Hamlet at the Bureau

Thinking about what comes next in this most bizarre of campaign seasons, it occurs to me that this is a good lesson in how nothing exists in isolation. Every decision has consequences. Those consequences may not be obvious and they may not show up until much later, but no action exists without a reaction. It’s the old gag about the time traveler going into the past, stepping on a spider, only to return to a world ruled by super intelligent insects. It is formally known as the Butterfly Effect.

In the early days of the Clinton administration, Team Clinton hoped to put a fellow crook in the job of attorney general. That way, they could make sure they had a member of the family blocking the inevitable criminal probes that follow the Clintons around like an odor.They tried Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood, but both failed to get confirmed. They settled on Janet Reno, a dull-witted bureaucrat just happy to have the work. They put her in the job for the same reason crooked southern politicians install their retarded brother in-law as sheriff. She was too dumb to get curious.

It mostly worked, but her stupidity also kept her from blocking cases that would prove to be embarrassing to the family. A real pro in the job would have headed off the intern problem, for example, before that got to Ken Starr. In fact, Kimba Wood is clever enough to have quashed the whole special prosecutor thing entirely. In other words, putting a stupid person in the job worked up until they needed a clever person in the job. You can be sure that Janet Reno does not get Solstice cards from the Clinton family.

Team Obama tabbed James Comey to the job of Director of the FBI primarily because he was harmless. Republicans had no problems with him and Democrats were not afraid of him. That’s not to say he is a crook. He’s just one of those careerists, who make a point of doing no more than the job requires. You run into thee guys all over government because they never get curious and ask too many questions. Politicians love these guys because they look like Boy Scouts, but they never cause any trouble.

For most of what the FBI does, having a straitlaced guy like Comey at the top works just fine. He’s an able administrator, who will be respected by his staff for being fair and sticking to the rules. His lack of political ambition means he can get along with the rank and file. So much of what the FBI does is just process, they need process guys to make sure the processes are followed. The Bureau has not been the swashbuckling crime fighters we see in TV for generations. It’s mostly bureaucrats processing paper.

The decision to put him in the top job looked like a genius move until last week. Having a go-along-to-get-a-long guy handling the Clinton problem made it easy to push him into a favorable decision. The trouble is, he is an honest guy with a conscience and apparently his conscience finally got the better of him. The same qualities that made it easy for the politicians to push him around, made it easy for his subordinates to push him to take on the Clinton Crime Family in the most spectacular way imaginable.

My bet is more than a few people in the Obama White House are thinking they should have found a crook to put into that job. If not a crook, at least someone with ambition for a life in DC after his term at the Bureau was up. That’s the kind of guy who would look for a way to make everyone happy, because he wants friends in town, not enemies. Comey is looking a lot like a guy who will be happy to retire to some small college job teaching law, after he finishes up his public service at the Bureau.

Now the Democrats have the worst possible problem. When they want to train all of their weapons on Trump and his defects, they now have to peel off a few divisions to attack Comey and the FBI. The trouble with that is it means this story stays on the front page. The Clinton campaign is about focusing everyone’s attention on Trump’s flaws so people don’t notice her corruption and unpleasantness. Now they have to choice but to talk about her corruption and everyone gets reminded of her unpleasantness.

What makes this even worse for Clinton is the subtext of this election is the systemic rot in the form of lying and rule breaking. The reason Trump’s line about the system being rigged resonates is most people think the pols are lying and the media is covering for them. This is the sort of story that presses on that wound. In the fullness of time, the face of this era of corruption will be Hillary Clinton. She is everything that is wrong with politics. This e-mail caper and the current drama over it just reminds everyone of why they’re pissed off.

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  1. 0bama just threw Hillary under the bus:

    “White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the the Administration will neither defend nor criticize Comey’s decision to inform Congress about the new Hillary Clinton-related emails. He added that the White House has no recommendations for Comey over what information to give to the public, regarding the Clinton-related email probe.
    Earnest said the White House has no independent knowledge as to why Comey decided to send Congress a letter about the emails. He added that the president believes the FBI director is a man of integrity and good character.”


    Translation: the president has received a preliminary briefing on the investigation and wants to be as far away from the Clinton Crime Family as possible when this explodes.

    • Smells like cover your ass time. There is no unrelated, isolated, singular people or events in obama land. Every consequential politically powerful or influential executive, judicial, and political position in this government is occupied by a complicit member or actor in the regime. It is how they have the power of the federal government to do as they please as we see every day to begin with. No position has been left to chance some outsider or rouge could upset their rice bowl and power.

