Breaking: Heretic Apprehended

In case anyone thought the muzzling of dissent was a Continental problem, here’s a story from Britain that is worse than the German story.

An online troll ended up in the dock after posting comments ‘grossly offensive’ to Muslims on a police website.

Dad-of-seven Stephen Bennett, 39, made inflammatory remarks on Greater Manchester Police’s Facebook page, in response to an appeal for information in a sex case with an Asian suspect.

I’ll just note that the internet term “troll” has now been redefined to mean “people who refuse to shut up.” It used to mean “someone trolling for attention.” Now the Progs have defined it to be “the scary little man shouting hate think at the bridge to paradise.”

One comment he made concerned Asian women, another was likely to be offensive to Muslims.

Bennett, of Wythenshawe, also wrote: “Don’t come over to this country and treat it like your own. Britain first.”

He made the comments despite his mother-in-law and sister-in-law being Muslims, his lawyer told the court.

The response sparked outrage from Facebook users who feared his remarks would set people against each other.

When Bennett was arrested by officers in an 8am house call, he said: “Is this about that Muslim thing on Facebook? I’m getting locked up for sticking up for my own country.”

Notice how the writer is astonished that this monster does not like Muslims despite the fact his in-laws are Muslims. In the New Religion, diversity is our strength so there must be something really wrong with this guy. He’s getting a full dose of diversity at the dinner table, yet he remains a racist! Some people are beyond repair so I hope they put him down mercifully. Wouldn’t want his sort infecting others!

Bennett later admitted an offence under the Malicious Communications Act.

His Manchester Crown Court sentencing hearing was told that he was a dad-of-seven who was finding it ‘difficult to cope’ at the time because of the loss of his job, but was now back in work as a cleaner.

His lawyer added that his mother-in-law and sister-in-law were Muslims, and that he was not racist.

But web users who read his posts felt his remarks would fuel tensions.

One Muslim witness told police he was concerned the ‘irresponsible’ comments would ‘incite hatred’ and be a ‘potential tool for radicalisation’.

Another Muslim personally offended by the remarks challenged Bennett online, telling him ‘act your age’.

People in the wider community were also offended, prosecutor Gavin Howie told court, with one female Facebook user describing his remarks as ‘offensive to all women’.

Orwell deleted things like this from his own work as he assumed no one would believe it, even in fiction. The suspension of disbelief can only go so far. We used to mock primitives for carrying on like this. We still do. The accused would be charged with black magic and his accusers would claim to have been given the whammy by the accused. The judge would then consult the court shaman, who would read some goat innards or his star maps and offer up an opinion.

The religious aspect of this is clear. In the New Religion, the happiness of the dusky people is the sign of collective morality. If the muzzies are vexed, then it must be the fault of the honkies for failing to embrace diversity. It’s why the good thinkers take the side of cop killers. Even through the cop is doing an important duty, the unhappiness of the killers, the black ones, is a sign the void where God used to be is unhappy with the people.

You’ll also note that one can be indirectly “offended” by a heretic. Why else include in the story that one Muslim was “personally” offended? It means one can be transitively offended, in the same way one can feel shame for the sins of your society. The concept of “offense” has taken on a spirit form like a jinn. How long before the theocrats demand we affix hex signs on our homes and wear talismans to ward off the racist jinn?


12 thoughts on “Breaking: Heretic Apprehended

  1. The reason why the Cult loves Islam so much is because they admire its Maoist tactics. Ditto Castro’s Cuba and Stalin’s Russia. I think the DNC/BLM/Occupy/Code Pink/Huff Post, and so on, ad nauseum, would happily imprison or kill all of their political enemies and all wrong thinkers if they had the chance, and then live happily ever after under a caliphate run by Bill, Hilary and O-idiot.

  2. Historians of the future will be puzzled how an imported socially-distant group who loved to hate not only their hosts but their own cult (Shia versus Sunni, anyone?) could be so quick to get in the first “offended” claim and thus get the unequivocal support of an establishment that the freshly-offended wanted to destroy.

    Hopefully they will exist, because I would imagine a dominant RoP won’t have any time for real historians.

  3. For now the odd story here and there is making the news. But beware the silence when the news stories stop and people simply start disappearing. It is probably already happening given the high numbers of unsolved disappearances and murders that occur daily. Maybe the odd story today serves as a warning shot across the bow to the rest of us?

  4. Rainbow bumper stickers and yard signs that say “fire hereticX”. There are your hexes and talismans.

  5. After an Islamic suicide bomber caused a plane to crash, the only survivor’s remaining were three men who were previously traveling alone. The three men consisted of an alt-right blogger, a muslim and a modern progressive.

    As all three were all walking in the desert, the alt-right blogger found a bottle. Immediately, he picked it up, removed the cork and rubbed it vigorously.

    A giant genie appeared and hovered over the three men and said: “I will grant each of you one wish and one wish only”.

    In his haste and excitement, the alt-right blogger spoke first. He said: “I wish for liberty, morality and justice to reign throughout all nations of the world!’ The Genie said: “Your wish has been granted”.

    Next, the muslim speaks. He said: “I wish for a worldwide caliphate to administer sharia law instead”. The Genie said: “Your wish has been granted”.

    And finally, it is the modern progressive’s turn.

    At first he appeared undecided and, after much consternation and hand-wringing, he said (as the Muslim stared at him through angry eyes): “I wish for three more wishes”:

    “First, please behead the alt-right conservative terrorist for his cold-hearted insensitivity”.

    “Next, since I am now a kafir, please allow me dhimmi status so I may live.”

    “And finally, may I please have burkas for my wife and daughters.”

    And the Genie said: “All your wishes have been granted”.

  6. When your website just mysteriously shuts down one day it will be a sure sign the end times are speeding up. Tim

  7. I would like to chain many of our politicians up with hyenas, but I’m afraid they would get along very well with each other since they have so much in common. Maybe they’d fight over the dinner bowl but the politician probably has an unfair advantage. The hyena only has teeth and claws, but the politican has no morals and lots of animal cunning.

    Does this mean I am mentally ill, or can I too become “head of… the country’s leading provider of mental health services?” (No politicians or hyenas were harmed while making this advertisment.)

  8. I was at the Library of Congress a few weeks ago. As I looked at the many murals of women — many seem to have forgotten to pull up their dresses and all of them were ivory skinned — representing this virtue or that area of scholarship (gender studies was not to be found, alas), I wondered to myself how long it will be before we start painting over these or even chipping them away in some act of public defilement.

  9. Meanwhile, in OZ,  from the Brisbane Times:
    “Vilification on the grounds of religion is now illegal and in serious cases could result in a criminal conviction with a fine of up to $7500, under laws passed by the ACT parliament on Thursday.”

    Both Labor [Leftists] and Liberal [Conservetives] supported the move put by the Greens [loons, like all “Green” parties] Shane Rattenbury, who said the display of hatred, intolerance and offensive behaviour towards Muslims was one of the biggest intolerance issues in Australia today.”
    It’s my understanding that this is regional and won’t stand up to a challenge in their Supreme Court but it sure as hell is a sign of the times.

    Punishing badwhites for badthink. 

    Thank God we have a 1st Amendment backed up by our 2nd.

    For now.

  10. The appropriation of maoist struggle sessions should be no surprise to OGH. See them for what they are, and call them for what they are. You’d think they’d spend more time ginning up some filter to hide the nakedness of it, but there you are.

    Rubbing one’s face in it is educational to the subject of abuse as well as being entertaining for the nomenklatura.

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