What About Bill?

The other day, Bill Kristol took to twitter to announce his support for a coup against President Trump. Kristol has become fond of this sort of thing, leading some to wonder if he has lost his marbles. Alternatively, it could just be a lonely old man looking for attention as no one seems to care about his opinions these days. It’s hard to know, but Kristol is still taken seriously by people in Washington, especially with the neocon cabal that still occupies a lot of space in the media and the GOP. Here’s the tweet:

Regardless of his intentions, Kristol is a good example to keep in mind when wondering how to judge the opinions from the commentariat. Bill Kristol has been wrong about most everything for the last 25 years. He was a champion of Bush’s big government conservatism, which meant doing all the things the Left dreamed of doing, but calling it principled conservatism. He also championed the invade the world/invite the world polices that resulted in losing at least two wars of choice and flooding the nation with low-IQ hostiles from the third world.

That’s a lot of wrong for one little man. There are two questions that arise when looking at the disastrous career of a guy like Kristol. One is how was he allowed to wreak so much havoc? People like Pat Buchanan warned about the lunacy of neo-conservatism from the onset, but Kristol and his cohorts in the movement not only outmaneuvered the paleocons, they had them banished to the void. That raises the other question. How is it that people so wrong could be so good at maneuvering their way to positions of authority?

An answer to former question can and will fill up many books. The latter question is far simpler. The policy experts and political wizards of our age are men who possess no standing outside the very narrow field of politics. In the higher reaches, none of them have made a mark in a field outside of politics, like science or business. They prefer to restate, in slightly different terms, the views of a hundred predecessors, so they can invest all of their energies into currying favor with the powerful.

It is often argued that the appeal of politics is that it allows people to gain power and wealth, without having to invent a better mousetrap or figure out a better way to build a mousetrap. The reality is that the main attraction for guys like Kristol is they see punditry and commentary as fields where there is no right answer. Science, math, business, these are fields with right answers and more important, wrong answers. In the productive world, wrong answers have consequences.

Third rate men will always be drawn to endeavors where everyone can claim to be right, by simply saying that everyone else is wrong. That’s how a Bill Kristol can trade on the family name and his father’s accomplishments to lever himself into positions of authority within the Republican Party. He is good at the small strategies of parlor room politics, but entirely worthless at everything else. It is no wonder that he fell for every crackpot policy idea of the last 25 years. He had no basis from which to judge them.

Bill Kristol imagines himself as a hawk, soaring the skies looking down upon the world and seeing its parts move before him. In reality he is just a frog leaping into the air, catching glimpses of the world on his way down. He is a man who does not know what he does not know, because he is a man who has never been tested in any meaningful sense. That’s because he never had to compete for customers in business or had to add a column of numbers and get the right answer. Being wrong has never been a concern, because being right was never a concern.

For some people, the purpose of their life is to be a cautionary tale and that is the case of Bill Kristol. As the Conservative Movement™ shrivels into obscurity, it will be replaced by something else. The people of that something else had better be men who look at politics as a side business, a hobby they indulge when they take breaks from their productive work. Alternatively, the thinkers and commenters who offer up alternatives to replace the Buckleyites should be people who have had success in right answer professions.

It’s not that being a good computer programmer necessarily makes a Curtis Yarvin someone you should listen to for political theory. It’s that the practical world of productive industry gives one perspective that you cannot get by repeating lecture room jargon to your coevals in the faculty lounge. In the right answer fields, being wrong has consequences. Mistakes leave marks and the best lessons are those that leave scars and as a result, the best men are usually those with the most scars.

I don’t think it is an accident that two of the most influential figures on the Dissident Right are Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire. One comes from math and business and the other from math and computer science. They spent a great deal of their lives learning how to get it right so they present their opinions and ideas after careful consideration. They also have been habituated to the idea that it is important to not be wrong. That’s a bit of wisdom that the faculty lounge dandy never has, because it is never needed. In the commentariat, no one ever has to say they are sorry for being wrong.

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  1. As the American Iron Lady herself, Ann Coulter, meticulously shredded in a post election column, Matthew Dowd must be added to the dolt role, as well.
    Meanwhile. I made a bet on Trump in 12/15 and on 11/10/16, collected $10,000. Along with the various small cash bets that netted me another $3,500.
    Suck it, Kristol.

  2. “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
    Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
    The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
    The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
    And, superiority excites envy.
    Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
    Joseph Sobran, April 1997

  3. “The policy experts and political wizards of our age are men who possess no standing outside the very narrow field of politics. In the higher reaches, none of them have made a mark in a field outside of politics, like science or business.”

    Bill Kristol is a holdover from another era. He’s basically a product made to serve in the detente of the 1970s and has been endlessly adrift since the collapse of the Soviet Union has made him irrelevant. Even in the mid-80s the grand unspoken idea was basically the end of Watchmen – a permanent detente, an endless co-dominion of the world between the US and the Soviets. For that Bill was originally perfect; no need for imagination, just plenty of bluster on a chessboard that only moves at the edges. Outside of that, which is of course the world we’ve been living in since 1990, he’s aimless and useless.

