The Racial Cliff

America has a race problem. For as long as anyone reading this has been alive, this is something that our betters have preached from their various pulpits. By race problem, they have always meant that the bad whites keep finding ways to keep the blacks down and that it is the holy mission of good whites to root out racism by bad whites. Many whites, good and bad, have accepted this as true. It is why the diversity project has thus far received limited push-back. Only stupid racists refuse to celebrate diversity.

I have been on earth for half a century and I have never known a time when whites did not tip-toe around blacks. Even during my underclass youth, whites watched their tongue around blacks. The crackers might have harsh opinions about their black brothers in private, but stating it publicly was forbidden even 40 years ago. Even 40 years ago, poor whites were figuring out that blacks had to be given extra help and they had to applauded when they managed to behave and make something of themselves.

The general assumption among whites was that race relations would steadily improve with each generation. It is what we were told every day by our betters. That was the driving force behind Obama’s presidency. Progressive Baby Boomers voted for him as an exclamation point, the crowning achievement for their generations efforts on behalf of race relations. Obama was the fulfillment of prophecy, which is why they talked about him as if he was black Jesus. He was the final sentence in America’s long struggle with race.

The point here is for more than half a century, good whites in America have been obsessed with making sure that all whites “come together” to celebrate and encourage blacks. The assumption is that this stems from white guilt, but there is no evidence to support this claim. The real cause is a deep belief that if the white community comes together and is united in its rejection of whiteness and racism, then through some sort of magic, the realities of race in America will disappear, along with the history of race.

This the force behind the frenzy of statue toppling. It has nothing to do with the Civil War or symbols of past racism. It is an attempt to immanentize the eschaton. The Progs are sure that in the final reckoning, all signs of race realism will disappear, including those in the past. Therefore, they can bring this about by erasing the past! That’s what is behind the mania that now includes erasing guys like Ben Franklin and Sam Houston from our collective memories. The Progs are trying to erase the past to bring about the rapture.

This self-flagellation is not happening in isolation. One result of the rise of anti-white politics, among whites, is that non-whites now feel free to drop the mask. Steve Sailer calls it the Late Obama Era Collapse. He trots it out whenever some blacks go crazy and start shooting cops and making a nuisance of themselves. Non-whites are now taking every chance they can to tell the world they hate white people. This is especially true of blacks, who have always hated white people to so some degree.

A good way to think of race is to tie race to geography. Blacks are African. Asians are Asian, obviously. Whites are European. Race correlates pretty well with geography, as the humans evolved on each continent to meet the demands of the environment. Ethnicity, on the other hand, is more like an extended family. A couple of tribes settled in an area like a river valley. They fought, intermarried and traded, but eventually combined into a single tribe. In time, their shared biology became a shared history and common language.

It is why wars between tribes are common, while wars within tribes are rare. It is the same reason a man can publicly criticize his wife, but never let anyone else criticize her. A Jew can make jokes about Jews, but never tolerate a non-Jew making the same jokes. The reason is the Jew mocking other Jews is in the family. The white guy making sport of Jews is not in the family and is therefore always seen as a potential threat. Ethnicity is basic family biology that scales up to the maximum limit.

That is the danger the anti-white Prog bigots have created for themselves. Fake Indian lecturing other whites about white privilege is tolerable to whites. Pampered black athletes, throwing tantrums on the football field and blaming whitey for biology, is intolerable. Black college students demanding apologies from the school because they are offended by the sight of cotton is infuriating to most whites. Blacks rampaging through our streets, making incoherent demands like overly indulged toddlers is creating a lot of bad whites.

For most of my life, the skins game has been a predictable morality play. A self-righteous honky lectures the crowd, black and white, about racism. The people in the crowd quietly tolerate the lecture. Everyone who has been marched off to diversity training knows the scene. This was tolerable as long as the whites in the crowd could pretend that the black people in the crowd were seeing it the same way. That is the main appeal of the Broadway play Hamilton. The whites in the crowd get a lecture and a pat on the head.

This sort of theater worked as long as whites were the dominant racial group and the non-whites took care to not prove the good whites wrong. As America edges closer to majority-minority status, the non-whites feel free to make their anti-white rage public, which is putting the lie to everything whites have been told over the last half century. It turns out that the prophesies were not true. There is no fixing the race problem and that realization by whites now leaves us with a much bigger race problem.

The good white answer to the bad whites, pointing out that blacks tend not to perform well in modern societies, was “shut up bigot.” Now, the only public racists are non-whites, mostly blacks and foreigners. The Progs not only lack an answer to this, but they are actively encouraging it. The result is America is about to drive off a racial cliff. Prog appeals to white virtue fall on deaf ears, while the deranged antics of ungrateful non-whites convince white people that there is no fixing race relation.

This will not end well.

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  1. You have vastly over-estimated the ability of whites to recognize a problem and act on it accordingly. There is no possible way that the whites in South Africa did not foresee the bloodbath to come and the inability of the ANC to maintain South Africa as a first world nation. Yet they drove themselves right over a cliff, congratulating themselves even as the accellerated to the ground below.

  2. Illinois: Black 8-Year-Olds Kneel For National Anthem To Protest White Racism In America

    “Do you not understand that the entire Negroid race (to be fair, there are a few exceptions here and there) hates you with a violent passion?