      • The mess they are all in is, they have no idea what’s been hacked or what is the next email to come out. The upper echelons of this administration seemingly used personal email for all sorts of communication and collusion. They’ve all got to be a little circumspect just because the jig may very well be up for scores of them….including Obama. ( legacy… not jail time…. he’ll skate free )

  2. It just can’t get any better than this. It can’t, can it? No movie director with a script about government corruption would think up anything this wild, because the viewers would not be able to suspend their disbelief.

    • Truth is stranger than fiction.
      Through history, it seems it is some unsuspected innocuous seeming person or source that is the catalyst which brings down dictatorships.

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  4. Hillary’s campaign has entered the Melville stage, where she thrashes around with a harpoon stuck in her flank, dragging a boatload of others down with her. Man, I hope we learn the real story behind all these election shenanigans, one day. If Trump were behind any of this, he has left no “prints” behind at all. Maybe his son in law had some Mosssad contacts (no one tell King George, he is already frothing) 😛

    • The Clintons must have a large collection of dirt they could trade for immunity. If they could rat out Soros, the (D)irtbag machine and all the (D)irtbag appointees in Washington, this show could get really good.

      • Hey, don’t discount who has been “assisting” all the “suicidal” bankers dropping out of windows, er I mean like flies. Somebody higher up the transnationalist food chain is cleaning up loose ends and possible lips. Soro’s has been instrumental, or rather the fundamental agent of the destruction for profit of how many sovereign economies? This is a megalomaniac who was raised by Nazi’s running a concentration camp. They guy is is beyond insane. His States Attourneys General project has been a brilliant insurgency to undermine the rule of law and implement the marxist ideology of usurpation via the “Top Down, Inside Out”.
        There is always a more dangerous and ruthless Capo in every crime syndicate.

        • Nobody really in charge ever gets their hands dirty, they hire people to employ people to get their hands dirty. Soros is a hired gun or possibly a hired gun’s hired gun, and the minions he employs are the hired gun’s hired guns or possible the hired gun’s hired gun’s hired guns.

    • If Trump were not running for God-Emperor, would Clinton be going down in flames?

      If the answer is no, it’s because he is ultimately responsible. The big man does not need to order the ship to change course by one degree starboard, nor does he need to order the taking of a beach, only does he need to give the order to conquer a country. The general takes the order and every man down the line receives an order and translates it into the order he needs to give to his subordinates in order for that invasion to be achieved.

      Outside command-and-control structures, men act semi-independently to further the aims of their faction.

  5. Incredible. The tail rotor just failed on the Democrats helo in a high hover under torque with a huge , heavy pallet of deception slung load and they can’t cut it loose…. it’s coming down and mostly uncontrolled now…

    Comey lost the ability to control this. His #2 is corrupted by political donations to campaign AND then making curious decisions regarding the Clinton Foundation investigation. THEN, the REAL cops a layer or two down in OTHER divisions of the FBI ( not the public disclosure limited email team) working with the NYPD got the gold mine. Weiner’s ” Insurance Policy”.

    It’s been 3 weeks or so, that this was known. I’d wager, these good cops have no desire to cover for the political wonks above. For once, there are just too many honest people involved and such incredibly damaging and sensitive info on that laptop…

    • Yep – I think it became irresistible. The NYPD expected a flood of kiddie porn when they cracked his open PC. Instead they got a giant pile of classified documents and Clinton dirt. I find this absolutely hilarious.

      • What’s more entertaining and gratifying, the auto-deligitimization, or watching them scurry like cockroaches?
        There are some pretty sharp characters out there with a bone inter teeth gas lighting these crooked perfumed mandarin’s with a vengeance. Look at the scale of hacked emails, agitprop from Pepe to what Trumps puts out, Project Veritas, Judicial Watch, True the vote, I mean the range of pushback and payback is mind-blowing.

  6. All of the pressure is on hillary now. Even the friendly press is being forced to abandon her. This is the week we get her final meltdown, and epic unhinged foul mouthed rant — live on the air! Or she actually goes into a coma or something. And DJT just keeps on takin’ care of business while the Clinton dumpster fire burns on,,,

    • Not sure the media will abandon. The remind me of “Vito the Killer Pimp” from Risk Business. Trump seriously fucks with their livelihood. They don’t like that and will fight like badgers to prevent it.

      • The Clinton Crime Syndicate is a fried goose. All Hillary is doing is crying “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!” The death screams of the biggest family of whores this country has ever known. Supported by the dumbest and most complicit of populations. What a joke of a “progressive” citizenry we have. Shameful and shameless.

