Too Stupid To Rule

Talk to anyone in law enforcement and they will tell you that the stupidity of criminals is a key part of solving crimes. The crooks leave clues and make huge blunders that allow the cops to catch them. Ray-Ray decides he has had enough of Peanut disrespecting him so he walks up to him at a party and starts shooting. Not only are there a million witnesses, Ray-Ray leaves the gun with his fingerprints and brags to his buddies latter that he just dusted Peanut at a party. It’s not a hard case to solve because Ray-Ray is a moron.

That comes to mind when reading the stories about the Clinton secret e-mail caper. We have enough of the details at this stage to have a rough idea how we got to this point. They wanted to have a secret communication method that would be not be subject to government security and Freedom of Information Act requests. They also figured that this secret system would be free from Congressional oversight. After all, if no one knew it existed, then no one could ask any questions about what was on it.

It’s not hard to imagine the conversations leading up to the decision to go with this plan versus using Google or Yahoo accounts. They figured that the reason guys like General Patraeus got caught using Gmail was that the government IT people were able to tell when people were accessing these systems via their work computers. Alternatively, they just assumed the government had access to these system like they do in the movies. Either way, they determined that using these options for personal stuff was a bad idea.

Hilariously, it appears they came to the conclusion that having their own e-mail server meant that all the e-mail was magically hidden in the box in Hillary’s bathroom. Their subsequent attempts to erase the hard drives suggests they did not know that e-mail travels across networks and is also stored on the receiver’s servers. Those servers are usually on a network not controlled by the recipient. They started to realize this at some point, which is why they smashed their phones and laptops.

The most amusing part of this caper is they started sending e-mails from this domain to people outside the domain. If they had kept this as a tight internal communication system, they could have got away with it. Highly secure e-mail systems actually work this way. You cannot send or receive mail from outside the domain. That way people cannot forward mail off the system and the system is not exposed to outsiders looking for an open window. In some government facilities, access is only through terminals in the facility.

Once e-mail was sent from the domain to outsiders, it was only a matter of time before the secret was out. They were lucky that most media people are remarkably stupid so they lack the wherewithal to wonder why Hillary Clinton did not have a State Department e-mail account. Watch the cable channels and you come away thinking that the people on TV just learned about e-mail last week. Eventually the Romanian cab driver unearthed the whole thing and the enterprise came crashing down.

The other bit of interest in the area of technical competence is how they responded to FBI requests for their e-mail. They printed them off and turned them over as paper documents. These are lawyers and they just assumed they could bury the government with paper. After all, how can they possibly organize 50,000 pages of e-mail? This is an old trick. In discovery one side asks for everything so you give them everything plus a mountain of junk they have to sort through to find what they want.

What they failed to understand is that the FBI digitized this stuff in a day or two. Modern high speed scanners can process 50 pages a minute. OCR technology can turn the paper into a machine readable document. Content management systems let you store millions of documents so they can be searched and sorted based on content. I have this on my laptop so I can stash all of my documents in a database, rather than file folders. The Clinton people were as ignorant of this as they were of how e-mail worked.

There are a lot of angles to these Clinton scandals, but the thing that transcends all of it is the rank stupidity of the people involved. There were safer and more secure ways to establish clandestine communications. Even with their setup, a modest amount of discipline would have prevented most of this from happening. All they had to do was limit mail going out of the system. When the time came to burn it down, they only had to destroy the server entirely and no one would be able to prove anything.

The argument from Team Trump in the closing days of the election is that Hillary Clinton is too corrupt to rule. He’s painting her as the face of the larger problem, which is the metastasizing corruption of the ruling class. It’s a good closing argument and it resonates, but the reason Hillary should not rule is she is dangerously incompetent and she surrounds herself with outlandishly stupid people. A society can survive crooked rulers, but it cannot survive stupid ones. Hillary Clinton is too stupid to rule.

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  1. Talking to an elderly relative who was outraged that I would accuse Huma of mismanaging her emails because it was her husbands computer…

  2. IF they had 1/2 a brain cell among them they would have left their messages in the ‘drafts’ folders and never ‘sent’ any messages at all! ALL parties have whatever access necessary (different accounts and accessability) and rather than send and reply, they save, read and answer, ONLY! This way nothing sent is nothing to intercept…old school always works best!
    Glad she got caught though!

