My Heart is an Alligator

The meteor that just slammed into the Clinton campaign thanks to the FBI is one of those events that is both wildly entertaining, but also a bit baffling. The FBI director is not a moron so he had to know that this was an unprecedented act. He’s not just putting a new story into the political bloodstream, but he is putting himself and the FBI into the presidential election in an unprecedented way. In other words, he knew before he sent the letter that he was setting off the mother of all shit storms.

The question then is why has the FBI Director taken this step?

Assuming he knew the consequences, the only logical answer here is that the alternatives were all deemed to be far worse than setting off this scandal. This assumes he is not some sort of sadist that enjoys being in the middle of political pissing matches with skunks like the Clintons. It also means that waiting was not an acceptable choice. Waiting two weeks to send this letter would have avoided this and perhaps buried the news in the post election celebrating. For some reason, he decided this was not a viable option.

If we start from there, the question then becomes what could be so bad that the Director believed he had no choice. The first thing that comes to mind is that we have the story that money moved from Team Clinton to the number two man in the FBI, through his wife. Clinton helped raise money for a PAC that Terry McAuliffe controlled, which then handed half a million to the campaign of Jill McCabe, who is the wife of the number two man at the FBI. He was also working the e-mail case.

This is the sort of the thing that results in expensive lawyers getting phone calls from DC’s power players. It is possible that the game is to throw the Republicans some red meat by getting butch with Clinton over her e-mail. The problem here is Comey says they have new information and that will have to be disclosed. It also means tangling with Team Clinton, who could be in the White House in a few months. If you are going to strike the queen, you better kill the queen or have plans to leave the country.

Another possibility that comes to mind is something that was revealed in the daily WikiLeaks e-mails being dumps. We now have proof that the White House knew about the secret server and Obama was getting e-mails from Clinton’s private account. They had successfully played dumb on this but this steady release of e-mails has to be making people nervous. John Podesta is not some clerk. He is one of the biggest power brokers in Washington. He knows things that are not supposed to be known.

The other angle here is that the Obama people have always hated the Clintons and a lot of people on the Left of the party still hold a grudge against Hillary. This could simply be a case where the Obama people are using this as an excuse to execute the kill shot on someone they truly loath. Politics is a blood-sport and Obama’s people play rough. They cracked open sealed divorce documents twice to help Obama win local campaigns in Illinois. They would not flinch at doing the old bag like this.

That’s the other piece of the puzzle. It’s very clear that Team Clinton had no idea this was coming. Clinton looked poleaxed giving her statement to reporters and what she said bordered on nonsense. This was a well orchestrated hit job. In a town where keeping a secret is nearly impossible, the FBI managed to spring a total surprise. That was not an accident either. This was done for maximum effect. It either means the White House was in the dark up until Friday or the White House was orchestrating it.

There is also the lesson of Watergate. The caper was done for the most mundane reasons. John Dean acted as he did out of purely personal motives. Mark Felt talked because he had his feelings hurt. Alexander Butterfield was just an honest guy asked the right question at the right time. The point being, serendipity and personal grudges often count for more than Machiavellian scheming. Some last straw may have finally caused Comey to go rogue and take out Clinton at her most vulnerable moment.

Right now, my heart is an alligator.

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    Looking forward to these:

    BREAKING=> Julian Assange: NEXT LEAK Will Lead to Arrest of Hillary Clinton
    Jim Hoft Oct 28th, 2016 12:09 pm

    Looks like Comey has a mutiny on his hands:

    In Leaked Memo, James Comey Explains Why FBI Told Congress About Reopened Clinton Probe

    …and the hits keep coming:

    James O’Keefe: Will Be Releasing Video Of Democrats Disparaging Black People

    Former FBI Asst. Director Accuses Clintons Of Being A “Crime Family”

    Bernstein: FBI Would Not Reopen Case Unless New Evidence Was “A Real Bombshell”

    Anthony Weiner Said To Be Cooperating With FBI Investigation

  2. One more time:

    Obama CANNOT let Clinton get indicted. As SoS, she was in the middle of every one of his treasonous actions during her four years in office. A partial list, in case you may have forgotten:

    Fast and Furious and the other similar operations out of the REST of the twenty-five BATFE Field Divisions across this country

    If she is charged, do you REALLY think she will “take one for the team” and “go quietly into the night”??? Or will she instead do a public dump and bring down this entire Administration?

    Obama will only have ONE chance for her to have an “unfortunate accident” if he works quickly. But his operators in that area are heavily AA specials. On the other hand, if he tries and fails, then the Friends of Bill enter the picture. Do note that in spite of their name, you surely know who wears the pants (suit) in that family. And there are no AA specials in the Friends of Bill…

  3. You are overthinking this. It is quite simple, field grade agents got assigned to the Weiner case. They discovered the devise shared by Weiner and Abedin with thousands of Clinton emails on it. Rather than reporting this fact, they investigated and dug deeper. When they had a shit ton of incriminating evidence, they produced an official report and dropped it on the desk of their OIC. That report shot up the chain of command. James Comey read the report and faced a decision, try to squash it and go to jail for aiding and abetting or, reopen the case. I spell it out in my article.

  4. I am thinking that this release is a Plan B for the Globalists who fear that a Clinton loss will be seen as part of the world-wide rejection of their agenda and thus fuel similar movements in Europe and elsewhere. So much easier to regroup and sustain the narrative if the loss can be blamed on the crass corruption of the Clintons.

    • See my above post- often used by Boston Herald columnist and talk show host Howie Carr. let’s hope this means that, politically, anyway, Hiltron “will not be down for breakfast!”

  5. Maybe this is just a bureaucrat balancing his career options. While Hillary looked likely to win, he swept her problems under the rug. Now Trump looks to have a good chance of winning, Comey claims he now has reason to think again. If Trump wins, Comey finds reason to prosecute Hillary, keeps his job and stays out of jail. If Hillary wins, he decides there’s no new reason to prosecute her, keeps his job and stays alive.

  6. My read on this is that Comey has lost control of the Bureau after his blatant conspiratorial collusion in spiking the investigation of the Clinton email investigation. It’s been widely reported that the Bureau is in open revolt against Comey’s leadership. He went public with this because he can no longer trust that his agents won’t leak to the press. These things happen when one loses their moral authority to lead a law enforcement organization.

    Comey will go down in history as the man who destroyed the credibility of the FBI. At minimum he must resign. In Imperial Japan he would be required to commit suicide.

    • Just the other day I learned that Director Comey is not an FBI Special Agent. So a lot of people hate his guts.

    • You should also add Lynch and Holder and Lerner and Pelosi and Reid and Lyin’ Ryan and Post Turtle and Valerie and Sheryl and Moochelle and…

  7. It must be a lot of fun to be in D.C. this morning. Everyone has a hand in the game, nobody knows who is about to get nailed, and it’s all coming down fast. Like cockroaches when the lights go on at midnight.

  8. Over and under for Hillary dropping out before next Friday?

    Over and under for Hillary dropping dead before the election?

  9. I take ONE day off from following the news about the campaign to help my girlfriend get her house ready for the next NE winter and All HELL breaks loose?

    We’re going out to dinner (date night!) and now I must wear my best jacket over my “Hillary for Prison” t shirt.

