It’s The Bogeymen’s Fault

When the Vikings sacked the monastery at Lindisfarne, the Anglo-Saxons, trying to figure out what happened, came to the only logical conclusion. God was angry with them over something did or did not do.

“In this year fierce, foreboding omens came over the land of the Northumbrians, and the wretched people shook; there were excessive whirlwinds, lightning, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky. These signs were followed by great famine, and a little after those, that same year on 6th ides of January, the ravaging of wretched heathen people destroyed God’s church at Lindisfarne.”

–The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

What followed in Britain as well as the rest of Christendom was more than just a military response to the Vikings. There was a spiritual revival. The secular authorities contributed to the Church and invited the bishops and priests into the granular management of society. The Church reformed religious orders and cleaned up the monasteries and nunneries. The role of women in religious orders was also diminished at this time. In other words, Europeans responded to a pagan assault by getting right with the Almighty.

Oliver Cromwell was pretty sure he was in God’s good graces. After all, he went from minor political figure to the head of the parliamentary army to the Lord Protector of God’s people, the English. After the disastrous military expedition into the Caribbean and a Royalist revolt, Cromwell came to the obvious conclusion. God was not happy with him and the English people. He set off on a campaign to restore liberty of conscience and promote both outward and inward godliness throughout England.

In the early 19th century, Abolitionists were sure that slavery was an offense to God and its presence in the new world would bring an end to the America Experiment. The people of Yankee New England were convinced that America was the city on the hill, the savior of mankind. They still believe this. The lyrics to the Battle Hymn of the Republic make this quite clear.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword: His truth is marching on.

I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel:
“As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal”;
Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel, Since God is marching on.

The winning side of the Civil War blames the war on the siege of Fort Sumter by the evil white men of the evil South. The truth is the Abolitionist fanatics were spoiling for a fight. They truly believed that slavery was an offense to God and the only way to get back in the good graces of the Almighty was to end it by any means necessary. American Abolitionists grew out of the Clapham Sect, a group of evangelical Anglican lunatics.

We are now fully in the post-Christian era so the schools no longer teach kids the religious origins of the present lunacies. Instead, an array of bogeymen and evil spirits are conjured as replacements. Blacks are where they are, despite three generations of Progressive programs to help them, because of the mysterious demon called “white privilege.” No one can describe how this works, but our betters are sure this demon travels in the book bags of college students.

Sometimes bad juju is the cause of trouble as we see in this article about the George Soros funded attack on Dallas cops.

When the shots rang out in Dealey Plaza in 1963, their reports ricocheted off the tall buildings surrounding the green park. One bullet caught an innocent bystander. One found the governor of Texas. Two more, of course, struck and killed President John F. Kennedy, and in those few seconds frozen in time, the city of Dallas was instantly branded: the City of Hate.

A little more than 50 years later, the shots have rung out in downtown Dallas again, just a short stroll from infamous Dealey Plaza. There are some eerie circumstantial similarities, to be sure. But this time the target was not a president—it was police officers. And the political obsession of the moment was no longer the Cold War but racial division, the remaining scar of America’s greatest sin: slavery.

Notice the residual language. Sin is a Christian concept so if there is no Christian God, there can be no sin. That’s too complicated for the modern lunatic so they appropriate the language of their spiritual forebears, without thinking much about the implications. In this case, the modern lunatic thinks we have not fully atoned to the invisible forces of nature, for the sin of slavery, so we are having another spasm of black rage. How one can get right with the Great Spirit is never explained, but it means punishing the bad whites for some reason.

The modern era is riddled with these sorts of bogeymen and evil spirits. The Southern Poverty Law Center exists for the sole purpose of scaring old Jewish widows with stories about Hitler. Adolph is no longer a flesh and blood historical figure. He is a permanent spirit-force that takes the form of man, usually a Republican politician. Similarly, the KKK has become the Eye of Sauron, watching every dusky fellow in the country. If a brotha is not on his toes, a cop will pop out of thin air and shoot him for no reason.

Our current ructions are over who is to blame for angering the Bogeyman.

