No people have been more poorly served by their leaders than the German people, going back to the founding of the modern German nation. Most people would assume I’m referring to you know who and the you know what, but that’s just one example.The Kaiser’s actions in the lead up to the Great War were reckless and crazy, costing his people immeasurably. The Great War has largely been forgotten, but it is fair to pin the blame there for what came after on the events of 100 years ago.

I’ve been reading about the Great War lately and one event in the Battle of Ypres jumped out to me for its significance today. The German army found itself on the defensive after the French rallied at The Marne. They retreated back toward Belgium and took up defensive positions before the Race to the Sea, where both sides tried to outflank the other to the north. The Battle of Ypres was at the end of this.

There’s one battle that struck a chord with me and it is the Battle of Langemarck. The war had not gone as the Germans had planned and they suddenly found themselves needing many more soldiers. Not only was there not going to be a quick end to the war, the Allies had amassed a huge army and the Germans had to match it so they began conscripting every able bodied man into the army.

Both sides found themselves in a position where they were sending raw recruits into battle against hardened units in a form of warfare no one had contemplated until the Great War. The result was often slaughter where raw units were sent rushing against machine gun positions, only to be mowed down by the thousands. By Langemarck, however, both sides were well aware of the reality of this war.

In September 1914 four new German Army Corps had been formed. At that time, a German corp was about 12,000 men so these new corps totaled 50,000 men at most. Estimates vary, but about 75% of these new units were young volunteers between 17 and 19 years of age. As a result of the young age of so many of the soldiers, the Corps became known as the “Kinderkorps”. The word “Kinder” translates as “children” in English.

These four Corps were incorporated into the German Fourth Army and by October, with only a few weeks of training, they were on the march towards the front at Ypres. On the other side were experience soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force. These were some of the best soldiers in the war at the time. The BEF was a professional, full-time military that had fought around the globe prior to the war in France.

The accounts are disputed, but the reports at the time claim these “Kinderkorps” attacked the British positions, singing Deutschland Uber Alles, with some having put flowers in their helmets. This was most assuredly apocryphal, made up to add poignancy to a dreadful event. Estimates say 70% of these units were mowed down in the attack. Again, the details are disputed by revisionists, who have motives worse than the the people they wish to refute, but the slaughter is not disputed.

For a long time this event held a special place in the German national consciousness, but I’m sure it no longer holds any place today. It should have remained a warning to all future Germans about the conduct of their leaders and the cost of giving them too much power. The story of German leadership since the founding of the modern state is one of suicidal squandering of their most precious resources for no good purpose, beyond self-aggrandizement.

This is relevant today in what we are seeing with Merkel’s quest to fill up Germany with Muslims form the Near East. These Muslims are not looking to become German, even if that were a possibility. They are not seeking temporary shelter from a storm back home. The majority are men of military age, who should be back home fighting to make their country safe again. No, this is just a bunch of people looking for a better deal.

Germany should be organizing the defense of Europe, helping the periphery deal with this flood of migrants. Instead, it is a slow motion “Kindermord”, where the children of today are being sacrificed to the mad policies of a bunch of old farts in charge of the country.The absolute inability to admit error is leading the German political class to embrace what amounts to national suicide, just so they can feel good.

Reading about the Great War, it’s hard to comprehend how the leaders of that age could have been so foolish, reckless and craven. But, we also have the benefit of 100 years of hindsight. Still, after the first wave of young men were fed into the gaping maw of industrial warfare, there was simply no excuse for not seeking a way to end what was a pointless war.

One hundred years from now, if civilization permits a looking back at our age, people will wonder how the leaders of today let wave after wave of migrants wash away European civilization. After the first experiments with wholesale immigration, how could they not see the suicidal lunacy of these polices? The lesson, of course, is no amount of “Kindermord” can shake the faith of men determined to wipe themselves out.

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  1. It is so horribly sad that the leaders on all sides failed to call a halt immediately as the full extent of the horror of trench warfare became apparent.

    There’s a YouTube video on shell shock that will show you what the horror of the trenches did to young minds. The odds of death or serious injury were excellent and the men knew it. Even the most willing troop had to know the viciousness of senior offices who sent them on such pointless missions. Haig would remark on how certain sectors showed a disappointing lack of spirit in offensive operations, that worthless, heartless, murderous bastard.

    Paul Fussell detailed the British refusal to construct adequate dry accommodations.

    Six months of trench warfare and 1400 years of dealings with Muslims ought to be enough to alarm any reasonable leader but it is not so. The last 25 years has seen a succession of loathsome Western political leaders in the main characterized by stupidity, conceptual dimness, historical ignorance, economic ignorance, fiscal profligacy, monetary stupidity, concupiscence, fairy tale notions of human nature and differences, cronyism, leftist lunacy, lies, and treason.