    Do you not yet see that this is not just a generational issue (there are too few that remember the good days), and do you not see that this has nothing to do with issues of politics?”

  3. There is another reason for black hatred of whites – the constant reminder of the inferiority of blacks by the “white man’s burden” racists (in other words, the Progs or Yankees or whatever you want to call them). To be helped is to be labeled inferior, even if the helper has the best of intentions. Not only is it to be labeled inferior, but it is to be MADE inferior; Johnson’s “Great Society” destroyed the black family, and the Progs still don’t want to own that.

    It’s interesting how the Asians are forever outside this discussion of race. They were never “helped” by government, never made an object of concern by Yankee progressives. They seem to be keeping their heads down, for the most part, which not only is a smart move for them, but also is their natural inclination.

    I suspect the ultimate fix to the race problem will be separation, even more complete than that we see today, including physical barriers – blacks on one side, whites and Asians on the other. And welfare will end. Secession, anyone?

  4. Excellent article, and if the author is agreeable, I will repost, with all appropriate credits and more, on my blog. This article is full of basic truths and logic that people must hear.

  5. Whenever I’m told that “diversity is our strength”, I ask how.

    It tends to shut people right up.

    Your final sentence says it all.

    If you don’t have a tribe, get one.

  6. The BLM movement is the swan song of the grievance culture, the time has come for them to sink or swim. They have squandered every last ounce of patience and every last dime of resources and have rebranded themselves as a lost cause.

    The gentle genocide of planned parenthood is elevated to virtue signaling. Black on black violence in inner cities has become a cultural entitlement only a racist would object to. Biological genetics are revealing a basic incompatibility with western civilization that will compel the Cloud People to virtue signal in newer and deadlier ways.

  7. The race problem in America has been solving itself since the beginning.
    Yes I am talking about miscegenation. When is the last time you saw a blue black American?? All of them are brown nowadays, plus tan, light, bright and damn near white. It wont be long and the African blood will be overwhelmed.

  8. And right on cue, the latest op-ed from the Washington Post: “We Must Repent for American Racism.” I’m not giving you a link.

    I’m thinking something along the line of Tonto’s famous rejoinder to the Lone Ranger.


  9. This is false

    Every Black Man I have ever known enjoyed sexual relations with white girls

    How can you hate someone if you are engaging in the most intimate act?

    • “Every Black Man I have ever known enjoyed sexual relations with white girls”

      They also enjoy sexual relations with White boys and White goats, too. And knotholes.

  10. Just saw Sailer’s post about Pelosi being de-platformed in SF. Certainly appears what you said about the real crazies being locked in her basement is true. I can’t imagine what her replacements further down the line will be like. I will assume this is a taste.

  11. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard some conservative sluggard say “Any minute now, just you watch, the white man is going to wake up/ the liberal fantasyland will collapse/ people will come to their senses” etc… etc… etc…

    I wish I had an additional dollar for every time that same sluggard admonished other right-wingers for being too radical, for saying things that might disturb Ken & Stacy Normie, for mentioning the fact that the ethnic group running our universities, banks & media might be exercising some sort of power over our society.

    Because at least then I would be rich while this nation keeps drifting further & further Left, our nation keeps getting browner & browner, & we keep losing more & more of our ability to function as a normal society even if we chose to do so.

    No. White people will not just suddenly snap to their senses when the nonsense gets too nonsensical.
    White people are going to do what white people always do: Whatever they think is the most moral. And there is no natural limit to how much whites will bend & twist & suffer & self-flagellate to do the moral thing. Our history of extreme religious behavior shows how far we will contort to be holy.

    As long as our ethnic enemies control the Universities & Media where morality is formulated & disseminated, then they will define morality as they have been for the last fifty years & white people will continue to act the way they have.

    Our #1 goal should be to wrest away the ability to define morality, and redefine it in a way that allows white people to take their own sides. This is a gigantic, monumental & complex task.

    Every other topic of discussion is a diversion from that goal.

    All talk about how people are going to suddenly come to their senses & act how we want them to of their own accord is a delay of executing that goal.

    • Hear, hear.

      Whatever conservatives say is the final straw today, a year from now they’ll swear it’s what the men on Omaha Beach went ashore to defend.

      “If my granddaughter won’t be able to have my eight year old great grandson castrated on demand at public expense, the hell with it — I’m stayin’ on this landing craft!”

  12. I can agree with this post entirely.

    I can add this: when I encounter a group or an individual who hates me simply for my being myself and existing then I hate them. Once I hate a group, I will never stop hating them.

    Since American blacks hate me just for being white, then you can guess how I feel about them.

  13. The other thing the progs have no answer to is the (often well justified) negative attitude of other non-Whites toward Africans: where Latinos move in, the Africans are strongly encouraged to move out – like ”straight out of Compton”:
    And Asians? They’re not fond of them either:
    And listen to a Chinese man in Africa telling the truth about Africans:
    Every thing he says to the African in Africa would fit to a ‘T’ with Haiti, Detroit, Ferguson, Bodymore, and so on, and so on… The best Africans ever had it was ”being opressed by Whitey”. If they’re lucky, other non-Whites will put them back in chains. If they’re not lucky, they’ll simply be exterminated.

    • That Chinese guy is a sketch, talking about how the Congolese must have learned African habits from the Belgians.

