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  1. I was reading all the whining about “how did this happen?” today. And thoroughly enjoying it, I might add. All the tv coverage I watched had the commentators stumped.

    What went wrong? How could the American People not do what was obviously best for them? We’ve told them over and over and they just don’t seem to get it!

    I found myself remembering an old STAR TREK: TOS episode — A Taste Of Armageddon was the title. Kirk has this conversation with the planetary leader…

    “Won’t you have a drink, Captain? We can discuss our differences.”

    “I’m not interested in discussing our differences. You don’t seem to realize the risk you’re taking. We don’t make war with computers and herd the casualties into disintegration stations. We make the real thing.”

    And that is what the Left just didn’t understand. The Dirt People just finally had enough of getting pissed on. Kipling got it, as he got so many other things.

    “When he stands like an ox in the furrow – with his sullen set eyes on your own,
    And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.”

  2. I’m just happy to be wrong.
    I figured The Hil would stuff the ballot box and we’d be digging holes to hide in while chanting to our kids “don’t look at the flash don’t look at the flash”.
    Or, at least I would have been, I’ve got a 7 year old.
    But digging a hole, he probably would have been down for.

  3. I was about to post what Solomon said, so will just say “dittos”. At times it felt like giving breech birth to twins, but it was finally over. He/we deserved a bigger majority, but complaining now seems petty. I believe he managed to not only win the legit vote but to also overcome the illegit that we know was out there. That must be the biggest shocker to evil henchman Podesta and Medusa. Cheaters don’t always prosper.

    I loved the shot of the front row at Hillary’s memorial this a.m. They waited forever. Finally Huma arrived (she probably came with Medusa) and within seconds Tiny Tim took to the podium, hopefully for the last time ever. The whole crowd ended up wearing mourning black and purple. Ralph Lauren, of course.

    I still wonder why Murdoch held up Pennsylvania on Fox Business when AP and NYT had already called it for Trump. It was glaring.

    It is done. Many of us are feeling quite relieved, happy to see the good guys won – all those many millions of Trumpers – and that a new day is ahead. Good.

    • From the WRSA masthead:

      “I love the smell of the great Fuck You in the morning.”

      Fuckin’ Amen to that.

  4. Congratulations to Trump and the Deplorables!

    However, it is still unfuckingbelievable that the Bitch with the old stinking vagina is leading in the “popular” vote. Or is that where the walking dead come into play? And the illegals? And the convicts? And the multi-voters? We are still in deep shit if half this country is brain dead.

    And the swamp still needs to be drained muy rapido.

  5. I predict that there will also be a cultural counter revolution, accompanying the ascendancy of Lord Emperor Trump. Loss of tenure at public universities, and no public money for private schools. Lots of changes as the pendulum swings back, hard…

  6. Bing picture this morning is of Aurora Borealis over Arctic Henge,in Raufarhofn, Iceland. Coincidence?

  7. Now I know how my parents felt in November 1980. I was 10 years old at the time. The tiny little elementary school I attended allowed us to sit in the A/V room (basically a closet) during lunch to watch the inauguration. I was the only kid in the room, and I ate my lunch and watched Reagan get sworn in and watched his speech.

    My parents? It was like they had been liberated from communist Eastern Germany.

  8. Must give a big Thank You to the Great Brits who showed us with Brexit that mountains can indeed be moved. Nigel Farage was on Varney yesterday morning,predicting this. Maybe Western Civilization can be saved,after all.

  9. Oh, my friends, I’m SO happy for you! We watched the returns coming in until midnight, but couldn’t stay up any longer. Still, I was feeling good with the way things were going until then. And this morning, the glorious news! I think we can count on having one day totally free of troll posts, eh?

  10. Many are talking about the meltdown Liberals are having on Twitter, but is also noticieable that Neocons like David Frum are having a similar reaction (the assumption that Neocons are just pro-War Zionist Liberals is right)

  11. Pardon the run-on sentence…
    To all the rich and famous, who built their careers and fortunes and furnished their multiple mansions with the millions they made by acting and performing, who now threaten to leave this country because they think those who bought tickets to see them perform, and therefore funded their wealth, are not smart enough to know when it’s time for a change – to you I say

    …last one out, please turn out the lights.

  12. HEartfelt congratulations to my cousins south of the 49th. Between your actions here, and the BREXIT in June, it would seem the West is busy taking itself back from the brink.

    Thankyou for this time of hope. It’s been a while.

  13. Woke up this morning, world turned upside down! Heh heh heh: GREAT! When is Al Sharpton going into exile? The David Dinkins of presidents will soon be gone, the would-be Merkel fades to black, an unabashed white guy becomes the president. God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world! Except, of course, that the world’s a mess. Hopefully, DJT chooses Pat Buchanan as Sec of State, appoints Joe the Plumber or Ellen Brown as chairman of the Fed, and as for the Supreme Court… Well, the first 100 days should be interesting indeed.

