Back To Black

There is a word in German, fremdschämen, which roughly means to be embarrassed by seeing stranger say or do something embarrassing, like be drunk in public or behave foolishly on television. The notoriously shy Finns have the word myötähäpeä that means roughly the same thing. The “second-hand shame” concept is probably something that is exclusive to northern Europeans, but I don’t know. I do know that whenever I watch good whites crash into the reality of race, I feel myötähäpeä.

That came to mind reading this story that was posted on Tyler Cowen’s blog.

Asian-Americans also have a huge advantage in building a fan base, although this is driven almost entirely by Mr. Lin, who is the 27th most popular player despite being the 80th most prolific scorer. Of the 30 most popular players, he is one of only two men who has never played in an N.B.A. All-Star game. The other is Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. This initially made no sense to me: Mr. Thompson averages fewer than 10 points per game. But then a friend explained the likely reason to me: Mr. Thompson is dating Khloé Kardashian.

What should we make of the edge in support that black players get? It is of course possible that someone will find an alternative explanation for this correlation, but let’s assume that my analysis of the data holds up and that being black is a large advantage today for N.B.A. players trying to build a fan base. How should we interpret these results? Is it a bad thing or a good thing or nothing?

IF the results were reversed — if white players got a big edge in support — this would clearly be bad news. There is strong evidence that black Americans are discriminated against in many crucial areas of life — jury decisions, police stops, job interviews, dating sites, presidential elections. If African-Americans were discriminated against in building a basketball fan base as well, it would show that white privilege can even show itself in one of the arenas in American life in which blacks have had tremendous success.

But African-Americans getting a boost in support? What should we make of that? I view this phenomenon as good news in at least two ways. I think it’s great that members of minority groups who face discrimination in many aspects of their lives show strong support for other members of the group. And it is also encouraging that many white fans will give some extra support to the country’s most successful minority athletes.

Notice the line “if white players got a big edge in support — this would clearly be bad news.” Then a little later the line “I think it’s great that members of minority groups who face discrimination in many aspects of their lives show strong support for other members of the group.” The writer suddenly finds himself bobbing around like a cork on a sea of uncertainty as everything he knew about whites and blacks is now suddenly invalidated by reality. Watching the poor slob stagger to the finish filled me with fremdschämen.

The commenters on Cowen’s blog mostly sought to dodge the central issue of the story, which is that blacks shamelessly practice racial solidarity, while whites do not. That bit of reality contradicts the narrative of modern American life, which is that the great struggle is against white racism toward blacks. Obviously data that shows that whites not only harbor little animus towards blacks, but favor blacks over their own, turns the world on its head. Throw in the fact that blacks are wildly racist and suddenly life is not worth living.

Thirty years ago I worked with a black guy in Boston who was a Laker fan. He was a Laker fan for the same reason all black basketball fans were Laker fans, regardless of their home city. The Lakers were the black team opposing the white Celtics. Plenty of whites cheered for Magic Johnson and plenty of whites rooted against both teams, but blacks everywhere cheered for Magic Johnson and the Showtime Lakers because they epitomized black basketball and opposed the very white Celtics.

Before my time, blacks rallied to Mohamed Ali versus Joe Frazier mostly because Ali was flamboyantly black, but also because he was anti-white. Frazier being favored by whites only added to it. The truth is, blacks don’t really like white people very much. It’s not a Malcolm X hatred, but the consequence of ethnic solidarity. Black people prefer blacks over whites. They see whites as the rival gang, the other team, so they always root for the black guy over the white guy.This is perfectly normal.

Humans are tribal so we side with those in our tribe over those outside our tribe. It’s a basic survival strategy that worked pretty well until recent. American whites no longer seem to possess this quality. A couple of generations of propaganda against racism has made most white people so allergic to anything that resembles ethnic or racial solidarity, most whites instinctively prefer those outside their group. It’s why a black sports star will get so much support from white fans, even if he is openly hostile to while people.