      The Congolese man is interesting too. Hard to read. I think it’s just rolling off his back. He knows the score.

  14. The war is not just against whites but white men in particular. Blacks constitute about 13% of the population in America but they constitute about 100% of the characters depicted in Movies/TV the roles of CIA head, Corporation genius, tech genius, etc etc

    There can be no doubt that selecting ugly old women to do play-by-play for College and NFL games is an attack on white men as is selecting women to judge boxing events.

    ALL affirmative action programs are anti-white male pogroms and more and more white men are going to see the light of that truth.

    Hell, even some Tea Party men are starting to realise they wasted their time trying to prove they weren’t racists

    • I get a good laugh from a GM commercial, where a black conductor leads an orchestra composed entirely of whites . In real life he’d have his rump whupped for “acting white”, ie showing interest in classical music. And of course we all know how keen blacks are on Bach, Brahms and Beethoven.

  15. Race relations have certainly deteriorated during my lifetime. As kid in the 70’s there was at some optimism that the MLK ideas work over time. Now I’m waiting for them to realize what King actually said and start tearing down his statues.

  16. This may explain why southern states are so conservative, despite much larger minority populations. It’s not racism by southern whites, but the fact that they see the disparity in abilities first-hand and have given up on solving the achievement gap. Whereas lilly-white liberal northern states have the luxury of living in a theoretical bubble.

    • yah, all the northern cities are bastions of competence, free from negroid corruption. especially chicago and milwaukee.

    • There are also few large cities in the South, and large cities seem to breed the ghettoes and the lack of broader community interaction, which seem to make civil outcomes at the local level so difficult to achieve in the big cities.

      • I think you guys are missing the point. Liberals hate minorities and consider them less than human. This reinforces their own superiority beliefs. They are racists and they know it. They are the ones who suffer white guilt and project it onto the rest of us. Being the advocates for minorities is their attempt to assuage their guilty superiority. I have had numerous liberals over the years tell me the best that can be hoped for with minorities is to keep them complacent by throwing them scraps. Literally using those words.

        These ideas comport completely with liberals’ willingness to force their ideas on us, as they also believe they are smarter than us and hold us in similar contempt. They’re very public Behavior especially in the media confirms this. When Hillary called us deplorable she meant it literally. How many liberal commentators have noted how stupid we are?

    • I believe one of the indications for voting for Trump in the primary was how close a white voter was to blacks. It’s easy to talk about platonic conceptions of racial justice from the outer suburbs, harder when they are breaking into your house or playing the knock out game with grandma.

  17. Hey,

    Are you familiar with Pumpkin Person’s blog? PP is a celebrity. There’s a lot of disaffected white men over there too, except they like to talk about Oprah, brain size, and IQ.

    You should check it out!

  18. “mostly blacks and foreigners” – nearly every young Indian female immigrant I came across is a staunch SJW. Socialism is ingrained in their DNA and reinforced by pampered upbringing. Some are quite anti-white in their opinions, but prefer living in racist US than return to India. I guess they like the way they’re repressed by Americans

  19. With all the recent rioting in the US, the topic of apparent special treatment of black communities in Anglo-Saxon countries is constantly reappearing in my mind.

    I don’t buy “white guilt” for an answer. It is very superficial, and I do not believe in mass delusions that run on the contrary to personal interests – which “white guilt” theory implies. But I think I figured more plausible explanation.

    All modern political and social models we live by are built on a premise of a blank slate: that people might not have similar starting conditions, but people do have equal potential – which makes inequality a bad, unjust thing.
    If we accept that people CAN reach equality by realising their full potential, but are not in fact equal in outcomes, then the only plausible explanation is that something is wrong with the current system. It is the only possible explanation that does not require reverting the initial premise, that’s it.
    And black community is a major problem here.
    Asians (both Southern and Eastern), on average, perform quite good, and so do whites. But blacks (again, on average – there are millions of black people who do just fine) lag behind no matter how hard Western societies try to drag them to the same level as the others – which puts the premise of tabula rasa under question.
    So, society, media, politics and academy have to invent new justifications for why it is so. Point out another, and another, and another environmental (and they have to be environmental to keep the premise of “tabula rasa” intact) reason for the lag: colonial past, institutionalized racism, unfair court treatment, etc.
    That is why “racism” eventually mutated from the idea of supremacy based on belonging to one’s racial group to a vague, omnipresent daemon that is blamed for every bad thing that happens to a black person. Any attempt to point out that inequality might be caused by inherent qualities of individuals of struggling communities automatically banned as “racism” – as it compromises The Premise.
    But why we so desperately cling to the blank slate idea? Well, it is because it enabled modernity. This idea of Locke is a corner stone of the Age of Reason and all that followed.
    Why do we have universal suffrage? Because we think that all individuals are equal in their potential, hence any inequality in political representation means injustice.
    Why do we have progressive taxation and wealth redistribution in the form of a welfare state? Because we think that all individuals are equal in their potential, hence economic inequality means systematic injustice.
    Why do we promote massive higher education? Because we think that all people are equal in their potential, hence educational inequality is unjust and each and every person will benefit from more education.
    If we reject blank slate, we reject all of the above. Suddenly social hierarchy becomes justified (as universal suffrage turns into the rule of a mob of inferiors), and wealth redistribution is not (tax your best to feed your worst? What nonsense!). Suddenly the universal human rights are under the question – shouldn’t we rather grant the individual rights according to the responsibilities taken by them? Suddenly the educational elitism becomes justified.
    Blank Slate is a column that holds the weight of the modern Western civilisation. We invested too much into this idea of Locke and Rousseau. To scrap it, we’ll have to rewind 300 years and chose another road.
    The problem is, modern science – evolutionary biology and genetics – made it obvious that this premise is wrong. Any intellectual critique of our current state will include those findings – and with enough intellectual honesty, our civilisation as we know it will be shattered in the no time.
    That is why pendulum, which is way on the Left now, does not swing back to the Right: for when it finally gets there, it will crush the very basis of Modernity; as Right-wingers, those believers in Natural Order, will no doubt use those specific findings to validate their viewpoint. Nobody on top wants it: neither the Progressives nor the Conservatives. That is why both sides put the massive combined effort to keep the pendulum way on the Left, always doubling down on the blank slate, further narrowing their minds, switching to chants to jammer any attempt of reasoning, any discussion. That is why when you vote for Tories to put the brakes on “social progress”, you receive gay marriages and transgender positivism instead. They have to adopt those policies to “confirm” the total malleability of human beings to keep The Premise floating.
    They are afraid – and they should be. And we all should be, as we are up for a historical change caused by a massive rethinking of our basic philosophical premises. The change the size of Enlightenment – and all that followed, from the French Republic to the Russian revolution.
    And black people? They pawns of white people’s intellectual game on how to organise the society properly. A model. A corner case. A stubborn deviation that falsifies the otherwise beautiful theory and hence have to be dealt with.
    Putting myself in their boots, I wouldn’t take the current amount of apologising attention from whites for given. It will not last for long.