  10. Let’s look as some simple explanations. Carlos is looking at a long Federal stretch for his antics. He now has no friends and no money. But he does have an incentive to minimize his time locked up with “Bubba”. I’ll bet he’s helping out. Second, I’d reckon the FBIs didn’t breathlessly rush into Comey’s office saying they found 10s of thousands of emails and quick get a re-open memo out. They found them and the initial reviews are not pretty. Third Comey is now stuck with maybe a constitutional crisis now or certainly one later if he holds onto this until after the election. So he opts to publicly re-open. And maybe he got an ok for the kill shot from the White House of maybe he didn’t. One thing though, Huma better brush up on the lyrics to “The Wheels on the Bus”…Hillary is not going down with a fight and will shortly begin tossing things overboard.

  11. I just read a link on THE DRUDGE REPORT that said Huma Abedin had gone into hiding. Completely understandable given her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s latest monumental screwup. But I’m wondering if she’s in a Clinton-controlled compound somewhere or if she took off on her own and is hiding in a hotel room somewhere. Or, even worse for the Clintons, possibly to her CAIR mom and/or dad. If she took that last option this thing could go nuclear.

    • Breaking open the Muslim Brotherhood link to the Clintons (that is, Huma) may be the unexpected payoff here.

      • The Clintons will sell anything for money, and it is well documented that the Saudis, in particular, love to buy influence with wads of cash. Abedinomics 101.

  12. What if the FBI has uncovered evidence on Weiner’s device that Huma is a spy, and has been passing on intel to the Muslim Brotherhood and/or others? A shocker, I know, considering her background.

    That seems to be what’s shaping up this morning. This is the headline from ZeroHedge:

    FBI Found “Tens Of Thousands Of Emails” Belonging To Huma Abedin On Weiner’s Laptop

    • Scenario #1: They get the computers and passwords. Presumably, Wiener is not cooperating beyond what the law requires. They open up the drive and find thousands of government docs. They also see that in the sent folder many of these docs were attachments. The sender is not one of the known e-mail accounts as part of this investigation. A new yahoo or gmail account. The recipients are unknown as well.

      Scenario #2: They get Wiener’s phone and laptop and he knows he is doomed. He immediate starts to cooperate. He has nothing to lose at this point and maybe is a little ticked at how he was treated. He starts talking and that leads to the Feds seizing all of their computers. They discover all sorts of new things that were never disclosed.

      Right there are two scenarios that are perfectly plausible that would have senior level people in the FBi thinking about grand juries, book deals and movies about their case where they are played by Ben Affleck.

      • Weiner is already in a Trump safe-house, that is fully stocked with lube and pr0n! Top of the world Ma!

      • you know what would be funny? If weiner is a patsy in all of this. that he was picked as a weak point in clinton’s inner circle, and enticed into the sexting? And the emails were “injected” onto his computer; after all, they aren’t forgeries, they are indistinguishable from the originals. once a state actor had the emails, it would be easy to reverse engineer a way to use them to sink hillary.

      • You got to think like a ruling elite in a super sized banana republic. Comey is afraid of something that is worth having a contract put out on his arse by the clinton crime syndicate inc. The guy is by any standard a corrupt associate of the CCS inc. He was appointed as a fixer and enabler. His associations and conflicts of interest make him controllable.
        So boy oh boy, something pretty bad must be afoot for him to run to congress as an insurance policy he doesn’t end up taking a dirt nap.
        Somebody is going to spill the beans on an existential revelation regarding the actors around the clintons, or it is something so bad, it will bring the entire federal regime down.
        It’s gonna be a doozy whatever it is, and it is unstoppable by political means.
        I think it is something that is a pure unadulterated crisis of legitimacy, something that goes back to a pivotal event in the recent past, like between Bush #1 and the executive dictator currently sitting on the throne.

        • Yeah that’s why it’s not so smart for Bobble to request the release of the docs. All Comey has to do is provide a general idea of the content and she is finished. Which is a good thing because her anywhere near the presidency would destroy the last remnants of the US and she’d give the crazy clown smile and blame it on the deplorables.

          • Telling you, you got to think like a transnationalist corruptocrat. They have so many irons in the fire, Weiner and Huma are a glimpse on the tip of the iceberg.
            Whats going on with these people is on a scale most of us can’t fathom. I don’t mean to say we are ignorant people, I’m saying we are ignorant, and unaccustomed to the scale and scope of the corruption and criminal nature of these people. There is no precedence in human history of the scale of what they are doing. They are strip mining the world of it’s intrinsic wealth. Where do you think the skim of 20 trillion in world debt and derivatives went? These are people who know where every penny they steal is, they never loose that money, it had to go someplace after conning and robbing the worlds dirt people blind.

      • There is nothing unrelated in all this because the players are all related and connected. We just aren’t permitted to see how connected.
        But take this news about Loretta Lynch pleading the Fifth. Something really stinks here. Wait a second here, you mean to say, THE, Attorney General, of The United States of America, the most trusted judicial entity in the entire country, who is required by federal law to sign off on those billions in “ransom money” sent to the Iranians, like Hillary Clinton is the only entity in the federal government who has cross border signing authority, that like Lynch, not a penny or a single bullet can cross over our borders to a foreign state or entity without their signature, (Operation Fast & Furious, Benghazi ring a bell), which coincidently, Obama is the only person in the entire United States who possesses cross border authority regarding our military being permitted to enter another sovereign country, (rescue missions waiting to rescue those guys at the embassy in Benghazi anyone? But for going into Syria, a sovereign nation, and arming/assisting ISIS factions, noooo problem?).
        Anybody see the pattern of places people politics power and influence here?
        Lynch claiming the Fifth?
        Are you kidding me?
        Like she signed off on the millions in funds provided the “protesters” stirring up violence at Trump campaign venues and various riots?

    • It struck me as a little odd that the FBI would be so conspicuously involved in the Wiener sexting stuff – yes, it was with underage girls across state lines and he is a high profile figure – but it could be that they were looking for this all along.

      • That’s been my hunch. The Feds will “take over a case” from locals when they want to lever their way into something. It’s an old old trick. Even local authorities will find these back doors.

        What baffles me is Huma had to know she was sharing a computer with her husband so she had to know the Feds would find all this stuff. Yet, the Clinton people are caught flat footed.

        • That’s the funny part… how insane is it that Huma and Anthony… people of means… “shared” a laptop.. even when she knew he was creepy… and he knew she was connected. I think there is nothing more here than serendipity …. oh, and Weiner… hes a political hack and I bet there is more dirt there.

          Also, I cannot imagine if the FBI finds compromising evidence of Huma passing info/intel on to the Muslim Brotherhood, or her Mom, etc… There could be bad stuff there. I’m also hoping that someone has hacked Valarie Jarret…. now that would be so awesome. I can dream, right?

