Weather Alert

I am enjoying the mass panic and evacuation of South Florida at the moment, but I expect to be out of here by the time Godzilla strikes. The hosting service where this site resides, however, is located in path of the monster. These companies are pretty tough these days, with power generators and redundancy, but there is always a chance things go very bad. If this site is dark for some reason, the most likely reason is the hurricane. Or, they finally came for me, but the most likely reason is weather.

Best of luck to all of those in the path of the storm.

17 thoughts on “Weather Alert

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you really mean. But if you do, then go fuck yourself. I’m in PBC and it seems to me like we are responding to this crisis just fine. Only a real, genuine, super-duper asshole takes enjoyment from something like this. Maybe that is you. I never thought so before, but I have been wrong many many times.

    • Geez Man, tell me you are not wound so tight you can’t tell when someone, who also happens to be stuck in the middle, is making light of a tough and possibly very dangerous situation for everyone. Some people use humor to lighten the view. You should try it.

  2. How much damage in Florida will it take for a Federal Judge to declare that the Federal Election results in Florida are deemed unreliable due to displaced voters and therefore….. intervention and remedies shall be necessary to ensure normalcy… And good luck Z on the withdrawl and return…. and good luck server place.

  3. Good luck weathering the storm! Be safe.

    We’re still waiting for the story that this hurricane was somehow Trump’s fault.

  4. Godspeed. You’ll be on the weak quadrant in Miami. Further north, it’s gonna work the coast like a wood rasp. Winds won’t be horrible on that side, but wave action/surge will be. Just be out of Dodge before it loops back. Was just down on the floor with the reinsurance guys, like somebody put a stick in an anthill and stirred.

  5. My daughter, two granddaughters, dog and her husband finally evacuated this morning. They are in the Jax Beach area.

  6. I’m on my way to weather out the storm on my Navy ship homeported in Jacksonville. We are in the middle of a major overhaul so we have no propulsion, electricity, water, etc. Naval Station Mayport is located at the mouth of the St Johns River … I’ll have a good view of the whole event. That is, if we do not rip clear of the pier. I can’t tell the crew this … but I’m a bit nervous.

  7. I am in central Florida watching the east coasters race to center. God love them. I still maintain that watching the weather reporters wading around outside or trying to talk with the wind flapping their lips is beyond poor taste.
    From Florida, y’all be safe.
    Hope you get out on time Zman.

  8. Filled my tank, will be cooking my freezer. Hunkering down.

    All y’all east of the ditch get outta there. Now.

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