AmRen Diary Part II

One of the things that is not appreciated, at least I have not full appreciated it, is just how lonely it is to think about the stuff we think about on this side of the intellectual universe. By that I mean, much of what is discussed here, for example, is never discussed at your office or your church or at social gatherings. When we can discuss this stuff with fellow travelers, it is in hushed tones and care is taken to make sure no one is listening in on the conversation. It’s the cost of having so much of reality made off limits to discussion.

That’s probably the biggest value of events like AmRen and why our side needs to start cultivating Jacobin clubs, so the like minded can do this locally. It is refreshing to be able to sit at dinner with other people interested in the same material, going back and forth on something like black crime, without having to constantly look over your shoulder. At lunch on Saturday, J’Onquarious pointed out that this is the only place on earth where we could have the sort of conversations we were having about social science data.

A good example of this is a conversation I had with a Jewish guy on Friday night. That’s right, there was a Jewish guy at AmRen. In fact, there were quite a few. Something almost no one knows or thinks about is that smart Jews are having the same debates among themselves about the roles of race and identity in Western society. My sense is that race is the trigger point. Smart Jewish guys grow up in nice safe middle class towns learning the egalitarian faith, only to get into the world and see the reality of race.

Just to get this out of the way, in case it is not obvious, I’ve always been on the side of Jared Taylor when it comes to who is white in America. His line about Jews is “They sure look white to me.” That becomes blazingly obvious when you talk to a conservative Jew about religion or race. Long before I came into hate blogging I knew this, having had this conversation with conservative Jews in the past. I’m also fine with people who think otherwise and are into the JQ. So are the Jews I met at AmRen.

It is at a thing like AmRen where you can appreciate just how oppressive and stupid our intellectual life has become in the West. There are few places on earth where a Jew and non-Jew can talk about something like racial identity or the realities of black life. The guy I was chatting with was like a lot of people I met at AmRen. He was bursting to talk about this stuff because you can’t do this anywhere anymore, other than in the comment sections of sites like this. We really are living in an age of madness.

If one is looking for the little green shoots, a place like AmRen is a good place to start. No where else in America can a guy like Richard Spencer have a jovial and thoughtful conversation with a Jewish guy about whether Jews fit into white identity. Spencer thinks Jews are a separate identity group and he thinks Jews will figure that out on their own and do their own thing. The Jewish guy in this case, is unsure, but that’s why he was sounding out Spencer on the issue. Try having that conversation on a college campus.

That’s where the optimism lies. In the fullness of time, the smart kids get to be right. That’s the lesson of history. The people who rule over us are trapped in a frenzy of purging anyone who notices anything about the world. They are systematically and aggressively estupidizing themselves, by driving off anyone with the temerity to ask a question. By herding all of the smart white guys into the Dissident Right, they are not saving themselves. They are creating the army that will destroy the prevailing order.

After attending something like this, it is easy to come back high on your own fumes and there is some of that with me. I know someone into lacrosse and every time he comes home from a tournament, he is sure lacrosse is about to sweep the nation. That’s never happening, but believing it keeps lacrosse from dying off. That’s the benefit of networking and socializing to these sorts of things. Being a biological realist is a lonely life at times. It helps to know that you are not alone in the struggle.

Even so, I’ve sat around with grad students at places like Yale and I’ve been around a lot of smart people in STEM settings. Often, the most striking feature is the oppressive lack of curiosity and the fear of saying the wrong thing. The core of Western civilization, dating to the Greeks, is smart people openly discussing the hard subjects of the day, trying to push the rock of humanity up the hill. That’s what’s happening on our side. On their side, it is struggle sessions and the slow boiling off their best assets. There’s the green shoot.

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  1. Z- we’ve had this argument before, but I think lax is growing quite a bit- I don’t think it will become one of the big 4 (assuming that hockey is) Compare it to hockey (which is my other sportsball obsession). Hockey has somewhat broken out of its regional bases in the US, but the hockey hotbeds remain remain MA, MI, MN and upstate NY. Lax, on the other hand really is expanding in places like CA, the Upper Midwest, CO and TX. Here in New England it has grown to the extent that it’s not just a prep-school sport anymore. It may be like soccer ( and I am a typical American soccer-hater) – huge on the participatory level, but not a significant part of the North American pro sports landscape. You are correct- my involvement in the sport does cloud my vision, but I do think it’s growing more than you suggest.

    As for the Jews- I taught private school in NYC for 10 years (at the height of the Dinkins Terror) – as one would expect almost all the kids and my colleagues were extremely liberal Jews- most of them, in their most private, unguarded moments would say things , particularly about black criminality that would not be out of place at the AmRen conference. Dunno what that means, but there you are.

  2. strangely enough one of the only people i could talk to at work about race realism was a black guy. when i told him that his own personal experience would dispense with high flying falsehood that all men are created equal, he told me i sank his battleship.

  3. Hey Z-man…all these comments about fraternity and solidarity made me a bit dewy eyed I guess. As a long time, years, reader of alt right sites but always silent and reticent to get involved in the comments; inspired now to publicly say hello and like so many others: thank you.

    I empathize with the loneliness. I have taken your podcast and listened as I walk around my city (I live in australia) and it’s hard not to be struck by the profound split in what is said and what is. I live in australias davos essentially and sometimes it feels I go days without uttering a word of truth. Building such a community here feels impossible.

    Again, thank you.

  4. “…there was a Jewish guy at AmRen…”

    My assumption is this guy is a spy either sent there or on his own initiative to see what you people are up. I fully realize this sounds ridiculous. “Why that nice fellow”, you say?

    I have, if you step back from your emotions, perfectly valid reasons for saying things like this. 2,000 years of them screwing us and every single community they weasel themselves in to. They have been thrown out of EVERY single country they have ever been too in any large numbers.

    The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all, maybe not even the majority but a whole lot. Psychopaths are the perfect actors. We act, to them, in a bizarre strange manner letting our emotions, “empathy”, control us. They study us intensely and learn to mimic the facial and verbal cues for “truth”. I believe that they are so good at fooling people because they show NO stress when they lie. This is very subtle but when emphatic people lie there are very small, almost imperceptible cues that show they are stressed. We can see and fell these stresses and it gives us doubt. Psychopaths have none of this so they just mimic a few verbal and physical cues to fool us and since the brain can;t process everything they pass our “lie” template.