          • Yes, the “talented tenth” mulattos who have so little regard for the 90% A-As “beneath” them. Interesting, but I’ll bet BHO, Valerie, Loretta, Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson and so on, probably share an IQ in the range of 110. Aren’t they special? I will bet that Moochelle is probably at 100 and that the previous group mentioned roll their eyes when she gets going. Her so-called thesis at Princeton was pathetic. The faculty let it pass, misspellings and all. Skip Gates from Cambridge is part of this group. Remember how he referred to the “Ink Well,” a bathing beach near the elite A-A colony at Martha’s Vineyard? This is their High Society, folks. Snootier than any WASP I know. I think Huma was picked by Hillary to serve as “Body Woman” b/c of the dysfunctional marriage to Weiner, sort of like Hillary’s w/ Bill. Who is caring for their (Weiner) baby? This is so peculiar.

    • Comey appears to have broken with Lynch over the public announcement of the reopened investigation:

      “According to the Administration official, Lynch asked Comey to follow Justice Department policies, but he said that he was obliged to break with them because he had promised to inform members of Congress if there were further developments in the case. He also felt that the impending election created a compelling need to inform the public, despite the tradition of acting with added discretion around elections. The Administration official said that Lynch and Justice Department officials are studying the situation, which he called unprecedented.”

      The article is vague as to the timing of these interactions.

      We seem to be barrelling towards a major political crisis.

    • Consider this: at the height of the Cold War, the daughter of the editor of Soviet Life magazine moves to the West and marries the heir of a department store fortune, but keeps her Soviet passport, travels freely between the West and the USSR, and is never denounced by her parents. In addition to all of the above, she keeps her job as an assistant editor at Soviet Life.

      That’s what Abd al Deen (the non-anglicized version of her name) represents.

      • el_ baboso,

        Abedin (or ‘Aabidiin, to make the transcription more “scholarly” within the means offered by a normal keyboard) is a legitimate Arab name, translatable as “worshippers.” Due to its semantics, it tends to come up more in compounds — wasn’t Zayn Al-Abedin (Ornament of / Paragon among the Worshippers) the name of the Tunisian dictator toppled by his country’s “spring” — but it can also appear in isolation. In case you read Arabic, have a look at H.A.’s Arabic Wikipedia entry

        Having said this, it sure would be nice to find out what that Oriental beauty looks like in an orange jumpsuit. Likely she indeed understands her role as a “servant of the Islamic religion” (Abd ad-Deen) even if that’s not in her name.

        • Thank you, Herzog. I’ve hung out with some Lebanese whose ancestors moved here before the 1923 cut off. Typically, Abu Haidar became Buhidar and Abu Zayd became Abizaid. I made a bad assumption based on that

          Given that under sharia she is apostate for marrying a non-Muslim, that her folks are part of the Wahhabi Comintern, and that neither her mother or late father have disowned her speaks rather loudly to me as to who she really works for.

  13. Take this into consideration: Comey never seized any electronic devices violating SOP yet the FBI agents involved in Weiner’s sexting with the 15yrs old girl – seized all electronic devices located at Weiner’s/Abedin’s residence incl a lap top they both shared.
    According to agents involved in HRC investigation they state in their notes – as released (accompanied by the chief of espionage) – “Huma Abedin took it upon herself to often change or override security protocol and hoarded thousands of classified and other emails on her private laptop located at her residence”!
    Anonymous and WikiLeaks announced 1 November the date where they will release the 33,000+ emails that Comey claimed having received the BleachBit treatment via Combatta/PRN and ‘not even God can read them because they are gone forever”! The last drop in the Clinton crime syndicate will be the mother of all releases.
    Put it all together ending with Judge Napolitano who stated ‘all the emails and info WikiLeaks/Assange has released so far was not provided by Putin and his government but by insiders/whistleblowers consisting of angry intelligence and FBI agents who desire to make their anger known because crimes were committed and security compromised”!
    What choice does Comey have???

  14. My contention is that Comey was forced by the reaction of his subordinates and criticism in respectable right-wing legal circles. First, the revolt among agents at the FBI is growing. Line FBI agents realized that Comey threw the investigation and are furious. Comey probably thought he would have to throw the investigation, but did not expect a revolt based on the espirt de corps of the FBI. Agents took it as a personal insult giving the obvious failures to seize evidence, allow multiple subjects to be interviewed at the same time, and other investigative failures, all aside from the refusal to “recommend” prosecution to the Attorney General.

    Secondly, Comey, a rather conventional Republican, was struck by the attacks from fellow either liberal Republicans like Rudy Guiliani and Chris Christy, as well as the legal main stream conservative commentariat like Andy McCarthy and David French. Comey at sometime realized his reputation, which apparently he still holds dear, was being trashed, all for Hillary Clinton.

    Comey had probably decided that the FBI would throw the investigation just so it could not be accused of being the cause of Hillary’s loss of the election. Comey wanted to keep the FBI out of politics, but he did not realize that was impossible, as when ever a politician gets involved in criminal activity, that becomes politics. Perhaps he did not realize that applies at the Presidential level. The FBI routinely investigates and arrests politicians, but this would have been the first time it investigated a nominated Presidential candidate. Perhaps Comey did not want to go there.

    In the end, he realized that he would have to go there, e.g. the FBI would determine the outcome of a Presidential election. In the end, not a good idea, as next time they might do it purposely, but if they did not, then Comey and the FBI would be admitting that some are “above the law.”

    In the end, perhaps he realized that was untenable. Perhaps Comey realized that and for the principle that no one is above the law, he had to act.

    • The problem for the FBI and Comey… the Clintons never stop with the lies and graft, and with the email leaks, they can’t have any confidence of keeping the lid on information getting out , much less a revolt within the agency, which I think is there, but they’ve so far kept a lid on. So the Podesta emails and the threat of more…. and even the rumors that some hackers have found Clintons’ deleted emails… this whole thing is spiraling out of control. The folks that have controlled the narrative up to this summer have lost control… ( plates on sticks )

      It would not take much for another hacker to find Obama’s emails or say Kennedy ( at State) emails since this whole administration evidently decided to use personal emails for scheming. Hackers hack. It is not unthinkable that Hillary gets elected, and then more email dumps… and collusion… and leaks from agents. The house of cards cannot stand and a very real constitutional crisis arises as everyone sees that extralegal and criminal collusion has been ongoing for years. SMOD indeed.

  15. What’s past is prologue?

    As the US Attorney General for the Eastern District of New York, her office crafted a sweetheart deal for HSBC after they has been caught in the largest money laundering scheme in US history:

    A few months later, James Comey is appointed to the HSBC Board of Directors:

    Then there are major clients of HSBC contributing $81 million to the Clinton Foundation:

    Let’s move on folks, there’s nothing to see here.

  16. Of course the fix could once again be in; Comey can wrap up this “new” investigation one day before the election and proclaim that;
    ” I, director Comey, Gauleiter of the Geheime Staatspolizei, now known as the Stasi, or, for the benefit of the ignorant , foolish, American voters, the FBI, under the orders of our beloved, dear, Schwarze Fuhrer, Herr Obama, have concluded that the Fuhrer’s top candidate to succeed him, Mann-Frau Hillary Clinton, is totally innocent of all charges.”

    Hillary can then proclaim, one day before election day, “see, the false and spurious charges leveled at me by the vast right wing conspiracy, led by Vladimir Putin and his patsy, Trump, have finally been shown to be false. I am totally innocent and you, the voters, have no fear (even though they never did) that I will be impeached, and as your president, I will work for the family and the children and the orphans and the LGBT community, and people of color and hispanics (you know, EVERYBODY that rejects the judeo-christian , traditional American nuclear family).

