Bush and Bandar

This story in America’s Newspaper of Record on the post-9/11 scramble to protect the Saudis is going to lead a lot of people to take the red pill, as the cool kids say. Most people assumed the administration covered up some fringe involvement by some Saudis in 9/11. Most people think our government has looked the other way on Saudi financing of terrorism. The claims here go well beyond that.

In its report on the still-censored “28 pages” implicating the Saudi government in 9/11, “60 Minutes” last weekend said the Saudi role in the attacks has been “soft-pedaled” to protect America’s delicate alliance with the oil-rich kingdom.

That’s quite an understatement.

Actually, the kingdom’s involvement was deliberately covered up at the highest levels of our government. And the coverup goes beyond locking up 28 pages of the Saudi report in a vault in the US Capitol basement. Investigations were throttled. Co-conspirators were let off the hook.

Case agents I’ve interviewed at the Joint Terrorism Task Forces in Washington and San Diego, the forward operating base for some of the Saudi hijackers, as well as detectives at the Fairfax County (Va.) Police Department who also investigated several 9/11 leads, say virtually every road led back to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, as well as the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles.

Yet time and time again, they were called off from pursuing leads. A common excuse was “diplomatic immunity.”

Those sources say the pages missing from the 9/11 congressional inquiry report — which comprise the entire final chapter dealing with “foreign support for the September 11 hijackers” — details “incontrovertible evidence” gathered from both CIA and FBI case files of official Saudi assistance for at least two of the Saudi hijackers who settled in San Diego.

Some information has leaked from the redacted section, including a flurry of pre-9/11 phone calls between one of the hijackers’ Saudi handlers in San Diego and the Saudi Embassy, and the transfer of some $130,000 from then-Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar’s family checking account to yet another of the hijackers’ Saudi handlers in San Diego.

An investigator who worked with the JTTF in Washington complained that instead of investigating Bandar, the US government protected him — literally. He said the State Department assigned a security detail to help guard Bandar not only at the embassy, but also at his McLean, Va., mansion.

I recall the administration flying the Bin Laden family out of the country right after the attack. That made some sense simply as a practical matter. What is coming to light now is that the administration decided to give the Saudis a pass before they knew anything about the attack. Put another way, their default position was to protect the Saudis above all else.

Former FBI agent John Guandolo, who worked 9/11 and related al Qaeda cases out of the bureau’s Washington field office, says Bandar should have been a key suspect in the 9/11 probe.

“The Saudi ambassador funded two of the 9/11 hijackers through a third party,” Guandolo said. “He should be treated as a terrorist suspect, as should other members of the Saudi elite class who the US government knows are currently funding the global jihad.”

But Bandar held sway over the FBI.

After he met on Sept. 13, 2001, with President Bush in the White House, where the two old family friends shared cigars on the Truman Balcony, the FBI evacuated dozens of Saudi officials from multiple cities, including at least one Osama bin Laden family member on the terror watch list. Instead of interrogating the Saudis, FBI agents acted as security escorts for them, even though it was known at the time that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens.

I’m not much for conspiracies, but you can see why people think the Saudis were behind 9/11 and that maybe the Bush people were OK with it. After all, it gave them the excuse to invade the world. At the minimum, there’s a distinct lack of anger on display here. Bush is an American and this was an attack on his people, his country. A thirst for vengeance is what one should expect. Instead, he’s smoking cigars with Bandar.

This is post-nationalism. When the rulers no longer feel any connection to the people over whom they rule, they are free to treat the people as furniture. The cost of 9/11, the death and destruction, was a small price to pay for booking the multi-trillion dollar boondoggle to come after it. A whole lot of people got rich off Afghanistan and Iraq. There’s a reason seven of the richest counties on earth are around Washington DC.

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  1. But if the Bush admin wanted a pretext to invade an oil-rich Middle Eastern country, why not Saudi Arabia, then?

  2. An intriguing premise!
    Please excuse me if I don’t get distracted from the current WH “foreign policy” issues,
    pending UN “treaties”, and other more recent scandals threatening the “reputation”
    of current players “traditionally protected” by (ie) NYT, in US PoliSci/economics/criminal justice.
    I’ll be happy to evaluate “the papers”, that have subject to “revision”
    when the book comes out in ANOTHER 15 years or so.
    Maybe George Clooney in the Michael Moore production?