        And while I am at it, I would like to point out that many in the media have taken to calling Hillary Pigpen. I cringe at that because it 1. attacks a much loved Peanuts character which is a part of our culture, and 2. Hillary may leave a lot of “dust” in her wake but it is really death and destruction and corruption. I liken her to a combination of the most dangerous of snakes, those bottom dwelling creatures who act like scorpions as necessary, using and abusing others to suit their needs. Except this time, she bit the frog carrying her across the river one too many times and she is going down with the republic that enabled her. She is not “Pigpen” but the worst horror creature imaginable. Pigpen has been slimmed.

        • From the way she behaves, it’s Alt-Right, and Pepe she will try to hunt down and exterminate. Remember how they both where pluperfex deranged about “The Militia’s” in the 90’s.

  7. I still find it hard to believe that a major party nominated a candidate so completely corrupt – and that people are willing to ignore it. If she wins, a Constitutional crisis begins the day after she’s elected. Does Obama pardon her? Does she pardon herself the day she’s inaugurated?

    Is it even a question that Congress will have to investigate and ultimately impeach her (if she doesn’t croak)?

    • Not only willing to ignore it. They believe that Trump would be more dangerous in office than her.

  8. Geraint Parry (Political Elites): “The appearance of democratic majority control over the minority [the elites] is deceptive.The minority is in a position to manipulate the electoral process to its own ends by means of a range of measures from sheer coercion of voters, through bribery or the skilled use of propaganda to the selection of candidates. The sovereign electorate will ‘choose’ its leaders from those acceptable to the elite… the dominant minority cannot be controlled by the majority, whatever democratic mechanisms are used.”
    Maybe not this time. The elites wanted to cash in on the desire of the commoners to discuss things among themselves. Thus we got social media, which was unleashed prior to their having figured out a way to control what is said. One of the outsiders has used this access to the public to break through the wall the elites have maintained for(ever?). We may get our own man.

  9. Pretty dead on. Reno was pretty witless down in Miami in the early part of her career (I grew up there). Baird actually doesn’t strike me as that political a player, though only knew her well in a business context. Simplest explanation with Comey is he went along to get along using the “non-interference” in elections as his ethical justification. Then the guys on the Wiener case present him with clear cut evidence of just how badly the Clinton’s schlonged him, despite bending over backwards on immunities, interviews and everything else. Sic semper Clintonis strikes again. Comey got pissed, the Bureau was close to open revolt, so he acted. But would put my money on his choices being definitely a constitutional crisis if he did not inform, or maybe one if he did.

  10. Two important points:
    1. Since nobody knows which way this thing is going to evolve, prudence requires that nobody should make SPECIFIC threats about insurrection, assassination or vigilante action, etc. on the web. The web is forever (for now) and they could be used later to establish criminal intent should the HildaBeast from the Abyss prevail. Consider what’s happening in Turkey right now with mass purges and incarceration of regime critics. Sad to say that might happen here, but we know what we’re dealing with here, don’t we.

    2. Under normal investigations, somebody lower is squeezed to roll over on their boss and on up the line. Comey must know that, despite his recent act of contrition, he can be in legal jeopardy for obstruction of justice, etc. If not, his few remaining friends in The Bureau will have told him. Possibly realization of this exposure is part of his reasoning for reversal.

    In turn, that puts AG Lynch in the legal jeopardy crosshairs, it would seem. That she’s acting like she seems not to know this shows how accurate The Z Man’s assessment is. President Jarrett chose well, since, unlike Wiener, she is probably too witless to be making contingency plans to roll over on her and Obama.

    • The framework to right the Ship of State is already in place.
      All it will take is for Honest law enforcement/FBI/DOJ/Criminal Courts people to do their job.
      The Clinton’s or the Obama’s or Mr&Mrs John Q Public are all protected by and must adhere to the same rule of Law that all Americans must or be brought before the Bar of Justice.
      Once the rule of Law is Lost, the People must seek new gov’t to protect their Rights.
      At some point the politicians and bureaucrats began to believe they were Above the Law. They Are Not.

      • “All it will take is for Honest law enforcement/FBI/DOJ/Criminal Courts people to do their job.”

        What a dreamer.

    • “mass purges and incarceration of regime critics”

      If that happens here, the war is on. Anyway I’m in my 60s, already lived my life. I’m hardly going to change now what I have always done my whole life – spoken my mind. Fuck ’em.

