The Wimpening

When I was a young man, my grandfather would tease us boys by telling us “In my day it was wooden ships and iron men. You boys will be lucky if you are wooden men in iron ships.” I’m not so old that my grandfather lived in the age of sail, so it was just a way for an old man to have some fun teasing his grandkids.

That said, he had a point. A boy coming of age a century ago was facing a much tougher world and would have to be tougher to live in it.  There’s little doubt in my mind that men of my generation are softer than the men of father’s or grandfather’s generation. It’s not just the material excess we have today. When I was a little kid, I had it much easier than the prior generations. My grandfather, for example, quit school at 13 and went to work in a coal mine.

Steve Pinker has made a strong case that men have grown decreasingly violent over each generation. His data corresponds with the historical record, which is what makes it such a strong argument. We know, for example, that banditry was a serious issue in the Middle Ages. Traveling from one town to the next was dangerous. Today, we travel from town to town without thinking about bandits, other than cops running speed traps. The only danger there is to your wallet.

One of the reasons he points to for the decline in violence is the feminization of men, which he defines as a growing awareness of and respect for the interests of women by men. I’ve always paused on that one simply because it runs counter to what we know of history. Women have often been the cause of violence and I don’t just mean men fighting one another for women. I mean women instigating wholesale and particular violence. Roman history is littered with women who killed a lot of men.

That said, you can argue that women are less tolerant of wholesale violence, on average, than men so as women increased their influence over western society, violence dropped. At the same time, as the value of violence dropped, men less inclined to violent solutions rose in status, while the tough guys fell in status. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance plays on this theme. In a civilized world, the tough guys are marginalized and the smart guys rise to the top of the social hierarchy.

To circle back to where I started with this post, the pop heroes of my grandfather’s generations were gangsters and cowboys. In my generation, we still had some of that, but the male leads were more contemplative, using their wits and charm more than their brawn. Watch a current movie and the male lead is a small, wimpy guy, who cowers to women. The alternatives are cartoon tough guys that resemble video game characters, more than real males.

I’ve always wanted to think this is just Hollywood being overrun by social justice warriors and liberal fanatics. Fifty years ago, Hollywood cared about making money so they made movies to please the audience. Today they care more about making commentary so they make films that lecture the audience. That and the drop in skill means they are less adept at using subtlety to make their propaganda.

Still, events do make me wonder if there’s been a collapse of manliness and Western men have gone full Eloi.

A respected violence researcher has declared that the Cologne sex attacks show German men have forgotten how to fight, and it’s a good thing.
Jörg Baberowski gave a speech recently at the Philosophy Festival  in Cologne on Thursday night saying that the New Years Eve sex attacks in Cologne prove that German males have forgotten how to stand up for themselves. He said the fact that the German men had not come to the aid of the women being sexually assaulted by large gangs of migrants showed a reluctance to be violent and commented: “We see that men in Germany no longer know how to deal with violence,” Stern reports.

However, immediately following the remark Baberowski, who is a historian at the Humboldt University in Berlin, said “thank god” that German men no longer know how to stand up for themselves or face violent conflict. He claimed that is was good that German men relied solely on the state to take care of them and protect them. He claimed that the New Years’ attacks were a failure of the state to protect its citizens and that if the government can’t guarantee that safety then the confidence the citizens have it it will be shaken.

Thinking back to my youth, I recall hearing lectures about the importance of letting the authorities handle whatever trouble was brewing. Lecturing boys about using their wits versus their fists was common enough to stick in my memory. There was also the idea of “being the bigger man” and not responding to physical challenges. I was reminded of that watching this from Milo Yiannopoulos’s event at DePaul University.

One of the things that men my age will talk about with one another is how young white males never get into fights. I’ve had interns tell me they have never been in a physical confrontation with another male. I’ve never considered myself a fighter, yet I was in a scrape every week growing up. That was just what boys did. Even into my teen years, things we often settled physically, even if it was quickly broken up.