    A big salute to the USA from the Southern Cone!

  14. A very satisfying moment. Finally, a straightforward, unarguable rejection of Hillary Clinton! Now if Trump appoints a special prosecutor and we eventually see all three Clintons in jail . . . I have no idea how to celebrate that; it would be such an event.

    • Predictions:
      Obama will pardon Hillary.
      Weiner will go to jail.
      Bill and Hillary will get divorced.
      We’ll finally find out how sick Hilary is, as this will be the basis for the pardon.

      • But there is another side to the story: The Upside for Cankles:

        Clinton is now leading the polls in key battleground states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Yemen and Syria.

        Chateau Hertisie calls her the cunt. Any of the above hellholes can have her.

        Or her taking a dirt nap would work for me. 

        Or both.  Win/Win.

      • re: “Obama will pardon Hillary.” James LePore

        I have a friend who is a Lobbyist and is in DC most of the year. Already this morning he sent me a selfie with him in a MAGA Trump hat and the widest grin I have ever seen on him. He has told me that COMMON KNOWLEDGE on K-Street is the visceral bilateral loathing between the Obama and Clinton families. As he said, when they are off camera the ice between them is meters thick. Obama is now free to give them the back of his hand as he exits the Presidency in January, 2017 but until then strings them along that a Presidential Pardon is coming soon, real soon.

        Dan Kurt

  15. Oh my! I just watched the God Emperor make his victory speech, I loved it. My wife and I celebrated with a couple belts of 25 year old scotch I have been saving for a special occasion. I would think blasting the Clinton Crime Fambly from our lives is pretty special. Now to destroy the tratorous Bushes. BTW buy stocks tomorrow, some good bargains can be scored. “Keep hope live, stay out da bushes” are the only mumblings of Jesse Jackson I have ever agreed with. There is a God!!!

  16. The Trumpenreich cometh.

    His speech was impressive. I don’t agree with anything he said, but he was impressive. At some point people might want to stop misunderestimating him. I’ll begin with myself.

  17. Unlike Napoleon, I don’t think Trump will face his Waterloo.

    This is Trump’s chance to prove he is what many of us think he is capable of and become a good president. Of course the media, who will eventually wipe their tears away, will go after him with a vengeance but they are not Wellington or Blucher.

    • The media are’nt even Frau Blucher,at least she was funny. Their Piss and Moan Club will keep the bars and drug dealers busy for awhile…

  18. Lots of exploding heads amongst pundits on TV here in England…Brexit x 10…..loving every minute of it.

    • At one of his last rallies, Trump said the election was going to be “Brexit Plus.” As usual, he was right!

    • Agree. Very happy that he came around over the last few weeks to be a pretty strong Trump supporter.

      • Amen to that! The *only* reason he came out for DJT: scared shitless of sliding even further into irrevelency.

        He has alway been a douche. Can’t even stick to his own convictions.

        Fuck him and the rest of the cucks.

  19. Watching the SJW Hillary supporters crying and lashing out was the second best part. Pure pride that Amerida repudiated the corporatist elite was the best part. Great job USA!

    And I have cash ready to buy S&P tomorrow. Yuuuuge buying opportunity!

  20. Thems media peeps are looking so sads! They know they struck and missed, and now they will pay a price; a big price.

  21. I can’t decide which is more fun – gloating, or the tears. Called this at work a few weeks ago and everyone said I was nuts.

  22. We owe a debt of gratitude to the alternate right-wing media. The efforts they made to pick apart their the polls and explain logically what they felt was wrong with them is what kept giving me faith. We might’ve succumbed to the disinformation of the corporate media had it not been for their efforts. We owe them our thanks.

    Juan Williams is so butthurt right now it is hilarious.

    • I would run but my past is far too checkered with booze, drugs, rock n roll, and furry farm animals and Wellington boots. Damn my misspent youth.

      I am available for strategic consulting gigs behind the scenes.

      • And Trump’s history isn’t? You may be a bit “rougher” around the edges than he is (granted, the mind boggles a bit at the concept) but that clearly isn’t a disqualification.

        For that matter, if this truly is to ever again be a TRUE republic instead of a facade democracy, then *normal* people *have* to be reintroduced to the system. Which includes normal nice people… and normal not-so-nice people.

        Just so long as they aren’t bought-and-paid-for whores of Wall Street / K Street / etc.

  23. Still leaving for Iceland?

    I told you this would happen!

    MAGA 2016;

    The truth is that the republic dodged a bullet by electing Trump. Time to refocus the dialogue on how to make structural changes to the system to ensure a competitive political atmosphere.

    Or to destroy the Democrats. I can live with either one.

    • Given how he had to swim upstream the entire election and how nobody would contribute big money to his campaign with the media and the establishment and corporate interests against him, be happy he even won. A win is a win.

    • Probably did but they were converted to Hillary votes through tampering. I felt the same thing. I think it was probably a yuge landslide.

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