  3. As far back as the days of the Clinton co-presidency, it was apparent that Hillary is a dimwit. She has always been unable to speak publicly without relying on text provided to her by someone else. Her first televised speech in the Senate should have embarrassed her into resigning her seat, but she apparently considered her words to be genius. “we’ve gone from CO2 to seeya later”, she quipped.

    Evil people are always stupid. They may exhibit a low, animal cunning, but no true intelligence, no wit, and no understanding of any human feeling.

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  6. This is exactly what I said when everybody was crying about Hillary & Crew, “deleting their emails”. No, they did not. No, they could not. The only emails they could have possibly deleted would be those within the server, and not sent out to anyone outside of the server. SO many of their emails had BCC and CC’s, that it was obvious they were no longer in existence, meaning, duh! They went through all of this for no reason, at all. It served only to cause the FBI and DOJ (yes, even the DOJ) to look askew at Hillary’s State team, and whatever she gets for this is due.
    I mean, I hope she gets something in the manner of retribution, but given the way the whole government (and msm and others) seem to act around this woman and react (or not) to her criminal offenses, I cannot say she will be charged with anything.
    And this proves what a problem this country is in.
    Good post.

  7. Z, great post. But is there really a distinction between corrupt and stupid? They seem to be corollaries.

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  10. Ray-Ray is not the real dumb asszzz in your analogy….

    The REAL dumb asszzes are those that invited him too the party… (ie VOTED FOR HIM)!!!
    Bunch of flocktards this country be chok full of them>>>.

  11. To Stupid To Rule is in itself a inappropriate title for this article as the Gov is for the People by the People. The Executive is not a rulership nor is it a Kingship, or Dictatorship!

    • It would be an inappropriate title if we weren’t, in fact, being ruled by the psychos who hold office. According to our cover story, the US is a “democracy” of sorts in which the people are the bosses of the office holders. That’s so patently false that only a retard could believe it.

  12. The best one is that Podesta fell for the oldest trick in the scammer handbook, the fake link. And, the cherry on top, all his IT guys said it was legit. So Podesta GAVE them his old password, and his new one. How stupid was that?

  13. Stupid enough to have over 150 million dollars hidden in an off shore account ! How stupid are you?

  14. It’s also supreme arrogance that accompanies her stupidity, because she thinks she is clever and also she most definitely thinks she’s above the law. Hillary Clinton is even more delusional and incompetent than Barack Obama, and far more corrupt.

  15. There is another allegory here. They are not so stupid they won’t do whatever it takes to hide what they have been up to. Which is of such a scale there is no hiding it, like the clinton email system once they sent messages outside it. Here’s the thing none of us are noticing. This isn’t Watergate which involved a couple dozen people committing relatively minor felonies for political purposes among fellow politicians between tow political parties. The clintons represent a state of corruption and influence so far ranging, in dollar amounts alone, equal to GDP of a lot of countries, maybe many countries combined. There was a piece on ZERO Hedge about the Clintons moving 8.1 billion dollars to Qatar, along with purchasing a rather expensive compound, and a number of other members of the political class such as the Bush’s acting in similar fashion in Bolivia. By the way, both those countries have no extradition treaty with the US Government. Funny that.
    Excuse me, but politicians don’t make 8.1 billion dollars, afford secret compounds in foreign country’s, and stash their money in foreign banks unless they are seriously wealthy from corrupt activities.
    My point here is, the crimes treason and corruption is so deep and rampant, is it unreasonable to speculate these crooks may very well do unthinkable things before January 2017 rather than allow what they have done become exposed if Trump is elected? Think about that. We are dirt people here, if we where to be apprised fully of what these people have done, knowing now what is most likely only the tip of the iceberg, is it unreasonable to suppose the political class would have good reason to be afraid of us and our reaction, the demands for justice, maybe even revenge, for what they have done to our country in the name of their greed and power?

