I’m All Blacked Out

On my way home last night, I saw a couple of young black women on a corner, holding signs that had “Black Lives Matter” on them with some other writing. I think one of them had something about Charlotte, but I don’t know for sure. They were hoping to get the attention of drivers, but it seemed like no one was paying any attention. As traffic slowed, I did not see any heads turning their way, but in the city, drivers look straight ahead out of habit. That way the bums and panhandlers are not encouraged to molest you.

I caught the light so I was sitting at their intersection with a chance to observe for a few minutes. They stepped into the street and starting taunting the white drivers by holding their signs up against their windows and chanting something. When young black women get worked up, their voices reach a pitch close to a dog whistle. It’s just high pitched echolalic babbling, that is intended to annoy, rather than convey information. I had my windows up so I could make out nothing. My guess is it was just some gibberish they saw on-line or on TV.

Before they got to me, the light changed and they had to retreat back to the curb, which was a surprise. In the ghetto, you run into this behavior a lot. Black females will wait for the light to change and then saunter into the cross walk, giving drivers the business, making them wait as they stroll across the street. It is just one of the many hassles that comes with dealing with people in the ghetto. At some level, they know the rest of us would just as soon ignore the ghetto entirely, so they spend their energy making that impossible.

Sitting there watching their antics, I felt a bit of rage welling up. All this effort to be a public nuisance, to make demands on me, and yet they put little to no effort into managing their lives. Even if they have a claim, harassing drivers on their way home is not going to win them any friends. They have to know it, which means they are not there on the street corner with good intentions. They are there explicitly to be a public nuisance. They just like hassling white people, purely out of racial animus.

More and more, that’s the sort of thing that creeps into my mind when I see blacks acting up. I have a great deal of sympathy for black people, particularly underclass blacks. Despite what you see on TV, most black people in the ghetto are decent people. They just lack the cognitive tools and opportunity. They are my fellow citizens and I want the best for them. I just don’t know what can be done to change their lot in life. The Civil Rights Movement was over 50 years ago, but here we are with young black girls full of hatred for the honkies.

I got home and decided to see what the news channels had to say about the riots in Charlotte. On a Fox show, some old white guy was trying to explain to Juan Williams that the reason blacks get shot by cops is that blacks commit an outlandish amount of crime. He tried to explain how 3% of the population, committing 40% of the crime, is going to have a disproportionate amount of police interaction. Juan Williams is innumerate, so he could not grasp the math. He just kept insisting the cops like shooting black people.

There was something about the irritated look on the face of Juan Williams that bugged me. The old honky was trying to respectfully explain the mathematical reality of crime in America. Blacks are 13% of the population, but they account for more than half of all crime. Most of that crime is against black people. This is public information that is easy to verify. Yet, Juan had a look on his face like the old honky had just farted. You could tell that he was thinking, “How dare this guy say such things?”

Instead of getting angry, I flipped over to the sports channel and, of course, they were celebrating the asinine and insulting protests by black athletes. These pampered babies owe everything they have to white America, yet they have the gall to claim they are victims. They are living lives few humans have had the privilege to live and it is not enough. That’s what’s so damned galling about these protests. They are a reminder that it is never enough. There’s no way to pay off the debt, assuming there is one. It never ends.

That is, of course, something white people used to know. When I was a kid, the old people would often says, “We’ll never hear the end of slavery. We’ll be paying for that forever.” The point was that there’s no point in trying. All of us have done something to someone for which that person will not forgive us. No man keeps going over to his ex-wife asking for forgiveness. You just accept the fact that there is no making it right and you get on with your life. That’s the reality of race relations. There’s no fixing it so there’s no point in trying.

Even so, I’m increasingly pissed off by what I’m seeing and I resent the people behind it. Guys like Juan Williams should be on TV demanding the cops round up every last Charlotte rioter and pack them off to Africa. The rich black guys on TV talking sportsball should be mortified that their co-ethnics are embarrassing their race with these antics. If the roles were reversed and it was whites making asses of themselves, you can be sure the honkies on TV would be furious and embarrassed, demanding a halt to it.

That’s not how it works and that’s what is getting tiresome. Those two black girls get the idea in their heads to make a nuisance of themselves in the street and I’m supposed to feel guilty about it. Frankly, Glenn Reynolds was right. Let’s have a few motorists drive over these people and then we can talk about feeling guilty. Let’s have the cops unleash the dogs and water cannon on these rioters and then talk to me about feeling guilty. I’ll be happy to feel guilty as long as the streets are clear.

I’ve simply had enough. I’m all blacked out. I’m tired of the blame shifting and excuse making. I’m tired of seeing people, who know better, lying to me on TV. Those rich sportsball talkers ain’t living in my neighborhood. They are as far away from the Black Lives Matter types as possible. They live in gated communities with the honkies. Their honky cohorts on TV are not even driving through my neighborhood. They are despicable hypocrites, who deliberately say things on television that make our lives worse.

Black America does not have a race problem. It ain’t honkies robbing, looting and killing in the ghetto. They don’t have a cop problem. The cops shoot fewer black offenders than white offenders. They don’t have a gun problem either. Black America has a black guy problem. They have far too many black guys robbing, looting and killing, almost always doing so at the expense of blacks. They won’t let me fix that problem, so stop demanding I feel bad about it. I’m done. I’m all blacked out.

156 thoughts on “I’m All Blacked Out

  1. The key part of this is the knowledge that you can never do enough. If we gave them control of everything – literally everything – the entire United States, all its resources, all its material goods, all its wealth, it would still not be enough that we never had to hear “but slavery…” again.

    So… once you realize that giving everything you have will not get the result you want, you are a fool to give anything at all.

  2. The Z man: “The Civil Rights Movement was over 50 years ago, but here we are with young black girls full of hatred for the honkies.”

    That enmity is far from the being the first clue about the motives and objectives of the “civil” rights movement. For the straight dope about it, it’s hard to beat the words of a Christian demagogue who declared his fantasy to loot the wealth of America and to hand it over to Africans even in Africa.

    “In A Single Garment of Destiny”: A Global Vision of Justice
    By Dr. King

    “Introduced and edited by distinguished King scholar Lewis Baldwin, this volume breaks new ground in our understanding of King.”

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  5. This man-made anarchy involving black americans is not about ‘white’ police officers shooting ‘black men’. If it were there would be no rioting, looting, murdering and assaulting white people among a host of other anarchists action in Charlotte. The police officer who shot the individual was a black police officer after the black man refused to follow the warning not to pick/use the weapon he had in his car.
    This is about ‘control’ and change of this election trajectory and assist to Hillary Clinton via George Soros. He, the Ford Foundation are the biggest financial supporters to enable what we see in Charlotte. The intent is race-riots against white people as a side issue. The agents involved are something like this: Soros, Obama, Jarrett, Lynch, the race hustlers aka as Black Panthers, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Black Caucus and Hillary et al.
    These agents using these anarchists like cheap tools. The tools don’t have any clue that they are being used. If nothing else and the election of the global aristocracy picked gal Hillary fails – there is always ‘martial law’ via race wars to achieve their goal: One-World-Order.
    Trump and most of America – us, the honkies et al – are in their way!

    • Ford Foundation- aha, “Witzer’s Wurlitzer” all over again, the CIA and it’s agents (Freidan, Steinhem, Leary, E. Muhummad, etc etc etc) creating radical groups per the advice of bolshevik (((advisors)))

      • Same (((advisors))) who brought Turks to Germany, heck, same (((advisors))) who created Islam under Sassanid Persia to attack the Eastern and Western Christian empires, Orthodox and Roman- a feat they repeated in WW1 and WWII- taking over humanitarian Czar Nicolaus’ (“Christ’s Regent””) Orthodox Empire, Russia, and the Third Holy Roman Empire, Austro-Germany.

        • What’s missed: Happy to kill (((their))) own, whether Ukrainian or German Sephardi patriots, or the Ten “Lost” in 712 B.C., or Greek-speaking urbanites in 186 B.C.or 33 A.D.- anyone who is loyal to their country first.

          • Did I mention (((who))) was behind “immigration” and “civil rights” (a run around Constitutional rights of the individual?)

            None of this is conspiracy.
            It goes back to their terrible origins in the unimiginable Fall of the Ehdeen (“Eden”), where the worst of the worst survived, formed by their traumatic environment.

            Their Narrative began as the palace revolt by the slaveraiders against the Lord Hammurabi, when his right-hand man, the “Beloved of Ham”, or “Abraham”- whose official title as chamberlain was the “Lucifer”- led a third of the nobles against the Lord and were foiled by the king’s guards, the “Host of Heaven”.

            They failed, and had to flee civiized Ur for the wastelands- where they INVERTED THE STORY.
            Now that story, and their book of political examples, guides them.

            The “sons of heaven” had done this everywhere they were let in- Canaan, Jerushalem, Lebanon, Egypt; their unlettered cousins brought the Bronze Age Collapse, their slave trade hollowed out wage-class economies causing expansionist foreign wars and enrichment of corrupted bureaucracy collapsing the Iron Age empires (Rome, Persia).

