Playing With Fire

The Trump inauguration featured the usual array of public nuisances and troublemakers that are now a feature of public events. If world leaders meet in a city, that city has a riot by anarchist loonies bused in by guys like George Soros. If a country celebrates one of their traditions, lunatics show up to ruin it for everyone. In this case, paid employees inspired supporters of Democrat pressure groups showed up in the Imperial Capital to harass citizens as they attempted to enjoy the spectacle of crowning our new emperor.

I’ve long argued that public protests are anti-democratic, anti-liberal and an assault on civilized order. They are unnecessary in a social democracy. We have elections where the issues of the day can be debated. There’s simply no need to be out in the streets causing trouble. These people yesterday were not there to raise awareness. They were there to intimidate and frighten people. While we cannot ban such things, the punishments handed out for causing trouble should be draconian. Put the rioters in a city jail for a couple of years and this comes to an end.

Normal people will tolerate a fair bit of this, just as long as they can avoid it when going about their business. There’s also an entertainment factor that gives these rioters some room to maneuver. The press loves covering these idiots and people will watch it on TV. Of course, most of the nation’s press corp wishes they could be rioting and looting so they pretend that the rioters are a serious, organic response to oppression. The struggle myth remains a powerful force in Progressive politics.

Property destruction used to be the preferred action of these rioters as it avoided the moral hazard of physical confrontation. If they rumbled with the cops, they could get a beating or worse. If they assaulted people on the streets, something similar could happen. Plus, judges are tough on perps who attack innocent bystanders and cops, while they are lenient on property crimes. Insurance pays for the damage and the miscreants don’t have any money, so it is easier to just let the rioters go.

That’s changing as we keep seeing with Trump events. These lunatics show up and throw eggs, batteries, urine bombs and worse. There were reports that rioters were crapping in their own hands so they could fling it at people. Milo Yabadabadoopolis keeps having his events cancelled because the authorities worry about potential violence. Given that a guy was shot at his last event, it is not an unreasonable fear. It’s the extreme version of the heckler’s veto. Instead of shouting down the person on stage, the heckler opens fire on the audience.

The question that comes to mind is when do we see the other side of this. So far, it has been all leftist crazies assaulting normies, who quietly take it. To their credit, the normies know the media is looking for a reason to blame all of it on them so they have adopted a passive approach to it. Videos are posted on-line and appeals are made to the authorities to do something about the violence. The assumption is the public will side with the victims over the lunatics, even if the press does the opposite and blames the victims.

So far, it has been remarkable that nothing serious has happened. These protesting lunatics are not terribly clever. All it would take is a bit of forethought to lure them into an ambush. How long before some armed normies turn up at an event and wait for the lunatics to give them a reason? The fact that it has not happened is encouraging, but maybe we have just been lucky. There are a lot of young men at Trump events. The alt-right is mostly young men. Young men tend to push back.

The other side of this is something that came to mind watching Richard Spencer get attacked on the street while doing an interview. At the risk of breaking the code, Spencer is an attention hound, who I suspect set this up hoping something like this would happen. Doing an interview on the street in front of the lunatics is just asking for trouble. The video was posted by his followers and he has been talking about it nonstop ever since. It’s good public relations for him and his cause. It makes him sympathetic, but also gives him street cred.

Of course, young men looking for street cred of their own will see this as a chance to be part of the action. They can stand guard while guys like Spencer conduct interviews and give speeches. This has been the attraction for black militants since the 60’s. Given the choice between wearing cool outfits and carrying a gun or submissively taking a beating from the cops, young black men naturally are drawn to groups like the Panthers, the Nation of Islam and recently, Black Lives Matter.

It is another example of the dangerous game being played by our Progressives rulers. While the public becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the current order, the ruling class becomes increasingly hostile to the people. By encouraging this sort of mayhem we see outside public events, they are encouraging a response to it. I don’t have much interest in Spencer and the preppy Nazi stuff, but if I’m forced to choose between him and the anarchist rioter, it is not a hard choice.

I’ve been making the point for a while now that Trump and his election are a warning shot across the bow of the ruling class. The public is increasingly frustrated by the unresponsiveness of the ruling class. Reform is long overdue. The support for and election of Trump is that message. If the ruling class ignores it or actively subverts it, what comes next will be much worse. The status quo is untenable, but we are not at a crisis. More videos of citizens being assaulted by leftist mobs and people start thinking the time for half measures has passed.

