The Invasion

The invasion of America from the south has been largely peaceful. Hispanics have a crime rate slightly higher than the whites, but nothing like blacks. Most whites are happy when a neighborhood transitions from black to Hispanic. Even though most will be on welfare, they are not robbing and murdering like the blacks. Plus, a fair number who do work, work very hard and that flatters the typical white person in SWPL-ville.

Europe has a different problem. Their immigration is coming from two places, the MENA and sub-Saharan Africa. These populations have high degrees of clannishness, fanaticism and violence. The Czechs and Slovaks parted ways with a handshake and good wishes. Syria is breaking up in a bloodbath. Similarly, sub-Saharan Africans slaughter one another for sport.

There’s also a different cultural history on the Continent than in the US. Despite all the happy talk and multicultural nonsense belched forth by the ruling elites, the natives have maintained their suspicions of the “other.” Further, they don’t have the same hangups about race as we do in the US. Europeans don’t look at Africans as sacred objects of worship.

That’s why the Euro elites are playing with fire when it comes to the invasion from the south. The natives of Europe are not going to be shamed into suicide, but they will be irate over homicide committed by “refugees” from the south.

Italy’s simmering anti-immigrant sentiment has been stoked by the murder of an elderly couple in their home in Sicily, allegedly by an African asylum seeker.

Mamadou Kamara, an 18-year-old from the Ivory Coast, allegedly slit the throat of Vincenzo Solano, 68, and then attacked his Spanish-born wife, Mercedes Ibanez, 70.

Ms Ibanez fell to her death from a second-floor balcony, during a robbery that turned violent.

Mr Kamara is one of thousands of migrants and refugees living at a vast reception centre at nearby Mineo, in south-eastern Sicily.

They are accommodated there after arriving by boat from Libya, and wait sometimes for months to have their asylum applications assessed.

The migrants are allowed to come and go freely from the facility, a former US military base where prostitution, links with organised crime and the trade in illicit goods is said to be rife.

Mr Kamara, who was rescued in the Mediterranean on June 8 and brought with other migrants to the port of Catania in Sicily, allegedly broke into the pensioners’ flat in the village of Palagonia, six miles away, and slit the throat of Mr Solano.

The elderly man’s wife was found dead in the courtyard of their three-storey apartment block. Investigators believe she may have fallen over the balcony in panic after trying to flee the attacker.

Mr Kamara was arrested after police searched his bag on Sunday as he returned to the migrant centre.

Inside they found a mobile telephone, a laptop computer, a video camera and a pair of trousers, allegedly belonging to Mr Solano, that were covered in blood.

The young African man claimed to have “found” the items, but police arrested him and are expected to charge him with two counts of murder.

Here’s a tip to my European readers. Get used to hearing the words, “The young African man claimed to have “found” the items.” The other line you will hear a lot from the mother of the criminal is “He’s a good boy. He was turning his life around.” For reasons we have yet to discover here in the States, sacred people have a habit of committing major crimes just when they are about to turn their life around.

Sebastian Maccarrone, the director of the Mineo migrant centre, said: “If it was him, it is a tragedy within a tragedy – for the people killed, and for integration. We are all shocked. I have spoken with many migrants and they all want to disassociate themselves from what happened.

“For each small step we have taken forward in terms of integration, this has put us 10 steps backwards.”

The trousers were identified as belonging to Mr Solano by one of his daughters, who was contacted by police.

The pensioner had retired back to his native Sicily a decade ago after working for years in a Mercedes car factory in Germany. Detectives believe that other migrants may have been involved in the burglary.

More than 100,000 refugees have arrived by boat in Italy this year, making the crossing from Libya in overcrowded rubber dinghies and leaky fishing boats. Last year, a record 170,000 arrived on Italian shores.

Here’s another thing you need to get used to hearing. Every time an invader kills a local, the tragedy will be that it hurts the cause of diversity and integration. You’ll note the word “assimilation” has been replaced with “integration” now, meaning you wreckers better not insist on keeping your old habits. You will meet the invaders “half way” and adopt their culture – or else.

Patience is wearing thin among many Italians, with some of the country’s 20 regions refusing to accommodate any more migrants and centre-Right parties accusing the centre-Left government of Matteo Renzi, the prime minister, of having lost control of the country’s borders.

“Italians fear for their lives inside their own homes,” said Gianluca Buonanno, an MEP with the Northern League, a staunchly anti-immigrant party of the Right.

“This is Renzi’s national security strategy. What kind of country are we living in?”

Giorgia Meloni, another centre-Right politician and a close ally of Silvio Berlusconi, the former prime minister, said: “The instigator of the murder of these two innocents is the Italian state, which is responsible for having kept open a facility … which we said should be closed down.”

“The murdered couple had returned from living in Germany to enjoy their retirement in Sicily,” a relative told La Stampa newspaper. “They shouldn’t have died like this, slaughtered like goats.”

Well, to the people in charge, the goats are a bigger concern than the natives. The typical Western government cares more about animal welfare than the safety of its native people. Being slaughtered like goats is going to look like a good result in a few more years.

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  2. The “migrant crisis” can be ended in a matter of days. Here is the instruction sheet:

    1. Drill holes in a few boats in the Mediterranean containing “refugees.”

    2. If a “migrant” is convicted of a violent crime, hang him in a very public place.

    3. Send rocket-propelled grenades at several politicians who make speeches and pass laws to support the invaders.

    Ugly? Yes. I’m sorry I feel the need to write these words. But following these instructions will avoid much more ugliness not long from now when ordinary European citizens understand that they are at war with their invaders and behave the way people at war do.

  3. The whole thing is “din do nuffin”.

    It appears that Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints is coming to pass.

  4. I know, via a relative, of a case in the UK where a young woman was stabbed and thrown into a river to drown. It’s hard to say which act claimed her life, but the men who did it apparently were outraged that she was going to tell their parents that one of them was the father of the baby she was expecting.

    A very sad business, and made sadder perhaps by the fact she was white, the men were ‘of Pakistani origin’ and it was a clear case of seemingly justified murder because this way the family’s ‘honour’ had to be preserved. It didn’t seem odd to our imported friends that though the families may have had murderous offspring, such an act wouldn’t affect their precious honour in any way. The shame lay in anyone knowing what they were up to.

    This is the future of Britain, and with it much of the western world. While other relatives of mine champion immigration and don’t like to talk about such matters, and prefer to concentrate on how many somali-born brain surgeons are flooding in to the UK, there are those of us who think this is the very sharp end of a considerable iceberg.

  5. If the Italian adopted immigrant culture with respect to justice, a mob would set upon the camp and murder its inhabitants in retribution.

  6. This will be a test for the EU, if they can keep together under massive 3rd World invasion or if the European countries get back their sovereignity from Brussels/Frankfurt.

    Yusgolasvia was one of the best countries from the Eastern Bloc but got dismembered by NATO to save Albanian/Kosovar criminals and terrorists.

  7. Speaking of get used to hearing… my word of the year is dindu!

    “Dindu Nuffin is a pejorative term that originated on reddit to mock and criticize black people during the numerous riots throughout 2014 and 2015.

    The phrase “dindu nuffin” is derived from a bastardization of the phrase “didn’t do nothing”, a plea for innocence often used in reference to unarmed black men killed by police. One of the most famous instances of the usage of this phrase can be found in a comic. Detractors often use “dindu nuffins” to refer to sympathizers of the black community.”

    via knowyourmeme

  8. Europeans need to become far more extreme than just “irate” to deal with what’s washing up on their coasts and crossing their borders. Desperate times call for desperate measures: when will Europe cry “Uncle”?

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