Summer of Scandal

I have long thought that Team Obama was going to work to destroy the campaign of Hillary Clinton, not by having her indicted or backing an alternative in the primary. That would be too obvious and it would risk splitting the cult of personality Obama created within the Democratic Party. Part of the plan to make Obama a billionaire after he leaves office is to cash in all the favors he has in the bank, so that means not spending them now in a political fight.

Instead, the better play is to let her twist in the wind on the scandals and let surrogates on the Left take turns whacking Clinton around in public. Unlike Bill, Hillary lacks the nimble political instincts to dodge and weave in public. Bill could easily swat away whatever was hurled at him and he always looked like he was not worried in the slightest. That was the creepy thing about him in the Lewinsky scandal. He seemed to enjoy the scandal more than he enjoyed the cause of the scandal.

In contrast, Hillary always looks like she is lying. The woman could be ordering lunch and she gives off the vibe that she is plotting to kill the waiter. The reason for it is she is always lying and she is not exceptionally good at lying. Bill is a sociopath. For him, lying is his nature. He enjoys the game. Hillary is just a crook and she is always worried about being caught, which is why she looks so calculating in public. This is a woman who knows she is a crook.

Anyway, that is what this latest revelation tells me. Team Obama is just letting this stuff drip out a little here and little there so the pressure is always on Team Hillary to deal with scandal. The more times she and her people are asked about it, the more chance there are to lie and get caught lying. For a generation, the NYTimes has been carrying water for the Clintons, but even they have to admit the truth when the State Department concludes Clinton has repeatedly lied about her e-mail.

Team Obama could have shut this down or had State exonerate Clinton a long time ago, but they did not. That is how you bury someone without making it obvious. You let others do it in a plodding, bureaucratic fashion so it just looks like procedure. That is what this Terry McAuliffe scandal looks like right now. The FBI was probably sitting on this for years, but then they decided to fold it into the Clinton investigation, because it opens up another front in the trap they are slowly building for Hillary.

It also points to the next phase of this slow torture of Clinton. The McAuliffe issue is a money scandal. He took donations from the Chinese, which is a favorite gag of Team Clinton going back 25 years. He also appears to have gotten his personal funds confused with campaign funds. Coincidentally, those campaign funds have links back to the Clinton Foundation. This lets the FBI open a case against the Foundation and that means examining the finances of what everyone knows is a money laundering operation.

Politicians understand scandal better than the press and the public. The one thing they know is that sex and money are the two scandals that get you tossed out of office. The reason is people can easily relate to those types of failings. Using campaign funds to buy gifts for your girlfriend is the sort of thing that makes great copy and it requires no explanation. The public gets it because we all understand the temptations involved. Everyone likes money and getting laid.

That is why I suspect this McAullife stuff has surfaced. The FBI is probably not going to get the DOJ to indict Clinton before the election, at least not on the e-mail stuff. That would actually play in Clinton’s favor as she could then play the victim card. She would come out and claim it is a right-wing conspiracy to keep a woman out of the White House. The liberal media would turn the FBI head into Ken Starr because that is the easy sell. It fits the narrative of the good liberal fighting the evil man.

That sort of narrative reporting does not work when the dramatis personae are Chinese bagmen, the oleaginous Terry McAuliffe and the parade of unsavory characters around the Clinton Foundation.  Every reporter in Washington will now be on the prowl for a piece of the puzzle connecting all the players in a web of financial shenanigans. Proper e-mail procedures are boring. Financial scandals are juicy and they are really juicy when they involve exotic weirdos carrying satchels full of cash.

Ironically, it is now following the same path as Watergate. The old line about that scandal was that it was not the crime it was the cover-up. That was half true. The real story was the deep, long standing hatred of Nixon by the liberal ruling elite. They hated him for his red hunting and they hated him for his decidedly plebeian style. Watergate and the related scandals were standard issue politics in those days, but they became weapons for the beautiful people to use against the usurper.

That is the way this is looking to me. The Left never really liked Hillary. She was always seen as the Yoko Ono of the Clinton Team. Her disastrous handling of health care made her a loser and there is nothing worse in liberal circles than losing. The way that Team Clinton opposed Obama in 2008 forever placed Hillary outside the in-crowd. Now, the beautiful people are using all of these small crimes to shred her candidacy. The summer of scandal is upon us.