Getting back to the Milo event, I keep wondering what would happen if someone popped one of these BLM cunts in the mouth. If Milo had knocked her cold, I’m thinking that would be the last of these confrontations. The risk assessment by these people would change overnight. Taking on the honky would suddenly come with real danger. Whatever benefits there are, assuming there are any, of refusing to fight, there’s no doubt it encourages troublemakers like that woman to get increasingly aggressive.

Watching the reaction from his fans on-line, I feel like I’m from another planet. Frankly, I cringed watching that video. Yet, the reaction on twitter suggests most people think he was the winner in that exchange. If that’s “winning” then I don’t want to see losing. To my old eyes, that looked like a white guy being dominated by a scrawny black bitch and then slinking away. I get that he is a gay guy and maybe the rules are different, but still, it was hard to watch, much less cheer.

Maybe the great wimpening has reached the point of no return. Traditional forms of masculinity are dead in the West and will not be revived until sometime after the Caliphate is established. Those dusky fellows rampaging through the streets of European cities are unlikely to sit there and take a lecture from a mouthy twat from Black Lives Matter. If Western men can’t stand up to mouthy college twats, they stand no chance against the Mohammedan.

The Muslims are not wrong about everything.

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  1. Milo should have said: “This, folks is an example of why blacks are incarcerated as much as they are.” I’m getting tired of the daily BLM chimp-out…

  2. The problem is that if whites fight back and they get sued and will lose things they worked your whole life to get , these other people have nothing to lose.

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  4. The pecking order of Alpha Males in the world is Muslims, Black males, Black females, Brown males (Latino) Eastern European males (Putin) Asian males, Asian females, Redneck American males, Aussie males, American males that brush their teeth, Canadian males, European males, Two week old kittens, Scandinavian males, butterflies and all politicians.

    • Right up until the shooting starts – then it always seems to be white guys standing at the end.

  5. Next time have a spare mic in your pocket, and someone ready to turn off the one they take.

  6. I was brought up in a rough part of a rough working class city (Liverpool) fighting and using violence was how I made my living for a greater part of my life and for many I know it still is.Not great I know but things are not as bad as it seems.

    • I had relatives who lived near Liverpool who would be much entertained when on visits to the city they saw fights break out at weddings.

  7. The Right philosophise, the Left strategise. That’s why the Left keeps winning. Yes, if Milo had belted her, it would have been great for his profile (I’m not sure why he hasn’t realised this) but he does come from a generation where ALL violence is wrong and heaven forbid against a “woman”. By not “stooping to her level” he won the day and didn’t ruffle his shirt. Boy, I would have loved to see him pick her up and throw her off his stage though. He looks like he has been training lately, don’t let those guns go to waste kid.

  8. Thinking back to my youth women (and most of the men) didn’t hit people. But if they did they could count on consequences.

  9. One need only look at developments in professional and amateur combative sports and how those sports are reported in the mainstream media to see further evidence of efforts to deprogram the American male. For example, American footballers have suffered from concussions and related health issues for well over a century. There were literally dozens of open-source medical journals detailing these health issues back in the early 20th century, even if players themselves or their parents never actually read the studies. More to the point, any parent with half a brain and a child who plays Peewee football knows there are risks of injury to that child during play even if at that level of play the risks were minimal. And everyone who has played American football at the high school level has seen another player or themselves suffered a concussion. At that point, young males are big enough to deliver those kinds of hits. And as one goes up the “athletic food chain” to college level play and then the NFL level, the players get bigger/stronger/faster, the hits get exponentially harder and the number of concussions and injuries far more frequent and egregious. Everyone playing football recognizes this reality and assumes the risk. Yet the Leftists seeking to deprogram males and their media proponents would have everyone believe the NFL hid the problem of head injuries and related trauma from the players and viewing public in an effort to discredit the sport, and not just the NFL as an organization. Same goes for NHL hockey and other combat sports. I boxed in college in the late 1980’s and discovered boxing was downgraded from a true NCAA sport to a NCAA club activity by the powers to be back in the early 1970’s because it was considered “too violent” by some elements within American society. In short, modern males in Western society inclined to be physically active are strongly encouraged to play sports or engage in activities that make them strong and look good but not to tap into their visceral instincts for violent confrontation.