    “The people of that something else had better be men who look at politics as a side business, a hobby they indulge when they take breaks from their productive work.”

    Thats how things were; I’m not so sure we can entirely go back to that. Politics as a side business doesn’t work when politics eats up so much of the world around you. Maybe the best we can hope for is politics as a second career for people who spent the first half of their lives actually doing something. But even that is a probably not possible. What normal person wants to dip their foot in those poisoned waters? I mean, look at Trump; honestly he’d probably have been much better off personally if he never bothered with a presidential run.

  4. It is great fun and well-justified to castigate Kristol, now that he’s dropped the mask. It’s also necessary to discredit him and his like for the sake of the future, just as it is well-justified to praise the near-miraculous advent of President Trump. But now may I respectfully suggest spending more effort on investigating the processes that led to Krystol’s rise and the structure that holds him up so as to better dismantle both. We may not be so lucky to have the chance again and our rounds have to register on target since we don’t know how many rounds we have and how much time to use them.

    So time for some judicious target selection. I don’t think it’s only the ‘conservative wing’ of the media. Focusing on them and their cousins in the MSM to the exclusion of other targets would be justified if the MSM is the actual enemy center of gravity. Now, it evidently was such for the planned coronation of Hilary as Pres. Clinton II. Bypassing the MSM and disrupting their talking-points story-cycle proved to be a winning election strategy.

    Pres. Trump has been brilliant at keeping the media off balance but sooner or later they’ll figure out that he’s inside their OODA loop and adjust their tactics. Celebutard celebration followed by ridicule didn’t work during the election. So now they’re back to the constant unhinged opposition, flinging any horse puck the can pick up along the road to see if it will stick*, that they used against W. It’s not working now but it’s early going. Fighting back is a great improvement over W’s passive-agressive tactics but it may well not be enough. So, unless the MSM itself is the only enemy bastion of strength, we’ll have to adjust too and soon.

    My vote is to go after the Proggy ecosystem. Where and how, tbd.

    *The MSM evidently forgetting that whatever ‘stuff’ they fling is also all over their hands and shoes at the same time.

  5. The “Occam” answer? Because this has been so damned lucrative for guys like Bill. And now Trump is peeing in their morning Cornflakes. He owes them nothing, has given them no voice and most importantly, has zero interest in their little think tanks and magazines. Trump is a “do it” guy. Witness the immigration EO. So the Administration screwed up the initial rollout and language. Revoke it and write a new one. The political approach would have been to wring hands, convene a couple dozen focus groups, then rollout a comms “damage control” program. And then abandon the field. Trump promised to get failed state immigration under control and by God, he’s going to deliver. Guys like Kristol have been cucked by Progressives for so long they just can’t get their minds around that rule change. So for comfort (and profit) they want to go back to the old system (and start getting invites to the DC cocktail parties with the really cool people again)

  6. I still wish I could cite chapter and verse on that Swedish thing, though.

    DJT is starting to get to me with this stuff- if they never get a full cabinet, could they puhleeze get a proper pr team for him and a fact coach. I get where he was coming from even on this, but it doesn’t fill me with confidence when he says stuff in such a way that what he says never actually happened. At least not when and how he says it.

    In my darker moments, starting to worry this has all been a false flag. Either that, or it wasn’t but the progs’ control of the giant cultural memory hole and the language of debate is too strong for this particular bull to bash through.

    Don’t mind me. I’m just starting to realize since last fall how quickly it all changed, even from the too liberal for me world of a decade ago. The radicals I knew as an undergrad 25 years ago rule all, now. And I expect to pass out my days in what would once have been my nightmares. Although it might still be prosperous and comfy. So there’s that.

    On that note, a while ago my prime minister [THAT one] called our country “the first post-national state”. I’m old enough to remember his father, a loathsome old dog whose ghost even so irritates me far less than the son does, because the father was at least an intellectual and had that arrogant French cool thing going on. The father’s voters may have in some cases wanted to build a “new” nation in Canada, but I don’t think any of them wanted it to be “post-national”.

    Over the weekend, he exhorted the corporate rulers of Europe to “pay your workers a living wage” because all the hurt and anger “comes from a very real place”.

    Can I be the last one who resents a mode of speech in which the citizens who work for these companies are patronized as “your workers” and the Dr. Phil-like tones of “comes from real place”?


    With thanks to our host for the space.

    • Trump said “Last night” referring to an expose by Horowitz aired the night before, not to a specific attack. Of course the MSM Left spun it.

      • And, as if by a miracle, the Swedish invaders provided a riot and car burning right on cue. Media then dropped the story like a pinless grenade.