            This cycle continued with slave empire Islam, slave trade in the colonies of Spain and England, and war against.the Christian King George III when he declared war on slavery itself, using the British Navy to stop chattel cargoes.

            Once a story has been changed, hiding current crimes, the next generation cannot know that their moral urge- to fight for the right side- has been flipped upside down.
            Thus we defend monsters, and call them our heroes.

          • Last bit: 98% are good, and work like devils to be the best. Very much a high performing culture.

            The problem is the same as the blacks:
            They cannot control their 2% sociopaths.

            In fact, they will defend them, even when the bad seeds are bringing carnage to outsiders, and eventual ruin upon their own heads in blowback.

  6. Toss in one other observation from having lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and NY. I’ll call it the “No.6 Fuel Oil theory”. No.6 is what you have left from a barrel of crude after every other useful distillate has been teased out. Is also referred to as “bunker fuel”, basically sludge that if heated and forced into a spray will burn. In every one of these locales, Detroit being the worst, one feature of desegregation, educational and job opportunities, was that virtually every black person with education, ambition and a good job, got the fuck out of Dodge. I’ve seen this markedly in co-workers near my age. Invariably their parents (note the plural) picked up and got out of the ghetto to the suburbs or moved completely away. Generally the parents had skilled blue collar jobs, but made sure almost every kid went to college. They wanted nothing to do with the burgeoning welfare fed masses of single parent “families” spitting out kids by multiple fathers. What you have here is another version of Murray’s cognitive sorting taking place within a single population cohort. The other unspoken, but hinted at, thing is many of them seem just as fatigued. Though here in NY, the one population that doesn’t even pretend to hide their contempt are immigrant blacks, who generally come from true shitholes and can’t for the life of them figure out what his wrong with these people. But again, what we see running through the streets in Charlotte or Baltimore is what’s left after everyone that can find a place in society has bugged out.

    • I agree particularly with the bugged out part. However the dregs follow those who bugged out and it all begins anew.

  7. I’m feeling another kind of Negro fatigue — admittedly, not as bad as that caused by violent “protesters” and black criminals, but annoying nevertheless. I’m tired of advertisements and commercials including Negroes whenever there’s more than one person in them (or sometimes, if there’s only one character).

    It’s also invading the non-advertising space in the media. I just received in the mail the October issue of Money magazine (junk, I got a subscription for expiring airline miles). Big headline: “Best places to Live 2016.” The cover photo shows a well-dressed affluent-looking black family on the outdoor deck of a posh restaurant. They’re accompanied by their cute poodle. Did you ever see a black family with a poodle?

    I call the photo propaganda. Of course there are a few pleasant, prosperous upper middle class black families. But the message is that this is America’s new norm. If you want to swan around in America’s best places, look for where the blacks choose.

    In theory this might be defended as giving blacks a good example to try to live up to. I don’t think many gangsters read Money (no articles about how to disable security systems, bash polar bears, etc.). Instead it’s peddling a feel-good fantasy about the black mentality in general. I wish it were true and I didn’t have to be a race realist.

  8. “Black females will wait for the light to change and then saunter into the cross walk, giving drivers the business, making them wait as they stroll across the street. ”

    I live in the rural south, and we see the same sort of behavior here. And it’s by no means confined to females.

  9. If Whites had any sense we would separate the Blacks from the Niggers politically.

    Chris Rock – Black People VS. Niggaz


    My views are exactly like zman’s. When I was younger I used to feel that maybe we could do something to help Blacks but as the years went on and every time something was stolen or I was attacked or the idiot Blacks burnt down 10% of my property through complete ignorance I just want them away from me.

  10. I’m pretty familiar with East Palo Alto. I went to high school in Mountain View in the late 60s. And my late husband was from Vallejo. Yes the areas you mention are areas where blacks self segregate. Richmond and Oakland were in better shape when Mare Island had lots of good paying jobs. I think the difference is that gentrification can still change those areas. Hunters Point has gentrified from what I’ve been told.

    Given the amount of wealth and expensive real estate in the area, you can bet that rioting would not be tolerated. Read an article yesterday about Hispanic families being evicted from apartment complexes so they can renovate and rent them to tech workers. Could happen to any community in that area.

  11. @Joe
    This comment sums it up. I remember a Sunday school session from my distant past (before 1960) when we were being lectured about negros. My entire life I have heard how bad it was to judge the negro. First it was racial discrimination, then racial prejudice, then racial stereotyping, and now it has devolved into generic racism that is the ONE UNFORGIVABLE SIN. Every program the government has thrown at the negro has been a failure. We risk our jobs, our friends, our social standing if we so much as hint at the truth. Political correctness is the systematic substitution of palliative lies for the harsh truth. The harsh truth is that the negro is not capable of maintaining civilization. He is a parasite- and one who will destroy the host given the chance. See South Africa. I curse our forefathers for bringing them here in the first place. They came here as slaves, and they have been a ball and chain on our culture ever since.

  12. There is a reason that most countries in Africa and places like Haiti, Jamaica, Chicago, Detroit are in the shambles that they are. It’s the black people, stupid ….

    • but … but, wait, no, you’ve got it wrong man! it was colonial imperialism that is to blame for all their problems! Don’t you know that! /sarc

  13. going to lunch with my black co worker who originally hailed from Jamaica. heading downtown and we see a bunch of black kids hanging out on the corner having fun. my black bud turns to me and using the n word say look a those N*****S. i ask what are you talking about. and he says its a school day and these fools are hanging out and missing out on an education. he further states that he’s black, but these fools are N*******S and will never amount to anything.

  14. “Can’t we just all get along?” the late Rodney King,circa 1991. A plaintive question,I thought at the time,but no,we can’t,for all the reasons discussed above.Greed,Envy,Sloth,all those 7 Deadlies.Avoid crowds,we are in perilous times indeed,worldwide.

  15. “Even if they have a claim, harassing drivers on their way home is not going to win them any friends. They have to know it, which means they are not there on the street corner with good intentions.”

    No, they don’t know it. The last Great Decade of Chimpout got them “equal” rights and a bevy of special privileges and welfare. The apes learned if they press the button hard enough they’ll get bananas.

    “I have a great deal of sympathy for black people, particularly underclass blacks.”

    Stop. They don’t deserve it.

    “Despite what you see on TV, most black people in the ghetto are decent people.”

    No. They. Are. Not.

    The BLACKS who wouldn’t murder you for your watch will look on and refuse to help. They might get dey sail foams out teh get sum vidya when the nogs robbing you douse you in gasoline and set you on fire.

    THERE ARE NO GOOD BLACKS. Get that through your fucking head dude.

  16. I hate the most that whites simply are permitted no opinions on the truths about blacks, under penalty of our livelihoods.

    It daily feels more and more like I’m a dissident in an occupied country.

  17. What you’re experiencing is called Negro Fatigue Syndrome, or NFS. Most whites that aren’t living in the remote arctic are aware of what’s causing it.

    What’s happening, though, more and more people are coming to an understanding of what Jim Crow was all about and why it will be necessary to implement that again, OR

    Ship all blacks to Africa and be done with the problem.

  18. As someone said once, this will last until the Latinos are the majority in the USA. Then the spigot will be firmly shut off; BLM, NAACP, Black Caucus, etc, will all have to learn to work for a living. Or starve.

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  20. Democrats need to churn up racial resentment to get blacks to turn out. They always want to stop Trump’s attempts to woo black voters. This all means racial rhetoric at toxic levels. Do they care that winning the election this way might burn the country down? No, they don’t.

  21. lol at them being irritating because they can. We have these ghetto contract drivers at work. Most are cool, but the angry ones will always park just far enough away so we have to pick our bags up and walk over instead of just pulling up next to us.

  22. Lead lawsuit octupus: “it must be the lead paint in the projects!”
    Gun laws: to deter ‘urban crime’ without admitting it.
    Dumbed down, tolerance affirming, everything-free (banned) zones, schools like prisons.
    Incompetents hiring incompetent and HR tyranny.
    ‘Jewels in the crown’: underage breeders and multiple broods.

    How many more times must we bend over backwards?!
    Chased out of the cities we built, they have proven they cannot maintain them.
    But, if you want to get the land cheap and are willing to wait, just usher in some disadvantaged Democrat constituents….

    (Plus, I got T-boned at a turn thanks to some deliberately sauntering girlies- welcome to da hood)

  23. That response is similar to mine. After watching the events and the talking heads, I’ve pretty much decided the situation is hopeless. Sadly, we seem to be trying to please a small minority of a minority – worthless thugs and black/white advocates who are primarily interested in some twisted idea of social change, probably socialism. Neither group wants an constructive end to the situation.

  24. “I have a great deal of sympathy for black people, particularly underclass blacks. Despite what you see on TV, most black people in the ghetto are decent people.”

    Sure, but most young black males in the ghetto aren’t and the rest of the black community makes excuses for them or remains silent. When I was in my 20s, I spent a couple of years in a prison that was majority black and most of the inmates were 18 – 30. I was absolutely shocked by how casually many of them would discuss rape. They didn’t even seem to think of it as rape. It was just understood that sometimes you have to “take that pussy.” Granted, I was living among criminals, but only a handful of them were incarcerated for violent crimes.

