays him. Lowry keeps him around mostly for color. If Ramesh were a white guy named Smith he would be waxing Lowry’s car, not writing for his magazine.

But, that’s how it goes with the managerial class these days. It is all appearances and gestures. The fact that an empty suit like Lowry is in charge of National Review shows how pointless it is to support these organizations. To quote Eric Hoffer, “all movements become a business and then a racket.” National Review is now just a money raising racket for managerial class mediocrities. It’s why they are so ineffective. It’s all a long con on ordinary people, who just want to have a normal country.

It will be interesting to see how long National Review stays afloat. Buckley bankrolled the thing as it never made money, even when it actually stood for something. Well, that’s what he allowed people to believe. In reality, he was a great hustler who got rich people to not only finance the magazine, but his extravagant lifestyle. Buckley’s family was very wealthy, but old Bill had expensive tastes. Regardless, he’s gone now and the people in charge of his magazine lack his connections and media skill.

Rich Lowry has no money of his own and limited ability to raise it from rich donors. Maybe Buckley set things up before he croaked so they could carry on, but that never stops the next generation from screwing it up in time. Their recent fundraisers have been disasters, forcing them to extend their deadlines. The quality of the product has also declined sharply as they have purged anyone curious or insightful. Kevin Williamson is the best they have, but he is a gold-plated phony. That will eventually be his undoing.

I will wear my banishment as a badge of honor. In the years ahead, I have no doubt I will be banned from many other platforms. The people who rule over us assumed the internet was going to be an amen chorus praising them. Now that they see the opposite, they will move to shut down speech on-line. First it will be the comment sections and then social media. Anything that contradicts the secular religion will be treated as blasphemy.