  7. Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I started life galloping horses, mucking stalls, and walking hots for my Father. I joined the United States Marine Corps to get away from horses as a young man. After 9 years I was injured in a training accident in 1989 that caused my medical but, honorable discharge. God smiled on me, and allowed me to become a Police Officer and serve 14 years in a county close to a major metropolitan city in Maryland, until I was slammed again and forced to be medically retired. I went south and the VA sent me to college (an absolute blessing). I became a field biologist, and work in this wonderful field to this day.
    I am, what I believe to be dirt people. Maybe one of you can confirm or, deny that. I am unfortunately , forced to work with one too many true believers. Most of my coworkers are somewhat apprehensive of me.
    To round out my point, I love this blog, though I have only responded once. A lot of you are now getting a little off course and being somewhat cheeky. Please, don’t get personal. We have many more enemies than friends. Don’t let yourselves into a lull that the left doesn’t look at what we write .
    We are a threat. Z Man broached the fact that he has heard others mention his names for classes. So have I. I know for a fact these “save the world” types have never, nor would they ever, soil them selves with the opinions on this blog.
    Go easy. Don’t slam one another’s opinion. Good or troll.
    Hey Karl Horst! Where have you been? I need your insight on my family! Germans are really nuts!

  8. On Kristol, et.al…

    These “conservatives” are busy writing “White Papers”, establishing “Think Tanks” and writing for websites, magazines and books that nobody reads anymore (NRO, PJM, HotAIr, Ace, the neocon warmongering Jews at Commentary, that fat ugly bastard Erikkkson at Red State and so many others) are only doing themselves in. They are as discredited as the MSM and, like them, they don’t even know it yet.

    “Who the Gods would destroy they first make mad.”

    I am so sick of these pricks I could vomit.

    Every one of you #nevertrump motherfuckers still whipping dead horses trying to get us into a war with Russia (yeah, Juan McCain and Miss Lindsay), your comeuppance is on the way in the form of the Trump Train. Just watch and see them join up with the delusional democrats trying to gather steam to evoke the 25th amendment to have Trump declared mentally ill (yes, that’s really going on, believe it or not).

    Kristol and most  of these others above are treading dangerously close to treason and/or sedition.  I, for one, really do hope that one or more steps over the line and Jeff Sessions unleashes the full might of the DoJ on their asses.

    And then we can all bathe in their tears as the “process becomes the punishment”.

    • In a pile of papers this afternoon, I found an invitation from my county’s Republican Party for our Reagan Day Dinner, May 22, 2016. Guest Speaker: US Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL). Sadly, we were out of town and couldn’t attend. I had forgotten that Sen. Sessions was Chairman, Immigration and the National Interest Subcommittee as well as the Judiciary Committee. So those crummy bastards (fellow Senators) attempted to hamstring his confirmation as Attorney General — what sorry dogs they were! I know the event here in Tennessee went well, though, and less than a year later our future is bright. Thank God for the Election of Donald Trump!

    • Dude, Caligua! Holy cow was that spot on. That without a doubt, has everything to do with this post. It epitomizes the arrogance and malice, the hubris of the elites and their disregard for rule of law. The only rule for them is there are no rules them. But little people Emptor.

      The leg breaking extortionist loan sharking arm of the 12 banking family cartel, aka the IRS and Federal Reserve, caught red handed in De-facto specie, and a Writ of Attainder.

  9. “The people of that something else had better be men who look at politics as a side business, a hobby they indulge when they take breaks from their productive work.”

    Sounds like the Founding Fathers.

  10. Am I the only one who remembers news reports about immigrant crimes in Sweden in the past 10 years, regardless of how many, how great, or how spun by the Swedes, and regardless of their overall crime rate?

    Did I just imagine all that? And Norway and Denmark too?

  11. Kristol did not care whether his policies were disastrous for the US or not. His focus was on bringing Western civ under the thumb of the New World Order via mass immigration and to make sure this new order served the best interests of Israel. Keeping the Muslims perpetually at one another’s throats was always part and parcel of the plan. Lip service about free trade and the moral obligation of immigration was a ruse to make his big government more palatable to the rubes. And now that he has been unmasked, his bitterness is erupting.

  12. Kristol and his omnipotent cabal are the ultimate entitlement class. They think they are entitled to rule over us dirt people. As a member of the dirt person tribe to me Kristol is repugnant telltale. A lickspittle. A guy so arrogant, he doesn’t with malice and forethought never take into consideration millions of his fellow American’s who are the very fiber and nucleus of 90+% of the land mass of this Republic, we don’t exist in his political and cultural world view. It is indicative of why his so widely proclaimed by his fellow elitists and has the longevity in the media he has garnered.
    I have come to the conclusion he a kind of subtly disguised neo-bolshevik in conservative drag, and we dirt people are the Kulaks. Of those who would liquidate the race of Western White Christian Men in a NewYork minute given the direct state power to wage pogrom on us. (Never mind the war of administrative tyranny they have waged cunningly upon us dirt people for power and profit since the ink was barely dry on the USC.)
    Disenfranchisement of the dirt people has served them nicely, and these self anointed ruling elites of his ilk, pogrom would solve very nicely the bulwark of self determination and sovereign nature of the dirt people who stand in their way with their God given primal rights, and obstruct the Kristol’s path to dominion of the western hemisphere they believe they are entitled to.
    The ascension of Trump, to the throne they have entitlement to, by way of the audacity and will of the dirt people, must be a shattering reality as Kristol’s opinions belie.

