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Back in the 1980’s, “ending Apartheid” was the celebrity cause of the Left. Every Hollywood nitwit was slobbering over the ANC and babbling about how the internal affairs of a country, on the other side of the globe, were the most important thing in America. In many movies, the villain was made to be an Afrikaner, giving work to all the actors, who used play Nazis in the previous era. Eventually South Africa buckled under the pressure and Apartheid was ended in 1991.

Sober minded people made the point that eventually, the blacks would do what they have always done and murder all the whites. It was a process that was well underway in the former Rhodesia. The white farmers were being harassed, having their lands seized and in some cases getting killed for being white. But, the good thinkers in the West claimed it was exaggerated and anyway, Nelson Mandela was black Jesus so nothing but good would come from the end of Apartheid.

Of course, Zimbabwe is a complete disaster under black rule as the white farmers were chased off and the economy then collapsed. Now, South African appears to be headed for a similar fate, maybe worse, as the lunatic running the place declares war on the white population. Jacob Zuma is all but authorizing genocide against the white population and other prominent black leaders are running around, openly advocating war against the whites. The result of this is inevitable. It will be a race war.

Today, whites are about 9% of the South African population. Fifty years ago they were just over 20% of the population. Those are important numbers. A well organized minority that is 20% of the population can defend itself pretty well, as long as they have the intellectual firepower to maintain discipline and a willingness to fight. Once a population falls below 10%, they can only survive by appealing to some faction of the majority for protection or by moving out to the fringe.

Jews in Europe are the most obvious example. They carved out a space on the fringe where they could survive as a tiny minority. They also had the cognitive skills in demand by the ruling elite, so a semi-peaceful existence was possible, despite their numbers and outlier status. Gypsies are a variation on this, except they have to exist even further out on the fringe, as they have nothing to offer the ruling classes. They exist as a semi-tolerated parasite population that is always on the move.

That’s not realistic in Africa, where the moderate black leaders are just a bit less homicidal than Pol Pot. Anyone familiar with sub-Saharan Africa knows that tribal politics still dominate the culture.That precludes peaceful alliance between out-groups. The best you get is a hostile stand-off. The questions for South Africa are a) How long before the blacks decide it is time to kill all the whites, b) How many blacks will the whites be willing to kill in order to survive? and c) How will the West respond?

The most likely answer to the first question is soon. Zuma will follow the Mugabe formula and keep ratcheting up the violence incrementally. Given that he is the moderate at the moment, he will play the triangulation game where he will promise to hold off the more insane elements of the black leadership, in order to get concessions from the white population. This will roll along until Zuma is killed, or decides he has to go for it in order to maintain his position.

Talk to a typical South African and they have a bizarrely optimistic view. Many just assume they will find refuge in English speaking countries if things get bad. That means there will be a large cohort of Afrikaners who will prefer working with Zuma. This is just paying the crocodile to eat you last. The answer to that second question is “no where near enough nor soon enough.” By the time it dawns on the Afrikaners that it’s fight or die, it will be too late to fight. Math and modern morality have sealed their fate.

That’s where the third question gets interesting. Barak Obama, of course, would never have allowed mass migration of whites from South Africa. If anything, he would have shipped arms to the black government along with a wishlist of whites he wanted killed. That list would have had one item, “all of them.” Similarly, a squirrel like Trudeau in Canada would block any escape for all but the trans-gendered Afrikaners. Australia would take them and Trump would probably accept them, but Europe? It’s no guarantee.

There’s a lesson here for the people currently in charge of the West. There are no right answers when it comes to biology and culture. The blacks in South Africa are not going to be talked out of genocide. There is no reasoning with them. They want what they want and it is not about wrong and right. it is about their will to do and their ability to do it. Similarly, the Muslims dynamiting Europe are not motivated by facts and reason. They are doing it because they want to do it and they can do it.

Humans have always been hierarchical, tribal and territorial. That means there is competition within the group for status and competition between tribes for territory. Your tribe does not hold what it has because of some piece of paper or the airy notions of dead ancestors. You hold what you have because you hold it against all challenges. That’s the iron law of life on this planet and we will get to see it play out over the next decades in South Africa. The winner will be the side willing to kill as many of the other tribe as it takes to win.

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  2. From earlier today:

    “President Jacob Zuma on Monday ordered his experienced finance minister Pravin Gordhan to cancel a series of meetings with foreign investors and return home, sparking speculation that he’s set to boot him from his post.
    The South African rand immediately tumbled by about 3% against the dollar.
    Gordhan is the country’s third finance minister in the last 18 months.
    “The instruction to cancel the international investor roadshow without explanation is so bizarre that it appears, at best, calculated to humiliate the minister or, at worst, to suggest that the minister is about to be fired in a cabinet reshuffle,” said David Maynier, a South African member of parliament for the official opposition party.
    Gordhan had traveled with a large delegation to London to meet with investors and reassure them that South Africa is a good place to put their money. He was preparing to fly back from the U.K. on Monday night. His deputy also scrapped plans for similar meeting with U.S. investors.”