    • Interesting theory. I would temper it by pointing to the Judeo-Christian
      belief that the inherent worth of individuals is based on their soul, not their abilities.

      • Indeed, being created “in His image” might be an underlying idea.

        Or it might be the other way around – intuitive need in egalitarianism (most probably fueled by fear to be ostracising) looking for ways to rationalise equality. Christian basis faded, by the need persisted and found a new rationalisation.

        • Pretty sure it was the latter and not the former. Ancient Christianity was rooted in idea of equal before God, but that was understood that a illiterate peasant had the same access to salvation as a Czar or nobleman. Was not an indictment that Czars or nobles should not exist in the first place or were inherently anti-Christian, it was that human social orders are irrelevant. “My Kingdom is not of this world…”

          • “Ancient Christianity was rooted in idea of equal before God,….”

            Where was this actually taught in the Bible? The Bible says that to whom much is given, much will be required. The parable of the talents shows that God gives unequal amounts to everyone and in the end gives even more to the one who has the most. God doesn’t “love” everyone. He hates humans as well. He hated the Edomites, Canaanites, Ammonites, Jebusites, etc. Where is the equality in all this?

            If there is anything equal about the Sons of Adam it that they have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, etc. And these things are not absolutes, either. The only equality taught in the Bible is that all Sons of Adam have souls. And the Bible teaches that some of these souls will be saved, some doomed. Christianity does not teach equality. That is a lie on the order of ye shall be as gods.

          • The passage “the left” likes to hold over everyone’s head in their claims Christianity is actually egalitarian is Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

            This of course refers to baptism, but has little to do with social orders and even salvation itself.

            “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”

            Even equality doesn’t exist in salvation.. it’s just that access to it is open to everyone.

        • If “God is Love”, the least among us is as capable of giving and receiving Love as the most exalted of us. Worked for me so far.

    • Most conservatives, much less others, believe root and branch that people are born equal. I am not guessing here, and wish I was wrong. When then the same opportunities are provided for all to succeed (except perhaps knowing who your father is) then as a person fails to achieve or to even grasp the rudiments of those many opportunities, a rage builds. It would be as if I were expected to be a simultaneous translator or a theoretical physicist and when this quickly proved beyond my grasp it must be because I am not putting in the effort. I would learn to hate you. Then it will be as Burke observed–people are rarely wrong that a thing is in error, and rarely right in the cause of it.

      • Most conservatives that I’ve known believe that ideally, people are born equal *under the law* not equal in abilities.

        That’s why so many conservative white people supported the Civil Rights Act; it was seen as correcting the law, which had been treating black people unfairly (they weren’t allowed to attend white schools, weren’t allowed to buy/carry guns, had to drink from different fountains, etc.) so that finally everyone would be equal *under the law.*

        It’s obvious that people are not born with equal abilities, at least to conservatives like me, and that affirmative action will not cause that gap to close.

        • Yes, thank you, equal under the law-
          Because law, like government, should be severely limited.

          Thus, the notion of weaponized “equality” would also be limited, rather than a legalistic excuse to raid.

        • Regrettably, most conservatives I have had this conversation with have the belief, with a religious intensity, that we are born equal by nature. Right wingers, usually not.

    • That’s why Nelson Mandela is so celebrated by Progs. He tricked whites into giving away their country to the inferior population. Progs still try to convince whites that they should follow same route. Western Europe pretty much did, US is still resisting.