    In medieval England, the eldest son would be whipped every time land was transferred. Prime ministers, presidents and senior generals ought similarly to be whipped when every 100th foreigner arrives in the nation.

  2. I could argue that the Russians were worst served by their leaders from the beginning, but that would be quibbling. The Kaiser was certainly down at the low end of the monarchical gene pool.

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  4. The great issue here is the impending demographic collapse of Europe. The continent is emptying of caucasian people and being replaced with moslems from the middle east and north africa. This is a fait accompli and cannot be stopped if the progressive policies are not reversed. Can a government order white citizens to produce children on the penalty of a cutoff of social benefits and jail time?

    • I think it’s better to ask what incentives can be created and what disincentives can be removed. Compulsion isn’t necessary.

      PR and school instruction could promote motherhood as something noble and patriotic instead of engaging in the constant messaging of tough women cops who cause men twice their weight to cease resisting by their mere touch and gruff voice. Women should not be lauded for being (fake) kickboxers and assassins and feminism should be ridiculed mercilessly.

      Tax incentives should make it financially easier to have children. Abortion needs to cease and single women should be compensated for carrying children to term and giving them up for adoption.

      Let us just say certain people should be encouraged to return home or face severe disincentives to have lots of children. We had best regain our ability to discriminate forcefully and unapologetically. We are due processing and equal protecting ourselves to death.

      Such ideas as these NEVER see the light of day but the lunatic option of importing foreigners to solve demographic problems is the ONLY thing we EVER hear.

  5. I don’t see Merkel’s Miscalculation as the end of Europe as such: the process had been going on for a long time thanks to the EU. Germany was, as they say, just following orders. But the boundaries (and there will be boundaries once more) will mean smaller areas and while some of these areas may well have a lot of muslims in them, my view is that once the free money dries up whole boatloads of them will bugger off back to whence they came.

    The significant thing is that there will be areas with no muslims, and for all the differences between Brit, German and French we are a lot closer to each other than bearded twits with their covered up women trailing behind them. Sadly, our media hasn’t spotted this yet, but even the dense idiots at Al-Beeb will see it soon enough.

    One thing that will accelerate it is that more and more Asian men (for Asian in the UK read Pakistani) emerge from the shadows and try to rape white women openly. After all, their supply line of vulnerable girls might well be greatly reduced of late.

    By the way, on our stupid media, I actually cracked out laughing when I read one news report here of a fire in part of a mosque ‘administrative buildings’ in south London which — being the Dhimmis that our media is — contained the line “Thankfully the mosque was not damaged.” When our silly journalists use the word ‘thankfully’ in relation to what is an alien and hostile religion, you know we are entering the end days.

    • I also read that about the London mosque, but my reaction was slightly different: “Damn! Why didn’t the whole thing burn to the ground!”

      • That mosque was a yasidi mosque, who are just as harmless as Baha-i or Mennonnites…Which goes to show people should check facts before running their mouths…By the way, Yasidis have pretty much been exterminated on all the umma, along with christians.

          • “That mosque was a yasidi mosque, who are just as harmless as Baha-i or Mennonnites…Which goes to show people should check facts before running their mouths…”

            Then: “Actually, an Ahmahdi mosque”

            Yes, I take your point about running ones mouth.

            But here’s the thing: my criticism was about our supine media. I accept that mosques exist, but would this report have used the word ‘thankfully’ about a church fire? Nope, I don’t think so, or at least have never seen it (and I have been looking at news for a good number of decades now)

            And yes, it is still an alien religion to my islands

  6. What you wrote is not just the purview of the German Human Extinction Movement, it is an allegory for the entire existence of the modern state.
    Industrial suffering, misery, and death, on a genocidal scale is what states do:

    “…The story of German leadership since the founding of the modern state is one of suicidal squandering of their most precious resources for no good purpose, beyond self-aggrandizement.”

    You bet its “relevant today”, that is an understatement of enormous proportions. Genocide is the state. And the state is genocide.
    The world is run by fucking homicidal psychopaths.
    Look all around, everywhere its war, war by proxy, war by cultural Marxism, race war, war for profit, for control of energy, food, natural resources.
    War to crush liberty.

    And people scoff and are horrified about the idea of secession, abolition, to be free from slavery of the state.
    Lord love a duck.

    (PS, Im not barking at you Zman, I’ve had it up to my craw with the insane maniacs running things. Those fucking sonofabitches are who should be run through the meat grinder of genocide)

  7. You might be familiar with a BBC documentary series from 1964 called “The Great War”, available on Youtube.

  8. Analogies to the fall of the Roman Empire are done to death, but does no one remember how badly the wholesale importation of Goths & others backfired?

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