    • I don’t think the system is going to change. If Trump makes it in and starts to ‘drain the swamp’ I don’t think he’ll last long. The corrupt system is too big to go down without a fight. But the Templars were taken down. It will take an effort like that to take down our evil aristocracy.

      • Oh it will change one way or the other. Because when the ‘fuck you’ party that is going for Trump finally figures out that they’ve been duped again because there never was any voting their way out of this to begin with, they will instantly become the ‘I’m gonna get you sucka’ party. Change only begins with each of us. Sure people can be moved to great things by great leaders, regardless it all begins with each of us. The system is changing in one way though. The scope of the lawless disregard for The Rule of Law is expanding exponentially by the day by the very nature of corruption of the elites lust to retain absolute power. Everything they do now involves surviving that illegitimacy. They used to only have to maintain the appearance of legitimacy. Not any longer. Profound difference.
        There is two ways this goes. They double down and turn this republic into a full blown police state to repress dissent, or it collapses. There is a third option, we might get unbelievably lucky, enough people have had enough of this shit and vote Trump in the greatest landslide of all time. But it isn’t Trump who will change the country for the better, that only comes from and begins with each of us. Otherwise we end up in the same pickle all over again.

        • If TPTB attempt to impose a “full-blown police state,” they will be signing their own death warrants. I recently read that there are ~100 deer hunters in the US for every armed federal agent If they kill just ~10% of the feds, so many of the rest would resign that the government would collapse from lack of enforcers. And we’re not even talking about the millions of other armed Americans. This is why the 2nd Amendment exists, and why TPTB want to destroy it.

  16. Is there just a smidgen of possibility that the IT guy that set this up knew it was clandestine and possibly let a get trap door open for he knew it was bad juju?

    • Could be. Recall the film “WarGames” where Matthew’s IT pal says he always designs a system with a “back door” than only he can access.

  17. It doesn’t require great intelligence to rule. It does require honesty and integrity to rule well. She has neither. She also has none of the other qualities necessary for good leadership. She is not energetic, she is not skilled, she uses naked corruption and the complicit media to get where she is. Without the media and deep state backing her she would be dead in the water or in jail waiting a trial and prison sentence.

    A quarter of Americans are utterly untrustworthy. Another quarter are too irresponsible to be allowed to vote on anything in a republic. That leaves fifty percent. If we are successful in taking back our government we should seriously think about why we allow them to have any part in our government anyway. Standards need to be raised, the vote should not be automatic just because you’re eighteen.

  18. Another thing that Clinton did – which the intel community does as well – was to compartmentalize her data. She didn’t have just one email account (e.g.…she had several…as the “22” implies. There’s also publish reporting of a HRC17, for example. Why compartmentalize, you ask? Because people on HRC22 might be focused on routine State Dept. business, but HRC17 is Clinton Foundation (as an example, not because I know for sure). And HRC10 might be just for re-election stuff. And HRC5 might be “yoga classes / wedding-funeral arrangements” and so on. The people in one compartment don’t have to know about the other compartments necessarily.

    It also makes deleting the emails much, much easier. What’s that? You got a FOIA request from Judicial Watch? Oh, well, turn over HRC22, and delete the rest! You don’t have to comb through 60,000 emails if you know you just need to delete everything in the HRC17 bucket…which…conveniently…you’ve decided is “personal in nature” because it’s the Clinton Foundation email.

    The reason why Wikileaks has been so successful in its planned takedown of Clinton, Inc. is that all compartments have an integration point in the chain. There’s always a place high enough up where everything connects back together again. In the case of Wikileaks, that is John Podesta.

    It is not an accident that NONE of the Wikileaks have included emails to or from Hillary Clinton. None. Zero.

    When that compartment is revealed the whole thing is going to come crashing down.

    • That is an interesting thing about all WikiLeaks stuff. Zero e-mails to and from Clinton. I find it unlikely that he never had an e-mail exchange with her.

      • She’s not even in the cc block on them…that is weird to the point of being a deliberate withholding of the ones she is on. They’ve said there’s another dump coming. It’ll be interesting to see when they dump it.