    • How is what they are doing now any different from Lucy pulling the ball away as Charlie Brown kicks it, what could be more predictable? What could be different now as compared to 2,000 years of them screwing every one they possibly can? Nothing that’s what. With Jews you lose and any effort to “bring them into the fold” will just cause you grief and heartache.

      I’ve seen psychopaths operate before. I was on the fence about this one Spath being a weird guy or a psychopath. Most friendly person you’d ever met in your life but had a habit of doing a few things for you then constantly asking for help. Then one day he was crying in distress, throwing all around him into a tizzy and as he was doing so I saw his pause for the slightest of moments, he let his guard down and glanced at me to see if his tantrum was making the right progress, just one sideways glance, and I knew. Spath. Most of the time it’s very difficult to see these people for what they are. Even trained psychologists have trouble with identifying them.

      I know a lot of people hate Elon Musk here but I really like some of his ideas. Especially to look at things from first principles. Let’s look at the Jews like this. The long term behavior of Jews, as a group, can in no way be differentiated from a tribe of psychopaths. All of the Jews ancient writings are nothing more than a manual for psychopaths to live by. The Talmud is nothing but one psychopathic thought after another. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they’re Jews and their lives don’t matter. A psychopathic religion for a psychopathic people.

      They’ve been thrown out of every single country that they’ve been to in any numbers. Psychopaths having no empathy themselves can only go by the feedback they get from the people they are exploiting. So they push and push to see what they can get away with. The normal people build up resentment towards them. Thinking “surely they will reform or repent” like a normal person who does wrong. Of course the Jews do not. They don’t have the mental process for reform. Then in a huge mass outpouring of hate for the Jews, fed up with the refusal to reform their behavior, they attack and/or deport them. In this stage of the cycle the Big/Rich Jews escape and the little Jews are attacked.

      Start over.

      Even if it’s wrong if you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you will never be surprised and Jew’s behavior will make sense. There is no discernible difference between the behavior of Jews over long periods of time and a tribe of psychopaths so treating them as such it just common sense.

      • Actually, this sounds like quite a few individuals and some other prominent cultures I can think of. Maybe it is as much of a “human” thing as it is the product of a specific religious/cultural heritage.

        • “…Actually, this sounds like quite a few individuals and some other prominent cultures I can think of. Maybe it is as much of a “human” thing…”

          Uhh…not really. It’s an “inhuman” thing. There’s White psychopaths too. It does seem to be genetic and passed down to some extent. Alcibiades was a psychopath. Psychopaths can destroy whole nations. Hence the strong hatred towards him. It was Alcibiades that pushed the great idea of attacking Syracuse. The failed Syracuse attack was THE downfall of Athens. The same Alcibiades went from city to city in the ancient world. In Sparta he was more Spartan than the Spartans. Changing his chameleon skin every time he moved somewhere else and betraying everyone he came in contact with. Alcibiades killed Athens with risky schemes to glorify himself.

          Story of Alcibiades


          What did Plutarch have to say about him.

          “…He had, as they say, one power which transcended all others, and proved an implement of his chase for men: that of assimilating and adapting himself to the pursuits and lives of others, thereby assuming more violent changes than the chameleon. That animal, however, as it is said, is utterly unable to assume one colour, namely, white; but Alcibiades could associate with good and bad alike, and found naught that he could not imitate and practice. 5 In Sparta, he was all for bodily training, simplicity of life, and severity of countenance; in Ionia, for p65 luxurious ease and pleasure; in Thrace, for drinking deep; in Thessaly, for riding hard; and when he was thrown with Tissaphernes the satrap, he outdid even Persian magnificence in his pomp and lavishness. It was not that he could so easily pass entirely from one manner of man to another, nor that he actually underwent in every case a change in his real character; but when he saw that his natural manners were likely to be annoying to his associates, he was quick to assume any counterfeit exterior which might in each case be suitable for them…”

          One thing not widely known is King Agis of Sparta hated Alcibiades because Alcibiades had a child by the Kings wife.

          I have a theory that the period of time for the downfall of Empires is related to how long it takes psychopaths to move up the ladder of leadership. If a way is not found to restrain them the country disintegrates.

      • Sam, all that you said is true. But most here will not receive it, principally because it is “a hard saying”. Not because they *can’t* believe it, but because they don’t want to. Likewise, many disciples “no longer walked with Jesus” because of some of His hard sayings. The soil had not been properly prepared. But the seed was planted nonetheless.

        What bothers me, as much as I do admire Jared, is his apparent ignorance of the facts and history of the Jews… He is too smart of a man. I think what is most disconcerting is the likelihood (in my opinion) that it is FEIGNED ignorance. Chew on that for a while.

        And don’t discourage from planting seeds.

        • “…Jared, is his apparent ignorance of the facts and history of the Jews… He is too smart of a man…”

          I’m sure he knows he just doesn’t want to pick that fight. I don’t hold this against him. Doesn’t mean I won’t note that it will probably fail. Maybe he thinks giving people a small portion is better than feeding them the whole story at once. He may be right.

          I’m pro ANY person or group that promotes the well being of Whites first. Anybody.

          I may whine a bit about some tactics but I’m certainly not anti anyone pro-White.

    • Well, I did spot the Jews exchanging secret handshakes and passing microfilm to one another.

      • I’m disappointed. Snarky strawmanning is beneath you, Z.
        The disproportionate influence of Jews in Western societies is a pattern that can’t be missed. Nor is the tendency of that influence to weaken that society’s traditions, norms, culture & morals.
        It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy, any more than the Chinese diaspora are conspiring to dominate retail trade in the countries they spread to. Or the gypsies are conspiring to be their host countries best pickpockets, thieves & fortunetellers.

        • I was trying to keep this from leading to some idiot posting oven mitts. Like I said, I’m fine with people saying that white identity does not include Jews. I know a guy who thinks it should not include people east of the Hajnal Line. Brett Stevens thinks it should exclude the Irish. That’s a fine topic of debate.

          What I have no patience for is the fashy retard stuff. It’s pointless and self-defeating. In many cases, it is done by trouble makers looking to embarrass us. Not happening here.

          • I get that. And we’re in your house.
            As for the retards. To be charitable, it’s pretty frustrating when you see an obvious pattern that everyone around you refuses to see or even consider.
            In fact, they tell you that the pattern that you see is a figment of your imagination, proof that you’re crazy, evil, a loser, etc…
            It’s especially frustrating when you get that from a group who has already seen the forbidden patterns regarding sex & race issues and is getting called crazy, evil, a loser, etc… for that.
            It’s like “Dude. You’ve come this far breaking the conditioning & dismantling the lies. Why are you repeating them now?”

