The Long Civil War

John Derbyshire was the first person I heard use the phrase “cold civil war” to describe the culture war in American society and politics. His argument, if I recall correctly, is that the Civil War may have ended, but a cold version of it has festered ever since, largely over the issue of race, but other issues are part of it. The result has been the Blue side of the conflict, the good whites, imposing their will on the Gray side, the bad whites, using the “transcendent morality” of racism as the main weapon.

It is a good way of looking at things. The recent hysteria about the bogeyman of racism, for example, is almost all coming from suburban white women, who live in all white neighborhoods. They don’t really care about blacks in a practical sense. Their real concern is the specter of bad whites holding opinions the good whites find unacceptable. It’s what caused them to go bonkers over Bush and then force the ridiculous Barak Obama on us. The bad whites needed to be taught a lesson and put in their place, which is at the bottom of the social order.

The whole red state/blue state business that got going with the 2000 election was another manifestation of this. The bad whites voted for Bush and tended to live in awful places like the South and Midwest. The people who voted against Bush lived in cool paces like New York and LA. This was made more obvious in 2008 when the states not going for Obama were conspicuously Southern. More than a few lefties noted that the Old Confederacy did not vote for Obama and everyone knew what that meant.

Now that this Progressive Awakening is sputtering to a comical end, the Left is increasingly convinced that the nation is headed for a civil war. This post on The Daily Lunatic from last year is humorous, but representative. Here’s another from the Huffington Post. This piece in The National Interest is a recent example. TNI is not explicitly Left, but it is certainly not explicitly Right either. It’s always been a neocon hangout, which puts it on the Left, mostly as a home for heretics who broke with the Left on foreign policy.

The reason the Official Right was willing to join arms with the Left in opposition to Trump last year was their belief that Trump was leading some sort of rebellion of the bad whites against the benevolent rule of the good whites. Now that Trump has been installed as ruler, the same people are imagining a counter rebellion by the good whites, like the cat ladies, who waddled into DC on Saturday. The only thing they were missing was having the geriatric Madonna lead the crowd in singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

It is easy to dismiss it, as the Left is prone to these sorts of histrionics whenever they don’t get their way. Even so, what we may be seeing is not a new civil war or even a continuation of the Civil War. Maybe what we are seeing is the final, long delayed end of the Civil War. The political realignment we are witnessing is not the start of anything, but the end of a long cycle of American history that started in the 19th century with the Hartford Convention. After several delays, we are reaching the final denouement.

If you think of America in terms of The American Nations model or maybe the Nine Nations model, the last 200 years can be looked at as a long hegemony of Yankeedom over the rest of the country. Following the Civil War, the South was excluded from having a say in how the nation was governed. The Midwest and Mid-Atlantic were subordinate to the Yankee ruling class, while the West was simply not a factor. This remained the case into the 20th century, as America went from provincial backwater to an industrial power.

The 20th century should have been when this post Civil War arrangement began to fall apart as the South rebuilt and the West joined the Union. Instead, the Great Depression, two world wars and the Cold War locked everything more or less in place. Nixon’s “southern strategy” to win the presidency was an early sign that the old order was unstable. The necessities of the Cold War kept things in place, but the dominance of the old Yankee elite was showing it’s age as far back as the 70’s.

Look at something else. The Conservative Movement got going strong in the 1960’s and came into its own in the 70’s. The election of Reagan made conservatism the alternative to liberalism, but it did not change the regional alliances in the country. Up until very recent, conservatism was strongest in the South, but it had no Southern leaders. The GOP, the alleged home of the Right, remains a party of Southern voters, but Yankee leaders.The Trumpening has mostly been about the long overdue eviction of the Bushies from party leadership.

Perhaps what we are witnessing is the start of a process where America returns to being a collection of regions more or less cooperating only on the big issues like national defense and trade. On those items, perhaps the national ethos returns to something like the John Quincy Adams model, rather than the Theodore Roosevelt model. A lot of what Trump says about foreign policy and trade may be a reaction to the neocon debacles of the last three decades, but they are also an echo of the pre-Civil War consensus.

One final thing. The Left is suddenly talking about the need to restore powers to the state as they face a federal government controlled by their sworn enemies. There are many on the Right who would like to see an Article V Convention. One side fears what the Federal government might do and the other side has had enough of what the Federal government has done. The one thing all sides of the political class may accept in the end is a restoration of the natural regionalism that has always existed in America.

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  1. Yankeedom has made a wreck of this country. A hell of a lot of evil has originated there, including particularly the importation of Prussian schooling into America. I will not be sad to see those bastards fall on their face.

  2. Much in this post confirms what I have myself learned in this last year. One quibble. The “blue” state and “red” state thing began in 1992 with the Media propaganda effort to elect Bill Clinton. I remember this vividly because I started screaming at the television when I first saw it.