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  1. John Schindler is a security expert and former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. A specialist in espionage and terrorism, he’s also been a Navy officer and a War College professor.
    Schindler just wrote this rather succinct pithy piece on Hillary Clinton’s and her violations of State Department comms SOP’s. A “scathing report” work of investigative journalism comes to mind.

    Game Over: EmailGate Just Crippled the Clinton Express

  2. Destroy the Democratic Party? It’s already dead. We’re just waiting for the coroner.

    There’s a strong, slow heartbeat in American politics. It beats about every generation or so. Consider the big “change” elections of the last century – 1932, 1952, 1980, 2008. The Hope and Change of 2008 didn’t do the trick so now we’re having a summer rerun. Since the disaster of 2008 the Republicans have surged to a political domination in everything from dog catcher to Congress that hasn’t been seen in 80 years. The establishment is toast on both sides. Donald and Bernie are reenacting Sherman’s march through Georgia.

    Morning in America? More like a good thorough spring cleaning. ‘Bout time, says me.

    • The Democratic Party may be dead but that is not a meaningful factor this being the Zombie Apocalypse. Even the dead might make better voters than Millennials. Remember Better Red Than Dead? We’ve got both.

  3. ZMan, I think you are underestimating Hillary by calling her a mere “criminal”. She’s a psychopath.
    Sociopath: Erratic, impulsive criminal behavior, marked by excessive risk-taking = Bill
    Psychopath: Controlled, violent, premeditated criminal behavior = Hillary
    I’m quite sure that Hillary was the prime mover behind the “Arkancide” death squads, while Bill was the gladhanding front man who can emote and “feel your pain”. Hillary cleaned up Bill’s messes and ran the machinery of murder and corruption. I’m sure she’s the brains behind the CGI as well. There’s a reason they’ve stuck together all these year: they make quite an effective team.

    • I agree wholeheartedly, that woman is far more dangerous than the illegal alien currently running the current regime. She is megalomaniac material. She actually has a aura like Mao, put a red star cap on her head and a commie 2 piece on her Pillsbury Doughboy carcass, she is a shoe in. If anything, the trail of dead bodes she leaves in her wake already gives her a head start on being a genocidal maniac. She already has the “The party should rule the gun and never should the gun rule the party thing down pat.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you Banzai, that woman is far more dangerous than the illegal alien currently running the current regime. She is megalomaniac material. She actually has a aura like Mao, put a red star cap on her head and a commie 2 piece on her Pillsbury Doughboy carcass, she is a shoe in. If anything, the trail of dead bodes she leaves in her wake already gives her a head start on being a genocidal maniac. She already has the “The party should rule the gun and never should the gun rule the party thing down pat.

    • Agreed

      Bubba is forever the sum, of his appetites … Cunta Cunte has always been the evil animus and operational executive behind the facade

  4. Have always thought Foundation would be weak point and sort of surprised it has not figured more prominently. By odd happenstance spent a two days that will never be recaptured at a pair of CGI meetings right after Hillary finished up as SoS. (a trading partner of my old firm was pressuring us to join–so I was the “diligence” guy). The best way to visualize is to go back to the bar scene in the original Stars Wars. Oddest collection of Clinton associates, NGO do gooders, contractors-on-the-make, folks (obviously foreign) who never gave a straight answer as to who they worked for…etc. Lots of nice talk about helping the world, working groups of every stripe and no real specifics on what they were doing. Though at one Chelsea intro’d the new guy (ex-McKinsey) who was being brought in to help develop “scorecards”. Don’t thing that went to a dog show. Entry ticket for joining was $350k. Financial guys looked through the statements and came to the independent conclusion that this was really a vehicle to support the Clinton lifestyle, park their court members on retainer and little more. Declined to join–though the half floor of sales people over on 6th avenue were not good at taking no for an answer.

    ps. met Hillary at one of the cocktail closers and yes SNL has it right. “I only talk to real people because I want to be President” she was positively reptilian. Bill still had the spark, though.