        I’m not convinced Assange wants Clinton to lose. Damage, cripple, wound…but not kill. He’s a big time Lefty, and there are loyalties in play. At some point those people are more loyal to the cause than to the truth.

    • If Wikileaks is really setting up for a final run of Hillary’s e-mails, I would bet there are quite a few “eyebrow raisers” in them. The cache might even go to the idea of how they had to spoon feed her with little bits of info because she doesn’t have the capacity to handle big chunks of information and strategy. That is my guess, the e-mails will reveal how little she is in touch with things. Some of the e-mails from other sources suggest as much.

      • It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure. Podesta has email comms with everyone in the Clinton Inc. orbit including Mills and Abedin. Even a little Chelsea. No HRC.

        Either Assange has got nothing, or he’s saving a round. He’s enough of an anarchist that I could see him releasing damning stuff on Clinton AFTER Election Day.

    • I compartmentalize myself, though not for any nefarious purpose. One e-mail address for communicating with friends & family, one for online shopping, one for work-related messages. Just keeps things simpler.

    • The release of the Marc Rich file? Comey had final review for the FBI (per ZH) but declined to make any charges. Looks like the coup continues. Interesting (if ZH is right) that the main stream media is completely ignoring the Comey-Clinton connection on this one.

  19. I’m seeing a TV movie in this. It could be called, I don’t know, maybe, “The Deplorables.” A cabbie, a waitress, a welder, and a stay at home mom, get together and bring down a nefarious organized crime syndicate by pointing out the obvious. The funniest thing about all of this is that it leads me to one question, who are the real rubes?

  20. My wife said, “How can they be so stupid?”

    “Because they are in a box of their own experiences and expectations,” I said. “All they know is what happens in their box. They don’t need to know how things work.”

    “But they do need to know!” she remonstrated. “How can they be where they are if they don’t know anything?”

    “They do know,” I said. “They know what works inside the box. They know they can issue directives from inside the box, and things happen.”

    “ARRGGHH!” my wife said.

    “I agree,” I said.

    She said, “You and I know how things work. But, then, we’re only dumb deplorables.”

  21. Their problem: when you’re setting up an ostensibly straight criminal enterprise an entitled mid-wit would figure they ought not bring in an unvetted outside technical expert. They might be a plant from some law enforcement organization or, even worse, an honest guy who’d be smart enough to twig that it was a criminal enterprise and also enough to realize that the rest of the sociopathic morons were likely to screw up and get busted. And if it went South he’d also have to figure that he’d be the likely fall guy. In that scenario he’s practically forced to rat them out sooner or later out of simple self-preservation. So blind loyalty (= stupid) has got to be #1.

    The Mafia, OTOH, don’t have that exact problem because it’s pretty obvious who they are from the get go, so it’s pretty hard for a guy smart enough to be useful to not see what’s up from the start and so become inadvertently involved in a criminal enterprise. Plus everybody knows about their ‘retirement’ plan.

    • Enter Platte River Network. It’s obvious the operators there knew who they were dealing with,and what. “Oh shit!” indeed. Yet like good little Progressives, they took the 5th to protect their collective butts,and Hillary rolls on,planning her victory fireworks display on the Hudson election night. I really,really hope that Hubris finally bites her in her ample ass this time.

      • It’s odd , isn’t it, that the Platte River folks aren’t being shut down by the heavy boot of the Federal Government for KNOWINGLY impeding Congressional subpoenas by deleting their database for their client. Am I wrong? The Federal Government sure seems to shut down or seriously damage all sorts of companies for much less.

  22. Maybe Hillary is not stupid; she figured that she could do whatever she pleased, illegal or otherwise, and not have to worry about any repercussions. After all, she has been a liar and crook since leaving Yale and she has always gotten away with murder. In fact, every time she has been implicated in something crooked, she finds herself propelled into a higher and more responsible position (e.g., lesbo wife / attorney to first lesbo lady, to US Senator to Secretary of State to maybe president).
    And given her political and media connections she most likely was convinced , and for very good reason, that she was above and immune to any laws.
    Her life of deceit, fraud, lies and illegality has taken her within a few steps of becoming president of the USA and, in her own mind and not totally unjustified , she really believed she is superwoman.
    IMHO, it is not her stupidity that MAY lead to her downfall, it is her arrogance and hubris.