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  1. Great essay in a thematic sort of way but I don’t get everybody going down the rabbit hole of the REAL cause of the Civil War being northern religious fanatics. The abolitionists were a factor for sure, but it is highly disputable that they, alone, were the sole sufficient cause of the conflict on account of there being so many other equally likely candidates.

    To begin with, and to snap back to the present, how about two pretty incompatible economic systems increasingly in conflict as both developed towards their climax ecosystems. In an interesting parallel with today there was an essentially colonial extractive economic system opposed to tariffs/protectionism (SOUTH) and a small industries based local manufacturing economic system favoring tariffs/protectionism (NORTH).

    It is darkly amusing that Trump and the Dirt People TM (great campaign band name) sound a more than a bit like the northerners of 150 years ago (at least in their specific trade attitudes) and the Cloud People sound more than a bit like the southerners of 150 years ago regards also regards trade policy. The imperial epicenter doing the extracting 150 years ago was England (and maybe France). Today it’s China + the Asian Rim.

    • The antagonisms which provoked the war were many it is true, but the match was a little woman who’s book gave the righteous a proper religion for crusade. Separation was not enough, no, a reckoning there would be. And the reckoning continues everywhere unabated and unexamined.

    • As a “rabbit holer” I’ll only say, that my epiphany was due to of all the stuff I’ve read or watched about the Civil War, the abolitionists zeal for war, for conflict without quarter to the South was NEVER touched on. All I ever knew was the North was there and finally had enough of the South and was resolute, and the South went nuts when Lincoln was elected and decided to fight. The fight for gay rights and the way the left has been forcing their agenda and anti-religious jihad on normal America made me think… huh, this is what it must have been like. Non-stop. To quarter. Now the current left isn’t angling for a shooting war, but they’re achieving their goals in the courts.

      The Civil war was not inevitable. It was a mess. It was agitated for and folks got whipped up into it… and once started, it was horrid. And mostly, history gives a pass to those that agitated for the violence the most… that’s all.

  2. Hard core leftists are the most religious people I know. Not Christian or any other religion, but very faithful. They believe in climate change with a fervor not seen at most churches. They believe in government, multiculturalism, and all their other nonsense with a love and faith that only the most devout Muslim has for Allah.

    That is part of our political disconnect. When conservatives or libertarians try to debate them with logical rhetoric, nothing penetrates their shield of faith. It’s like teaching my dog algebra.

  3. I wonder if George Soros is the Ragnar Lodbrok of our age; destruction of the known world at the hands of barbarians who only seek to rob and pillage for financial gain. The methods may have changed, but the results are the same.

  4. Some joker who calls himself the “national minister of defense for the People’s New Black Panther Party” wants all Blacks to migrate South and take over 5 Southern states.

    Babu (yes, that’s this guy’s first name) Omowale used the interview to claim five states as belonging to the “Black Nation”: Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.

    These dindus are playing for keeps.

    Let’s see how that plays with all those armed White Southerners.

    Not too well, I expect.

    BTW, isn’t that what Liberia was for?  Opportunity missed;  “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”.

    • Pretty funny. After black people have been following white people around for 150 years they are going to pay their own way and keep the utilities running. They gave it a go in with a couple new settlements back late in the 19th century. It didn’t work out well, and the didn’t even have to carry gang bangers.

      • If you look around these days, secession is in the air. To the clouds Secession is an existential threat, aside from the dirt people having arms and using their consent, second to none. The black supremacists movement doesn’t have to pay for a thing when the cultural marxists will sponsor them to whatever tune is required if it is possible to turn the south into Detroit, Baltimore and South Africa south of the Mason Dixon line. They have waged this cultural genocide across the United States since the opening of Johnson’s “War on Poverty”.

        One aim is the continuation of getting people to go at each others throats: divide and conquer. Part of being a cloud is the art of not getting your hands dirty, you get every sort of useful dupe to do it for you, and you rob those of their prosperity who will be the object of your evil to do it to pay for it. It is the politically correct poetry of power to do so. It is your destiny, your class duty, and sit back and revel in your god like intellegentsia wisdom of social engineering acumen, all the while keeping that ever important pinky in the air as you sip your celebratory champagne while you are insulated from the consequences.