      • Thankfully the low IQ group is only 13% of the population, and interbreeding will help dilute the cognitive disparity. The Mexican gap will close much faster (to the dismay of the Left), as interbreeding results in most identifying as white within a generation or two.

        • > Thankfully the low IQ group is only 13% of the population,

          13% of the US population or 13% ot the World population (which is about to gain 3 bln of Africans in the next 50 years)? And is there a difference, given the open borders?

          Also think for a moment about the calls for proportional representations in the positions of power. Those often harshly discriminate on IQ, and racial mix among the top 5th percentile is NOT the same as across the general population. But quotas are now, hence we syphon low IQ to positions of authority (which is bad in itself), and, much worse, we dismantle the filtering system in the process.

          • Western countries need to immediately cease the suicidal practice of sending money, food, vaccines to Africa.

          • I am pretty sure that the only reason for Foreign Aid is to make life in Africa bearable enough for the majority of Africans to avoid the avalanche of immigration.

          • Ok, I hereby grant you the right to vote under the stipulation you will be the single person qualified to vote.

        • They’ll never identify as white as long as the state rewards them for identifying as a Mexican.

          By the way, fourth+ generation Mexicans in the US still achieve just like first generation Mexicans. They’re not blending in. They’re not catching up.

          And most of those generations grew up when remaining defiantly Mexican was discouraged rather than rewarded.

          • These are not the fourth generation Hispanics I know. Most blend in quite well, especially in families that have intermarried. Second generation is a little different, but still coming along. The problem as I see it is tremendous numbers of unassimilated first generation, many illegal. I live in a southwestern state with a large Hispanic population, have Hispanic in-laws and plenty of opportunities to observe. Do you have any hard numbers on educational attainment of fourth+ generation Hispanics? My observations are purely anecdotal.

          • I’m going to assume you are asking me and even if you’re not, I’ll tell you. Why should I be allowed to vote in this country? Aside from my family arriving on these shores in the 1600’s, besides having family serve in almost every military conflict since the Revolutionary War, a great grandfather serving on the Union side and Adjutant General of Missouri after the war, a great grandfather Confederate doctor, a great uncle Colonel serving during the Spanish American War and WWI, an uncle Major General who served in WWIi, an uncle who died on the USS Triton during WWII, a father who was an Army Major serving in Europe and North Africa during WWII, a brother who was an Air Force Captain, an Army veteran brother, a husband who served in the National Guard, a son currently serving in the Navy? Aside from my ancestors literally building this country? Aside from being educated, owning property debt free, being married forty two years to the same man, having raised two productive children, having worked and paid taxes most of my adult life, having volunteered in my community, being a law-abiding citizen over 18 years of age, equal in dignity, equal before God and before the laws of this land? Those are good enough reasons why. Those are the reasons me and mine have every much a right to vote as any of you.
            As does my Hispanic daughter-in-law, being a citizen, a legal resident of the state and over eighteen years of age and having equality before God and before the law. That’s why black and Jewish citizens can vote, having equality before God and before the law. And you can stuff it.

          • In popular government it is the cleverest and most immoral who learn to pull the stings because they understand what democracy really is. Free will and autonomy are stripped from it’s subjects so slowly that it goes unnoticed. It was Tocqueville’s prophecy that universal suffrage–not merely the exclusion of women–would “prepare citizens to tolerate innumerable degradations, see them as a blessing, and derive consolation by thinking they had chosen their supervisors.” But you stand up for your “rights” as this country shits itself right out of existence. You also have the right to quadruple your money in a Nigerian bank this week.

      • Disagree, Anna. It’s happening badly here in U.S., too, but it’s not apparent yet due to our larger geography. Five decades of illegal immigrants flooding in plus massive refugee resettlement program since 1980 has flooded our country with 10’s of millions of non-European peoples, many of whom have not assimilated or even speak English. There’s a reason our literacy rate is unpublished because it’s something like 73%, on par with Guatemala and Central African Republic. These people drain our taxes, suppress our wages and take our jobs. Foreign worker visa programs import immigrants to do what used to be middle-class jobs. The U.S. has always had a love of immigration and cheap labor, it’s just that when we were importing Europeans to that end, it created a very desirable culture and country to live in. That’s all behind us. Pat Buchanan saw it 20 years ago and he was right.

    • Completely agree here. This is why, for example, our current Western elites will never purge Islam on their own because once you come to the conclusion that a certain group/religion/ethnicity/whatever is “less equal”, the entire edifice of liberalism can be called into question and might start to unravel. The Blank Slate is universalist so anyone should by definition ought to be able to be a part of it. As such, the true believers will always double down.

    • Sergey;
      What an insightful tracing of the thread of consequences of ‘blank slate-ism’ leading us to today’s sorry state on account of its obvious falsity as observed or applied. But I think you are mistaken about the origin of it. I say it is spiritual.

      Basic Christian doctrine from the beginning held that men are equal in *the eyes of God* but St Paul, among the other Church Fathers accepted human inequality in status, that is, inequality in the eyes of man. Human equality was to exist *in the church* and could not be expected elsewhere in this fallen world. It was *because* mankind and the world were fallen that human inequality existed.

      The intellectual fathers of modernism, the enlightenment thinkers, wished to supplant God, whom they disliked on account of their intellectual pride as well as on account of the conduct of various all-too-worldly churches in their day. IOW, they very much liked the idea of human equality but without God anywhere in the picture.