Progressives are baffled by this mostly because the central narrative of their cult holds that the great struggle is against white racism directed at the noble black man. Poor Seth Stephens-Davidowitz started his project sure he would find proof of the “systemic racism” he learned about in school during story time. Instead he stumbled onto a horrible secret that may haunt his dreams forever. Or maybe not. Being in a cult means having the ability to process disconfirmation and still maintain belief in the one true faith.

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  1. Sorry, have enter the fray here and defend the old town.

    Born and raised in Boston i can tell you the ” social engineering” preformed on my generaton scattered friends and family all over the state.

    Forced bussing ruined neighborhoods and the lives of people. Their only sin was being white..

    Despite years of aggressive affirmative action , busing blacks into white neighborhoods ( that still continues to this day ), free college education, prep schools, etc

    Black neighborhoods remain crime ridden “no-go” zones at night and no amount of libraries , new schools or community centers is going to change that.

    Boston is now 51% “minority” and yet affirmative action hiring practices are still alive and well.

    Racist indeed.

  2. Joe Frazier always played second fiddle to Ali, but he was an outstanding boxer, a patriotic American, was actually something of a race-realist, and was at least as witty as Ali. After Ali called him “ugly” in one interview, Frazier quipped “I have eleven babies. Someone must have thought that I was cute…” But, as the Z-Man points out, Frazier wasn’t strongly anti-white, so he got no respect.

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    While going directly to which i had bookmarked still works fine…

    • Same here. Typing in “” as a URL comes up with nothing but a blank page. If I go to bing and type in “the zman” I get a link to “” and clicking on it gets me in. This has been going on for two days. Could be nothing, could be a nefarious throttling attack. I use epic as a browser to try to reduce cookie based attacks, and have cleared my registry anyway. This still happens. Could be nothing, but being paranoid in our current police state might not be an irrational position to take.

  4. This “blacks like blacks and dislike whites” phenomenon will affect baseball batting averages in a few years.

    Fewer tall white athletes are encouraged to play basketball even if they are talented.

    Instead they are encouraged to become baseball pitchers.

    Because of their height (and Mechanics 101) their fast balls are faster than the smaller guys’.

    (I know this is true. I read it on the internet.)

  5. Race is real and pretty much everyone is racial and tribal.

    Which is why diversity is not a strength and is at best a waste of time. You don’t need the other races to be around in any significant number to learn how to cook their cuisines. Japan gets it. The trade for societal dis-cohesion in exchange for some exotic food courts is a bad one.

    Decades of Cultural Marxism has told whites that they shouldn’t get to have racial interests whilst telling everyone else that it’s the best thing ever for them to have it. Same people who insist on no diversity for Israel, but diversity everywhere else.

    I can’t fucking stand the “goodwhites” who buy into it. Especially the “tough guy” “punch a ‘Nazi'” shitheads like Nick Searcy and Jim Treacher. I’ve dealt with both personally. They both become unhinged nutters at you if you think it’s ok for whites to have group racial interests.

    The fat slob white NBA fan cheering on the all-black team while his girlfriend eyes their loins and is increasingly bored with being around him is the best picture of this sorry state of affairs. That guy goes on to be “philanthropist” who helps to settle unemployable crime-ready Somali refugees in his formerly happy upscale neighborhood.

    Down with the goodwhites. Either all the other races in the happy fucking rainbow get to be non-racial blank slates, or whites get to have racial interests and solidarity too.

  6. I wonder, zman, if your Lakers v. Celtics example was also influenced somewhat by the persistent belief that Boston was a truly racist city and that any black person was a potential victim of violence just by walking down Tremont Street. And every time someone attempts to refute it, ginned up examples are trotted out as proof: Dee Brown being pulled over for a traffic violation in a lily-white suburb, or the tumult that was the busing debacle of the 70s. Even now, decades later, as the Celtics and the city rolled out the red carpet to entice the biggest black free agent player, those whispers remained.

    You are correct in stating that black people prefer blacks over whites. It makes perfect sense. What perhaps gets lost in the shuffle is that for much our history, whites tended to self identify into even smaller circles based upon common ethnicity and/or religion. The larger “we’re all white folks” was likely never part of it. Why would it be, when 90% of the nation’s population looked similar?

