Stranger Danger

I don’t have a television subscription anymore. I use the Amazon Fire for my video entertainments. It’s a useful device for those who have cut the cord. One of the apps on the thing is for SkyNews, the Murdoch propaganda platform that is the retarded little brother of the BBC. It’s pitched as the “conservative” alternative to the government run BBC, which means it is pretty much just a ruling class echo.

I was working on a small project in the living room so I put on the television to see if there was something worth watching. SkyNews had a program on about the latest Muslim mayhem in London, so I thought I’d give that a go. It was some sort of panel show, hosted by a guy who looked like a homeless man. He was an old guy kitted out to look like a college professor, but he was so shabby, he looked more like a bum than a professor.

The Mr. Chips routine remains popular on television news. They take a stupid person, dress him up to look like a college professor and then have him say his lines with an avuncular voice. Hilariously, the actors they have playing these roles on the news are almost always as dumb as hamsters. I guess a degree of dullness allows the actor to play the part without any self-regard. Maybe it is just one of life’s little ironies.

Anyway, the old gasbag droned on for a few minutes at the start, reminding us of the proper way to virtue signal about these Muslim attacks. He was also careful to make clear that no one, under any circumstances, is to speculate about why Muslims keep going bonkers and attacking people in Western cities. In fact, he was careful to not use the word “Muslim” and even suggested that the man’s identity remained a mystery.

Then, it got ridiculous. It was a panel show so the hobo went around and introduced his panelists. It was four women, all in their prime powerskirt years. These are the years when a powerskirt is still feeling the biological clock so she is not entirely without hope of being a women, but she is at her maximum anger at reality for not yielding to the latest feminist pieties. Of course, one was black and another South Asian, because that’s who we are!

The first powerskirt to speak sounded like a JohnRivers parody on Gab. She opened with how much she cares about the victims and how passionate she is for victim’s rights. Powerskirts are always passionate about stuff, just like Hitler. She then lurched into a tangle of sentences about how this incident opens the doors for hate and how any assault on London’s multiculturalism is far worse than a few white people being murdered.

What’s striking about watching these modern lunacies acted out with British accents is it makes the lunacy so much more obvious. What the hell does “open the door for hate” even mean? I bet the stupid twat who said it has no idea either. It just appeals to the fevered female mind. Similarly, they have deified the word “multiculturalism” as if it is a real thing, when in fact, it is just a word for the nullification of culture.

The funny thing about her little performance was that you could see her nostrils flaring and her cheeks getting a bit flushed. Maybe she is well-trained, but my take was she really meant every word of the nonsense she was saying. That or she was sexually aroused by it. Who knows, maybe the thought of being slaughtered by Muslim savages is arousing to these people. It’s not entirely out of the question, given the state of men these days.

That really is the issue. The men of our ruling class have no pride or self-respect. They got to where they are, largely untested as men, so they have no sense of achievement. As a result, the women have no respect for them or the culture they are supposed to symbolize. Consequently, we have a ruling class populated by hand-wringing pussies and terminally pissed off women, looking with envy at those swarthy guys on the border.

I snapped it off, thinking that it would probably be a good thing if an Exploding Mohamed walked into the station and ended things for all of them. Frankly, if I was walking outside the studio and Mohamed came running toward the entrance, I’d offer to hold the door for him. The people inside are hostile strangers to me. The only thing I know about them is they hate me for reasons I cannot address. Otherwise, I don’t know them.

That is the the final resting place of multiculturalism. A people without a shared past cannot have a shared future. The Muslim invader cannot look around the landmarks of London and feel pride. His people did not build these things. His ancestors were on the wrong end of a bayonet charge by the people who built Big Ben and London Bridge. The people who made these things are strangers. Their descendants are strangers to him.

Men cannot live as isolated, transactional economic units. Nature abhors it. It’s why the gray featureless world our rulers imagine is so horrifying to the Mohammedan. It’s why populist movements are sprouting up all over the West. Man is a social creature. In order to have strong bonds with each other, we must share strong bonds with our past. The people who rule over us must share those bonds too. They cannot be strangers.