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  4. Burn that cesspool on the Potomac to the ground. Salt the Earth. Any who survive should swing from a rope till their corpses rot.

  5. I don’t buy for a moment that Bush didn’t care about Saudi involvement. Just as a bank can be too big to fail, the fallout from investigations into senior Saudi embassy officials must have seemed too enormous and damaging to America’s relations with Saudi Arabia. What bothers me most is that Bush should have insisted on Saudi Arabia to stop sending Jihadist materials and preachers abroad in return for America’s silence.
    Bush’s decision might have been wise and might have been foolish and wrong but I do not view it as cynical.
    The attack was an Al-Qaeda attack and Al Qaeda were based in Afghanistan.
    By the way, why does anyone think such an attack requires an extraordinary level of intelligence?
    It’s no different from any series of coordinated suicide bombings or hijacking of a vehicle except for the vehicles in question being flying vehicles and gosh, they learned how to fly a plane (but not how to land one).
    I’m sure any of you could have taken flying lessons and pretended you have a bomb in order to get into a cockpit back then.

    • Bin Laden had nothing to do with it- his first act, the next day, was to say so in a panicked statement.
      He was staying with his uncle by marraige, Mullah Omar, appointed puppet governor of the Taliban controlled area by Pakistan’s ISI. Pakistan was our “ally”, remember, and directed the Pashtun in a massive milk-and-bilk operation “fighting terrorism”. “Al Qaeda” began as a missing in action list for the mujahideen (wives wanted to know if their husbands were dead or in hospital); bin Laden, as an ISI officer, was the bagman, the coordinator of weapons deals for the CIA. “Al qaeda”, the (data)base, was also largely a myth begun under Pappy’s partner Clinton, with 4300 articles on “the mastermind of terror” before he had actually done anything (the African and Saudi embassy bombings).
      Also, he never hid in a cave, he was busy courting Saudi princes in their ultra tents at their million acre falconry ranches in Afghan- Sudan had fleeced this former member of London Young Oxford Gentlemen Club, where he dressed in tweed and was known simply as Harry Laden.

      Nevertheless, alQaeda, the Taliban, and the 911 crew were all different things.
      911 was organized in Hamburg, Brooklyn, Florida, and San Diego, not in Afghanistan.
      I notice the same deliberate confusion with the widely repeated “Iran is the #1 sponsor of state terrorism”, which is absurdly, laughably, obviously untrue.

      • We all (all except for you) saw Bin Laden on video gloating about the attacks and saying that he had actually believed that the buildings would end up collapsing due to the fire whereas others (he said) thought they would not. Far-leftists were quick to point out he didn’t say it was all his idea, only that he knew about it. This is, of course, ridiculous, but you go further into irrationality when you say he had nothing to do with it.

        • Those “Bin Laden” videos you refer to are pretty laughable. Close inspection reveals that there were about half a dozen different “Bin Ladens”. Either that, or Bin Laden liked to undergo plastic surgery every year or so…except of course that would be a pretty pointless endeavor when you are releasing videos of yourself constantly!

      • “911 was organized in Hamburg, Brooklyn, Florida, and San Diego, not in Afghanistan.”

        Ramzi Yusef lived in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn New York (Zipcode 11209); on 72nd street between 4th and 5th avenues.

    • Aviation professionals at Pilots for Truth beg to differ. I’m not a pilot so I can’t say, but I doubt it’s as simple as you seem to think. “Hani Hanjour took a 757, with zero time in type, did the maneuver described above, a 400 knot 330 degree sprialing dive at 2500 fpm, only gaining 30 knots, then 30 knots more descending from 2200 feet at full power, with a very steady hand as to not overshoot or hit the lawn, inside ground effect, at 460 knots impact speed, but was refused to rent a 172 cause he couldnt land it at 65 knots? ”

  6. Why bringing Iran to the Western orbit won’t work? Most of the terrorists attacking the West are Sunni muslims influenced by Saudi Arabia salafism, the Shia muslims don’t attack the West but they’re the main concern of Israel because they can fight them and win like Hezbollah, the Sunni terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS never attacked Israel and aren’t a threat to them, this explain the West obsession with Iran since AIPAC runs DC.

