The Stupid Party Collapse

An old paleocon gag, which I think was coined by Sam Francis, is that America has two parties, the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. I recall hearing it in the 80’s, but I could be mistaken. It is one of those pithy expressions everyone wants to take credit for because it becomes more obviously true every day. The budget bill the GOP just passed is a reminder that “stupid” in this context is too kind.

Read the comment sections on news stories about the deal and the general theme is “why did we bother to vote Republican?” The whole point of putting the GOP in charge of both houses was to reign in Obama and begin rolling back his excesses. Instead, we got the opposite. The Republicans have done more for Obama in six months than his own party did in six years.

Most people assume that smart politicians are on the right side of their voters. Stupid politicians go against the wishes of their voters. That makes sense as a practical matter. Scale it up and political parties should be careful to never get sideways with their constituents. Otherwise, the party has no reason to exist. The GOP is the Stupid Party because they keep finding ways to piss off their voters. It’s like they have a death wish.

In 2010 they put an emotionally disturbed drunk in charge of the House after the voters put them in charge. Boehner was a good soldier, but you can’t have your leader sobbing in public. In 2015 they finally had enough and replaced him with a Wisconsin Progressive, who has now declared war on the people that vote Republican. Frankly, calling them the Stupid Party is too kind. They are the Suicidal Party. Even Rush Limbaugh is calling for a third party now.

What we’re seeing is not a two party system, but a single party system. What looks like political debate is really just the call and response one would see in a black church. The Progressive wing does the call and the Conservative wing does the response. Anyone who has been inside a black church understands how the latter half of this relationship is judged. It’s not on rejecting the call.

What we call the two parties are nothing alike. The Democrat politicians are ideologically in tune with their voters and work hard to deliver on their shared goals. They fail a lot, thank goodness, but it is not for a lack of trying. When the Democrats strayed too far from the mission of the Cult, the Green Party sprouted up as a reminder about who is the boss. The Democrats quickly fell in line.

Republicans are a different animal entirely. They exist not as an ideological alternative to Progressives, but as a mild critique of the Progressive wing. That means they can’t exist as a standalone entity. Their existence as a party is ectosymbiotic, defined by their dependence on the other party. The opinion of Progressives is vital to the psychological well-being of the Conservative wing. It’s their food.

As I’m fond of putting it, the GOP is a Southern Party with Northern leaders. In my post yesterday, I compared the American ruling class to the ascendancy class that owned the farmland of Ireland. In retrospect, the analogy holds better with the GOP and its voters. The GOP leadership holds their voters in contempt to the same degree the English held their mick tenants.

That is where the stupidity, or what appears to be stupidity, comes on scene. On the one hand, the party needs to win elections and that means appealing to those rubes they detest. On the other hand, they are compelled by tradition and sentiment to appeal to their analogs in the other party. As the Chinese say, a man who chases two rabbits catches none. In the case of the GOP, they just look like feckless idiots.

A hilarious example is conservative media darling Marco Rubio. He is being flayed over his open borders fanaticism and the deep suspicion he is Chuck Schumer’s rent boy. He’s being whipsawed by the phony-baloney adulation from “conservatives” and the hostility from the rank and file, who despise his open borders treachery. To use a crude expression, he does not know whether to shit or go blind.

Compounding his dilemma is the fact that he is as dumb as a goldfish. I’m fond of calling Rubio Ms. South Carolina with a penis. No, that’s not a link to Lindsay Graham’s website. Rubio gets by on his looks and charm, which is fine if you’re selling Cadillacs in Boca Raton, but it is a liability when trying to run for President in these crisis times for the party.

That’s why Rubio skipped the vote on the budget bill. There’s no safe answer so he spent the day playing Halo and listening to hip-hop. That non-vote just ended his career as a politician. Who will vote for him now? His presidential campaign will now collapse and he has already decided to give up his Senate seat. He’ll land in some lobbying gig or in a no-show Wall Street job, but he is finished as a politician.

That is the fate awaiting his party.

