We’re Doomed

The Catholics say despair is a sin and perhaps it is, but it is hard to be optimistic about the world when you see stories like this one. Even allowing for the possibility there could be more to the story than what is being reported, how can society survive when this sort of thing  is even plausible?

Thomas Salbey became an internet sensation after footage of him hurling abuse at Sonboly, from the balcony of his fifth floor apartment was posted on Twitter.

But while many praised Mr. Salbey for standing up to the gunman – who aimed shots in his direction – Florian Weinzierl, a spokesman for the Munich prosecutor, has confirmed that Mr. Salbey is to be charged with libel for his comments. It is not known who reported Mr. Salbey to the authorities.

As the attack by Sonboly was already underway, Mr. Weinzierl said that initial investigations have shown that Mr. Salbey’s diatribe did not affect the course of events. The specific charges have yet to be announced, but Mr. Weinzierl said he expected that they would include “insults to the detriment of the dead”.

Detriment to the dead? How is it possible that such a combination of words exists, much less made its ways into the law? Now, loopy nonsense gets into the law for various reasons and maybe this is the case, but civil authorities appear to be ready to charge a man for insulting the dead. How is this different from charging someone with being a wizard? The underlying assumption is that through some magical means, the insult reaches the insulted. I guess the prosecutor will use a Ouija board at trial to get a victim statement.

That’s only half the problem. What sort of person reported the guy? presumably, someone complained. In Europe, it is against the law to hurt someone’s feelings so I would assume that’s the angle. The accused insulted the dead, which made someone sad so the accused must be made to suffer. This is old testament justice for the snowflake age. Instead of eye-for-an-eye, it’s boo-boo for boo-boo justice.  The fact that this exists and people go along with it suggests there no hope for the West. Only a mass die off like the Black Plague can fix this.

It’s not so much that some women called the authorities on this guys. You just know it is a woman who dropped the dime. It is always a woman behind these things. It’s that people in positions of responsibility encourage this sort of thing. For all of human history, the ruling class discouraged this sort of behavior as they knew it could get out of hand quickly. The prosecutors or police who took this call should have politely listened, promised to look into it and then forgot about it. That’s how you’re supposed to handle community cranks.

We’re doomed.


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  1. Balcony man uses this to his advantage, gets elected and causes the German Reichstag to change its laws.

  2. So, this looks like an even more extreme example of the bizarre elite-feminist – Islamist political alignment that is now out in the open everywhere, not just in Germany*.

    Rule of Law: Good. Rule of stupid SJW law: Not Good, particularly when your avowed enemies have figured out how to use it against you. The 20+ year history of Muslim Brotherhood front groups (e.g. CAIR) use of law-fare in the US as the point of the Sheria (?) wedge they’re driving into Western society ought to be obvious to anyone paying attention. At least it was to me after I started hearing the “Religion of Peace’ obvious nonsense from our government after 9/11/01. Even then in my wanting to like/support GWB days I was thinking, “WTF is wrong with these people_?”

    Good to hear that individual Germans are waking up too.

    *As an American of German descent I can observe that there is a bit of a cultural tendency to carry things to their logical but not necessarily practical conclusions. Not that I’m like that personally…

  3. I think that what this should illustrate is that when a band of men with guns show up in your neighborhood, how quickly some of your neighbors will side with the dudes with the guns.

    Some people are born slaves. Others, not so much.

    • Yep. This is the lesson of history. When your city is under siege, your real enemy is inside the walls, not outside. The Commies have always understood this.

      • Yes, the enemy inside the walls was a common thing in the ancient world. But even today, would anyone want to find himself in a foxhole with Paul Ryan or any other Repub cuck? They would shoot you in the back, drop their rifles and immediately surrender.

        • It’s still a common thing today: Paul Ryan IS one of the “enemies inside the walls.” The establishment D’s & R’s, K street, Wall St, and the MSM are other parts of the “enemy inside the walls.” They’re also known as “fifth columnists.”