    • The very idea that you will bring an Islamic republic whose constitution calls for spreading the Islamic Revolution to the world (and through Jihad, no less) and which has stated that the countdown has begun for Britain and America because Islam is coming and which regularly calls out “Death to America” is silly beyond belief.

      I thought one has to be a politically correct idiot to hear “Death to America” and say “they don’t really mean it, it’s just words” but apparently one can be an idiot who isn’t politically correct and still think that Iran will change thanks to America’s embrace or that Iran doesn’t need to change.
      And I would say that even if the 9/11 Commission hadn’t found that Iran helped Al Qaeda (yes, it reached out across the Shia-Sunni divide).

  7. Wait, wait, wait… I’m routinely informed by the “alt-right” that it’s Israel who controls US foreign policy and pulled 9/11. Is that no longer the case, or are those dastardly Joos! attacking themselves again? Or is it that the NYT is a Mossad front, backed by the RAND corporation and the reverse vampires?

  8. Like Buckaroo Banzai sez, this kind of stuff doesn’t come out by accident.
    The Bush family has been kissing the rings of the Saudi and Kuwaiti Royal families for generations now.
    Factor in the way the Saudis have been shoveling money into non-profits and universities, the fact that a member of the Saudi road family is a major shareholder in Fox News and the Obama admin’s support of Shia Iran and this all could make for an interesting pre-election sh&^storm.

    • The Saudis are still useful, but the writing is on the wall for them. The Persians are on the rise. The Left side of the party gets that, but they are kidding themselves about what it portends. They really think they can bring Iran into the fold as the replacement for the Saudis.

      • This is Obama/Jarret’s last shot at the Bushes and their pals the Saudis, which they hope will elevate Iran, whom they worship. The Times is the high priest of the state-run media. They stay in the inner circle by passing on government sanctioned stories like this.

  9. A story like this doesn’t come out of the New York Times unless it has been sanctioned at the highest levels. Somebody in the power structure has green-lighted throwing the Saudis under the bus. Anybody with half a brain understands that there must have been other entities involved in the 9/11 attacks besides 19 dudes with minimal flying skills and Bin Laden in a cave somewhere. It’s looking like those hidden entities are starting to turn on each other. The question to ask is, why now?

    • This is inner party politics. The Obama people don’t like the Saudis or the Israelis. They prefer an alliance with Iran, which is never going to happen. Still, they can dish dirt on the Saudis, especially when it harms the Bush wing of the party. Let’s not forget that the whole “truther” stuff was pretty much a Progressive obsession so they probably figure this is a great parting shot at their old enemy.

      • If you want to make the Saudis miserable, it seems there would be a lot of other ways to do that. Why would you pull on the 9/11 thread? Anybody with a vested interest in preserving the status quo would be decidedly opposed to unraveling that comfortable sweater…what is Obama’s motivation for upsetting the apple cart on his way out the White House door? I understand that Valerie Jarret and Huma Abedin have longstanding ties to Iran and have obviously worked hard to promote Iranian interests, but taking this reckless approach practically tags the Obama administration as agents for Iran…conceivable but why advertise it so openly? And if it’s an attack on the Bush cabal– why bother? Jeb just got handed a career-ending humiliation, and the next generation of the Bush family isn’t going to be ready to take over for at least a decade. If I had to guess, this looks like a bog-standard CIA “modified limited hangout” which implies they are trying to get ahead of an information leak that is outside their control.

