AmRen Diary Part III

On Friday night, Jared Taylor took to the podium to welcome everyone, but also remind everyone that the protesters would be out in force on Saturday. His order was to ignore them and avoid engaging with them. A local judge had ruled that the protesters had a right to harass the people at the facility and come inside to use the facilities. That meant it was possible the protesters would try to bust in and disrupt things. As a result, the park police were deployed inside as well as outside in an effort to maintain order.

From what I was told by one of the cops, the previous events had avoided all of this by putting the protesters on a hill well away from the facility. That way they could be easily contained by the park police and easily ignored by everyone else. The judge, a liberal for sure, did not like that so she came up with a plan in the hopes of creating a violent confrontation. It is a helpful reminder that the rent-a-nuts we see at these things are paid for by the ruling class. In a sane society, Antifa would not exist.

Despite the best efforts of our rulers, Antifa was more entertainment than political statement. The conference people stayed inside and largely ignored them. The young people could not avoid pulling out their cell phones and taking pics of the circus through the windows. Then they started taking selfies with the circus in the background. The scene had the feel of a futuristic zoo, where people get to view the humans who came out of the factory with serious flaws. It is hard not to laugh at this stuff.

The twitter feed of the mentally disturbed women where I got that tweet is useful, when thinking about groups like Antifa. Pretty much everything she tweeted about the day did not happen. There were no gun shots or confrontations. It was just a few hours of a freak show, where bizarrely dressed people and septuagenarian hippies danced around in the parking lot. It was a hot day and most of them ran out of steam by mid-afternoon. The whole thing was so silly, I suspect even some of the protesters felt ridiculous.

For Lacy MacAuley though, the thirst for violence is all consuming. This story about her trip to Turkey and this story about getting beat by Turks are good examples. This is a person who hates herself and hopes for nothing more than a violent denouement to her otherwise pointless existence. That’s probably true of almost all of these people. They self-mutilate and dress like clowns because they seek to degrade themselves. Almost all of them smoke and by the looks of it, I’m guessing, many use street drugs to excess.

Watching the freaks dance, as they tried to take photos of everyone inside, I noticed that it was a girl thing. There were extremely ugly old women, wearing shirts with feminist slogans. There were a few younger women, dressed in what used to be the uniform of the skateboard punk. The young ones clearly were the ones hoping for some ultra-violence, like the stupid girl Damigo decked at Berkeley. And of course, there was a tranny. This one was maybe six foot tall, with half its head shaved and the other side died bright yellow.

This reminded me of how David Horowitz described the Weathermen. In the late sixties and early seventies, the normal white males had either left or were pushed aside in radical politics. Instead, it was blacks and white women. In both cases, it was the women who had the greatest thirst for blood. Similarly, the Manson gang’s women were the ones hellbent on murdering people. The American Left has been a feminine movement for at least fifty years and maybe longer. After all, women pushed through Prohibition.

That raises something else that was obvious on Saturday. Antifa is a cargo cult. They think if they ape the aesthetics of the radicals from the past, the past will become the present. Many of the geezers I saw at the protest were just reliving their youth, if they ever stopped living their youth. The younger ones though, they are romantics. They believe the world needs to return to a better time when they were the radicals and people cared about their issues. Antifa and the other Progressive rent-a-mobs are the death rattle of the Left.

Oswald Spengler wrote about this phenomenon. A culture, like a person, is born, lives and then it dies. Like a person, it’s youth is a chaotic becoming, while its maturing is what it became. It’s death is romanticizing what it was and then, it is gone. That’s the American Left now. It is a thing for old people and young romantics, but the death certificate has been filled out with everything but the date. The radical culture that was born in the 60’s and flourished for two generations is about to expire.

One final thought on this. I was standing in front of the big glass windows watching the Antifa loonies, when I turned and looked at the young AmRen guys taking pics and selfies, laughing and enjoying themselves. On one side of the glass were grotesquely out of shape people in grubby clothes, smoking and gesticulating. On the other were young men in suits, well groomed and composed. It was one of those times when you can stand on the timeline of your life and see the past and the future at the same time.