    Stories were going around about Bill Clinton’s association with communists, his travels to the Soviet Satellite states and his opposition to the Vietnam war through protesting in London. I realized immediately that coloring Clinton “blue” was an effort to divert attention from his Red Communist activities during the 1960s.

    Coloring him “red” would make what he was all too obvious, and it would cost him millions of votes on that basis alone. They colored him “blue” because hiding information is one of the methods they use to manipulate the elections.

  3. The local Swiss paper just published two photos showing the crowds at the Obama inauguration and the Trump inauguration. While the sizes of the crowds is clearly different, I suspect those who were in attendance for Obama were unemployed and had nothing better to do that day. Of course that point was not mentioned.

    • The photos are mostly fake. The Trump pic was done early in the morning before people arrived. The Obama pic was from just before his speech when everyone was there.

      You cannot be too skeptical these days.

  4. I would like to take a moment to apologize to Zman and all of you commenters who have become my friends, for my recent outbursts and language at certain trolls on this site (they know who they are). But my main concern is to set things right between you and me and know that I respect all of you and in particular Zman who has provided this forum for us to discuss the many great ideas that he posts. Thank you Zman. And again, my apologies to all.

  5. “…However, you seem to believe revolution and violence are the answer now, and that makes you a domestic enemy of the United States I protect and serve. Do it and I’ll teach you how we make the fuckin’ green grass grow. You keep saying you want a revolution, secession, a new Civil War and the election of “Racist/sexist/homophobic/Republican/Nazi/xenophobic/dictator/Islamophobic/rich guy asshole” Donald Trump is the catalyst for you to take action and destroy every evil you perceive this country to stand for… Well… We’re waiting. Shit or get off the pot. A Message to the Angry Leftists from an American Infantryman – Gruntworks11b

    Speaks for me.

  6. I knew that we were on the verge of a national realignment when I saw a poor white man’s house in GA flying a Confederate flag from the porch (likely as a response to the earlier Gov. Haley sell out in SC) with a NYC Billionaire’s campaign sign also in his front yard.
    DemocRats and ChamberPots had abandoned him and it was a plain enough sign if anyone had been looking from the DC Elitist bubble, but of course they weren’t and still aren’t.
    Voting is a polite way of telling the Elites something, if these putzes sabotage Trump, then the “politeness” is going to vanish. It should be noted the “Southern Deplorables” are now nationwide, but these elitist Progs will never “get it” ever.

    • At this point I’d fly a Confederate flag if I had a house and I’m about as Yankee as they come. But it would enrage the right people, so it’s all good as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Setting aside a true Article V convention, how will all these aggrieved lefties “seize power”? They’ve been advocating against gun ownership since the 1980s, and I know more than my fair share of quiet normals who happen to have a Glock or AR stored in the basement. Do they really believe their righteous anger (and aforementioned violence) will wash over this country un-contested? I don’t get it.

  8. I have nothing useful to add except “Gosh-dammit! How does he do it?”

    Zman’s clarity of vision and acuity of analysis is stunning. Remarkable. Never seen anything like it.

    (And he talks like a normal Joe! A rather funny and clever one, at that.)

  9. “The one thing all sides of the political class may accept in the end is a restoration of the natural regionalism that has always existed in America.” I’d agree with this, IFF the inmates weren’t running the asylum (in both parties, but especially on the Left). The one thing that reconciled me to the possibility of a Hillary presidency was her corruption — she’d mandate school prayer, concealed carry, and NASCAR viewership if she could make a buck off it. But she’s also in her 70s, i.e. the last of the old school. The younger generation **really believes this stuff.** The Cult really is a cult; the thought that someone, somewhere is doing things wrong, and thus in need of a good reeducation, is what gets them up in the morning. Short of actually herding them into camps — and do we have an ETA on that, Herr Trump? — they’ll never stop. It won’t end well.

  10. “The Collapse of the Left’s Great Con”, Charles Hugh-Smith, linked at Zero Hedge, should be required reading. Very relevant to the current conversation. Hugh-Smith argues that capital has dominated labor in the Marx model, and the wealthy Left has sold out to the power of capital to personally enrich people, leaving labor in the dust. Labor has figured out the con, and has turned to Trump for some sort of reversal of the process. The wealthy Left (e.g. Soros) has encouraged the whole Social Justice Warrior thing to mask their abandonment of labor and perpetuate the con, under the cover of social conflict. So we get a public, coordinated primal scream in pink hats, carefully scripted and choreographed to be “significant”.