It’s why, after every one of these attacks, the powerskirts and hand-wringing pussies rush out to fret about The Backlash™. At some level, they know that the real threat to their position is not the random muzzie, strapped with explosives screaming “Allahu Akbar!”, rushing into the offices of SkyNews or into Parliament. The real danger, what they truly fear, is that guy deciding to hold the door for Akmed. Then it’s all over for them.

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  1. “Consequently, we have a ruling class populated by hand-wringing pussies and terminally pissed off women, looking with envy at those swarthy guys on the border.”

    Lots of commentators suggest that these powerskirts are lusting after barbarian menfolk, but I think it’s slightly different. Part of it is displaced maternal instinct from childless women on the cusp of menopause, manifesting as solicitude for the “half devil and half child” barbarian. To the extent that there’s a sexual aspect, it closer resembles the unstable women who flirt with strange men even though they’re not really interested, just so their boyfriends will have an excuse to fight on their behalf. Most of these women don’t actually want to be Ahmed’s third wife/punching bag (those who do usually soon regret it), they just want the excitement of flirting and fantasizing, harbouring perhaps an unconscious hope that Mr. Chips will finally get angry enough to break Ahmed’s jaw for once.

  2. I get my dose of real Brits from a Facebook group. It’s for folks with springer spaniels. Many of the men are clearly in the military or have a military background. Politics aren’t allowed, but they did sneak in some support for Brexit during the vote. I can’t imagine for a minute that they would allow any Muslim to harm a dog. In fact, I think a good documentary on how Muslims treat dogs would turn even the power skirts against them.

  3. Solution to the Birth Dearth.
    Start playing football and win
    “International football can have serious long-term repercussions: according to this Icelandic obstetrician this weekend there were a record-smashing number of births in Iceland, precisely nine months after their victory over England.”

  4. Living out in the boonies, I’m grateful for the culture and mores of the community as a whole here. At the same time I shake my head in wonder at the self destructive hive mentality. Those jihadists exist because, after all the signaling and other fucking bullshit, those people in them cities, whatever their reasons, want a jihad on their arse’s. An oft neglected truth to musloid terrorism, is a majority of those who reside in the target rich environments where the spectacle value of butchering westerners makes them such an optimal choice, is they voted for, or do not vote against, the political actors who make it so darn easy for the terrorism in the first place.
    To put it bluntly, thats natural selection at work. If you like your human extinction movement, you can keep your human extinction movement.

  5. I snapped it off, thinking that it would probably be a good thing if an Exploding Mohamed walked into the station and ended things for all of them.

    If I were you, I’d stick a “TM” after that one, like you did the “Backlash…”

  6. The real insanity is the notion that a group of panelists talking on TV is going to solve the “problem.” Our current societal structure is caught in a vicious cycle of rewarding this type of messaging, not experiencing any negative feedback, and therefore continuing to get even more extreme in their virtue signaling.

    Perhaps a win-win can be obtained by enlisting the Muslim fundamentalists to purge our culture of this dead-weight. Convert the disease into an antidote.

  7. The women thing is not that complicated. Dark rich guy=Kanye. Swarthy rich guy=Disney animated character from Aladdin. White rich guy=Mark Zuckerberg.

    They prefer a caricature of some sort of unreal rich exotic guy with high sexual market value (in the eyes of the other females), rather than a preening, overweight, pimply, dorky white guy with no SMV other than his money. Case closed.

  8. The level of BBC programming, and especially documentaries and commentary, has been declining for decades. Watch any of the BBC documentaries currently on TV or YouTube, and you’ll notice how the commentator fills the screen with themselves sitting, walking around or staring off in to the distance as if in deep contemplation on the topic they are presenting. When more often that not, they are often completely uneducated on the topics they present and can only add the “…and that’s awesome” or “…it’s so fantastic”. David Attenborough they are not! Imbecilic narcissists more so.