          • I understand. I’ve done posts on Jews in sports, the law, the Fortune 1000. I did a whole long post on the need for both Jews and non-Jews to openly talk about the fact that 2% of the population dominates the high ground of the culture. These are worthy topics, but complaining about the Jews is a pointless and self-defeating endeavor. Frankly, it’s loser talk. And it is self-defeating. Most honkies run away from that stuff. My goal is to get the honky running toward me, not away from me. Where he goes after his mind has been freed is up to him.

            Feel me?

          • I feel you.

            And I will agree that it should be the very last pill.

            From my experience, someone needs to see that feminism is a poisonous lie & equality is a poisonous lie, and socialism is a poisonous lie, and political correctness is a poisonous lie. And that the media and academia is how they force those lies down your throat…

            Then they often notice for themselves who is most actively involved in the creation and dispensing of those lies. Until then, yeah, it scares them off.

            I just think that there should be a way to tell the JQ-enthused person “that’s not my bag, man” without piling on with the kind of insults that the Left uses.

            But look how the slightest mention of the Tribe in your post derailed the discussion. The main point is that you had a productive, enriching enjoyable time talking to fellow badthinkers. That’s great! You’re already one of the most prolific & high-quality writers in our little corner of the webiverse. I can’t wait to see what an even more inspired Zman produces!

          • I feel you but…

            “,,,complaining about the Jews is a pointless and self-defeating endeavor. Frankly, it’s loser talk…”

            It’s loser talk until…it isn’t. When we start treating the Jews just as aggressively and just as prejudicial as they have us, including mass legislation to protect and allow Whites to flourish, then it ceases to be loser talk. Right now that’s not true and you can easily bandy about the term loser talk and not be incorrect. The problem with this is that it takes a lot of talking(just look at the Jew talk) to get to the point where loser talk is winner talk. Until such time comes I’m with the losers.

            The term “self-defeating” is incorrect. If all Whites talked like I and many others here did then the Jew would be solved in a fortnight.

    • Not a spy or psycho. Amren opened my eyes about race and I like their Jewish-neutral stance. Obviously I won’t be attending the events of groups where I’m not wanted. Also, I will never betray any confidentiality of anyone I met at the conference and I don’t think anyone there would dox me.

      • This all raises an important issue for me. I am for inclusion. It is true the vast majority of Jews who enter conservative or right wing company do so to improve me, not themselves, but if I am actually right wing it’s not difficult to identify them; it’s the “conservative” who is easy prey. The ability and need to discriminate will never diminish by becoming uniform, otherwise the English would never have endured a long and viscous civil war. Excluding Jews who have the same interest that I do is saying I cannot trust myself to discriminate. I discriminate bigly.

        • I had my real full name and real home town on my name badge. Was it naive? Probably. I approached it as a matter of trust. Even the people who hate me have not broken that trust back.

  5. I’m all for our green shoots and an insurgency, but the left is so deeply rooted in our soil that it’s almost as if they enjoy a form of political deism. It’s as if FDR and Johnson were the Gods who set the watch in motion and now just stand back and laugh as we try to hold back the day/stop the ratchet. Both of your Amren posts have been about community, which is the key, but that’s also why I bring up FDR and Johnson, because they, more than anyone else, committed the artificial communities that co-opted and finally destroyed white identity in America (even if it was only implicit, it was still white). Before the “New Deal,” fraternal organizations were a big deal in America, the Elks and various orders and lodges. FDR offered a bit more economic security in exchange for the erasure of genuine identity. Johnson went one step further and got the ball rolling by using urban planning and the pretext of the War on Poverty to destroy social fabric in the cities (our Poleis) and Obama finished the work by using vouchers and other programs to nip at the heels of the retreating whites. I’m glad whites are meeting together, but it’s getting to the point where we’re going to probably have to start living together, and not just in some tacit “white flight” sense, but probably in intentional communities. Increasing balkanization and our reduction to minority status may force the issue.

    • The left invested the time to do the “long march through the Institutions.

      Meanwhile in what passed as Conservatism, the equivalent was being done by Neocon’s

  6. I wanted so much to attend Amren this year but just could not work things out, so thank you for your Diary posts as the next best thing. Being with other like-minded people is, indeed, a huge change from a dissident thinker’s normal experience – even at a small local VDare event (where I was definitely more radical than a number of other attendees) it was obvious how cautious everyone was at first.

    Glad to hear you met Greg Johnson – I’ve been reading him and contributing a very modest amount for some time now. I’ve read so much that is so negative about Richard Spencer, and have yet to meet him, but have never had a problem with any of his written stuff I’ve read or speeches I’ve seen online. It’s refreshing to hear an unbiased new take on him.

    Do you have any plan to attend VDare’s first planned conference next April? The Brimelowes are terrific people, if you haven’t already met them. We are seriously looking into that, early enough that we shouldn’t have to work around other responsibilities.

    • I would attend VDare if they have something.

      As far as any of the defects of the guys in the spot light, my view is that a) no one is perfect and b) it’s really hard to be out front in this. A guy like Greg Johnson has had to order his life to adjust to his political views. Spencer is always looking over his shoulder when out in public. That and even smart people can be petty and stupid.

      • Reading all the amazing Alt-Right thinkers has lead me quite a bit of intellectual humility. The breadth of thought and education really is staggering.

      • I score 4 SD’s up on Stanford-Binet, I was, for reasons I won’t go into, somewhat imperfectly socialized. I would gladly have given up 20 points on the former to have cured the latter.

  7. I suppose as a White Nationalist, I’m something of a lightweight. While I’ve certainly encountered the treacherous Jew of the stereotype, that hasn’t been my experience of them in general, and I grew up in a neighborhood that was about 1/3 Jewish. Having a Catholic upbringing, I suppose I simply regarded them as another flavor of Protestant.

    Even if you assume the worst of the Jews, they’re only 2% of the population. Obviously any damage they may have done was aided and abetted by a large number of whites.

    Realistically, my concern with minorities is with the ones that routinely represent a threat to person and property. I suspect that’s true of quite a few WN’s. If the only ethnic minorities present in the US were Jews, East Asians and Indians, I doubt the alt-right would have ever gained any traction. I’ve never had to flee a neighborhood made intolerable by the Chinese or the Jews.

