Europe’s Bloody Future

One aspect of the continuing crisis in Europe that is never discussed is why the people allegedly responsible for the welfare of their people, continue to act so irresponsibly. Closely linked to this is why the people in these countries have been so passive toward their ruler’s flagrant disregard for their duties. In any previous era, the terrorist attack on the Berlin Christmas market would have led to a swift response from government, because doing anything else would have the people in the streets building a scaffold for their rulers.

Germany continues to have a reputation for effective and efficient government administration, despite the fact all the evidence suggests Germany is now run by a collection of thumbless boobs. As someone on Sailer’s site noted, this is not a new thing. Germany has been operating like a drunk on holiday for quite some time. Angela Merkel’s decision to import a million violent low-IQ barbarians is just the most egregious example of the reckless disregard for their duties by the German rulers and the indifference of the German people to it.

It’s not just the Germans, either. The French have been tolerating the importation of useless savages from North Africa for decades. Paris is now a small tourist area surrounded by Bronze Age cavemen. Every election, the French people come out and vote for the guy promising to murder more French citizens, because the alternative risks being called a racist and that’s worse than death. The fact that millions of otherwise sensible people can vote in favor of suicide like this speaks to the power of belief.

The Europeans, at least a great many of them, are infected by the same virus that has infected many Americans. They have embraced the most extreme forms of multiculturalism, where opposition to racism is the highest calling. In America, this results in finding the nearest black guy and parading him around the streets or putting him in the White House. Secondarily it has meant an embrace of open borders and the celebration of degeneracy, but the primary focus is always on race. In recent times, it’s been black history month twelve months a year.

In Europe it is a bit different as they don’t have the long shadow of  the English Civil War and slavery. Instead, the afflicted become convinced that there is no difference between people. Since difference is the sole reason for borders, any hint of a border is tantamount to bringing back Nazism. The result is open borders above all else. Even the small steps they have taken to control the flow of barbarians into Europe were done reluctantly and after many public proclamations about how awful everyone feels about defending themselves from the hordes.

How this has happened is not a topic discussed in polite company or by the chattering classes. Read through all of the news accounts and commentary about the Berlin attack and no where do you see any questions about whether it was wise to import a million barbarians. That’s just assumed. Instead, the speculation is over how the natives somehow drove this poor barbarian to fulfill his purpose as a barbarian. The European media reads like the patient newsletter at an insane asylum.

One cause of this is the Cold War. For close to fifty years, Western Europe was America’s daycare center. Americans did all the heavy lifting with regard to the defense of Western Civilization both militarily and economically. European elites were allowed to play dress up and pretend to be in charge, but everyone knew the Americans were in charge. If something broke, America fixed it. If someone got an ouchy, America would salve their boo-boo. The Pax Americana allowed the West to remain in a state of perpetual adolescence.

The result was at least one generation of leaders lacking any training in responsible government. They dress up like proper rulers, but they have no idea what it means to defend their people. In fact, they don’t even think about the hoi polloi as their people. They are just the great unwashed, an undifferentiated mass of greedy mouths and grasping hands. They were free to evolve this way because the Americans were always there to make sure nothing bad happened. As the protective bubble is removed, all of this being exposed.

At some point, people get tired of being murdered. The young German with a taste for politics is going to start to question why he is loyal to people, who show more concern for foreigners than they do for him. A lesson of the French Revolution is that once people begin to question the legitimacy of the system, everything is soon up for grabs. The reckless disregard for their duties, by people like Merkel, is planting the seeds for something much worse than the monthly Exploding Mohamed we see in the news.

Whether or not it is too late to save Europe is open for debate. It is also possible that more sober minded politicians will rise up, push aside the reckless and begin the task of rebuilding their countries. The future is not written and there is no such thing as the tide of history. Even so, it appears Europe is headed for a very ugly and perhaps bloody reckoning. No society can last when its rulers are perpetually at war with its people and that is what Europe is today. At some point, the people will join the war.

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  1. Europe reminds me of one of my uncles. A great guy, smart, great student, but during his undergrad work in the mid 60s fell in with the whole “capitalistic rat race is evil and soul killing” thing. So, got a Masters and PhD in Philosophy so he could pursue a more “pure” existence in academia. Well, didn’t take long to discover in the Ivory Tower, with sinecure protected by tenure and endowments, that all academics in the “humanities” did was bicker and fight over the trivial and pointless. Europe in micrcosm. Gone is any ability to produce anything useful or attend to fundamental issues like national security. He ended up a sad alcoholic. Europe seems consigned to the same fate.

  2. We ought to worry about Canada, and their open door policies. Given that the US, and my home state is about 15 feet from Canada, their jihadists can launch into the US and run back to Canada at will.

    • Yes, won’t take Canada too long to replace their people of Christian European descent with the large amount of immigrants they take in. So that’s our northern border.

      In addition to hordes of Hispanic immigrants flooding in through our southern border, there are reports of ISIS in Mexico, for God’s sake, from at least April 2015. Reports of ISIS crossing the border to scope out targets in the U.S.

      In addition to our open borders allowing severe illegal immigrant problems, we also have a huge ongoing refugee resettlement program. Among other misdeeds, the program administrators have expanded the allowable reasons to claim asylum in the U.S., the effect being just about anyone can come here and receive assistance from us taxpayers. The program claims the “refugees” become “independent” but has changed the definition of “independent” such that they can be using all kinds of public assistance and yet considered by law to be standing on their own two feet. They are settled in towns (without knowledge or approval of natives) where there are some remaining blue-collar jobs; the U.S. workers are then fired and replaced with these “refugees,” who will work for lower wages.

  3. Another puzzle, and another paradox. The image of Hitler as the Patron Saint of Wickedness conflates the idea of strength with the idea of evil, so that only the weak are now admitted to be good. Only the weak are harmless, and therefore acceptable. Thus, in order to justify our existence we are now weakening ourselves. We must hand over our wealth. We must put down our weapons. We must apologize for our successes. We must open our borders. We must bow to Allah.

  4. “why the people allegedly responsible for the welfare of their people, continue to act so irresponsibly”

    Maybe because they never actually were responsible for such a thing, beyond a kind of play responsibility. Those in power are there to exercise that power and to get rich. Everybody with half a brain knows this. A more realistic question is, what’s in it for the rulers, to import these people? That is a tougher question, but I suspect it is part of the protection racket. When the economy crashes, as has been predicted for some years, the people will start asking what good the rulers are. If they arrest and imprison the occasional Muslim, maybe that will satisfy the people and convince them the rulers are still needed.

  5. I don’t think that its “too late” for Europe at this point, but I do think that its too late to solve it without a lot of violence and pain. Even if they said ‘no more’ and didn’t allow even one more third worlder to enter, they would still be swamped in a couple generations due to birthrates. First step is to cut off any and all freebies they get. No more free housing, no more free food, no more free school, no more money. This will cause many to leave on their own. Do it near winter for maximum effect. Not all will leave, obviously. They will have to be rounded up, forcefully. Many will resist since they believe they have the ‘right’ to be there. It will be hard, dirty work, but it has to be done if you want any Europe to remain for future generations.