    The multiculti-do-gooders (e.g. feminist women, LGBT-whatever, and the like) have to speak for anything and everything not main-stream otherwise they have to discount themselves and their own agendas. Therefore they must embrace things they know are fundamentally wrong or dangerous, including importing more Islamists despite the risk to their own personal safety. They figure the odds that they will be personally affected are slim to none, so why not encourage it. Especially when they live far from the centers that harbor these people. It’s why our political leaders introduce and promote bad policies. They know it won’t affect themselves so why should they care about the plebs?!

    Blushing is uncontrollable, you’ve probably had that experience yourself when you are embarrassed – you can feel color in your face and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Same thing happens when people lie which is exactly what you saw. She new it was a lie, but she had to tell it to support her own agenda. It’s probably why people of color are often the commentators for these issues. Blush in a white face is obvious, darker skinned, not so much.

    • The Beeb really has been awful for a long time. When I was kid, our government TV would run a lot of BBC material and much of it was very good. For instance, there was a show called Connections that probably taught more history in 30 minutes than most kids got in a week of school. But, that’s all gone now. The last show worth watching was Top Gear and that’s now an Amazon show.

      • Ah, Top Gear. Very entertaining. How can you not enjoy a show that combines automobiles and a trebuchet!

        I always enjoyed your Carl Sagan – “…billions and billions!”

      • Connections was great. Wrapping a narrative around a series of seemingly unrelated historical events and processes. The narrator of Connections, James Burke, was so earnest about his work, and about Western Civilization, that it was a joy to watch.

        Many of the TED Talks try a similar format, but the “aren’t I cool for figuring all this out” posturing of the authors is such a turn-off.

  9. I strongly share the desire to turn the jihadi’s loose on the power skirts of both sexes in their gated communities, but why would the jihadi’s oblige us_? They are about Islamic supremacy not retributive justice. So they will use any means available, most definitely including the apparently boundless stupidity of degenerate elite pussies.

    Jihadis’ are all about jihad even if they cannot help but hold these degenerate elite pussies in even more contempt than we normies do. After all, it is we who are the obstacle to Islamic supremacy, not the Cloud Folk. And we see by the CAIR subversion strategies starting in the Carter years that they fully understand this. They can’t believe their good luck, rather they attribute their good fortune to Allah.

    Don’t forget that imperialists normally have taken over a country after being invited in by one faction who seeks to use them against their even more hated domestic enemies. I can almost hear the Cloud Gerbil Brains saying, “At least they aren’t white male privileged raysisssists.” This is the third wave feminist gamble: “No matter how much we spit on them, men of the West will be obliged to protect us from ‘consequences’, whatever that means. We deserve it on account of the great oppressions we’ve suffered.” Kinda like how it was coming back from Vietnam, or even looking like you might be, during the ascent of the second wave feminists.

  10. I’m trying to determine the various camps on the issue.

    1. Those who instinctively know Islam is the problem and distrust the mainstream bs,
    2. People who have studied Islam and history and intellectually know Islam is dangerous.
    3. Low information consumers of media who believe the crap they spew.
    4. People who know how dangerous Islam is but seek to import Muslims for their own aims (such as destroying the culture and political power of the natives).

    In the political world it is hard to separate the third and fourth groups. People like Soros and Valerie Jarrett know what they are doing. It’s hard to decide if your average EU liberal or American Democrat is dumb and malicious or is smart and malicious.

  11. The thing is, they count on themselves being the guys opening the door for exploding mohammend into your church/home/work/stadium.

    They’re the Indians who see the white man with his firesticks as a strong ally against that other tribe of Indians, the real enemy.

  12. I realize that the masters can’t allow their slaves any contrary opinions concerning their own slavery so there is no real “point/counter-point” in the MSM. I just don’t understand why the internet doesn’t have any head-to-head debate. It doesn’t matter if it is conservative, fascist, liberal, stinky pinky, or whatever. You have two or more people from the same position pointing out the absurdity of the opposing coalition. I think we should pick who we want to present their views, kidnap them and place them online with a topic for discussion. The only rule should be that you get your turn (predetermined amount of time) and then shut-up while the other side makes their pitch. If you interrupt, you get your testicles, or nipples, ripped with a few well placed electrodes. After the “debate” has been completed, hand-to-hand combat determines the “winner”. You can use chain, nozh, britva, chairs, teeth, gasoline, whatever’s handy. I think our side would have the advantage in both debate and in the lightning round. It should make for an entertaining evening.