        The clouds are still waging the war of Northern Aggression. They have never stopped “Reconstruction”.
        It’s instituting White Flight and White Genocide as another phase of destroying the defiant character and culture of the dirt people of the south. Every symbol, artifact, cultural evidence of that heritage of secession from the Lincoln and his marxist must be eradicated. Not one shred of the spirit of abolition and Constitutional Right of Secession from the North’s tyranny can be permitted to inspire and strengthen the hearts and minds of the dirt people. The NBPP and BLM are instruments of that agenda. This is Kill The Kulak’s amerikan style. The Agrarian nature of Southern dirt people is a foundation of freedom and liberty. That Agrarian heritage came from Europe and the great diaspora that leaped over the Allegheny’s into the Frontier to get away from the tyranny of the day. There is one long line of history that connects that past right through to today.

  5. Zman… great essay ( as usual, and how do you do it? ) .. You brought a smile to my face as you affirmed an epiphany I had about the lead-up to the Civil War last year. I was reading Midnight Rising, by Tony Horwitz ; a book about John Brown and the attack on Harpers Ferry. From it, I came away with what you just alluded to… that abolitionists were spoiling for a fight… and this was ongoing for many years up until Lincoln was elected. John Brown’s story was fuzzy to me, and though I knew of him, I didn’t know the details. Domestic terrorist and dangerous man.
    In fact, I sat there and thought… ok, the war was inevitable.. but not because the South demanded slaves… but because they were being pushed into a corner.. politically. Southerners were “othered” by the yankee press. They were not given a way to work things out because the abolitionists were demanding a fight, a revolt and total contrition. I thought about how the modern left/progs are pushing and shoving their agenda on folks.. most folks, that just want to be left alone. Agitating for the sake of agitating and demanding complete contrition from their foes…. though instead of Christianity as their moral compass, the modern progs are committed ideologues.

    • re: RobM’s epiphany

      Search out the rare 1970’s book by Otto Scott THE SECRET SIX to see how the crazies drove the Nation into war. The book was published and then killed by the publisher: the New York Times. A similar fate happened to the book TRAGEDY & HOPE and the movie IDIOCRACY.

      Dan Kur

        • William Lloyd Garrison (editor of The Liberator) was quite open about it. He called the Constitution “an agreement with Hell” and couldn’t wait for the South to secede… so it could be crushed militarily. It’s also significant that in the fight over Kansas, the proslavery guys were literally right next door, but the Jayhawks all came from Massachusetts (shipping rifles in cases marked “Bibles”). Too bad Beauregard fired on Ft. Sumter — the Union would’ve invaded anyway, but the peace ticket would’ve made a lot more sense in 1864 if it were calling off a senseless invasion….

          • Yeah, Severian, the Kansas stuff was touched on in Horwitz book above, as John Brown was murdering / terrorizing farmers in Kansas before deciding to start a slave revolt with arms from Harpers Ferry. It is too bad Ft. Sumter was fired on, but.. as things were going, if not there, it was going to get touched off somewhere… because those angling for a fight in the north wanted it so badly.

  6. I have a large American family and until recently a home in Ca and when I am over this summer I’m considering looking for another home in Utah. I was once convinced to move stateside completely as I felt circa 2002 that I was going to need to flee the socialist destruction of Britain.The problem is now and you no doubt disagree I feel that Britain is slowly but surely on the right track whilst America is heading? that’s the point I don’t know where its heading.My family have faith (somewhat shaken) in the strength of character of the majority of the American people to see through the race mongers and the embrace the third world lunatics, I’m not sure I do anymore but I love America, its people and my family and I’ll support it anyway I can.

    • If you can deal with the weather, Ireland isn’t a bad place as is much less populated than the UK. You only need to prove your grandparents came from Ireland, you don’t even have to be born there to be considered and Irish citizen.

    • It is a far better place than anyone can tell you, no matter our warts and all. Remember, here in America, it all begins with each of us. That is the beauty of it. And no tyrant or power on Earth can take that away. The scope of the people here is larger than themselves. Regardless of the crooks and tyrants running things for now, in fact in spite of the sonofabitches, it is the land of the free.

  7. The common thread in the aforementioned and eloquently stated illustrations originates in antiquity: Ignorance (mental laziness?) leads to fear which in turn results in superstition.