  6. Remember the weird comments by the Supreme Court Justice on Gay marriage? As if the whole history of marriage up to this point was all just an effort to keep Gays down and unmarried? It’s like that in general with Liberalism: Our whole history and culture is just a vast attempt to deny other people from being equal to us. This is the mentality and culture of resentment take to its last degree. We are being denied Dasein or “our being in and for itself” to use Heidegger speak. Or to quote Confucius, “The Superior Man is not an instrument.” We’ve been turned into an instrument, instead of an end in ourselves. Liberals are the good instruments and normal Whites are bad ones.

  7. The demographics of Europe are abysmal. I don’t think at this point Europe is recoverable from the invasion, even if Europeans were to finally throw out their current politicians (which isn’t likely, look at the polls). All we can do here in the rest of the world is attempt to learn from Europe and not repeat it here, since our while our demographics are sliding, they are 10-20 years being the European slide and thus still addressable.

  8. TheZMan pens a very good article

    This is a subject I have addressed here, often, because it needs airing, often.

    “How this has happened is not a topic discussed in polite company or by the chattering classes. Read through all of the news accounts and commentary about the Berlin attack and no where do you see any questions about whether it was wise to import a million barbarians. That’s just assumed. Instead, the speculation is over how the natives somehow drove this poor barbarian to fulfill his purpose as a barbarian. The European media reads like the patient newsletter at an insane asylum.

    One cause of this is the Cold War. For close to fifty years, Western Europe was America’s daycare center. Americans did all the heavy lifting with regard to the defense of Western Civilization both militarily and economically. European elites were allowed to play dress up and pretend to be in charge, but everyone knew the Americans were in charge. If something broke, America fixed it. If someone got an ouchy, America would salve their boo-boo. The Pax Americana allowed the West to remain in a state of perpetual adolescence.”

    Exactly so. The Europeans have been whipsawed by all of the best and brightest decamping to America for centuries, followed by the massively annihilating industrial warfare of the 20th century, and then the Cold War Adolecentization of Europe, particularly the wealthy, and political elite. The European hoi polloi have always been just fine with leaving the difficult political stuff to the aristocrats, and this has always been a terrible idea. These are the very people one cannot leave along for a minute without fear they will hurt themselves or others.

    The real problem with Europe has been that for more than a millennium bored elites/aristocrats are wont to occupy their time playing war with the neighboring dilettante elite/aristocrat. They seem to believe that the insulation between them and reality sufficient to protect them from the dangers, and vagaries of war. The last time this nonsense ran roughshod over all of Europe it cost 20 million their lives. Bad trade just to while the time for a few dilettantes.

    “The result was at least one generation of leaders lacking any training in responsible government. They dress up like proper rulers, but they have no idea what it means to defend their people. In fact, they don’t even think about the hoi polloi as their people. They are just the great unwashed, an undifferentiated mass of greedy mouths and grasping hands. They were free to evolve this way because the Americans were always there to make sure nothing bad happened. As the protective bubble is removed, all of this being exposed.”

    I agree, our current crop of state leaders is the worst possible, and there is a very good chance we will pay a price for this, thankfully, Europe looks set to pay the largest price. We may have dodged much of this bullet.

    “At some point, people get tired of being murdered. The young German with a taste for politics is going to start to question why he is loyal to people, who show more concern for foreigners than they do for him. A lesson of the French Revolution is that once people begin to question the legitimacy of the system, everything is soon up for grabs. The reckless disregard for their duties, by people like Merkel, is planting the seeds for something much worse than the monthly Exploding Mohamed we see in the news.”

    While all true, I would suggest this is too limited. While it is possible for the people to revolt, it is also possible for the people to shift politically to a leader who is willing to do anything necessary to return the nation to a better past. The real danger comes from the sociopath peddling Utopia, if only one is willing to kill all of the ( add hated group here ). It matters not who the group is – Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, Kulaks – they worked just fine in the past for one group or another, and muslims will work just fine this time around.

    The price of this political shift is total loss of liberty, and total obedience to the leader, but, hey, it does work. For a while.

    “Whether or not it is too late to save Europe is open for debate. It is also possible that more sober minded politicians will rise up, push aside the reckless and begin the task of rebuilding their countries. The future is not written and there is no such thing as the tide of history. Even so, it appears Europe is headed for a very ugly and perhaps bloody reckoning. No society can last when its rulers are perpetually at war with its people and that is what Europe is today. At some point, the people will join the war.”

    There may be no tide of history, instead history looks more like a cone of possibilities, much like a hurricane cone, and it is a strong indicator of where things are going. The West is full of tolerant people, who want nothing more than to find the best in others, trade with them, live prosperously, and in peace. This continues right up till it doesn’t, then all bets are off.

    It was the Democratic President of the US who interred the Japanese Americans during the 1940s. Once this emotional wall breaks the politicians will follow the public’s demands. Let’s hope it results in internment, or something similar, and not rail cars hauling hundreds of thousands to incineration camps.

    Mark Sherman

    • “The result was at least one generation of leaders lacking any training in responsible government. They dress up like proper rulers, but they have no idea what it means to defend their people.”

      This seems to get it exactly wrong. For the last sixty years at least the leaders of Western Europe have produced a region of almost unprecedented peace and prosperity. “Defending their people” surely means avoiding further world wars, not reproducing the charnel house that Europe became during the first half of the twentieth century.

      Of course there are always threats from extremists. I remember in the seventies having lunch in an officers’ club near Frankfort and being told that a bomb had gone off there just a month before, planted by the Red Army Faction. I remember in the eighties when my brother-in-law, who worked at Whitehall, was within a block of an IRA bomb attack (of course they all went right back to work). It’s no small thing when a deranged jihadist drives a truck into a crowd in a deadly rampage, but it’s been done a few times here in the good old USA and no one seems to want to expel whole populations as a result.

      • Rick – I would argue that your statement is incorrect when you say ” For the last sixty years at least the leaders of Western Europe have produced a region of almost unprecedented peace and prosperity.”

        The elected pols are not “leaders,” they have been administrators and they have not “produced” anything. Like our politicians, we have no leadership and they and the government, at least the majority of it produces nothing useful or of value.

        I like Karl Horst’s explanation of the devastating effects of two world wars on the gene pool in Germany, well, Europe in general, but it still seems to me that human nature and the will to survive would produce the men, the people who would rise at those times of peril who would lead their people. Like Moses, like Winston Churchill, like George Patton, history is preparing people for their moment in history. But then history is replete with countries and civilizations also coming and going without salvation. Maybe this is Germany’s and Europe’s fate but so many people and their freedom are at risk, it simply seems incomprehensible that they would roll over and play dead to a new master. But, it has happened before … hasn’t it?

  9. unless germany and france are willing to start mass transportation of all muslims back to their home countries, they are done. anything short of that is just arranging deck chairs (after the ice berg hits)

    • @ SH IV – Our problem with Muslims is similar to yours with illegal Mexicans, and others from south of the border, who now represent somewhere around 11 million, or 3.5 percent of the total U.S. population. If you can come up with an effective plan to deport nearly 4% of your population then we can use that same technique to rid ourselves of the millions of Muslims we have here.