  10. The state will only grudgingly prosecute a dusky muslim who socks a dusky blm protestor, but it would happily prosecute a white man who does the same. That changes the whole equation, the cost of violence is artificially raised for white men, just like the status of non whites is artificially raised through affirmative action.

  11. Maybe it’s time to start after-school fight clubs among school age children. Grade 6 through 12, and encourage them to fight above their weight and age. Oh the PTA and local constables and SJW’s will object, but then just take it even deeper underground. I’d chip in money and some fisticuffs advice.

    • You laugh, but the prep school I attended would do something similar. If two boys got into a scuffle, they were made to settle it after school. That meant putting on the gloves, which were padded enough to make serious harm impossible. Still, it was a way to both settle the issue, but instill some sense of honor. The bouts never lasted long, just enough so both sides could prove they were willing to stand their ground. Then they shook hands and spent the next few hours raking leaves or cutting grass or emptying trash barrels.

      They would put you in jail today for doing something like that.

      • They did the same in my school. You got in a fight they would take you into the locker room and make you fight with gloves on.

        I remember when I was a little kid we used to walk down to the swamps in our small town with .22 rifles and .410 shotguns to hunt. We were 5th and 6th grade. If the police saw us they would just say be careful.

        When I was in the first grade I used to walk home from school in one of the major cities in the Southeast by myself. Maybe 3 or 4 miles. I wouldn’t let a kid do that today. Then it was no big deal.

  12. A common factor links the wimpening in Germany with the wimpening exhibited by Milo at DePaul–a police authority that tolerates violence and bad behavior by minority groups but stands ready to prosecute whites to the fullest extent of the law, even for taking defensive measures. Milo has too much to lose to risk striking back, and the BLM protesters knew this from the start. The risk calculus will change if the various biker groups honor their pledges to provide security for Trump events and the Convention.

    As to the Cologne attacks, I would add that there’s little incentive in a postmodern, Western Democracy like Germany for men to run the risks to their life, limbs, freedom, and wealth in order to protect random women who are not a personal acquaintance. The code of chivalry was a quid-pro-quo; women offered deference to male dominance in society in exchange for male protection of women as the fairer sex. Feminism destroyed this bargain. What man in his right mind would risk anything to protect this wench? Let the muzzies have at her.

    • That’s the problem. We have too much to lose. Unless I have the legal shield of self-defense, I could lose everything I’ve spent a lifetime working for. Beating down a couple of thugs isn’t worth it.

      That, and men of my tribe are bad the “uncontrolled rage” so popular among minority victim groups. We were raised to stay in control – then I had it deeply reinforced in the military even while learning to efficiently commit the most violent acts imaginable.

      I’ve been in some conversations and situations where men of my generation and type all sort of look at each other with the “when is the revolution starting” question.

  13. Z Man, this is the first time I’ve seen a vein of raw anger in your posts. There is a lot of it out here. My mother and grandmother busted their butts to buy a house in a good neighborhood with good schools. When my Mom couldn’t afford to keep up with it I gave up a big chunk of my independence and moved in so they could keep the place. When I had to spend my life savings on a stent implant I took a job pushing broom for the local school system. I spent five years on the substitute list while the district gave full time jobs to two blacks and a Mexican- none of whom lasted a year doing physical labor. The school where I work is less than a block from my house. In the last year we’ve seen a sudden and unprecedented influx of blacks into the district. The town next to us is suddenly lousy with section 8.There are dozens of Dindoos attending my school where there were none a year ago. One often assumes that an elementary school faculty would be rife with SJWs, or folks sympathetic to the SJW agenda. But being the janitor allows me to fly under the social radar of the faculty. They’ll often tell me stuff that they don’t dare say in the open. I will tell you in no uncertain terms. There is deep deep anger over this. It is dawning on everyone that the Feds are at war with the American people. It won’t end well.