  23. And yet, the Clintons have gotten away with it all to this point, and are still not nailed. Far from it. I’m betting they skate.

    • Been on this earthly coil long enough to know one the. And in the larger scheme these crook are worthless but for one thing only. What matters is it going to take guts, and trial, most likely a river of blood, tribulations of epic proportions to fix this kind of stupid.
      But most of all, it begins with each of us, and things change when we become a plurality of people who refuse our consent to the state and its slavery.
      When we become brothers in abolition of this state and the state of affairs. That is when we win our true liberty we each where born with. Sound corny, provincial? Ya, I’m proudly guilty of such.
      Know what? When we do that, we become something, we attain something we don’t possess as isolated and scattered souls, our souls ruled by these savages in Brooks Brothers suits.
      A Legitimacy which nothing our nobody can deny, or stand against.
      And because of that winning, we evolve into people who have no need of police, or “rule of law”, or any form of official sanction or permission, or politicians. Because after all this time, you got to ask the right question here. just how has it worked out for us?. It is where we become truly civilized people, people who are capable of governing our own affairs, thank you very much.

      • Or it could just take one or two Secret Service agents willing to risk everything to save millions of lives by taking her out. (She is notorious for treating them like dirt anyway.) See Indira Gandhi, 1984.

  24. Or a case of “a man’s got to know his limitations”. “Hey, we’re brilliant politicians, so we’re clever at everything else”. Hillary would have benefited by hiring an ex-Mob guy to help them out with OpSec. Though that might have meant Hillary had to wander around in a robe mumbling to herself to keep up the ruse. It will be delightful if the final unwinding comes because nobody realized that Huma registering the MS account as well as her Yahoo account to the Apple email client on her shared computer meant an almost perfect mirror of her activity was left there. What also gets me is the utter stupidity of government (Trump’s point on many occasions). At work the rules about use of personal email are hard and fast. And the systems have sniffers that will trigger on items such as forwarding emails to gmail or yahoo accounts. Particularly if these have attachments. You don’t use personal email and could be fired for it. Of course as a government regulated financial services company, we have hard and fast record retention and production on demand requirements. As for the State Department clown car…..not so much.

  25. It surprises me that no one seems to notice the obvious comparison between HRC and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, widow of a former Argentine president, then president herself, finally voted out and now facing a raft of corruption charges: much of the same arrogant overconfidence in her invulnerability; a cadre of fanatic supporters, usually beneficiaries of “gimmes”; an obvious incompetent as shown by her record, etc.

    “Third-worldization” of the USA? Take away the consumer goods and in many ways it’s worse there than elsewhere.

  26. I recall the original Superman film with Christopher Reeve in which super-genius Gene Hackman had bumbling idiot Ned Beatty as his sidekick who, while loyal and amusing, was always going to make more problems than he solved.

    Perhaps HRC thought this was the model her bid for world domination.

    On a slightly more serious note, I am a little surprised the Clinton mob didn’t use something like PGP to encrypt the emails, though perhaps they can still be cracked; we just haven’t been told that it isn’t as securely encrypted as advertised. There is however the issue of seeing an encrypted message and suspecting it is really important. I used to use PGP for fun even when discussing how well my sports team was doing with family. I can imagine intelligence agencies getting giddy and trying to work out why me grumbling about another home defeat is so secret.

    • I was thinking about that model too. In TV and movies, the bad guy often has a collection of moronic flunkies that are his undoing. Kids show used to be famous for this.

    • I have the impression that Killerys Kriminal Klown Krew didn’t even know about the word encrypt, much less use it.

    • “There is however the issue of seeing an encrypted message and suspecting it is really important.”

      That’s why I use steganography, which conceals not only the contents of a secret message, but also conceals that there even IS a secret message contained in a music or image file.