    • But of course, they’re the useful idiots continuing to fan the flames of dissent, pure cannon fodder. Unfortunately, the puppet masters are still behind the scenes biding their time. It’s the same reason they embrace islam, co-conspirator for the same end state each thinking they will be driving the ship feeding off each other. Frankly, we got lucky. Luckier than even most will ever know or understand, but it’s over. Not even close. The left is now a cornered animal. Possible to put it in the cage and take out a field somewhere? Maybe. Possible to let the regionalism approach control the outliers on the basis of universal values and minimize the left’s influence (aka the all red voter turn out map)? Maybe. But both systems cannot coexist regionally if they both seek to control the political dialogue nationally. Sure politics is all local, but the left does not have time to locally turn the tide based on the defectors that have embraced Trump for what he can do for their own personal situations. In other words, a guy has got to eat. He might identify with the right and forget about the left until a national tide comes along the can ride back to their side. The leftist power players do not have that luxury. It is tantamount to us nuking medina to prove mo is a fake. Their struggle and potential victory is their way of showing our side has no power. They are more dangerous than ever. I want to be wrong. It is my greatest hope. However, someone once said hope is not a sound operating methodology. And because of that you prepare for war so when it finds you, you are not surprised.

  11. It’s really this simple: negotiate a CalExit and the remaining Republic survives another 50-100 years.

    Without California in the Union, demographic changes over the next 8-12 years will sweep the Democrats into power at the Federal level on a permanent basis. The Democrats will naturalize illegal immigrants and throw open the gates to new immigrants, ensuring their electoral dominance. Large swaths of American geography will remain red and Republicans could conceivably keep the House and periodically control the Senate, but the Executive Branch will be controlled by Democrats permanently. There will be gridlock in the legislative function and the Executive Branch will govern by Executive Order, rather like Obama did.

    Regionalism is possible in the former scenario. Democrats will have no incentive to permit any sort of regionalism in the latter scenario.

  12. Z Man;
    I suppose we may be seeing a ‘cleavage plain convergence’ (to borrow a concept from mineralogy) forming in our politics now. IOW, just as any mineral contains hidden systematic weaknesses at the molecular level which causes it to split apart into characteristic shapes under pressure or a blow, (and this property is so characteristic that it serves to identify unknown minerals) so does a political entity contain hidden (papered over_?) systematic weaknesses that may rupture under strain.

    It is a good insight that Regional Culture is a highly logical cleavage plane, and it is a potentially likely one, since it also looks to be coincident with other potential political cleavage planes such as class interest, economic interest, recent history, religion and social-cultural norms. That said, regions are not universal or definitive. For example, the regional schemes cited make it look like the entire upper midwest, where I live, is part of Yankee-land. But outside of the few (but significant) Cloud-ruled enclaves like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis SP, Madison WI, Ann Arbor MI, etc., the bulk of the land area feels much more like the South on most of the other non-historical variables listed above. And this is bourn out by the county-by-county red/blue map.

    Indeed, whatever one thinks of Lincoln, one of his critical but often under appreciated political accomplishments was to paper over most of the very real potential cleavage planes in the North. For a real but largely unexplored example, on the basis of language and religion, it might have been possible for a provence of Gross Deutschland to have emerged from the breakup of the 1860 US. It galled the New England Yankees to have to appoint German generals for the blue armies but Lincoln wisely and rightly insisted upon it. To begin with, many ion the troopers under their command (unlike the black regiments) spoke no English*

    So we can conclude the IF another real civil war were to break out, a great deal of multi-dimensional ethnic cleansing will be involved, both voluntary and involuntary. And for that reason alone, no sane citizen should wish for one. As you said in your previous post, those who talk glibly or, worse yet, join Soros et al in promoting enter and intra ethnic violence are playing with fire.

    **Yes, yes, I know, both groups were said comprise inferior troops at the time: A vexed subject. But just as Stalin said, ‘quantity has a quality all by itself. and so they contributed something just by showing up dressed to play.

    • Nice, unknown detail. At one time, ten votes in Congress were all that kept German from replacing English as our national language.

  13. I stopped reading TNI, for the most part, about 10 years ago.

    At that time, I thought of it as a sort of Reaganaut foreign policy journal that had evolved toward neocon as many foreign policy Reaganauts had done [I continue to think of Reagan’s foreign policy, explicitly ideological, crusading, and ‘freedom’-oriented though it was, as more about winning the Cold War and not quite as much about a new world order or spreading democracy everywhere; he seemed not quite realist, not quite neocon], and then in the 2000s had seemingly recoiled from the neocon message as it seemed to sputter under Bush.

    TNI in that era at one point seemed to go full-Eurasianist, publishing writers like Daniel Larison. At the time, I didn’t care for that. In retrospect, I’m more sympathetic. I don’t really know what happened to Larison or any of those writers, and am susprised to hear TNI again characterized as neocon.

    I rather thought of The American Interest as the neocon organ, almost as if founded by TNI defectors. Maybe it was, I don’t quite recall.

    Oddly, I find TAI more sympatico whenever I turn to either.