  11. Allegations that there is damaging — perhaps criminal — information on a laptop, allegedly used by Weiner and perhaps his wife, which will hurt HRC raises four questions for me:

    1) How much does (or did) the media which supports HRC know generally, if not specifically, of these alleged crimes yet still continues to unreservedly support their preferred candidate?

    If the answer is they knew some of it then they are guilty of dereliction of duty as watchdogs, deceit at the very least and even being an accessory in some way. In which case there are hacks sweating a lot right now.

    2) How much does (or did) Trump know of these allegations but because of the laws of libel and slander could not openly speak of them?

    If the answer is some, he has proved then to be a very wise person who is aware of just what can or cannot be done in society, which makes him even more qualified to be president.

    3) Given the incestuous nature of Washington politics and the way the Democrat party crawls round each other’s waste, then how much did the Obama administration (including the current president, despite often appearing to know next to nothing about anything other than what he sees on CNN) know of any of this beforehand but chose to continue to endorse HRC irrespective of any dirt?

    If the answer is they knew and even facilitated something to do with this, then they should be drummed out of office before the election and the new president installed immediately the votes are counted. No point in waiting for January.

    4) If Dem supporters regard any of this (and even they must admit surely it has been going on, one way or another, for a long time) as immaterial to their choice of vote and does not disqualify HRC from taking office, then what the hell is going through their feeble minds?

    If the answer is they don’t care, then America deserves to sink into the mire. If the American people who in the end must matter more than the politicians don’t care about corruption and criminal acts at the top, then they have no right to be part of a decent, strong nation.

    Trust me, I may be a Brit but I do not want to see America fail in any shape or form, but it’s hard to feel warm towards our cousins if they are so hell bent on self-destruction. Hell, it’s bad enough Europe wanting to screw itself without seeing the US following on.

    • Living as I do (like you) on another continent, it’s difficult for me to gauge the mood of the American people, but I suspect that there’s an ever-growing frustration, dissatisfaction and anger beginning to build. If after all these revelations HRC is still “elected” president, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the first stirrings of civil unrest by the Silent (and heretofore somnolent) Majority. Wrath of the Awakened Saxon and all that.

      • Let’s hope. The rot has infected the institutions that were established by the “Saxons.” Look at the Ivy League universities for starters. . . .

      • There is a growing cohort that is 1) ripshit in a very different way than the past and 2) will probably form a large “je refuse” core if Hillary is elected. This is a dangerous thing, not really seen since the 1856 and 60 elections.

        • Your on to something there Sam. I suspect if Hillary is installed this country will become ungovernable. And she has the potential to double down in a very very nasty fashion. I think to she will not tolerate any form of defiance or resistance to her diktat, in particular from her stated avowed enemies, like “militias”, Alt-Right, any “right wing” or Christain’s. Never mind her basket of deplorables. Then there is her avowed gun confiscation agenda she shrills on about throughout her political career. That alone will be her Dunkirk. She will become intolerable, her administration will become universally reviled by all but a handful of the people, and her regime will take on a bunker mentality that will be stunning in it’s actions. It will be a downward spiral. They will see enemies everywhere and thrash out.
          Where it ends will be ugly and brutal.
          Lets hope in any case they are not crazy enough to install her in the face of the overwhelming popular rejection of her candidacy.

    • “then they have no right to be part of a decent, strong nation”

      This is why democracy is poison. It deludes people into thinking that they have any authority over their politicians and any control over the course charted by their government. “If you don’t like them, just vote them out,” they say. Oh, they aren’t being voted out? Well, why aren’t they being voted out? Why haven’t they ever been voted out? Evidently, “the people” must not have wanted them out.

      No! The game is rigged. There is no way for “the people” to win it. There has never been a way for “the people” to win it, and there will never be a way for “the people” to win it.

      When they vote red, they get screwed. When they vote blue, they get screwed harder. To the extent that they are aware of their screwing, they go back and forth, thinking “oh, my vote will count for something this time”. Carter sucked, so Reagan must be better. Reagan sucked, so Bush must be better. Bush sucked, so Clinton must be better. Clinton sucked, so Bush must be better. Bush sucked, so Obama must be better. When does it end?

      “Oh well, the Presidents don’t really lead the government, but we live in a democracy, so the government is subordinate to us anyway, therefore the government is on our side.”


      • That is because no matter who gets elected, the bureaucrats never change. I now believe the spoils system was better. When the politicians changed, so did the bureaucrats.

        • I agree. Imagine if every change of president included many of the managers being replaced with hostile partisans of the opposite party. They would have access to all the records and the power to fire those who obstructed them. The only safety from those hostile partisans would be to do a scrupulously non-partisan job, and hope they keep you around because you are useful.

