Election Night Thread

11:55: I just turned on MSNBC. They are throwing rope over the light stands. I think I see Rachel Maddow’s feet swinging in the background. It is wrong of me, but I am enjoying this a bit. CNN looks like the suicide ward at the local lunatic asylum. Poor Chris Mathews actually looks like he is passing a stone. Brian Williams just got telling us that he invented the semi-colon. Some fat guy is claiming the Russians sabotaged the election. I guess this will be the talking point from the Hive tomorrow.

11:35: Time to hunt down the #NeverTrump people and send them to a penal colony.

11:20: I tune into Fox just for the heck of it. I notice all of them now sound like me. I take that to mean they believe Trump is going to win. Listening to these people bash the ruling class and talk about how they hate us is pretty damned funny, from my perspective. I’m waiting form someone to strangle Megyn Kelly on air and then issue an apology. That would be a pretty awesome end to the evening, but a man should not be greedy.

Karl Rove just popped on to tell us that his girl still has a chance. I really hate the guy. I hated him twenty years ago. He will be in the Hitler room in Hell when his days are done. Fox has always been good about dumping unpopular people so maybe they finally drop that scumbag. I would not be shocked if they have a huge shakeup after this election. Time to freshen the joint up and time to get on the right side of their customers.

10:20 PM: They have to start these elections earlier. I have  to be the Imperial Capital early and that means leaving before the cock crows. I’m not sure how much longer I will stay up to follow this thing. Looks like it is going to come down to Nevada and Arizona, but Michigan is still in play. I really have no idea who is winning, but I know that no one wins without Ohio and that’s going Trump. That’s official so we either see something new or I wake up in the morning to see President Trump.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

8:45 PM: I decided to not watch any of the TV shows covering the election. I just have no tolerance for the talking airheads anymore. I stopped watch TV news a few years ago, outside of big events. I decided to take in my last election without the airheads. It’s rather nice. I had some dinner. I watched Ricky Vaughn go through an range of emotions on twitter. I read a little and took a short nap. Now I’m checking in to see if anything important happened over the last two hours.

I see they are sort of calling Florida for Trump. I’m just going off Drudge. I guess that’s good news. Maybe it is not by enough or there is some Frank Luntz magic dial issue that makes winning bad news. I see Trump is up in Virginia, which is surprising. If that holds I would assume it is a good omen for him elsewhere. Virginia is not just government land. It is loading up with migrants. But, we’ll see how that works out. Looks like it and a lot of other states will be very tight. I’ll be going to be before this is decided, I bet.

6:55 PM: I was just chatting with someone who was going to vote but quit due to the long lines. This person intended to vote Clinton because she is the worst possible option. His theory is that we need to burn it down and the only way to do that is elect the worst possible candidates. It’s nutty, but maybe not that crazy. The mere fact that Clinton is on the ballot says we’re doomed. The question is not *if* we drive into the abyss. The question is our launch velocity.

I’m the cautiously pessimistic sort, but I understand the sentiment. I’ve been slowly withdrawing my support of the system. I lie on every form. I discourage young people from joining the military or getting into politics. I’ve even started to discriminate in subtle ways. I’ll be pulling the plug on TV this month. I kept it for football, but I’m not watching many games this year. The preaching is too much. I’m doing as much commerce in cash in order to keep myself out of database nation. I’m not paranoid. I’m just not cooperating.

5:35 PM EST: Drove past two polling places on the way home. The lines are blocks long. I’ve never seen anything like here. The last time I saw anything resembling this was when I voted in Massachusetts for John Silber. That was 1990 and the polling place I went to had been recently combined with two others due to some technical issue. That night I waited a few hours to vote. We brought some flasks for the wait so it was a good time. It was a like a big weird party in an old firehouse.

I’m not sure what to make of it. They did change the voting machines so that is part of it. It used to be that you voted on one of the touch screens. The bottleneck was getting your card from the three old ladies working the table. This time we have paper ballots and you run it through a scanner. It took but a second to do that, but I can see it creating a backup. Still, those lines I saw and experienced are well beyond normal. The weirdest election just gets more weird.