      Q: How to do this_? A: Promulgate the blank slate doctrine + a complete reversal of the doctrine of original sin. Remember Rousseau’s famous quote, “Man is born free, but finds himself everywhere in chains.” IIRC. IOW but for society’s (not man’s) corruption, there would be a utopia of equality and no material want. And they were/are just the people to fix society (not to mention gobble up its rewards – no different from the churchmen of their day).

      Z Man is right when he says Prog-ism is a religion. I hold that it is a christian heresy concocted by the enlightenment thinkers for short term political ends, at the time, that they didn’t care to think through (or just didn’t care about). But that’s a subject for another day.

      • Thank you, Al.

        I can follow that train of thought all night long, but the very format of a comment is quite limited, and do not consider those idle thoughts to be meaningful enough for anything but a commentary.

        I agree with the statement that progressivism is a religion – every ideology is. And it fits nicely in our nihilistic society, filling the hole left after the death of God. People still need simple models that provides that with the answers how to act in this insanely complicated and dangerous world (a question, that scientifical method cannot answer, as “you can’t derive ought from an is”) – which is a domain where religions and ideologies operate.

        I agree with you on Rousseau quote. I think there’s one particular side effect to this quote. From the time immemorial, there was a cosmological divide of a Culture vs Nature, Order vs Primordial chaos, Civilisation vs Savagery, Paternal (limiting, disciplining, even tyrannical – but protective) and Maternal (creative, non-judgemental, embracing – yet indifferent). Ancient people, who had to fight the elements through all their lives, treat Order in high regard and consider it to be The Value to maintain (you can trace this even in Hobbes, that started with the premise of individual liberty only to end up with validation for absolutism).

        But Russeau – Russeau flipped it. He claimed that the Culture, the Order, the King, the Father – is a force of corruption. Now, would it be surprising that starting with a philosophical premise like that we ended up in a society where fatherhood (and any other forms of – yes – authority) is despised?

        I risk to irritate people with the length of my comments 🙂 but here’s another train of thought I recently had on this topic:
        The Right is effectively about the idea of The King: natural inequality, hierarchy, discipline, transcendental source of authority, “life is bigger than you are on the higher order of things”. The Left is about the idea of The Mother: always inclusive, never playing favourites, always forgiving, never judgemental, “you are the most precious and unique thing in the World, my little Bubba, don’t let the evil Goyem tell you otherwise”. Hello, snowflakes, nanny-states with Nannies in charge, “anti-nationalism”, “anti-racism”, “no borders”, non-judgementalism, etc.

        This dichotomy makes the Left Oedipal, possessed with the idea of killing the very archetype of the Father-King, an obstacle to embracing The Mother for eternity. Given that they now fully dominate the intellectual discourse (Kings are anti-intellectual, they’re proud thinking animals – as this is the Nature’s Way), Oedipus is the primary role model we now have for the boys.

        Now, what King would want to raise a little Oedipus in his matrimonial domain? And what little oedpuses are capable for, except for destroying every source of Royal authority they can reach, and always searching for maternal-style relationships – entitlement to unconditional love and acceptance with no responsibilities – with the Feminine?

        • Sergey;
          Good news: God is not dead, nor does He sleep. For His own reasons He permits this circus to go on. I have no idea why, but then again my own ideas don’t matter much in God’s economy.

          While you cite much historical and mythological/Jungian rhetorical evidence, you are overthinking the sexual roles (like many an other). IMHO, they are laid out in Genesis, the first Book of the Bible/Torah. For myself, I do not intellectually ‘get’ the doctrine of ‘original sin’ > ‘the depravity of man’. But if there’s any biblical doctrine better supported by historical and current evidence, I don’t know what it is.

          Once you can accept the truth of the essential depravity of mankind, your eyes can be open.

        • Sergey –
          Thoroughly enjoyed your commentary on this post. I have always preferred calm discussion to quick, snarky posts.

    • This is exactly why Lincoln wanted to send the blacks back to Africa. The progs use them as agitprop and create another victim group. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and LBJ’s “Great Society” institutionalized the victimology and destroyed a growing black middle class.

      While the bs reasoning of Locke and Rousseau may have laid the foundation for some of the rhetoric, Marx and Engels bear most of the responsibility. “From each according to their abilities to each according to their needs” has been the driving mantra of the progs for a century or more. All men truly are created equal; it is the decisions made afterwards that affect one’s outcome. Ben Carson is an example of rising above the situation into which one is born. Most people will choose the easy route when it is offered. “It’s whitey’s fault that I’m poor and living in the projects on the dole” is easier than striving to rise above being dirt. Moral narcissism is taught in schools and hammered home rather than hard work and achievement.

      TPTB encourage the infighting because “divide and conquer” works and has for a long time. We’re all so busy pointing fingers that no one notices the pink elephant in the room conducting the dissonant symphony. The goal is to create a subservient underclass and destroy any pride. As much as he’s annoying at times, Michael Savage has it right with “borders, language, culture.” Nothing will change until the freebies end, sound money is restored, and people are held accountable for their decisions.

      • I should clarify that I don’t like Locke’s religious tolerance nonsense. I do believe in limited government and natural rights.

    • ‘shouldn’t we rather grant the individual rights according to the responsibilities taken by them?’