  14. A major part of the decline in violence over the very long term is the “democratization” of violence. The individual’s fighting prowess gets less relevant in war with every technological leap. Achilles was the epitome of manhood to the ancient Greeks and Romans, but an entire army of Achilleses would last all of ten seconds against a phalanx. The total social organization that went into producing knights could be killed off in a minute by a crossbowman, and castles that took 25 years to construct could be battered down in an hour with gunpowder artillery. Even if you collected all the badass gunslingers in the Old West, they’d get slaughtered by a platoon of infantry. &c. We moderns both can afford to, and in many ways have to, outsource our violence to professionals, as technology is such that any single individual can cause mass casualties with the push of a button. We had to train ourselves not to escalate things past a certain point, and the easiest way to do that was to train ourselves not to escalate at all. But, alas, we’re about to have to re-learn these lessons the hard way, as eventually some put-upon white dude will open fire…..

    • Ok, technology advances and new stuff over powers the old. What else is new? Human nature does not change. And the facade of civilization once gone will turn life into a “free-for-all” as all our supply chains come to an abrupt halt. But you think things will begin when “some put-upon white dude opens fire …” well, I for one am very surprised that things have not started already. Why our so-called leaders are afraid to bring the president up on charges of “unAmerican activities” and aiding and abetting foreign and domestic enemies, and circumventing the Constitution with abuses that are completely illegal simply because of the color of his skin, is beyond the pale. I don’t care about race or sex of the person in the oval office. I do care about protecting this country and it’s people. These leaders are the epitome of the wussification of men in politics. This is an arena where real men need to do the hard work and live up to their oaths of office and do the right things and protect this country, not sell it out.

      • I’m with you there — I too am very surprised it hasn’t already started. But I’ve been saying for some time that they wouldn’t be doing much different if they were actually trying to start a hot civil war. You can only shout “racist!” or “sexist” or “homophobic” or whatever the current slur is, so many times, before people start saying “well, if I’m gonna be accused of it anyway, I wanna be guilty.” And then we’re well and truly screwed. My point about the long term effects of technology was that it may be organic as well as cultural. That “feminization,” in other words, might actually be genetic as well as cultural. Violence could actually have been bred out of us, at the same time we were being acculturated to pacifism. Just as it took a few thousand years for our guts to (imperfectly) adapt to sedentary agriculture, so a few hundred years’ worth of weapons development might have messed with our biochemistry somehow. I’m just spitballing, as we can’t actually test the hormone levels of our ancestors…. but it seems obvious that success in modern (=1500 to present) conflicts goes almost completely against our instincts. It’s not the fiercest warrior who wins, but the most disciplined — two very different skillsets.

  15. Z, I agree with you on watching Milo just sit there. Then I thought, you know, besides the obvious, his was a no win situation for a white male. He could NOT have physically reacted to either the male or scrawny female that were jumping around. He and likely BB would be sued. So Milo ended up being forced to submit like a victim, and then seized the opportunity when it arrived to engage the crowd and leave to march on the Presidents house.

    This speech tour is about awareness and exposing the culture at these Universities and so, even though the speech was ruined, the goal was accomplished, AND, more plublicity for Milo and the tour, which in turn will draw more of these stunts by the BLM crowd. Win/win for Milo, as long as he can get decent security. It’s hard to call someone a fascist when your movement is going out of it’s way to shut down events and speakers you don’t like.

    • The moment she laid hand on him, he could respond. Not ground and pound but maybe stand up and push her away hard. If the cops are there, call “battery” and demand they arrest her immediately, if not call 911. Always be the complainant.