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  1. Has anyone noticed that Jews and Hasbara are egging on the Right to have open war with the Left? I have. In numerous places WN hang out. Vox Day linked to a article where a Jew went on and on about how the Left bombed the hell out of the country and got away with it. Of course he says the obligatory, you shouldn’t move to violence, but the whole rest of the article is rubbing the noses of the Right into how they’re such pussies for letting them get away with it. The link.

    I would remind people that the Ukraine presently has the West Ukr. fighting the East Ukr. and killing the hell out of each other, while a Jew runs one side and a Jew runs the other side also. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

    Instead of fighting the left in open warfare we need to focus on pushing the authorities to actually prosecute these people who are terrorizing people and breaking the law. We should also use RICO laws to attack their financiers and jail them.

  2. IMO, the Richard Spencer attack is a serious test for the alt-right to determine whether there is any muscle behind the movement or whether they are simply keyboard warriors. If the alt-right is to be taken seriously, there needs to be a focused online effort to publicly identify the attacker, publish his address and employment information, locate him, and ensure that swift and brutal justice is delivered to him. The next would-be attacker will think twice if he knows the payback for a sucker punch is tallied in broken bones.

  3. i was just fantasizing about Soros being pushed off a building, and then it hit me. Soros and the other uber assholes of the left are “canaries in the coal mine” for their side. As long as they are drawing breath, then nothing to untoward is going on deep-state wise. If a bunch of Davos cock suckers start getting visits from the Parallax Corp, well, then something epic is afoot.

      • Brides? You sexist! Snowflakes say gender is just a social construct…

        So one of the Soros thugs, first day of his 10 year sentence for felony rioting, meets his Dindu cell mate. Dindu asks, “So it looks like we’re married here; you wanna be the husband or the wife?”

        Snowflake thinks for a second and says, “Um, I guess I’ll be the husband.”

        Dindu replies, “That’s good, now get on your knees and suck your new wife’s dick.”

        🙂 Heard that one watching F-16s take off many moons ago.

        • the sweet sweet irony of it all; the white sjw will either have to “get married” or join the Aryan Brotherhood, in order to survive.

          • Oh damm. AB got started to fight prison rapes in Florida, 98.4% black-on-white (that’s a literal statistic)

          • Shucks, forgot- Dindu gangsters in DC loved that joke. Son-of-a-guns actually flagged me safe passage thru Crip territory (they were Bloods), delighted to for a chance to do a neighborly thing.

            Even had Crips in Detroit salute the vehicle flag 3 days after 911- after I spent a frightening hour at a seething, hate-filled Ford plant with a nearly all Muslim workforce.
            The Crips might be gangsta, but dammit they were also Americans. I got tears in my eyes.

  4. Hey kids, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Remember Wisconsin. Think back to the ordeals of Governor Scott Walker.  The “wymen” activists will use the same tactics against the Trump administration, but they will be on steroids.
    Who are these people? NEA, AFT, SEIU, and their allies, various and assorted lefty organizations, NGOs, as well as, anyone else who is dependent on the government trough. Noble, nah; self serving, YES.

  5. Ive been thinking that a lot of folks patience is wearing thin . There’s a progression here that paralleles politics. 10 or so years ago when the Bushies went on a spending spree a group called Porkbusters organized to protest. The establishment sat on them. Then came the Tea Party. Obama sicced the IRS on them. So Trump got elected.

    • Trump is the last, best shot at resolving all of this peacefully. If he folds or is carried out, the backlash of the “normies” will be quite a thing to witness. White males do two things very well. One, they organize and connive to be as deadly and fearsome as possible, and no one else does it as well. Two, they go “all in”, one things get underway, and will not be deterred, once the organized violence starts. I hope and pray that the weirdos and easily duped are so completely shunned and ostracized, that we never get to that point.

      • that’s like saying “I hope this near fatal fever never breaks”. the status quo cannot hold, and who would want it to anyway?

  6. Soros and his ilk will use paid agitators to provoke Trump and civil authorities until they finally need to crack down on the violence with militance. The media will be there with cameras and present the story to the world as, “See, Trump’s an authoritarian! He’s killing his own people! He must be removed for the sake of human rights and democracy!” Much of the public, having their human compassion exploited with misinformation and not aware it’s a deep state operation, will feel bad for the rioters and agree that Trump is a bad man and we should have someone better in his place. Then the bloodshed between countrymen will begin and the destruction of our nation. We apply this model abroad all the time and it works like a charm.