4:58 PM EST: I’m out the door at the crack of dawn tomorrow so I will not have time to post. I’m moving to Iceland in anticipation of Clinton assuming power. I figure the nuclear fallout will be lower there than anywhere else. Plus, I like the weather in Iceland.

I went to vote in the AM but the lines were huge. In 2008 they were long, but that’s because my neighborhood was motivated by race. I think I was the only honky in line that day. 2012 was a breeze. It was weird because I voted after work that day and that’s usually the worst time. The final numbers for the state were the same as 2008, but the distribution was different so my area must have been down a bit. Or, it is just a useless observation.

I decided to vote mid-morning figuring the lines would be shorter. I waited two hours. I’ve never waited that long to vote. I was thinking that the dead beat vote was coming out, but it was a lot of pissed of Sanders voters. That surprised me. I did not think we had that many, but I guess I was wrong. They really hold a grudge too. I suspect the Based Yenta vote is bigger than normal as a result. It will not matter as my state is safe for Clinton, but you have to wonder if we are not going to get some surprises tonight.


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  1. I vote in California, my native state, which is done more out of a sense of tradition – our family always voted – and an everburning belief that someday it will matter. Also, you cannot in good conscience pray for an outcome if you’re not willing to walk the talk. But I looked around at a fair-sized line at 7:30 in the AM and was immediately depressed. They all looked like “typical Clinton supporters” (see photos of the wake at Javits Center last night) and that did not bode well for my one little vote. Too many were lining up for hot pink provisional ballot applications at a table where there were applications in virtually every language. Bad sign. But I pressed on, and put my little ink blots on my ballot. For the first time I double-checked to be sure my Trump blot was indeed at #15 where it was supposed to be. I smiled broadly at the black girl who oversaw my depositing my ballot (good karma can’t hurt) and drove home. The waiting yesterday was hell. When those first two states came in for Trump and all Hillz had was measly little Vermont, I was elated, but waited for the other shoe to drop. Moments of anxiety, a tense time when it appeared Rupert Murdoch was keeping Fox from calling Pennsylvania when AP and NYT and others had called it, but finally it was over. We stayed up through the whole bloody thing, watching the least ugly channel Fox Business News and keeping hands busy with a live tally on our iPads. The good thing about our side of the Country: It was only a while after midnight. We are happy today, full of hope. How American is that? We strongly believe in those who braved a lot of bad stuff to support and eventually elect Donald Trump. It’s about much more than him, but his guts have attracted the millions of gutsy among us. That’s good.

  2. With an 85% turnout, the highest in American history, Trump’s victory is nothing short of a peaceful revolution. The Rust Belt, except for my Dem-infested birthplace Illinois, finally turned on their globalist masters.

  3. Never enough dumbass, California approved the initiative to require background checks to purchase ammunition. I foresee some real Irish Democracy and lots of visits to Arizona for people who shoot a lot. A real business opportunity for someone who travels.

    • That would be true if this were 1992, but it is not. That inability to move into the modern era is what killed the GOP.

  4. It’s 2:40 AM CST this 9th day of November and I’ve just stepped out into my backyard and the stars in the southern sky haven’t looked so bright in many years.My hands are old and wrinkled, my eyelids and neck sag and my ears struggle to hear, but tonight my eyes are shining bright with tears of joy. From the bottom of my heart I really want to say thank you America. Thank you.

  5. Oh my! I just watched the God Emperor make his victory speech, I loved it. My wife and I celebrated with a couple belts of 25 year old scotch I have been saving for a special occasion. I would think blasting the Clinton Crime Fambly from our lives is pretty special. Now to destroy the tratorous Bushes. BTW buy stocks tomorrow, some good bargains can be scored. “Keep hope live, stay out da bushes” are the only mumblings of Jesse Jackson I have ever agreed with. There is a God!!!