  16. The point is to display who is the most uncivilized group there. Everyone had a phone, it’s on Twitter, it’s on Breitbart, it’s on this blog. It’s not the white guys in the chairs who lost the stage that are the oppressors. They are competent and organized and civilized. It’s the black guy acting like his worst stereotype.

    Yes, Milo could have popped him in the mouth. But then security would have reacted and had Milo arrested. You’re assuming here a level playing field of your playground youth. It does not exist. DePaul wanted extra security to arrest white guys causing problems. It certainly would not touch a black man on record, as the video makes evident.

    When given the chance to be effective, I think you’ll find that the Milos of the world are far tougher than you’re giving them credit for. When boys grow up to men, they learn to pick their battles. And watch the video to close to the end. The disruptors stand shouting to an empty hall, while security *finally* gets their act together while Milo and their audience are off doing something. I see a lot of hope in the whole audience actually.

    • If Milo were arrested for defending himself at his own event, that would be a huge win. The empty hall is the battlefield. Who holds the field at the end is the victor.

  17. I think the cultural marxists make a big mistake, they believe they have special privilege to shape the cultural battlefield, it is the way of how they think they rule people, rule souls, but once they have robbed a culture of everything visible and symbolic, that culture is no longer in their power – it is free again. And I think too, the efforts at emasculation are so much urban bullshit. They are running a closed loop, with sitting ducks, like shooting fish in a barrel, easy pickin’s. Really, you want my guns out here in flyover country? My answer is nothing, there is nothing to say, come and take them. Please. I can use myself as an example. Where I’m from, where I grew up, the way of life, among so many of my contemporaries, this whole pussification of the male image is a laughing stock. It is like Jenner and his, her, it’s? fundamental transformation and the hoopla surrounding it, hilarious, like so much of cultural marxism. These are but tiny pin pricks in the order of men who know what being a man among men is. It doesn’t threaten us, it has no bearing on what we are, it is so far off the reservation many of us wonder what the fuck is wrong with these people, and that is the real issue. We who risk such physical dangers, who have to reach into ourselves for the will and power to thrive in our professions, to work daily through the physical obstacles, of the body, the environment, the tasks and workmanship and striving to be a productive member of the human race that produces tangibles, value, real wealth, where we don’t parasite on others labor and productivity and think we are king shit because theft of wealth is some kind of badge of manliness, Nobody defines us, but our actions and deeds. It is The Deed Bitchez. And let me say clearly, nothing in cultural marxism has any sway in that matter. If anything, it fortifies men like me and our resolve. I moved from NH to WV, became a coal miner, it was like being reunited with old family and tribe. The company of and working along side such men is gratifying in a way that fill a man’s soul with masculinity and rugged virtue. Your cup runneth over, you are rich. It measures a man. Everything wants to kill you in the mines, you know guys who are maimed and killed every week, any moment the roof could come in on you, hit a gas pocket and die so fast your gone in a blink of an eye, a 19KV buggy line fry you like a bug, get pinched between a rib of coal and a miner, you go in and you know you may never see sunlight or your loved ones again. But you go in and there is a quiet humble pride in knowing you are in great company, that you all are looking out for each other. It is not spoken of much if at all, nor is it required, you just know. You are all peers who measure everything and everyone, it is respect and shame you do not to be found wanting in that respect. These mountains are chock block full of such men and our wives. Do any of you understand the courage and worry such wives have? When their men leave the door, every day could be the day they never come back. And we men think we are brave. They are our touchstone. One component of the men we are is like a rifle, and a rifle is like a shovel or an axe, it is a tool for men who haven’t forgotten how to use a shovel, an axe, and a rifle. The emasculation of men by the cultural marxist doesn’t register, it is all but meaningless, at best it is cautionary, and all the more, better to remain Men. There are always pussies and cowards, its their defense mechanism, tough shit on them, nice pajama’s, really sucks to be you, your not worthy a bucket of warm spit. Know what real men are? They are the ones who grab their spears and go off to fight, and today, our spears, until we put them down and pick up our rifles, are our dangerous and physically challenging jobs and professions. That is why we have those woman who love us, real woman who hold down the home front, because they know in their primal way, and are attracted to men like us, we are those warriors with spears.
    Believe me, when we have to grab our rifles, and run off to fight, you will want to be in our company.