    Oddly, just after reading this column I was exposed to Die Antwoord, a white South African rap group, for the first time. The group features an unusual aesthetic: their videos celebrate a violent, hypersexualized depravity that seems to have internalized black dysfunction, with a nightmarish, degenerate urban environment, as though they are the survivors of a holocaust yet to come. Not really my cup of tea, but a revealing,disturbing look into the pop culture of Afrikaners:

    “Cookie Thumper”

    “Baby’s on Fire”

  3. Gosh, if it wasn’t for Mr. Rhodes, and Mr. Rand, there might never have been a Soldier of Fortune Magazine!

  4. This is the fate of ALL white-run nations unless they can reverse the brown tide of immigration and begin to increase their birth rates. The clock is ticking, especially for Britain, France, and Germany. Eastern Europe and Russia may survive. They seem to have a survival instinct the other nations do not possess.

  5. Why wouldn’t Australia, population 26 million, be the go to destination for two or three million Boers?

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  7. South Africa’s demographic situation is even worse than you noted.

    In the 0-19 age range only 5.2% of the population is white. For those under five, the number is 4.7%.

    If Afrikaners make up 61% of the white population at all age ranges, then they account for only 3.2% of the population under the age of twenty.

    This number will be smaller by the time the government carries out genocide.

    If the Afrikaners do not cluster in ethnic enclaves and arm themselves, there is very little chance of their survival.

  8. Don’t figure the Boers and other whites gone, just yet. They may have a surprise in store, for everybody. They fought incredible odds just to create that nation, and have always been outnumbered. I think they have a better than even chance of survival, and better than that of going ahead with a future. The old conditions don’t all exist, except one. The Boer is still smarter than the blacks, and that’s how they beat them in the old days, by using their heads. And talk about motivation! My money is on the Boer.

    • And for what reason? Because you are black and want to kill us? This is the reason you and others like like you will be struck down and annihilated. The other races will one day be tired of your whiny ‘poor me, look what the white man did to me shit’ and we will commence to removing you and those that think like you from existence.

      As a Native American, I guarantee you that I have .308 pills waiting to be dispensed to you and people who think like you.

    • So go out and do it baby. Why are you wasting your time here? Tick…tock. Get cracking, or do Whites have to do that for you too?

      In anticiipation of your glorious victory, I think it would be both tactically wise, and a propaganda win for all US blacks to refuse further welfare. After you kill us all, there won’t be a tax base to support it, so best to get used it asap. Pro tip – don’t hold the gun sideways. Yes, it looks cool but that and thrusting the gun forward as if you are throwing the bullets downrange will really hurt your dead honky score.

      PS – should you or the jews somehow succeed in killing us all. Blacks are next on the jew’s kill list. You were only ever useful to them as tool to destroy the USA. Once that task is complete you go. Black’s IQs, poor impulse control, violent tendencies, and high time preferences make you exceedingly poor slaves when compared to Mestizos.

      “In Israel, Blacks are treated like dogs.” (((Donald Sterling)))

  9. It’s not hard to see how the (western) world would react should whites start killing blacks in SA. The MSM will go full blast and drip hate with endless ‘experts’ telling us how much this means the death of democracy, the end of civilisation and the rebirth of every evil ever known from the crusades to the Nazis.

    Should blacks kill all the whites in SA, there will be… uh, nothing. Just one of those things as far the MSM is concerned and not worth reporting.

    • Whites don’t need to do anything offensive. THey can go on the defense: killing only people out to kill them, including the government. Reporters can be handled by jailing them and holding them for ransom.

      Whites can also take control over the seaports, airports, and wireless infrastructure to control what comes in and out of SA. Someone above asked who would pick them up if they fought their way to the sea. Well, there are usually plenty of boats tied up the pier for taking.

  10. We are at the precipice of big change. Just like 100 years ago. WW1 was the end of two great empires, the Ottoman and the Habsburg. Though Britain was on the winning side in the two world wars in the 20th century, the sun has set on the British empire too. A blind man can see horrific chaos coming to Europe. I pity the poor whites in South Africa. As Europe explodes, Trump and Putin will gain power exponentially. The left and the deep state will try for a coup d’etat here, but the military supports Trump and the Trump voters have probably 80% of all privately held guns in Amerika. The left was dumb enough to give up all their guns. So stupid.
    Keep your guns holstered for now. But keep um real handy for here on out.

