Reading Moonbats

It is easy to read and learn about the beliefs of others when those beliefs have nothing to do with your beliefs. Reading about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks, for example, is fun because we know it is all nonsense and it in no way threatens our own beliefs about the world, natural and supernatural.

On the other hand, tune into the Democrat debate show last night and a normal person will struggle to not fly into a rage and throw the remote at the television. It’s not just the lies and nonsense all of the candidates are fond of saying in public. It’s the fact that all of these people believe things that are antithetical to what you believe and even who you are.

As a result, it is very hard to watch, listen and learn. I bet most normal people find it easier to read the pronouncements of ISIS than listen to Hillary Clinton. ISIS makes more sense. You can relate a little bit to what they are thinking and feeling. They want their culture and people to prosper. It’s crazy and violent, but not irrational. That’s not the case with the Democrats or the Republicans.

Anyway, I was thinking about that when this popped up on twitter the other day. I started to read it, but felt coming over me that urge one associates with the smell of spoiled food. It’s the old reflex arch telling your body to get away from something foul. That’s not a habit I try to cultivate so I came back to it with a more clinical approach.

One of the habits I’ve developed is to look up the author of Progressive tirades. They have an odd habit of misrepresenting themselves. The smug sneering is always based in the mistaken belief they are super smart people. Look up their bio and you inevitably learn they were a poli-sci major at a state college. Alternatively, they hold a degree from a private school in a nonsense field like black studies or feminism.

In this case, Salon does some of the work for me:

“Sean Illing is a USAF veteran who very briefly taught political science at Loyola and LSU. He is currently a staff writer for Salon.”

I’m always suspicious of people who list their military service in their bio. This comes from my grandfather who said there are two types of people who wave around their service time. There are those who peaked during the war and those who are lying to you. My grandfather grew up with men who served under Grand Duke Nicholas so he was a little jaded. Still, it is something I have often observed in my own life.

The worst offenders, of course, are politicians. John McCain has been waving around his own bloody shirt for decades. Recently, female politicians have started listing “combat veteran” at the top of their bios, giving the impression they at one time hiked up their skirts, fixed bayonets and went over the top to face the Huns.

Sean Illing, according to his resume, is a fanatic who has struggled to hold a job and gets by writing these screeds for a tin foil hat website. That’s not disqualifying, but it makes it easier to read his posts knowing that he is struggling with reality. It’s why looking up the bio is a good tool for reading material produced by the Left.

What you’ll notice about these guys is they truly believe the Great Liberal Pumpkin is about to rise from the Moonbat Patch and bring about the eschaton. I’ve been reading about the death of “old white men” for forty years now, at least. Back in the Reagan years this was a favorite of Progressives smarting over the rise of middle America. It’s where we got the phrase, “Angry White Males.”

What’s humorous about this is the people predicting the demise of old white people just assume they have escaped the march of time. Sean Illing, faster than he can imagine, will be an old white guy, hiding in his apartment from the gangs of brown people on the streets polar bear hunting.

The other thing that you always see when reading the industrial strength crackpots is the comical hive mindedness. For Sean, the world is a simple place. Inside the walls are the good thinkers. Outside the walls are the bad thinkers, an undifferentiated other about which he knows nothing, other than the fact they are on the other side of the wall. Bees stink indiscriminately for a reason.

If you’re reading this, most likely you are a crime thinker with a head full of hate facts. Despite your evilness, you have noticed that the people outside the Hive walls don’t get along with one another. There is a wide diversity of opinion outside the Hive, while inside it resembles a Hitler Youth camp.

One of the central insights of Steve Sailer is that the current Progressive coalition is way to fringe to hold together for much longer. A coalition of working class ethnics, blacks and rural whites has a lot in common. A coalition of deviants, criminals and the deranged is not a recipe for success. Sean Illing is functional, but you can’t count on guys like that to keep it together over the long haul.