      The problem is obvious, the solution is not so clear. The logistics alone would be incredible when you stop to consider what it took to withdraw about 3-million troops from Europe at the end of WW2. And those men WANTED to leave!

      Interesting Wiki article on demobilization –

      • Here’s your solution: Instead of paying them to stay and ruin Germany, pay them to leave. A monthly check will go a long way in the places from which they came, or any other hellhole of their choice. Those who don’t leave by the date which you set get deported without a check, and delivered by parachute if necessary. You’re fucking Germans, figure it out. But first, hang Merckel, or they will know you are not serious.

      • mexicans can walk back and many are now. We already deport in the high 6 figures, even with bathouse barry in office. Just put a bounty on illegal visitors and they will be gone in a week.

        • IMO there is no reasonable comparison between Mexicans and Muslims. Have you ever seen say, a half-dozen or so, Central American roofers show up at your neighbor’s house at dawn on what will be a scorching hot summer day (I’m in Middle TN) and throw down bales of shingles and hammer away all day long? The work will continue on into the NEXT week because your wife went out there and got an estimate to replace your old roof! Honestly, I have never heard of anyone complaining about the speed and quality of their work. God love ’em, I say. A similar sized group of Muslim males would be standing around waiting for the coffee delivery and making harassing remarks and sucking noises thru their teeth at any non-burka clad females passing by. Not sure who would take charge/responsibility for any work getting done. I respect the work ethic of the Mexicans, but do not condone lawbreaking on the grand scale that is taking place now. Work has nothing to do with this.

          • Thank you Yankee Girl for your observations. I am a 2nd Gen American who is red-white & blue butI really don’t care for the many derogatory comments on this site in about “Mexicans.” Not that I am defending those people but my stock is exactly what you described, law-abiding, hardworking, Christian people who became middle class in this country through sheer determination by using the opportunities provided by this country. Don’t get me wrong. I am American. If I go to Mexico, they let me know that I am not “one of them.” They know I am an Americano.

            Yes, there are gangs, criminals and things like MS-13 but I always ask “Just who is it that allows illegal immigration to exist?” “Who is it that provides all the freebies that keep the flow of illegals coming?” “Who is it that provides all the legal protections for these people who, regardless of need for economic opportunity, have broken the law by coming to the US illegally?”

            It is the politicians and Big Business. It is predominantly “white” people. So where is the anger and spittle towards the people who “create” this frick’in mess and allow it to continue? I want to puke when I hear some supposedly open minded and educated, high IQ pretender, blame everything on Mexicans. I recall when Pete Wilson was governor of California, and this was in the ’90’s, blamed the states’ financial problems on illegals from Mexico. Never mind all the stupidity that ensues in all other areas of government and business in California … it was the fault of “Mexicans.” Sure they share the blame. But it is only one factor of many that contributes to the mess we are in today. And except for the small group, La Raza, who want “La Reconquista” of the lands lost in the War with Mexico, Mexicans do not go around wanting to establish a Caliphate and threatening to kill all non-believers, and are spreading like a virus worldwide.

            Come on people, I expect more from you.

      • Sorry, but the solution is very clear if you want/i> to see it. Take away the rewards that draw the invaders. Don’t give them welfare. Don’t give them public housing. Fine companies and even individuals who hire the few who want to work. Tear down every mosque. Make Muslim lives miserable and unprofitable. They will self-deport.

        What’s that you say? If you do all those things, some will become rapists and terrorists? Good point, at least you’ve avoided that.

      • If you think it is impossible Karl, then it will be for you. You keep generalizing, that resistance is futile, or all but impossible. How can you solve a dilemma if before you even begin in your heart and mind you have surrendered?

  10. What in the hell happened to the men of Europe?? Can all aggression be bred out of a person?? Did the World Wars 1 &2 kill off all the warriors? Does the socialist nanny states genetically produce suicidal wimps that don’t have the instinct to protect their country and families?? These Islamic mass slaughter events make me very angry. Any Islamic nut threaten me or mine I wanna stomp their guts out…..( read want to…) . But by God I would do what it takes to protect me or mine…

  11. The one thing many of us — both, I suspect, European and American — cannot comprehend is why our so-called ‘leaders’ find it necessary to do this to their own people. There would be a case to answer if there were industries begging for more cheap labour, but where I was born (Sheffield) the heavy steel industries were closed down years ago and the cutlery business allowed to slip way to the far east. Yes, it hurts buying a set of cutlery stamped as being made in Taiwan or Malaysia or wherever when Sheffield plate was arguably among the best. Once.

    But putting more and more people into a crowded country (and the UK has a huge population density) who frequently contribute little to the economy other than drive taxis and run kebab shops is a puzzle, given too their rate of breeding and the inevitable increased costs to the health and education systems, and that’s not even counting the need for beefed-up security which if anything, merely reduces our freedoms. I may have mentioned before that I have a relative who teaches people with learning difficulties: one of her students was an asian lad who had brain damage from being run over by his father’s car. A tragedy indeed, but apparently the man was hurrying to see his second wife, leaving the child with his first wife. We westerners, native to our countries, are not allowed to have more than one wife (or, to avoid accusations of sexism) women cannot have two husbands. But this foreign man not only had at least two wives, each drawing generous benefits from a system he had barely contributed to, but his careless eagerness for whatever pleasures he craved resulted in an extra load on the UK’s health and education needs. Add to that the large incidence of disabilities caused by in-breeding between marrying cousins — a feature of life seemingly essential to many immigrants — increases the welfare and healthcare costs enormously.

    An old (white) guy I knew once asked openly the simple question: ‘Why are muslims here?’ He was derided by some younger people I knew as being “out of touch”, but they had no answer to it. Still, they persisted in saying he was just an old man who didn’t understand the world. But it was a question that does need answering and in the light of Paris, Berlin and all the other centres where atrocities were aimed at innocent people. It needs to be answered swiftly if our ‘leaders’ actually cared for the people who originally voted them to power.

    Other than being here to get the welfare benefits and enjoy a ‘better way of life’ (which the immigrants frequently have no desire to participate in: they do not encourage their offspring — as far as I can see — to become architects, painters and ballet dancers and I would almost guarantee they aren’t going to be repairing the sewers if they can avoid it; that’s whitey’s work) it is a mystery to many of us why we should open our borders so generously.

    Someone on twitter said recently, just what is the terrible destiny for a nation that does not have enough muslims? Perhaps our ‘leaders’ know, but they aren’t telling us.

    But all we hear from the people at the top and of course from the media, is this tide of immigration is good for us. However I can think of lots of western families this Christmas who will feel that isn’t true in the slightest.

    The only thing we have is the word “peace” being bandied about when there is clearly no peace to be had.

    • “Why are Muslims here?” To subjugate the non-believers, no more, no less. Everything else going on leads back to that.

    • Indeed! The other question that needs to be asked and answered is, Who are the people who wanted this policy imposed on Western Christians? We all know our political leaders are merely the courtier class, serving the real rulers who mostly go unnamed in public life. It is these unnamed and unelected rulers at the very top who deserve our ire and need to be cut out like a cancer. Throughout time, they constantly escape the law and justice they so richly deserve and go on (or their heirs go on) to impose misery on the next generation in some similarly sociopathic way.