    • Does not Kristol understand how he sounds? He wants the duly elected president of his own party to be deliberately hamstrung by unelected bureaucrats. How his kind imagine this doesn’t look like plain palace coup backstabbing is a mystery. I’m not seeing the Sacred Conservative Principles in action here.

      Then I remember his ilk are not conservatives.


      • Now they are indignant? How dare flyover nation defy him. How about we turn the tables on Kiristol, call for political assassination on them? Their heads would explode.
        Dirt people are lower than a snake belly in a wagon rut to him. Ever hear him stick up for the little people? I think it is below him to even patronize and pander for political gain, that’s the kind of total ass he is. We just don’t exist.
        Buchanan never forgets. Zman, Derbyshire, Bannon, Reagan, Ron Paul, Andrew B., Ann C., A. Benson jr., Tyler Durden and his brothers, Taki, Sailer, Vox Day, Theodore Dalrymple, Stevens, Milo, President Trump, all of these thought leaders never fail to give credence and dignity to the dirt people. Those are some darn intelligent and insightful writers and political figures. You’d have to live under a slimy rock on the back side of mars not to recognize they are so. It is preposterous Kristol and his neo-whatevers have never seen that. That in itself is an indictment of the traitors they are.
        They got away with it for decades, how else where they able to enjoyed the spoils of political and cultural class warfare. They aren’t ignorant of that fact far as I’m concerned.

  13. Completely agree with your assessment of the little man. I do like that he has pouted himself as preferring the deep state to Trump. I’m not sure if this is a case of honesty or just stupidity.

  14. It took Bill Kristol 15 years in the public eye to finally get a shirt collar that actually fit his neck. Therefore it comes as little surprise that the blood supply had been constricted to the extent that his brain had ceased to function in a normal fashion. Ditto George Will, only it may have been his bow-tie and not the over tight shirt collar, no comment on Charles Krauthammer for fear of being non-PC.

    • Then I will do so Usual Suspect. Krauthammer is a spout of nothingness, a font of non-wisdom whose better days may be lone gone. Why Fox News keeps him around is puzzling as does why they keep people like Karl Rove, John McLame, Lindsay Graham among others as supposed spokesmen for the Right. There are plenty of others who could represent the movement that is afoot much better than these clowns who are like one-trick ponies pushing their globalist agenda’s. We know who butters their buns and they should be embarrassed but I guess they like taking it up the ass when they get to turn around and give it out to the Deplorables they detest so much.

  15. Great article (as usual). Even the picture Kristol chooses for his twitter feed says so much about the man’s arrogance and self-delusion.

  16. Thanks for the kind words, Z; except I’m not sure I should be yoked with Steve there. He has more interesting thoughts in a day than I have in a year.

    Coding for old-style batch processing on Big Iron was an instruction course in one’s own fallibility. One tiny slip-up in your code crashed the night cycle & got you a 3am call from the data center. Two or three of those episodes got you fired.

    It’s good to know how wrong you can get things even when doing your best.

    Bring back punched cards! http://www.johnderbyshire.com/Opinions/USPolitics/hollerith.html

    • I did not study computer science- and I fit bill described here as having one of those jobs where the consequences for failure are not severe (high school teaching). Most of my friends in college were computer guys, though, and I tagged along many times in the wee hours to the computer center to watch them run their programs. I can testify that the punch cards humbled many a young computer science major!
      And OT: driving across southern Wisconsin on a beautiful Saturday morning listening to Radio Derb- heaven! Thanks, John, for all you do!

    • But you have a certain steadfast and genuine way of writing about unmentionable truths in a sublime manner. May be in part that pointblank English way of understating things. But that makes it all the more credible to your great credit.
      Screw the thought police. Your apostasy and refusal to bow to them isn’t lost on many of us dirt people. Many appreciate the truth of things and appreciate it when it is seen.

    • Thirty years ago a young socialist tool and dye maker wrote an article about the contradictions between his beliefs and his work. A tool and dye maker works side by side with other tool and dye makers, they were paid by the piece, and the quality of every man’s work is known. There is no hiding these things He knew that he had to improve himself or find another trade. He had not yet discovered government work.

  17. One more thing. I think it was when I got the issue with the editorial written by Fred Barnes promoting “big government conservatism” that I decided not to renew my subscription. I recognized that big government even under a veneer of conservatives at the top would be administered by the left, because they were doing nothing to replace the functionaries that were in place.
    On the other hand, I am getting to be of a mind that since, having been under the influence of progressives and neocons for so long that the small government envisioned by the founders may be impossible at this point, and that a winning strategy would be to shrink what parts of the bureaucracy we can and replace the rest with right wing shitlords so the death squads can be efficiently directed.
    Oh, my. Is that fascism?