      • Truther stuff??? Follow the money: Who profited from those Twin Towers taking a hit? Oh, just some guy who just happened to lease the Towers and the ground a couple months before the attack, despite the lease being a rather shitty business deal, since the Towers were more than half empty and needed a huge amount of renovation, much of which was impossible under NYC environmental regs, to become competitive as rental space in NYC. And then, this same guy just happened to purchase a ton of “terrorism insurance” on those buildings, despite the fact that no one else was buying such insurance at that time. Wotta coincidence! And then, this same guy gave the verbal order to “pull Bldg. 7” which is lingo to initiate a controlled demolition. Then, when the first responders to the event were questioned, they all reported a series of explosions in the Towers, “like a controlled demolition”! But then who can trust what Firemen hear with their own ears? Then, the Towers collapse at free fall speed, neatly into their own outline, UNLIKE every other high rise to ever catch fire in history! Wotta coincidence, yet again! Garsh, Mickey, how unlucky (lucky??) can ya get? But , NO, there was NO plot to demo those Towers, none! Move along, nothing to see here! House of Saud and Bush? Just another wacky coincidence, don’tcha see!!!

        • Jesus, the stupid is so deep in your post, I don’t even know where to start.

          Let’s just concentrate on ONE point for now.

          Riddle me this, you simplistic fool: How does one sneak into a giant building and weaken the structure sufficiently to bring it down with shaped charges without ANYONE noticing?

          Demolition contractors spend weeks or months weakening a building before setting the shaped charges that cut the last few critical members that are still holding the thing up. Only then does it fall. There are MILES of det cord and non-el initiating lines strung hither and yon inside a structure being demo’d, because you don’t just cut every member at the same time, there is precise timing involved, and that takes a LOT of initiation tube and a lot of hookups.

          How do I know this? Because I have DONE IT. I don’t work in demolition, but I’ve got training in it, and I have helped take down structures in the past, mostly bridges.

          So how EXACTLY did they drop two enormous buildings without any prep work and without anyone noticing the dozens of men toting in hundreds of feet of shaped charge?

          Bear in mind that the two WTC buildings had a structural curtain wall around the entire outside periphery, which would have been rigged with cutting charges every so many floors if this were a commercial demo operation. But even to initiate a pancake failure they’d have to have cut at least one or two floors worth of the curtain wall to start things moving downward. How did they rig that ring of explosives without anyone noticing? We’re talking about torching through the web of every beam and rigging two sticks of linear shaped charge to cut EACH FLANGE of that beam. That’s a minimum of two torched holes, one linear torch cut, and four sticks of linear shaped charge FOR EVERY BEAM in that curtain wall and EVERY BEAM inside those two floors.

          You can’t do the job with less than that, no matter what hollywood tells you.

          That’s two weeks work with an experienced crew of a couple dozen guys. Can’t be done faster without a lot more men, and I’d bet there aren’t a hundred guys in the US right now that would qualify as “experienced” in this situation ( I certainly would not).

          So that’s two weeks work with two dozen guys and total run of the space.

          How did they do it overnight and without anyone noticing what was being done?

          I have no doubt that the gov’t is lying to us about what happened on 9/11, but for fucks sake, can we please keep the conspiracy theories confined to at least those that are physically possible and do not require super sneaky demolition ninjas armed with extra potent (and mythical) “stick-em-anywhere” demo charges to accomplish?

          • “Riddle me this, you simplistic fool: How does one sneak into a giant building and weaken the structure sufficiently to bring it down with shaped charges without ANYONE noticing?”

            Who said anything about sneaking? Silverstein profited massively from 9/11, and as building owner he can arrange for any kind of contractors he wishes to have access to all parts of the properties, whenever he wants. Of course, he’d have to make up a convincing story for their presence, which is also easy. For instance, you could call them “asbestos abatement contractors”. It’s a fact that the twin towers required massive work to bring it up to EPA code. Or how about “computer networking contractors.” Just say you are wiring the building for fiber.

            Try engaging the thinking part of your brain before you waste so much commenting space.

          • Precisely. If human beings were incapable of keeping secrets, then why do we bother having national security procedures and classifications? Classify the information, compartmentalize access, employ misinformation when necessary, and allocate access carefully via a reliable vetting process. If the process works for legitimate government organizations, then it can obviously work for illegitimate government and non-government organizations and associations as well.

          • The Atta crew were employed as “fire safety sprinkler installers” for three weeks in the buildings, under a labor contactor using H2B visas.

            The question wasn’t so much “how”, it’s “who knew what”.
            Good thing Marvin Bush was manager for the Towers, wotta coincidence!