  13. re: “I don’t have a television subscription anymore.” Z-Man

    Getting close myself. Watched with wife only one show on TV cable last night, an old (new to us) Antiques Road Show. Only saw Whites, artifacts loved by Whites, treasures saved by Whites. I kept thinking, how did the USA abandon the culture that produced the Antiques on display here? For what reason? To what end?

    Dan Kurt

    • Dan – I have thought the same thing. How could this have happened?

      How did men get this weak and passive? Was it all the result of feminists? Was it the overwhelming luxury and comforts our culture achieved?

      Has there ever been more greatness and success squandered in so short a time?

      I suspect many are asking these questions and starting to develop interest in genealogy and history. My husband and I barely watch TV. We read. We go to work. We garden. We take care of our pets. Hike. Kayak. Anything other than pay attention to whatever is coming out of the prevailing culture.

      I mourn the loss of the past.


  14. I’m from Melania land, where during the summer of love hundreds of thousands invaders came through, and we too had many roundtables and panels on TV, none of which EVER featured a contrarian voice, the reasoning was that they couldn’t find someone mannered and polite enough, you see, we are all brutes!

    One fun thing i enjoy now is taking visitors to a local museum, showing them weaponry the Turks left behind, and ask if we should give it all back / bend over.

    Every refugee shall get a free scimitar, it would only be fair!

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  15. That was downright Swiftian, Z man.

    Once, the backlash starts, the powerskirts and their drones immediately become irrelevant. Then it’s mostly about men who can recruit, train, and employ a militia. So that part of their stance seems rational.

    What I never get is why they want more immigrants and don’t want to do anything about the ones they have. That’s getting into the weird psychosexual territory, I guess.

    I still remember the first night of the LA riots. A bunch of white goodthinkers from the west side and the San Fernando Valley had shown up at LA police HQ to protest the Rodney King verdict. The gang bangers came soon after and started taunting and provoking the police. A skirt from a local TV station started running around egging on the gang members and more or less joining in the cop baiting. She was visibly and audibly aroused.

    In those slightly saner days, she soon disappeared from the local news scene. Today, they’d move her to the network headquarters and maybe even give her her own show.

    • I’ll stick with one of my recurring themes here that we keyboard warriors on the right ought not to hold our collective breath for the coming of a muscular backlash. The last meaningful example of a muscular backlash by normies was the hard hat riots in NY in 1970. It took seven years of riots, burning cities, looting, hippies, crime, and war drafts to awaken the Saxon.

      America in 2017 is not even close to the social conditions that woke the Saxon in 1970. In 1970 NYC was a crime-ridden hellhole. In 2017 NYC is a playground for young, credentialed college grads, drawn by reruns of Friends and How I Met Your Mother. (Several of my neighbors’ kids are living the life after graduating from private colleges on the East Coast, all financed by their parents’ government pensions.)

      Yes, we had a few Obama-inspired riots in 2015-2016 but those have largely dissipated following the election of Trump. Antifa have caused small amounts of turmoil in select cities, cautiously avoiding Red states where they know full well they’ll get a beat down. But we are still years away from the kind of social chaos that drove those hard-hat heroes on the street to deliver a much-needed beating to the protestors in 1970.

      Further, the hard-hat heroes of 1970 are now either old men or dead. Been to a construction site lately? Their replacements are mostly Mexican, Honduran, or Guatemalan. They won’t be appearing on the street with lead pipes to beat down pro-immigration Antifa protestors.