  6. We owe a debt of gratitude to the alternate right-wing media. The efforts they made to pick apart their the polls and explain logically what they felt was wrong with them is what kept giving me faith. We might’ve succumbed to the disinformation of the corporate media had it not been for their efforts. We owe them our thanks.

  7. Wow. Hillary stiffed her audience tonight and sent out creepy Podesta to send everyone home. No class.

    • I am picturing an epic Hillary Downfall rant from a bunker somewhere – followed by a lot of sedatives.

    • A couple of weeks ago I took notice of John Podesta’s greenish-gray complexion and Steve Jobslike anorexia. Does he have AIDS? Hope he gets a chance to confess his sins and get Last Rites b/f he goes to a very bad place.

  8. 1980 all over again. Sweet. It’s going to be a rough few years. Good that we have someone who is actually on our country’s side, for a change, guiding the ship.

  9. Between the Mandela-effect changed spelling of the Berenstain Bears, John Mayer proving to be an excellent Jerry Garcia surrogate, the Cubs winning the Series and Trump the election, I am finally convinced we (some of us?) have vectored off onto a truly bizarre thread of the multiverse.

    It’s been fun following this blog all year. I generally read all the comments. I’m among the youngest readers here I’m sure.
    So I tend to shut up and listen but I wanted to chime in tonite because it’s the only place I’m even comfortable saying Hells Yeah! Fuck the cloud people.

    I know we’re still floating down the river on a shithouse door regardless but I’m looking forward to hearing what Z and the rest of you mooks have say about it.

  10. I had some a$$hole nevertrumper send me a nastygram on Disqus about 6-8 weeks ago malindroo or something like that. He was just completely full of himself in all his nevertrumper arrogant glory, commenting on a post I had made many months ago that basically said Trump would win. I ignored his post on my page, and decided if Trump won, I would reply.

    I scrolled down through weeks of old posts and simply wrote him in reply, “Hey little buddy! How’s it goin’?”

    Damn that felt good.

    The next few weeks are going to be just batsh*t crazy I’m gonna have a ball.

  11. If you want to make a quick buck now, solicit donations to smuggle Jews out of the country before the inauguration.

    Told my girl that, and she was all “not just Jews”, I said “duh nobody’s spending a damn dime to keep Mexicans and Somalis out of the ovens, nobody cares”.

    True, too. But lots of batshit crazy paranoid Jews are rolling in dough, fantasizing about the white people FINALLY proving them right after all these years.

    NYT saying >95% Trump wins.

    Jesus. What a hell of a thing. Any sensible Trump supporter has to feel right now like the dog that caught the car. We dodged a cannon ball though.

  12. I’m just sittin here listening to the talking bobbleheads on TeeVee goin on ’bout HowCouldTrumpBeWinningThis?? Buncha idiot TV newspeople who really don’t get it.
    Something’s happening and you don’t know what it is do you Mr asshole media man.

  13. I know how I feel. I’m happy. You should be too. We might get a few Scalias out of this. A resemblance of freedom for the next 20 years.

  14. I don’t know how I feel either, but it is a bit exhilarating. We will sail into the unknown. The alternative would have been nothing good.

  15. re: 8:45pm thoughts:

    1) This was supposed to be over and buried an hour or two ago. The longer this goes, the better for Trump because it means Clinton doesn’t have some secret stash of votes about to appear out of nowhere.
    2) Debt free, baby. That’s the only way to fly. We pay cash as much as possible now. No revolving cc. Real freedom: no government job, basically debt free, own a small business to use as a tax shelter. Only take what you need.
    3) I doubt Trump wins in VA. It’s GovernmentLand now.
    4) If he hangs on in NC, OH, FL, and wins IA as expected, he only needs NH or MI and he wins (I think). PA looks gone. CO is gone. Not surprised by either, CO has really grown CA-weird-lefty in the last few elections, must be the weed. They actually put an amendment on the ballot to try and keep our constitution from becoming like CA’s with every nutbag idea showing up as mandatory in the state constitution.