    As long as Comey did/does as instructed by Obama, he really had /has nothing to fear; he is protected by Obama and the Clintons (which also means the media will leave him alone). True, some folks within the FBI may be pissed off at him, but big deal. They can’t and won’t do a damn thing because they will lose their jobs and pensions and the IRS, the SEC, the DOJ (led by Obama’s house slave, Loretta Lynch) , etc., will absolutely destroy those who protest.

    This entire new investigation smells like snake vomit and IMHO, will not only come to nothing, but will allow Bitchary Clinton to emerge totally cleared of all charges.

    Welcome to the Banana Republic of the USA.

    • My guess is the House of Obama has decided to burn down the House of Clinton. In part because Hillary could take down Obama too, and he needs to obliterate her before she pulls the trigger on him. Game of Thrones, it is not just a book and movie series any more.

  17. My bet is it’s chaos theory at work. All of the Clinton bullshit and all of the moving parts that have orchestrated it have become so complicated that the fluttering of the wings of the Weiner penis, the Weiner weiner as it were, have made it an uncontrollable disaster.

    • A big part of the CCF (Clinton Crime Family) game is to flood the zone with lies and false information. It is counter intuitive as honest people think it i easier to defend one lie, rather than 1,000 lies. The CCF knows if they lie enough and inject enough false data, plucking the kernels of truth from their bullshit is nearly impossible. It’s why Hillary lies constantly. It’s to conceal the truth. Just last night, she lied multiple times in her short speech on the subject. She assumes that will distract from the key elements of this story, even if she does not know the key elements.

      That said, Team Trump should replay that performance from Clinton in ads. I’ve never seen someone look so guilty.

      • Zman, I appreciate your point on the CCF and deceit… I was thinking too though, the old wisdom of what happens to liars. They get away with it, and then can’t stop. They become too smart by half and believe their own BS. Then they cannot stop.

        We are living in a Greek tragedy … The smart pair of Clintons , who lied and grafted their way to power and money, only to be undone by first their own daughter uncovering fraud and kickbacks at their family foundation and then by the magnitude of lies and smug liars who ultimately bring the whole thing down. Liars and grifters run with liars and grifters and as with Weiner, people of poor character. SMOD indeed… or Karma.

        The schadenfreude is strong today!

    • Order out of Chaos. It is the Fabian way, hence the cultural marxist way, the William Ayers final solution, the Alynski underlying standard operating procedure. Clovin/Piven advocated it application via the welfare state. Marx and Lenin used it to effective results, obama is nothing if not a order out of chaos disciple.
      Remember we are talking about progeny red diaper babies and their sycophants running things. Regardless of their greed and avarice, they are little commie crotch droppings first. Born and bred to whats going down. Only have to look at who their decedents are. It reads like a ho-down of nefarious the offspring of pivotal commie and musloid caliphate actors.

  18. Zman brings up a salient point about serendipity. There’s a great saying about not attributing malice to what you can incompetence.
    In other words, just because these actors running things have this political power right now doesn’t make them necessarily smart. Hell, as is being revealed, most are sociopaths or psychopaths, pathological liars, sexual deviants, idea logs or just plain can’t fix that kind of stupid stupid, the systems is rife with them.
    After all, politics today is so closely related to corruption and nepotism, ideology like cultural marxism, and all the rest of truly bad human nature, they are inseparable, and that is the thing here, it is truly unredeemable, it has become a system based on the lowest common denominator.
    Now just how do you save this country without killing it’s government?
    It is a serious as a heart attack question.

    • I keep thinking we are getting closer and closer to where the ‘people’ will have to kill their government and start over. That’s a common occurrence in history is it not? Like a coupe …. or civil war … Sometimes those megalomaniacs just don’t know when they have worn out the welcome mat and need to be taken to the door.

      • I’ve read a number of others thoughts on that, one line of reasoning is to deliberately vote to elect the psychopath in a pants suit to assure it all burns down. Because that may well be the only way to redress and reset the consequences of the Leviathan.
        It is a pretty dark and ugly propersition, yet there is a certain validity contained within the notion. I’m not an advocate of it, but it sure has a kind of battlefield combat humor to it. But something certainly has to give here.
        These idiots running things have to be done with, not a one of them can be left to infect recourse to a system that is wholly legitimate and based on principles, and not rule of men, no matter how you slice things. Not for nothing, these bums are what they are, lying stealing conniving cunning crooks and thieves. They ain’t going to all of a sudden turn over a new leaf and become moral representatives of the will of the governed based on representative republican form of government.
        But whats even more poignant, is we in all likelihood are only getting a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of corruption and treason. So you kind of have to ask in your heart of hearts, knowing if you look the cold hard truth directly in the eyes of how far gone the political class is off the reservation, what else is going to be the remedy? Other than a long stay behind operation where we hunker down and live like stainless steel rats in this kubaki utopia these fucking fools foist on us, trying to save what we can of our long held traditions, our legacy of freedom and morality of Christian western values while they destroy everything they touch?

          • Rightfully so, she is a truly diabolical character. She should terrify every sensible person in this great country. She is the crowning achievement of decades of cultural marxist corruption of everything that stands for this republic and its principles of will of the governed. Me, I’m looking at the next genocidal mass murderer when I see her. this is where these things lead. When a constitutional republic has been usurped past the point of legitimacy, force is all that remains as power to govern over people. So the next stage is to kill everyone who refuses to submit. Great problem solver, any tyrant worth his or her salt graps that concept, it is why they are tyrants to begin with. The only question is one of scale. Is she a Pol Pot, Edi Amen, or a Stalin or Mao? Seriously, I’m not being facetious or embellishing. That woman is bat shit crazy. All it requires is an understanding of past history of how previous genocidal tyrants came to power, history has a certain circular quality to it, and there are definitive elements of how those murdering leaders gained their power in the Clinton regime and the operatives who function within and outside it.
            And all that stands in their way is us dirt people. It ain’t the FBI, or any other entity in this supposed “representative government” with reside in. Look around, every form of justice and “law enforcement” see’s us dirt people as the enemy, domestic terrorists, white right wing supremacists and on and on. Hell if you say the word Sovereign, you end up on a fucking watch list.
            Love or hate Donald Trump, right now, that guy is the only brakes on this out of control ruling class runaway train.

          • “Love or hate Donald Trump, right now, that guy is the only brakes on this out of control ruling class runaway train.”
            And Doug, I hope enough voters wake up to that before they cast their vote. I live in a town with Gary Johnson yard signs all over…. and have friends who are planning to write in Darrell Castle. If all of them, plus the Evan McMullin voters in Utah, would just vote Trump, I am convinced he’d win in a landslide.

  19. So the SMOD that entirely too many were hoping for hits only The Clinton Crime Family and looks like James Comey with his hazelnuts in a vice_? Surreal_!

    I say Comey’s hazelnuts must really be in a vice because unlike Watergate (which I saw as an adult) the Cloud People and the elite media are (for now) still Ready for Hillary. (Then they had been Nixon’s sworn enemies since day 1 despite his many efforts to buy them off – e.g. EPA, etc.) Comey knows all this and has no doubt enjoyed his time being one of them. Now he will be dead to them if not a target himself. He better stay out of Ft Marcy Park.