    Superstition defined: “A widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event.”

    And, speaking of the eighteenth century abolitionists, and Clapham Sect, (whose opponents sardonically labeled them the ”Clapham Saints”): I sometimes wonder regarding the former slave trader by the name of John Newton , who ironically penned the timeless Christian Hymn “Amazing Grace”, and his influence upon William Wilberforce and friends during that era. Supernatural causation indeed.

    Today, however, the bogeymen in our collective nightmares seemingly wear white sheets over pale faces or hoodies over dark ones. We live in much simpler times.

  8. After reading the military tribunals of the British soldiers after Bunker Hill, I have a different picture- even though I’ve never read the double deceptions of Howard Zinn, and never will.
    Sam Adams was a mobster boss whose Mohawks gang ruled Boston with drunken violence.
    The King had repealed virtually every Parliamentary act upon the colonies, except for a tiny tax to pay for the colonial police- they had been called in because of Adam’s increasing tyranny.

    Also, smugglers in the fantastically lucrative tea trade, such as Madison and Hamilton (who rode around in a gilded carraige, a pimpmobile of the era) were at odds with the Crown corporation, the British East India Co., who was trying to recover large losses in Asia by stiffing the small teacart entrepreneurs on every corner in Boston. All of this is normal politics.

    What really seems to have started the Revolution wasn’t the wildly exaggerated claims of British “atrocity”; it seems that when the humanitarian King George lll declared war on the slave trade itself- possibly the first to ever do so- Jewish slave traders in Cuba, and violent Puritan smugglers in Boston, then declared war on the King. The Judean slavers have dominated the trade for literal millenia, and the Puritans, with their genocidal, totalitarian past both have much history to erase and revise.

    • May I include the obligatory “But!” before some start screeching like scalded momkeys.
      This is not to blame (((Them))) (as I’m a member), but to why understand evil repeats:

      History is not written by the winners- it is written by the sociopathic 2% to hide their crimes.
      Sociopaths lack empathy and remorse, they happily will do anything, even to their own, to rise.
      Empathy, not intelligence, is the key to group trust and function.

      We, the 98%, well intentioned normals (that includes the 98% of Jewry) realize never or too late that the narrative was false. The next generation doesn’t know, the hidden agendas are forgotten, so the lie becomes the new guideline to demonstrate virtue.

  9. Funny how we change, yet never change. We still believe in mysterious forces punishing us, such as Gaia frowning at mankind burning coal and oil, we still believe in prophets like the stained Obama whose miracles will save us all… well you at least if not we Brits though he did try over Brexit, bless him. We even believe in the power of collective prayer through divine right of hashtags. As for the gathered wisdom of Marx, the great book is always available to guide our thinking even though it was written in another time and place.

    Seems we always need some ethereal force to give shape to our lives, and modern man is no different however clever we think we are. But then you see things like “Triumph Of The Will” and can see in it the future BLM movement where collective adherence to a common cause is all that matters. Healthy exercise, all this protest marching….

    • You’re seeing the dynamics of social, or group, instinct at work.
      Most err by trying to understand it as individual traits.

      Groups are not individuals- different rules apply.
      The good news is that such instinctive processes are universal, ancient, and most of all, predictable.

    • Have to tell you UKer, I’m not a part of your “We”, and there are a lot of us not We’s, as in I Won’t! and MYOB! here in dirt people land.

  10. The cops and BLM’s are shooting the wrong bogeymen.
    It would be a miracle if they ever figured out who the real enemy is.

  11. Great write up, as always. My only input is that sin is not only a Christian concept, it sprang forth, first, from Judaism. Rabbis regularly discuss human sin and forgiveness when explaining Torah and Talmud teachings. I don’t mean to be picky, but I felt a need to clarify this, Zman.

    • Sin was the city goddess of Babylon.
      Many Jews wanted to stay with civilization, and not go back to tyranny under the tribe of Judah, who, 137 years before, had betrayed the Ten with false accusations of treason, that Judah might rule supreme in their southern province.