    I’ve been working in a black ghetto for about 5 years and the young men I occasionally interact with remind of of the guys I knew in prison.

    Of course, this is all anecdotal, but my experiences have made me strongly believe that there’s a big difference between living among poor blacks, poor Hispanics, and poor whites.

    “I just don’t know what can be done to change their lot in life.”

    We could stop importing millions of Hispanics. Many of them harbor a borderline genocidal rage toward blacks.

    • Single, independent womyn are a commons. All commons are raped. It’s a tragedy, to be sure.

      The only solution is to propertize the commons.

    • @ Horace Pinker – Very informative. You touch on a similar issue here which isn’t clearly understood by many who try to compare the White/Black/Hispanic problems in America with the Middle Eastern immigrants we have today. Turks for example, have that ‘genocidal rage’ towards the Kurds even though the Kurds make up about 20% of the Turkish population. Same with the Sunni and Shiites; all Muslims yet they hate each other on a level we can’t begin to comprehend in the west. Bringing them together in German towns and cities could only end badly. But the do-gooders in their blissful ignorance, still think they did everyone a big humanitarian favor. As you stay, ending the importation of people with known issues of hatred and violence is a relatively simple solution.

  25. I remember a couple of dozen blogs ago on this site, someone made some disparaging comments about no-go zones in Europe because of all the Muslims. I had to smile. When I was in the Bay Area I was warned not to venture into East Palo Alto where the Hwy-101 divides Palo Alto (Stanford University, zillion dollar homes) from East Palo Alto (murder capital of Peninsula, drug central). And up in the north Bay was Oakland, directly across from San Francisco and Richmond, a couple more predominantly black no-go zones.

    It seems you are experiencing the exact same thing in America as we are here. You just don’t call East Palo Alto, Oakland and Richmond ‘no go zones’ – at least not yet.

    Like I said, America and Europe are not so different as you think.

    • “…Oakland and Richmond ‘no go zones’ – at least not yet.”

      More ignorance and uninformed cheap shots about America from German Karl on display. Cheap shots I am really growing tired of reading (but they sure do establish a window into your soul).

      Those, and many more, have been no-go zones since at least the mid 60’s.

      The massive difference being our no-go zones are that way because of black dysfunction and racism.

      Your zones are due to an Islamic culture of world domination that is notonly anti-white (BTW, what “race” is Islam?) but completely religious in nature.

      You really must live in a gated community, far away from the hell Merkel has unleashed on Germany and the rest of Europe. 

      Your meager time in our country was obviously wasted on you.

        • I was a host parent for more than a decade and was extremely active in the exchange program organization. I hosted a young German boy and he was one of the brightest and most polite kids I ever met. A tad liberal, but a good kid. I never had any problems with any of the German students, but the Swiss and Austrian kids were the most conceited bunch of brats I have ever run across. I understand your experiences may be different, but these are my observations.

      • Fuel Filter – No, not a cheap shot, just a factual and verifiable observation of one tiny corner of America. One you obviously can’t accept about your own failing country. But in all fairness, come over here, spend 12-years, learn German and then you can criticize Germany the way I criticize America. Otherwise, unless you’ve actually lived in our towns, talked with our people and worked side by side with us, you’re just another one of those people who spouts off because you saw it on YouTube and think you know something.

        But I must say, those 12-years in the Bay Area was a real lesson in what America is all about. With all those white trash, trailer renting, toothless, hillbilly, Wal-Mart shopping, obese imbeciles one finds in just about every waffle house across America. And that was just Stockton.

        Wake up and recognize that your country is a joke, just like your half-cast president. And he’s only second to the bigger joke that is the citizens who voted for him – twice! Well done! And now, just look at the two idiots you have running for president. The best and brightest your country could come up with? Trump couldn’t find Frankfurt or Paris on Google maps and Clinton is barely capable of standing up for more than 10-minutes at a time. Actually, they represent America quite well if you think about it.

        So, now comes the election when you will all have the chance to exercise your God given right to vote. “Citizens of the United States do not directly elect the president or the vice president; instead they elect representatives called “electors”, who usually pledge to vote for particular presidential and vice presidential candidates.” (1) Oh, that’s your idea of Democracy? You have electors who “usually” pledge to vote for a particular presidential candidate. Oh I see. What could possibly go wrong with that system??

        What do we (Europeans) know about America. Americans run around with guns shooting up neighborhoods like the Islamists you hate so much when in fact you’re more like them than you know. Sorry guys, blacks are Americans too, so yes, they count. I would bet it’s probably safer in ISIS territory as a white man than it would be in Detroit, Baltimore or Oakland any time of day or night. Meanwhile your idiot snowflake children are walking out of a 4-year college with a worthless piece of paper, a $100K in debt and still aren’t sure which bathroom to use. Meanwhile, companies like Adobe Systems, Medtronic, Purina to name just a few of hundreds, have left your ‘land of opportunity’ for good (2). But at least the Federal government is hiring.

        Be sure to rally the troops and keep sending your sons and daughters to get killed and mutilated in the middle east for no defined purpose or goal. Soon they’ll all be standing side by side with their Viet-Nam Veteran fathers on street corners and intersections with badly spelled cardboard signs.

        Face it FF, America is over. You’ve all been sold out and tossed onto the trash heap of history and now all you have is bitter tears and faded memories of an American dream that never really existed. It’s not ignorance or being uninformed that’s the problem, it’s not being able to deal with the reality of America today.

        What I just listed above is exactly what America is and deep down, you know I’m right. And the funny thing is, you all praise thezman like some great sage of the ages, when in fact, he’s telling you exactly what you already know and have known. Don’t get me wrong FF, I really enjoy his writings and the banter from guys like you. Really.

        You just hate it when someone from outside points it out to you. I get that.

        (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_College_(United_States)
        (2) http://edition.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/lou.dobbs.tonight/popups/exporting.america/content.html

        • Karl,

          The US of A is a republic which consists of 50 individual states. We have no ‘national’ elections; rather we only have elections within our states and localities. It is the states themselves that control the electors for the office of President. It is completely up to the individual states to determine how their electors are appointed or elected.

          Our government was structured in this fashion to protect the less populous states from the more populous. That is, New York, California, Texas and Florida are prevented from dominating the Dakotas Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

          If our nation has been fatally wounded, it is due primarily to our enlightened citizens that passed the 16th, 17th and 18th Amendments to our constitution. These amendments granted the federal government the power of direct taxation of citizens, the direct election of the state’s senators and gave women the right to vote.

        • Wow, Karl. You really get angry when someone on here disparages Germany and it’s immigrant crisis.
          The thing is, I tend to agree with you to a point. But after 30+ years working for Germans at one of their largest engineering corporations, I can assure you stupidity is an international phenomenon.

          “..white trash, trailer renting, toothless, hillbilly, Wal-Mart shopping, obese imbeciles one finds in just about every waffle house across America.”
          Yeah, maybe so. But then again those “white trash, trailer renting, toothless, hillbilly, Wal-Mart shopping, obese imbeciles one finds in just about every waffle house across America” aren’t going about rioting, looting, rampaging and assaulting folks they don’t even know, are they. And as long as they are spending their own money, why would you even care where they shop, or where they eat, or what kind of house they live in. Besides, for a lot of Americans, a nice double wide (or modular house – they’ve become a lot more popular than trailers nowadays), sited on a nice piece of land in the countryside beats the hell out of a high-rise apartment in downtown San Fransisco (or Frankfurt) any day. So what. To each his own. Or as I like to say: “Free American citizens are allowed to have different preferences than yours”. (…or at least they used to.) And by the way, anyone who thinks the “bay area” is America is woefully misinformed. It is part of America to be sure, but it does not “define” America.

          And as for Donald and Hillary, yeah, we get it. You don’t like our politicians. Neither do we. We don’t really like yours either, it’s just that since about 1945 or thereabouts, yours haven’t really had much influence on affairs outside of Europe. Sorry about that.

          Oh and…”Trump couldn’t find Frankfurt or Paris on Google maps…”? Really. Do you actually believe that, Karl? Because if you do, then you are the stupid one. I suspect that as an international businessman Donald Trump could not only find Frankfurt and Paris on a map, he has probably *been* to more European cities than YOU and I put together.

          • By the way, Karl. Please don’t misunderstand me. You make some good points and I always read your comments. I don’t hate you or Germans or Germany. Indeed, I actually love your country. Germany is one of the prettiest and friendliest nations I have ever been in. Unfortunately, the last time I was there was in December 2008. Things have probably changed a bit since then, but I still look forward to going back again.

          • @ Roy – I don’t mind people criticizing Germany, or Europe for that matter. For us, being critical of ourselves is a national past time. We have plenty of faults and our leadership has made a number of really stupid decisions recently. But harping on the same, worn out issue about immigration and what they think is going on over here, especially from people that don’t live here, haven’t lived here and no nothing about Germany, it’s people, it’s history or even it’s language, gets a bit old after a while.

            To the point, yes the refugees are here. Yes, crime has gone up in various areas across Germany where they are located. But no one is shooting German police officers during traffic stops. We’ve had bombings and attacks by our own citizens against our own citizens just like you. The media hype is just that and ranting on about something one has no first hand experience about gets old. Fuel Filter is entitled to his opinion, as do we all, but please – come here, see for yourself what’s going on rather than watching a few YouTube videos and summarizing everything based on a 10-second video clip.