  27. Indeed she’s too stupid to rule, but she’s more than corrupt and ambitious enough to seize power. Yes she’s operating like they did back in the 70’s with technology, however she makes up for that with salting allies and cronies throughout D.C. Men like Kadzick(who happens to be Pdesta’s BFF) at the DOJ who will be overseeing the laptop investigation.

    As it stands I don’t care if there is SAP and TS/SCI documents on that laptop along with evidence of treason, Hillary will not be prosecuted and will probably be our next president. It doesn’t matter if this destroys the FBI along with peoples trust in government and fractures the country, Hillary and her supporters don’t care.

    Perhaps this is a over pessimistic appraisal but as Trump has stated repeatedly, we’re dealing with a rigged system that favors criminals like the Clintons.

    • Oh come on man! Can’t you at least fake the rubbing of hands together with a gleam in your eye of retribution delayed but well deserved by scoundrels of the highest order? We can “hope” for this can’t we no matter the reality on the ground.

    • I wouldn’t want to be Trump once she is elected. It will cost him $1 billion to pay his way out of this or even more. As to Comey, he better have his last will and testament in order. He ain’t gonna be able to pay his way out.

  28. I am continually astounded at humanity’s willingness to be conned by politicians into believing those politicians are intelligent and well meaning. Hillary, and Obama, are both dumber than a bag of hoe handles and nasty selfish pieces of shit.

    My dad was raised in Nazi Germany, became a Hitler youth and a devout Nazi. That all ended with his capture by the Brits and 3 years as a POW in Canada, which turned out rather not to be a nation of starveling peasants ruled by Jews. He used to love-hate looking at videos of Hitler’s speeches and asking himself out loud why he had been so crazy as to believe in such an obviously nasty, stupid, lunatic. No doubt many will do the same in our old age looking at videos of both Obama and Hillary.

    Never ascribe to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by malice or stupidity. Or both, for Hillary.

    • “I am continually astounded at humanity’s willingness to be conned by politicians into believing those politicians are intelligent and well meaning. Hillary, and Obama, are both dumber than a bag of hoe handles and nasty pieces of shit”. Yes, a thousand times yes.

      People have this deep-down, emotional need for some sort of good environment and happy ending. So they buy into these utopian fantasy worlds that just might be possible. These nasty, piece of shit politicians play that need to their own benefit, generally with a special contempt for these people they use to capture and maintain political power. These leaders may be dumber than a bag of rocks, but they do know how to work the system. Sharks have no real brain, but they, too, work their environment to their own favor, and to the detriment of pretty much everything they come in contact with.

      • It’s not smarts, it’s instinct. Just as a snail pulls into a shell when you poke it, or a cat responds when you wiggle a feather at the end of a stick, her political and personal instincts respond to the sight and sound of a checkbook opening up. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a mindless response. It is so ingrained that the normal human responses to ordinary things are completely subordinated to it. This is part of the reason why she must be coached and scripted to do things such as pause and smile, or that really annoying thing where she points at someone semi-randomly and then waves at them when she comes out on stage. Like a shark, she just swims and vacuums up prey, which in this case is dollars instead of food swimming around. I would challenge anyone to try to engage with her in any human way and come away impressed. Not all of it is the Parkinson’s. Lay a checkbook on the side table and then try to engage her in a conversation. Watch what happens.

        • Here’s some more. Hillary was in it for the money, Huma was probably in it to get the Muslim Brotherhood front and center in public policy, and Carlos Danger was in it for the sex. They were all more or less happy together, until circumstances stopped working out for them. The relationships go immediately from pillow talk to “who?” No compassion, no support. It was all about what they were in it for, not any human comfort or relationship at all. I pray for Huma and Anthony’s daughter.

    • I don’t think Obummer is stupid, he’s been way too effective in obtaining his goal of destroying the US.

  29. The Daily Mail (UK) has up what down between Comey and Lynch regarding the re-opening of the case. Speaks to Z’s thesis that Comey may be the equivalent of Elliot Ness in all of this.

  30. Criminally incompetent, or an incompetent criminal. One and the same, in this case.

    This is the golden age of Wikileaks. Never again will the bad guys leave so much compromising material laying around on hard drives. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch than these fools.