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  3. I think that among WASPs (yes old term) in America individualism is very strong. There is a lot of research that indicates a tendency towards individualism versus collectivism is genetic. This may explain why a white identity movement is coming so late in the game – WASPs are not by nature “joiners” with strangers. Blacks can see any other black and go “we black!” even if they never met. Whites not so much – whites tend to only join others they know well. And because Protestants schism every ten minutes (unlike Catholics) WASPs tend to stick to small groups. (Note: Anglo Saxons is a general term, in reality it includes Celts.)

    Illustrating with humor:
    A congregation that got into a heated argument as to whether or not Adam and Eve had navels. Finally one group split off into their own sect: First Church of the Navelites.

    The reason we white people fight so often among ourselves is that we’re always assured of having a worthy opponent.

    Note: white people are also the highest risk takers. That’s why horror movies have white people in them. As a general rule (except for tokenism) there are no black people in horror movies — for the obvious reason that everyone knows black people run like champion athletes (no matter how fat they are) in any scary situation. Would be the shortest movie ever.

  4. Z it was an honor and pleasure to meet you, and I just regret we did not have more opportunity for longer discussion. Unfortunately there was that antifa incident after lunch and the attendee who was attacked happened to be a personal friend. So I was involved in trying to track his whereabouts and fate until he was released Sunday afternoon.Which is also why I was late getting home, and am posting this only now.

    One more check mark for Richard Spencer. He set up an on-line funding appeal for our casualty. If you go to this link you will find the sort version of the incident, a few pictures, and video.
    No White Man left behind!

  5. OK, the participants were, as it seems, united by the Antifa trying to riot on the conference premises. But please, Z-man, tell me, are you sure you really saw such an idyllic picture inside the gathering itself?
    I am asking because not so long ago, there was some news of a serious conflict between the alt-right galleon figures. Spencer and Friberg on their site giving a what for to Greg Johnson, obviously in reaction to his own prior attacks on them. The subject being quite common inside besieged political organizations and movements: essentially, who stole money from whom and who tries to take over control over the good honest rank and file in the movement. Now you report all three of them there, at the same event, with Johnson you even spoke, and you observed no trace of this shoot-out?
    I don´t want to know because I cannot live without gossip or smth. The issue may be essential for the thing you yourself hold so dear. Namely, conflicts like that one Friberg/Spencer vs. Johnson happen all the time in organizations that someone wants to undermine, provoked by infiltrated agents. There is plenty of examples from the collapsing Soviet empire in the 1980ies and 90ies (suddenly redundant KGB and its satellite secret policemen in the Eastern Block trying to prevent the emergence of new political infrastructure) as well as from the process of dissident right movements development in Europe at present. In the latter case, agents of sitting regimes use the full power of their offices to undermine the genuine opposition. In any event, all the basic features of the staged conflict are present, most importantly, it usually being about money, not ideology.
    The funniest is, of course, when not just one, but both sides of the fight are later uncovered as agents provocateurs, in most grotesque cases even serving the same intelligence agency. If this is the case here, I bet Friberg/Spencer are somewhat higher ranking officers than Johnson, whom I would place somewhere on a cubicle drone level. This is mainly because the official alt right site has a class to it, is mostly intelligent and readable, whereas the snapshot of CounterCurrents I decided to take made an impression of worthless amateur narcissist crap.
    Anyway, given that you decided to leave your ebony blogging tower to socialize with dissident right personalities at close quarters, it should be your prime objective to decide how you move about in a crowd in which a major part come from the cloak and dagger quarters, maybe even of more than one nation. Thrilling, I admit, but also frustrating at times, I assume, to just act like an extra in a protracted spy show.

  6. Liberals have a violent core. Even your nice liberal cat lady neighbor will resort to mentioning death and violence when cornered by a well constructed factual argument. Violence is their Plan A and Plan B.

  7. Pathology on parade. The left seems to eschew rudimentary civilization. Basic sanitation, disease prevention (STDs), and some form of hygiene are all passe with this crowd. No wonder they want free medical care, their behavior requires it.

  8. I have been to one protest rally. As a college student I checked out the No War in Iraq rally because I thought instead of just whining I could do something. The place was full of ugly people who I tend to avoid and then after about 30 minutes came chants about homo acceptance. To think I had come all the way into the city for this! Now I just stick to whining.