    Some degree of diversity is tolerable. But when it’s been taken to the point of usurping and replacing the founding population, it’s simply gone too far!

    • It sounds like you still have a few more red pills to fully ingest.
      Russia, Poland, Germany, Spain, England & many of the nations which have felt the need to expel the Jews from their borders over the last couple centuries did not have other, more visibly harmful, minorities present.
      What they had were Jews who became successful, used their wealth to expand their influence, and used their influence to change their host society in ways that the natives eventually found intolerable.
      To give one example: Blacks living in non-black societies do not turn their host nations’ entertainment industry into a propaganda mill for anti-traditional & immoral behavior. Neither do Hispanics, Chinese, nor Indians & for that matter neither do whites. But Jews do.
      Nor do blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians or whites transform universities from places where elites are taught to lead their society into institutions where elites are taught to destroy their society.
      Though individual Jews may frequently be delightful people, there is a clear historical pattern that can’t be ignored.

      • “Blacks living in non-black societies do not turn their host nations’ entertainment industry into a propaganda mill for anti-traditional & immoral behavior.”

        Of course they do. Ever heard of that idiot Spike Lee? And what exactly is an entertainment industry and why are we supposed to have one? Stop supporting it.

        “Nor do blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians or whites transform universities from places where elites are taught to lead their society into institutions where elites are taught to destroy their society.”

        You’re joking, right?

        • You’re retarded, right?

          Do you believe that Spike Lee and people who look like him have a great deal of influence in what films, TV shows and advertisements get made today? Or that that they were the ones who pushed the envelope over & over regarding what constituted obscenity & could be legally be portrayed in motion pictures? I advise you to research the history of obscenity laws in the US. As well as the demographics & behavior of theatre owners in Weimar Germany for a historical parallel.

          As for universities… as late as the early 1960s Ivy League schools were still finishing schools for young WASPs to network before becoming more or less the pillars of their communities that their parents were. Then we had our Cultural Revolution & academia turned to deconstruction of all that was traditional.

          Read up on the cultural & intellectual leaders of that shift and tell me if you notice something odd about their names… let me give you a hint, they aren’t Chang, Patel. Washington, or even Smith for that matter.

          Blaming everything on the Tribe isn’t the answer. But neither is ignoring obvious patterns, either.

          • No ones forcing you to watch or listen. Make your own “entertainment” whatever that is and stop being a stooge.

          • I guessed right. You really are retarded. The viewing habits of one individual will not change the demographics of the entertainment industry, nor their effects on the larger culture. Jesus, you are stupid.

    • But its often jews behind the coloreds flooding into neighborhoods. Only reason we aren’t still a 90% white nation is the jewish pushing of the 1965 immigration act. They can act nice, but when the chips are down they always side with their own people against others. This is why they promote each other, why they control the Fed Reserve, which leads to why they are so successful at managing hedge funds. An academic study proved that the Fed leaked into on such a regular basis and to such a massive degree that they could tell from the effect it had on the market…

    • I think I should. It has been suggested that I should make the rounds to these things, even when I may not line up with them ideologically or demographically.

      • If you haven’t read Mencken, it’s fun and informative to begin with The Vintage Mencken: gathered by Alistair Cooke. There’s not much editorial filler by Cooke. It’s basically just samples of Mencken’s writing throughout most if his life.

        The BCPL reports that it has three copies, all of them available.

      • Well, movements always want members, both followers and leaders. You have extra value as you come with a pedigree and a following of your own. You are a thought-leader, to use a slightly out-of-date term.

        As a long time reader it has been interesting to watch your interactions with the AltRight over the last few years, from the first tentative probes to the obvious deep immersion in many of their sub-factions, and ultimately your appropriation of some of them as your own.

        In what respects do you not line up with “them” demographically? Are you a Jew? An Asian? Or just a bit older than Spencer (but then a bit younger than Taylor). The latter is obviously not a problem.

        Ideologically? “Race is real. Race matters. Race is the foundation of Identity”. That’s the first red-pill of AltRight-ism as coined precisely by Spencer. Are you comfortable with that. You came early, perhaps even independently to the race-realist side of things, if I’m remembering your writing correctly.

        Of course part of being an “Alternative” is that much latitude in belief is possible and tolerated. There are a lot of other red pills: the female red pills, including the extremely strong and bad-tasting MGTOW one, red pills for democracy, equality, education. And of course the JQ red-pill?

        Could you describe your ideological differences with the AltRight? They don’t pop right out at this point, for instance your three-part review of the AmRen event seems completely sympathetic.

        Finally there is the issue of anonymity. I think you are quite naive to think that doxxing has died off. It’s in a respite, at best, but will return at the most inopportune moment. Have you considered a gentle transition to “out” status on your own, yet? Then you would really be of use to the Alt Right movement.

        Spencer has written, quite convincingly, on why leaders, even thought leaders of the AltRight can’t be anonymous. The Mike Enoch doxxing was quite unpleasant, no one wants to go through that again.

        Just a few things you might want to think over while considering the offer to “make the rounds to a few more of these things”

        • These are all excellent points and questions. I’ve been working through this in hopes of either putting together a series of posts or maybe something more formal. No, I will not call it “My Struggle.” But, a hot topic is how we all found ourselves in this place. I know my road is different than most, but I’m thinking a lot of Gen X people have a similar path.

          For the record, I have no interest in being the leader of anything. My dream is to be the guy no one remembers, but is always quoted.

          • “…a hot topic is how we all found ourselves in this place…”

            I assume you mean race realism, red pilled about the Jews, etc. for me it was 9-11. After I realized what went on there..I knew. If we allow them to get away with this then we may very well find ourselves in the same boat as the Russians where 60 million of them were killed. If you feel this is about to happen,(it’s going the way of the Russia), then remember what Solzhenitsyn said and understand that you’re life is over anyways.

            “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

  8. Not to be monomaniacal, but I can’t just let this slide…. “Spencer thinks Jews are a separate identity group and he thinks Jews will figure that out on their own and do their own thing.”

    Historically speaking, Jews have already figured out that they are a separate identity group. And they’ve already got “their own thing”. It’s living in other societies, excelling in cognitively-demanding occupations, and using their wealth & intelligence to expand their influence over those societies.