            But don’t think for a minute we have places like Detroit or Baltimore or Watts or Oakland. There’s really no place I can’t walk during the day, in Germany, or Paris, or Barcelona with the fear of being attacked because of the color of my skin. Of course there are places one doesn’t go at night – that’s true everywhere in the world. But we have nothing like the criminality of Blacks and Mexican as you to there. It’s really just that simple. The majority of serious criminal activity isn’t refugees, it’s Russians, Albanians, Romanians and other old east bloc people.

            As to Trump and Clinton, you and I know there are much better people who could do a much better job. But they’re not running for office, are they? The decisions your president makes affects the entire world, not just you. If May or Hollande or Merkel or Mattarella does something stupid, no American is affected. Not in the slightest. Yes, I’m sure Trump can sort out Google maps, but as I said, your president better have his facts straight on world politics or we’re going to have another “Well, those WMD’s must be somewhere!” event.

            Look. America is a great place. I had a wonderful time living and working there and have some close, long time American friends. America has some of the most friendly people in the world who would literally give you the shirt off their back. I can’t say that about Germans. We’re not that friendly but then we’re at least not as unfriendly or xenophobic as the Swiss. The Dutch and the Brits on the other hand, now THEY are friendly. The French? Well, they’re French – need I say more?

            I have praised America and Americans multiple times on this blog, so no, I’m not bashing America either. But at least I’m honest to accept criticism about things that aren’t working as they should over here. So when I’m critical of what’s happening there, it’s not personal, and no one should take it that way.

            I admire and respect your military and what they do. I have nothing against them being stationed here and in fact, I wish they hadn’t closed so many bases and left. Your young men and women were the face of America to many Germans and Europeans who might not of otherwise had an opportunity to meet and talk with an America and learn about it’s people, what they are really like and what they think first hand.

            But I don’t like seeing your government throw away their lives due to bad policy and endless war with no clear goal. Because the people that send them to war aren’t affected because it’s not their children coming home in a flag covered box. We know what war is first hand, we’ve lived in it’s wake of destruction because of bad policy, misplaced nationalism and racism.

            So don’t get me wrong. When I am critical of America, I’m mirroring bad policy here too. I’m on here because few, if any of you, really know what’s going on over here or how your government’s actions and decisions affects us. Look, we know we’re being lied to by the media. So why not take it from people who do know what’s going on in their own countries, like myself, UKer, Worldly Wiseman and Herzog. Be thankful there are still some people who are concerned for what we see happening in your country because as I have said before, we are you, and you are us. We’re no longer isolated and we are very much connected.

          • Karl, I don’t disagree. But you have to keep a couple of things in mind.
            The US is the third largest nation in the world in population, behind China and India. We are very diverse. Yeah, we have some problem areas, but our native black population is almost as large as the entire population of Germany and they are mostly concentrated in the cities. We have been living and dealing with this population for as long as our nation has existed – we even fought our bloodiest war over how to deal with black people.

            Germany, on the other hand, is a mostly homogeneous nation. However, this is changing with your immigrant influx and we too are concerned. In my opinion, both nations are heading down the wrong road and I think nearly everyone here agrees on that.

            You have said that: “America has some of the most friendly people in the world who would literally give you the shirt off their back.” Well, here’s a clue. Those same people are also some of those “white trash, trailer renting, toothless, hillbilly, Wal-Mart shopping, obese imbeciles one finds in just about every waffle house across America” that you love to disparage. Break down on the side of the road in rural West Virginia and see who stops by to help.

          • @ Roy – The Black situation has been a real problem for your country for a long time as you say. I think many would also agree the Black issue has kept America divided for as long as you have been a nation. And you’re right, Germany and most of Europe has been homogenous up until the past 40-years or so. So it’s slowly creeping up on us. But not all refugees are Muslim, just as all Turks are not either. We won’t discriminate on religion, and because anyone can become a Muslim, just like than can become a Christian, (and because of our not so distant past) religious discrimination is a very touchy subject specifically for that reason.

            The refugee issue, as I have tried to explain, was intended as a humanitarian act to give relief to only Syrian civilians (men, women and children) on a temporary basis until they could return home when it was safe. Unfortunately, it went horribly wrong and resulted in a flood of immigrants who have legal standing to be here. Merkel and her government was completely unprepared, and failed on so many levels both towards us and those we intended to help. And yes, there is no question that our government made a massive mistake in the way it was mismanaged and we will have to live with its consequences for decades to come. Ultimately, many here fear it will change the face of Germany, and possibly Europe, and spark even more extreme nationalistic moves as we’re seeing with the popularity of the AfD and similar extreme parties in Italy and France. And we know how that can turn out.

            As to my reference to hillbillies, you have obviously not driven in remote areas Thueringer Forrest, Pfalz, Hunsruck, the old east, the Black Forrest and most of Bavaria along the border regions. We have our fair share too. But you are correct, in America, they are, as you say the salt of the earth. I spent some time in Chattanooga a few years ago, and brought my wife along to accompany me. She was a bit taken back by the “hello darlin’, good morning sweetheart” greetings from people. No German would ever greet another German in such an informal way. As it turned out, my wife spent many mornings at the Starbucks chatting with a Black lady who worked as a barista and who had lived in Germany for 13-years as an Army wife. She would have done anything to have come back with us as she had very good memories of Germany. I suspect most Americans who visit or have lived here share her attitude towards Germany and the German people.

            I appreciate your comments very much. We still have much to learn from each other, and it is fortunate to have such a forum to express ourselves. While we share a mutual misunderstanding of each other, these discussions, debates and arguments – with respect – is how we will come to understand one another and appreciate our great differences. But at the end of the day, we all want nothing more than to live out lives in peace, love our children and hope they have a chance to have the same in their future. It’s why we must be open to criticism, accept our failures openly and understand how others see us. We cannot correct a problem we refuse to acknowledge.

          • Karl, I used to live in Chattanooga back in the early eighties. It is one of my all time favorite small cities. Wonderful people. (The second bloodiest battle of our civil war – Chickamauga – was fought just outside of town.)

          • I stand with Karl here (and not just for the kind reference he gave me) because it really does trouble us on the damper side of the pond what is happening in the US. Even more than Germany, we in the UK and the essence of the United States are very closely linked.

            Europe has a big stake in America and whatever past differences there were between any of us, we need to stand together. It is the West and all we have done that matters.

            We want you in the US to be strong, and reasonable, and industrious because the option is allowing some shitty little dictators to run large chunks of the world. When however you are not wise (such as when you show it by twice choosing Obama and threaten to elect that strange woman of yours) then we over here get worried. As we say: “When America sneezes, we catch cold.”

            Forgive us for pointing out that you have been sneezing a lot lately.

          • You need to think this through a bit harder, UK. Obama was not some anomaly to corrected. This country tipped over a long time ago, but the momentum from a greater age covered the wreakage from the spill. The Democratic equality is not finished with us. Your condition is even worse. Expect no help. If anything Europe will hit bottom first and lead the way up. May these times indeed be interesting rather than insufferable.

        • Hey Karl, go fuck yourself.

          Germany used to matter.

          Then Americans and Russians noticed that you existed.

          Now you don’t matter anymore.

          Look down your nose at us all you like, but remember that those same imbeciles and white trash hooligans handed you all your asses once upon a time, and seeing as how you’ve only grown more effeminate with time, I expect we could do it again if pressed.

          So really, sincerely, go fuck yourself, and stuff your predictable teutonic snobbery up you ass at the same time.

          • @ NunyaBusiness – Really!? “Go fuck yourself” is the best you can come up with? Honestly, that’s a rather poorly constructed or supported argument. And it’s a rather weak insult which I suspect will not bring you praise from other people in this blog. In fact your commentary is more on par with a liberal tree hugging snowflake who can’t come up with a decent come back after getting their precious feelings hurt.

            Perhaps next time you can spend your energy coming up with constructive, debatable, well thought out point of view that doesn’t include a pointless historical reference . Otherwise you might as well just say “My daddy can beat up your daddy.” and let it go at that. Because it’s about on that level.

            I expect more from someone that’s in this blog. I challenge you to try harder next time and please put some real effort into it.

            But I do appreciate that you managed to use the word ‘Teutonic’ in a sentence. Well done.

          • I spent 30 seconds writing something that made me smile, which prompted you to spend at least five minutes trying to rebut what was said (that also makes me smile).

            Perhaps I can steal another five or ten minutes of your time with this reply as well. lol

            I don’t want to debate you. You don’t matter to me at all.

            You’re useful only in that flinging the occasional curse word at you makes me grin.

            If you get swallowed by a sinkhole or win the Nobel Prize tomorrow, it will all be the same to me.

            Now, quoth the Python, “Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!”