  20. I love this, I really do. Were this a Republican candidate, any ONE of HRC’s many, many, many scandals would get approximately all the journalism prizes in the world (and probably a Nobel Peace Prize to boot). As it is, it’s just a fun Saturday’s speculation for badthinkers about the precise mechanics of what should be blood-in-the-streets-level corruption. It’s mortal, but not serious, because we must always remember that Donald Trump said “pussy” once. Fun times.

    • When the ridiculous PussyGate story broke, we were told he lost ten points in the polls. That struck most people as unlikely, but that was the Official Story™ and they stuck with it. Trump has slowly clawed back within striking distance, but the Official Story™ still has her winning handily. Now, the very real possibility that Clinton could be charged with serious crimes is going to impact the polls how? My guess is the New Official Story™ will be that her support is rock solid and she remains on pace to win in two weeks.

      • I don’t know; the msm were already trimming back their lies/polls before this fbi story broke. hillary is dragging a lot of names out into the open, with her thrashing about. powerful names. they will shut her candidacy down just to keep from having *all* their dirty laundry aired out. the final act now, is for hillary and bill to go down into the bunker and sat their good byes (and then checking out permanente).

        • If only that would indeed happen. What do you think would happen if they were left with one gun and two bullets? Who would go first? One shoot themselves or one do the other first? Either way, good riddance. One can only “hope.” Hey, the first time I have enjoyed using that word “hope” in eight years!

      • That’s what I’d go with — her support is rock solid because the American people have, yet another wild accusation from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, etc. That, and I’m sure they’ll come up with something else Trump said 20 years ago that’s the new Worst Thing Evar — “I hope the Cubs never make the World Series!” or something. I just find it funny that amid all the accusations that it’s the Russians hacking doing all the hacking, nobody credits Trump with anything. Isn’t one of #NeverTrump’s endless talking points the fact that he knows all these people and is buddy-buddy with Democrats? And yet I’ve never heard a peep about Teh Donald’s oppo research, even though he seems to have called the Weiner thing more than a year ago. Frankly, they better hope it IS the Russians — as Trump is a smart guy and has been getting pilloried by the media since the late 70s, I bet he has **all kinds** of juicy intel on the bigshots in the press corps….

    • Don’t forget, he called a girl “fat” too. Millions of women haven’t.

      They understand being called “fat.” And I bet most of them, with the encouragement of the media, will see this as just a rehash of the old email thing that was already settled and buried.

  21. Why is this happening? Here’s my two cents: Obama has now been shown to be is involved and tacitly complicent and has been shown – to the real surprise of no one – to be a liar. Do you honestly think that Comey will do anything without the President’s knowledge and consent? He has been told to get Obama’s name off of this and if it means Hillary goes down, then so be it.

    • Excellent point. Love how Team Clinton knew nothing about this until their plane landed in Iowa. Someone got a picture of Hillary looking dour and Huma’s face all red and eyes brimming with tears. OT, I had a friend send me a recap of the aftermath of the First Debate, w/ the screaming meltdown of HRC reaming Matt Lauer while still in the studio. Can this be verified as true? It’s probably a frosty morn in Chappaqua today.

  22. Jeebus! Z man writes like Niccolo M. and quotes the Buggles??? From their hardest-to-find-album ca. 1980s? Kept me up all night trying to figure it out, better watch your step, Z, and better watch their steps in the vermillion sands :-))))

  23. Guess all those “conservatives” that endorsed Hillary are feeling a little queasy just about now.

    • I doubt it; everybody already knew she was a criminal, fraud, lying, dishonest bit*h, who was ALREADY under FBI investigation, yet they STILL supported her!!!
      They just looked at their investment/ bank / influence accounts and saw it could be maintained/grown under Clinton, but maybe not with a Trumpian president.
      Voila, they are all in for Hillary.

    • You mean like General Colin Powell. He’s a famous backstabber from decades ago. Another mistaken appointment of GHWB.

      • How much you wanna bet me Colin is a cross dressing closet commie?
        He is a contemporary of Secretary of State Lurch and Sen. McCain.
        Both got to be old comintern manchurian candidates. It is just too cute how they both turned out. There are no unrelated, unintended, spontaneous natural coincidences in obama’s amerika.

  24. Obviously, Trump is involved in some form or fashion. Let us not miss why he is so extraordinarily rich and why he has been so extraordinarily effective: he knows how to talk the pants off of elite men and women—in some cases figuratively, in some cases literally.

    He has contacts and assets throughout the present system, as well as many natural allies who are simply fed up with the bullshit they labor under. This is quite clear by the way that he has in some limited ways already exerted power over the system. When we consider the magnitude of the power shift which is presently occurring, we should consider that the smartest people have aligned or are aligning with Trump, especially those scorned or cast aside by Clinton, which seems in this case to be Weiner and certain influential elements within the FBI.

    Even if Trump does not actually become God-Emperor and kill the USG, though I think there is a reasonable chance of that occurring, let us not underestimate that he is nevertheless seizing power from a Bush/Clinton political nexus which has held power for the last 20-30 years or so. If Kek is good, Trump will become God-Emperor and fire 90% of Washington, but if he isn’t, Trump is certainly still going to rip that nexus out by the roots and take that nexus behind the barn and shoot it dead.

    • From Trump’s tweets of over a year ago, it seems he had the Hillary/Huma/Wiener e-mail trail sussed out way back when… Either impressive instincts, or his bunnies have very good noses.

      • As he said at the end of the convention, he’s the guy who knows how the game is played. We’ve never had one of those leading the Republican Party, and it makes quite a difference.

        • Something I’ve realized after almost a lifetime hanging around w/ politicians and trying to get them elected, is that the Democrats go to war to get people elected. HRC’s signs: “Stronger Together” and “I’m With Her.” They aren’t ashamed of their advocacy. The Bush-ite Repubs want it to break their way because of their wonderfulness, which should be obvious to all of us peons putting up yard signs, manning phone banks, attending fund-raising dinners. They really won’t fight for their backers — and vice-versa, sadly. They are just faux warriors and get elected b/c from time to time the Dem candidates are just awful. Can you even picture Jeb Bush surviving the Clinton onslaught this year? Cruz broke when the NE article re: his father’s connection to Lee Harvey Oswald was demonstrated (the photo evidence is there, but NE id’d another guy as Raphael). I have the NE I bought at Walgreen’s. Cruz pere is there in the photo, just misidentified. He’s a Bushie, too, but I’m sure they’ve dropped him like a hot potato. Let him figure out how to get re-elected as a US Senator from Texas. Hah. He’s screwed. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Same for Governor Kasich.

          • Can you imagine Cruz surviving the onslaught over his OWN sexual escapades? Look at the riot the media tried to raise because Trump said a few dirty words a decade ago. Cruz had an affair, for God’s sake! MULTIPLE mistresses, they said ! AND he was a holier-than-thou Christian! I feel sure that the muted press response to the scandal during the primaries was because they wanted to save that ammunition to use against Cruz if he became the nominee. He’d never have survived.