    Guess I have a long wait for a national-interest based American Realist house journal to emerge. Where is the ghost of Nixon hanging out?

    • FYI I’m the same guy also known here as random observer. No idea why my Disqus handle is the one showing up today.

      The distinction is the long ago screw up of the Daily Telegraph website that required me to open a new account. Circa 2008. The internet casts a long shadow.

      • We’d like to speak to you, Citizen.

        Deny nothing! Your friend Mozart has confessed to everything!

    • Excellent refutation of the neocon loonies.
      Reagan’s pragmatic goal- prevent a nuclear war- became open-ended utopianism.
      Gods I hate that shrieking preacher, Mark Levin, trying to sacralize Reagan and the Founders. Myth isn’t a practical policy guide based on past example.

      Thumbs up for mentioning a patriotic American, President Nixon.
      He tried every form of compromise, yet was still savaged by the neocon-Left for shutting down their Asian money machine and line item vetoing their corruption.

      John Dean’s wife ran a whorehouse out of DNC headquarters across the street from the Watergate hotel, and the Dem Congress pushed thru the 1974 Omnibus Budget Act, giving the fedgov unlimited spending. The Dem rats dropped a dime to the plumbers, and the media sprang the trap.

      With Schumer making JFK noises, beware, Trump, beware the ides of March.

      The intel agencies- half of which were never for America’s interest since their beginning- are about to be purged by Trump of the civilian scabs who have ruined our brand.

      He’s planning to replace them with military patriots who understand that the proper role of the agencies is “America first!”

      That’s why Wiesner’s Wurlitzer is cranking out the tunes again.

      With the groomed mole spider taking his place in the dark pool web, the Left doesn’t need to be in power if their goal is disruption.

      Obamacare, for example, was never meant to work. Pure Cloward-Piven, a government system meant to collapse under overload- with the takeover ‘solution’ positions preplaced, waiting in the wings.

      Obama’s first day of ‘private citizen’- unmonitored activity- echoed his ‘golf vacations’. His golf trips coincidentally took place by the homes of rich, gay Democrats.

      He met two homosexual billionaires on his ‘first day’.
      This is an underground network of mutual understandings and face to face messaging.

      These radicals just choreographed a global demonstration of power in 673 cities.

      Think tranny bathrooms were bad?
      We have pussyhats putting women in hijab in the front of a women’s rights march.

      These people are totally, batshit crazy.

  14. I don’t like to comment on blogs with admiration usually, but in this case I believe I am entirely justified. I think this is a post displaying rare insight into what could be seen as a complex dilemma. America is clearly still affected by the civil war. Gun psyche for example. And like a ship chasing the lubber line, Trump is a product of an America that has gone too far left, and needed to come back to 0 degrees badly. If that means going 10 STBD, so be it I say.

    America aside, the west in general are battling the leftist cultural disease. It would be worth some thought into what distinguishes the rest of the west with the leftist damage on America due to the civil war to isolate exactly what has happened and where it diverges.

    Top article, cheers.

    • For the anglo world it’s the sixties. That generation is in it’s prime now and until it’s gone very little real progress can be made . Believing that trumper can do attitude could change thing is an illusion like treating cancer with leukemia. The patient may not survive the procedure.

      From my outsider perspective the most important thing is can the trump movement produce the next generation of political leaders that can make a convincing anti progressive argument If it’s just a one man show it will only serve as a rallying cry for the new progressive generation .

      As for the Europe, it’s a different story. We are stuck long term with the left of center politics . EU has become a global trade behemoth and it’s not worth it to dismantle just because our far left is flourishing in it. Sadly it will likely lead to a old world vs new world conflict .

      • The end of your second paragraph more or less encapsulates my waking nightmare since November 9.

        I retain some hope. But fear this will only encourage and empower them.

    • the disease was picked up in WWII from exposure to Europeans; and brought back here, where it was incubated in schools and institutions. many conservatives are carriers

      • A while back there were commentators wondering how come nobody heard of any German universities . Well the Frankfurt school of social theory just had a two term president and a nominee who won the popular vote in November.

        Karl Horst must be laughing hard right now in some Bier Haus .

      • It was picked up well before that. It came from Europe to be sure – but it was here well before WW2.

        • the cultural rot started blooming in the mid 1950’s by my calculations. earlier exposure did not take hold; it was limited to the fringes. it was the suburbs, ironically, that proved most hispitable to the siren call of progressiveism.

  15. Another great post.

    But the comments with their dreams of draconian solutions and rapid change – oi veh, and I’m not even Jewish.

    Read the Z-Man again: This stuff takes 200 years +++ to resolve. The Germans are getting close to resolving their 2500 year old conflicts with the Gaels, Slavs and Romans. Of course, being Germans, they are already starting new conflicts, but that’s how we humans roll.

    Any solution that does not consist of us grinding them down, and them grinding us down, is nonsense.