  5. Not many things in politics more satisfying than watching these psychopaths eat their own. Desperate despots like the pants suit can end up doing desperate things. She is starting to look and behave in a desperate manner, at least there are cracks showing in the facade. I always felt she never had the savvy to be a successful coruptocrat, she always has required others to much of the heavy lifting and wet work. That woman is a truly nasty piece of work, her sycophants have to have not much going for them either to work for her. I guess with the river of dirty money she has at her disposal in the Clinton foundation she can make up for a lot of bad character traits. But she must have rung up an incredible amount of markers that will be due if she is installed as the Red Queen. The portent scope and scale of corruption possible is almost unimaginable. You want to talk about the US becoming a banana republic, good lord almighty. I truly do wish for it to become an every increasing hubristic orgy of self destruction. Hubris before the fall that is. I can’t figure which is worse, the pants suit, or those who carry water for her and are voting in her favor. Maybe there is no difference, its a package deal.

    • An interesting thought is that Clinton assuredly knows where all the skeletons are buried for Obama and the democrat party. If she feels betrayed in defeat, she might be spiteful enough not to go quietly and start spilling all the beans.

      • Well that right there, they are all dirty. It is what they are. Imagine the leverage even as despicable and nasty a creature Hillary is, has over so many, and not just political leverage, there are some truly diabolical crimes been committed. The list is almost to bloody to believe. For instance, are you aware the Maura Building in Oklahoma City was the depository of all paper records for a variety of investigation’s involving Clinton association corruption going back before they occupied the white house? That before casualties where tended to after the bombing, a squad of federal agents rifled through surviving document caches. If there is truth in that somewhere, can you calculate the list of people you have by the short and curly’s in your little black book, or is it Blackberry, who had to be involved in a conspiracy like that? That whole scenario worked out very well if so, Bill Clinton had a psychopathic hate for the “militia’s” that where springing up throughout the country in the 90’s. Then add in all the subsequent scandals and atrocities, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast & Furious, Vince Foster, Starr, Benghazi, Libya. How about the 265 million dollars, Hillary took receivership of in the mysterious sudden collapse of the Children’s Fund, just months before she was installed as a NY congresscorruptocrat, which disappeared never to be seen again? 265 Million Bucks, Poof! These people know where every penny comes from and where it goes, its why they get so rich through being corrupt. It is what they do. The potential river of blood and trail of dead bodies behind the two of them is truly the stuff of a couple of sick individuals. Thing is, they can’t blackmail the general public, they can only try to fool them, and the margin of vote fraud is thought to be from 3-7% before it is considered too high and risky. She has taken bribe monet from about every agenda 21 and one world order corporate interest that exists. There isn’t enough hours in the day to satisfy those markers and administer to the will of the dirt people who didn’t grease her greasy meathook.

  6. There are two complications I see to this, and the first is Obama’s legacy. His legacy at this point is almost completely based on executive actions, so it’s imperative that the democrats maintain control of the executive branch or his legacy goes up in smoke. That Trump is the republican nominee as opposed to some tame Washington globalist makes this even worse.

    The second complication I see is that I don’t think Obama or anybody in the Democratic establishment has much of any control over Bernie Sanders voters. If Clinton goes down in flames, Bernie Sanders voters will expect Bernie to slide into the top spot. If they are denied this, I think they will flip out.

    I agree that Obama is playing a long game and that Clinton is his enemy, but I think there are forces out of his control. If Clinton falls before the election, Bernie has to take her place or his voters rebel completely. The game he’s playing could cost the democrat party the election and destroy his legacy. The timing of all these factors is also very delicate. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now.

    • That’s my question, too — who will replace Hillary at the top of the ticket? Bernie is a True Believer, Gilded Age edition — like his college kid supporters, he always looks one bong hit away from ranting about Haymarket Square and the perfidy of the Grover Cleveland administration. Nor can they just cut a deal with Trump after throwing him the election — they spent the last 6 months calling him Hitler Jr., and he’s not a forgiving man. So who”s left? Slow Joe Biden? Lieawatha? She’d be my bet, but she seems to be smart enough to realize it’s a sucker bet at this point. What’s the end game for the Party?

      • If they don’t pull the plug on Hilary before or during the convention, things get risky.