          I think that was zman’s point!

      • I watched a really bad Polish-Italian movie today about Jan III Sobieski and the Siege of Vienna. Pretty much everything about it was third-rate, but it did cheer me up. It’s evidence that not everyone in that neck of the woods has given up hope, some still get that there is a problem, and they are willing to spend a few Euros to advocate fighting back.

  4. You say, and the very title suggests “We’re Doomed” no, we are the past tense of Doomed, now we are dead as a society. Bankrupt, unable to conduct daily business of protecting against enemies and more critically.. from ourselves. “to the detriment to the dead” sound’s Orwellian?

  5. Someone recently called a cop “a girl” in Germany and it went to trial, they had to pay a fine.

    A comedian also called Erdogan (of Turkey) a goatf**ker in a poem on TV, and Erdogan sued, there’s a little-used Article 103 of the penal code, which concerns insults against foreign heads of state. Mrs Merkel stressed that the courts would have the final word, and it was now up to prosecutors to decide whether to press charges.

    And rightly so, where have we come if anyone can just insult the fuehrer!

    Merkel lets comedian face prosecution for Erdoğan poem
    Germany Turkey: Merkel allows inquiry into comic’s Erdogan insult

  6. Here’s another German’s take on what’s going on so you can see that many of us feel the same way, despite what the left media is trying to pull over eyes. Obviously more of us Germans are trying to let the rest of the world know that we do know what is going on.


  7. This is an interesting case and I can understand why this doesn’t make sense to non-Germans. I was able to find the original article in TZ München (http://www.tz.de) and while I am not a legal person I will attempt to explain what is behind the charge.

    German law is very serious with regards to human rights and dignity and our Constitution is very specific about this subject. It doesn’t take much of a history lesson to understand where this came from and why it was worded this way as I mentioned the other day about our Constitution and the freedom, or restrictions, about what one can or can not say. German Constitution states: “Everyone has the right to the free development of his personality insofar as he does not violate the rights of others or offend against the constitutional order or the moral code.”. The dignity of man is inviolable. To respect and protect it is the duty of all state authority.”

    To ensure our dignity is protected, Section 826 of the German Civil Code states:“A person who, in a manner contrary to public policy, intentionally inflicts damage on another person is liable to the other person to make compensation for the damage.”

    Basically if you insult someone, for whatever reason, you have violate their dignity and can be punished by law. Unfortunately we don’t have the “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me” rule so that’s what is behind this.

    There is a video posted (unfortunately in German) by the woman who reported him. I had to dig around a bit to find this YouTube video so you can understand it in English which is commented on my another German who speaks good English. It’s worth watching so you can see that many Germans do NOT agree with what is going on. The commentator’s rant is excellent.



    • The fact that you are even having a debate about this is ludicrous. After watching the video about the only debate I could have imagined would have been whether to even bother dialing up the Leupold Vari-X past 1.5x on my deer rifle before putting a .308 through his chest. Particularly with that nice big empty parking deck to provide protection against over penetration. Sorry my friend, you folks cannot even fathom the concept of self defense, let alone execute on it. Get out while you can.

      • I’m certainly not debating, or even defending “balcony man”. I am simply explaining why German authorities would act on this woman’s call and why there would be a case against him. We have lots of idiots in this country too who can’t see the forest for the trees. Unfortunately we had a lot more of them about 80-years ago and a few years of “population redistribution” thinned out the herd. Then the 60’s and 70’s happened, and these people started showing up again. I believe you call them “sheeple”.

        • I meat to have said “I’m certainly not debating, or even defending “balcony man” or the woman who called”.

          • I would be absolutely fine with defending “balcony man.” I guess I know where I would stand because I refuse to be PC and I speak my mind and not so politely either. As for the woman who reported him to the police, well, may a good Muslim meet her in a dark alley. She is a nazi. In spite of your explanations Karl, there is just something wrong about German laws regarding this stuff. Wrong.