      • It’s critical that Trump prevails. When he said this is our last chance before we lose our country, he was not exaggerating. Do you think actions and words by media and assorted individuals amount to sedition? I do and I hope it gets brought up — soon. They need to cut off the head(s) of the snake(s). They can do this by enforcing the law on past criminal behaviors that were allowed to occur under corrupt leadership, can’t they?

        “That if any persons shall unlawfully combine or conspire together, with intent to oppose any measure or measures of the government of the United States, which are or shall be directed by proper authority, or to impede the operation of any law of the United States, or to intimidate or prevent any person holding a place or office in or under the government of the United States, from undertaking, performing, or executing his trust or duty: and if any person or persons, with intent as aforesaid, shall counsel, advise, or attempt to procure any insurrection, riot, unlawful assembly, or combination, whether such conspiracy, threatening, counsel, advice, or attempt shall have the proposed effect or not, he or they shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanour…”

          • Chuckie is quoting from a totalitarian statute pushed by a guy who thought he should be immune from criticism. The Sedition Act of 1798 was the antithesis of the spirit of 1776.

    • in 1980 it might have worked. in 2017 we will always have independent cameras where trouble starts.

  7. Watching some you tube footage of people in some Washington demonstrations, I couldn’t help but notice how everyone was holding their phone up to record a mostly boring gathering…I struggled to fine one person who was not recording their awesomeness and being a part of something so righteous! Most people were standing around playing with their phones, waiting for someone they could hate to wander by. The Deploraball demonstration is a good example of the righteous hatred and the hypocritical irony lost on the holy children of Obama.
    I’m more irritated at the women’s rights march today where the interviews reveal how good they ‘feel’ to know so many others are as despondant as they. They vow to (in the words of their god) ‘fight on’ for the rights of a long list of acronyms that exclude Trump supporters. I think what’s needed is a march in Washington to show support for the pres…. maybe in spring, or the 4th of July. Heck, have Milo lead and organize it just to make it more irritating to the left. The glaring red-filled map of the electoral college of the US has not convinced them. A march of deplorables may do the trick.

    • march a million trumpers through SF if you want to see the splodey heads go boom. oh, and have them all armed.

  8. The right to peaceful (!) demonstrations was quasi-sacralized in Western political culture at a time before the internet and even before widespread television. At a time, therefore, when people showing up on the streets in large numbers often really was the only effective way to let the rulers know about popular sentiment on given issues between elections. So originally there was a good reason to make the right to demonstrate pretty much sacrosanct.

    Today though, in a completely different communication environment, the original rationale for this has disappeared, and I don’t see why we must look at demonstrations with the same degree of political piety.

  9. The “riots” and the public response to it shakes out like this:

    For all those lunatic miscreants, there are thousands of pretty normal people sitting back saying to themselves, “Oh really? Watch this shit,” and then they lower the boom on the disinherited.

    Trump’s election was two parts reform, and five parts revenge. His speech couldn’t have been more of a direct “F.U.” to the people sitting behind him without Trump literally turning around and giving them all the finger. It was glorious.

    Those rioters? They’ll eventually sober up and go home. The PMS-brigade marching today? Same thing. Nothing really bad is going to happen to them or their supporters, and that’s going to become apparent in the coming months and years. You can only scream like that for so long before people just tune you out entirely.

    Or they sit back, and they wait patiently, and then they strike where it will cause the most pain. In Trump’s case, he has the 2018 mid-terms coming up AND THE WIND IS AT HIS BACK if our small, regional, faction-party, known as “the Democrats” gives him too much crap.

    • Hokkoda: Love it! “Trump’s election was two parts reform, and five parts revenge. His speech couldn’t have been more of a direct “F.U.” to the people sitting behind him without Trump literally turning around and giving them all the finger. It was glorious.”

      Hey, how come I can’t upvote this 10 times?

  10. A rioter with a Molotov should be treated by the cops as a rioter with a pistol and shot on sight. There is something very un-PC about setting people (cops) on fire for the sake of some street theatre.

  11. The Women’s March in cities around the world today reminds us of another immortal gem by Zman: “First the women take over, then they let in the crazies.”

  12. There is a good video, just posted two days ago on January 19, available on You Tube entitled, “America Under Siege: Civil war 2017”. From Capital Research Center, written and hosted by Trevor Loudon, 22:36 in length.