        In 2002, the NJ Supreme Court decided to ignore the law and let the NJ Democrats switch out Torricelli on the ballot when he was indicted after the convention. I don’t think Federal Judges (or Judges in all 50 states) are going to be so willing to carry water for the Democrats this way.

        If she’s nominated at the convention, they might be stuck with her.

        • If she’s taken down before the convention, what then? Do you think Bernie and his supporters are going to tolerate being passed over for some white knight? Do you think Obama and the democrat establishment would be ok with Bernie being the nominee?

          • I have my popcorn popper ready for that show. Like watching a Stalin / Trotsky battle.

          • If – and it’s a big if – Hillary is indicted before the convention and she suspends her campaign (which I don’t think is a foregone conclusion) I might wager that she would ask her pledged delegates to support Fauxcahontas, because “wymin,” rather than Biden. Biden is Barry’s stooge and member of the patriarchy. Hill’s core supporters are bitter, ugly old boomers, and to have Biden upstage the vagina brigade would be a bridge too far.

            As you suggest however, such a scenario would be devastating to the party, in the same way that the GOP flirted with disaster over the NeverTrump nonsense before Trump’s nomination became a foregone conclusion. To tell the Bern and his supporters that they must step aside would expose the banana republic shenanigans to the sunshine, and Bernie’s campaign rhetoric regarding the corruption of the establishment would be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt 0bama, as the head of the party, would also be tarnished by this. As other on this thread have speculated “What Would Barry Do” if push came to shove? Would he support Sanders or a white knight? My guess is that he would prefer to stand above the fray rather than get down in the weeds.

      • Joe Biden. He’s always been the good soldier. I’m not sure it comes to that, but if Clinton has to drop out, then Biden is the answer. My bet is Clinton staggers on like a wounded animal and loses badly in November. That’s probably what Team Obama want. A humiliating defeat would kill off Team Clinton forever.

        • Im surprised no one is talking about the obvious; Bernie as VP. His supporters will swallow that, and in one fell swoop, Trump will have his legs cut out from under him.

          • Too white for the party. They are even nuttier than the GOP leaders when it comes to the dusky vote. The Dem ticket must past the paper bag test.

        • As your local senator, Clay Davis, would say: Sheeeeeeeeit, Z Man… I’d vote for Trump just for that. And end to the Clintons forever! If that were the payoff for voting for Joe Stalin himself, I’d honestly have to think it over.

    • I think Obama is far more grandiose to worry over what he sees as minor policy issues. He has never been fully engaged in the details of his administration. I do think he and the rest of the Mulatto Mafia hate the Clintons with an intensity that is hard for normal people to imagine.

      There’s also the fact that the Left has no bench. They can clear the dead wood during a Trump regime and gear up for the the next great Progressive Awakening. They are like cicadas in that way.

      • I think there’s something to what you say, but Obama has always wanted to be a transformational figure. With the exceptions of Obamacare and his own personal prestige, all of his transformations have been executive fiats, and is really a transformational figure it all that gets undone?

      • I just don’t get why Team Obama would waste so much time and effort hating the Clintons. Obama crushed Hillary in 2008, and then she had to humiliate herself for the better part of a decade by working for Obama. They allegedly got along OK during this time. We know that she was a complete fuckup as Secretary of State, but Obama and his minions think they did a great job with foreign policy, so he can’t hold that against her. My take is, given that Obama is vain and completely self-centered, he became largely indifferent to the Clintons once his humiliation of Hillary was complete. If he is trying to undermine Hillary’s campaign– and you can definitely make a case for that– my guess is, his motivation revolves around his personal future: how to make money for himself, and how to maintain influence for his ridiculous anti-white, anti-american, pro-communist ideas. He knows that, if they won, the Clintons would close a lot of doors to Obama because, while Obama is indifferent to the Clintons, the Clintons definitely resent Obama. So, Biden would clearly be Obama’s best bet going forward– a decision fueled not by hatred, but by cold rational self-interest.

        • Don’t underestimate the power or durability of hatred and resentment in an ideology that uses those concepts as the foundation.

          • Agree with you in principle, but I think Obama’s genius is in combining overweening, world-class narcissism with cold, calculating self-interest. He isn’t particularly intelligent, but he has a certain kind of low cunning that has served him remarkably well. The only time he shows emotion is when he feels like he is being ignored or disrespected. The Clintons tried to disrespect him, and he crushed them, so I’m guessing he feels like he made his point and moved on.