          The Pendleton act of 1883 is one of the main roots of the evil that afflicts us. Instead of clearing out the partisan hacks, it has made all of the bureaucrats partisans of the big govt uniparty gang.

          • If you were to successfully warp the space-time continuum and roll back the Pendleton Act, would the chaos created by the entire government being hired and fired every four years not provide the partisan hacks with a persuasive argument to pass a Pendleton Act to “de-politicize the government”? Bureaucrats are always looking for better job security, and sooner or later they’re going to make themselves fireproof. If you could make yourself fireproof, wouldn’t you? I would. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

        • If you have a spoils system, sooner or later, probably sooner, the spoils bureaucrats currently occupying office will figure out that they can make themselves fireproof, and then those spoils bureaucrats will forever be fireproof and will forever be your ruling class.

  12. I can’t imaging Comey had an attack of conscience, Z. He was maneuvered into an embarrassing corner by his rank and file. Thing is, if Hillary makes it across the finish line, I don’t think she can suddenly stop her inner beast from feeding. It will probably get worse. This is a good thing from my point of view. I hate to be optimistic, but this 24 hours has been more fun than stealing.

    • Reading these stories, Comey reminds me of a number of men I have worked with over the years. There’s a class of person who is honest, scrupulous about the rules, but utterly lacking in leadership skill. They rise up in the system entirely due to the first two qualities. If you need order restored to a department or district office, they come in and put everything in order quickly and efficiently. They never speak out of turn or get curious so they can be trusted. They are excellent staff guys.

      I think Comey just looked for the least confrontational way out of his dilemma and he chose poorly, leaving him with this option. The thing that is the tell is he sent the letter because he said, in his sworn testimony, that he would notify congress if things changed. That’s the move of a guy whose first priority is to make sure he follows the rules.

      If Clinton wins, she will fire him. Bill Clinton fired William Sessions, the only FBI Director ever fired.

      • A whole lot of FBI career agents, tending their resignations who been around and came up through the ranks the honorable way through a long career can exert some serious peer pressure.
        I worked on a project back in the 80’s at the NYC FBI, as a contractor they assign 2 personal agents to accompany you everywhere. It was a lot of fun and I was highly impressed with how professional and courteous these fellows where. They put on a laid back front with Hawaiian shirts and Khaki’s, underneath it was a quiet reserve of seriousness that was not to be trifled with. They talked about the requirements of becoming an agent and it was a serious business. My impression, Comey’s political appointage would probably not be highly respected. He has a lot to live up to with most of those agents in most likelihood.
        Maybe the guy has a conscience after all and at least trying to do the right thing is the best he can do under the circumstances.

  13. Hamlet? I was thinking more of Bartleby the Scrivener. Perhaps the heretofore “industrious” Comey has reached the point where “he would prefer not to” continue to be a corrupted cog in the Clintonworld machinery. In his now depressed, delusional state he has decided he would rather be one of the FBI gang than the Clinton gang. He has not thought through what happens to people who are corrupted by and then try to leave the Clinton crime family. Comey also apparently never learned an important lesson in life: If you try to make everyone happy you make no one happy. Sadly, he does not realize that his integrity and credibility are now permanently shot.

    • The threat to leak whatever was found on Weiner’s computer to the media or wikileaks is probably enough on all counts to make Comey want to get out in front of this. Perhaps it has already been leaked.

      • Federal carreer exécutive’s don’t take a leak outside the status quo without a government memo.
        Something pretty profound had to have happened.

  14. All the clamor for ‘Release Everything’ is just an effort to overwhelm the poor news nerds with extraneous information, some relevant and most not. By the time they resolve it all the election will be over and the next one started.

    On another note our pet agent 35 years ago was only interested in one thing. I honestly think he would have ignored a bank robbery next door or even a good ole shoot out because Washington wasn’t interested. If they aren’t tasked to find you or whatever you are doing, hiding in plain sight is your best option

  15. I think Comey is living out a fantasy of challenging the most deadly political team on the planet where he is the little guy who has seen too much and will take it no longer. This doesn’t usually end well in the real world. Comey will be crushed like a wormy apple. I hope he shakes his fists in fury before the deathblow is launched.

  16. You are absolute correct Z. Comey is not from the FBI ranks or law enforcement at all. He was a corporate lawyer and on the board of the Clinton Foundation, or what that the CGI, whatever. They thought they had him bought off. But he was a naive fool regarding DC blood sport and didn’t like the way he was being treated by his “staff.”