26 thoughts on “The Stupid Party Collapse

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  2. “Miss South Carolina with a penis.” Very witty, and largely true.

    But I couldn’t even watch the whole video of that brainless wench. A body and face that won’t stop, but how do you get the mouth to stop – for more than a few minutes a day, while otherwise occupied? :>)

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  4. Surely Mr. Rubio (et al.) will understand why I missed the vote for any of the old school GOP folk.
    Surely the “pundits” that “they” call “important” experts, will understand why I dismiss their “explaination” of “A vote for X= a vote for Y!!!”.
    There’s only ONE “poll” that matters. It’s the only civil response I have to
    their “leadership experience” credentials.

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    • Double down on the rope and expand the reach. The disease of progressive statism has infected far too many!

      • Talk about rope to hang yourself with.
        The Corollary to her great Axiom as Ms. Ann Barnhardt said “…the only thing that actually WANTS to be in a cesspit is a PIECE OF SHIT regarding people who want to get elected and the psychopathic tendencies within todays political class.
        What’s funny about it is nobody saw Trump coming because the fuckers created a monster nobody believed was possible. Trump is like unintended consequences.
        The great thing about Trump Ms. Barnhardt’s axiom not withstanding, is he is the great fuck you no matter what, Trump is a win win no matter what.
        When he is elected and he ends up like the axiom portends, or he somehow fails in his bid, or they put a bullet through his head, and it doesn’t matter what becomes of Trump, it all begins to really dawn on enough people, and they become sorely disenchanted by the outcome in any of the possible eventualities, that mass of tolerance out there comes to a fucking screeching halt, that’s when the party really starts.
        Trump signifies the end of an age of America no matter what. Hard to say what the next epoch is like.

        What is wigging the fuckers out is they are in a serious pickle as Trump has turned the dynamic of the statist quo on its head. Trump represents a pivotal fuck you of penultimate scale and potential. They say Trump moved the Overton window to the right. Naw, what the potential here represents is a wrecking ball demolished the building the Overton window was in.
        It isn’t Trump, it is us we are voting for this time and there is not a damn thing the fuckers can do to stop it. Trump is the destiny of liberty writ large. We just grew up a little bit as a nation of people.
        Trump is nothing really in the larger scope, and that nothing is what the entire ruling class just became.
        You’ll see.
        Trump isn’t really The Great Fuckyou, The Great Fuck you is what made Trump possible. That Great Fuck You is The Great Fulcrum of Liberty, and God has the lever in his hands.
        The fuckers are in a no win situation. There is nothing for it. Their Overton window is a shattered pile of debris beneath a collapsed monument of hubris and greed.
        You’ll see.
        Its going to take a little time for everyone to grasp the enormity of what is happening to sink in.
        It all couldn’t have happened in a better way.

        Billy Beck was right, TINVOWOOT – (there is no voting our way out of this, and people become manifest in that).
        And that is a great thing indeed.

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  7. The republican party is irrelevant.
    They hate Cruz because he had the balls to expose the sham, the fraud that is the good old boys republican network in congress.
    They hate Trump because he will do likewise; break up the clubby elites that is the republican party.
    The republicans are to democrats as communists are to nationalist socialists; first cousins, contemptuous of the unwashed masses.
    The states should begin now to seriously consider seceding from our long gone Constitutional Republic. “Our” govt. is basically run by the elitist , left wing bureaucracy that that is accountable to no one and that imposes, with no consideration of the people’s will, regulations and rules that for all intents and purposes are laws.
    The democrats – socialists and communists – are all for this and they make no bones about it.
    The republicans are too, despite their phony protestations (on that rare occasion).

    If a democrat (read, communist or socialist) becomes president, the states should secede from the union. There really is no other way to regain our freedoms.

  8. Well this last act of Treachery by the Republicans is the final straw for me. I’ll vote for Trump and that is pretty much it. If Trump decided to go third Party, I’m with him.
    The Republicans are just a lighter version of the Democrats.We can go over Niagra Fall in a speed boat (The Democrats) or in a canoe (The Republicans) but the results are the same, a pending disaster. I’ll just sit back and watch the implosion of the Country.