  9. Bill Ayers would berate Weather Underground males that poor Bernadine Dohrn was having to perform the lion’s share of bombings, and that they needed to up their game. Her fingerprints discovered at the scene of the bombing which murdered San Francisco PD Sgt. Brian McDonnell via hundreds of inch-long fencing staples to the body and head would appear to corroborate Billy’s complaint, and Z-man’s thesis.

  10. “Many of the geezers I saw at the protest were just reliving their youth, if they ever stopped living their youth. The younger ones though, they are romantics. They believe the world needs to return to a better time when they were the radicals and people cared about their issues.”

    I think this is due to social engineering, not some Spenglerian cycle. Why does society romanticize the 60’s? They don’t. The media does. There was a social change during the 60’s. It was not a natural, organic process in which the cosmos somehow readjusts people’s natures. It was engineered. Everything that is still destructive in our society today can be traced back to the 60’s. Admittedly, the changes in the 60’s already had precursors in earlier times, like the deliberate betrayal of the Federal Reserve Act, the 16th Amendment (Income Tax), the 17th Amendment (destroy State control by democratic election of Senators), and the 19th Amendment (giving women the vote). All of these things were done to impose hegemony over the White citizens of this country. The 60’s were no different. The positive portrayal of the 60’s revolves around the Civil Rights Act, the rise of the new priesthood of the television media, promotion of individualism over group conformity, feminism, pedestalization of youth culture, and the pernicious effect of the media led crusade to remove a sitting president from office. There are those that lived in the 60’s that realize that all of the “positive” things have been detrimental to this country, but as long as all forms of media present these occurrences as being a noble, “progressive” improvement over a toxic, patriarchal society, subsequent generations of immature youth will seek their own moment in the sun. So, all the powers that be have to do is provide it and the children will flock to it. We have all of the same elements. “Oppressed minorities”. “White privilege”. “Oppressive Patriarchy”. And a sitting president that “must” be removed to prevent America from betraying its promise and values. Of course, the oldsters will show up to provide “I remember when” commentary. “I remember when Columbian pot started to be imported. It was there at my first menage-a-tois. Good times!”

  11. The Antifa crowd is what you get when natural selection is perverted by long-term affluence and the demise of real hardship. In its place, we have substituted government grown dependence and the attendant loss of personal dignity. These people can no longer work (or excel) in order to earn their survival; their sole talent is pitching-a-fit and whining.

  12. Thank you for the AmRen Diary. I had no idea this event was happening – but now that I know about it, I want to get there next year.

    • I recommend you start visiting AmRen on a regular basis, and watch particularly closely in January. When they announce next year’s conference, sign up immediately to beat the rush and the overfill. Rurik looks forward to seeing you there.

  13. “The American Left is dead.” Sounds like a good graffiti tag.

    Or to paraphrase Frank Zappa, “The American Left is not dead, it just smells funny.”

  14. Soros is not stupid. Antifa is meant to provoke violence that will discredit the right. It’s also meant as a distraction while he funds leftist movements and political campaigns around the world. The AmRen people handled it well.

    • Antifa is a smoke screen, a diversion from the real insurgency. When the attack on America happens they and the rest of the SJW movement will tie down LEO assets while the critical infrastructure is attacked by the trained revolutionary fighters inside the US (100,000s). It will start w/a computer attack and instantly move to kinetic action on a national scale

  15. Z Man;
    At this point, after reading some of the comments in the previous thread, I’d recommend a post of your usual high quality about provocateurs, how they work and what to watch out for.

    If the many and varied armed federal police forces so wastefully deployed by the deep state aren’t working the alt-right by now, they are even more supine than usual. It’s not like a couple of Prog USAG’s didn’t demonstrate their right to rule by stating on the record that disgruntled vets. are the real internal threat, and really not guys with names containing the word Mohamed somewhere in the string.