      Yes, many people from Muslim and other incompatible cultures need to be deported from Western Christian cultures to parts of the world where they can live compatibly with those who share their heritage. We are all then free to visit and enjoy each other’s lands as tourists and then return back home to our own heritage and cultures. Right now Christians and Muslims are being set up to fight and kill each other without the real culprits behind this policy being named and dealt with. The goal, I believe, is to erase our Christian heritage and traditions that bind us and from which we are strong. Instead to exist in a degenerate cesspool of underpaid workers, a culture of poor consumers who have no shared heritage and live in misery, fighting and killing each other, while the ruling class sips tea behind tall walls and enjoys having stolen every last penny from the dirt people. There is something wrong with these people and we need to rid ourselves of them.

      Having said all that, wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas. May the light of love shine strongly in us all!

      • @chuckie: you have gotten to crux of matter totally . As I posted in separate comment, behind this deliberate inflicted chaos and destruction and invasion of countries of third works riff raff are the Zionist aristocrats, including Rothschilds. Our numbers are bigger than theirs but they hold the purse strings of the world and that is how they have reigned quietly behind the scenes. All world leaders work for them and although I am a trump supporter, I feel that he too will succumb to this cabal. Their intention is exactly what you state- destroy white God fearing, patriotic , second amendment loving people’s and inflict a OWO of worker bee populations. Do not give up your guns and be ready if necessary for that moment to defend your way of life.

  12. Look at Vladimir and Donald today, talking nukes and peace at the same time. We’re coming into a peace period, loaded with strength of purpose and will not seen since WWII. I hope. I have hope. So does the world now that the current mis administration is almost gone.

    • Putin and Trump appear to be setting the table for a mutually understood form of detente, where each respects the other, seeks advantages where they can quietly and discreetly be found, and understands that both countries are better off if they work together in some areas, even as they compete in others. It is the best that can be asked for, in a situation where national aims converge in some ways, and diverge in other ways. The personal chemistry seems good, too. Each knows already how to play off of the other one, to cleverly needle the other one personally, but in a way that still shows respect. As Russia and the U.S. are the two nations with the massive nuclear arsenals, each one likely dwarfing the number of bombs in the world, exclusive of itself and the other, it is vital that they have open and honest communication. I am so encouraged by this, though Reagan’s old maxim of “trust but verify” still applies.

      • @ Dutch – Agreed. And fortunately, unlike Mr. Obama, Mr. Putin and Ms .Merkle have a decent relationship. Plus, Ms. Merkle speaks Russian, which always helps. I suspect Mr. Obama was seen so weak that Ms. Merkle saw no point in seeking his help, given he didn’t seem to know what was going on half the time, and Mr. Putin had zero respect for Mr. Obama.

        Mr. Trump, Mr. Putin and Ms. Merkle may be able to pull together an alliance that turns things around. A mutually beneficial relationship to protect the west. Russia will never allow American troops on their soil, but Germany is quite willing to welcome them as we always have. This provides a common ground for American and Russian forces to learn how to working closer together instead of against each other. Perhaps Germany can, if nothing else, provide the common ground and assist a stronger alliances between your two countries.

        • A German who does not know how to spell Merkel? Bemerkenswert.

          At any rate, whatever personal sympathies might or might not have existed between Putin and Merkel, she is poison brand now. The hapless Germans are perhaps willing to give her more chances at murdering her own people for the benefit of third world savages, but any politician elsewhere who cooperates with her will be instantly tainted. Putin is not that stupid. Neither is Trump.

    • Even if the new American president were merely an average person with normal sensibilities that would by itself be an enormous change from the indolent, affirmative-action, America-hating fool we have now.

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  14. People keep saying,”poor Europeans” while it seems to me Whites in the US have a much bigger problem. We’re the minority among the young. The Europeans could easily kick out all the non Whites. Could the US? Much harder.

  15. Whether or not it is too late to save Europe is open for debate.

    You answered your own question. The belief, or in this case religion, is the problem, and the politics is simply the symptom. Do you believe Europe is ready to change it’s religion yet? If not then it’s not going to be fixed.

  16. > the long shadow of the English Civil War and slavery.
    I think you mean the American Civil War, rather than Cavaliers vs Roundheads, Cromwell vs Charles and all that.

  17. The sooner the US cuts loose from NATO, the better. Europe under Russian hegemony would be infinitely better than Europe under Muslim hegemony. I’m not saying this is the only choice, just reminding everyone that there are worse enemies on the planet than today’s Russia. Without our presence, Europeans will either grow up, or succumb. Their choice, not ours.

    • If Europe falls, America will not be far behind my friend. We’re in this together. Our enemy is common to us both.

      • You show no sign of knowing who the enemy is. Our enemy is the left, and only the left. If there is no left there are no Muslims in Europe.

  18. I’m old enough to have a direct connection to WW2. My Uncle and his unit were overrun by the German Army Dec 1944. 5 months later this athletic 160 lb fine surgeon weighed 128 lbs and had been digging potatos out of frozen ground with his surgeons hands. If the Muslims kill Germans and the Germans kill Muslims I look at it as a win-win.

    • I would beg to differ. If Muslims kill Christians, the nationality of the Christian is irrelevant.

  19. “In any previous era, the terrorist attack on the Berlin Christmas market would have led to a swift response from government, because doing anything else would have the people in the streets building a scaffold for their rulers.”

    If the elites hadn’t built huge govermental infrastructures supported by lots of men with guns at the ready to protect them from the masses, the lamp posts would be full of them, swinging from their heels, the juicy treats in their eye sockets pecked out by birds.

  20. The dam will first break in Europe, because there are so many different systems and cultures to provide the first spark. Civil war is historically the worst of all war, but I see several places where it is a better option than continuing on as they are. But I agree with Honeypickle. Socialism is the virus of decline. Tradition, custom, courage, distinction, excellence. It prepares people to accept their irrelevance. If all Muslims were removed from Europe the virus would remain. It was the virus that brought them in, after it failed in the original plan to surrender to communism.

    • One thing to notice about democratic socialism, despite the fact that socialism is thought to be a levelling device, is that the elites continue to flourish even more so at the expense of the middle class, even while gaining its consent. It’s like a social compact that is also a suicide pact. A social suicide compact.

      • @ teapartydoc – You seem to think that the American system is superior to anywhere else in the world. But I would point the fact that American kids are more poorly educated, you have one of the highest infant mortality rates, and there are more Americans living in cars and under bridges than in all of Europe combined. And please don’t get me started on the cost of medical care and lack of access to it by the average American.

        America only works if you’re willing to go into debt which is why it’s failing across the board. No city in Europe has declared bankruptcy but in America it’s common place. Pensions plans are already failing from Chicago to Los Angeles. So tell me again which system works better? Someone commented some time in the past that Europeans were poor by American standards. I reminded her that the average German isn’t carrying $15,000 in credit card debt and the average German student has ZERO school debt. No German has lost their home due to a medical condition that the insurance company refused to pay.