  9. The GOP has wasted itself trying to win over its enemies. That was never and will never be a winning strategy.

    What the GOP needs to do and still can do is to attack and tear apart its enemies. That will not only consolidate its base but it will drag over the semi-committed voter who will choose the shiniest candidate.

    But who am I kidding? They aren’t focussed on winning the fight, merely on retaining their own gravy train. If they smile and say the right thing they will be taken care of by the ones who put them there. Heaven forbid they might fail gracefully at something they believe in and go back to their uncle’s law firm in Bilgewater County.

  10. Here’s another example of our own cheese eating surrender monkeys, in action:

    “Under Republican legislation sponsored by Senator John Cornyn, the federal government may delay the sale of a firearm to someone on the watch list for up to 72 hours. During that time, if the government can show a judge there’s ‘probable cause’ — the same legal standard used to obtain a search warrant — that the individual is plotting terrorism, then the gun sale is denied outright.”
    Wait. What? That still means . . .
    No due process! The prohibited buyer has no ability to confront his accuser. Make his case. Defend his rights. And what’s the bet that the “compromise” legislation contains the same secrecy clause as the original “terrorist loophole” bill. (The government is allowed to exclude “sensitive” information in its submission to the judge.)

    And what happens if the prohibited person wants to appeal the decision? And if an aspiring gun buyer is plotting terrorism, why the hell is he on the streets? Unless the feds want him there . . .

    The measure received 55 votes in the Senate. It it secured the backing of staunch conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio as well as moderate Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly. The only Republican to oppose it was Mark Kirk.

    When gun rights advocates say “no compromise” this is exactly the kind of degradation of their rights they are guarding against. And rightly so. [h/t DrVino]”

    Notice that when the nutless bedwetters that make up Republican officialdom
    make a deal, they never get anything in exchange for whatever they give up to the progs. Always something for nothing.

    A Watch List with Lois Lerner II in charge. That’ll be grand.
    Every member of the NRA and anyone who reads the Zman will be on it

    Yes, like Lucy and her football, but these days even more like Benedict Arnold and the plans to West Point.

    • The watch list will include veterans, commentators on conservative websites, etc. Sensitivity will exclude Muslims and the mentally ill.

  11. Republicans are a party without a voting base. How much longer can that last? Tea partyers will be voting for their demonrat opponents or running independents against them in the general. RIP.

  12. If Cruz promised to light a match to Ryan’s treachery he’d lap Trump in in instant, but apparently he’s as invested as anyone else.

    • My read on Cruz is he is smart. Very smart. But, he is a man who hesitates when it comes time to squeeze the trigger. Clausewitz had the same problem.

      • Cruz is the most fringe establishment candidate. But at the end of the day he is still establishment.

        Also, Cruz promising to thwart Ryan wouldn’t do a lick of good. We’ve seen this dance before. Trump stakes out a populist/radical position, all the other candidates shudder, but when they see his poll numbers rise they adopt it as well. The public isn’t fooled, and their poll numbers don’t move much.

      • Remember, Ted Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs. She wears the “financial pants” in the family.

  13. Enough GOP voters took another kick at Lucy’s football to put the GOP in charge of both houses.

    They won’t learn.

  14. I know of one strong conservative in elected Washington office who has gone very quiet the last couple of years or so. By accident being at the right place at the right time, I am aware of a rather convoluted financial situation that he finds himself in, that could be used to ruin his career. I am convinced that close to 100% of our elected officials are secretly compromised in some way or another, and it is constantly held over their heads, to ensure compliance with “the powers that be”. We live under a thoroughly corrupt government.

    • Power delivers pussy by the bushel basket! That’s what turns women on, (right up there with cash and the two often merge in politicians). Blame hypergamy, AWALT!

      There’s not a single male politician, no matter how “religious” or “happily married,” that hasn’t banged a secretary or office manager on the way up, that the FBI and NSA don’t know about!

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