          • Karl- I have a question for you. The European country I am most familiar with is Sweden. I have not lived there, but I have been there many times, speak the language, and have many friends and relatives. And while you are correct, I think, there is no place in Sweden like Detroit or Baltimore, but Rosengård, Rinkeby and other Muslim ghettos are well on their way. It seems to me, and I understand I am an outsider, that the Swedes are committing national suicide, and the power centers in the country (academia, the press and the government) are content to let it happen, no, actually they are actively working to create the “New Sweden”. Many ordinary Swedes don’t seem to be on board. And my sense of things from this side of the Atlantic is that Sweden’s just out in front- the rest of Europe’s heading down that road. I was actually a bit surprised by your remarks

            “With all those white trash, trailer renting, toothless, hillbilly, Wal-Mart shopping, obese imbeciles one finds in just about every waffle house across America.” Seemed a bit, as the SJWs would say, mean spirited. Anyway I started this comment to ask you a question, which I’d guess would be something like ” The west is deteriorating, in different ways and at different speeds. Is there anything to be done?”

          • @ Ganderson – After the Netherlands, Sweden is probably one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in Europe, and they have one of the most liberal immigration policies of the European Union. Sweden dealt with refugees from Latin America in the 70’s and from former Yugoslavia without any problems. Swedish policy makers simply didn’t foresee todays situation. I suspect their success with immigration in the past remains a strong argument for them as to why immigration can still work today.

            Keep in mind Muslims have been a part of Europe for a long time. France, the Netherlands and the UK have had much closer relationships through their colonies. Germany has had Muslim Turks here for decades and they’re very much a part of German society. Across all of Europe, the majority came here to work and improve their lives. Not come here just to take advantage of our social benefits, stir up social unrest and become criminals. And I think that’s why most Europeans were okay with the idea of welcoming the Syrian refugees – because these people, or at least people we considered to be like them, were never a problem in our societies in the past.

            To your question – There are two things we can do; one is to simply close the doors and end immigration full stop. The other is to objectively enforce our laws against anyone who fails to live in our society by our laws and those who promote (preach) acts of violence.

          • The Turks were brought to you as workers on American bases by the Occupation government after WWII- sorry for that, no ‘voluntary’ immigration there (you were forced.)

    • Karl, you are correct about our no go zones. We voluntarily, if inadvertently, set up the conditions that guaranteed they would form. What disappoints me is that Europe (at least France, Belgium and now Germany) made the same type of mistakes and now live with no go zones worse than ours. Our zone residents at least confine their violence and depredations to their own areas.

      Of course we are repeating Europe’s immigration follies and will soon have a second set of no go zones which will be exactly like yours.

    • You’re more or less correct. We don’t of course call them “no-go zones”. Colloquial phrases like “the ghetto” are used by non-pc people such as myself and most of this boards occupants. Liberals/SWPLs would use the term “sketchy” as code for this, until the blacks and SJWs figured it out and got really angry. “Urban”, “economically disadvantaged” and the like are used as well by academics.

      • I think the term “inner city” is my favorite euphemism. Many wealthy people pay enormous sums of money to live and raise their children in the inner city of Manhattan. Oh, wait, those children somehow aren’t inner city? Well, I’ll be.

    • You could have mentioned South Bronx, where the local police station was known as Fort Apache, Bedford Stuyvesant (where I worked), and Harlem. All of them no go zones or pretty darn close to it. And that was back in the mid 1970s.

  26. The single most important concept to the cognitive delete? Respek. I’ve seen it and heard it dozens of times. It’s usually why they kill each other. When a people don’t have anything worth defending they will defend what they do not deserve.

  27. Excellent comment.

    Lori Lee • 11 hours ago
    You know–and to speak rather brutally honest (and this is hard to talk about)–when black people beat up whites, loot stores, throw white people into fires, steal shoes, liquor, and other goods, burn down stores and ruin what is essentially America–their own communities, murder their own people, abort their own children, don´t bother with education, marriage–lead a normal, productive life. I don´t care about them. I don´t care if we help them, or if they lead a good life. I don´t want to give them communities, money, food. I don´t care if they are happy. I don´t like them. I don´t consider they are normal. I don´t see them as normal. I become racist. And the moral part of me is sorry, but it´s true.

    I´m tired of black people, tired of them. I was born in 1958 and nonsense, crap about white people is all I´ve ever heard. We´re bad for having any bad feelings about the black people who are doing their best to ruin what is good about our country. We´re supposed to always give them a good life, always be responsible for them, always make them happy–and I want to know why. I never made anyone a slave and the ones b*tching about it were never slaves!

    They hate whites and nothing we do for them is enough. I´m tired of never being good enough. All the volunteering, tutoring, deference and allowance I´ve shown them–all the fellow-feeling I´ve shown them has never been returned. They make me racist; I can´t consider them equal until they feel that I am equal to them–and I´m glad I finally said it. What are they doing to make MY life better? They´ve never protested for me, volunteered for me, tutored me, given me food, housing, built my communities, helped me with America. Who else feels the same way?

    • Brings to memory one of my earliest recollections. I was about five years old. We lived on an Army base. I sat on the front porch with an orange (the fruit). Across the street were three chilluns, young bloods. All I remember is they came over and tried to take away my orange. Then my memory is a blank. All I know is I wound up in the hospital with a razor blade cut on my right shoulder and no orange. My first encounter with da black man, so to speak. Throughout my life, I have put that behind me but in today’s climate, when I look back and total up the “bad” encounters I have had in my life, they have typically involved “da black man.” And I have pretty much always been an optimist, and a lover not a fighter. Now … I am a cynic, and pissed off. Not just at the angry, hate spewing blacks in America but the elites that want to rule over us like we are cattle. Go ahead, poke the bear, poke the rattler and see if you don’t get bit in the ass! Some here mention sending these bad seed back to Africa, well, seems to me that even Africans would not accept such creatures from America. The continent of Africa is already in bad shape. Why make it worse?

      • I taught with a number of Christian Nigerian teachers. They hated American Blacks.

        I remember my Mom (from Raleigh, NC) telling me our slaves were the losers in African wars. Now that I know about actual history I know she was spot-on.

  28. BLM, and its supporters, are protesting the unjustified killings of black people by rogue police officers. Nothing more, nothing less. Yet, you opponents of the movement insist on remaining laser focused on the “crazies”, who glom onto the movement, with their own agendas, creating havoc while creating embarrassment for the movement. You remain laser focused on the “crazies” because you can’t legitimately dismiss the real goals of the movement: eliminating the unjustified killings of blacks by rogue police officers. Any reasonable, rational person would agree: the unjustified killing of anyone is wrong.

    Unfortunately, the amateurish founders of the BLM have resisted controlling their message with an iron fist, and have allowed the conservatives to use the “crazies” of the movement to dismiss the legitimate goals of the movement.

    The conservatives have even effectively used the refusal of the BLM to include black-on-black crime carnage in their message, as if black-on-black crime were equivalent to rogue police brutality. Black-on-black crime is being perpetrated, for the most part, by black gangsters, committing crime against other black gangsters, protecting the obscene profits generated by the black market enterprise: DRUGS. The same phenomena existed during prohibition when white gangsters were committing exorbitant rates of crime against other white gangsters, protecting the obscene profits of another black enterprise: ALCOHOL. Protecting the obscene profits of any black enterprise generates significant amounts of crime and violence. Just as was true for prohibition violence, a solution involving a well trained and well armed police force is what’s needed, not a group of protestors holding placards reading: “Please Stop the Killing”.

    But you conservatives remain laser focused on the issues that allow you to dismiss another legitimate black issue, because that’s what some of you always do with black issues.

    • BLM is just another manifestation of black dysfunction and cognitive failure.

      There’s not an epidemic of “rogue” cops killing blacks. There’s an epidemic of cops frightened for their lives when dealing with black thugs. In every case, when the dust clears and the cold hard evidence is shown, the cause of the shooting is a black thug resisting arrest and/or failing to comply with instructions shouted at him by officers with their weapons drawn. Often that thug has a gun. Usually that thug is behaving in a threatening or unpredictable manner. But never is the thug doing what the cops are screaming at him to do. And the cop on the beat deals with this bullshit again and again and again. Are you surprised that under these circumstances the encounters end in a shooting? If you don’t want to be shot, do what you’re told to do. But for black thug, that’s impossible.

      Sure, there are bad cops. But if I was a bad cop, the last thing I’d want is to get mixed up in is shooting blacks – there’s a guaranteed way to be publicly vilified, bring a premature end to your career, and very possibly go to prison.

      • Amadou Diallo: 4 police officers fired 41 shots at Amadou striking him 19 times; Amadou was unarmed.

        Oscar Grant: shot in the back by a transit police officer while lying face down, and handcuffed on a subway platform; Oscar was unarmed.

        Walter Scott: shot 9 times in the back while running away from a police officer; Walter was unarmed.

        Samuel Dubose: fatally shot by a police officer who stopped him for a license plate violation; Samuel was unarmed.

        Laquan McDonald: fatally shot while walking 10 feet away from police; Laquan had a folded knife.

        Terence Crutcher: killed by a police officer who came upon his vehicle, which was stalled in the middle of the road, while responding to an unrelated call; Terence was unarmed.

        This is a small sample of black men, who were not committing violence, killed unjustly by police officer(s). And BTW, not following orders, even when the cop(s) is screaming at you isn’t authorization for a policeman to shoot you; if that were the case, there would have been a lot of dead white, intoxicated college students.