      “Dwell thou not in the house of Sin” and “Follow thy not the ways of Sin” are political exhortations.
      Everything in the Bible is political, not a trace of magic in it. Quite easy to understand.

      • They were so oppressed they had their own quarter, with it’s own gate- the one they let Cyrus use to get in.

      • Uh, yeah… got it. This hasn’t much of anything to do with what I remarked on. And really, my earlier comment, which is still true, wasn’t meant to detract from what this whole article was about, so I won’t even begin to try to make heads or tails over what you mean.

        • Sin is such a… flexible… abstract concept.
          So, do you forgive me? Or will you never forget?

          Perhaps we can think of more brilliant abstracts popularized by these brilliant semanticists, these wordsy philosophers, who promise to explain everything and explain nothing, nothing at all. They are better than the rest of us, you see. Wonderful ideas, like multiculturalism, tolerance, socialism, feminism, legalism, civil rights, immigration, the One World… a Torquemada, a Holocaust, an Apocalypse, the Other Sons of Abraham…

          • I spoke in anger, perhaps our host should remove the post.

            A brother has taught synagogue and speaks Hebrew, but I can no longer bear the unthinking, sneering condescension of plagiarists and fabulators. 10,000 books in Torah and not one to tell you the Abraham’s more famous title!!

            I side with the Dirts. Who are you to think that you should be forgiving us!?!

            I rage because all do this. Left, Right, Jew, goy, ethnic, non.
            We defend monsters. Defend them first and most! So self-unexamined.

          • I blew it. I agreed with 5MilesOut, yet allowed myself to get stupid angry.
            My comment was from too far in the outfield. Since I can’t erase this embarrasment, allow my apology, and I refrain from further.

            Jews forgiving others is like Calvinists calling others sinners.
            All the narratives we live under and serve- nearly all of them are false.
            Yet at least we have a history, abused as it may be.

  12. It’s especially ironic because the USA are DE-facto the least racist country on the planet, not racist to a fault, and that Trump is the only racist people can even name is a proof of this. Whitey is afraid to tell his black neighbor to turn the music down, let alone anything else, blacks are treated like holy cows in India, when one wanders into the street, you don’t dare to honk, honky doesn’t honk, let that sink it. The evil White racist is more of an urban myth, similar to big foot at this point, we believe he is out there, this mythical chupahonky, but we have yet to capture one on film. And don’t get me started on the KKK, when they rode the last time into town to save the day, the world was still in black and white.

    I hear the other bogeyman, the one who gets you if you don’t eat your veggies, is also now white in murka, glowing blue eyes scaring you from under the bed, the white walkers are coming, so chew fast junior!

    • Here’s what I think is a compelling case that BLM is Obama’s KKK.

      Opening paragraph:
      Just like Southern Democrats of the past with their charming smiles and warm handshakes that disguised their use of the Ku Klux Klan to handle the dirty work of keeping blacks down and intimidated so that they could not exercise their Constitutional rights of political discourse, President Barack Obama has begun to use the Black Lives Matter organization to the same purpose. 
      Please do read the entire piece.

      The Nation of Islam, the New Back Panthers and  BLM *must* be designated domestic terrorists groups and put down.

      We will see more and more of this black insurrection until some gutsy city or town takes harsh and dramatic action to quell this violence sanctioned by the pig in the White Hut and all his democrat cohorts or it will get so out of hand that municipalities will be forced to do so.

      Read up on the Clowhard-Pivin Strategy. A roadmap to overwhelm our system so as to force societal change.–Piven_strategy

      Cities can’t cope? Send in the Feds so that brings more control and ratchets up the call for ever more influence and control. More for the Free Shit Army for which to feed off.  States will, sooner than later, have to send in the National Guard (saw it for myself during the ’65 Watts riots) which is just one step away for a “natural” transition to the U.S. Army going in (remember how the 101st Airborne was quickly dispatched to force integration on the South?). And guess who controls them…

      Sooner or later I fully expect to see a number of white John Lee Malvos taking out some trash, at the very least.

      Here’s Matt Bracken with a sobering read on what well might happen if this  breakdown continues unchecked.  I suggest the Free Shit Army simmer down quickly or they will reap the whirlwind.