    To further generalize, historically there appears to be a sweet spot, where that influence is mostly benign, and benefits both the Jews and their host people. But it is often followed by an overreach, when that influence becomes excessively favorable to the Jews and destructive to their host nations.

    The real question is where Europe and North America are in this process and what the reaction of these nations will be.

  9. “On their side, it is struggle sessions and the slow boiling of their best assets.”

    I think we’re beginning to turn up the heat on these guys considerably. Full boil is on the way.

    • They think they have a kryptonite for us. It is called “cognitive privilege”. “It’s not fair that you are smarter than we are”. Hmmm…

      • What I find interesting about the acknowledgment of “cognitive privilege” is the the recognition of the fact that intelligence is largely genetically determined. And that it also varies by race. My, my, that’s a shift.

        I’ve often thought that eventually the left would have to recognize this, in the face of so much evidence, and that they would then shift their approach to justifying socialism. It changes the look of the game, but their end point is still the same.

  10. I love hearing about this stuff, as it makes me think our team might win a few here in the near future. But, the rot is very deep. You write of having sat with grad students, and seeing nothing but oppressive fear. I’ve taught a lot of undergrads, and they’ve never even heard word one against the prevailing dogma. Example: SJW is going on and on (and on and on) about the “unjustified exclusion” of this or that group. So I ask, “could there be such a thing as *justified* exclusion?” I let the whole class pile on with “wow just wow, I can’t even” for a few minutes, and then, as everyone is quieting down, I ask “what about prison? Are we really going to say that Mr. Serial Rapist is being ‘unjustly excluded’ from society?” In a 75% female classroom…. you could’ve heard a pin drop. Nothing of the sort had ever occurred to them. I don’t know what the students did, but I went straight to the bar and started drinking heavily.

      • It can. Wish I had it! I can get away with this stuff because I’m a lowly part-timer who only teaches because I enjoy it (the teaching, I mean, but also the deep-cover shitlordery). I’m beneath the notice of the *real* eggheads; to my students I’m just that cranky guy who says outrageous, but funny, things.

        • As we like to say, in loose moments around our workplace, “it is amazing what you can get away with when you don’t appear to give a shit (what other people think)”.

          One just needs to choose the right moment and audience. Survival strategy.

        • Well, I have tenure, and while it does give a general sense of cover, it certainly isn’t full protection. I’m sure my colleagues have some sense that I’m not a card-carrying SJW, but I bet they’d be horrified to learn the full extent of it. I was tutoring a grad student in a funny language a few years ago, and one time she tagged along for a meal out with a visiting speaker. In front of a limited number of regular faculty members, she decided to blurt out that I was “right wing”. Afterwards, I told her off for this, saying that if I wanted to share my political views with other people, that was my business, not hers. And this was something like a decade ago. Things are a lot more SJW-y these days. And, for that matter, I’m sure the people she was talking to would take “right wing” to mean NRO-style. They’d have probably fainted if they’d realized the truth. (FWIW, this grad student is now a big SJW leader at a big-name university. I’ve lost touch with her, but I’m pretty sure she’d want to have me shot if she knew the full extent of it now.)

          Academia is definitely not a “safe place” for any sort of conservative these days. There are various courses that I’d like to teach but completely steer clear of because of the potential for conflict with SJW’s. I’ll be glad to be out of this vale of tears eventually.

          • It’s funny how it creeps in. Over the weekend, I kept thinking about my college days when it was fun to hang out with some of the more cranky professors. After a few drinks, they would say anything. That was a long time ago in a land far, far away.

          • I remember watching Evan Maloney’s “Indoctrinate U.” They had this female psych prof who got outed, and all her students said “oh yeah, we all knew she was conservative — she actually taught the subject matter and didn’t spend the whole class time preaching politics at us.” If you actually want to make a career out of it, fuhgettaboudit. The open-minded, ever-tolerant Left, who love Diversity as much as they love science, will run you out on a rail… and that only because they can’t have you lined up against a wall and shot (yet).

          • Wow, just wow, I can’t even … thank the military enough for yanking me out at the master’s level in 1970 from the middle-tier Midwest State U ‘social studies’ grad program I was then in and showing me that I could comfortably do things that people were willing to pay real money for having done.

            But it’s sad to read how things went left after I left. At the time, it was actually mostly white males. We used to be able to have the sorts of discussions described above as now only possible at AmRen. And we did so regularly and freely.

            Even at that time the employment prospects were only viable economically if you were a trustafarian or had taken vows of poverty. It was 6 – 8 years, even then, for a PhD and then your odds of finding full-time ‘standard (i.e. tenure track) employment’ were 50:50. But the intangibles were then somewhat attractive: Congenial company of smart people; respect; light workload; one year off with pay every seven; Pleasant surroundings, etc. I guess that’s all gone now but the pleasant surroundings for anyone unfortunate enough to be white male unwilling to bend the knee daily and kiss satan’s posterior.

          • Well, the pluses are still there to some extent, and it has to be said that I have tried in my own restrained fashion to instill in students something of an open-minded attitude about even “difficult” topics. But the all-encompassing need to adhere to (or at the very least not openly challenge) the leftist orthodoxy is undeniable.

            As for job prospects, it varies by discipline but I’d say these days the odds of getting a tenure-track position are a lot less than 50/50. Except for opportunity costs, I paid nothing for my PhD and (even given the overall situation) couldn’t imagine doing anything else myself, but I couldn’t in good conscience recommend that anybody get a doctorate in the humanities or social sciences these days. FWIW, in my experience, faculty members are very up front about the costs (literal and metaphorical) of getting a higher degree and about the difficulty of getting a job, and yet some students persist despite it all. Glad I could make it work in the “ye olden dayes”…

          • Agreed. I followed a very strange path to get where I am, that can’t easily be replicated (even if one wanted to, which one wouldn’t). I cherish my access to a big university library, but that’s it — and it’s certainly not enough to go through all the bullshit. The only people in grad school now, in my fairly extensive experience, are as fanatical as they are socially awkward – they literally can’t do anything else.

  11. Fun fact, google returned exactly 2 hits for the word “estupidizing.” I volunteer to help it catch on as best I can.

  12. The hushed tones began in the presence of Obama’s thought police and still persist in the Trump era, but not for the two-digit IQ, low-impulse control pre-frontal cortex damaged screamers. When they shove their nothing burgers in my face and demand I share a bite, I politely decline. We’ve reached critical mass, and there will be no turning back. The future looks bright.