  18. I think feminization of society is one possibility. As I’ve seen this develop, I’ve come up with some others:

    Overspecialization. Aggressive sports are much harder for regular joes to get into even at the high school level. Kids turn to less aggressive pursuits.

    Drugs. Pain killers and anti-anxiety drugs act as a kind of soma and reduce aggression overall.

    Risk adverse culture. Back when most folks were blue collar, getting into a dust up every once in a while wasn’t going to hurt your “career.” In our over-credentialed society, even a misdemeanor could get you canned.

    Risk mitigation culture. Anyone here get some term life lately? If you do, you’ll get a whole list of questions about risky behaviors. I don’t know about you, but it’s not just the insurance companies that are pressuring me to wimp out. Every time I see a doctor, he’s trying to get me to give up something or another.

    Legalistic culture. There are a lot more laws and lawyers these days. If you confront a bully and lay him out, he’s as likely to sue you as manning up and admitting he was wrong. Stuff that would have been considered as marginal behavior 50 years ago is now covered by a law and likely to get you prosecuted in your sleepy suburban burg.

    Of course some of this stuff could be dependent (in the statistical sense) on feminization. I think that the anti-anxiety/pain killer combo explains a lot of the wimpening.

    • I think overly supervised play may be a big issue. Your post reminded me of something I notice, but don’t often think about when thinking about this stuff. The only kids I see out playing unsupervised these days are foreign and black. The foreign kids are all South Asians. Even the Spanish kids never leave their mother’s sight. When I was ten, I would leave the house in the morning and return at dinner. I walked to school during the school months. Went to practice or hung out with the boys after school. After practice, the parents that were there often left us to walk home unless the weather was bad or we had somewhere to go. In the summer, we spent all day out doing kid stuff.

      I hate sounding like an old fogey so I’ll allow for the possibility that this is for the best. Maybe a society of boys in frocks pushed around by women with a face full of fishing tackle is the future. It seems unlikely, but the dinosaurs once scoffed at the mammals.

      • In a way, Scouting has become subversive. We take boys out in the woods away from all the moms and government nannies and let them play with fire, guns and knives.

        • Now you have to worry about your 11 year old son being raped by a 17 year old gay scout. He can’t say anything for fear of being called a bigot, but don’t worry, the doctor bill for his torn rectum and psychologist for his forever scarred mind will be covered by 0bamaCare…..not.

          Scouting is ruined forever.

      • I live and have raised my kids in a fairly affluent suburb of Chicago, although I would contend that the majority of people in our town would be considered “new money”, not the beneficiaries of inheritance, by and large. In nearly 30 years living here, I’ve encountered fairly few who were “silver spooners” themselves coming up. These are people who’ve worked their asses off, as I have, and continue to do so to swing a nice lifestyle.

        Yet, precious few of my fellow self-made baby-boomer pals, who in their own youth worked crappy (yet character building) jobs as roofers, laborers, painters, maintenance staff, asbestos removal crews, landscapers (yes, whites used to do it) and even a few chicken-shit shovelers ever put two and two together on how critical this is for young people to do themselves to learn the value of a buck, learn to take orders, learn to work through adversity, or learn to have empathy for people who end up not just doing these tasks for extra cash or to pay for college, but for their whole lives. Of the kids on the block who do anything at all, “lifeguard” seems to be the extent of the heavy lifting they do. Watching broads/chasing tail and working on their tans all day. Sheesh.

        If you ask these parents why they didn’t ask the same effort of their own children, knowing full well how critical this was to their own youthful development, you mostly get blank stares back. And a sheepish admission that they’d shat the bed on this front.