    • I was always a Buchananite, but I was willing to hear the neocon argument, because I thought it was just a strategy. In other words, they were trying to make polices favored by conservatives more palatable to a modern voter. Dressing up fiscal prudence with the word “compassion” always struck me as a marketing ploy. I supported the Bush Wars because I thought they were bullshitting about installing democracy and liberal institutions in these countries. I assumed the real game was to back a local Pinochet and pretend he was Thomas Jefferson.

      Somewhere in the Bush years it became clear that they were serious about all of it. It was not a marketing gimmick. They were trying declare Washington DC the New Jerusalem, in the Reformed sense of the concept. Long forgotten is the effort by Reformed Judaism to declare Berlin the New Jerusalem in the 19th century. Reform Jewry in Germany attached itself to extreme German nationalism. Neo-conservatism now appears to be a replay of that old mistake.

      • Bush Sr. and the rest of the cucks when they went after Pero and Admiral Stockton with the long knives, especially Stockton, like he was a drooling retard in a wheel chair, after all that astounding American did and said in his life, was the canary in the coal mine for me. That was just disgusting. That revealed what cowards and beta cucks they where and how real Men of courage and conviction threatened them. Too bad the term cuckservative didn’t enter the lexicon of revolt sooner. It would have changed a lot of things earlier.
        I mean Nixon with his fellow cucks final acts of treason on the gold standard and leaving the South Vietnamese with their arses in the wind, opening the door to China for outsourcing our seed corn of industrial capitol and our intrinsic wealth as a people, was a mind blowing contradiction in political terms of what conservatism was sold to us as for me, that stuck like a thorn in my young naive mind that always had this awful feeling of betrayal somehow.
        After that, I thought Buchanan was right about many things, he was always right. But putting the pieces together required the later betrayals to make a pattern that revealed the con as ideological instead of just instances of individual greed and power mongering.
        A voice in the wilderness. Never once did I ever have anything but a solid sense the guy possesses the kind of mind that employs high order critical observational skills and the intestinal grit and political courage to put those thoughts into plain language.
        Buchanan told those guys once if not a hundred times the perils of defiance and revolution their actions where festering.

      • Yeah Z Man, I was in that place too re Afghanistan & Iraq: Squeeze Iran from two sides and suddenly the ME is a lot quieter place. Iran, after all, had killed more people via terrorism than any other group combined before 9/11. Afghanistan HAD to be punished in the in the old style after 9/11 just so nobody else thought it a good idea to shelter hostile (to us) jihadis but it didn’t have to be rebuilt from the ground up. And now we know that’s impossible. Was it worth a try_? Run by DoD, maybe: By State, never.

        At first I thought it was genius strategy aided by strategic deception: Take down # 1 (Afghanistan), #4 or 5 (Iraq) state sponsors of multinational jehad, intimidate #2 & #3 (Iran and Saudi Arabia) and voila, a much quieter world. I began to get a sinking feeling when W put Bremer in charge and Bremer neither conciliated nor crushed the Sunni elite, either one of which would have yielded a better result that improv nation-building theater based on US elite fables of the reconstitution of Japan and Germany.

        That reconstitution actually was a crushing military occupation of a population on the brink of starvation plus a leisurely process of hanging their pre-war leadership as war criminals that was cut short by the sudden realization of the world-wide Communist threat backed by the armed might of the USSR. Suddenly both countries looked like handy allies in time of acute need in light of our own post-war disarmament. Therefore a completely false analogy for the ME.

        • As I have often said, we bombed the wrong fuckers in those wars.

          We should have taken out Mecca, Medina and Tehran and turned them into glass parking lots.

          I can hear John Lennon in the background “Imagine”…

          • Take out that moon rock they idolize. It must be pretty important, the Whabbist’s and their sects have destroyed every shrine and symbol of every religion possible.

          • It is “alive”- the spirit lives in the stone, a true Old Testament idol, not a graven image.

            During Hajj, it is circled by throngs, who kiss, leave notes, and whisper to it.

            Even in ancient times the Ka’aba was known to be a meteorite. Muslims occasionally call it the Angel Who Fell From Heaven.
            Ever hear of him? *ahem*

          • Other Al;
            I get the Milton Revelation Reference but what is the Ahriman connection_? I too had often wondered who/what was actually behind 1400 years of jihad other than it enables and endorses alpha males’ every degenerate desire in this world.