    • You forgot the German and Russian empires. Though the Soviets reconquered most of the lost territories within a few years, it took 23 years to regain the Baltic nations and part of Poland for a time, 27 years to regain them until losing them again in 1990. And they never regained Finland.

  11. Was told there is a white orphanage in South Africa. Children orphaned after their parents were murdered ?

    My wife has a friend from South Africa who goes back to visit her grown children on a regular basis. Asked her to inquire about this orphanage and would it be possible to adopt ?

    She won’t do it, thinks it will be an embarrassing question. Apparently her friend has decided not to acknowledge the coming genocide.

    Sadly white’s refuse to fight back. Even when they’re being butchered in the streets.

    • Cowardice is a huge moral failing. Failing to defend yourself and family is a form of cooperation with murderers. Jacob Zuma is a robbing, murdering despot by any reasonable standard. So what if he was ‘elected?’ A vote by the tyranny of a majority imported from the rest of Africa does not give Zuma the moral right to rule wickedly and murderously. The fact is that South Africa was mostly empty when the Dutch and refugee French Protestants arrived, aside from the Zulus. They have just as much right to the land as anyone else, and just as much right to exist as any people who wish to live off the fruits of their own labors.

      The fate of the Boer depends on their willingness to fight, much like ours. For the past several decades, they have taken the path of appeasement and cowardice, as have we. The Boers I’ve met in the United States are unwilling even now to talk about what happened.

  12. There are a number of possible historical parallel survival options for the SA whites when TSHTF such as Dunkirk or the Chosin Reservoir Battles in Korea. Also, in keeping with the classical antiquity themes of late, the SA whites should contemplate The Xenophon Option (a disciplined and desperate army of mercenaries cutting their way to the sea). But the common problem with all such scenarios is, who would pick them up_?

    The US_? Are you serious_? Who could count on our consistency or assurances_? The Europeans are completely incapable (not to mention hostile). The Russians_? Only with Indian help. Israel is too small.

    But now, the Chinese have a navy and will do anything for money. There is gold and diamonds in SA. QED, the SA whites had better lay their hands on all they can plus organize asap.

    • “There is gold and diamonds in SA.”

      Easier to take when the Afrikaaners are liquidated.

    • “Israel is too small” Oh, I’m sure they’d love to help those goyim. Just ask Joe Slovo and Ruth First. Sorry about that echo, my computer seems to be acting up lately. In other news, did you realize the 50th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty is in a few months?

  13. The Loyalist community of Northern Ireland have long been empathetic and supportive of the white population of South Africa and Israel, as they recognise quite tangibly what happens when you let the natives inside the gates. The Ulsterman, the Afrikaaners and the Zionists must remain forever vigilant regardless of what the fashionable liberals and chattering class decide for them. This is also a harbinger of the consequences for a less-than-white America.

    • there is no “White” population in Israel. Neither the Khazar-derived Ashkenaz nor the semitic Sephards and Mizrahis are remotely “White”. And Jews in general are, via the universalist Tikkin Olum, murderously anti-White…that’s what open-borders, JudeoBankster-forced globalization is about. Exterminating the Whites.

  14. A good book on this is by Ilana Mercer “Into the Cannibal’s Pot.” There are a lot of people who have seen what was bound to happen in Rhodesia and South Africa. Most of them are political outcasts, of course. Tim

  15. South Africa is living proof of the inability of blacks to exist at a 1st world capacity without Whites around. Whites built South Africa into a first class country, blacks, who were not from the areas the English or Boers settled, moved there by the millions to take advantage of the White Man’s juju, the international leftists spun the narrative that Whites were evil because of Apartheid (which was proved to be the correct policy after the blacks took power), then International Finance and Corporations and Western governments withdrew their support. South Africa was betrayed by the English living there and a handful of Boer collaborators. Today South Africa is dying slowly. I can only hope that the Boers have prepared for war and have some of those nuclear weapons that were dismantled when the blacks took over. For fellow Americans, the handwriting is on the wall. Quarantine the black population before it ruins everything.

  16. From another time and world:

    “…And [Henry] Sin and I consulted ;
    [Capt] Blood understood the Native mind.
    He said: ” We must be firm but kind.”

    A Mutiny resulted.

    I never shall forget the way
    That Blood upon this awful day
    Preserved us all from death.

    He stood upon a little mound,
    Cast his lethargic eyes around,
    And said beneath his breath:
    Whatever happens we have got,
    The Maxim Gun, and they have not.”

    Excerpt From: The Modern Traveller by Hilaire Belloc

  17. The last two paragraphs of this piece are very important words. It is probably not only South Africa that will fall, but many other parts of the world. To loop in other recent Z meditations, women depend on pieces of paper and the airy notions of dead ancestors. As do many policitians and other cultural leaders. They are in for a rude surprise.