    • Fred_Z: “… dreams of draconian solutions and rapid change.” And yet, if you listen to Trump, he said when we put our collective efforts into something, there is nothing we can’t do. American’s don’t want to wait that long, especially when it wasn’t really that long ago when we had one of the best education systems in the world. Grinding is what the generic politicians do and that is why Trump got elected. People want change and fixing our education system, loosening the grip of union control, progressive control, government control is not “draconian.” If we don’t fix this sinking ship right quick, we are going down like the Titanic. Anything else is singing while we arrange the deck chairs. How’s that for nonsense? MAGA! Believe Brother, believe.

      • I believe you are mostly right but you need to factor in the methodology of the participants. The right thinks in large terms like the bricks in the wall. The left thinks in terms of the mortar, cut it away and the bricks fall. The left doesn’t really contribute anything they just destroy….

      • Amen! Where is it written in stone that it must “take two hundred years”? Twill be dust, long forgotten.

        It’s 2017. This ain’t 1776 or 1860.
        They dealt with their sh*t, let us deal with ours.

    • I think “rapid change” is mostly the result of people not noticing the gradual change and then all of a sudden noticing it all at once. In this case, I suspect Trump will get a lot done in a short time, but it’s mostly due to the fact that so much of it should have been done decades ago.

      • I have to agree with that. In many things in life it can take a long time to build up to what looks like “rapid change”. I know this is what happens with me very often when I’m working on a project. It can months or sometimes years – to build up to the point where all the pieces are finally together enough to pull the trigger finally and pull something off. To the outsider – it looks like rapid progress , but the reality is there was a lot of groundwork that was laid before hand.

        One of the things that has caught me by surprise with the whole Trump thing – is that there are so many people out there who seemingly think the same way I do – and share (much) of the same opinions that I do. I live in MA – which is populary perceived as a liberal shit-fest, but I have to say: I know a lot of people out here who lean hard core conservative -and not Neocon Republican conservative.

        I started getting turned on to people like Vin Suprynowicz and Boston T. Party – back about 12-13 years ago when I was (finally) turned into a gun owner by a co-worker. I had always leaned libertarian/ conservative, never had a problem with gun ownership – and have had a problem with “feminism” since my college years more than 30 years ago when I spent quite a bit of time falling down the rabbit hole of reading hard core feminist writers such as Andrea Dworkin and others of her ilk.

        When 9/11 came about – I was completely against the war in Iraq. And argued that one out with people left and right both in person and online. I made a few converts – and found that by disseminating what I read to the people I talked to – I helped make my case. So I grew my own personal email propaganda list where I send out my own selection of articles and columns on a daily basis. I find that doing this regularly over the last 10-11 years has changed the minds of quite a few people, both family and friends. You’ve been making the list for the last few months BTW since I ran across your site during the election.

        Still – after constantly beating on this stuff for those 10-11 years – I was getting sick of it. The constant drumbeat of leftist bullshit was getting tiresome. I was seriously considering say eff it – and just going back to minding my own business and finding better things to do with my time.

        Then Trump started really making traction – and I started seeing almost the exact same sentiments and opinions and beliefs I’ve been holding for a few decades – showing up everywhere on the internet. From opposition to the Iraq war , to opposition to taxes, to recognition that feminism is a cancer – and a whole host of other subjects – I have to admit it took me a little by surprise that so many people seemed to suddenly share these opinions.

        Why did this happen?

        I don’t know. Was it all just bubbling under the surface all this time? I don’t really think that is it. I think there are people out there who have been hammering this stuff home for decades now. Between a proliferation of “conservative” and libertarian type sites – to the candidacy of Ron Paul – to InfoWars – and a whole host of other things – I think that gradual change you referred to was there bubbling under the surface for quite some time. It probably would NOT have bubbled over without Trump. Trump is unique . Ron Paul couldn’t get the pot boiling enough to get traction – maybe because he comes across as too nice of a guy. But I think him getting screwed over the way he did – opened a LOT of people’s eyes. So he too helped us all travel the path to get us where we are today.

        We’re going to have to keep the pressure up on Trump. My assessment of him is that he WILL take on the beast of government – if he knows he has people behind him. With any luck we’ll see some rapid change over the next year or two. I won’t surprised if he is taken out somehow or nullified so that he cannot accomplish anything. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

    • that simply isn’t a given. there are many examples of societies making huge changes of direction, in a short time. do not discount Trump’s immense personal charisma; he will draw the herd to his cause like moths to the moon (they won’t even know why they are doing it).

      • The Left is as delighted by the scandal of Trump as a Baptist church. They can’t wait to hear what he’s going to say next.