    • They just gave the Internet away, no doubt with trillions in kickbacks, to the most corrupt organization imaginable so it can be controlled by a foreign entity unanswerable to the dirt people or obligated to observe our 1st amendment.

  31. Confidence. Stupidity is caused by over-confidence. If you have gotten away with everything that she has for forty years you cannot conceive that this well ever be otherwise. I couldn’t conceive of it either.

  32. This is the kind of stupidity that gets people killed for no good reason. That’s what we’re really talking about. It’s really a character test.

    Will the next POTUS get you killed to keep a political secret or to keep from getting caught breaking more laws or grifting more blood money? I think the answer is pretty definitive regarding HRC.

    It’s not only yes, but yes, repeatedly until she is stopped. “Mmmm… Good times.” said the Reaper.

      • Feckless criminal intent by Hillary Clinton and obama got those guys killed.
        It required malice and forethought to deny cross border authority to the rescue teams spooled up on the tarmac ready to aid them.
        That is not stupidity. Stupidity is ignorant omission. That was deliberate commission.
        Lot of people aren’t aware the only thing keeping those rescue teams, 3 of them, was one word, Go, from POTUS. Nothing more, nothing less. Somebody chose, key word here, chose not to grant cross border authority.

  33. Amen. Working on hospital boards people use encrypted emails all the time. One guy I knew found out that a buddy of his was going to be adversely affected by something the hospital was doing and tried to forward an encrypted email. The attempt to go outside the system automatically reported his action and he was forced to resign from the board for violation of fiduciary duty. Hillary is guilty of much worse.

    • Use your camera-phone to take a photo of the screen.. the email may be encrypted on the server, and the server may prevent emails (encrypted or not) from leaving the local network, but if you can read it on a screen, you can photograph it, and walk out of the building with it.

      • Many businesses prohibit employees from bringing digital cameras or smart phones to the workplace for that very reason. Also, text encrypted with PGP shows on the screen as gibberish until it is decrypted with the recipient’s private key, rendering a photo useless.

  34. I’ve been saying this for a while (though not as well). Clueless about data security is one thing; the president isn’t a DBA. Too stupid to hire an expert who *does* have a clue is a different matter. That’s alarming. It’s typical of our ruling class, but I guess I’m still not used to it.

    Scarier, this wasn’t nuclear secrets or national security or something that nobody expects a Democrat to give a damn about anyway. This was her OWN ass on the line. This is how careless and stupid she is with the stuff she actually sincerely cares about.

  35. And now the next clown act is to have the DOJ Asst. Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik get involved in “overseeing” the investigation of the Weiner laptop contents. Oh joy!! Friends since Law School, Hillary’s friend of a friend is now running cover for her at the DOJ. When will the madness stop? The stupidity is beyond measure. Not just for Hills but for all these CLOWNS!

    Allen West has a great write-up on this Clusterf*ck at

    • We are being played for total suckers, all of us.
      They are like the pig, committed at this point. They couldn’t stop if they wanted to.
      This isn’t going to end well. The web of lies and deceit is so entangled at this juncture the inertia of the crimes and real politicks is a monster can’t be stopped.
      And if they could, would they really? These crooks are they all of a sudden turn themselves in and make written confessions for what they have done?
      Lynch plead the 5th the other day, refusing to explain to Congress why she signed off on those billions in “ransom” money to the Iranian’s. The bitch should have been impeached on the spot and US Marshal’s should have dragged her off in ankle chains. Congress has that legitimate power. Like the House has the power to defund anything on the spot 24/7 365, aaah, like obamacare, or the IRS.

  36. Allegedly Podesta didn’t change his password after well the initial Wikileaks release, so some script kiddies were able to download even more of his emails.

    My study of both Lenin’s and Hitler’s circles is that both were filled with crackpots, drug addicts, deviants, and the incompetent to marginally competent. What they were good at was lying and doing really terrible things that their opponents never thought them capable of.

    • This.

      They weren’t very bright but they did get shit done – with no regard for rules or morality. That often made it easy to beat honest smart people playing by the rules.