            Also quite a coincidence that the Crew had trained as drug pilots in CIA “schools” in Jeb Bush’s Florida, after pulling off OKC (where Atta lived) for Mena warehouser Clinton’s benefit.

          • And right after they put in all that hard work at top speed (having been trained by unknown specialists who have all been killed without anyone knowing) they went into a plane and smashed themselves into oblivion, having being promised they’ll be paid right after they die.
            Or they didn’t die and they’re walking around among us and everyone was taken off the plane. *sigh*

          • And you might try having some first hand knowledge of what you’re speaking about before you suggest that you could prep and wire a building for demolition under the guise of installing new networking cable.

            Seriously, you obviously know nothing about how this work is actually done, or you wouldn’t be making such retarded statements and acting as though they somehow bolster your position.

            Let me spell it out for you, Banzi (a lovely character from a great movie, which you are failing miserably to live up to, BTW).

            Unless you can come up with someone who saw people using cutting torches and skid-steer tractor mounted concrete breakers inside at least one of these buildings for at least a week before they fell down, then they weren’t demolished with explosives in an implosion like you’re saying. Full stop.

            Just because YOU don’t understand something doesn’t mean that NOBODY understands it.

            I’m perfectly willing to entertain the idea that any number of people had reason to want those buildings to be destroyed. Present the evidence, or at least make a rational argument.

            My direct experience with the technology in question tells me that THIS ONE THEORY (that it was implosion demolished by shaped charges placed there before the planes hit) is completely and utterly impossible.

            If you think that it was demolished by shaped charges, I’ve got a job for you. Go find a single photo of a steel member from the WTC wreckage that bears the tell tale marks of having been cut with a linear shaped charge. I’m not gonna tell you what those are, because I want you do some fucking research for a change, but there are at least three significant characteristics that will easily and quickly identify a cut as having been made by a linear shaped charge.

            Find me that ONE piece of evidence, and I shall recant every word I’ve posted here and never speak about it again.

            I shall not hold my breath while you look.

          • LOL, your avatar should be Rip Van Winkle. It’s like you fell asleep in 2002 and woke up last week. I’m not going to pretend I know exactly what happened on 9/11/01, but it’s completely obvious to anyone who can use even 10% of their brain that the 9/11 “official story” is complete nonsense. There are so many resources on the internet for helping a rational person to figure this out that there is absolutely no point in recreating the argument on this blog, in 2016. Go peddle your nonsense elsewhere.

          • It is amazing to me that you can take what I said and assume that to mean that I think the official story is hunky dory.

            If you want to continue to believe that ninja demo experts snuck into the WTC and strung it with wireless nanothermite (FFS, do you guys even read the shit you post?) to bring it down after they crashed fucking jumbo jets into the towers, then go for it.

            Far be it for me to try to limit your stupidity to just your every day drooling type offenses.

            It is no wonder we’re in the trouble we are as a nation.

            Half the population is stoned on soma and TV, swallowing the gov’t bullshit uncut, and then remaining half appear to be too stupid to turn their skepticism into anything approaching actual knowledge.

            I’m an engineer, and I have hands-on experience with explosives demolition work, and I am telling you that A) It couldn’t be done with linear shaped charges in the manner you all are positing, full stop. B) NanoThermite is not something that exists outside your fever dreams or military special operations (if even there), and wireless initiating systems did not exist at all in 2001 (and they are unreliable and expensive even now).

            That all said, answer me this one simple question:

            Why could there not be a conspiracy of gov’t to cause this disaster, just as you posit, and yet the buildings themselves succumb to simple physical processes after being hit by two large jet aeroplanes and being on fire for many hours afterwards?

            Why MUST the buildings have been knocked down by some other mode of failure besides simple pancake structural collapse due to fire?

            The whole conspiracy theory does not require anything approaching the complexity that you’ve cooked up here.

            If the .gov really DID plot and execute the attack themselves, which is more likely?

            A) They hijack airplanes full of random people and fuel and crash them into the WTC, counting on the spectacle and whatever horrors that follow to cement the fear they desired into hearts of the American people.