    • Amazing. They give 60K felons the vote in Virginia and Clinton wins by 60K votes. The Almighty has a sense of humor.

      Yeah, I’m debt free.

      Colorado is becoming a libertarian colony. The bad libertarian, not the good libertarian.

  16. AZ has been a target state for Dems for years,particularly in Tucson. The youngfolk there have embraced the Aztlan view of white people suppression,aided by Zack de la Roche firing up the dreamery Hispanic kids. The further north Maricopa county area has been a conservative stronghold. Soros poured a couple mil into the race to defeat Sheriff Arpaio,hope he wasted a shitload of his filthy money…

  17. Looks like the Felon vote has finally been counted in Virginia – it just flipped from favoring Trump to in-the-bag for Hillary.

  18. We voted mid morning here in KC. Both of us voted Trump. I also voted against all the sales tax increases. I kept looking for the “Hell no” box for the taxes.

  19. Maybe the turnout is because so many people who had stopped bothering to vote got excited about Trump. I can’t imagine anyone with two brain cells to rub together to be excited about Clinton.

  20. I’m watching RCP online while the rest of the family is watching CNN. My guess: CNN has exit polling on all of yellow states showing Trump wins, but won’t call them since they want to pump up Clinton voting in CO, OR, NV, and WA.

  21. Here in the Soviet we now vote-by-mail (or dropbox) so limited lines unless you wait to the last minute. Since they only have to be postmarked by today, the results will dribble in for 2-3 weeks, the better to allow King County (Seattle) to ‘discover’ the votes on anything close.

    Going to mail voting did ruin one of my small pleasures in life…going to the almost empty polling place in the morning on the way to work and announcing to the elderly ladies at the desk that I was here “to cancel out my wife’s vote.” Cracked them up every time.

    No doubt Hillary will carry the state and we’ll certainly return our ‘fool’ senior senator (Patty Murray) for another 6 years as well. The action is in the statewide initiatives as we have $15 minimum wage, carbon tax, and gun restriction propositions on the ballot this year.

  22. The FSA has to be worried about a trump presidency. THAT will bring them to the polls unfirtunately.

  23. In a normal year, I’d say high turnout benefits the Democrats since most of their late voters are disproportionately idiots compared to Republicans.

    This is not a normal year.

    If the exits are to be believed, and that is a gigantic IF, Hillary is underperforming Obama and Trump is out performing McRomney.

    Gonna be a long night. If your Loser friend who hates Hillary still hasn’t voted, and lives in FL NC OH MI CO NV etc, drag them to the polls.

    In 2012, I turned off the tv by 8pm MST. Tonight feels different. She will probably win, but this is no longer theory, and Trump’s national support is real, it is motivated, and it is showing up…all of which we were TOLD would not happen.

    • I admit to being absolutely unsure. The exits are reporting things like “75% think the system is rigged” and “72% want to take back country from the rich and powerful.” That could mean anything. I know Clinton voters who think she is the enemy of Wall Street.

      • It’s gettin’ sporty.

        Stock futures are dropping fast, gold is spiking, she might scrape out a win, but the “establishment” Brexit alarm bells are starting to ring.

        I’m gonna stay pissed off and skeptical though. No sense getting hopeful.

  24. I have decided to give up something — an offering to the gods — if Trump wins. Any suggestions? Would giving something up for just a year still count? Trying to gauge how big the offering should be; would hate to over-sacrifice!

  25. I’m in the Lily white NW corner of NJ standing in an hour long line to vote. I’ve lived here 20 years and it has never taken more than 5 minutes. Pretty sure these people aren’t turning out for Hillary.

    I expect surprises.

    • I’m noticing a whole lot of guys wearing jeans and work boots in line. Right of the job site or farm.

  26. I got settled here in AZ too late to register, and I’m not driving back to the east coast for either of those clowns. I’m going to relax with some Amazon Prime movies tonight and check the paper tomorrow to learn my fate.

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