13 thoughts on “Reading Moonbats

  1. What I always find striking about these triumphalist articles from the Left are that they take it as a given that America, and American politics, will all unfold along exactly the same lines that they’ve always experienced it. They lack the imagination to grasp that alternative arrangements are not only possible, but likely. It’s like they imagine that one day, the “old white people” will finally be a minority, and there will be a big vote, which the progressives will win, and then the diverse progressive coalition will ride like conquering heroes into the conservative hinterlands, where the rump right-wing minority will peacefully kneel and submit to the yoke.

    Yeah, it ain’t gonna happen that way, guys. Even if red states don’t actually go as far as secession, progressives might want to stop and consider that, though blacks only constitute about 12 percent of the population, there are entire black-dominated cities in this country that function essentially as independent fiefdoms, where the Black Man Reigns Supreme. Cities like Detroit and Baltimore are pretty much left to run themselves because nobody thinks it’s worth the trouble to send in a permanent military occupation force to restore order. That’s even though a “military” campaign to “invade” and “occupy” Detroit, and get it back up to First World standards, would cost far less and be far more successful than, say, trying to civilize desert tribes of the Levant through force of arms. The will just isn’t there.

    If progressives cannot successfully get 12 percent of the population — the 12 percent who are mostly friendly to them at the voting booth — to consistently support and implement the progressive agenda (you may have heard that blacks are generally not fans of gays, Hispanics, or feminism), what makes them think it will be a piece of cake to impose their will on hostile whites just because those hostile whites make up 40 percent of the population, instead of 51 percent?

  2. I always wanted to be a crime thinker, and now I have joined!

    Seriously, the way the western left organises itself is an endless attempt to control every aspect of people, so naturally they have much to admire in both Islam and communism. Anything however that allows people to go their own way including making their own choices is just downright wrong, wrong, wrong. It cannot be allowed!

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  4. We live in a two party system. Even after the demise of the Federalists, there were two wings of the Democrats. There will always be competition for office and the accompanying power. Regardless of the fate of the Republicans, the Democrats will face a crisis when one of its substantial minority groups recognize that there is only so much loot to go around.

    • If we withdraw our consent for a two party system there will not be a two party system. It is there because we have been conned into thinking it was our only option.
      That is changing, that illusion. Reality is beginning to win.
      People are beginning to believe in something better. It is all around us this sense of destiny of something better.
      Trump as an example as a populous alternative to the cultural marxists was only possible because the illusion of legitimacy of those with their hands on the levers of power is becoming apparent to so many.

    • What is really important here is that law-abiding middle-class citizens are deciding that playing by the cultural marxist regime rules is nothing but a sucker’s game.
      A pretty cool guy by the name of John Mosby wrote this below. I think it is particularly timely, even though he wrote it about five years ago. I took it to heart upon reading it and haven’t looked back. And appropriate in light of tar feathers rails and rope time pretty much upon us. But as they say it all begins with each of us. Good preparations are a sound basis for what must be done to keep and preserve our freedoms. Nothing less will be effective. In any case this is good stuff. FYI, John Mosby is an ex Special Forces warrior who is teaching others how to be civilian warriors. Myself and many people I know have taken this missive to heart, along with John’s and others training and practical wisdom. It is most transformational and empowering in ways that are wholesome and holistic. Just as liberty learned and prepared for is, from the fuckers out to destroy this country. The more of us the better. It all begins with each of us, but the only way we are going to get through this is together, because ripping the chainsaw from the grasp of the political class as they hack away at the tree of liberty will be difficult at first but once they start folding (a quality they all share thankfully) it will come fast.

      The fundamental human right to self-defense and its tools does not stem from any piece of parchment or other act of man.
      It is much more elemental than that.
      I have more principled reasons for my stand on owning firearms, and I don’t care one whit in the world for the Second Amendment. It means nothing to me. My rights have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution, and when it dawns on people that it has finally been erased — the principal danger of all political premises posed as “social contracts” — my rights will still validly exist, even if I die defending them. I own firearms because I have a right to private property. That is the First Thing.
      …As the Regime takes off the gloves, every day it creates tens of thousands more American Patriots who realize yes, it really probably is going to get that bad, so really, they may not have that much to lose after all.
      So why not stop being afraid and stand up to the Regime?
      Join the honorable Resistance, or make your own. Garden, cook at home, teach your children, and get right with the Lord. Cut expenses, avoid taxes, learn new skills, and build savings of tangible real assets. Train, stockpile, recruit, prepare, guard, protect, and defend.
      Make this your finest hour. -John Mosby

      These Axioms below are appropriate to your comment above also I think.