          • @ LetsPlay – I believe in this case the charges were dropped. But this is typical of any disturbance where the police are called, there has to be an investigation as a matter of procedure. It doesn’t necessarily mean charges will occur.

            As for the woman, yes, she’s typical of the kind of person that would call the police if you washed you car on Sunday. Every neighborhood has them, I’m sure you have a few in America too. Stupidity and poor judgment have no borders.

            But I have to defend laws that protect people from abuse in physical or verbal form. I suspect you would also not want someone to verbally abuse you or your family members. I remember when I worked in the US, the HR department was very clear about any sort of verbal abuse could get you fired. I suspect our laws on this subject are similar.

            We can’t call anyone the “N” word here either, by that I mean the “N” word with only four letters, not six.

          • We have a saying in America, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” If you need protection against harsh words, buy some earplugs. Or grow a spine.

            One person’s “verbal abuse” is another person telling them the truth, which they do not want to hear. “Hate laws” are hateful, and have no place in a civilized society.

          • I’m glad to hear the charges were dropped against a man speaking his mind in public. As for “laws that protect people from abuse in physical or verbal form” I can only state, just maybe there was a good reason of provocation that caused such a verbal response. People can be idiots, inconsiderate, malevolent, just plain stupid. In my experience, many people choose to let this kind of stuff “slide” rather than confront these individuals. I confront it.

            I have been, as you say, “verbally abused.” But I did not call mommy, the police, or someone in an authority position to help me. No, I confronted the abuser and dealt with it myself. Of course, this situation is different in the workplace. The rules are different. And yes, bosses can be abusive. But as an individual I have choices and can vote with my feet and change departments, divisions, or even leave the company for another. No, I take responsibility for my reaction to abuse and my actions towards others. The world has become less civil and more dangerous and I have given up playing Boy Scout. I do not trust anyone until they have earned my respect.

            The kind of law you have is what is wrong with the socialist “Mommy will take care of you” society. We are surrounded by a bunch of pussies.

          • I was rather encouraged by the a comment from the Balcony Man that “I would have shot him in the head if I had a gun”. Yes “sheeple” is the correct term. And yes, so long as the EBT card gets refilled, the cable is on and the Obama-phone works, these folks will do whatever the Democrats tell them to do. The Stasi would have loved them. When in Berlin a few years ago, had some time to burn so took a few very long walks around the city. One thing that struck me was that you could still see how hard the city was defended just by the bullet and shrapnel scarring on the old buildings and could even mentally reconstruct the battle, intersection by intersection. If so much “will” could be summoned to defend an evil ideology, you’d think even a fraction of that could be raised to defend what was rebuilt from the ashes. By the way William T. Sherman had the same theory about the Southern planter class. He believed that one of the only ways to reform the south was to kill enough of the class that led the rest to it. Which he did with astonishing efficiency.

    • Too bad you can’t legislate self-respect, which includes self-discipline. That would pretty much solve all these problems.

      • Of course not. Western civ has been transformed into what it is today. the Muslim world is the same as it ever was. Maybe our esteemed liberal scientists who tout evolution without intelligent design can explain this anomaly. How can the West change so radically in such a short time while the Muslims have not changed one iota in millennia? (sarc)

  8. I watched her video. My German is soooo rusty, and she has terrible diction …. but It seems that she reported him thinking that his comments *caused* the killer to start shooting …. and it appears that the Munich prosecutor has now dropped the complaint.

  9. Obviously, in a Culture of Death: Suicide becomes noble; obliteration, an ideal, and anything less, detrimental.

    • Somewhere there is a list of words not to be spoken by grown men. I’m pretty sure near the top is “boo boo”.
      Grandfathers excluded.
      As for insulting the dead……God help us.

    • That’s white men. 2 or more is plural…. U got a solution for these brain-washed women & their male a$$wipes that’s somewhere short of “Final”?