        My point is that human nature and what is good for us never changes. In our pursuit of better lives and protecting our spawn from harm we’ve also, in fairly short order, emasculated our sons and bubble-wrapped our daughters ourselves, and they are worse for it.

        As to my kids? Grueling construction work for them. They have tans. Just farmer tans, that’s all.

        • Glad to see I’m not the only one. My 7 boys have all done physical labor for cash, even when I could have just given them the money instead. My 16 year old recently noted that none of his friends were made to do the same. Then, after contemplating, he said that it sucks, but knows it’s made him useful, so he’s not going to hold it against me, heh.

      • Raised in Southern California, where the weather year-round was excellent for kids (we even loved the very occasional rain) and we were all outdoor kids. On the playground we had heavy rings on chains to swing around, monkey bars, swings with wooden plank seats on heavy chains that we could twist and get a wonderful buzz from, the works. We played vicious games of dodge ball. We ran relay races so hard that my outstretched forearm was broken when an oncoming girl ran into it. I stood up for my little brother and wasn’t afraid to be physical. We didn’t want our parents around all the time. We stayed out until the streetlights came on. And in summer we were out again, after dark, playing hide and seek in neighborhood yards.

        There were few fat kids in our school. Boys and girls alike were fit and healthy. Knowing we could take care of ourselves, and others could too, we generally behaved pretty well.

        We weren’t inner city kids, but nice kids living in the suburbs. That’s just the way it was.

    • Just look at the ‘all volunteer’ military the US has had for quite some time now. Granted Obummer has been playing social engineer with this aspect of our society also, but we have literally millions of recent military trained people and like-minded family who do not kow-tow to the gummint, or mooslims. These people have the “right stuff.” Then, take a look at all the, what I call crazy sports of skateboard parks, parkour, skydiving/flying, whatever it is called … just extreme sports that lots of people undertake. It is a harkening for the mortal challenge where physical danger is part of the equation that amps up the adrenaline rush. It is part of looking for a right of passage, of becoming and claiming your cajones of brass that says you are a real man (women included!). Yes, the feminization of the west has had its advances but human nature is human nature and when faced with mortal danger and defense of the family and self, it won’t take long for that attitude to kick in. Just take a look at gun sales and ccw permits approved since Obummer took office. And now Hillary, heaven forbid, if she was to take the office would kill the second amendment. Tens of millions of Americans would not simply turn over their weapons because she says to. Resist. By any means possible.

    • I’ve sent my kids to Catholic schools and chose a smaller one for my youngest son. One that doesn’t recruit and subsidize athletes. In other words, he’ll be on the football and baseball fields if he works hard.

  19. A number of things were quite wrong in “Better Angels”, in particular, how Pinker ignores a noticeable uptick in certain forms of violence in the last 50 years (e.g. p. 54)
    The kids are soft but people can harden quickly. The decline in violence means that fewer may do more with less, better targeted violence, and with good psyops (wits and charm). There are some out here waiting for the fight, but it has to be legal (I.e., self-defense, or standing in another’s shoes) at this point, photogenic, since cameras are everywhere, and it has to occur to people to use violence in the first place ( something becoming less unimaginable). Back in your olden tymes when guys like Nero got tagged “pansies,” I suppose men would have known better than to expect them to pop some screaming woman. Young men must, for the most part, be led by the old. Confidence, direction in preparation, perspective, memory are things older men can offer. So buck up and keep it up.

  20. According to Milos, the security he was forced to hire for the event sat on their hands while this was going on, but you can rest assured that if he punched out that twat, he’d be in jail himself and all over the news this morning.

    • Guards can be moved too. Get the audience to bang their chairs and chant repeatedly and rhythmically “Remove them or we will!”
      Worst that happens? They shut the event down, same result as before, but now, at least the audience doesn’t look weak.

      • The audience did chant “do your job” for 2-3 minutes. They sat there like sheep, hardly interested.