    As for Hillary being the “face” of corruption, I would amend that to include BJ. What he wrought to the nation with his Oval Orafice antics began a significant downward shift in this country’s morals and the millennials. That decay led to the cultural shift that allowed the sentiment of “we gotz to have us a black prez or we are not truly civilized” which of course gave us a socialist muslim for our chief malevolent who set back race relations, destroyed foreign relations, stymied the economy, and stole trillions (it went somewhere!) which was added to the national debt. The list is endless.

    But the Clintons are a separate book of multiple volumes. We know these people as they are a common type. What needs to be the face of the era is the people who supported these con-guys regardless of what evidence there was to the unsavoriness of their lives, words and actions. They should be given a scarlet letter “C” to be worn in full view at all times for the shame they have brought on themselves. Stupidity goes beyond freedom of speech. What they supported was criminal and they know it. Just like the Germans who denied knowing what happened at the death camps, these people have no excuse.

    The end is hopefully near for them. Just like with Hitler, the evil will have run it’s course. But we then will have to trust the justice system to really go after all the scum involved and not just sweep this under the rug because “the country cannot afford the scandal.” People need to hang, literally. There is treason in this stuff going all the way back to when BJ sold military secrets to the Chinese.

  17. Again I was off the grid when something big happens. Already voted early. Maybe I should go off again right before the election.

      • I love to study faces and believe that Chelsea really is the daughter of Bill Clinton. Her face, especially the bulbous nose, which has been “tweaked” by a NY plastic surgeon a couple of times I would guess, as has her receding chin, and the masses of curly hair, although Hillary has “good” hair for someone her age (probably enhanced with extensions) undeniably spell Bill’s input. Webster has a very different nose. I realize he has those strange lips, but . . . . Her legs, also, are decent — no kankles — more like Bill’s.

        • I have to say it, she has the look of inbred royalty of old for some reason.
          Maybe that is my prejudice speaking.

  18. Still, when I think of what is going on, not just inside the Clinton campaign but also in the minds of her supporters, not all of them but the ones who DO or should know what is going on and still are choosing to ignore the lies and corruption, I can’t help it. I just keep chuckling. The schadenfraude, it runs deep tonight.

    • I hope they find some dirt on sotamayer and ginsberg, too – so that Trump can appoint about 7 SC justices. And Trump’s education policy includes alot of school vouchers, I believe. Start emptying that govt. trough and deporting illegals, maybe this country can be turned around.

        • Ever hear or read about the Saul of Tarsus story. Epiphanies happen for time to time. Give Trump a chance to show his hand.

          Dan Kurt

  19. Once again, we have to rely on a British news source to get the news we can’t get from our own sold-out media. It’s not like Britain isn’t socialist as hell, but at least they get a kick out of watching OUR politics, and since they have no dog in OUR race, they can be as honest as they want about OUR politicians. I started keeping track of British, Canadian and New Zealand sources back in 2008. They reported on stuff we never heard about in U.S. media.

      • now that’s a comment! syphilis used to be called the “great impostor”, what is hillary’s mystery malady is just tertiary syph?!

        • Remains to be seen. Extrapolate out from the dynamics on this for the sake of what if. If the revelation is from credible sources, why it is exposed is the real question. Last go around, from all indications, a huge plurality of FBI agents advocated criminal investigation into Hillary’s activities, that was squashed by Lynch and Comey. Hundreds of Agents have tended resignations as a result. Now all of the “missing” link emails show up, in a collection of 650,000 on Wieners computer, Huma’s devices have been confiscated as a result also. Now if I was an FBI agent, and I felt it was my duty to circumnavigate the obstruction of justice going on here, what better assurance would there be to leak this info to credible fellow law enforcement officers on the NYC Police Dept?
          Got to think like a policeman here. These oligarchs are not just running vast corruption rings, covering up a myriad of crimes, that are destroying the legitimacy of government, destroying the rule of law. Think on the ramifications starting on a personal level, never mind honor duty country. Police are like anyone, they need jobs, they have families, mortgages to pay, kids to feed. If this insanity of illegitimate government gets much worse, police will be powerless to work under the concept and idea of rule of law. That implies, no job. No paycheck.
          Never mind these crooks running things are creating a state of anarchy. In an anarchy, government collapses, no government no police jobs, and even if there is jobs, what sane policeman wants to be a cop in a nation size Ferguson?
          Makes perfect sense to me cops are going to expose these maniacs if justice is obstructed on this scale and scope. What decent law abiding person wouldn’t?