    Tl:Dr, whoever says something like, “Hey, enough talk already ’bout dem Joooos dat run da whorl. Let’s us go and torch a synagog.” is a provocateur/plant. You can be sure anyone stupid enough to be so easily enticed will be furnished with nonflammable gas-smelling fluid in a lured red can plus matches/flares, etc and pointed at the local synagog with the best, hi res video cams, or some similar setup. For addl. info. on how this works, one can read the now-regular arrest reports of the pop-up jihadis that are flooding the zone as we speak.

    The purpose of deploying provocateurs in addition to merely the usual informants* is two-fold: Decapitation and dissension. IOW, by taking out hot-head potential leaders the agency in question also spreads fear and dissension within the group in question.

    *Informants are usually some jammed-up knucklehead smart enough to be useful but not smart enough to think about going rogue. Usually it’s drugs. So somebody living an open criminal lifestyle who appears unconcerned about apprehension is to be avoided for any number of good reasons.

    Best defense: Know where the line is, don’t cross it.

    • When I was active in my local Tea Party we had a “volunteer photographer” who documented everything, took pictures of everybody and everything at all of our events and whom I am certain was an FBI agent undercover, based on his behavior, quiet unobtrusive but ever-present demeanor, and so on. He was quite literally always available for us.

      • Did you get his pic. too, just in case_? Pics of the informant doing his documentation work might have provided useful material in a borderline entrapment* court case. At least as long as the ‘rule of law’ sorta lasts.

        One big danger in provocation from the agency side is their agents’ getting a little too enthusiastic about putting another pelt on the wall, crossing the line over into the entrapment* zone and blowing the case on that basis (if the defendant has a good lawyer and there is some evidence in his favor).

        You’ll notice that the accusation of entrapment is a standard Muslim Brotherhood ‘go to’ defense for injudiciously enthusiastic locally sourced jihadi’s. It’s a tool in their constant law-fare vs. ‘the old America’: A brush back pitch to gain space for sharia law.

        *Entrapment Defense = Wooda never gone down sept da Man tricked me into doing it. Sometimes that’s even true.

  16. While on my balcony in DC reading this this morning, smoking, thinking of the past and the future at the same time ( ), and worrying about hopes for nothing more than a violent denouement ( ), I wondered about my own fumes.

    In a sane society the Zblog would not exist. So what are we going to DO about that? The progs still have a vision of a future. What is ours? What are we going to DO?

    • history doesn’t come with a steering wheel and brakes. we are going to go along for the ride…

    • First things first. Build infrastructure, then use it to push the counter culture. The infrastructure that already exists is entrenched and based on ideas and technologies that are obsolete. Best to bypass it rather than try and repeat what the left did ala Gramsci.
      The new infrastructure includes platforms like this but must extend to news, education, secure communications, and most importantly, finance and law. We need networks to securely fund projects without outside interference and we need radical lawyers to back us up until we are in charge.

      • Agreed – where we are now is the early stage of what needs to be put in place to reach our people and be able to reach, inform, and inspire to action. it will be most likely an open and somewhat competitive process for the people who are best able to influence the course of events to emerge.

      • Lawyers, absolutely. They are the mercenary guns that enable the looting.
        The real damage wouldn’t be possible without them.

  17. “Cargo cult”. Perfect analogy. Should have tried throwing them a few cans of Spam. I generally refer to them as LARP’ers. Remind me of the time we accidentally booked a hotel in Boston in that was HQ for the ComicCon convention in the adjacent convention center. Though the highlight was my son getting up on the second floor balcony and in best Shrek voice, admonishing “all you fairy tale creatures, get outta ma swamp”. They were not amused. Like antifa this dress up thing is apparently very, very serious.

  18. It would seem wise to keep the conference at venues that place the greatest inconvenience upon the inevitable lunatic fringe. Burns appears to have done well.

  19. At least with “conservatives” in the castle like the National Review types, they know they’re part of the establishment holding back a resistance. The left is so loony that even when they have the high-ground, they look down from the battlements and think the peasants down below are in charge. I was watching Robert Reich’s show “The Resistance Report” the other day and I was thinking, What the hell is a guy who taught at Harvard and Berkeley and wrote for The Atlantic resisting exactly? I guess the answer is “reality and the American people.” The same could be said for Antifa. Still, I wouldn’t be lulled by their degenerate looks or chain-smoking. Cowards won’t fight, but they can set bombs.