  18. I told you I was going to dig up all this Russell Kirk books. In a collection entitled The Politics of Prudence one of the essays is titled Neoconservatives, an Endangered Species. He points out both the good and bad points of them, but never gets to the point of calling it a primarily Jewish strain of conservatism. He points out all the names just like Rush did in that famous encounter on his show when a shrewd shitlord called in, but never names the Jew.
    Anyhow, he backs you up. “…Neoconservatives prefer to ignore experience…Deficient in historical understanding as in familiarity with humane letters, most of the Neoconservatives lack those long views and that apprehension of the human condition which form a footing for successful statecraft…Often clever…seldom wise.”
    He was prescient in something else. Describing a letter from an academic colleague, he quotes, “…when the Neo-Cons wish to damn any conservative who has appealed for a grant to a conservative foundation, they tell officers of the foundation that the conservative is a fascist,” and goes on to say that they are sabotaging the movement from within. Boy, does that ever sound familiar.
    And you know what? I read this back during the Bush years and looked at this as the ravings of a bitter old man who was complaining about his loss of influence. It was apparently written shortly after GHW Bush had just been beaten by Clinton. Kirk probably took that loss to be a repudiation of neoconservatism. Little did he know the staying power it would have. This is why people like Kristol and Goldberg are proceeding apace ignoring the election of Trump as if nothing has happened.
    The real trick as I see it is to lessen the impact of use of magic words like “fascist”. Call everyone a fascist. Call yourself fascist. Make false claims about fascist ideology, whatever that is, and condemn it or praise it as being fascist. After all, we know the kinds of trouble and loss of life and treasure these motherfuckers can cause. If fascism is what they don’t want, maybe it ain’t so bad.

  19. He also has dual American/Israeli citizenship. He is an invader, and needs to be deported. Can’t think any thing good that has ever come of Bill. He is even worse in that he pretends to be on our side, but is not. I’d go so far as to say he should go straight to an oven.

    • Ohhh, now that is just plain nasty! I think as MMin above says, his “self delusion” makes him so needy for attention that simply ignoring him would be the equivalent of killing him by a thousand cuts. Twerps like him should die lonely, long, painful, and ignominious deaths deprived of those things they most crave.

  20. The Self Delusion of Bill Kristol-As He Is Feeling The Wind Race Across His Wings As He Soars Through The Sky, It Might Be A Good Time To Roll Up The Car Window And Pay Attention To The Road

  21. Z: “One is how was he allowed to wreak so much havoc? People like Pat Buchanan warned about the lunacy of neo-conservatism from the onset, but Kristol and his cohorts in the movement not only outmaneuvered the paleocons, they had them banished to the void. That raises the other question. How is it that people so wrong could be so good at maneuvering their way to positions of authority?”

    They don’t need to maneuver when their strings are being pulled by those who control the purse-strings and thus have the media, academia and pretty nearly everything else garroted with those same strings. Kristol, like his father before him, is a pawn, perhaps even a rook, of the Grand Masters of the global chessboard.

  22. I have read your column for a couple of years, but have never commented. This was the best of your columns that I have ever read. Kristol and his ilk are wandering in the wilderness, trying to find a mob to lead. ‘Ain’t gonna happen.

    • Someone recently brought up a Z article from 2015. It still has that Zing.

      Now reading them all- so good, as fresh and as topical as if they were written yesterday.
      C’mon, people, you know you want to!

  23. Just a thought about the your assessment that these “commentariat” do not have to suffer the consequences of their judgments. their wrong answers, their misguided decisions. The problem is not that there are no consequences … there are plenty … for others. The problem is they do not have to suffer the personal consequences of failure. They can always hide behind layers of excuses for why they reached the wrong conclusion. Like layers of draperies, the truth was hidden from them because the light did not penetrate enough for them to see. And even if they did see, their rose colored glasses kept them from making a clear judgment of things.

    You are absolutely correct. They insulate themselves in professions where being wrong is just part of the game and they get a “do over” without apologies because of the institution backing them, their family name and wealth, or simply the gravitas their degrees, their friends and colleagues have bestowed upon them.

    It is surreal to have people proclaiming their love of democracy and America on the one hand but then advocating a coup of a duly elected President on the other. Just how do the reconcile this in their little heads, especially after the Republic just endured eight years of B. Hussein without such actions?

    • “…especially after the Republic just endured eight years of B. Hussein without such actions?”

      Another example. Richard Epstein of the Hoover Institution, apparently a “classical liberal” or a generally libertarian jurist, recently wrote a column asking Trump to resign. Yes, resign.

      Pretty certain he penned no such demands of King Putt over the last eight years. Also I don’t recall him accusing our Second Black President of having a temperament unfit for office. Despite the “shoutouts,” the call to bring a gun to a knife fight, the public scolding of SCOTUS during SOTU, “I won,” “get in your enemies’ faces,” etc.

      Most of our conservative and libertarian commentariat are as genuine as aspartame or saccharine.

      • McCain, Graham, Ryan, Bush 1&11, Will, Kristol, we get that, and all their type. Epstein, Mark Levin, Charles Murray, that type is more troublesome because they don’t get it, or in some cases they just can’t bear the experience of being ostracized by the Academy. It seems clear by now that Trump, with the help of Bannon and others who (Trump had the brilliance to hire) understands that he and legacy America is surrounded and under siege, that the only defense is a balls to the wall offense. I would rather lose with these people anytime than never get in the game. And lose we will, but maybe, just maybe, not this time around.