    Goes into some depth about the working of these subversive groups, names names, and organizations. Was very interested in the Russian involvement but don’t know the veracity of what is implied in that section. Worth your time to have a look, listen.

  13. “The struggle myth remains a powerful force in Progressive politics.” Does it ever! This is one of my favorite campus tropes – the ponytailed history professor preaching to hungover 18 year olds, whose spiel makes it sound like Haymarket Square was only yesterday and President Cleveland is about to turn the Army loose on the Homestead strikers. The grad students in my program loved “the struggle” so much that they unionized themselves right out of pay, bennies, and in some cases jobs. The “capitalists” in this country have been Proggie stooges for half a century now, and you’d think **history** profs would know this, but… well, that’s academia for you.

  14. There will be no response from elected officials in America. Organized, low-level political violence has been a constant of left-wing politics in America since the 1800s. There was a brief lull during the WW1 and WW2 era, but it picked back up in the 1960s and has been a mainstay since then. Low-level violence has become an accepted form of politics for the American left.

    The right has abandoned low-level violence as a political tactic. I can’t recall an instance of political violence instigated by the political right in America since the hardhat riots in NYC in 1970. Perhaps the left’s response to the Trump era will reignite the appetite for political violence on the right.

    The Nazis rose to power in no small part because they were the only ones willing to adopt the street tactics necessary to put down the communists in Wiemar Germany. Perhaps there’s a lesson to learn there.

  15. People have forgotten or obscured the real lesson of the 70s. Riot at the Democratic convention and you get a “police riot”. Get violent on the campuses and regular folks shrug when the Guard shoots a few.

    Block traffic enough and someone will eventually get hurt. I can’t tell you his many commenters I’ve seen that want a RICO investigation of Soros. Regular folks lose their tolerance for this nonsense. It will not end well.

  16. Saw an interesting comment- that the suddenly shut-down Clinton Foundation Global Initiative was a CIA front like Ford Foundation, the one Obama’s mother and grandmother worked for in Indonesia and Pakistan.

    It would be reasonable to assume that Soros, like these endlessly multiplying ‘nonprofit’ fronts, also have the imminity and backing of the Deep State. His cofounding partner of Carlyle Group, Pappy Bush, certainly did.

  17. a couple of excellent movies that I think are very appropos for the situation here in america, now, are:

    Missing 1982 Jack Lemon

    Salvador 1986 James Woods

    and a little gem I suddenly remembered, that made me giggle:

    Z 1969 directed by Costa-Gavras (look for the dubbed version)

  18. Just reading over at… “Mrs. Trump cares deeply about issues impacting women and children, and she has focused her platform as First Lady on the problem of cyber bullying among our youth.”

    With that little shitbird from SNL tweeting that Barron will be the “country’s first homeschool shooter,” here’s to hoping that soon NBC will have to broadcast a cold opening with, “Live from Rikers, it’s Saturday Night!”

    • you know, a lot of “funny” things happen nyc. like writers walking in front of subway trains.

  19. These “protesters” are protected by the police.. and usually do the severe stuff in cities where they know the mayor or police chief has given them the nod. So police ENABLE these punks to disrupt and inflict themselves on normies. AND if normies finally push back the cops intimidate the normie or even arrest them to “diffuse” the conflict. It’s only a matter of time, like you say Z and history is replete with examples.

    Normies have assets, generally respect the rule of law (heh) and have jobs to lose if they do stupid stuff. I think they, we, will take a lot because we have to. The left counts on this. They know this is how it works. Look at how Bill Ayers is somehow able to flow around and stir up stuff. That guy should be in jail. The normies are going to put enormous pressure on police agencies and the DOJ to crack down sooner than they’ll organize and fight back. If Hillary had been elected and the DOJ continued as under Obama, I think we’d have been in for a serious threat of normie organization and reaction. With Trump and Sessions, we have a chance to allow them to do their jobs and restore order and safety to the public square. We will see. Interesting times for sure.

    • In schools, the leftists call what you describe “zero tolerance”. Meaning punish the bullied; the normie victims. Now we see the grown up consequences of their insidious leftist experiment with the kids. Time to drain the swamp, indeed!

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  21. Aunt Maude who, let’s say, has voted democrat her entire life, watches the entire show yesterday and notices the contrast between the handsome, polite and well mannered Trump family against the rude, unwashed, green haired crazies and makes a judgment about what kind of family she wants. Perhaps she will vote differently in the next election.