        • The extensive reports, with documenting photos, over at the Conservative Treehous seem to show that Scott had tased the police officer with his own taser, Nine shots were fired, not all of them hit. And by the way Officer Slager is going to be put on trial.
          If Crutcher was the recent NC shooting, a photo over at Treehouse showed a gun.
          The Diallo case also ended in a courtroom.
          I am unfamiliar with the Grant, Dubose, and McDonald cases, but I suspect you show your customary reliability there too.

          • Putting rogue police officers on trial is imperative, and the BLM activity helps to make sure that happens. But applying the wheels of justice to rogue police officers gets old and tiresome after so many instances of unjustified killings of black folks — we need to eliminate the rogue police officer, STAT.

            BTW, even if Mr. Scott tased the police officer, he certainly wasn’t being tased when he shot 9 times after a fleeing victim. There was absolutely no reason for that police officer to kill Mr. Scott.

            Crutcher was the gentleman killed at the Tulsa shooting.

          • I think everyone here would agree that genuinely rogue cops should be subject to discipline, including criminal penalty. The disagreement would be what defines a rogue cop. The shooting in Tulsa, while unfortunate, was completely justified. And with over 20 years of law practice under my belt I will bet 10:1 odds that the Officer will be acquitted, as she well should be. The DA may well find himself under scrutiny by the Bar, rather like Ms. Mosby.

            As to Mr. Crutcher, this “gentleman” had a rap sheet extending back to 1996 and five outstanding warrants for his arrest as of 8/30/2016. His family admitted he had a problem with PCP usage, the cop recognized his behavior as indicative of PCP usage, and the cops found PCP in his vehicle. Coincidence? I think not. Again, 10:1 that the autopsy will reveal PCP in his system. (Query: the autopsy results are almost certainly complete. Why hasn’t the DA released them?)

            I take no joy in Mr. Crutcher’s demise, but he clearly brought about his end through his own actions. My sympathies go out to his family. But I have even more sympathy for the cop, whose life will be ruined by this.

        • Imbecile. In a nation of 400,000,000, you call that an epidemic? Amadou Diallo was HOW long ago? An epidemic in a country our size would provide a list longer than that every day.

          If you’re too stupid to grasp what orders of magnitude are, you’re too stupid to get involved in this discussion. Seriously, you feel smart because your profs gave you an A for memorizing Chomsky, but you are the batshit crazy aunt at dinner who thinks the scanner at the A&P is reading her mind. She feels just as smart as you do. No fooling. You’re the retard in the room.

          Numbers matter. If you can’t cope with them, you’re retarded. This is way over your head, but chew on it for a while:

          If hysterical cretins on the TV wave Trayvon’s bloody shirt at you for 100 days, how many of Trayvon have died?

          A. 1
          B. 100
          C. Math is hard, let’s go shopping!

          Question 2

          If Trayvon was 17 when he repeatedly smashed somebody’s head into the sidewalk for “disrespecting” him, and the picture on the news was taken when he was 12, how old was he when he got shot while attacking somebody?

          A. 1
          B. 100
          C. 12
          D. 17

          You’ve got shit for brains.

    • Horseshit. Most of the killings they object to were justified by any sane standards. Wave a gun at a cop, he’ll kill you — white back brown or yellow.

      The moron they’re rioting about in Charlotte waved a gun at a cop. Who in BLM is pointing this out? Nobody. They’re all equally bad.

      Per encounter, whites are more likely to be killed by cops than blacks. That’s because nobody but family and friends cares if a cop shoots a white man. If he shoots a black man who was trying to kill him, the president weighs in and his career is over.

      So you’re stupid enough to believe the horseshit. So BLM is stupid enough to believe the horseshit. So what? Horseshit is horseshit. You’re being used by cynical billionaires to damage our country for their goals, not yours. Certainly not to the benefit of the excess blacks murdered in Baltimore, St Louis, and Chicago this year.

      Silly little clown.

      • Male niggers in the wild MUST put on the “show” for their fellow yard apes. The show is resisting arrest as violently as possible. Dat gunna show da white debil. Sometimes it does not work out so well.

  29. Amen. I simply don’t care anymore.

    Martin Luther King had a dream for blacks. It turned into a nightmare. That was 53 years ago.

    Abraham Lincoln had a dream too. He believed that American Africans’ best option was to go back to Africa (but sending blacks to Central America was cheaper). That was 153 years ago.

  30. I buy some of the cognitive tools argument but I firmly believe they lack the moral tools much more.

    There are many successful people who are not the sharpest tools in the drawer but work hard and persistently, save money, control themselves, act decently and do well.

    Too many blacks are just plain assholes – lazy, selfish, improvident, drug and booze addled, dishonest, violent and too damn lazy to do any work, all this often in addition to being stupid.

  31. Here’s how I think it works: 1. a cop kills a black person in the ghetto, 2. the race hustlers and their funders organize a riot, 3. the riot is televised for a few nights, 4. money is given to the race hustlers and black politicians who run the inner cities, 4. some of the rioters get some looted stuff, 5. nothing changes. P.S. the money given to the race hustlers and the black politicians is a bribe to get them to continue keeping their constituents living in ghetto hell.

    • I’m reminded of a certain poem by Rudyard Kipling.

      It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation
      To call upon a neighbour and to say: —
      “We invaded you last night–we are quite prepared to fight,
      Unless you pay us cash to go away.”

      And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
      And the people who ask it explain
      That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
      And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

      It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
      To puff and look important and to say: —
      “Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
      We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

      And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
      But we’ve proved it again and again,
      That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
      You never get rid of the Dane.

      It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
      For fear they should succumb and go astray;
      So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
      You will find it better policy to say: —

      “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
      No matter how trifling the cost;
      For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
      And the nation that pays it is lost!”


      • Kipling is almost entirely written out of the canon of great English writers today, save for an occasional remake of the Jungle Book, But here’s what they thought of him in those better days, before the subtle poison of multi-culturalism took hold, when Western Civilization still had faith in itself….

        “In 1907, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature after having been nominated in that year by Charles Oman, professor at the University of Oxford.[61] The prize citation said: “In consideration of the power of observation, originality of imagination, virility of ideas and remarkable talent for narration which characterize the creations of this world-famous author.” Nobel prizes had been established in 1901 and Kipling was the first English-language recipient. At the award ceremony in Stockholm on 10 December 1907, the Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, Carl David af Wirsén, praised both Kipling and three centuries of English literature:

        The Swedish Academy, in awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature this year to Rudyard Kipling, desires to pay a tribute of homage to the literature of England, so rich in manifold glories, and to the greatest genius in the realm of narrative that that country has produced in our time.”


  32. Just finishing up Heather McDonald’s excellent book “The War On Cops”–which pulls this data together with a thoroughness I have not seen elsewhere. But in the current narrative, facts have ceased to matter. I’ve had arguments with gun control nuts where you pop out a few stats from the Bureau of Justice (DOJ) statistical abstracts that basically say: If you are not black, male, under 34, a gangbanger and live in discrete areas within the top 20 metros, your risk of gunshot homicide is about that of Europe. You simply get a blank stare. Sometimes a “that’s racist” retort. But it all does kind of move you towards the “anger” column because your realize, obvious innumeracy aside, how much of the BLM and other crap is just flat made up. And the complicity of media and politicians exploiting something that, if it really blows up, is going to get an enormous number of people hurt or killed.

    • Haven’t read her book but I read all her columns. If the single aim of the hired “protesters” were to reduce cop shootings we’d get serious about eliminating black cops and female cops, female cops being the worst offenders by 250%.

  33. The old saying, careful what you wish for you will get it, is salient to the outcome if common sense don’t prevail.
    A component of the America that is the glue which is holding everything together is the cognitive sense of time and space. In simplest terms it is the inherent sense of consequences, intended or unintended.
    To me there is a certain savagery to the BLM, where the concept of time doesn’t extend past the most savage desires and needs on the present. By that I’m trying to employ critical thinking, as here there is a group of American’s, OK, who have for whatever reasons a serious chip on their shoulder, and no matter what their fellow American’s do or not do, these people with the chip can never be happy or find serenity, in their own lives, that everything that happens in their lives is the fault of somebody else. And when no fault can be dissimulated and applied from questionable history, they just outright make shit up out of whole cloth. There is something deeply, inherently wrong with the thinking process of the BLM movement, like plain old crazy loony tunes in the head? I’m not attempting to be facetious or derogatory, I’m trying to describe something logically and with reason that is not the results of logic and reason to begin with. And somehow time, the cognitive sense of time, is very important here. This shit has absolutely nothing to do with “racism” in the cultural marxist meme, but it is cultural, and it seems pretty simple that members of a particular race of people have a detrimental and suicidal lack of sense of time. And by time I’m referring to consequences in future time of ones actions. Some people just don’t grok no matter what you do there is the irrefutable laws of consequences, good and bad.
    One thing that sticks out most in face of the threat of violence and application of violence by BLM and those who adhere to it’s ideology, is how do they ultimately expect to prevail with the use of violence and destruction against White people, how do they think about what White peoples eventual reaction will be in the face of burning down peoples homes and using physical brutality, and killing White people? The main point being BLM and all are a seriously tiny minority. I know they are nothing but proxies of a very sinister ideology, they are useful dupes, whose usefulness is to create crisis as a means, probably for at least fomenting a race war so a false narrative can be developed to do all sorts of things otherwise impossible. But that doesn’t diminish the truth about the level, and quantitative scope of cognitive thinking involved here on a one by one basis of individuals.
    White people do not loot, murder and burn their cities down, White people have an historical precedence once pushed past tolerance of going into other peoples cities, ones who are their deadly antagonists, and burning their cities to the ground and killing them by the millions. I’m not advocating, or saying this will or should happen, I’m just saying, there is a definitive and cautionary lack of cognitive thinking on the part of a race of American’s for the possible consequences of their actions. BLM is not an island unto itself in a sea of American culture in anyway immune for ultimate consequences. Though you would think they posses such hubris. But is it arrogance, stupidity, ignorance, or collective insanity, IQ maybe? Is it being brainwashed from generations of being raised on the government plantation? And do they even have an inkling they are slaves of the state to begin with? Do they have any idea they are puppets of federal slave masters?