      There’s a clear backlash in the voting booth, which has delivered large swaths of land into the hands of Republicans. But as I keep saying on this board, demography is destiny and we have 10-20 years before the immigration tsunami washes over the political landscape and delivers the Federal government into the hands of the Democrats on a permanent basis. Then it’s game over.

      The right should be focused on negotiating terms of separation while we have a position of strength. Evicting California and her 55 electoral votes from the Union buys the Republic another 50-100 years. This is where our energy should be focused.

      • California is a particularly toxic example of what I am increasingly seeing as an urban vs rural divide. What makes it quantitatively different than the Acela Corridor, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, etc. is all the vote buying — Bay Area, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley money purchasing the votes of Mexican pols and voters.

        The California example tends to support the theory that large-scale Muslim immigration is a form of large-scale vote rigging. It’s been very successful, so why wouldn’t other politicians imitate it?

        There is a certain desperation that precedes systemic failure. To me, the power skirts at some level know that their model is about to collapse. But like Enron, or Hitler in the bunker, they would rather face annihilation than admit defeat. A lot of them will change their minds once faced with real annihilation as people always do. But for now they will keep faith with their ideological in-group since they are completely alone without them.

        I see feudalism as a reaction to the poison of Late Antiquity urbanism. Urbanism is poisoning us again. I don’t know if we need to use force to neutralize the cities, but we do need to be smarter than the toxic urban elites. I would like to see a solution that doesn’t involve a dark ages this time.

        • Megan McArdle at Bloomberg has a fascinating article about Utah, and the work of the Mormon church in applying church doctrine on issues such as marriage, along with privately sponsored charity work, in helping everyone in sight.

          Once one gets past the obligatory racial criticism (Utah and the Mormon LDS church are, wait for it, mostly white), the system appears to work remarkably well. Unsaid, but elephants in the room, are that the big inner-city underclass ghettoes and all of the people who capitalize on their suffering and strife are not part of the picture. We have, in the larger countrywide measure, gone far down a road that Utah has not gone down, perhaps irretrievably so.

          • The Mormons are all over Polynesia, starting with Hawaii. Utah may be mostly white, but the church is very multiracial in Hawaii and the South Pacific. Really good people!

        • You don’t seem to get the point. We’re nowhere near systemic failure or collapse. We’re not even anywhere near the conditions that generated a muscular backlash in NYC in 1970.

          And far from being in a situation of desperation, most of the cities you reference are thriving, at least on the surface, courtesy of borrowed money made possible by unlimited, fiat dollar financing.

          Long before any sort of apocalyptic collapse besets us, demographic change is going to slowly drive America into a single-party soft totalitarianism under the Democratic Party.

          None of the values Conservatives care about (e.g., small government, individual liberty, constitutional protections) will survive this transition.

          We can maintain a Constitutional Republic for another 50-100 years if, and only if, we jettison California from the Union. This should be our focus.

          Any other ideas? I’m all ears.

          • Always hard to make your point on a phone. I was being indirect earlier, but what I am suggesting is kicking all of the big, corrupt cities out of the Union. That way we can fix our demographics while starving the urban elites out. I’m really not interested in a 50 year solution. I want a 500 year solution. Plus I’d like to keep the Sierras and the Adirondaks.

          • California and Vermont are two blue states talking about seceding. That’s all it is. Talk. Like the “entertainers” that were going to move to Canada if Trump was elected. Leftists are pansies that have no intention of separating from the productive citizenry whose taxes pay for all their retarded schemes.

            “Contrary to standard accounts, the birthplace of American secessionist sentiment was not Charleston, South Carolina in 1860, but the heart of the New England Yankee culture — Salem, Massachusetts — more than half a century before the first shot was fired at Fort Sumter. From 1800 to 1815, there were three serious attempts at secession orchestrated by New England Federalists, who believed that the policies of the Jefferson and Madison administrations, especially the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, the national embargo of 1807, and the War of 1812, were so disproportionately harmful to New England that they justified secession.”


            Hell will freeze over before California secedes.

          • You are correct, sir or madam! Calhoun developed his theory of concurrent majorities and nullification at Yale.