  16. Just as President Trump will focus resources on rejuvenating our failing national infrastructure, so to should the educational structure be torn down to the studs for a major renovation. We have spent so much time and been bombarded over the past eight years by programming of how wonderful the world’s countries are compared to the US. Oh, the Middle East! Oh, China! (Don’t get me started on Global warming!)

    Well, it is also time to renew, re-introduce people to the various regions of the US so that perceptions (many that are now out dated) can be updated and fellow Americans can be appreciated. Shows like Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” or Larry “The Cableguy” are hardly a pint of water against an ocean of progressive brainwashing about many countries that have nothing on the US. But they are quick and ready to highlight the weaknesses of America while others are shown in better light. President Obama was quick to praise China for it’s new and gleaming roads and airports without mentioning that they are all new, or without saying he would do anything to fix America’s decaying infrastructure. Well, he did talk about “shovel ready jobs” but that’s all it was … talk.

    As with individuals, regions need to be appreciated. I still marvel at the simple “accent” differences between regions even though we speak the same language. Everyone has history. And these histories need to be learned and appreciated. Things that happened over the last eight years were so divisive as to set our nation back decades. For example, the whole debate about things like the Confederate Flag. Condemning a symbol of something that has many definition and trampling the First Amendment Rights of others is not something to be tolerated in this country.

    So this brings me to the foundation of the problem … lack of understanding a appreciate of our way of life and what this country is founded on. American History and Civil Government needs to be required and integral to any matriculation through our education system. Let’s face it. Ignorance is the main problem and today ignorance reigns. We have to fix the education system.

      • It might be ended, but it can’t be fixed. Government owns the casino, the games, and the dealers. Don’t pick a fight you can’t win, start a fight you can’t lose. It’s been done in Chile, and Belgium of all places.

        • I mostly agree with the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But education is broken and needs to be fixed. The Trump Train has the momentum to make the changes and fight the unions, primarily through direct competition, to force change. That jungle needs to be made to face the reality of the law of the jungle … “adapt or die.” Government, with taxpayer money has kept this environment protected from the law of the jungle for way too long.

          • Unfortunately, we have a generation of teachers who were incubated in liberal universities. I can recommend a book that delineates how our current education system was developed.
            Credentialed to Destroy – How and Why Education Became a Weapon by Robin Eubanks

            The root is deep. You will never get rid of the weed by simply cutting off what you can see.

          • If a foreign government had imposed this system of education on the United States, we would rightfully consider it an act of war.

            Glenn T. Seaborg, National Commission on Education, 1983

          • @ LetsPlay – I just finished reading a very interesting book “The Shame of the Cities” written by American author Lincoln Steffens and published in 1904. It’s also available as a download PDF and well worth a read. It could have been written today. No that shame is not unique to America, we Europeans share a similar shame in the way we have allowed these things to happen. In many ways, we have only ourselves to blame since we, the voting public, put our respective politicians into office.

          • Karl, thank you the reference. I will be sure to look it up. As you can hear with current protests, the Left seems to think the problem is always “not enough money,” however, America spends more money per student but has no way of correcting the performance deficit. It is voters at the local level but it reaches all the way to the Federal level with socialist programs like Common Core that seek to make all students “equal.” Just as teachers do not want to be bothered with “boys”, they want them to act like “girls” who are less rambunctious and energetic as boys typically are. Everything is for the benefit of the State but postured as benefiting the children.

    • How wonderful other countries are compared to the US? I hear that quite a bit from traitorous Americans who worship a foreign King,[John 1:49] and who hope to abscond to a foreign capital city that they consider “Holy.”[Revelation 21:2]

      • Sounds like someone has a hard-on for me! You are a cheap charlatan who throws scripture around as if it gives you some kind of special standing. Not with me. The smell that Joy smells, is the smell of death – Lynyrd Skynrd. It surrounds you.

          • Great gods, you puke.
            Why do you not revel in the fact that Whites took a Semitic strategy book for slave raiders (the OT), and a propaganda campaign created by a spy for the secret police (Paul, whose mission was find the Apostles for execution- he was purged in turn by the next administration: the NT)-

            And turned these things into something great and glorious, a deep well of memory and self-programming that brought us this world of miracles?

            The historical person of the Christ- a legitimate heir to the throne, a reformist representative of the people, rejected as a royal bastard by the ruling class- is not what is important.

            What is important is his archetype.
            He is the embodiment of goodwill in any population.

            You err, because you can’t separate the functions of several components.

            Time crushes things together.
            Right brain information processing is holistic and aphasic- trying to put it into words gives us oracles, prophets and madmen because that processing is for a different function than speech. (Speech itself is misunderstood- it has two deep functions, not one; communicating information and emotive organizing of our groups.)

            Let’s start again:
            The Bible, “God”, and heaven (the nonmaterial world, the afterlife) are separate things. They’re not really related.
            Ideas come in camps, and are melded by the crush of time.

            Now- proceed. And stop being a toad.