      • Highly unlikely. It’s difficult to imagine a context in which any of these actors would be discussing details of such purported trips between themselves by email

        • Highly unlikely? Are you trolling this or something? After the trail of dead bodies, influence peddling, billions skimmed from the proceeds, the lies, felonies, treason, phedophelia and sex junkets are not only small potatoes, they should be par for the course for these hedonistic tyrants.

        • Yet…
          they were able to imagine sending classified information, debate rigging tasks & information, and comments insulting to their constituents, etc.
          Given that, it is all to easy to imagine detailed travel itineraries to lolita island. Including a pre-landing menu selection for the child of your choice upon landing would be emailed on these open servers.

          Most people would like a chocolate on their pillow. Clintons like a fresh, young child.

          Forget the election. These people should be burned at the stake.

        • It’s definitely “National Enquirer” territory. However, based on the Wikileaks…it’s no longer all that far fetched to assume so really, really, illegal and unethical shit was going down.

          • Well their is documentary evidence that Raper Bill visited Lolita Island at least 23 times. He didn’t go there for the ocean views…

  20. Comey is a wealthy corporate slave class federal Bunny Inspector in so over his head so deep he looks like a shell shocked deer in the headlights between a rock and a runaway regime train.
    He might be trying out of conscience to do the right thing after really screwing the pooch, but in reality he might as well be trying to stuff spaghetti up a wild cats arse inside a phone booth.

    Bet it sucks to be Comey.

    • I think the proper expression is “jack off a mountain lion in a telephone booth with a handful of cockleburrs” At least that’s the way I heard it from Sam Hurt in War Zone C

      • My ole man always said ” like trying to stick a wet noodle up a wildcats ass ” heard it in WW 2.

        • Forget Comey, he’s a foregone conclusion if rumor has it some NYC cops close to the FBI agents involved in the re-opened investigation, let it slip on Anthony Wiener’s laptop he saved a variety of incriminating evidence of not only Bill Clinton being involved in a phedophile sex ring, but Hillary accompanied Bill, with a number of other people and participated in the sex ring.

      • Sometimes crude but effective suits the moment.
        Tell you one thing, if our comments are any indication, I think we all had enough of these oligarchs.
        This crap has to end, in no uncertain terms. They’ve created an unmitigated disaster, the entire federal government destroys everything it touches, it’s meddling in our affairs, in every facet of the sphere of our lives, is totally unacceptable, the political class is completely out of fucking control, they have destroyed entire sovereign nations, precipitated the deaths of millions in the span of a decade all over the world, they are committing offensive gun boat diplomacy against the Russian people for what, pushing the world to the brink of nuclear exchange that is capable of snuffing out life on God’s green Earth, stirred up a hornets nest of muslim revenge, created a mountain of debt of inconceivable proportions, and if that isn’t enough destruction, they are bringing the entire sordid insane practices they foist on the rest of the world in the pursuit of greed and hubris home and are waging their war on us dirt people.
        For somebody to suggest it’s time to start to shoot the bastards is an understatement of this millennium.
        Lets hope it doesn’t come to pass, but lord love a duck, these raging maniacs will not stop until they are.
        And Donald Trump is called a vulgar loose cannon.
        Holy shit!

          • Abolition of and secession from the State. A return of republican government of will of the governed. Or revolution, orange, peaceful, or violent. Take your pick. We are being dragged as dirt people into something beyond our control unless we defy and resist. Something has to give here. This path this government is foisting on us is in no uncertain terms a path we have been deliberately, consciously, with malice and forethought, excluded from having a voice in, and to add insult to that tyranny, we are classified as domestic terrorists, deplorables, radical right wing extremists, if we protest our government for those actions we have no say so in.
            Hell, they just executed LaVoy Finnicum in cold blood on a blind curve in the wilderness where no witnesses could contradict what was a premeditated cold blooded ambush, for standing up to their unconstitutional power, then they hide behind the same constitution in order to impose barely disguised Writs of Attainder, deny Habeas Corpus, and commit Posse Commitatus in order to imprison and convict the other participants in protest. The dichotomy of this is mind blowing.

  21. The *ONLY* reason Comey rolled over is because the rank and file FBI Agents were gonna blow the whistle on the Lizard Queen and him. (It should be remembered that Comey was never a line agent, which also fueld the dissent within the ranks.)

    I’m actually suprised it took so long.

    The bitch is going down on 11/8.