            B) They take planes full of fuel at the airports and deplane the passengers, rig them to fly remotely, evacuate all the jews from the WTC, rig it with demo charges of wireless nanothermite, then fly the roboplanes into the towers, let them burn long enough to get a bunch of firefighters inside, then blow the nanothermite and drop the buildings in their footprints.

            How is B more scary or more useful to TPTB than A? B is also about 1000% more complex and difficult to pull off than A.

            Why MUST the buildings have been demolished and not simply succumb to structural failure? It could still be an inside job without uber ninjas and wireless nanothermite.

            So why the fixation on some explanation besides physics for why those buildings collapsed?

            BTW, building seven, which you all seem to be fixated on because no airplane hit it, collapsed because in its basement was housed the diesel fuel tanks for ALL the backup generators on the entire WTC site, ergo there was a shitload of fuel oil in that basement that was lit on fire by debris almost the from the very beginning of the incident. If you burn a fire that big underneath a large building long enough, eventually the thing will fall down.

            Fire makes steel soft, ANY steel, and when the strength goes out of the steel from overheating, the members fail just like if they’d been cut by shaped charges.

            Imagine, if you will, a failure mode that looks just like what you think happened, but is easily explained by simple physical processes.

            Which is more likely then? Simple physics and a little bad luck, or a complex plan involving hundreds or thousands of people and technology that you can’t even be sure exists at all?

            I’m not saying that you should believe what the gov’t tells you, far from it.

            I’m just saying that you can’t be so open minded that your brain falls out and gets lost.

          • The old “miles of det cord” argument, yawn. You seem to indicate that in your 9/11 research you’ve come across the wireless nano thermite theory. I’m not a demolitions expert so I sincerely ask you, why is this not even physically possible? People smarter than I am think it could be.

          • Your Wireless blasting system is a single point intitiating system for use with non-el shot cord and non-el blasting caps.

            It doesn’t work like you or the idiot that runs that website think it does.

            To use one of those things, you rig the shot like normal, using caps with the delay elements built in. It’s all tied together with above ground shot cord (hollow plastic tubing filled with powdered HMX & RDX explosive, which conveys enough shock to the cap to initiate it), just like normal, and then you tie on one no delay electric cap, but instead of having to string out a mile of shot wire back up to your blaster’s shelter to tie in your manual pulse box, you tie that electric cap to the little radio receiver box. Now you can retreat to your blaster’s shelter and push the button your remote that tells the little radio receiver to hit that electric cap with some juice and get the show going.

            EACH BOX like they show there controls JUST ONE BLASTING CAP.

            To rig a building for demo using wireless boxes like that would take THOUSANDS of them, each on a specific delay control (’cause you don’t shoot all the charges at the exact same time, or the building doesn’t go down right).

            Where he got nanothermite from, I’ll never know, but his hypothesis is that sometime in the late 90’s the Port Authority sprayed the steel in the WTC with an alumina ferrite compound that would burn like thermite if subjected to intense enough heat, then sprayed fireproofing insulation over that. Why they would do such a thing, he does not say.

            But, I say again, you don’t need nanothermite or shaped charges or wireless initiating systems to bring down a building if you’ve got a big enough fire inside it.

            All you’d need in that case is gravity and time.

          • “…wireless initiating systems did not exist at all in 2001…”

            What nonsense. Tesla had radio controlled robots in 1910 or so.

            There is a CIA agent that says there’s video’s of the guys who wired the building going in after the cleaning crew left every night. It would be simple to mass produce radio controlled nanothermite charges maybe with a small amount of explosives to give the melted metal a push. Attach this package to magnets. Raise the drop ceiling that most buildings have. Scrape off the fireproofing, stick the charge to the beam by magnets. A cart could carry plastic to catch debris and a vacuum cleaner to clean up. You could easily do a column every 10 minutes at the worst. 4 hours = 24 x 10 guys = 240 a night. 104 floors in WTC. Only need every other floor so 52 floors. It could easily be done in a couple weeks.

        • And then just to be sure people don’t discover the insurance dodge, they arrange for a plane to crash into the Pentagon, and another into the ground in PA! Good god man, making 9/11 into an insurance scam is ludicrous in the extreme. Go get yourself checked for dementia, and bring along a relative so that the positive diagnosis is remembered.

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