    • Yeah, but then she’ll watch the March for Women today, and get all teary-eyed about her Sacred Abortion Rights (and be reminded of Trump’s “pussy” comment — which was taken out of context, but SHE will never know that since the media will never tell her.) And as soon as Trump nominates anyone to the Supreme Court who’s not a dyed-in-the-wool pro-abortion maniac, Aunt Maude will be receiving hysterical fundraising appeals in the mail every day from Planned Parenthood, NARAL and all the others… And no matter how many positive economic and other changes the Trump administration working with a Republican Congress may make in her life, the threat to her Sacred Abortion Rights will override all, and guarantee that she keeps voting Democrat. These people WORSHIP at the altar of baby-killing. It’s satanic.

  22. My worry, Z, is that the progressives don’t understand violence (90% have never been in a fight would be my guess). If this starts to go high order, they will do what they always do, which is to throw money at it. That will bring out the very worst elements who will ratchet up the violence more. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Of course they are already throwing money at the problem by employing anarchists to break up store fronts and BLM to shoot cops. They’ll get cocky and eventually try to go into an area where the folks are armed and don’t care. So I guess the cycle has already started. Buy guns and ammo. Get friendly with the good folks in your town, especially cops, vets, and Guardmen.

    • Get to KNOW the cops, vets and Guardmen. I don’t know about the Guard, but I do know that not all cops and vets are good. Discern.

  23. Common sense tells you it is the ring leaders, aka the political and economic elite, their ideological and financing backing, who must be rooted out for what they are, what they are trying to accomplish.
    I don’t care what anybody says, this shit stirring is a mark of evil intentions of people who use others as proxies so they don’t have to get their hands bloody, it is the mark of all tyranny’s and tyrants.
    Dirt people do not do these kind of things. It just is not in their nature. That is not to say dirt people are not capable of violence and other extremes, quite the contrary, dirt people once pushed past their moral tolerance make the most fearsome and indomitable warriors, but most are loathe to become violent and relentless just because it is an ugly bloody miserable business fraught with terrible consequences. It’s called prudence and grace, it is worth everything, until that itself is at stake. So yes, it is playing with fire.
    There is a noble and virtuous axiom, But there for the grace of God I go.
    Can’t speak for anyone but me, that right there is the Whole Armor of God. It is powerful medicine, not to be trifled with.

    • when Zman says “what comes next” is much worse than Trump, he is correct. what comes next is 4th gen death squads. Professors and loud mouths disappeared without a ripple. Celebrities whose homes burn down around them (with shims stuffed under all the doors so they can’t be opened). Children of opposition politicians drowning. That kind of thing.

      • It is going to be interesting seeing how far the deep state is willing to go. That will tell the tale. Personally it is apparent to me irrelevance and illegitimacy has become a very serious crisis for the actors behind the astroturf. So they are having to fight a two front war on the will of the dirt people. For us dirt people patience is a paramount virtue, it is everything we hold the moral high ground and defend it. If we have to put up with this circus of astroturfing, all the more reason to keep our powder dry. Let them beat themselves against the wall of our solidarity and righteousness. It will cause them to panic further when they can mot cause us to react on their terms, they end up reacting to our terms,
        The whole act is predicated on getting a reaction that then they can turn around and say Look! See< they are racists and white supremacists, because as we all know, the 5th column media is just waiting to pounce. Same old tired stick. I think what they haven't all figured out yet, nobody gives a rats arse what they or the media has to say. That door closed and it is a new America.
        But if it is a physical fight they want, by all means, go right ahead. They are going to have to start that, The onus is on them. Not a good position to be in, MAGA rules now. Fear does not. They want a bloody revolution, it is going to be the last thing the sonofabitches ever do.

        • the more interesting (to me) question is how the deep state has been hauled into the light, due to factional in-fighting. this spy-vs-spy stuff with all kinds of new ‘connections’ between graph nodes. the dumbass media — like poor befuddled peggy noonan — presumes that Trump has no institutional support. sure as shit looks like somebody big is looking out for The Don. What if only the tip of the Trumpberg is showing?

          When the Normans took over England, something like 90% of the previous nobility/elite had been reduced to peasantry within 4 years. That is what I see Trump going for; total replacement of the political and business class.