    • ‘What the hell is a guy who taught at Harvard and Berkeley and wrote for The Atlantic resisting exactly? I guess the answer is “reality and the American people’

      Ze peasants, zey are revolting. 😷

      • ‘A man’s admiration for absolute government is proportionate to the contempt he feels for those around him.’
        Alexis de Tocqueville

  20. “In both cases, it was the women who had the greatest thirst for blood. Similarly, the Manson gang’s women were the ones hellbent on murdering people.”

    I was once told that in the SAS — and this may be true for many special forces — when you are confronted with a man and woman, both armed and with deadly intent, you shoot the woman first. The male will often surrender, but never the female.

    • I did some research on violence awhile ago, and there were very different evolutionary pressures on men and women in regards to it. Male violence is largely symbolic, as it is about dominance. This is why most battles only result in a few % casualties to each side, even if the battle lasts all day. Women are passive, as they pass on their genes if they submit to whoever wins, no matter which side.

      BUT… if they are faced with a real threat they go mad-dog and can’t surrender. This is why self-defense trainers wear those silly padded suits when training women. They have to goad most women into aggression, and when they are successful the woman can’t back off so they have to let them pummel them so the woman gets used to violence as a normal thing.

      • A woman will fight to the death to protect her children, she has nothing to lose. She will maximize any weapon at hand and will kill with a plastic grocery bag when stealth is called for.

      • Sha-zam! I learn something useful every day at the Z-blog. (Not on my missus, that’s for damm sure.)

  21. there should be a separate tab next to theory of everything and essential knowledge devoted to amren or any othere conference you are planning to attend. it’s history in making

  22. Great last line.

    I was talking to a black guy a month back or so. He is active in #BLM, and described what sounded to me like organized militia training. Weapons, the whole bit.

    If that’s true, I can’t believe Jeff Sessions isn’t arresting George Soros. War on drugs? Let it go already.

    • It should be abundantly clear to anyone on the right by now that Sessions intends to pursue his own agenda as the AG and has no intention of serving the Trump administration in any capacity.

      I’m astounded at how many people, even on the right, believe that somehow the AG is an independent official, rather than part of the administration they serve. When did they stop teaching basic Civics?

    • Sessions will be checking everyone’s underwear, soon. typical gop creep. with all the political crimes (on both sides) going on, this Akins-like fukk hasn’t done shit about any of them. Trump really needs to do a better job on finding people who are loyal and will actually show up and work.

      • A year ago, Sessions was the minimally acceptable nationalist Republican. The absolute limit of what either party would tolerate. Now, he is the squishy, middle of the road guy.

        Life comes at you fast.

  23. Unlike feminist women, I’m a woman who loves men. I love my son, son-in-law, my six grandsons.
    BUT, the one thing that annoys me the most about men, is their misunderstanding of women.
    So many men think of women of being these weak, overly emotional, sweetly naive, basically harmless creatures.
    This is a fundamentally flawed mindset.
    Women can be vicious creatures, vengeful, petty and definitely blood-thirsty.
    You cannot look for women to behave in the same logical ways you look at things, our brains do not work in
    that manner.
    Just because we can be soft, nurturing mothers & caregivers, we can also be very dangerous to
    ourselves and the world around us.
    Women are also instigators, often just waiting for men to do our dirty work.
    You ignore this to your peril.

    • Why is it that our mothers don’t teach us fuck-all about women? Is it the Sisterhood? Or maybe they are preoccupied with de-barbarizing us, but still. I didn’t get a proper schooling in women until I drove my daughter and two friends to school each morning for three years, grade 5-7. The society of women is brutal.

      • Mothers don’t teach their sons about women because they’re afraid to tell them the truth. They silently hope their young man finds a nice young lady who isn’t a f****** psychopath. This is one area where Dad has to intervene.

        And there’s another reason which is something I’ve been thinking about women lately. An emotionally healthy woman like my amazing wife of 32 years is a font of love for her family. I feel lucky to have experienced this and have given it a great deal of thought as it regards the experiences my late twenties son is having with women.