          • Sad but true, Dr. Mabuse. Cruz was a slender reed for Repubs to base any serious hopes of victory on. Glad he was found out relatively early. Kasich is the real troublemaker as Governor of an important state. He could still cause problems. POS.

  25. Check out the speculation at the end of Jake’s link. Could this be a “hey everybody, look over here. Never mind those wikilinks, this is really hot. Give us all your attention.” Then at 12 noon on Nov. 4 we get a never mind, it was really nothing, wish we had time to catch up on the email leaks.

    • The problem with that theory is it assumes things about these people that are implausible. Comey cannot be both a high stakes risk taker and a frightened bureaucrat. He cannot be the guy, who allegedly allowed the investigation to roll along until he was pressured by the White House to cover-up, and the guy suddenly throwing a grenade into the campaign at the last minute.

      If this were ten week before the vote, the three -dimensional chess conspiracy stuff would at least be plausible. There’s no way the Feds wrap up their investigation and exonerate the fat cow in a week. Whatever they have, warranted the most extraordinary option being the only option. The voters are going to go into the booth thinking one candidate could be facing indictment.

      • My guess is Weiner had a video of Alma and Hideous, en flagante! (and his is not the only copy)

      • It is clear from camp clinton’s shell shocked reaction, that they had no idea this was coming. it may still turn out to be nothing new, but it definitely has the media scrambling to get more info. No one would risk the blow back that staging this kind of thing would entail, especially not if you thought you were leading.

        • They didn’t know it was coming, but I believe she knew on the plane. Photos show a very disturbed-looking Hillary Clinton, standing in the plane, talking with aides. She was caught by surprise, but it was before she landed.

          • [phones ringing on FatCow One]

            Flunky #1: This is FatCow One, Flunky #1 speaking

            Media Shill: Have you seen what is all over the Interwebs?

            Flunky #1: No. What’s happening?

            Media Shill: The FBI is re-opening the e-mail case.

            Flunky #1: Shit. [hangs up] Someone get me a computer!

            Flunky #2: Our WiFi is down.

            Flunky #1: Someone wake up FatCow. We have a problem. Get some coffee in her and let’s meet in ten minutes to get our lies straight.

          • FatCowOne is a good one Z Man. But I heard recently that the actual Secret Service name for the aircraft in question is BroomStickOne. Too good to check, I’d say

          • Looked more to my like the look of now we are really bagged, and it’s growing too late to wiggle and spin our way out of this one.

        • Michael Savage said this bombshell will have more staying power b/c it’s got the “sex” element in spades. They tried to “trump” Donald with it but it ran out of steam. Media such as People mag and that sort of thing love to dish the stuff up, steaming hot.

          • That’s because people want to read about it. State Department placements, security details, field reports – it’s boring to LIVs. But sex? Heck, everyone understands that, and they want to know more. And if the bigfoot media won’t tell them about it, they’ll go looking for the information elsewhere. Just like teenage kids, their parents’ clamming up about the subject will just make them more determined to hunt down the info. The press knows this, which is why they tried to make such a big thing about Trump talking dirty 11 years ago. The problem was, there just wasn’t enough of anything there to titillate normal people.

          • Old Chinese proverb, “Don’t throw rocks in glass house”.

            Oh ya!
            Revenge, a dish best served cold.
            Lot to be said for Trump.
            The guy is a Mensa child, IQ of 165.
            Intelligent people like Donald Trump are five or ten moves against the mental midgets that pose for “elites”. It is why amassing a fortune is second nature, why going up against the psychopath political class and having a great time doing it is possible, all the while doing it on the legacy media’s dime and gas lighting them to boot. Old Ronnie Raygun got nothing on trump in that department. And Ronald Reagan was nobodies fool.

      • Right, ZMan. Amidst all the frenzied chatter “there’s not time to find out what this is all about” there is the overlooking of the effect this has on those who have not yet voted.

        • Re: effect on voters. I noticed that at Clinton/Kaine events earlier in the week, the signage backdrops had been changed from “Stronger Together” to “Vote Early” and that these had been set up across from libraries and other polling places. Trying to pack as many in as possible before possible SHTF.

      • The mutineers mentioned by Smitty, or someone, knew Comey was a weak man, susceptible to pressure. No doubt a way was found to put even more pressure on Comey than Clinton could. Indictment? Loss of job, status and pension?

        • How about a recently discovered pre-appointment “pay-to-play” for Comey himself?
          Sorta like that $500K payment to the wife of the #2 FBI deputy.

        • If he didn’t say anything about this new evidence until after the election, he would be the one taking all the heat for protecting Hillary-when he didn’t want to in the beginning anyhow. This is payback and CYA simultaneously.

      • re: “There’s no way the Feds wrap up their investigation and exonerate the fat cow in a week. Whatever they have, warranted the most extraordinary option being the only option.” thezman

        I can not think of another alternative to the following and I have been thinking on this non-stop since yesterday. There is only one kind of crime committed by PIAPS to warrant this action by Comey:


        Dan Kurt

      • Ya but Z, Comey was before anything expendable, a cutout. He is a political animal before any job description. no other wauy he gets the job of Director of the FBI. The Clinton’s have used nefarious components of the FBI for decades to do their wet work. That makes you cannon fodder in a worst case scenario, right? Like or hate the guy, sometimes you got to do what you got to to stay alive. That right there is some mighty serious motivation to do things you normally wouldn’t do. Like pop up in front of your fellow weasels unannounced and drop a hint we better stick together or we are all going down with a sinking ship of state?

  26. Razzle Dazzle with Lucy putting the football on the tee…………….again. Comey finds backbone, does the right thing. Jimmy Stewart lives. I think not. Pucker up everyone, you are going to be kissed before you are fu_cked………..again. Boobus Americanus on the roller coaster………..again. One mans’ humble opinion based on the long term Clinton “experience.” Best regards everyone.

    • Remember the photo from Thursday showing Moochelle’s long, simian arms wrapped around Hillary? HRC looking positively blissed-out? Positively Godfatherish! I had a bad feeling looking at that;-)

      • Matriarchy ain’t Patriarchy.
        I mean that in that best traditions of long held legacy of the human race learning the hard way how each half of humanity best serves to thrive in provincial and proven traditions.
        This age of unicorn farts and magic diversity beans fucking sucks ass in no uncertain terms.

  27. I’m long on popcorn futures. This couldn’t be happening to a more appropriate set of characters.

    Time for a win for the good guys? Stay tuned.

  28. The only theory missing so far is the one about what this does to the legitimate conclusion of the election? What happens if Hill is “taken out” before Nov. 8? Who is on the Dem ticket? Is the election valid? Or does Barry get to use his powers to declare some kind of situation where he continues as de facto prez for who knows how long? It’s good to be king! And his mama-in-law don’t wanna move!

    • The DNC would have to quickly decide if they wanted to go ahead with Kaine or throw in someone new…like say..Michelle?

      • Hmmm… If the Obumbles want the first evah female President to be one of their own, then it makes sense to clear Shrillary out of the way, concede the next four years to Trump and come back really strong with Michelle Owookie

        • I recall reading back in the 2000 election that Clinton really did not care if Gore won. In fact, he liked the idea of Gore losing as it proved it was Clinton that won two terms, not the party or his campaign. I recall reading something similar with Tony Blair. I think a lot of these guys like the idea of being irreplaceable. Every politicians I have known has been petty and small. They grind over small slights. Obama strikes me as the sort of guy that would hold a grudge. Given that he has a well established hatred of old white women and he really hates Bill Clinton, I could see him green lighting a caper like this.