    • I’m a little surprised that leading Democrats and Clinton flaks are attacking the guy. That’s already blowing up in their face as they were recently praising him and excoriating anyone that criticized the Bureau. What’s crazy is Democrats demanding he tells what he knows. Piss the guy off and he could hold a presser where he says he is convening a grand jury and issuing subpoenas with regards to 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f), otherwise known as the Espionage Act. if you are running for office, you don’t want the Director of the FBI using your name in the same sentence as “Espionage Act.”

      • Their a savage hord of usurpers and destroyers. It is what they do. Just look what they have done with our wonderful country. Nothing elite about them. They will destroy each other to save their own worthless hides.
        They know what they have done. It is why they despise us dirt people, why we are called a basket of deplorables, incorrigible.
        Because under the oligarchy swag, they are afraid of what us dirt people could do to them for what they have done to us.

      • All the Sunday political shows started out talking about how much the Dems loved Comey until Friday.

      • They’ve been shoveling it so long they didn’t quite recognize the smell because it is their own. It reminds of the Sheriff in Unforgiven who looks up at William Munny before he gets the final bullet and says “I didn’t deserve this, I was building a house!”.

      • It looks to me like all of the Huma/Hilary emails are on the computer Huma shared with Little Dickie. Also that she was copied not only on all of Hilary’s other emails but on everyone else’s on the team, including the Clinton Foundation people, as well. 650k is a lot of emails. Team Hilary knows Comey can’t release them as they surely contain classified info, which means he’d be indicted. It must be tempting for him though to say OK Hilary, here they are, and simply let the chips fall. There are enough angry Dirt People out there that within 24 hours an avalanche of shit would fall on the Clintons. Then Trump wins and pardons Comey. (I told you daydreaming was fun).

        • The volume is impressive. That’s a lot of e-mail. My hunch is that Huma had access to Hillary’s e-mail and maybe some other people on the team. Most people at this level have someone read their e-mail for them. My bet is the show stopper for the FBI was both the volume and the fact there were accounts other than Huma and Wiener. They think they stumbled into something big. That’s why it went all the way to the top and they are now getting warrants for things outside of Wiener’s sexting.

          What the something big could be is anyone’s guess.

          • It’s not uncommon for senior executives to have every email they send or receive automatically copied to their executive assistant. I don’t think the FBI worries about this if they do a scan and notice it’s all the emails the FBI already had. Sounds like they found a new stash.

            A lot of those 650,000 emails might not be Abedin’s, but I bet a shitload of them are those mysteriously deleted 30,000 emails from Hillary’s illegal private server.

          • The Shakespeare correlation is pretty good. Who drinks the Hemlock?
            That all you wrote got me thinking. There is another parable that correlates.
            Wiener is Gollum in the Lord of The Emails:
            One Email To Rule Them
            One Email To Find Them
            One Email To Bring Them
            And In The Darkness Bind Them

          • What if Huma was hacking all those emails for nefarious purposes, maybe even Wiener copied them as either standard backing up their computers as a lot of people do, and Huma didn’t know it. It wouldn’t be a great leap in deduction by a trained computer forensic specialist to figure the sequences of events. I kind of keep asking myself why Wiener has 650,000 emails related to this whole scandal to begin with on his computer. That alone would be an answer that tells a tale.

      • He has enough “new” information thanks to Weiner and Wikileaks to recommend charges on Huma “How is this not classified?” Abedin and Cheryl “We need to clean this up.” Mills. It’s a felony to not report security breeches, and a felony to cover it up.

        That would have the added benefit of letting the White House know what he thinks of their and Lynch’s meddling in an FBI criminal investigation. If they fire him, he’ll be on every TV channel on the planet claiming that they fired him because he wanted to press charges last summer but was ordered not to. His word against theirs, and there’s no shortage of public reporting that the DOJ was slow-rolling the Clinton thing with constant, “Nope, still not good enough, try again please” kinds of meetings about her emails.

        His best play this week is to refer charges on Abedin for not disclosing the additional devices where emails were stored, and to use the now-validated Wikileaks emails to establish intent to violate national security procedures under the Espionage Act.

        Btw, unreported, but a very big deal: Clinton lied outright twice more at Friday’s presser when she claimed Comey had “only notified Republicans”. She actually said it twice. All eight Democrats (4 House, 4 Senate) are on the original letter. Clinton’s first instinct in any situation is to lie. This is one even her enablers at CNN couldn’t screw up.

    • Maybe. Depends on how much Obama is tied up in this mess. A lot, pardons for all, to protect himself. Not much, then maybe a Clinton will be behind bars.

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