        I’m not yet convinced the American system is all that you seem to think that it is. I’m not saying the German system is perfect either. But please stop with the “Socalist” comments, Germany is not a socialist state – period. If any country is socialist and doesn’t know it, it’s the US – In 2011 around 49%of U.S. households received social benefits of some kind. In Germany it’s around 21%. And we all know your politicians are doing exceedingly well in pay and benefits too.

        But I’m sure someone will comment that blacks are the majority of welfare recipients in the US- fair enough. Here in Germany it’s the Turks. But Black or Turk, they’re still citizens so it still counts.

        • White Americans don’t have a high infant mortality rate any more than they have a high homicide rate. And not only do we subsidize your welfare state through our defense costs and your lack of them, but your medical costs are subsidized as well by way of the FDA.
          Americans are half in and half out of two systems, one good and one bad. Like mixing wine and sewage, the result is more sewage. But no matter, you should learn some Hayek. Germans, at the level of their very DNA, are capable of doing some things well that no other race of of people have any business in attempting, and that includes Anglos. If the EU project taught you anything it should have been that.

        • Karl;
          Part of the problem is that it is forbidden by our current elites to tell the truth, particularly about a potentially hostile, alien and inferior (yes, I went there) yet sizable sub-culture existing in our midst here in the US. Apparently after schmoozing and one-upping each other so many times at Davos and Aspen, etc., and being told how wonderful it was (for them) your leaders decided that since this went so swimmingly for us, they needed one too.

          Just like in the DDR, USSR, etc., It’s the process of gaining advantage by reaffirming things that one knows to be lies at some level of your brain that makes for such a bafflingly corrupt elite that is able to maintain power by conflating race with culture.

          We all know that it’s a lie but to admit it goes to a dangerous place.

        • Karl: are you able to keep and bear arms to defend yourself and family. Or are firearms in possession of your govt, and law enforcement? Many of us in america honor the second amendment and are willing to go down fighting – we are the silent majority and may yet be the difference.

        • The proportion of American blacks who hate whites and the country of their birth is, IMO, high. To what extent they can be said to owe any allegiance to the US is not ever going to be measured directly but the popularity of Black Lives Matter, attacks on police, academic failure, crime, parasitism, bastardy, and the composition of the Congressional Black Caucus pretty much tell the whole story.

          I dare say it’s a certainly that Turkish “citizens” similarly have no allegiance to Germany.

          Whose system is “better” is a bizarre issue to raise at this juncture. Europe and America love socialism to one extent or another. OK?

    • Good point. Post-college (1967) I traveled thru Europe on the train from Venice to Istanbul to work on a college professor’s archeological dig. Encountered numerous Turkish men returning home for a break from their jobs in German auto plants. They tried bargaining to purchase my well-worn blue jeans (w/o me in them!!) and we spoke a bit of broken German. That was the week of the 6-Day War in Israel. My landlady in Istanbul, a German of aristocratic background, her daughter, too, were the same maddening woosie type that you see in Merkel and the others. Can’t remember who said this, but “The Germans are either at your feet or at your throat.” Sad but true. I should add, that we’ve got German ancestry on both my and my husband’s sides. Good, strong stock made it over here, thank goodness, and left the dregs behind! P. S. My mother was Russian, so when things get nasty, I’ll be hanging with them. I wonder what Putin is planning for the Centennial Celebration of the March, then October, Revolutions next year?

      • @ Yankee Girl – I think many would agree that the best of Germany’s men – men of honor, strong character, high intelligence, virtue and decency – were obliterated during the war. I’m not talking about the SS or hard core Nazi’s, but the average soldier and professional officers. What was left to populate the country were genetics of the weak, incompetent, and the mentally unfit. Needless to say, when you’re down to the bottom of the barrel – you can’t expect much as a result. There are the few exceptions, but it’s basic genetics. We joke that in Bavaria people don’t walk far to find a partner. Which is why so many small towns have just a few last names. That’s probably not helping our current situation today.

      • The “at your feet or at your throat” comment was originally made by Nietzsche. I think it also applys to Gays as well.

  21. The simple answer is that societies are held together by the middle class and when that class is decimated by concentration of wealth and power it stops reproducing. This happens all the time. In Greece the Alcmeoninds got power by catering to the seagoing classes who ran the triremes and the traders and the hoplites simply quit. That’s the story of the Old Oligarch. That’s why Polybius talks about the countryside in Greece being decimated and women exposing infants rather than raising them. Why guys like Xenophon were off doing mercenary work in Persia. Grant describes the same thing about the Romans in The Fall of the Roman Empire. Interesting that you would describe the German leadership as thumbless; Roman men used to cut off their thumbs to avoid military service in the late Empire.
    The elites always come up with solutions that somehow never seem to include them giving up power unless they are viciously and thoroughly slaughtered with great zeal. These include arrogating all the women to themselves for breeding purposes, because, after all, they would’ve at the top of they didn’t have the best genes, (and having good genes includes the ones where you kill off any competent competition that you’re afraid of, I guess). Conquest and slavery. Or importing labor and soldiers. The former two were used by the Ottomans. The Greeks and Romans a combination of all three, and modern elites use the latter, which was also used by the others, but our guys have limited options because they are oh so enlightened. In the theory of Middle American Radicals the elites use the lower classes as a cudgel to beat up the middle classes and destroy them while concentrating wealth and power. The only thing we have is the vote and alternative media. I’d like to make one more suggestion. Don’t stop loading up on arms. These fuckers aren’t going down without a fight.

  22. Great post! Folks on this blog are well aware that math rules the physical world, but Europeans seem to have blocked it from their consciousness. There are at least 4 billion third worlders who would love to immigrate to the wealthy countries in Europe and North America. (China and Japan have made it clear that they will not accept aliens.) The consequences of allowing even a small fraction of such violent, low IQ and usually primitive people into western countries are ridiculously predictable, as “Camp of the Saints” shows. Yet….none of our “leaders” will even discuss the situation, for fear of being ostracized from the Elites. (Trump maybe being an except.) This baby is going down…..sauve qui peut.

  23. ” . . . Germany is now run by a collection of thumbless boobs. ” Well, duh. Boobs have nipples. Of course they are thumbless.

  24. One of my European cultural experiences consisted of teaching high school level history in a traditional school in a wealthy and conservative suburban area of the U.K. (Hampshire, specifically). The existing curriculum consisted of teaching the kids how Great Britain exploited and abused India, and how the U.S. exploited and abused the American Indians. (Not a word about Ireland, admittedly a difficult subject to try to sort out, hmm…)

    Given free reign, I decided to split the class into two groups. One group was to role play those loyal to King George in Revolutionary America, the other to role play the breakaway Revolutionaries. Study up, and be prepared to make your case. Invoke the then-current events and famous and powerful people.