    I grew up in Vermont, probably the whitest of white states. My friends and neighbors identified each other by the church they belonged to, and maybe within that by ethnic group. And that was usually in a joking give and take over a game of cards or while watching a hockey game on TV.

    Due to the social conditioning that whites have been forced to undergo, the very idea of identity politics based on race makes us all a little itchy. It’s reflexive. But as things currently indicate, whites will need to become more comfortable with thinking about tribe. And sooner rather than later.

    • It’s not Boston, it’s the Irish. The Boston Irish are serious about their enmity for blacks except when they elect Irish politicians who support forced integration. That’s a tribal thing too, my side wrong or wrong.

      • I remember Judge Garrety and his forced bussing. That act of State sanctioned insanity was racism pure and simple through and through.

        • That was a memorable era in Boston. No greater racist ever existed anywhere than Louise Day Hicks, a Democrat. Her elected counterparts, all Dems, were Albert ‘Dapper’ O’Neill, a relation of US House Speaker “Tip” O’Neill, and State Senator Bill Bulger. US Senator Ted Kennedy was the leader of the pack, but immune from being labeled a racist b/c of all his dead brothers. We had just gotten out of the Navy and my husband was in B-School when the busing thing came crashing down. I worked at a commission at the State House so I got to see all the politicians (mostly Irish, a few North End I-tays, and North Shore Republican WASPs) up close and personal. A lot of the school-age kids in Southie ended up skipping school for years so as not to go to class with blacks, and they rode all day on the T, taking drugs that were brought into town by gangster Whitey Bulger, Bill’s brother. Disaster. There were no Elizabeth Warrens there then, that I remember. Still some old time pols like Kevin White and Governor’s Council member ‘Sonny’ McDonough. Ancient stories of Governor James Michael Curley taking the oath of office from prison. And of course the Celtics were the kings of the NBA, and the Bruins had Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito. Derek Sanderson. Be still my heart! Ahhh the good old days;-)

    • I admit that my understanding of the racial undertones in Boston are not as deep as all of yours. I arrived in the city as a college student in the 80s and didn’t really begin following local politics until later. Perhaps my perspective is off because of that.

      But I learned quickly about Boston politics from reading Howie Carr’s columns and later from his radio show. I also got some firsthand experience in the aftermath of the Charles Stuart murder scandal. I worked with the man. Certain people in City Hall did their best Claude Rains impression up to and until it was clear something wasn’t right and then they couldn’t distance themselves from it fast enough. It was ugly.

      However things seemed to ease a bit as all four sports teams brought championships to the city. Those wins, particularly the Red Sox win in 2004, was shared by everyone. I leave myself open to correction if I am completely off base.

  7. In fact, the outbred, outward looking Northwestern Europeans who exhibit this misguided empathy for the rest of the world are a product of manorialism and many centuries of banning consanguineous marriage. Massive amounts of research have established this fact. The rest of the world remains tribal/clannish and favors their own group ruthlessly over others. A certain such group has produced a great deal of anti-white propaganda in the last 50 years, but the propaganda wouldn’t work if there weren’t an inherent inclination toward welcoming the “other.” Remember, all behavior is at least 50% genetic…

    • Good summation. I try to be as brief as possible with relatives stuck in the propaganda (which is most of them). Europeans were radically out bred in the middle ages, first against their will and by law, and extending to the fifth cousin (the Church correctly spied clannishness as a threat to their primacy) then continuing over the centuries in proportions never seen before in human history. We are not the normals, we are the freaks. Do not expect others to be like you are, you are not normal, and neither blacks nor others mistake that quality in you as noble. Even a dog senses weakness easily and for what it is.

      The benefits of out breeding are not in doubt, so we should be armed with the knowledge of it’s drawbacks. A man’s got to know his limitations.

  8. Think about it in X instead of Y. Try a critical thinking experiment. Take the terms, the words, “Racist” and “Racism” out of the discussion. Seriously, don’t use it. Then try to discuss the so called issue of race politics in America.
    The incessant narrative and memes of the 5th column intelligentsia and media collapse completely.
    You can see why racism and racist are marxist invented terms, why they are effective weapons against self determination, individualism and the organic natural human nature of discriminating. You literally couldn’t function as a rational person if you couldn’t discriminate. The cultural marxists are basically through the construct of “racism” trying to take our discriminating powers of logic and reasoning away from us so we can be controlled thus conquered.