    • Taco, you bring up a salient point. These people are so dirty, the crimes and corruption so rampant, actually the entire federal system is literally infested with the disease of corruptions, it is most likely impossible to hide how bad it truly is. The current regime, along with all the administrative branches of tyranny, they need a Clinton, or another crony insider to assume the throne of power, just to retain the veil of obstruction of this organized crime syndicate aka federal government. What was it week before last the Won, through executive diktat, decreed a transition team will be mandatory before the next president assumes power. Ah excuse me, a transition team? You mean a clean up crew to hide the bodies and the backtracks to where all our wealth has gone too? Are these clowns becoming nervous Donald J Trump might win? And with that, a mandate of the will of a very large plurality of people rightfully screaming for blood over what these past regimes have done? All ready that mandate is growing to the point of un-deniability. Preference cascades of legitimate nature are unstoppable once they reach a critical mass.

      • I hope Trump and his party start off with an omnibus bill: “Undo every act, fire every hire”, then undo the civil service act – which was supposed to prevent partisan hiring, but just gets in the way of firing all the (D)lirtbag political hacks infesting the govt. . After that they can replace department heads and get to some serious investigation. There’s no sense “playing nice” with (D)irtbags – they will always act in a vicious and underhanded manner anyway.
        Without the civil service act the only hope of a lifetime career would be strict neutrality, and they’d all fear having a hostile replacement looking carefully at everything they did – with no hope of a presidential pardon.

        • Wouldn’t that be quite the paradigm. Just think, instead of civil service, it would be… ready for this… Civil Servant! Wow, like who pays your paycheck pal. No, we ain’t cash cows, No it doesn’t come from a money tree, No unicorns don’t lay magic road apples of fiat money, so you can give us dirt people finger the finger. And Yes, your worthless arse can be fired in a NewYork minute.

    • ” … it’s imperative … or his legacy goes up in smoke.” What legacy? You mean “disgrace.” I’m glad you think Trump is not “some tame Washington globalist” and that you “feel” that makes it even worse. That is exactly what smart people, real Americans (not the intelligencia) are fed up with. This smell is in the wind worldwide. People are fed up with politics as usual and and you are simply acknowledging “That Smell” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

      One little problem that confronts you
      Got a monkey on your back
      Just one more fix, Lord might do the trick
      One hell of a price for you to get your kicks
      Ooooh that smell
      Can’t you smell that smell
      Ooooh that smell
      The smell of death surrounds you
      Ooooh that smell
      Can’t you smell that smell
      Ooooh that smell
      The smell of death surrounds you

  7. LETTING this stuff drip out a little here and little there?
    I dare say he (or…you know….”his” people) is SCHEDULING it.
    “OH LOOK! Is that ELVIS….?” is kinda distracting from “Say, exactly what WERE
    the “terms” of the negotiations with Iran/Viet Nam/ Pacific Rim.
    “I can do more…you know…AFTER the election”?
    MUCH less risky than…say…”New rules for bathrooms…”, or “Dear Colleague…Nice school/ Tourism “service” Industry, be a SHAME if anything were to happen to it….”
    Of course, I COULD be wrong.

  8. Death by a thousand cuts for her and W.C. Fields-look-alike partner BJ, is too good for these slime balls. However, what is most disturbing is the number of people who still support these “partners-in-crime” despite all the issues, miscues, and on Hillary’s part, lack of accomplishments. They have sold us out to not only the Chinese but the EU desk jockeys in Brussels, the UN and others all while working their damnest to destroy America. Putting her in office would be a continuation of Socialism in the White House. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Obummer’s last acts would be to paint America’s house … black. The “White” House is racist don’t you know. Trigger time!

    • Selling the U.S. out to globalism is a deep and bipartisan affair. As much as I dislike Hillary, I don’t think she’s head and shoulders worse on this than most anybody on either side of Washington.

      • Very true. But because she is so inept, she will rely on “outside” authorities to implement her desires and they are very socialist. Check out the movie “BREXIT” for more info on this nefarious cabal.

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