          • Be interesting to see how he sticks the boot in. His “legacy” is about to be pounded to dust so no doubt it will get nasty.

          • If Obama really is the clinically diagnosable narcissist many of him have thought him to be, that would make sense. And he DOES despise Hillary.

    • What we are facing here as dirt people is not a constitutional republic based on the rule of law, but a lowest human common denominator banana republic based on the rule over a people for pure unadulterated wonton hedonism and profit.

  29. My bet is on the Ghost of Directors Past. Can you imagine J. Edgar Hoover hounding you at night? In drag? So, I think he saw that the Clinton’s had even publicly tied in the FBI to their little criminal enterprise with the #2 guy’s wife, and it was a bridge too far.

    • I believe you are correct, or close to it. Comey was under so much pressure from past directors and subordinates over his capitulation to Lynch and Obama that, to keep any respect for the bureau alive, he had to do something. That’s also why the first disclosure was to Congress, not to Lynch/Obama. To make damn sure they had no opportunity to stop it or deflect it. Again.

  30. Let me put on my tinfoil hat so that I might better come to grips with this profound disturbance in the force. I have no conclusions, just a few observations:

    1) A couple of weeks ago four-star Marine Corps General James Cartwright pleaded guilty to mishandling classified info after he leaked details of cyber sabotage operations against the Iranian nuke program to reporters. He hasn’t been sentenced, but faces a maximum of five years in prison;

    2) The Clinton campaign and it’s hired mouthpieces (CNN, ABC, WaPo, etc.) stridently assert that the Podesta and DNC leaks are the fruits of Russian espionage, but to my knowledge there has been no detailed exposé published linking Russian intelligence to these cyber thefts. Compare this situation to one a few years ago involving cyber crimes committed by special cells operating on behalf of the Chinese PLA – the NYT and WaPo and a number of other publications came out with highly detailed descriptions of the PLA operations so that the Chinese would be under no illusion that we knew exactly who was carrying out these thefts;

    3) During the last debate, Clinton blabbed classified information to the effect that there is a four minute time lapse between when the order is given to fire nuclear weapons and weapons actually launch. There had been speculation that the delay was on the order of four minutes, but until Clinton spoke it had never been officially confirmed;

    4) A number of accounts have surfaced that confirm that Clinton is uncooperative and frequently abusive to the Secret Service agents assigned to her detail;

    5) A fair number of the heavily redacted Clinton emails recovered from Clinton’s unsecured server and released by the State Department to comply with a subpoena reveal the identities of undercover agents in the field; and,

    6) Benghazi.

    Tying these various things together – the double-standards, the lying, the abusiveness, the incompetence – I don’t think it would be too far wrong to see these latest moves as a kind of preemptive coup conducted by elements of the deep national security state to prevent this vile harridan from becoming president. They have after all seen her up close and personal. And, on the whole, I could applaud them for it were the president not so worrisome.

    • That should of course be “precedent” in the last sentence, but “president” will do.

    • Well, let’s hope you are correct.
      On the flip side, the new investigation can be thought of as the Burning of the Reichstag.

    • re; “The Clinton campaign and it’s hired mouthpieces (CNN, ABC, WaPo, etc.) stridently assert that the Podesta and DNC leaks are the fruits of Russian espionage, but to my knowledge there has been no detailed exposé published linking Russian intelligence to these cyber thefts.” Christopher S. Johns

      Wikileaks, released information this past week, that John Podesta LOST his smart phone getting out of a taxi. It apparently fell out of his phone carrier. No Russians were involved in this. See:

      • They got a serious problem though. Lies only work long as the lies stand up with the support of the narrative. There is no fall back. Lies are just that, lies, unlike the truth that requires no backup. With no fall back, the only requisite is to deny deny deny. but you need a major plurality who buy into the lies for it to e effective. Soon as that plurality withdraws tacit consent your fucking toast.

    • RE: Christopher’s point #2: Unfortunately, the deluded masses are so clueless that I doubt they’re paying any attention to the fact that “there has been no detailed exposé published linking Russian intelligence to these cyber thefts.” Anyone who gets their information from traditional sources is hearing nothing but crap about the Russians being the bad guys in all this. The media” are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, and so they dutifully spout Hillary’s crap about Russia, and repeat it and repeat it until people actually believe it. I fear that most of the population is duped by the lies, but I hope I’m wrong.

  31. Some thoughts come to mind. One is that the slow roll of the Wikileaks reveals means that there is a lot more coming. While the rest of us can guess, those on the inside, probably both the Clinton and Obama clans, know what actually is in there, so are acting based on what is going to come out. This might be a pre-emptive take-out of the Clintons. After all, do the Obamas really want to play second fiddle to the Hill and Billy show? Also, if the next few years are really going to be the sh*t-show many of us are expecting, why not let Trump own it? Obama is great at the “blame and shame game” when things don’t go his way. A lot easier to do against Trump than against Clinton. Comey himself may also be taking a stand at the precise moment when it matters, but when no one can really do anything about it before the election. He may have realized that the omertà is not worth it, you are under someone’s thumb forever, and they may Vince Foster you anyway, just for good measure. May as well go out fighting.

    Who needs fiction, real life is rather entertaining these days. And watching people’s heads explode (figuratively, of course) is really quite fun. And Trump is like that tanker truck driver in the movie “Duel”. He just keeps coming at the little red car, full throttle.

      • Because Wikileaks slow-rolls the distribution, they can’t rest easy. They know what “could” be in there, and it might be in the next batch, or the one after, or…

        • Well ya, feed out a little line, get them in more lies, and then reef like no tomorrow on the rod setting the hook nice and deep, watch them try to shake of the hook, then just when they think they get loose, drop a half a stick of 80% into the pool and watch them float to the surface like dead fish.

  32. I just released that team Grifter bobblehead has two sex offenders on board – dollar Bill and the Wiener.

      • “One Email To Rule Them
        One Email To Find Them
        One Email To Bring Them All,
        And In The Darkness Bind Them”

        It’s called auto-delegitimization. The layers of lies, or is that emails, is so vast, the law of unintended consequences are beyond their political power to control any longer. And it is not just the lies, it is the entire “regime” of corruptocrats running things. You can’t rob an entire nation the size of America wholesale and not create consequences. Another thing is that barren vagina can not be allowed to be president. Lot of people understand that fully. Lot of people are revealing the truth about the clouds. Bottom line this shit has to stop.

      • I think the FBI rank and file have gone berserk on comey due letting H walk and the number two guys overt corruption. He can’t keep the lid on any longer. This coupled with the rest of Zs and ideas here are just too much. She’s gonna blow…or she’s blowing”………..