    • Having to use terms like “those who prefer to be among their own kind” would make the hate mongering a lot more difficult. I agree.

      • I like that: “…those who prefer to be among their own kind” would make the hate mongering a lot more difficult…” Right on Doc, right on.
        To me that speaks of genuine “diversity” of culture, like the diverse natural order of culture and preference. I see nothing wrong with that. You mind your own business, I mind mine. You have your tribe, I have my tribe. I do not expect or want you to pay for any discomfort or conflict my decedents may have caused, and refuse to pay for the same. It’s not rocket science or mysterious social order. It’s common sense. People being different is not an automatic indictment nor does it stipulate stigma. It’s your character and how you behave that matters. It is a lot easier and productive for all concerned to honor each others cultural boundaries so we get along within that frame work.
        Now if your out to run a pogrom or diaspora, that threatens to exterminate, my tribe or kill me because you simply don’t like me or something about me and my tribe you disapprove of, our your doing so to take what does not belong to you, your going to find I and my tribe refuse to put up with that, and by turning my/my tribes right to defend who and what we are, our natural primal liberty, into something invented as a ruse of an excuse to disenfranchise me/my tribe of those primal freedoms and property, using a fictitious condition called “racism we have a serious reason and cause to defend who and what we are, and if you don’t like/approve that, well as they say, tough shit pal.
        As for the tribe I belong to, many of us are armed and understand defending who and what we are, ultimately when all other resources of peaceful redress is exhausted, is the reason for the prerequisite of maintaining our God given existence ultimately through use of arms in self defense in the first place. Our arms and their potential use in that self defense as a last resort is a blessing in disguise. Though that is conveniently stigmatized by the real racist shit stirrers as root of our so called “privilege”, it is the diametrically opposite truth of that lie. There are few other tribes who afford their antagonist tribes such a pass. That in itself is every reason imaginable just and an indication of grace and tolerance of my tribe.
        But what the prime instigating antagonists of my tribe fail to understand, is when you push my tribe into a corner and threaten it with existential termination, we become manifest in our defense like no other tribe, we fight back and win with the most absolute ferocity imaginable.

  9. all the hooha from virtual signalling whites is a way for them (the mediocre whites) to hold back more talented whites.

  10. put all the anti-white whites into the urban centers, wall off the major cities. and come back in 20 years.

    if the left ever succeeds in starting a race war, you will see just how much animus whites (and mexicans) hold against blacks. what you won’t see is any surviving blacks. time to repatriate them back to mother africa “for their own safety”.

    but seriously, no one in this country gets along with blacks, or gives two shits about their unending complaints. fukk those savages and their chimp like ways.

  11. Interesting subject that many if not most cannot see with open eyes.
    Having been partially raised in Africa I consider myself a race realist. This, however, does not mean not being able to see past race. I could have easily married a black woman. Being raised around them meant finding some of them naturally attractive later in life. But it would have had to be the right one, which I never found. My experience with American black women in college gave me the idea that all they are interested in are material things, and that they lack the ability to delay gratification. Having a successful family would have been very difficult.
    In Rhodesia people weren’t divided into whites, blacks and coloureds. It was European, African, and Indian. Unbeknownst to most in this country apartheid was never practiced there. The segregation was voluntary and economic. Tribal Trust Lands were set aside for Africans wishing to live traditionally. Those who wished to hold a family there and earn a living in a city were free to do so. If you had African servants they generally lived in a small “kaya” behind your house, built of concrete, a tin roof, and having a wood stove and bath and water supply. You lived with and among them. Like in the Old South, only they were free to come and go as they pleased.
    It’s hard not to see reality when you have to face it every day. And seeing how cruelly things can turn in an instant under changed circumstances can reveal a lot about not only human character, but tribal tendencies. The most cruel fact is that the vast majority of people are not capable of rising above these except as a means of short term social signaling. In the long term they remain as ingrained as the need for food.
    This is what liberals can’t see.