    Well, the faculty was flummoxed, the parents complained, and the kids were absolutely lost. This was the mid 1980s. At a “good” school with smart kids, a wealthy community, spit and polish, school uniforms and daily morning prayers and lectures and so on, but no one could exercise any real thinking or the forming of an argument. No one knew how to go about studying source material to build a narrative or some sort of philosophical thread. No one even had any interest in trying. These were the up-and-coming children of the upper middle class, not the dregs and not the entitled Eton-Oxford-Cambridge types. This group of kids was the real hope for the future. No chance, wasn’t gonna happen. I learned all I needed to know about Europe’s future in that one term.

    • Dutch : wealth is a poison to the nervous system and brain … The super affluent youth and their parents were suffering degeneracy as many ascendant nations have done. We are seeing this in Europe – at the height of civilization, citizens have lost their virility and ability to think and survive . Look at the great Viking culture of strong and virile peoples – look at what liberalism and comfort have done to them 🙁

    • To know one’s surprise, the German murder rate in the US is 0.9. The French murder rate in the US is 1.2. The African murder rate is, well, let’s move on. Nothing to see here.

      • Oh you Raaacist. Thats bad think. The thought police might try to shut you down Z, like they did to Dave over at Happy Acres for speaking the truth about, well race.

    • Almost all of the murders in the US are minorities killing each other. Blacks alone commit 61% of US homicides…or as Scott Adams says “guns are used by Democrats to shoot other Democrats.” The white homicide rate is extremely low, roughly .2 per 100,000.

    • why not mention the homicide rate in south side chicago, that would be really eye popping. or in saint louis. or detroit. hmmm, i sense a thread running through all of those places of great slaughter…

      also, cuck

    • Yes, but exactly, just who is murdering whom?
      Subtract men of african decent murdering others, those numbers take on an entirely different bent.
      Remember, Black Lives Matter, when they do.

      • the really interesting filter to apply to the murder rate, is to check if the murder victim was a person with a criminal record. a shit ton of murders involve inter-criminal disputes.

        • Can those statistics even be trusted? Seriously. Like political poles, employment figures, GDP, the supposedly not fake news, globull warming, immigration figures, everyone who controls the publication of these rates numbers and figures, the EPA, DOJ, CIA, FBI, the Fed etc, has an agenda or are driven by ulterior motives.
          To be even more specific, you see all the times fudging such “statistics”, like so called murder rate. How many are justifiable homicide, how many are people who are killed by any number of ways, accidentally, or suicide, or who have died in the presence of a weapon, happens all the time, it’s a huge country right? Statistics in this world of ours are what anybody wants them to be. Who certifies these statistic creators? Who checks the checkers. And then there’s the context issue. We have one city with a higher homicide rate than some entire foreign country’s, applied to our entire population. Does this reflect on the vast majority of American’s as the worlds highest rate of murderers?

  25. When Europe is majority Muslim and we are at war with them, people who ask how did this happen? will only have to look to this piece.

  26. I note 2 things with this disaster:

    1. They must not teach history in any meaningful way in Western Europe any longer. Their ancestors spent 11 centuries trying free themselves from Muslim invaders (the Muslims invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 711, the Greeks finally gained independence from the Ottomans in 1829). Inviting them back in less than 2 centuries later is madness, particularly since Middle Eastern / North African Muslim society hasn’t progressed and inch in that time.

    2. The Eastern European nations don’t seem to be buying into the madness. Maybe the decades of Communist rule left them less inclined to believe leftist idiocy.

    • My hunch is fifty years of fighting the homogenizing effects of international communism, as well as pushy Russians, is the reason the former communist nations are far more patriotic. East Germans are the exception, but that is due to their unique status in the Soviet Block and then being absorbed by West Germany.

      • All predicted by Johann Gottfried Herder in the eighteenth century. Wikipedia: Following a trip to Ukraine, Herder wrote a prediction in his diary (Journal meiner Reise im Jahre 1769) that Slavic nations would one day be the real power in Europe, as the western Europeans would reject Christianity and rot away, while the eastern European nations would stick to their religion and their idealism, and would this way become the power in Europe.

        • The Slavic states, to some degree, mirror the Muslim intensity in religious devotion. What I mean by that is where the Muslim says “It is the will of Alah”, Slavs would say “It’s the will of God”. In both cases, they relinquish responsibility for their own failures and accept defeat as God given. This is one of the reasons they failed to progress like the rest of Europe and ultimately why Germany lead the way in central Europe as the dominant power. Western Europeans understand the difference between God’s will, and personal responsibility. A simple example would be if a German over sleeps, he doesn’t blame God, he accepts the fact he failed to set the alarm.

          When a group of people take personal failure as God’s will, it’s easy to give up and quit. Germans don’t see it that way and for the most part neither do most northern Europeans. I’m quite sure most Americans don’t either. Which is why as Christian nations, we in the west have both done so well.

          • Regardless. From here it looks like Herder is right. The only reason the prediction becomes known is because it seems to be coming true. Otherwise it remains an obscure text. The onus is on a Western Europe that looks like it has completely lost its faith from this side of the pond to prove it has the kettle to pull through.

        • After traveling in both America and the Russia of Nicholas I, Tocqueville wrote about the Two Young Giants, and predicted that one day they would bestride the world between them.

      • I’m aware of some slight anecdotal evidence of East Germans making it unwise for “migrants” to venture out at night and attacking hostels. (Also of the occasional arson of planned hostels in the west.) Perhaps there is still less tolerance for mealy-mouthed politicians in the east.

  27. Indeed. Europeans have long suffered from a sever case of learned helplessness, and they reconcile by pretending its enlightenment.

    • I wouldn’t count them out, not by a long shot. There is a grass roots uprising under way, just as it is here in America.

      • It could go any which way, both here and over there. People want to follow leaders, and want to be told what to think. MacKay’s Madness of Crowds, or Canetti’s Crowds and Power. People will choose their poisons, and things will play out. They will claim “I didn’t know” if it turns out badly. As Uncle Remus of Woodpile fame counsels, “Stay away from crowds”.

        • Not everyone, wants to be told what to think Dutch, and that’s the great battle of our time brewing.
          There are people who do not look to be led, but be inspired to greater things, by leaders. There is a big difference there.
          The totalitarians among us are in for a big surprise.

    • Yes, exactly. The “enlightened” can then look down their noses at the crude tough Americans providing their security.

        • The great virtues do not exist unless Evil is acknowledged and confronted. Without the battle, where would be courage? Without suffering where would be compassion?-Fay Voshell

          Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. -Benjamin Franklin

      • I suspect the a great sea change in the offing on that score. Too long have those “men” hid behind those crude tough American’s. And these so called leaders of the major western nations have strayed so far from the of Constitution and the rule of law that they are now considered by a conscious plurality and growing, rightfully so, to be rogue and illegitimate.
        A high Master said: As little as meat can remain without salt and yet not become corrupt, so little can a man remain without fighting.”

    • At the same time, during the last sixty years, any attempt by the US to “shirk our responsibility” has brought forth outraged shrieks the “We must do something” to fulfill our “responsibilities”. This induced helplessness probably dates back to the Marshall Plan and the Berlin Airlift. And that was occasioned by memories of how Versailles and the incomplete settlement led to a Second World War. “If America does not ‘save Europe from itself’, it will be responsible for the inevitable World War Three”. If the generals are always preparing to win the last war, the politicians are always trying to prevent the last war.