        • I agree. With people like Trump and Bannon we are finally openly and aggressively going toe-to-toe with the very sick left. I understand your pessimism about the long run, as the Cult offers the illusion of an easy life and has been winning for a long time, but I am looking at Ivanka as our next president and hoping that legacy America (love the term) gets a good fifty year bump.

          • That is interesting you said that about Ivanka. Was thinking the same thing. MAGA is going to take some serious legacy work longer than one or two terms if it is to take solid root and prosper. Who can you think of to keep the faith of legacy going to where it is the next stage of the founders legacy? And what better final nail in the coffin of the treason class we have endured too long, than a Matriarch of the Patriarchy? It would be a delicious irony of their betrayal of the dirt people. That for all the uni-parties efforts to create royal dynasties that swapped regimes back and forth to perpetuate the ruse of the two party system of mob democracy, a dynasty of republican form of government of will of the governed destroys the beast of democratic rule of power.
            What would be the chance of that?

          • Generational. I can see why the Alt-Right calls Trump The God-Emperor. He portends a possible age that scares the living crap out of the PTB. He has staked out the throne of power. They really screwed up letting Trump into the Oval Office. Short of JFK-ing President Trump, they will never be able to do anything effective to stop MAGA with the nationalism of the common people behind him. Trump is arranging Bread and Circus in the form of political theater the crowd is thirsting for. And it’s most fickle to the Emperors foes.
            Having Ivanka sit behind the ships wood must have horrified them.

            (Notice they where mute when the illegal alien in chief put his shoes on that desk? That was undeniable musloid signal insult for the benefit of the caliphate. I’m a fucking coal miner with a 7th grade formal education and I saw that.)

            They thought, and conspired mind you, colluded, never again a Ronny Raygun. They worked tirelessly to disenfranchise flyover nation and the dirt people vote. It was never to be permitted ever again. Did they get hung by their own petards. But now it’s a blood feud after what the cucks let be done to the Tea Party rank and file and how they betrayed the majority power given them in the house in 2010.
            They screwed the pooch Brother. They had it in the bag. We where that close to the final coffin nail in the form of the vag in a pants suit. Their Caligula of diversity.

        • Bannon said it will require an insurgent political strategy of outright destruction of certain constructs of the administrative State. He alluded to it may be too late. I don’t think it is. The dirt people always possessed the most powerful weapon against administrative tyranny: withdrawal of consent. They only have to understand they understand how powerful that motive power inherent in their audacity of defiance to that State is.
          Sometimes all it requires is a little push and Yuuge things happen.

      • The truly feckless despicable sacred shibboleths were “Bitter Clingers” and “You Didn’t Build That”. Never mind pejorative insults “Tea Baggers” and “White Right Wing Domestic Terrorists”.
        That nary of peep out of the media complex in defense of those who those despicable terms where directed at?
        It’s where the axiom “Because Fuck You Thats Why” was born. What else was to be said by those those alynskite pejoratives was intended to belittle and disenfranchise.
        Kristol clear silence…

      • Actually, I think Obama was our first female President …. Clinton probably still holds claim to first black.

        • That, Kim, is a very astute observation. And the Missus was probably the first tranny lady thingie or something or other in the WH. Simply weird, both of them.

  24. The problem for a man like Kristol is that there is no place for someone like him in Trump’s world. Therefore he will accept and promote any alternative to Trump. The things people will do and say in order to keep the pay checks coming in…

  25. I like your summation of Kristol “That’s a lot of wrong for one little man.”

    What came to mind when I read that was the line “What’s wrong with him is no small thing.” Also, the word “Twerp” fits like a glove also.

    • Jack, you beat me to the punch. They can write an essay about changing a tire, but cannot change a tire.

      Most of these guys have a copy of The Prince on their nightstand next to a well-worn copy of the Plum Book. Ben Sassy is the archetype. Real good at getting job. Not so great a actually doing the job.

      • A class of Manjina’s employing power of political slight of hand to create an illusion they are the patriarchal alpha males of our nation, when they are nothing of the sort. Men who have forgotten what a shovel an axe a knife and a rifle are for. Who have anointed themselves representatives of the race of Western Christian Men.

  26. “Third rate men will always be drawn to endeavors where everyone can claim to be right, by simply saying that everyone else is wrong… In reality he is just a frog leaping into the air, catching glimpses of the world on his way down. He is a man who does not know what he does not know, because he is a man who has never been tested in any meaningful sense. That’s because he never had to compete for customers in business or had to add a column of numbers and get the right answer. Being wrong has never been a concern, because being right was never a concern.”

    This fully describes three-quarters of the staff of National Review, and all of Red State and Commentary.

  27. “men who look at politics as a side business, a hobby they indulge when they take breaks from their productive work.”
    ….like the founders of this country.


    the “dandy” who’s “repeating lecture room jargon to [his] coevals in the faculty lounge.”
    …like Barack Obama.

    The contrast is striking, all right.

    So Bill Kristol has more in common with that bullying sissy who’s directing the current rioting than he does with the patriots who are trying to save the country and restore it to its founding ideals.