    • Years ago, the New England Patriots played the New Orleans Saints down in the Big Easy. The game was the Sunday of Thanksgiving so a lot of New England fans took advantage of the long weekend to go into New Orleans to party. What they did not know is that is the weekend of the Soul Bowl, the annual game between Grambling and Southern, two black colleges. That meant the city was brimming with rowdy black people looking for a good time.

      The horrified looks on the faces of the New England people was priceless. For the first time in their life they were facing black culture and doing so as a minority. They were scared out of their minds and they were horrified but what they were thinking. It turns out that diversity is not what they thought they saw through their telescopes. I nearly blew a funny fuse watching these people struggle with what they were witnessing.

      • Agreed.

        The extent to which black or African culture on any continent is tolerable is proportional to the extent to which it has absorbed white European culture. Seeing it in the raw can be a real eye opener. It is not merely “quaint”.

  12. White people have been systematically brainwashed over multiple generations. Undoing brainwashing is a difficult process and if it’s instigated by an outside source, can be met with fierce opposition. I think it’s an internal process that is extremely slow for most. I know it was for me. From starting to see the lies and contradictions to fully leaving the left wing took decades. That’s how I know that there are people who look left, say all the left things, have all liberal friends but inside have a struggle for objective truth. I wish them success.

  13. I live in a small South American village which has a mixed white and mestizo population living and interacting cheek by jowl. The mestizos tend to be less well-to-do than the whites, less educated, but after 13 years here, I’d have to say that I’ve never seen any indication of “color” prejudice. Cliques tend to form around educational and socioeconomic divides, but there’s no hostility even among these groups: cordiality and civility rule the day. The only friction to be sensed is between the village-born and newcomers from the big city, but even that’s muted. Perhaps it’s because the village is rural and small, perhaps it’s because this country has a history of miscegenation, but whatever may be the reason for such amity, I’m very pleased to live in such an environment!

      • No, thanks! The Asians might be okay, although we now have Chinese running the corner store and they’re not winning many hearts and minds.

        Among the reasons I chose this place is that the nearest blacks (and they’re very few) are 150 miles away and there are very few in the entire country. There’s a small Dominican colony in the capital, 600 miles away, and they’re not very popular at all. Oddly enough, however, I have a very African looking Brazilian (Bahia) friend living in the capital (she married a guy from there) who’s as nice a person as you’d ever ask to meet. Blacks in groups are a different story for me.

        • We live in a Latin American neighborhood and all the businesses I’ve shopped in are Chinese owned and run. It seems the Chinese people usually came her by way of South America, and they tend to keep their kids separate from the locals.

        • I used to notice, as a kid, my parents’ racism. As I approach the golden years I’ve discovered that I have exactly the same opinion of blacks as my folks- I try to deal with any person as I would any other person, but as for blacks in general- sheesh. Without getting all entangled in a nature-nurture debate here (although I have come to believe that genetics is way more important that I used to) most people don’t object to black PEOPLE moving next door, as much as they object to black CULTURE moving next door.

    • I ask the same question to the Mestizos I work with or around in Nevada. The domination of Mexican Caucasians (ten percent of the population) in government, business, and media cause zero resentment and is regarded as entirely natural. We cannot over-estimate the degree to which resentment is a thing which is ginned up by our ruling class.

  14. Racism is a natural estimate; everyone is a racist. So what?
    What most are NOT, is malevolent.

    We can’t blame man or or animal for how God or Nature made them; that doesn’t mean we should ignore how God or Nature made them.

    Bah. If they Left can’t blame you for one sin, they’ll invent another.

    • If racial preferences did not exist there would be no one to reproduce with black women in America.

    • If I’m a “rasicts” according to the cultural marxist, then I’m proud to be one!
      “Racists” built this great country I live in.
      “Racists” founded it and it’s ideals and principles.
      Sures looks to me being a “racist” is a mighty fine thing.

    • False. Only whites are racists, and all whites are racists. This is intrinsic to the definition of racism.

  15. Trump is the new leader of the White Male tribe. The tribe that hasn’t even existed for a long time, until just recently. They had disbanded, under public and media pressure, and from a sense of guilt.