          • Peggy and her friends are the ones that don’t get it. Trump was The Great Fuck You because of the millions of dirt people who voted for him. We don’t need no steenkin’ “institutions”, and hither does Trump, that was the whole point of why he was elected. And Noonan and the rest of the cucks don’t get it? Ya right, in a pigs eye she doesn’t. What is killing them is us dirt people gave them the flying fickle finger of fate award. It’s called you are irrelevant and you got nothing to offer us.
            And PS Peggy Noonan, sucks to be you. And we don’t care.

          • peggy just can’t deal with the fact that Trump is a big FU to her as well as the left.

            they should include a coupon or recipe with each of her columns, just so they aren’t completely worthless.

    • That be the kind of stuff that makes for the Marine Corps motto “No better friend … No worse enemy.” With Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis defending our country, he will make sure that he and his Corps have the proper skills, material and attitude of both Statesmen and Dirt People. And of course, when I refer to his “Corps” I really mean the entire military.

      • Lets hope so LP. They keep screaming Trump is a fascist, racist, well really it is us dirt people, guilty in their minds by vote and association. They seem to think the easy cop out of violence and destruction gives them gravatis, when it is to be tolerant and endure is the noble and virtuous path, they have no legitimacy or reverent beef, while us dirt people have graciously put up with the deep state and political class as they strip mined and raped America for decades, for longer than is prudent.
        Well maybe it is time they are accommodated, alieve their worst fears. I can imagine a phalanx under General Mattis, with Gladius and shield wading into those 5th column rioters. Orders are to MAGA, leave non standing.

  24. The favorite tactic in the country in which I live is blocking traffic with burning tires and club-armed, face-covered “piqueteros”, as they’re known. The police stand aside and actually protect them, or they did before the government change here. I’ve had a number of encounters with them and on one occasion grew angry enough to get out of my car and begin to approach them. The police immediately stopped me and told me to return to my car. “I’m protesting, I want my human rights!” I shouted, then addressed other drivers. “We’re being denied our rights and he cops don’t intervene, so let’s have our own demonstration and turn their fuX&%$& car over!” The group of drivers cheered, but the cops knew their compatriots better than I: nobody moved. Given that I’m clearly a non-working-class foreigner, the police were very diplomatic and told me that I didn’t have to wait in my car but had to stop inciting folks and wait by it. “I think they’re going to open the road very soon,” the sergeant said as two other cops went to have a word with the head “protestor”. There was some gesticulating, but one of the cops signaled his boss who told me “You can go now. Don’t say any more. You’re right, but this is how things are. Just go.”

    Moral of the story? Don’t cut cops or “protestors” an inch of slack when the so-called “protestors” are overstepping their bounds. High-pressure hoses, tear gas, rubber bullets are legitimate civil response to the malefactors.

    • Reminds me of the Trafalgar “protests” in England- 400,000 Muslims shouting “Death to the Queen!”- with the bobbies protecting them from offensive ogling by Brits.

      Funny how similar these coincidences are- can’t possibly be a subterranean, choreographed political economy at work.
      We don’t acknowledge or measure it, therefore it doesn’t exist. How Newspeak.

    • If I ever drive into a blue-voting county, and they’re blocking traffic, I’m taking this advice from a cop:

      Run them over. Keep traffic flowing and don’t slow down for any of these idiots who try and block the street. Here is the deal, you continue to drive and if you hit someone make sure you call 911 to report the accident and meet the cops a block or two away and you can justify stopping further away because you feared for your safety since the past people in this group has shown a propensity towards violence. Since they are trying to block the street and/or cross where there is no crossing you should not be charged with anything. Now, these idiots could try and sue you in civil court, but remember that it will be jury trial and so most likely it will come out in your favor.

      –St. Paul Police Sgt. Jeffrey Roth

      He got fired for telling the truth, because he works in a blue county, but it is still good advice.

  25. I watched my local news last night. A couple minutes of perfunctory coverage of the inauguration, then endless coverage of the action: cars burning, trash cans through windows, brave protesters marching in the streets. Followed of course by a graphic of where to go to attend tomorrows protests in our area, like it was a civic event or something. I live in Idaho for God’s sake! Gird your loins people, the establishment is about to go all in on keeping the power, and a few cracked eggs will be a small price to pay in their view. It didn’t end with Trump, it’s just started.

    • Of course it is a cheap price when it is paid by us and not them. IN so many cases, the snowflakes went into “journalism” in order to “change the world”, i.e. the same basic intent professed by the riot organizers. Same team.
      I regard the Media as the real enemies. They should be treated accordingly.