  13. I hope your 401k is stuffed to the gills, because you will be unemployable in polite society if you attendance is outed.

    I have a few more years of the grind before it’s safe for me to attend. Hope to see you in 2020 or 2021.

    • The doxxing thing seems to have run its course. That and I’m probably not that interesting to the mentally unstable community.

      • Now that, is the first thing you’ve ever said that I vehemently disagree with, Z.
        You only need to scratch the radar of one of them, then you’ll become immently interesting to them.
        Please safeguard yourself.

      • For some of us, the “mentally unstable community” IS the community. Pugetopolis, e.g.

        Look at The Evergreen State College for an example of how safe it is even to dissent from the idea that a college degree should be a guaranteed outcome for anyone who demands one. Because racism.

  14. Events normally are credited for sudden intellectual shifts and major political upheaval–and rightly so. The Obama Administration and the Far Left’s decision to become blatantly anti-white certainly focused many minds. You are correct that it is easy to overstate things, but the Dissident Right is growing at an exponential rate for the same reason firearms sales have exploded.

    Someone has to lay the foundation for the moment the ground shifts. Think of people like Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, and John Derbyshire in the context of the time when they began to emerge as then-fringe thought leaders. They had no way to voice opinions in a way to reach mass audiences; the media blackout was near total as recently as a generation ago. Government harassment had started to become pronounced for Bad Thought. The public overwhelmingly bought into ridiculous policies such as mass migration.

    Yet these guys knew their moment would come. It surely has to be more than coincidence two were British born and a third came of age in Japan. It likely gave them some advantage (all three are geniuses, which doesn’t hurt, either). These men are heroes. Whether they will be widely perceived as such remains an open question. To make certain it does happen, the torch has to be passed to young, bright and talented people and that process is well underway. You are a worthy heir, Z, and there are many other highly intelligent younger people who have stepped forward as the movement expands.

    I can’t say how this will end, but the side I want to prevail is considerably better situated than even five years ago. That’s certainly cause for some optimism.

  15. It is interesting to me how people can open up in private and in a receptive environment. The depth of thinking, and the various elements of the worldview are allowed to come together, be shared with others, and get modified and refined through respectful give-and-take conversations.

    In general, the public only sees little glimpses of our beliefs and understandings.

    It makes me wonder what is really going on with the left. Just as we only share tiny bits of what we really think, I suspect that a significant number of lefties are actually openly genocidal and aggressively eugenically-oriented in private.

    Occasionally my political orientation comes up in discussions with people who I trust, but most likely fundamentally disagree with me. I leave it at “way beyond Genghis Khan, along with a bunch of Andrew Jackson” and leave it at that. They laugh, but they look at me sideways after that.

    • ” I suspect that a significant number of lefties are actually openly genocidal and aggressively eugenically-oriented in private”

      It’s a reasonable assumption given how much the propaganda organs endeavor to hide things yet they still leak out. It was just a matter of months ago that a leftist audience in Maine erupted in applause when the number of white deaths due to heroin overdoses was announced, by way of example.

      • They call these people “professors.” That Whitey needs to die for the good of the planet is standard issue on campus; the only question is whether to shoot ’em outright or banish them to labor camps first. (That the people who say this are themselves white as mayo on wonderbread goes without saying, as does the fact that they weigh 115 lbs soaking wet (the men) or over 300 (the women), at least half of which is dreadlocks and face piercings).

        • Remember, Bill Ayers until his recent retirement was a professor of education at the U of Illinois at Chicago. Not only that, but he was in charge of curriculum studies for the professional association of education professors, i.e., those who are teaching the future teachers. And he is Mr. Genocide:

          • “[t]he goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.”

            Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev

    • The way so many openly revel in the idea of “white genocide,” leads me to think that their feelings aren’t terribly “private.”

  16. Bible, rifle, Constitution.

    (I don’t have a thoughtful reaction to this post, so I’m just posting what you can never go wrong with.)

    • Dare to doubt the Jews’ chauvinistic superstition and the risible notion that one of them is so special that you ought to worship him.

  17. I regularly visit American Renaissance, the Unz Review, and American Thinker. I appreciate what they do and respect Jared Taylor. Sure, occasionally they have threads written by some propagandist, but those come across as “Look how stupid some people can be!” What concerns me about the Alt-Right, or whatever you want to call this population of like thinkers, are the things that divide us. Everyone seems to understand HBD, but there are various degrees of “civility” concerning it Much of the conflict seems to revolve around miscegenation, for lack of a better world. As you have said, John Derbyshire has done some great work over the years, but there are those that will regard him as a traitor because he married a Chinese woman. Jared Taylor and the “jewish question” is another example. You have conflict between Fascists and those that promote the government as promoted by the Founding Fathers. And, rather than focus on what we have in common, factions arise. I don’t know if some of the more “extreme” personalities are deliberate plants to sow descension or not. They fact that I even think that is either proof it works or just plain paranoia.

    It just seems that we have much more in common than our differences. Personally, since I believe God created us, I believe that miscegenation is a mistake, the degree of which I don’t bother with. If God created Whites, Orientals, blacks, etc., he did so for a reason and doesn’t need our help to “improve” his creation by creating mixed breeds. But, I realize that such a view has been deemed anathema for so long that interracial reproduction will occur, especially when we all packed in together. I feel like we could benefit from the “diversity” that the original States of the US had. They had fundamental differences but choose to work together in a limited number of ways and everyone benefited from that. The problem is that each generation wants to make their own mark. I think that everyone recognizes that a major historical event is going to occur and is actually looking forward to taking part in it. It reminds me of Germany when WWI was declared. Have you ever seen the picture of the enthusiastic crowd in Bavaria on the day the news that they were at war was announced? When blown up, you can see Adolph Hitler cheering among the masses. The Germans believed that after the Austro-Prussian and French-Prussian wars, this was finally Germany’s time to supplant England and France as the predominant power in Europe. It was Destiny! I think so many feel that a major upheaval will start and everyone wants to be in the newspaper story about it. But, we all know what happened to Germany. How do we get past our petty need to be a “chief” and just be an “Indian”?

    • Just think of the extremists as those who are pushing the Overton window to the right. Their particular version of “our” views becoming more common place makes the moderated version of “our” views seem more acceptable. Leftists do this all the time with great success: the freaks come out and suddenly five years later catering to them is practically the law of the land.