      This reminds me of Atlas Shrugged
      Everyone should be responsible and earn their keep

      But how do you support retarded, disabled, low IQ, etc?
      Being Human means being capable of nearly anything up to a point, as we think we are special because of our brains

    • “but, people have equal potential…..”

      Actually, they don’t. That is like some parent telling their kid they can be president of the United States. And the kid has Down’s Syndrome.

      • Nice strawman argument. Society has dealt with the less capable for millenia. Stable boys, street sweepers, etc.

        • So, how does that relate to “equal potential”? That’s what was being discussed. Is “less capable” somehow different from “unequal potential”?

    • you lazy bastard. post which browser you use, and i will find out (for you) what add-on to use to control the font. just to keep you from bitching even more.

      • I have the same problem, it would be easy fix to make the font a darker shade of grey,
        I hope Zman does that.
        Long ago, someone here mentioned that there was a way to get Firefox to always use the font&color you want, rather than the fonts the website sends down,
        but I was never able to locate the configuration files to do that. I’m using ubuntu 16.04 and Firefox.

        Anyways, it’s rather uncivil to call someone a lazy bastard,
        especially since we’ve just met Tiomoid of Angle.
        Let’s hope that he finds the rest of us to be more welcoming.

        • what the lazy bastard did, and what you are white knighting about, is akin to going into someone’s house and asking them to change the decor because “you don’t like it”. if he posts what browser he is using (my guess is AOL) then I will post a link to a solution.

      • Current version of Konqueror, here.

        The font comes up as small, spidery grey against a screaming white background.

        “SIGN ZE PAPAHS!”

      • Also white is white, if it’s hurting your eyeballs on your screen tone down your brightness a bit. Very light gray on the mobile site is nicer I admit but you can tweak settings on your end to make it better (lots of sites use a white background so doesn’t this come up a lot for you?).

    • re: “,,,because the lightweight sans-serif font on your web site is literally unreadable.” TofA

      You should get a Mac or iPad. The Apple products have a System Preference called Accessibility which controls minimum font size. Using that system Preference would solve the problem for you and the others, the lurkers, with a similar problem.

      In addition, the Retina display screens on most of the Macs and iPads also permit easy viewing, no eye strain that I can detect. I read effortlessly for hours with my iPad and my 27 inch iMac with its 5K Retina Display is also easy to read from.

      BTW, I am 75 years old.

      Dan Kurt

  20. “The Progs are trying to erase the past to bring about the rapture.”

    This of course, is what radical revolutionaries always try to do. See any history of the French, Russian, or Chinese Communist Revolutions. Or, especially, Cambodia, where the year that the Khmer Rouge took over was officially called “Year Zero”.

    For a true leftist, the past is always the enemy, even the Revolution’s past. This is why revolutions always devour the men who make them.

  21. Where has multiculturalism ever worked? Point out one example where a geography of different ethnicities did not end up disintegrating into individual nation states, or end up under the control of a dominant ethnicity, or end up in a state of perpetual conflict.

    • > Where has multiculturalism ever worked?

      Lots of places – up to a point.

      Diversity works fine as long as each person is wealthy and safe. But every major crisis of a diverse society is ten-fold, as it tears the national cohesion with people sticking into competing groups, and keep their loyalties to those groups above that to the “proposition nation”.

      You have to know how other people tick if you want to feel safe around them. So when you look for safety (because your state defaulted and collapsed, there are major shortages of food and tools everywhere, welfare checks stopped, and public sector is in ruins) you’ll stick to people with the same culture – which means the same origin, which means the same genes, which means the same race/ethnicity; and the same values – which means the same religion. In no time, it’s Balkans all over again.

      That’s why Europe better stay prosperous, now when it is already diverse as Hèll.
      It is either everlasting prosperity or an endless civil war by this point.

    • Switzerland. All white though, still, several distinct ethnic groups and languages. They thrive through a serious, uncompromising, and enlightening practice of federalism. But they made a great mistake about forty years ago and gave women the vote. Cracks are appearing.

      • Guys, in response to James comment re. women voting. Most of us women are on your side and support you. I believe in a return to tradition and following our men, but can you please drop the White Shariah/womens vote talk? It’s a ridiculous fantasy, and a turn-off to women who don’t understand where you’re coming from. Zero Tollrants once made an excellent comment something to the effect of, you men need to tell your women how it is and they need to follow and respect you or else you’ll dump them. Zero Tollrants is so right. Most women will do ANYTHING for the men they care for. Just be the boss and educate your women. We will support you. And the harpies who don’t will be condemned to live with their own horrible choices.

        • That does not flush, Ursula. When I observe that women should not have the vote I am not disrespecting women, I am disrespecting democracy. Universal suffrage even when limited to men is destructive; adding women is a further catalyst for destruction. And, women who make horrible choices are not condemned to live with them. Society is condemned to support them. It is no use saying that men should lead their women when increasingly they have no women and women are increasingly hostile to men. Without democracy, their opinion would carry only the weight it supports, as would we all.

          • Most women would do anything to defend their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. Once women perceive, however, that the dissident right intends to deprive them of all political power, they will drop it like a hot potato. They’re going to put ya’lll back in chains! Really, why would women logically support any such thing?