      • Rurik: Agree entirely that the main stream or legacy media are the real enemies and that they should be treated accordingly. They are no small part of this attempt to destroy traditional Western, Enlightenment societies. And like the Masters they serve, they offer nothing to any “rule of law” society in return. Nothing. The people who “work” for them are not only “useful idiots” they are clueless idiots.

        I never tune or click into MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or NPR anymore and I only sparingly do so with FOX (although FOX appears to be “turning the corner”, so to speak). However, through some other you tube channels (I forget off the top of my head but maybe it was Info Wars, Alex Jones) I did watch Chris Matthews and Rackel Madcow flapping their lips from their pie holes after Trump’s Inaugural Address. If what they were saying wasn’t so twisted and potentially harmful I’d have been LMAO just looking at how butt hurt they were.

        There is a very powerful paragraph from William Schirer’s “Rise and Fall” that is applicable today to our legacy media here in the United States as well as many European countries. If I get a shout to post it I will.

        • Hear hear! Ditto on the nixing of the Lame Stream. I recently started tuning back in to Fox since there is finally something good to hear about. And there is. But alas, they still have pukes like McCain, Rove, Graham and Rivera (Geraldo variety) on as regulars. Why? Still seems like Fox is a bit tone deaf for some things.

          • murdoch is an uber globalist. he reeks of evil. but i have to laugh at Tony Blair putting horns on old Rupe! The whole world know that Rupe *literally* is a cuck!!

          • And President Trump also agrees with us. I noticed that from beginning to end of his campaign, his main target was the Establishment Media.His attacks on Hillary, Bernie, and his pseudo-Republican rivals, even Obama were always secondary to his attacks on their Media champions. It is much like the Nimitz/MacArthur strategy of seizing Pacific Islands primarily to draw out the Japanese fleet into battle where it could be annihilated by air and submarine. President Trump identified the main enemy and focused his fire on them. And from what I’ve seem this weekend, that is still President Trump’s (I still like typing that!) main game plan.

        • Yes, I’m shouting for you to post that paragraph from Schirer’s “Rise and Fall.” Thank you. And for the good post, too.

          Agree that media are the enemies. I consider them Public Enemy #1 in terms of being the most powerful and damaging tool of the ruling class. (Politicians are #2. Then Think Tanks, NGO’s and Schools.) Through the media, a giant PsyOp has been imposed on the American people, successfully. A good number of us see it, but many do not. We need to show them whenever possible. When I’m (rarely) asked, I try to but there’s a lot to it and it’s hard to explain it all to a brainwashed person without coming across as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. As John the River said, Interesting times!

        • Here is the quote from Schirer’s “Rise and Fall”. It helps if you know who Schirer was and why and what he was doing in Germany in the 1930’s. The group here at ZMan seems intelligent and well read enough to pass this condition so I won’t expound.

          Chapter 8 is entitled “Life in the Third Reich: 1933 -37.” It has sub-divisions within it. Go to the one entitled, “The Control of Press, Radio, Films”. The quote is the last paragraph of that sub-division:

          “I myself was to experience how easily one is taken in by a lying and censored press and radio in a totalitarian state. Though unlike most Germans I had daily access to foreign newspapers, especially those of London, Paris and Zurich, which arrived after the day of publication, and though I listened regularly to the BBC and other foreign broadcasts, my job necessitated the spending of many hours a day in comb- ing the German press, checking the German radio, conferring with Nazi officials and going to party meetings. It was surprising and sometimes consternating to find that notwithstanding the opportunities I had to learn the facts and despite one’s inherent distrust of what one learned from Nazi sources, a steady diet over the years of falsifications and distortions made a certain impression on one’s mind and often misled it. No one who has not lived for years in a totalitarian land can possibly conceive how difficult it is to escape the dread consequences of a regime’s calculated and incessant propaganda. Often in a German home or office or sometimes in a casual conversation with a stranger in a restaurant, a beer hall, a café, I would meet with the most outlandish assertions from seemingly educated and intelligent persons. It was obvious they were parroting some piece of nonsense they had heard on the radio or read in the newspapers. Sometime one was tempted to say as much, but on such occasions one was met with such a stare of incredulity, such a shock of silence, as if one had blasphemed the Almighty, that one realized how useless it was even to try to make contact with a mind which had become warped and for whom the facts of life had become what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical disregard for truth, said they were.”