      My view is that fascism is coming, but our version of it will still incorporate an American sense of fair play and that the transition, while uncomfortable, will still be liveable and something that ordinary people can recover from and prosper in.

      I never counter-signal my extremists, I cherish their will to take action. Without them nothing will ever happen; we will live in the Kevin Williams version of politics forever.

      • True, but I was thinking more of the internecine online fights that occur that make common ground impossible. For instance, someone says that all jews can’t be part of some monolithic conspiracy and then they are labelled a shabbat goy. Or someone trying to find some common ground with blacks so that we could both separate in a mutually beneficial way is reviled because he doesn’t want to forcibly remove all blacks from the West. Immediately. And once these squabbles start, you have online articles popping up trashing whoever has violated someone’s personnel red line. John Derbyshire has a Chinese wife. There are some race purists that would spit on him and not have anything to do with him. Jared Taylor is “soft” on the jewish question so he is not to be trusted. We have seen how monolithic leftist thought is. It has no intellectual component and is based on feelings and some ridiculous view of human nature that has nothing to do with reality. But, when push comes to shove, they line up together. They see that we can’t get along with each other and that each group has their own fiefdom and will not join together to achieve mutually beneficial goals. If we are going to bring about a sea change in society, we are going to have to do it together.

        • Please go read the 16 points of the Alt Right: at “What the Alt Right is” here (in any of the 23 languages folks around the world have translated it into (including Hebrew!):

          Vox Day (“The Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil” as we half-jokingly call him) may seem very hard-line (and thus uncomfortable) because he is DEscribing, rather than PREscrbing, what is to come. However, the concepts of ‘no shooting to the right’ and working with folks who are attacking our ENEMIES rather than joining our enemies and shooting at our allies (Conservative Inc, anyone? Cucky-Cuck McCain?!) — or our putative allies, or our extremist allies — is necessary to win the war against the left and their destruction of OUR nation and civilization! (The extremists are (‘serve as’) our shock troops. No one EVER won a war without some version of shock troops — and we ARE in war!)

          There is no monolithic Right thought, any more than there actually is any monolithic left thought. However, in the war to save our nation, allying with … allies … to FIGHT our enemies must come first and foremost! Sorting out who and what can stay or must go, who and what will make up our future (if we win one!) is for AFTER we stop the destruction of our (various) peoples.

      • I think the disagreements are just more visible than the agreements. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the biggest drama queens aren’t really alt-right. I keep up on a wide range of alt-right sources, and there is far more agreement on the important issues than disagreement.

        Some in this comments section seem to think the Jewish Question is a matter of debate within the alt-right, but its not. We love to debate it with others, but if you think jews are white or that they belong in a white ethnostate you aren’t alt-right.

        I agree about the fascist thing. Actually, fascism is pretty much synonymous with the Constitution as originally intended. Commander Rockwell had several quotes on that, about how he hated democracy just like the Founders did. They both wanted a whites-only authoritarian republic with a limited voting franchise.

    • You all may, (or not), find this interesting, my son in law, who’s 29, came for a visit this week. Ten of his close friends from HS came to visit at our house. Of the 10, FIVE had an Asian spouse/long term relationship.
      In a suburb of Atlanta. When they were in HS, the Asian population of the school was about 2%. My son’s first serious GF was also Asian. I’m rambling, but it was just visually odd.
      Does anyone know if this redneck Yellow Fever is widespread, or an isolated phenomena?

      • Its been around since the 80’s at least. Japan-Mania was everywhere in my youth

        I’ve seen inklings in 70’s movies as well, Live and Let Die has some of that

        It also seems to work both ways though , a lot of Thai and Filipino and other Asian people prefer Whites as well.

        Its anecdotal but a mixed race Thai /White lady of my acquaintance was getting married, lovely girl, smart, throughly Americanized was setting married to a White guy of the same religion . I asked her how her parents felt about he marrying a White guy. She laughed and said her Mom would kill her if she married an Asian guy

    • It’s once a year, so I guess next summer, depending on hosting arrangements. I think the growing popularity may lead to finding a bigger venue.

      Spencer is planning to do a NPI in the fall and many of the people at AmRen will show up for that, but that is a different crowd in most respects. I think VDare is still working on something too. My hunch is there are people looking at the surge of interest and more events will follow.

      • I like the Jacobin Club idea. if we compiled a list showing where people live maybe we could self organize into local groups? Philly area here.

        • Jacobin Clubs? Perhaps, you are thinking of Jacobite Clubs. Jacobites were reactionaries who tried to restore the Stuarts. Jacobins were French Revolutionaries.

          • I don’t know. Was just agreeing with zman who made the suggestion. Jacobin? Jack o’lantern? I don’t know. 🤗

      • I would like to attend AmRen first. I would be more content attending an event like you describe, with discussion and collegiality, than one organized by Spencer – at least without having met him at somewhere like AmRen, where I can discuss with him first.

        ZMan, may I email you? I have further questions about this.

    • Fall NPI. It is usually a bit younger and more raucous than AmRen. I think it’ll be huge, this year.

  18. Z,

    I recall you writing you are very pro gun but you dont seem to write about it much. I am too. I find the best place for or really only place Ive had very frank political conversations is at a meal with a cocktail after a tournament shoot with like minded people. There is nothing like seeing your heritage legislated against to make common cause with strangers. One of whom is Jewish. Great guy. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he reads this blog. He is a realist. We are both from a liberal paradise on the East Coast. The first Jewish person I knew was my parents friend a car dealer who had a gun in every place he might be. His office was like a small arms museum with displays of at least a hundred rifles and handguns. He was a great role model for an impressionable kid. Very successful and had all the toys meaning he knew how to have fun. He died prematurely before I was old enough to understand how special he was beyond being very cool. I regret I dont know more about him but did he ever leave a mark on me a WASP if there ever was one. Ever since I became politically aware I have shook my head at the tribes seeming love affair with liberal politics because I know they arent all like that. I dont know how they can be given history.

    • I am pro-gun.

      I think one of the great under discussed topics is that Jews in America are starting down the same path, in terms of nationalism and identity. They say the hardest thing to be is a black race realist. Being a right-wing Jew is no walk in the park either. There’s a guy who comments here who could probably do a better job with that topic.