      “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” -Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale, USN

      “Of course, there is a risk, but only from a tyrannical and oppressive government bent on the absolute destruction of a free society.” -TL Davis

      • I was thinking more along the lines of

        • Remonetization
        • Recapitalization of assets
        • Demonopolization (trust busting, especially of the banks)
        • What in God’s name do we do with all of the national, state, and municipal debt?
        • Etc.

        In other words the things we will have to during and immediately after the “crisis” to keep trade from stopping and to prevent millions from starving.

        • Gonna have to bite the bullet on that debt.
          Let it go. Its nothing but blue sky based on blue sky now.
          The intrinsic value was skimmed off and long gone.
          I understand what your saying, but somebody is going to have to pay it off if your suggestions would to be followed. In a sane world sure, by all means. But it was insanity that created this mountain of debt to begin with. Guess who is going to get the privilege of paying it off? The ones who are the productive members of society, who where robbed of their intrinsic prosperity to begin with. No one else produces wealth. So they way I see it, debt creation is a system of theft of the productive, and then the productive have to then repay that debt to save the system of debt.
          Something inherently wrong there.
          I think its called slavery if I’m not mistaken.
          Its tacit and cunning, but it is a form of serfdom by any other name.
          But if your a beneficiary of that debt creation, then sure, that works great.
          One day not to soon, those who are the producers are going to withdraw consent in increasing numbers, it has already begun, and the matter is going to be self solving.

          • Let the debt holders eat it. They were just as insane to buy it as the Fed was to issue it. Might be a big return to sanity when it’s all over.

  5. The only difference between the human extinction movement aka the democratic party, aka the cultural marxists and islam, is islam is in an active process of physically and openly, overtly, without having the problem of creating an illusion of legitimacy to obtain power to implement its ideology of liquidating all who don’t fall within its ideology.
    In simplest terms, the caliphate uses guns bombs knives and terror to impose its agenda.
    The cultural marxist use others to do the same thing.
    It is a no brainer why they adore islam.
    Everyone else is naturally guilty of apostasy.

    • They adore Islam mostly because they can’t see past skin color and because Islam is detrimental to the West, which makes loving Muslims/Islam an act of virtue and kindness, signifying that one loves “the Other” and is self-sacrificing in doing so, even though on a personal level they sacrifice nothing. After all, it’s easy to love oneself and one’s friend, but loving one’s enemy is difficult and therefore considered a true act of devotion, even when it’s at the expense of one’s fellow man.
      Mixed in and feeding into that with is the notion that because Nazism was evil, the only possible evil in the world is to view another ethnic group as dangerous (which in turn implies that danger can only come from within Western society and never from outside it), instead one should consider oneself to be dangerous, hence this Church’s obsession with ‘man made global warming’.

      Now add to that the fact that this being the dominant ethos of our age, it is that ones who are most puritanical and irrational in their devotion to that ethos who get to boss others around, since everyone who won’t go as far as them can be presented as a possible heretic, recalling the dark ages and the witch hunts and the witchfinder general and the inquisitions; in each case an ethos most people believe in gives a distinct advantage to nutcases who constantly accuse others of not being sufficiently devout. One could argue that this also happens in Islam, since by definition the nutcases get to accuse any muslims with a sane ideology of being insufficiently devoted to Islam. There the dominant ethos is Islam and ensuring that Islam dominates other faiths, leading to suicide bombings and to using civilians as human shields. Even their human shields believe that they should be willing to be martyrs, since to refuse to die suggests they’re skeptical regarding the faith.

      The human mind is a perfect nesting place for ideas and ideologies but isn’t well enough developed to cope with them. It hasn’t had millions or hundreds of thousands of years of evolution in an environment of ideas to adapt to coping with them and to recognize limits.

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