    • Doug, I think you have hit the nail on the head with a sledge! As I read your post, it dawned on me that the only reason for the complete lack of logic/reason in the actions of the protesters is “because they subconsciously know they are slaves.”

      • OK, that is a highly salient point LP, how much of it is stockholm syndrome like. Extrapolate outwards, how many of us, I’m saying American’s in general, are slaves of the leviathan and don’t realize it. If you don’t care, read this real careful like, pay close attention to the origins of why the confederation of states where so unalterably united in retaining the primal rights of the dirt people before they would ratify the USC. This is a sublime document. I wish every man woman and child in this nation could read it. If nothing else, it exemplifies, not to mention predicts unequivocally, the true nature of centralized administrative power of government and how it would evolve if there where not checks to it’s power, and what is going on today with everything is exactly because those checks where circumnavigated:


        We are trained seals, we are lied to, deceived, conditioned by the 5th column, our children are denied the true history of how and why liberty was born, trained to think every four years we can vote our way out of this, and all we do is vote our way deeper in the malaise of globalistic tyranny.
        I’m not knocking the idea of will of the governed, but how long has it been since will of the governed has had the power of the people to self determine their lives and their government. Maybe blacks have a piece of it right, they are just going after the wrong whites. It is the clouds who they should be burning down, not the dirt people. We all should be.

  34. Don’t talk to me about feeling guilty. I won’t. I didn’t cause any of this, and I didn’t stand in the way of any of it being different. Now some SJW will say, ” But what did you do to change it? ” What was I supposed to do? I reared my children to treat everyone with respect, to obey the law, and to earn the money they got paid. That’s what my parents taught me. Beyond that it isn’t my job to fix your life. Your life is your job; you have to care about it. If I can help I will, but I won’t make fixing your life my life’s work.

    • That was your first mistake. You raised your own children. This a disqualification in speaking about Afericans.

  35. Thank you for this post! I became a race-realist living near black neighbors in Long Beach, CA in the 90s.

    Now I go out of my way to Avoid the Groid at all costs.

    These chimp-outs by the pavement apes are precisely why Restrictive Covenance, Jim Crow and other segregation laws were passed, both in the North (betcha most here didn’t know that) and the South.

    Bull Conner and George Wallace were right as fuckin’ rain. Unleash the police dogs and the water cannons on this filth (I’m sure they all need a bath anyway).

    Then a massive fleet of slow boats back to Africa would be most welcome. We invaded France to stop Hitler. We can boat-lift and fly blacks back to Africa with ease.

    B. Soerto could even be given the command of the flag-ship. Everyone I know would welcome it. More and more people are becoming Race Realists.

    Diversity + Proximity = War.


  36. One of the differences between a ratio thinker and an intellectus is that the intellectus can see an insoluble problem and accept the fact, while the ratio thinker will autistically obsess over it convinced that proper analysis will lead to an answer.
    In this case there are probably some true ratios out there, but I suspect that many are simply pretending that they believe that there is an answer for political and or financial gain. This is even worse.
    Try reading Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness not from the anti imperialist standpoint, but from one in which someone is overcome by the culture in which they find they must function within. The lesson is not to stay out because imperialism is bad, but because it is best not to actively seek out your own self destruction. We have African tribalism in our midst that has survived two hundred years of exposure to white culture, and despite the fact that they are a small minority they are dominating much of our culture with the help of a few key (((sponsors))). This has to be dealt with at some point and at some level. Not doing so will be an existential challenge.

    • I’d add one qualification to the ratio thinker–he/she believe they or their ilk, alone can solve it, so the data sets they are willing to even look at are naturally limited.

    • I have read that putting those triple parenthesis around words is intended to represent anti-semitism.

      I think there are far more wealthy movers and shakers influencing our government and the direction of our society that are not Jews, and I further believe it is a red herring to keep asserting a “Jewish” conspiracy. (Automatically classifies someone as a tin-foil-hat Nut, in my opinion.)

      No, the power elite comes in a lot of other flavors too.

      • Are jewish people exempt from being tyrants or cultural marxists because they are jews, or is it racial guilt surrounding genocide, something that skews peoples cognitive thinking? Or is it something else.
        Lot of people, including Marx himself, have been involved in Carl Marx’s ideology were and are of jewish decent.
        Lot of prominent amerikan cultural marxists involved in the obama administration are jewish. George Soro’s is of jewish decent. Cass Sustien, Rahm Emanual, I understand both are of jewish heritage.
        Kind of makes one pause in wonder about what is going on.

  37. To anyone with any historical knowledge, stoking a small minority against a potentially powerful majority, IOW inciting a hopeless insurrection, is just playing with fire: Particularly now that we’re nearly out of other people’s (i.e. our children’s) money for further profitable placation. This can’t possibly help Black America but it does help our enemies. Can these elite really be so stupid_!

    Why yes, Juan, you really are just that stupid. God help us all. The only sane answer is to displace and defund you and the rest of the elite, and pronto.

      • They count on their network recognition to save them when the balloon pops. They will skate off to some remaining liberal utopia, while the ordinary Honkies and Bros sort it all out.

        • Very soon we all will be to busy fighting the U.N. here in “Merca” we won’t have time for “Race

    • Demoralization being the first of Four Stages of Ideological Subversion:
      1, Demoralisation
      2, Destabilization
      3, Crisis
      4, Normalisation
      True enough. Yet it isn’t a one sided coin we are talking about here.
      There exist uncounted many Americans who are definitely not people who find precepts of White Western catechism in the political ideologies of cultural marxism and globalism. These are things foreign to something in our American blood and bones. Skin color has fucking nothing to do with long held traditions of us so called Bitter Clingers and Deplorable’s. (Note the barren vagina brought out her inner obamageddon on that despairing screed to her carpet munching pickle smooching compatriots). The deep emotional content and meaning provided by kith and kin, blood and belonging, culture and nationality do quite nicely thank you. Is there any dispute? These precepts may have little or no basis in easily expressed fact, but they do exist reliably and are proven commodities of culture and the human terrain with the bearing of the fruits of prosperity and happiness through this nations history, precepts none the less because they satisfy a deep human longing for meaningful community and association regardless of station in life. That is what is being stigmatized by the marxist lie of racism. If I am guilty of being a racist, well, fuck you that’s why. The very act of acknowledgement of this lie of racism is to propagate the lie itself, it is a cunning ploy, difficult to see past, but see past it we all must, because that is how this kind of lie is defeated and buried. As long as we are innocent victims of the lie it is effective.
      It is always government, precisely it’s actors and agents of far off unaccountable administrative tyranny who screw it all up. From the local tyrant with a badge and a pistol, to a clerk with a regulation or diktat to shove up the dirt peoples ass’s, whom enable and assist what is led up to today. It can not be possible in any other way. cultural marxism is not possible without the force and use of violence of the state to enforce, and yes without doubt fund, it’s ideology. And that takes people whom are a part of that system who will do anything to retain their perks and paychecks, because without these little totalitarians, and the shakedown system of stealing the fruits of the labor of the productive, government is nothing but an idea that goes no where.
      Dirt people, with the exception of an incorrigible few, don’t shit in their own bed. It is always some outside force, and that is always others, people, with power and hubris, with ulterior motive, something to be gained at the expense of others who being unable to peacefully defend themselves from such administrative power who are made to be the goat who they use to disguise their malice and true intent.
      So we dirt people, we essentially are forced, ultimately through the barrel of a gun if we refuse to comply, with confiscation of our hard earned rightful property, our wealth, in many cases denied property in the form of arms to defend ourselves from such a leviathan that robs us of our wealth, that wealth which is stolen from us, we have no say in it’s use, it is used to fund elements of destruction of our prosperity and happiness, and used to fund violent radical psychotic proxies whose purpose is to paint us as racial monsters who must be liquidated so that pogrom can be justified with a lie as narrative.
      Something is terribly wrong with this situation.
      And if it doesn’t stop right quick some really bad things are going to happen.

    • “it is never enough”. There it is in black and white. Bravo Zman. I have made a point of gathering articles and information on just this topic. You are right, no matter what is done it will never be enough.