    • Most masterminds have serious character flaws that they try to cover with and impart their bullshit and their ideological wisdom on us lesser mortals.

    • Politics in obama’s amerika is the politics of the lowest human common denominator.
      What can be expected from the human extinction movement aka the power elite of cultural marxism.

  37. People from Park Ridge, elistist jagbags all, and especially the Methodists, have always been thus.

    Pride goeth before the fall

    Fuucking goeth already, Hillbitch.

  38. Looks like the “elite” and cognitive elite, don’t overlap that much. Imagine their surprise if they actually provoke a revolution (and end up swinging)!

  39. And Hillary’s “brilliant” aide / girlfriend went ahead and thought Andrew Weiner’s laptop was a good place to store the half million emails they were hiding.

      • Whats even more sickening is LeVoy Finnicum executed in cold blood, without even a chance to surrender, by the FBI sniper team, for “crimes” of “Impeding Federal Officers”, whatever that is. I guess there is a summery death penalty for us Dirt people, and a free ride to the riches just waiting to be skimmed from gaining the oval office by the violation every felony imaginable including murdering people who could rat you out, when your a cloud.

    • .
      – Read & I’ll tell you the year you were born –
      A. Weiner should find a hole to go in & not pleasure self by constant in & out, going & coming.
      If Anthony did contact HC by email, it’d probably be the 1st time she’d come in contact with a Weiner.

      Take my advice. Run & hide bc if HC thinks you cost her election, you in danger, just like Mr Assange. HC’s squirreled away $2Bil offshore, she’ll have the $ to hire all the hitters for all her haters. Security caught one scaling Assange’s Embsy but, he ‘got away.’ Police response time- 2hrs. Police distance by foot-120 secs. Hmmm.

      Re MedBias: TheWeatherChannel is biased bc they have a pro-weather far-wing agenda. It’s clear because of high pressure they’re a front for Big Weather.

      1)Think of a disgusting person. If they scream- ‘A meteor is going to hit US in 4hrs!’ Do you say- ‘They’re disgusting so I’m not gonna see if it’s true?’ 2) A low IQ man says 4+4=8. Do u say- ‘His IQ is so low, 8 can’t be right.’
      Which is more important: The source, or the accuracy of the information?

      Even if known liar HC or Donna Brazile told me a meteor was about to strike the US, I’m not gonna stand around bc I distrust the source, bet cash money- I’m gonna find out if it’s true!

      Which brings me to the weak attempts by Dems to convince us to ignore truths being revealed by WLks- ‘bc they were unfairly obtained.’ -It almost makes tears well up in my eyes.

      Most of us dislike Russia. Dems want us to disregard the ems bc they claim Russia’s behind them. So the hell what? Even if we gave Dems benefit of the doubt, Russia didn’t create the ems, they just hacked ‘um & revealed them to us.

      I don’t know their real source, but I DO know Dems don’t contest their accuracy. They don’t even go, ‘Nuh uh!’ when confronted. They just throw up ‘Jazz Hands’ & shout, ‘RUSSIA!’ – Like that matters. Just how stupid do we are they think?

      The Bible has 66 books. Subtract your age from 66, & add 50 – that’s the year you were born.
      Speaking of which, shame on you DonBrazile for dragging Christ’s Holy Name thru the mud when you invoked your so-called Christianity while lying to MegKelly about giving Clinton camp questions. You’re not only a liar, you support the murder/dismemberment of babies. WWJD? You might sit in a pew on Sunday, but that doesn’t make you a Christian.

    • Drake; you don’t think this might have not been inadvertently left there? — placed there? –stored there?
      Oh, I think someone knew what (s)he was doing when deciding to back-up the phone onto the laptop. And I am not sure Huma will find herself in more hot water regarding not mentioning it when she formally separated from I mean, the FBI has had Weiner’s laptop for some time, and we don’t know for how long. Could be they had it before she left to work (honestly, if it’s even possible) for Clinton Inc.
      Something tells me Huma knew she might need some life-insurance.
      And something tells me the Wikileaks may be identical to what is in that file folder. Wouldn’t that be a gas?

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