    Now the White Male tribe is back. Strangely, the enemy is not other races or genders, but other white males who are seen as traitors to the cause. And membership is open to anyone, so we see women and minorities jumping on board as well. We live in interesting times.

    • Yup. Racism is a club for some white people to beat other white people over the head with.

      I don’t know if other demographics do this nearly as much- our mistake be in that we expect them to. In fact, we expect a lot of traits that might not be prevalent, so we keep getting blindsided.

    • I think a lot of us get it. The fuckers, and I say that in the most sincere well deserved meaning of the word, out to destroy our great country have created racism as tool for doing so. I guess you can argue all sorts of nuances about bigotry, but no matter what you get bad apples in every society and culture. The reality of that is a few bad apples is never an indictment on an entire subset of that culture or society of good apples, nor the entire country. To do so IS the epitome of bigotry. To use and manipulate it in the negative is the racist thing. The main thing, people naturally discriminate, it’s baked into our individual makeup. The color car and the model of car you like, thats discriminating. OK, so I’m a racist because I prefer a car that is American made, and in the color white. I love my daughter, she is white, and she likes pretty white dresses, does that make me racist, her racist? How about the guy down the road, his daughter is into pretty black dresses and her skin is black, he loves her with all his heart, does that make him racist?
      Both of us and our daughters have the privilege of discriminating, they used to call that self determination and individualism. What I see is the invention of racism is, is a method of controlling peoples perception of discrimination, the intent being to destroy Liberty in America through dividing people, then conquering them when they are too busy going for each others throats rather than having common cause and solidarity to go after the true and real racists. Those behind such a destructive agenda trying to destroy our great country America and everything it stands for. That is the source of racism. After all, Racism is a made up term by the very people who created that monstrous ideology and it’s system of tactics and strategy, racists who are out to destroy my country and me and my fellow Americans.

      And if I can figure that out, being I’m a mouth breathing knuckle dragging Christian western male bitter clinging radical white racist privileged deplorable supremacist, well I can see why that makes me dangerous, because I’ve become since figuring the truth of it out, I’m a serious danger to those who have foisted this despicable social engineering upon me and my great country. It is as clear as a bell why Donald Trump is so feared. His is the ultimate apostasy, he discriminates, he wants, he believes, in making America Great Again. Not his tribe, nit his race, not his culture, but America, plural. He see’s American’s in entirety as a plurality of free self determining people. That is the worst apostasy, Mr. Donald J. Trump is not only a heretics heretic, he is a successful, happy, prosperous, charity hearted very discriminating man who has become a leader, an inspiration of better than half of the plurality. He is in the terms of those out to destroy us, our country, the ultimate enemy, because if for no other reason Mr. Trump, and President Trump, has Made Discrimination Great Again. See America, it is the Discrimination Nation, it is based on the idea and virtues of the most self determining, individualist discrimination imaginable, The Tribal Republic.
      I think it is imperative at all cost this model of rational, principle based discrimination of self determination and individualism, which is individual sovereignty, which as a plurality creates the most robust prosperous safest society, a tribe have you, imaginable, must be destroyed, its people cast into the winds of revised and forgotten history, because as long as America, this incredibly discriminating tribe of a nation exists it is a benchmark, the highest pinnacle, the Acme of success and happiness every human on God’s green Earth can look to and so inspire to. And you can not rule the earth with immunity in totality as long as America The Discriminating Nation exists.

    • Though Trump is a transition figure, who espouses civic nationalism, he has served as a rallying point and served well. The reality is that civic nationalism is nonsense, and has never succeeded in history, because the Magic Dirt does not change the culture or DNA of immigrants….

  16. Racism is a concept shared by 100% of the world’s population. I’ve been around some in 3/4 of a century, and it’s been prevalent in every country that I’ve lived in or visited. People are more comfortable living among their own. However banal that statement seems, it is the truth. My apologies ……

    • The notion that we should hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” with people with whom we share no common ancestry, interests, or identity with, when in fact a great many of us can’t even do the same in our own families or even our own neighbors, points to what a rediculous concept “diversity” and the other hokum is.

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