          • The *historical* person of the Magic Jew? Tell me when this fictional character was born. Go on, do try, I dare ya.

            Fair warning….

            “It is beyond reasonable dispute that Luke dates the birth of Jesus to 6 A.D. It is equally indisputable that Matthew dates the birth of Jesus to 6 B.C. (or some year before 4 B.C.). This becomes an irreconcilable contradiction after an examination of all the relevant facts….”

            The Date of the Nativity in Luke (6th ed., 2011)
            Richard Carrier

          • Troll. I hate Trolls. A Troll’s purpose is to disrupt the comment thread. They show up any place there is worthy and honorable discourse, in particular when the discussion involves peoples self determination and individualism, and a Republic that cherishes such freedoms.
            This is no joke. There are thousands of paid Trolls, agent provocateurs and self appointed cultural marxist thought police and SJW’s who lurk and slink around comments threads waiting to pounce.

          • I have noticed trolls are usually passive/aggressives. They stir up with contentiousness and wait, smacking their lips, fingers itching, for someone to take the bait. Then they rise up over the din they have created and plead innocence. After all it’s not their fault if others are so easily riled.

            The best counter is to ignore the bait. They cannot reach their goal if they cannot get a response.

          • Most definitely.
            Like the “protesters” against Trump, it is the toxic element they represent, like the cold civil war, there is something disingenuous behind it all. What they are attempting is disruption of freedom of speech, peoples right of self determination, government as will of the governed, which they see as a problem to be solved by way of discrediting things that don’t fit their world view, when these are things representative of a failing system and of genuine concern. It is toxic behavior, a symptom of a discredited ideological system of totalitarianism. Trolls are totalitarians among us. They represent no kind of solution and are a danger because they are part of that system.

  17. The Left will never accept regionalism. They are convinced that they are correct about everything, and everyone else is wrong, even though many of their stated positions fundamentally contradict each other. To accept regionalism is to accept that they are not right about all things, at all times, in all places. Liberalism is a religion, and blasphemers must always pay the price!

      • Of course liberal globalism a religion; DisruptJ20 was coordinated from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, where they follow the teachings and example of the rabidly globalist Jewish activists Jesus (Matthew 28:19) and St. Paul. (Galatians 3:28.)

          • I don’t have STDs; are you projecting your own skankiness? And, being a straight heterosexual male, I neither chop off my balls like Jesus implored his followers,(Matthew 19.11-12) nor do I want to live in an androgynous utopia where normative male-female relationships are prohibited.(Matt. 22.30)

            But I bet you’re just the type to appreciate a feminist Rabbi who comes White-knighting for skanky whores. (John 8:4-11)

            Wanna take another sexual innuendo shot at me? 🙂

          • Your obnoxious sneering is unwelcome.
            I’m angered by your attacks on such commentors as Let’s Play, a good and gracious man- and on Joy, just now.

            You waste your fine talents on vitriol.
            I appreciate the unconventional detail, very much, but your bile is making we non-religious look bad.

            I realize you’re angry because the coded dialect of monotheism doesn’t answer your questions. That’s because they don’t know either- we use a wrench to try to turn a screw.

            Please use that mind to examine the deeper social functions of religion.
            Start here: “Religion began as politics…”

            And do try to notch down the outright prickitude. Help us.

          • Oh, and learn to translate their language, smart ass, I mean smart guy.
            What are they trying to say?

          • Learn to translate? I did! Jesus worships Uranus. And hears Uranus talk. Have you ever heard Uranus saying anything?

            • “for the kingdom of Ouranos/Uranus is at hand” (Matthew 3:2)
            • “a voice from Ouranos/Uranus saying” (Matthew 3:17)

            You’d do well to realize that some Jews took a big punch bowl of old Greek paganism and shat a Jew-worship turd in it.

            Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth

          • Alzaebo, I like your sprit — it’s the spirit of an anti-Christ.

            • Christ taught to be meek. You’re not being meek.
            • Christ taught to be angry. You’re angered.
            • Christ taught resist not. You’re resisting.
            • etc. etc. (I could make a huge list.)

            Like most Europeans, you don’t actually follow the teachings of Christ; you effectively piss on them just as I do. So what do you think worshiping a Jew helps a White man? Do tell me.

            And I’m NOT against religion or monotheism, I’m all for it — what’s written into our Declaration of Independence. Why cannot you just worship GNON (the Laws of Nature and/Or Nature’s God, Deus, sive Natura) like a good ol’ red blooded American boy?

            Bile is bad? Try out this patriotic bile, snowflake:

            “I almost shudder at the thought of alluding to the most fatal example of the abuses of grief which the history of mankind has preserved—the Cross. Consider what calamities that engine of grief has produced!” -John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson, September 3, 1816

            Triggered, boy? Maybe this sort of free nation where we can speak our minds just isn’t quite right for you.