  28. Because cultural marxism’s reason for existing is to exterminate White Christian Western Civilization
    The human extinction movement does not have the physical means to do this, thus importing an expeditionary army of blood thirsty musloids, whose “religion” has an ideology, an agenda of world rule uncannily similar to the ideology of the cultural marxist. It is a match made in Hell.

    • Somehow, I don’t expect to see Karl comment on that first pic (or on this thread in general).

      The STAZI is strong with Merkel.

      • Ya could be, but I’ll tell you what my friend, Karl is like so many of us, trying to figure out this insanity foisted on us by these maniacs and psychopaths. I include myself. If anything. “Ol Karl and his fellow German’s have a really tuff roe to hoe, and we all need each others help, even our vocal consent and support, if we are going to restore sanity to our hemisphere. Solidarity among us Deplorable’s is a powerful force of change for good. This world is really screwed up because of the elites or whatever they are. “Elites”, how I testiest that term, for they are neither. There is something truly sick and demented about these people. Us dirt people are going to have to wrest from their clutches the levers of power, in no uncertain terms, permanently, without prejudice, or mercy. because if even one of them remains they will keep right on infecting this world with their malicious cunning and evil. In the end I believe us dirt people win. Yet it will be a tribulation, if for no other reason those with their hands on the levers of power will not stop till they are vanquished.

        • One thing that can be said of Z man’s commenters, is that they are engaged, they are using the articles and the give-and-take of the comments to find some level of greater understanding. You cannot be a legit participant in this little Z man project without that hunger for trying to figure out what is going on, what we should think about it, and what we might be able to do about some of it. I value Karl’s inputs, even though I don’t always agree with his perspectives, and I have respect for his willingness to share freely in a forum in which few, if any, share his cultural and national background. It takes a certain moxie to share when the rest of the group does not share your background and experience.

          • @ Doug & Dutch – I really had to think about this one because there is really more to all this than just a quick paragraph since much of what we are seeing today can be traced back to US and European foreign policies that go back 20-years or more.

            As mentioned before, and forgive me for repeating myself, we Germans never fully appreciated what immigration would mean, at least not on this scale. Remember, we have had Muslim Turks who came here as guest workers since the 1960’s and all though they have not really assimilated into our society, they really have not been a problem. On the contrary, we suffered more terrorist attacks from our own Red Army Faction and other anarchist groups than we did from Muslim ideology back in the 80’s and 90’s. The increased crime rate after the EU open borders policy was enacted was directly connected to Eastern Europeans (Poles, Romanians, etc.), than Muslim Turks.

            That’s part of the reason why I think many Germans were accepting of Muslim refugees coming here given it was supposed to be a limited number, for a limited time, and specifically for Syrian women and children to escape the war zone. None of us expected the flood of young males that actually showed up from everywhere else other than Syria. And we certainly didn’t expect their hateful and entitled attitude when they got here either.

            France and to some degree the UK have had a long history of their commonwealth citizens coming to their countries and for the most part, they were really not a problem. Many Germans believe the crux of the issue has been no thanks to bad US policies across the middle east for the past 20-years, Islam as polarized against the west as never before. Remember when Iran and Iraq were fighting it out for years, using a mix of US and Russian technology against each other? Those were the “good old” days when they were busy slaughtering each other and not us.

            Now all of that has changed and Islam is looking west to take revenge on everything that’s been going on from Desert Storm to today’s drone strikes. Now they have access to weapons and equipment left behind by the US, easy access to cell phones, and the internet. I understand the purpose of US attacks, but when you obliterate peoples families, you don’t win over hearts and minds of the survivors to the benefits of democracy and western ideology.

            Now, Islam has gained a foot hold in Europe and is using our liberal cultural values against us – and when I say liberal, it’s the same as in the US where we allow freedom of religion, open press, freedom of expression – these are all liberal western ideas, not something you find in conservative, controlling autocratic and theocratic societies.

            Long story short, I don’t see the the current situation as a no-win for Germany or Europe. There’s going to be a tipping point and I suspect we will be reaching it sooner than later. Just how Europe will pull together to deal with it all is another question. But we’re not quite ready to roll over just yet as people are waking up to the reality of what the “religion of peace” is really all about.

          • “Remember when Iran and Iraq were fighting it out for years, using a mix of US and Russian technology against each other? Those were the “good old” days when they were busy slaughtering each other and not us.”

            ah yes, the ole “self-cleaning oven” ….. like the ghettos,and/or drug cartels….it dont have to look good if it works.

            Karl all good points and I too see Russia the US and Europe finally waking the F__k up and joining together in peaceful partnership to rid the western cultures of Islaamic disease….it would nice if the MENA countries would do their part to suffocate radical Islaam… the end of the day it is their family….not ours.

          • Yo Karl read my comment above. What the hell is wrong with you Krauts?? It should be ” pitchfork and torches ” time in the streets…

          • You where in all likelihood never intended to appreciate what the EU political elites immigration strategy was implemented for until it is too late. That is pretty standard operating procedure of both our governments intentional actions in not protecting the interests of it’s native peoples operates. A fellow on Reddit has a post along these lines regarding Merkel. Linked it for you below.
            Karl, you got to decide one day to submit or start to cut fence. How long are German’s going to go along with this crap? It’s your survival as a culture and civilization that is at stake. To fight back is the most right thing possible. Evil people are trying to take everything from you, you all got nothing to loose and everything to gain:

            BREAKING: I believe I have uncovered evidence that Angela Merkel is intentionally allowing ISIS to operate in the EU
            submitted 13 hours ago *

          • Doug, I would only change your last sentence around “Islam has nothing to lose and everything to gain.” Europe, the land of culture and civilization is rolling over and giving it up like a bitch. Why? Zman posits it is Cold War legacy and I agree. The commies continued to work in Europe after WW2. All was weak and disorganized and those with a plan started work in fertile ground … complete destruction to build their dream … the socialist’s paradise. The advent of the EU, and other “socialist” governments since have thoroughly infected the population with brainwashing that is now bearing fruit. When you look at the similarity in thinking, the lockstep between the rulers in Brussels and Zurich, oh yes, Switzerland is not such a benevolent haven (think money!), it is no wonder ideas like open borders and racism due to nationalism are running rampant in the minds of most. Just how one extrapolates the Nazi experience to with legal immigration and border control is a mystery to me. Only a sick culture, one filled with guilt would be susceptible to that kind of manipulation.

            Anyway, I agree that someone had better “man up”, “cowboy up”, “grow a pair”, whatever you want to call it if Europe wants any chance of turning back the mooslum horde. These people are not your friends. They are not peace loving and they do not, I repeat, do not mix. They are like oil and water and never will.

          • Well yes, after all, they are all forms of tyranny. And all the prevarication, obsfucations, misdirections, shiny objects, “look it’s a squirrel”, fabrications, and cultural/class pogroms to the contrary does not change the truth.
            Your thinking makes me think about what Bill Buppert of Zero Gov. blog wrote, a very salient truth, and I might add a most stoic philosophy, Bill said:
            “Critical thinking is thinking about thinking to improve your thinking through better thinking. Get acquainted with the entire fascinating world of fallacies. Practice conversation and Socratic drilling. Identify your bias filters and hone your skills at identifying other people’s filters. Learn to frame arguments properly.”