        • I think this accomplishes some things that favor team Hillary:
          1. Huma takes the brunt of blame for email gate. Officially, Hillary only made a rather big mistake by having a private server. But Huma played fast and loose by sharing classified info with a sex predator (this will sell with lo-fo fence sitters).
          2. Huma also happens to be married to this factory of embarrassment for the Clinton side (Bill is bad enough), who is also the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation which the Clinton camp knows is not going to go well. Huma falls on her sword eliminating Clinton ties to Weinerdog.
          3. The Right will take a big bite of red meat and go overboard with it. They will be distracted from the real red meat(Wikileaks material). They will unwittingly help the effort to shift the narrative to Huma’s guilt,
          and it will keep Trump talking about this instead of issues, which he wins on.

          • At a certain point you run out of people to throw under the bus. And you really can only shut so many people up by “assisted suicide”, otherwise known as the Vince Foster treatment, before the consequences of that begin to come back to roost.

          • I saw it suggested (at another website) that the FBI acted because Huma Abedin is passing state department secrets to the middle east (all spy-like).

          • Gee, what a surprise, Huma Abedin who’s been neck-deep in the Muslim Brotherhood all her life might actually be a spy! Remember the letter sent around back in 2012 by Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks, Lynn Westmoreland and Tom Rooney, asking for an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood penetration of our government, and what a hysterical fainting fit the Establishment had? “Ooooh, you’re saying bad things about that nice Huma Abedin! You bad, racist, islamophobes!!” But that letter [] did nothing more than state in a succinct way the issues that people like Andrew McCarthy, Steven Emerson, Paul Sperry and Robert Spencer have been pointing out for years.

            Gad, how I loathe these people. At some point stupidity and evil become synonymous, and I think our Democrat Media Complex is a case in point.

          • The FBI just figured that out?
            OK, right.
            Next the FBI sniper team, who was at Ruby Ridge and blew Vicki Weavers head off while holding her baby, at Waco with trophy photos of each of them standing on the carbonized remains of the children incinerated in that bunker, and who shot LeVoy Finnicum with a foam bullet in the kidney to cause him to reach down in pain so it looked like he was reaching for a pistol to justify executing the man, will all volunteer to be held accountable for the deadly violence they committed.

        • Comey asked the FBI not be called weasels when he testified in Congress. A weasel pleading with weasels. That is so rich it defies contradiction in terms. It is akin to what Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s wife Elena pleaded as the Romanian patriots put her and her husband up against the wall to summarily execute them by firing squad:
          “I treated you like my children”

        • Weasel’s?
          LeVoy Finnicum, Randy Weavers wife, and 76 woman and children who where burn alive in a bunker in Waco Texas where unavailable for comment.

        • Sure looks to me like indications the entire regime of corruptocrats is beginning to crumble, aka crisis of legitimacy. It’s a monster of their own making. Hillary Clinton for the next anointed POTUS is plainly “a bridge too far”.

          • Well I sure hope it is as said we are a God Blessed Country Kathy, because lord love a duck, we need all the help we can get before this ruling elite crap is done away with. If not these maniacs are going to take everyone and everything with them in their insanity.

        • The question is, how similar to an organized criminal gang cops are when the political class is as corrupt as it is. After all, who signs the paychecks, buys the toys, and writes the “laws”?

      • My thought on this is that Comey was being leaned on by the Clintons because obviously they’ve got something on him. But he never really anticipated the Insurrection that he would cause amount the rest the straight up people of the FBI.

        And once he got wind of what Assange or Kim Dotcom were about to drop on the Bitch’s head this coming week, he basically pulled the “I did what I could” act on Team Hillary and Loretta Lynch and tossed them the seeping bag of Hillary’s feces.

        Self-Preservation runs very strong in D. C.

        And expect lots and lots of now discredited “journalists” to also take the Big Step Back from Frau Clinton now that the smell of rot has consumed her.

        When she seemed inevitable, these presstitutes felt froggy and thought “why not”?

        Now that she’s “Dead Bitch Walking” she’ll be stunningly friendless soon enough.

        • Coney is a career executive. He has zero law enforcement creeds. So he is a political appointee first. A political critter in essence. What else is he going to do but run to fellow weasels and plead for help with his dick stuck in a ringer. You know these people are cannibals. They eat their own for a mid day snack. Comey was always an expendable asset. It is the second half of his usefulness. If he has a brain cell still functioning he knows he is a deadman walking.

      • That’s what I think. I think the FBI agents who found Clinton’s “lost” emails while working on the Weiner thing got together and told Comey that he would reopen the investigation or they would go public.

    • The Clintons are going down and Mr. Comey doesn’t want to go down with them. Makes sense, considering his shadowy financial connections to their shadowy enterprises, that he should look after himself.

      • Another dynamic effecting how these things unravel involves how complicit and dirty everyone involved is. At some juncture in the exposure of corruption everyone involved begins to think how they are going to cover their own butts. We are talking about a veritable den of thieves here, there is no honor among them. Greed and staying out of the limelight are the motivating imperatives when the skids of corruption glide smoothly, they all get along so they can feed at the trough of public largess. Thing is there is so many of them, and the money is beginning to dry up, they are down to stealing our seed corn and divvying that up leaves less a share for all taking their cut of the skim. These are the flush times of the past when this nation was fat and prosperous. Because one thing a certain as the sun rising these are takers, they produce nothing, create nothing positive, they are blood suckers bleeding us dry.
        Exposure to the sanitizing light of truth shined upon such actors, and they begin to behave like the cockroaches they are like when the kitchen light is turned on in the wee hours of the night.
        At some point you have to bugout to your escape island or compound in a non extradition state, like Quatar or Bolivia, or start to cut deals and sell your bed fellows in corruption out before they throw you under the bus. It will take on a cascade effect. Once one of them starts to tell the tale of how dirty they are, the effects will be on a logarithmic scale, proportional to the scope and scale of the corruption and crimes.
        Amongst all the suspects, there is at least one who knows where everyones skeleton’s are hidden. That one rat among rats is going to spill the beans on a key piece of information which connects directly with the ring leaders, and if so when it happens the entire crime syndicate regime will crumble.
        But the dangerous thing here is desperate oligarchs are capable of desperate things to save their foul hides. These are dirty rotten scum who don’t give a rats ass about us dirt people, it is a grave mistake to underestimate the scale of their malice and foresight when it comes to their own survival. And some of them are so immune, so lacking in empathy and personal accountability for what they are doing to us, they will do anything to stay out of being held accountable for their treason and felonies.

  33. My bet remains on apathy. This way, after Hillary is elected it can be said the people already knew and expressed their will, sort of like electing someone from prison. But I hope to be wrong. It’s worth a big smile in any event, and on top of the Oregon verdict, two smiles. A good day for the Deplorables.

    • Every little bit helps sway the low-info types. Recent polls show Americans in general, feel “corruption” is their number one fear. Mark this up as an anti-corruption PSA.

    • Mmm, should I vote for candidate under investigation by the FBI for a myriad of corruption, felony and espionage crimes, or… aaa… mmmm… a candidate that has never broken a law or been under suspicion of, what, treason, or taking multi million dollar bribes from foreign dictators, left 4 of her employees for dead in a decimated former sovereign nation in north africa, one an ambassador fucked up the ass with a broomstick then murdered by musloids … jeez, what a pain the the ass having to make a decision like this. Hey, I’m going to run my credit card up to the max at the mall shopping, that will make me feel better about voting for that poor innocent Hillary, she deserves to be president, you know, because vagina and everything.

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