      • One more thing:

        When Blacks lose their patience, cities burn

        When Whites lose their patience, nations burn.

        A word to whatever “wise” Backs may, or may not, be out there.

        • I’d like to think you are right, Fuel Filter, but I am not seeing it this time. The tough talk is mostly among the old folks.

      • Worse news on the westernrifleshooters perspective:
        100 of 163 countries depend on the US for the majority of their food supply.

  13. Funny how the third stanza gets left out of virtually every rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. The only time I’ve heard it performed in public was at the National Prayer Service after 9/11. And likely a bit of intentional foreshadowing. But I would add a bit of clarification on the laying of the entire mantle of abolition on the shoulders of New Englanders. Most of my family were hard Scots-Irish veterans of the Revolution who came West to claim the in-kind payments of land for Continental and Militia service. Mine turned north from Kentucky and others turned south. Inculcated in most was a particular desire to be left alone to pursue their own personal liberty. Having been lucky to have memoirs from one of them and as a child relatives old enough to have known these GAR veterans directly, they also despised the notion of one human holding another in bondage. The backbone of the Northern armies were actually these Scots-Irish yeoman farmers. Unfortunately, the fight pitted them against their genetic brethren, mostly not slaveholders, whose same sense of “being left alone” caused them to fight with equal ferocity for their own homes.

    • While fanaticism is genetic, it is not the exclusive trait of any one group of Europeans. The Anglo-Saxons seems to have a higher percentage of fanatics, but every ethnic groups has it fanatics. Scottish Presbyterianism was just as nutty and dangerous as English Puritanism.

      The thing about the Civil War is that the South was faced with accepting Northern hegemony or fighting. The North was faced with fighting to impose their will on the South or letting the South leave the Union. That’s been the fundamental division in American politics ever since.

      • …That’s been the fundamental division in American politics ever since…

        Thoughts on when Texas makes the big move?

        • Take a guess why the BLM operatives took out those cops in Dallas?
          I think the powers that be are very nervous about the advent in the rise in call for Texit. After all that is secession pure and simple.
          The rejection of the globalists via secession by the dirt people, and other forms of withdrawal of consent, well that is the globalists bogeyman in simple terms.

      • Or more simply, the right fanatics for the right time. Which is more the story of how the Civil War was prosecuted on the ground. More fundamentally, the failing of an effectively feudal economy in the South up against a industrializing and mechanizing (agriculture) one in the north was never going to be resolved without bloodshed. The obsolescent institution of slavery become the “wolf by the ears” that made conflict unavoidable.

        • I’ve never bought the “conflict inevitable” stuff. The Southern leaders fundamentally misread the lunatics to the North, thus provoking them into war, but the North had plenty of options short of war. They wanted war for cultural reasons.

      • We dirt people are the bogeyman of the status quo. This time it’s not northern hegemony over the South’s primal right to preserve it’s Agrarian way of Constitutionalism, it’s yankeedom’s transnationalist’s against the rise of the dirt people. No Mason Dixon line or Fort Sumpter need apply.

        Hence this WSJ headline: ‘Voters Add to Election Turmoil by Threatening to Jump Party Lines’

        Notice something here?

        Voters = Dirt people
        Turmoil = Dirt people causing trouble for the status quo, because consent is being withdrawn.
        Threatening = Dirt people who are having a preference cascade outside the oligarchy’s proscribed permitted obedience, the only threat being to the ruling class in permanent power.
        Jump Party Lines = Further double speak for dirt people defiance of the transnationalist’s one world order.

        It is never ‘Americans, (or people), of all kinds are rejecting those in power and their politics by expressing their cold anger through using their withdrawal of consent via voting for Donald Trump.’

        Us dirt people are the bogeyman.

  14. ” How one can get right with the Great Spirit is never explained.” Someone *will* come up with an explanation, though. And since in human affairs pendulums always swing back twice as hard, my money is on somebody coming up with a highfalutin’ academese version of “so what?” Something like the old “Positive Good” justification for slavery, but with HBD buzzwords. Remember, liberals “fucking love science,” so they’ll go along with it as soon as they start getting mugged in sufficient numbers. It’s not gonna end well, and the end is coming sooner than we think, I’m afraid.

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