          • Who is behind socialists and communism ? Look at that . It has nothing to do with a Cold War legacy. Read miles w. Mathis for illumination . Look to the wealthiest Zionist financiers who have been ruling everything for centuries – Marx and Lenin their agents.

          • “Europe’s Bloody Future” Z’s title is self explanatory and allegory. At a certain point, and both our countries are colliding with that future, the why no longer matters. We can chatter away having these polite commentaries, split nuances down to the level of sub atomic particles, the islamic horde is here and they have knives and axes, 50 ton trucks, bombs, rape and pillage, and the seripticious blessings and financial support of our elected “representatives”.
            And you Karl, are apologizing for your countrymen’s foibles and mistakes of omission, whilst an army of unelected unaccountable enablers of this musloid horde are opening the Gates of Vienna.

          • Fuck you. The Poles should steal every single thing they want from you German pricks, and then burn the rest. Fuck you blaming. Poles for crime in Germany. I hope you are all castrated and made eunuch slaves by the Muslim invaders.

          • Well, why don’t the Polish do that, if they are so inclined or capable?

            Are you crying about past wrongs or am I missing something about current day events?

          • “I understand the purpose of US attacks, but when you obliterate peoples families, you don’t win over hearts and minds of the survivors to the benefits of democracy and western ideology.”

            Kill enough of them you do. It worked for Germany and Japan in 1945 until now. It’ll work for the muslims once the West reaches a decision to vanquish rather than appease the islamic cancer.

          • It seems to many of us in U.S. that laws are being enacted in Germany and EU that it’s a hate crime to speak out against this unfettered immigration. your freedom is kaput. Read daryl Bradford smith or try to get access to his interviews – he had to shut down his website when France made it a crime to criticize the government. Unless this is turned around, Germany and France are kaput and that is exactly what the global cabal have in mind. The cabal consists of the wealthiest financial families in the world including Rothschilds and rockefellers whom your merkel and Hollande work for. Our U.S. leaders work for them too.

          • You are right Grace. It astounds me how people are being “taken to court” for simply speaking their minds. Stories are from various countries in Europe but Big Brother is keeping is boot on the neck starting with free speech.

          • Let’s play: that is how it starts – they take away free speech which they have done with hate speech laws etc and all this ridiculous PC stuff

        • @ Doug – Germany is half the size of Texas and twice the population, so we don’t really have anywhere to go. That means we have to come to terms with what’s going on here because we can’t just pick up and head somewhere else. There IS nowhere else. At least in California, if life in the Bay Area gets out of hand, there’s hundreds of thousands of acres in the Sierras and north of Sacramento to “escape” to.

          What I could see is the possibility of Germany and Russia pulling together at some point in the future – which is why many wish the US would stop this nonsense of Russia being the big threat to Europe that the US has created and promoted. Those days are over, and in fact, they really never existed. Have you seen a full on Russian military engagement with any significant force? Of course not. They simply don’t have the manpower, equipment or funding to invade anyone, anywhere. Even their role in Syria is very limited and nothing on the scale of what the US has shown the world in terms of men and material it can put on the ground.

          • Sometimes Karl, you just got to call a cat a cat. There’s no excuses, no apologies, no rationalizing or using emotions as a shield to ignore the truth, whats wrong is wrong, you just got to buck it up and fight for whats right. Or your toast and your race and civilization is finished.

          • Karl my friend, once again you evade the subject. Doug was not talking about “leaving” anything and we are not talking about teaming up with Russia or how any one pokes the Bear. What we are talking about is why Germany IS NOT defending itself from an existential threat. Pure and simple. Are your people so stuck on the teat of the EU that you won’t decide anything for yourselves? I for one appreciate the stand that a few other countries, I believe Hungary and Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, and many others in Eastern Europe. It seems Western Europe has been drinking too much globalist kool-aid.

            And just why you continue to defer out of respect to “Frau” Merkel (just what are local terms of derision for her?) when she is your enemy. Again, plain and simple. She is aiding and abetting your enemies and doing little of significance to defend you, your way of life, or your country. She is basically, as Obama did to Americans, given you the finger, and as Hillary did, called you “Deplorables.” I guess it will take a personal slap in the face, maybe, to get a reaction out of you guys!??

            So you don’t need to go anywhere. You have invaders coming into your home. Do something about it. You don’t need Russia or anyone else, although there would be plenty of countries on your side in the war on terror especially with PE Trump. Take the lead, take the initiative and be the men your forefathers were who created your country. Forget the idiot Hitler and go back to the men of the past who built your land. Your friends will be with you.

      • @ Fuel Filter – While I am not familiar with this photo, if that is Frau Merkel, it wouldn’t surprise me. It was not exactly a choice for the DDR youth any more than it was for my father and most young teens from 1938-1945 who were in the Hitler Youth. Whether or not they really believed the party line is another story to itself. I’m sure we’re all influenced by things in our youth, but eventually we get past those things when we are able to think for ourselves. Given the collapse of the DDR, I believe Frau Merkel is smart enough to recognize a failed system when she sees one. So no, I don’t believe she’s trying to run Germany into the ground. Don’t forget, she’s just the person you see, the real power is behind her, quietly pulling the levers of industry as in all western countries. Our politicians are just as well paid as many in the US and for the same reasons.

        • To expand a bit on an earlier comment, re Merkel:

          You may call a cat a fish, Karl, but it will not swim.

          Or, to put it another way, a tiger cannot change it’s stripes.

          Once a totalitarian always a totalitarian.

          She was born in East Germany, educated in Communism  and participated willingly in the STASI. Look at that pic again. Can’t you see the smile on her ugly mug as she goes about the business of oppression and coercion of a people longing to be free?

          Since Merkel’s invasion started there have been over 200,000 crimes by these rapeugees — a quarter of whom were Syrian—ranging from burglary, simple assault, and shoplifting to rapes and murders last year alone.

          Here is a “Must Read” for a comprehensive overview of what has/is happening in Germany specifically and in Europe in general since the muzloid invasion began, entitled “Had Enough Therapy?: “Multikultistan:” The Price of Muslim Immigration in Europe”.

          I had about 20 more links and some more comments to post but have decided against it for now, so I’ll just close with this:

          Deutschland es tote. Europe, writ large, is toast.  France est mort as is Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands with England following close on Europe’s heels. All your politicians have, with the consent of your “enlightened” voters have  disarmed your populace and are now helpless in the name of more “peaceful” societies, unlike us poor backward, knuckle-dragging and ignorant Americans.  Stick a fork in you guys. You reap what you sow.

  29. “ZMan” – you continuously hit the nail on the head. This one marries perfectly with Matthew Brackens’ “Tet, Take Two”.

    The pendulum does swing. Sometimes when it does, it has blood on it.

  30. socialism is like a drug in that it makes a nation passive and soft. europeans are toast; the muslims are only a symptom of this state (a kind of opportunistic disease).

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