        • That’s why you incentivize them. Demand action with threat of your own, then follow through on threat. They will only disbelieve you once. Who will they fear more, a few posters or a crowd?

          • Incentivize them to do what? They’re paid by DePaul and clearly have been given orders to not do anything that would look bad. It’s perfectly okay to arrest white people for being violent or disruptive. It’s only sort of okay to arrest black people for being openly violent.

            That’s the world we live in. Milo is what peaceful resistance to that brave new world order looks like in life. Turning into a violent mob would prove every point they ever had about white guys and far more importantly it wouldn’t do a d*mn thing anyway. The event would have ended there, too and it’s highly unlike that DePaul’s College Republicans would have been given official authorization to ever hold an event in the next 10 years.

            Sometimes being tough really is about picking your battles. Violence or threats of it by the audience was lose-lose-lose, especially with the media as it stands. Most of the time, choice to live to fight another day is the correct choice.

          • Their points don’t need proof, they are self-evident to them, you cannot convince them that they are wrong, you can only break their spirit and their institutions. Keep all actions proportionate and responsive. They chant to drown out, you chant to drown out, they block you block, they take a mike you take it back. You do not disrupt order, you restore it, where the administrators fail to do so, always where you have a right. You are worried about them ending the event?The event did end there, as planned. Resistance would have at least shown some strength and made a point. They never stop BLM because they don’t want to and because they know that it is consequence free to refuse to do so. I say, grab the mike back. You say slink off like a whipped dog. Postponing the fight indefinitely is not living to fight another day, it’s losing every day.

          • To be fare, I have heard Milo mention elsewhere that, as a Brit, he fears being arrested in this country and the potential trouble that will make for him traveling about, or even entering. If he starts getting in fights with all the violent protesters that might be used as pretext to ban or restrict him (I have no idea if that would fly over here, I know the Brits love banning American conservatives).

    • And ‘The guy with the funny mustache and best selling book’ went to prison after a failed violent takeover and emerged a leader.
      It isn’t that every man has become a girly-man it’s that the courts and the police protect the scum in all cases at all times from the men that would act. I personally saw this in Boston during the Occupy travesty; blocking people coming out the subway and trains and heading for work the citizen is forced BY THE POLICE to step aside and go round instead of straight through the filthy punks as we wanted.

      The laws in this country today are only for controlling the law abiding.

    • A man must, at some point, defend his honor, regardless of the consequences. Milo seems like an OK person but he proves, yet again, that he is no man and he has no honor worth defending.

    • being afraid of going to jail on a battery charge with a $100 bond rather than defend your honor makes you a coward.

  21. Don’t you find it interesting that people complain about the purity of drinking water but never talk about all the estrogen in the water from birth control pills? I believe that, and the hormones they used to feed livestock have a lot to do with the wimpening

  22. One of those questions that will be answered in my lifetime – will the tough guys step forward and confront Islam or stand back and watch the wimps submit? The answer is probably some of both.

    It is interesting to see how the European states are far more alarmed by rhetoric from Pegida and the Soldiers of Odin than actual rape, assaults, and murders by Muslims.

    • It’s already started. I think MIlo realizes at some point he will need to confront violence directed at him if he continues down this path. He’s not stupid.

      • Hows he not stupid?? He chooses dick over velvety soft pussy!! Tell me again hes not stupid.

    • This is partly why moldbug says right wing violence always loses and Auster talks about anarcho tyranny. The state made it clear the sand niggers had a pass but the whites would be dealt with harshly, Women made it clear they didnt want help you had to be some kind of hero to go against that as well as the white guilt instilled since birth.Two fags in a room full of killer apes is not a good test of white males generally support from their women would help but neo nazis are not going to attract women. support from som political party would help and turning the cops and military could flip the script but its tough to ask the cannon fodder the niggers knew they had the room they acted boldly as did the sand niggers in Cologne.

    • Why should the “tough guys” bail out a western civ that despises them? Fuck them, let it burn

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