          • Try to keep the comments at least somewhat relevant to the topic. You keep demanding everyone debate your views on religion. This is not the place for that debate.

          • Z man, I was on topic. Jews promote globalism, from Jesus and St. Paul to George Soros and Barbara Spectre. That Jewish poison keep bubbling up from Christianity in places like St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, the coordination center for the D.C. protests. Christianity is a globalist poison to our society.

          • Be nice if along with the thumbs up button, there was auto Troll eject, you qualify for ejection and your shit stirring commentary is wiped clean when your thumbs down hits 10.
            I’m not talking about disagreements or spirited discourse. We all got something to say. But a Troll is a Troll, they are Trolls because it is their purpose to troll. It’s hateful and disgusting.

    • they don’t have to accept it. they can choose to grind themselves up in unending battle with the state. good, it keeps both sides occupied and away from normies.

    • Dutch;

      Agreed. The current Left cannot actually accept anything reasonable from a practical socio-political point of view because, for them; Their Indignanty is Their Identity (TM). That is, because of their indoctrination into the ‘US sucks more than anything anywhere else’ dogma, they are forced to define themselves by what they are indignant about in normal US life.

      Exhibit A is this last weekend’s well organized but incoherent ‘women Indignant about whatever’ gathering.

      • They can not accept anything outside their ideology, it is existential to do so, acceptance is admission of guilt. Dutch said it perfectly, they can never be wrong, the whole edifice of cultural marxism would collapse.
        It’s one reason why they hate Trump and The Great Fuck You of us dirt people. To acknowledge any aspect of the revolution, the counter cold civil war against them is literally admitting defeat. Sure there’s members of the hive who write pieces where they skulk around the edges of admitting they may have done wrong, but it is rationalizations, to create modified memes and narratives, they are plugging up holes and weak spots in their armor of lies.

    • 10-4 Dutch. Excellent comment. The left is kind of like the ultimate opinionated horde. Their opinions mean more to them than the people around them.
      You and Z are dead nuts right. They never accepted regionalism, in it’s purest form, with the Compact of Confederation of the States, a loose confederacy of state governments where states rights were to be the rule could not be tolerated, and ever since the Compact Theory has been accorded fascist status by Yankeedom. In his speeches against ratification Patrick Henry noted that the delegates in Philadelphia had overstepped their bounds in that they had not been sent there with power to create a central government, but only to amend the Articles of Confederation. But certain delegates had to have the specific intent, because in the face of gathering in Philadelphia with the mandate from the various States to address specific shortcomings, and strengthen the bonds of that Compact, instead went far beyond any of the States wildest suspicions, and created the instrument of administrative tyranny aka The US Constitution. And the only way the Fabian’s could get the States to ratify it was with the addition of the Bill of Rights, which if you see the contrasts, the States themselves, and by Compact, had no need for a BoR, because of the nature of their sovereignty and closeness of association of the people who resided within them.
      And they have never stopped in acting out in their dread and fear of Regionalism, to this day. They have created a steady stream of perjoratives relating regionalism, which is really at the heart of it, sovereignty on the individual, tribe, local, and state level. Take popularism right now. The legacy media, the echo chamber of Yankeedom, has at every opportunity painted with the press’s brush of negativity and fascism, racism, what have you.

    • it’s the “crown” on a long series of posts regarding the unseen battles for control of America. the long long tail of history.

  18. I’m all for natural regionalism. It’s the first step toward semi-autonomous super-states governing themselves with an eye toward unity if there is an external threat. At that point the Northeast would be begging for help as it is filled for the most part with Ivy League sissies and would be quickly annihilated by an invading force. (Anyone who has a gun and would like to keep it will have moved south as soon as they feasibily could). Canada and Mexico would also come begging. The Reverand Dr. Smith and Vandeveer sound like they actually wish for civil war. They would be the first to grovel for help if it actually happened as they would have no idea of how to defend themselves. The natural order on the continent would be restored. I know this is pretty much a pipe dream but it’s fun to think about.

  19. The Trump rebound will last as long as it takes for people to get a bounce back in their step and reacquire their worst political instincts, as it did with Reagan. Right now we hope to make it past the bodies of John, Lindsey, and Paul to the first turn on that track. The Trump era will be the last period of time that we shall see any successful resistance to the tyranny of universal suffrage. Burke–“Tell me what the prevailing sentiments that occupy the minds of your young peoples, and I will tell you what is to be the character of the next generation.” Those sentiments lay between ignorant and misinformed. May there be numerous unforeseen events shaken loose by the Trumpenriech.

    • You forget that the Reagan administration was almost immediately hijacked by Bush. Reagan getting shot by a Bush family friend was the “convincer”, after that Reagan let Bush pretty much run the show. So no one should be surprised that the “Reagan Revolution” went nowhere.

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