      • It is a groundswell. Slowly but surely. As I have mentioned before, in France, Australia, Canada, the UK, the “official” Jewish societies that represent the Jewish people are already aligned with moderate rightist parties. In private, in discussions with these types, their personal view is much more aligned with the ZMan. In USA, it is moving this way too. Once ADL and other groups lose influence, it will gain velocity.

        • I was thinking in French, by “societies” I mean the organizations (in French the word is “societe”

        • Funny, but one of the few people I’ve been able to have frank conversations with would be classified a classic liberal Jew. But as he points out, were it not for his uncle spending some quality time in the basement of Gestapo HQ on Prinz Albrecht Strasse in ’35 and convincing the rest of the family afterward these guys meant business would not even be here today. Dad fought in the Palestine Brigade and was one of the guys rounding up Nazis and shooting them in the dead of night after the surrender. So for all his liberalism has a keen sense that real evil exists and only equivalent ruthlessness will stop it. And quit NY for a far more conservative place–even recently inquiring what sort of gun would be best for home defense. His sense is things are not right in the world again and the Jews are becoming the scapegoats of the left. So he’s headed right.

      • I dunno if you’re referring to me or someone
        else but taking the series of red pills that have led me to the Dissident Right has been an interesting path. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        Believe me, I am very much aware of the shortcomings of my tribe, the JQ is very much up for intelligent discussion. But reading alt-right sites means constantly coming across douchey comments like “National Hebrew” — Billy Buckley a fellow tribesman, who knew? — and the ubiquitous triple parentheses. It’s harmless — alt-righters aren’t about to get together and round up me and my family and friends and stick us in ovens — but it’s an annoyance, like a fly buzzing around your head.

        Then there’s the whole collective guilt thing that which is no different than that which lefties assign to whitey.

        Your report of Jewish participation in AmRen is most encouraging. I’d love to go sometime but I would have to keep it on the down low in my parts.

        That said,

        • There’s a degree of yahooism to anything that is working or is successful. As I’ve written, there’s a lot of signalling too. If you’re a Jew who does not flinch walking past the oven mitt guys into the alt-right, you have no trouble once inside. I experienced this once with a weird afro-centric cult. I never did figure out the details of their thing. It was one part afro-nationalism and one part quasi-Hebrew thing. They were very much into hating whitey on the outside, but inside they were fine with me, as long as I understood the deal. They also wanted a government contract. Long story.

          I’ll note, I did refrain from saying, “That’s mighty white of you” at any point.

          Even so, at this stage, the goal should be getting smart white guys together to start working out the hard stuff and build alliances.

          • Sounds a bit like the Hotep Brothers who seem to be friendly with the .Alt Right and of course the relations between Black and White Nationalist/Supremacist groups are surprisingly cordial

            Why not, after all both groups share the same goals

            Hell Muhammad Ali attended a KKK meeting back in the 60’s , the gave him s a scare like hazing kind of but otherwise got along pretty well since again bit were against race mixing and they respected his skills

            I’ve seen this in person too, I met an old Black dude who was Nation of Islam long ago . For reasons unknown we got along pretty well and h wanted to talk .

            man did I learn a lot about that group , weird stuff but interesting

        • My question is you don’t like all the folks who’ve determined that you are poison to any society, why don’t you go? You have your own country. And don’t tell me,”that’s not who we are”, I would remind you we’re not what we were because of you and your ilk. You can hardly complain if we don’t treat you as an individual after decades of spending countless shekels telling us all Whites are racist, evil, Nazis.

          There’s no wall to keep you in like your people built to torture the Russians. No one to shoot you if you want to leave. You know where the door is use it.

          • Would you go to AmRen and, as opposed to ranting from the safety of your keyboard, and say what you just wrote to Jewish participants faces?

          • Ripple,

            That wouldn’t have been a good thing. There are events and sites where JQ stuff is a prominent topic. Amren is different, in part, because it takes a different stance. It would’ve missed the point of the event for him to do that, just as it would’ve missed the point for a Jewish member to get into Richard Spencer’s face.

          • I wouldn’t go on tape like the Jew editor of “Race Traitor” and call for the extermination of Whites. I don’t want to exterminate the Jews I want them deported. Let them live in their shitty little country.

            Notice that the Jews feel they can say whatever they want, including genocide but Whites must grovel for the Jews. Another reason to depot them.

          • Look man. I’ve tried to be polite. This is not a platform for you to rant and rave about the Jews. If you can’t control yourself, then there are places you can Hitler post yourself silly.

          • I hear you. Part of the problem, maybe just mine, is that all the media IS the ranting of the Jews. Answering them back only seems fair. Yet I understand you’re position.

        • Z covered the douchey comment thing in a recent piece. “…it is defensive signalling to ward off entryists and the posers…” “The offensive memes and the racists language are mostly signalling. If you freak out over Hitler themed twitter avatars, then you are never going to be in their thing.” In other words, no more neocons under the tent.

          • Its more than that. Jews are natural subverters and nation destroyers. They are always either at your throat or at your feet. Now that whites are reasserting our dominance, some jews are trying to play the pity game so we let them stay amongst us. This will inevitably lead to them doing what they always do to nations they reside in.

          • I see it as half and half.
            Every group has trouble controlling their sociopaths- such as the white neocons and SJWs.

          • it’s more than that. We can’t define our own strategies because we are co-opted from within continually by Tribe members LARPing as whites.

            They, however, have no problem organizing Tribal exclusive events, creating Tribal exclusive organizations, and arguing for policies that are pro Tribe and sometimes anti-white.

            They are also, on average, both smart and vocal, and so we end up with Jonah running NR and Bill Kristol at Weekly Standard telling us what *we* must do to conserve our civilization (which, amazingly seems always to include massive stipends to Israel!).

            It doesn’t mean we are at war with them, just that we are not the same, and therefore need to *both* have the ability to find our own way independently.

  19. It really does seem like all the intellectual ferment in our culture is on the non-establishment right.

  20. don’t get too comfortable, Z.

    I can see the day when such meetings become the stuff of treason, conspiracy and plot… and will be punished that way. We live in a time to when everything you say is captured forever – and can be used against you by whoever comes plopping out of that political sewer pipe next.

    Having said that I am probably on a dozen hit lists as well…

      • I don’t know why this comment was so downvoted. After reading all about poor Glen’s family, I tend to side with Karl.

    • The Left was preparing to do that after the inevitable HRC victory a few months ago. We get 1 more presidential loss, then its go time.

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