Queen Sive Oultagh’s Children

If you pay any attention to American politics and you can look past the shouting and hand waving, you’ll notice that both parties are strikingly similar. In the House, the leader of the Democrats is an old woman from the most left-wing congressional district in the country. The Republicans are led by a strange little man from one the most liberal states in the country. Wisconsin is the ancestral home of the Progressive Movement.

As I pointed in my award winning post on the voting nations and America, the Republican Party is a southern party with northern leaders. Those northern leaders are thoroughly disconnected from their voters, but thoroughly connected to their analogs in the other party. America has been run by a Yankee coalition since the Civil War and we are now in the midst of a Yankee Crackup.

The ructions in the primaries are entirely due to the yawning chasm between the people and their rulers. Donald Trump is leading in the polls because he is a rebuke to the party leadership. A long time ago I compared him to Beppe Grillo, who was similarly dismissed as a clown and a publicity stunt until his party started winning elections. Even now, the European political elite dismisses these populist movements.

Dismiss is not really correct, though, is it? In Europe, Merkel is making war on the native population by actively encouraging a Muslim invasion. Whole German towns have been turned into Arab ghettos overnight. The reason seems to be nothing more than spite. The evidence is as clear as day that the people do not want this, so what other reason is there for pushing a policy that the people despise?

Now we are seeing something similar happening in the US. The budget pushed through by Paul Ryan is not just bad politics. It is a contradiction of everything he promised just a month ago when he got the job. It’s as if he deliberately assembled a bill that contradicted everything he promised just to stick a finger in the eye of his own voters. The reason to think the point of this point is to spite his voters is the immigration stuff. How else can you interpret such an outrageous betrayal?

Anyway, this latest insult to the people by their “representatives” got me thinking about the Irish Potato Famine. In America this event has largely been flushed down the memory hole because the Irish-Americans find it embarrassing. An estimated one million Irish died from famine within half a decade. Millions more simply fled the country for the rest of the English speaking world. Ireland lost 25% of its population in five years.

Historians blame the famine on a number of factors, but it was the political arrangements that set everything in motion. Oppression of Catholics by the English resulted in a system where the farm land was owned not by Irish, but by English landlords who lived in England. These absentee landlords relied on middlemen to collect rents and enforce their rights against an indigenous population that was trapped in a feudal system.

We live in a different age, but we are facing something similar in America where the financial elite are entirely divorced from the rest of America. They flit around between financial and political capitals without much contact with the people. They are the new ascendancy class and their middlemen are the political parties, who enforce the rules and guard their interests.

The Irish Famine was directly the result of a potato blight, but what should have been a minor disruption in farming was turned into a disaster by a break in the normal feedback loop in a society. The ruling class were slow to react and indifferent to the initial suffering, because the Irish were not their people. They may as well have been Bantus living in an African jungle. Politics then, as now, was local and all the politicians were across the sea, instead of talking to their people.

America is not going to be struck by a potato famine, obviously, but we are being hit with an immigration disaster and a looming financial disaster. The ruling elite is plundering the country and indifferent to the people. Instead, they rely on politicians like Paul Ryan to enforce their orders and collect their rents. The rents in this case are indentured servants brought in to displace native workers. Instead of being throw off the land, Americans are being thrown out of their jobs.

Historical analogies are never perfect. There’s no sign of Ribbonism or Whiteboyism breaking out in America, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. In some respects, the websites and podcasts of the dissident right are filling the role of those Irish secret societies. Our rulers and their middlemen are hardly aware that we exist. What they do know about us tells them we are trouble and must be suppressed.

9 thoughts on “Queen Sive Oultagh’s Children

  1. I get the feeling that America’s Black Swan is very soon on its way. Not Trump necessarily and I am not sure what form it will take, but when it does arrive it will prompt a whole lot of “well duh!” responses.

  2. “How else can you interpret such an outrageous betrayal?”

    Could it be Ryan is knowingly playing the part of the bed pan that catches the festering Big Gov/Critical Theory turd that America is finally, finally voiding?

    The country has been constipated for some decades now. We started to get some movement back in 2009-2010 with the application of the Tea Party emollients. And now, almost seven years older and with Trump surging, we’re prairie-doggin’ for sure.

    Call me the eternal optimist, but one must trust that the political class has a portable waste container ready to catch the noxious exudent and to transport it to the appropriate toxic waste facility. Ryan is oleaginous enough to serve and he certainly is portable.

    (And just look at that face. Maybe he grew a beard just to signal he was about to “get dirty.)

    That is the one and only alternative explanation I can hatch for Ryan’s phenomenal tone deafness. No more exist. So if you disqualify this option, please know that all that’s left is “outrageous betrayal.”

    And that is a bitter pill to swallow.

    • Oh, the betrayal is real. But, from their point of view, it’s not a betrayal. They are parents making hard decisions for children.

  3. The disconnect is to the point the establishment can’t even insult people properly, like when they call out Trumps ideas as mere common sense, thinking this would color him in a negative light. Because common sense is of course beneath us, who would fall for that? They truly don’t realize that every insult they throw at him makes the Donald only look better from the perspective of a normal person, and saves him personally ad money on top of that!

    Temporarily deny entry to muslims, what a crazy idea, what’s next, shutting off the main when there’s a gas leak?

  4. You forget the influence of mercantilism. The Brits preferred to export wheat and barley for cash (gold) and effectively banned (Corn Laws) the importation of cheap crops because imports are a drain on the nation’s balance sheet. Ironically this would blow up in their faces 50 years later when the free traders split the Tory party and caused the failure of the Irish Home Rule movement.

    • No, I forgot nothing. Peel tried to repeal the Corn Laws, but was stymied in Parliament. He then went around them by importing American corn. The Irish Famine was a political consequence as much as a biological consequence. That political dynamic could only happen when the ruling class was divorced completely from the people over whom they were ruling.

  5. You’ve pretty much nailed it.

    I’m left stunned by the budget deal. Have these people not been watching what has been happening in primary politics? Are they really that divorced from voters that they can do this stuff and think it won’t matter to anyone? Or do they just assume that their voters don’t matter and can just stuff it?

    I think we are seeing something like a French aristocracy before the revolution. Our leaders live in such an alternate reality that the bursting dam is going to come as quite the surprise to them. If it comes along with a financial break, lord help us all…


  6. Angela Merkel said recently that Multiculturalism is a sham and that the one million of Syrians have to integrate… We’re ruled by lunatic wishful thinkers.

    Her Party is the Christian Democratic Union, a cuckservative Party.

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