    • The time will come when the white rabbits also have guns and fight back – particularly those who have done NOTHING to hurt any black rabbits, and when none of the white rabbit’s family was even in this country when the black rabbits were enslaved, or for most of the “Jim Crow” period of black rabbit oppression. White rabbits may look domesticated, but they have their own breaking point, too, and they know how to use their teeth at least as well.

    • Back in 1969-70 in Viet Nam, “Rabbit” was the usual term the Bro used for the White man. We heard regular calls from the city Bro about wantin’ “to get back to The World and do some Rabbit hunting”. But in Nam, the Rabbits also had guns, so the hunt was postponed. That’s why gun confiscation is so important.

      • I was there in 1968 for the “TET” offensive. Nobody messed with anybody ! Everyone had automatic weapons !

  38. That’s why the whole didn’t do nothin’ lives matter movement is so absurdly bizarre, it’s like the emperor’s new clothes meets the wolf who cried boy, those Charlotte riots may just as well be broadcasting out of opposite world.

    But when a white woman is literally set ablaze by one of your model minority types, the media makes it almost out to be a case of spontaneous combustion.

    I always point out to people how the evil White racist is more of an urban myth, similar to big foot, at this point, we believe he is out there, but we have yet to capture one on film.

    A few more under reported hate facts:

    “Whites are less than 3 percent of the hundreds of suspects who criminally fired weapons, while blacks, who make up only 23 percent of the population, were over 70 percent of the shooters. Of those killed by police, whiles who only 3 percent of the criminal shooters were an astounding 44 percent of those killed, Blacks who were over 70 percent of the shooters make up an astoundingly low, 22 percent of those killed!

    As the figures show, it is blacks who are far less likely to be fired upon or hit by police gunfire in proportion with their criminal activities, and, astonishingly, according to the official statistics, there are no—zero—recorded incidents of white suspects actually firing guns at the police, while nearly 70 percent of all shots fired at the police in that city came from gun-wielding black people and the rest from Hispanics. So, even though not a single white suspect fired at any police officer, 44 percent of those killed by police were white!”

    Let that sink in, found here.

    He is talking about NYC gunfire statistics for 2011, but it’s similar elsewhere.

    And you should see the foul reporting here in Europe, they make it out as if the KKK is everywhere, that they are watering horses in front of every saloon in fly over America, according to TV news, half the traffic in Texas must be white riders of the apocalypse.

  39. Once again, the Z puts into words what this whiteman has been feeling forEVER. Got to get a Blacked Out t shirt made.

  40. Great Society: Fail. section 8 housing: fail. busing: fail. eeoc: fail. welfare: fail. Free college: fail. more money to the cities: fail. more money to the urban schools: fail. Trillions spent for the benefit of urban blacks: fail. time to rethink the solutions.

        • Elijah Muhummed wanted us to give him Mississippi, he was too damm cheap to buy it after that pig MLK stole the money of the good black churchgoers in the South.

          MLK came up with half a billion dollars in 1961 and suddenly got the Democrat’s attention.
          He got it by throwing orgies for the Cadillac preachers. Pig used to also beat the white whores til they were hospitalized.

          Then, fortunes fading, he tried organizing black garbage workers in prime Mafia territory.
          (Lucky Luciano moved to Hot Springs in 1943.)
          James Earl Ray, a penniless jail escapee suddenly had plastic surgery, $10,000 in cash, multiple ID’s and a passport.
          Of course the Mafia hit (after one such orgy) was blamed on racism.

        • Give them Utah or Wyoming, apologies to residents of those states, let them secede from the U.S. and see where that goes.

          • In Charlie Daniels’ words,”That won’t set well” here in Utah. Folks round here have a pretty low tolerance for BS, and they have lots of guns and ammo and know how to use them. If one is a black person, well and good. If one is a living expression of the ‘N-word’, I suggest caution, and it doesn’t matter what color one happens to be…

        • If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

          In my humble opinion, the major problem with Liberia was that it just didn’t have the manpower to succeed. Any burgeoning Black Zionism movement will have to have enough Blacks to achieve We Wuz Kangz critical mass.

          How many are required? Oh, I don’t know, we’ve got about 40 million to spare.

          • If I understand correctly Liberia was taken down by native Africans as opposed to the settled slaves. There was too many of the Natives to fight off.

          • There’s the fact when the Liberian’s needed help the most the US government abandoned them to their fate. Remember when they begged and pleaded for assistance, not a handout out, or to be bailed out, they needed ammo, medical supplies, gear and other essential material to stave off the horde invading their territory, and all the received was crickets. They where that close to keeping their little nation state, it was the whole idea to begin with. Their own black legacy of Liberty.
            And look at the big city enclaves of black culture, they still, after generations of living on the government slave plantation, they repeat the same insanity over and over, voting for the same white marxist hucksters and corruptocrats skimming off and feeding at the federal affirmative action trough of tax dollars and buying hook line and sinker the black racial con men’s lies and swindles, led by their base sexual drives into abortion genocide of millions of babies murdered. That alone tells a grim tale of how to rule black souls. You get entire generations of black woman to commit infant marxist-side on a genocidal scale, and you get entire generations of people who don’t believe in any moral precept, because if you can get people to murder their unborn children, they have no beliefs worth a damn and they are putty in your hands.
            That is the real racism, racial genocide by cultural marxism.
            A faustian bargain.
            All civil rights and diversity is, is dress rehearsal for civil war.
            And us Whites are called racists like they call the AR15 rifle an “assault weapon”.
            Get it?

            And the greatest crime of the cultural marxist is the inherent destruction of family, of all peoples of America. Family is where it all begins. Family is the touch stone of tradition and faith, of the moral precepts of a healthy robust resilient self sufficient society and culture. Destroy family your half way to tyranny, the rest is a mopping up operation. It is why the likes of obama and the barren vagina despise the dirt people, call us deplorables, because to them we are nothing but dirt and are deplorable people. And blacks are even lower on that scale of hate and arrogance. Family is the sovereign entity of life, the self determining factor of liberty, prosperity, and happiness. It all begins with the individuals that comprise family, kith and kin. Jefferson was dead nuts right about the agrarian precepts of family and hearth.
            Fuck these evil “elites”.
            In some ways, I wish blacks with legitimate beefs, not these BLM proxies pieces of human garbage of George Soro’s and his human extinction movement, but dirt people with dark skin would rise up. I’d join them like I’d join my White brothers in resistance to this tyranny and destruction of everything good about us American’s.
            That’s righteous rebellion right there.

          • Abortion is the ONLY thing which has prevented negroes from overrunning us, the founding stock of this once great nation. I donate, at the sponsor level, to our local, ghetto, Planned Parenthood abortion mill. I specifically direct my generous contributions to the fund which facilitates negro abortions. This is only one of the things which I do for the betterment of my people. I consider myself a humanitarian. What have you done?

          • When I saw Liberia falling I wondered why we didn’t help them. It would have taken very little. A few marines, maybe an aircraft carrier for air support, training to defend themselves and arms. They had a nice thing going there in Liberia compared to the rest of Africa. Big mistake not helping them.

    • Of course they’ve been a success.
      They’ve enriched countless, mostly white government union toadies who then get to feel superior to regular white folk because at least they care and are “doing something”

    • You are completely wrong about this. All of those programs were colossal successes. You just aren’t understanding the purposes for which they were created. You, like most people, probably believe they were intended to address issues of poverty.

      Nope. They are a very successful vote buying scheme which became necessary after the 24th amendment eliminated the need to pay taxes in order to vote.

      LBJ simply recognized that he could bribe a newly enfranchised constituency, and he did so. They have been voting Democrat ever since.

      • Excellent. I would add, however, that this effort from the national level extends back into the 1930s, however. FDR not only bought off as much of the electorate as he could, one ward at a time, but began the push to make serious and permanent Democrats out of as many blacks as he could.

      • They were voting majority Democrat long before LBJ.

        The last year blacks were evenly split between the parties was 1944, by 1948 the majority of blacks were identifying as Democrat.

  41. “They just lack the cognitive tools and opportunity.”

    …but mostly they lack the cognitive tools. Since that topic is verboten, I’m not sure what we can do about this mess.

    • I just got back from my yearly visit to the States. A couple of observations:

      1. An alien visiting the planet and only viewing media in the U.S. would be forgiven for thinking that blacks comprise ~60% of the population.
      2. It’s nice to see that they still have token white guys on TV.
      3. My comment above seems pretty astute. I saw the congresswoman of the district in North Carolina where the shooting took place on TV, and she seemed functionally retarded, unable to follow the reporter’s simple questions. Z’s “talented tenth” of reporters/pundits were rarely ever to address questions logically and intelligently, even those on the right.
      4. The news about Facebook entering the race was pushed down in priority because of all the antics, but it’s probably the most important – and worrying – thing I saw. All pretense of objectivity is gone, and this is a sign of their abject panic.
      5. On the plus side I picked up lots of electronic crap that’s nice and cheap out there.

      • *able.

        6. Oh and one more thing. All the Fox reporters seem positively giddy over the upcoming debate, obviously expecting another “health incident.”

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