      • I guess my vote for action would be to use various means to “shame” the prosecution and police for using limited funds/resources for such trivial shit. Ask them why money is being spent on such stupidity and hold them accountable in the court of public opinion. Surely there are outlets in media and internet that can make hay out of this? There are so many fooking lawyers/attoooorneys out there, where are they when we need them?

      • Your comment and that of LetsPlay raise an issue the right has avoided for too long, namely, when is violence or the threat of it appropriate. Not just the silly venting that goes on in internet comments, but a cold blooded decision that x is the crisis point after which we will start to physically confront people.

        Sorry LetsPlay, the left is pretty much impervious to shame and the left always uses violence and physical intimidation, which they call “demonstrations”, “protests” and “sit-ins”.

        The problem is that rightists don’t like violence partially I think because we are a bit passive aggressive and fear that when we get violent it will be extremely violent.

        My solution: emulate the left with some controlled violence and intimidation. Local conservatives need to find the home addresses of this stupid woman and the vile police / prosecutors that would even consider charges and picket their homes, their workplaces, telephone their employers and threaten loss of business, legal action etc, etc. A group of people lawfully picketing is physical intimidation and the left knows it and uses it and we, so far, refuse to see it or act on it.

        • Fred z: Of course you are correct in a general sense. But looking at it in a tactical sense, Merkel is in a boat load of trouble with the Brexit and immigration issues and the timing is right for attacking, what I consider, ridiculous government overreach. This is a first step since it does not appear to be much has been done to fight back against the left, but what do I know not living in Germany.

          Maybe as Karl says, “This is how we roll in Deutschland” and any local efforts would be pretty fruitless. It would depend on the people to make their disgust known in various ways.

          For those who do want to take action, maybe after taking some initial steps such as what I mention, would I recommend ramping up the effort to steps as you mention. But it is up to them, the German people to figure out.

        • Bill Lind, Martin Van Creveld, the late Samuel Huntington, and many other have written about the decline of the nation-state. We’re seeing the nation-state in its death throes now and perhaps a return to the pre-Westphalian order with some added gadgetry.

          One could argue the Germans voted for this and got what they voted for. Having interacted with numerous Germans, they are very PC and cowardly which is why they get pushed around by the Turks, Albanians, and Russians. Americans are not much different but display a bit more physical courage.

          If, on the other hand, the German government at national and local levels is illegitimate in some way, Germans could organize some sort of militia with under an elected peer like a sheriff and proceed under just war theory. Right now the Germans have no way to win the moral aspect of (fourth generation) war because it’s illegal to say anything. The moral aspect is the most important to win. Public opinion needs to be turned towards peaceably repatriating Muslims as far as its possible without violence. The first act, then, of this militia should be to prevent arrests of private citizens for speaking their consciences wrt Muslim immigrants and 2nd and 3rd generation Muslim “Germans”. HUMINT should be gathered from local state police either through bribes or infiltration. THis information should be passed onto the militia to evade SWAT-style raids or determine how to bribe the SWAT teams which seam to carry out most of the kinetic actions against citizen groups.

          Sorry for this Bill Lind-style essay. I just don’t see any other alternative besides surrender. The German state will obviously do nothing and Ergodan seems more powerful than Merkel in Germany.

    • Enfeebled, feminized white males and their Dyke-Like women working along with outfits like BLM and the DNC and of course, in The EU obeying the inane dictates of Brussels … yes, it’s mostly what’s left of white men who built the modern world then gave it away, who are big risk of vanishing from the planet. Earth will then transmogrify into Planet of The Apes without the Heston visit.

  10. I presume (always dangerous) that prosecuting the unfortunate German man — henceforth known as Balcony Man –over his shouts allows the German government to say “Look, we did something. Terror does not go unanswered in our country!”

    I’d be interested to see how the Berlin media spin this one. But ‘detriment to the dead’ is an instant classic.

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