          Not saying that we here in the United States are living in a totalitarian state, but when all the MSM keeps up the false narratives, it weighs. Every word and insight in the above paragraph is applicable to today. Here’s how it might sound from a modern day Schirer:

          “I myself was to experience how easily one is taken in by the lying and censored Main Stream Media in a society whose Masters and governing elites desire and reward the deliberate distortion and falsification of reality. Though unlike most westerners I had the time to put forth the effort to peruse, on a daily basis, alternative news sources, mainly found on the World Wide Web, (Breitbart, Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes, ZMan, many You Tube channels, etc. to name just a few) and though I read and listened to them regularly, I was forced on occasion to listen to the totally slanted, biased, and malignant dribble emanating from any one of the several MSM outlets. And while I was able to understand this life and liberty threatening malignancy for what it was, . . . etc, etc.

          Hope this “hits the spot”.

          • Shirer is a “must read”. “The Rise and Fall…” was written after the fact, but his “Berlin Diary” was written in the thick of things, and published in 1941, soon after he was thrown out of Germany. I dare you to read “Berlin Diary”, which was a bestseller upon publication, and come away doubting that it was well understood what was going on with the German Jews, even if the mechanics of the process were hidden. Not to hijack. Shirer’s “Berlin Diary” chronicles the day-to-day life in Germany that he reflects on later, and helps one understand who the real modern fascists are.

  26. when these mobs show up, stay on the fringes and wait until it disperses and then follow one or two of them for awhile until they are away from the pack. then beat them so bad they are on a ventilator. rinse and repeat. and the first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.

  27. The fix is easy, 1-2 years in prison for a convicted rioter and RICO suits against the funders. It’s a matter of will, which brings me back to why Trump won: because normal people finally saw someone who they believed had the will to stop all this insanity.

  28. What’s that old Chinese curse?
    “May you live in interesting times!”.

    Well? Is it getting interesting enough for you? In so far as Federal prosecutions are concerned, why wait for new offenses to be committed and begin new investigations? The lack of a past action and delayed indictments does not mean that the files can’t be opened for previous acts of criminal obstruction and funds paid out for illegal activities cannot be traced and used now, collect ‘The Usual Suspects’ and start the subpena machine.

    I’m sure I could sit down and whip up a couple of pages of well remembered outrages; Indictables, meet the Deplorables.

  29. Leftists used to think of themselves as provocateurs. Someone like Spencer provokes more outrage standing quietly than whole mobs of brick-throwing slobs. Interesting things ahead.

  30. I think the time is long past. I am not in favor of deliberately hurting anyone, and I will support your right to protest until you threaten other lives . The people who have brought traffic to a stop with their arms in concrete need to be taught a lesson. Don’t free them from the drums; just pick the entire assembly up with a front end loader and clear the highway.

    • Obstructing the legal movement of other people is an act of violence and should be treated as such.

    • I had heard of these anarchists chaining their arms together inside a section of PVC pipe, but I hadn’t heard the concrete option yet. All chained together and cemented up? I’ve got a 4×4 with tow hooks fore and aft. Allow me to assist them to the edge of town.

    • After watching one of Foxes “embedded reporters” with the rioters all throwing rocks and photographing themselves and each other being “badasses” in one giant circle jerk, it crossed my mind that it was really rediculous for the police to defend with a phalanx…. when in fact a fire truck or water canon would make short work of them….particularly when the phones and recording devices mommy and daddy paid for are destroyed, and……. most candyassed progressives wouldn’t find the party to be much fun being SOAKED in 40 degree weather.
      Also why aren’t they using 12 gauge bean bags? One of those in the center of body mass will leave their facemask on top of their shoes in the street….Rubber bullets are a great deterrent as well….
      The best defense is an aggressive offensive .

  31. The DoJ is now in the hands of people who will be more likely to infiltrate these groups and make preemptive arrests and prosecute those who fund them, including parents of trust fund babies. Some of these creeps are actually funded by non-profits. Confiscating assets of backers is an idea whose time has come. Can you say RICO, Mr. Soros?
    I’d like the Congress, which has jurisdiction over DC, to pass a law making it illegal for anyone to have their face covered for non-medical reasons, and to be required to pull their medical mask off at the request of any citizen for a phone picture under penalty of immediate incarceration. The leftists are using terror tactics of the KKK. If clansmen aren’t allowed to go around harrassing people while wearing masks, the left should be denied this privilege as well.

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