        Millennial females have been told they can have everything they want, no they have been told they deserve everything they want and subsequently they are never satisfied. Because they are never satisfied they are incapable of committing long-term to a loving relationship with a man because no man they have ever encountered is good enough for them. This desire to constantly attempt to trade up makes it impossible for women to commit. Notably women are more miserable today than they have ever been.

        Committing long-term to one man makes it possible for a woman to fully express her love. That love is rewarded with family, a family she also gets to love forever. Uncommitted women will never know this love, they will never know the joy that comes from experiencing it and expressing it. I am both sad for them and angry at them and the system which destroyed them.

        Do not imagine that this loving condition makes women weak or pushovers, it does not. Mrs SWR is nothing short of a force of nature. She is also the perfect foil to my maleness, as I am the perfect foil to her femaleness. And she is happy and so am I.

        Our young adult children repeatedly thank us for our parenting. They look at what destroyed family structures have brought onto their friends and associates and as they have aged they realize what we gave them. Of course, and this is important, I realize we also gave it to ourselves.

        What is being done to women nowadays is a crime against humanity and the perpetrators should be dealt with very severely. The world needs their commitment, their love and their happiness, and the feminists have denied humanity all three.

        • Younger generations are also burdened by two ideas that set them up for relationship failure:

          1) Being happy is the most important thing.
          2) It wasn’t meant to be.

          A person who believes these things cannot be depended upon in matters great or small and is fundamentally unsuited to marriage.

          At some point or other, there will be unhappiness. Since happiness is the most important thing, this state of affairs is intolerable. Therefore, the relationship must not have been “meant to be.”

          I had a conversation with a young woman who said that happiness was the most important thing. When I said, “No. It isn’t,” she was shocked. So ingrained is that idea in them that she had never heard anyone challenge it. She asked me what could be more important than happiness? I said, “Doing the right thing.

    • Yes. I’m older and calmer now but I think back to when I was young and dating and if I could have accused some guy that hurt me of rape and messed up his life I would have done it. And so would 90% of the other girls I knew. And we weren’t bad girls we were just very emotional

      • Whitney, your remark about not being bad girls is nearly the silliest b.s. I’ve encountered all day. You were not merely bad. In fact, you were deliberately bad, untamed, and lawless. Same as almost every female, esp. when she receives a secular education.

        There is a potential solution, however, to the perennial problem of female badness, which was noted in ancient times too. As you know, humans can extract an egg from a human body, fertilize it, and return the embryo to a womb for gestation. After a fetus is ready for life outside the womb, it can be fed a manufactured substitute for human milk until ready for solid food.

        So it seems that the major missing piece of extracorporeal human reproduction is to devise an artifcial womb capable of supporting an embryo and fetus throughout the usual steps of gestation. Probably this will be done with living tissue. Some other technical issues will need to be worked out. Immunology, for one. Then the female body will be superfluous, except as a source of eggs in case of technological glitches.

        What, then, will be the reason for men to tolerate the willful nastiness of girls?

    • Women differ from men in their violence. When a real threat is perceived, it triggers a state of psychosis, the adrenaline is in the driver’s seat. I believe I have experienced this on more than one occasion.

  24. Darwin’s law and the current opioid epidemic will make them a footnote in history.

  25. Excellent observations as always. I wonder if they (the Antifa leftists) know their “certificate” is all but filled out. I reckon they don’t. That’s the way denial works.

    But what role will they play in society when the racket has run its course?

    Will they just disperse and find other things to do? Or will the anger linger on?

    That is what I find fascinating. Wondering what is next.

    • the answer is in Zman’s descriptions of the protesters. the young ones will end up exactly like the old ones. once the government sinecures dry up, this lot will be in a world of hurt.

    • They’ll try to go Alt-Right. These people have nothing else but being on the (socially acceptable) Radical Fringe; it’s their entire identity. For most of the 20th century, that meant being on the Left. But the pendulum is swinging, and soon the Radical Fringe will be out on the Right. Today’s SJW is tomorrow’s obergruppenfuhrer. It’ll be important to police the ranks — “have you ever used the word ‘intersectionality’ unironically? Is there a gender studies course on your transcript? Banished!”

      • I think when Zman is old and gray they will be the anti-Semite posters on his blog who just won’t shut up about it.

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