    • I agree. As I was reading Z describe Kristol I kept thinking of Obama, another faker who’s never worked and never will. I think Kristol’s tweet is telling as it is Obama who I believe is heading up the deep state.

      • Obama was and is a figurehead. He is not capable of heading any aspect of the Deep State, as it came into being long before him and exists independently of him and his Presidency.
        The Deep State uses him, not the other way around.

    • A man who invents a tool to solve a problem knows the limitations of the tool. The guy who comes after him, not know why the tool was invented, often fails to appreciate the limitations of the tool. That’s Bill Kristol. He never really understood the point of his father’s political philosophy. It is somewhat poetic that the son destroyed the father’s creation.

    • Right on Kathy.
      For all intents and purposes, there are no differences. They are all usurper’s, betrayers, liars, traitors, thieves.
      Domestic enemies.

      • Earrings on a political pig. Looks like to me a cuck with delusions of a world hegemony with he and his shadow government pundent sycophants. Excusers for Rove, McCain, McConnel, the whole lot of the greasy sonofabitches. (What have all been doing these last 20 years other than con us with a smile while shoving a shiv between our ribs? Somehow they are far worse kind of scum than the leftists. Betrayers.)
        In other words, a political whore dressed up as court jester who fancies himself some sort of holier than thou mouthpiece of the ruling class of us dirt people.

      • You got any evidence of that? Or is it just the usual silly rant of a loser who hates Jews because he’s a loser?

        • American Jews would rather serve in Israeli military, rather than in ours, even though we go around knocking out Arab regimes hostile to Israel. Iraq, Libya, Syria…Rahm Emanuel served in Israeli army, son of NYT’s “house conservative” David Brooks is in Israeli Air Force. What’s wrong with our air forces? By putting Israel’s interest first, those Jews’ loyalty to their home countries will always be questioned. Israel is walled in, while Jews are among the most fanatical supporters of Muslim invasion of Europe. Obviously they like diversity when it’s imposed on others.

          • I repeat, you got any evidence of that? Or is it just the usual silly rant of a loser who hates Jews because he’s a loser?

            By which I mean, oh fuck off, you stupid cunt.

            Rahm Emanuel and David Brooks are assholes and it has fuck all to do with the fact they are Jews. Jews have assholes too, you know. Why don’t you just call them assholes, and skip the “Jewish”?

          • Zee-Man, please, an edit function, I called this person a ‘cunt’ when symmetry requires I call him an ‘asshole’. Because conservatives can be assholes too. Just look at me, par example.

        • Where’s your evidence that the Jews are not a bunch of parasitical traitors? By what means do you demand evidence from others with none of your own? No one owes the Jews anything.

          • If you belong to a group (racial, sexual orientation, religious) that has historically had trouble with everybody, in different civilizations, on various continents, and over hundreds if not thousands of years–you know what?…….yeah, it may be them,but the smart money is betting that it’s you.

        • No, we hate Jews because of their anti-Christian behavior over the centuries. Have you no knowledge of the Jew take over of Soviet Russia and their Bolsivck slaughter of millions of Christians to perfect Communism?? At least if you went to Stormfront, YOU might learn a little bit of Jewish world history. Anti-semitism is it disease – you catch it from Jews.

      • Dries is right. Without Jewish support he would be nothing. The evidence of his treason to the USA is his and all other Jews massive support for mass immigration of other, non-White, cultures. These lots of other reasons but that one is enough.

        This is not the first time this has happened. Every single country the Jews go to in any number they are thrown out of. Yet every time we’re supposed to completely ignore their track record. For Whites, we’ll always be the slaving, Nazi, Racist but the Jews, according to them, are innocent little snow flakes caught up in senseless anti-Antisemitism because…well just because they’re so great and wonderful everyone is jealous and is a loser if they don’t love the “Jew”.

        So let’s don’t talk about the massive thousands of years old record where they were thrown out because of their hatred, arrogance and destruction of the countries they parasite off of. They helped the Muslims take over Spain and it took the Spanish 800 years to get their country back and all we hear about it from these ingrates is how they were unfairly thrown out. They moved to the Netherlands and did great for a while with the slave trade. They were thrown out of Britain, and a glorious great time is was there with no Jews, until they financed the murder of the King so they could go back. They took over Russia and killed 65 million Russians. They moved to Germany after they helped the Commies lose WWI for the Germans then tried to take over the country. Fortunately they were only able to kill a few thousand before the Commie Jews were killed off. The Weimar Republic was nothing but a Jew run torture session for the Germans from the start. Now they’ve taken over large portions of the US government. Constant commercials about race mixing, homophilia and just general decadence. Let’s not forget 9-11 where building 7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air. Meaning that the only thing holding up the building was air…after the Jews demoed it.

        The end game of all this remains to be seen but more and more people know the truth. It’s likely that the CIA is one big steaming dodo pile of Jews and that’s why they’re working so hard against Trumps America first plan. We’ll see.

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