    • Especially if the Afrikaners are offered no asylum in other places. Then they will go down guns blazing. The Left will virtue signal to deny people their very lives by blocking emigration, which will result in the unleashing of the nukes. Talk about short sightedness.

      • They did, SA is the only nation to ever do this.

        That said the Boers will probably be exterminated unless they can manage to use bio-weapons or get outside help or can flee to somewhere. I’d send them to Detroit if I had a chance to do that.

        Having had this treatment applied by the British before they will however be as ready as anyone can be and will hit way above their weight. God bless them

        • “Then, when we least expect it, they will strike—we will be disarmed, brought before Court on trumped-up charges and imprisoned immediately. You see, these plans were already in the pipeline long before a black government came into power. Many of our people will be killed in the intense struggle which will follow. For that reason we must never surrender our weapons; we must settle our differences and unite if we want to save ourselves from going under.

          He then explained how we will get help from Germany: “When these things start, a man rises up in Germany who will take over the reins. They have been preparing in secret for this takeover for many years. And the arms that Germany will produce will be of such a nature that many countries will be afraid of attacking them.

      • Correct. They had 6 fission bombs in 1993 and a 7th was in process. They were completely disassembled.

        There is some controversy, however, over what happened to the enriched uranium.

      • Without White technicians (or foreign technicians), ZA would not have the most rudimentary fission weapon, let alone the pretty-interesting nuke weapons ZA/Israel developed that DeKlerk handed over to the Clinton Administration. The operational fission reactors in ZA ought to be decommissioned before the last Whites in charge of them leave. The USA might offer such a deal (we take all of the Whites, and secure the radioactive material wherever it might be inside of ZA) with a counter-offer of sending arms/intell/support to the 9% who wish to die in-place while running a counter-genocide. Special request for SASOL scientists and technicians who ran/run the Fischer-Tropsch carbon reformation programs.

        ZA made otherwise-useless carbon deposits into $30/barrel cost synthetic crude oil during the embargo. The USA needs this.

  18. I can see it now… Trump agrees to take 250,000 Afrikaners to flee persecution .. settle them here and there in the US… and the media and the left ( cough cough) would lose their heads. Nooooo! We can’t take whites!!! Africa is returning to base… deflating all the anti colonization teaching of the last 80 years… corruption and murder, famine and warlords… and death. Cheap death too.

      • Trump is no friend of Whites. He is encapsulated by Tribals, and had his daughter convert to Judaism in order to marry a particularly odious Wall St. Jew. Putin, however, has offered to admit Afrikaaners to Russia because they can farm. As to the urban White cosmics in SA, most of whom welcomed the ANC regime (the Jews who spearheaded the Black communist powerdrive in SA have long since skipped off to ‘Murka or israel), they’re destined for the cooking pot and deserve no better.

  19. It would be a bit much of a stretch for them to fight for their existence as the usual suspects here in the west would be against them but we should welcome them here with open arms.As for Africa we should leave it as the hellhole it will become oh and to the Chinese, good luck to them, they will need it.

  20. At that time I saw that we as a nation were still arguing amongst one another, and then suddenly we have a black government. Then only will the Afrikaners’ most bitter struggle begin.” “I see a time when the whole world will be ploughed under. (This is the beginning of the Third World War and everything will be in disorder and confusion will reign). Then I saw a snake lying on the ploughed land. I could not see its head or tail ….(Nobody will know for certain where this war will begin, or where and when it will end). Everything in the churches will also be wrong.

  21. You are are spot on, the Boer will not be received with open arms, they better start tanning and buying ponchos.

    Remember that Christians (such as Syrian Christians) DO NOT meet the criteria for refugees under the UN statute for refugees, which is who vets refugees for the US (the UN), yet it’s mostly Christian voluntary agencies (VOLAG) who then do the refugee resettling within the US, talk about literal cucks!

    Hundreds of thousands of so called refugees came trough here during the summer of love 2015, how many Christian? Zero, zip, zilch, nada!

    And how do i know that? I actually called up the Roman Catholic Church and asked, they said zero.

    If i was Trump, I’d give them SA honkies the right to return, just to see the left spin out of control.

      • Comey will claim he meant there’s been no physical tapping of Trump’s telephone wiring, even though Trump probably (but not obviously) meant wiretapping to mean electronic surveillance in a broad sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that Trump’s four floors don’t even have telephone wiring installed.

  22. There are actually two white tribes in South Africa: The Afrikaners and the English-speaking whites. The English-speaking whites can mostly find a home in the UK or Australia. The Afrikaners have nowhere to go and they will fight. And, probably, lose.

  23. Had a friend who’s family moved from South Africa when he was a teenager. When people asked him why they moved, he got a squirrelly look and mumbled something about “Dad’s job”.

    I think his Dad was smart and saw the writing on the wall.

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