          • Sealthemoffin.

            As in “seal them off in their urban hellholes and let nature take its course”.

            I ain’t givin’ up the Central Cali Coast to nobody…particularly when giving up California would result in it becoming a beachhead for foreign enemies, such as the Celestial Empire, who would be only too eager to fill the power vacuum.

    • My fellow ministers working in the Projects in the months before the RK Riots were quite mystified by the gang truce in evidence at the time. When all hell broke loose, then went quiet on Entitlement Check Day, and a car full of gangbangers up front and gas cans in back got busted by LA county sheriff’s deputies, it was pretty obvious (20/20 hindsight) that the riots had been planned well in advance. Smash, loot, burn. In that order. Assault, rape and murder too, for extra kicks. I was in Whittier at the time, and someone tried to spread it to the SFS Mall, with little success. Of course, none of the jackals messed with shops guarded by Samoans or armed owners.

      Florence and Normandy was always weird to drive through after that.

      • Something strange was going on. For months beforehand, the LA Times was printing the “community’s” propaganda almost unfiltered. Maxine Waters, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, and some other pols whose names now escape me were making some very inflammatory speeches. In fact, they very specifically targeted the contingency ammo stocks at Los Alamitos and got them removed on the ground that their very presence was “racist.” Bradiy’s televised speech on the first night (the community is “justified” to be angry and act out violently… heard it with my own two ears) may have been part of the plan or just fortuitous.

        I would refine your description of the tactics slightly. It was smash, gangs go in and steal cash and anything that could be fenced, then the “community” would go in and take everything not bolted down, then the fire.

        I look back and wonder what the political goals of the community leadership were. More federal aid? Yes. Less competition for black owned businesses? How about no business because the last time I drove through there (about a decade ago), commercial activity on the main streets was about 1% of the level evident in any comparable ethnic neighborhood. More control over the population? Yes and no. The riots certainly cemented pols like Waters into place but also triggered the black diaspora to places like Lancaster, Palmdale, and Moreno Valley. It also gave the organized crime leaders more power over the gangs in the Asian and Mexican communities and more control over drugs, gambling, and other crime networks. Finally, more control over the message? No. Local media clamped very restrictive filters on the community’s agitprop in the aftermath. They remained sympathetic, but would never again print or broadcast nearly unedited racist spew.

        So what the instigators got was control over a desolation. They were tactically clever and strategically stupid. They defined the conflict in terms of us and them and failed to see that they were a declining player in a multipolar game.

        South Central should be renamed “Little Zimbabwe.”

        • Sort of a collective version of lack of impulse control/lack of long range thinking. The “smash and grab, because I can” mentality. Really depressing to think that everything we know and are tought to think and to believe in is not relevant, in a world where premeditated “smash and grab” is the reality we actually live in.

          • That was pretty much it, Dutch.

            One of the saddest moments in my about two-thirds complete life, was during the riots. We were patrolling out of a parking garage somewhere in the Heart of Vibrancy when some barbers came by to cut our hair. Now the gangstas and pols weren’t too happy to see us, but the community – the real community – was happy to have us there. I was chatting up the barber and asked him why he came by. He said he didn’t have any business. I tried to cheer him up and said that the streets were calming down and that business was sure to pick up. He said, no, his business had been burned down. Tact is not in my blood so I blurted out something outraged. He said he’d put up “Black-owned Business” signs up and they’d burned down his building anyway.

  16. The only quibble I have with this post is the statement that multiculturalism is the negation of culture. It is the negation of the host culture for whatever country it is introduced to.
    Otherwise, yeah. I’d hold the door for Mohammed, too.

    • @ teapartydoc – True. That was certainly the case for Europeans displacing native Americans across the entire American contentment. It’s just more obvious when you’re the culture that’s being displaced. At the current rate and numbers, it seems clear it will happen in Europe eventually, it’s just a matter of time. If history has taught us nothing else it has taught us the one constant is change.

      I wonder if I can get a Halal Jägerschnitzel? 😉

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