          • Do you honestly equate not voting to being put in chains? And when, pray, were American women ever thus chained? I’d be thrilled to forfeit the faux exercise of the franchise if I could be assured all the empty-headed women filled with self-righteous zeal and oozing emotion would lose their power over my future.

            Women having the whip hand over society has hurried it toward ruin. Men need to reassert their dominance socially and politically. While I’m hardly a shrinking violent and will have my say, I respect the fact that my husband will listen to me, confer with me, but never submit to me. That is against the natural order and Christian tradition.

          • same reason they support unchecked immigration from the middle east — because they are wired that way.

          • That is an important observation and I do not doubt it is accurate. But the fact is I did not and do not recommend attempting the repeal of the 19th amendment. Nothing can change until a collapse of an old and degraded order. Then everything is up for grabs, not merely suffrage, but democracy itself and the Union. The playing field is tilted to more of the same and worse. Universal suffrage is a revolutionary instrument, period.

          • Aaand you’ve just proven the point. It’s exactly this kind of irrational, emotion driven, fact free behavior that is exhibit a thru z of why you dames shouldn’t be allowed to vote

          • LOL.

            These decisions get made on things other than logic. You’re saying women always make logical decisions?

            I would suggest you spend time watching some porn to see what kind of decisions women are capable of making.

            It’s already been pointed out in this thread that :

            A) lots of women voted for Trump, despite all the efforts of the left to tell them he hated women


            B) Women will do anything to defend the males in their family (pointed out by you and Ursula).

            When the males in their family are being attacked by female suffrage – which choice to you think these women will make? Defend their men – or fully join the gynocracy and defend the suffrage?

            Are they going to choose the government daddy – or the real daddy?

          • James, if the Nazis don’t do in the dissident right, this white sharia crap will do the trick. Your argument doesn’t make much sense. It was probably an infiltrator that got this stupid idea going. More divide and conquer. Get real, men. We love you and are on your side.

          • If that were really true you’d be in favor of limiting the franchise. Instead you spout emotion driven bullshit about white sharia. Newsflash Ursula, no one takes Nazis seriously. And equating repealing the 19th to “white sharia” is just nonsense on stilts. If you can’t even discuss this rationally without resorting to histrionics, how are you capable of voting for the leaders of your community, state and nation?

          • And if someone advocated taking YOUR vote away, you’d be all calm and non-histrionic about it. Sure, Mr. Rational.

          • You folks are all talking as if voting did anything. Of course women won’t give up the vote, if they still imagine it gives them some power. What both men and women need to learn is that voting is just a fig leaf that conceals the real power structure.

        • Sorry Ursula, we love you ladies, but you are the ones responsible for voting in Leftism in the West. This you cannot refute.

          • It’s single women overwhelmingly that vote for Left and its promise of economic entitlements and safety. And do you know why? Because they have no men in their lives to do just that.

            Now, where did men go? Chasing skirts? Sitting in their mom’s basement well into their 30s in a stupor, like scared mice?

            If you are The Man – lead the effing way! If men are superior to women – well, how can women be the source of ANY problem then? It doesn’t make sense. If she is mistaken – correct her. Most women are soft and malleable and instinctively look for authority to listen to.

            Yes, I am a man. No, I do no white-knighting. No, I do not tend to put princesses on the pedestals, but I do not hold the grudge toward women either – although this might be because as a Russian national, my experience was mostly with Russian women.

          • American “family” courts cater to women’s emotionalism, encouraging them to indulge whims, allowing them to change their minds and shift consequences away from themselves, onto their children and former husbands.

            Don’t anyone try to tell me this is merely shit-testing and that these women just need a strong man.

          • While I share your disappointment in the support of far too many women of this degenerate Left agenda, it’s because women believed the propaganda they were raised on and fed their entire lives by schools, government, tv/movies/popular culture, etc., not because we emerged from the womb thinking that way. Now we desperately need for our men to clue us in and to teach us what’s what. I guarantee you that this will be an easier and more realistically achievable task than removing women’s right to vote or any other perceived deterioration of rights. All of this Leftist propaganda has succeeded in convincing you men that you don’t hold sway over us women. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women will do *anything* for men they love or desire. Men trump all else for women, that’s the truth. There are harpies out there, but dump them for a normie.

          • Blank slate vs. Biological reality. Women do not have to be propagandized to be leftists, the female of the species naturally gravitate to socialist policies. Observe the makeup of the parties by sex.

          • I was raised by Leftist parents in Leftist communities, attended Leftist schools filled with Leftist teachers and curricula and had Leftist boyfriends and bosses and yet I never fully bought in to any of it. The older I got, the more I rejected it and the more conservative I became. Biological reality.

          • Ursula, you must be an outlier, the composition of the two major parties by sex should settle this minor dispute.

          • Way to stab us in the back.
            Only Bill Clinton received a majority vote from women, couldn’t find a breakdown by race and sex.
            2016: But roughly 53% of white women voted for Trump on Tuesday, CNN reported.
            “…Both times that Barack Obama was elected president, there has been a pretty consistent line among advocates in the progressive feminist movement: ‘Women won the election.’ But a small-but-important detail is often omitted: He actually lost with white women. ”
            “…the majority of white women have voted for the Republican presidential candidate in every election since 2004, according to the Presidential Gender Watch. Bush won 55 percent in that first year; John McCain earned 55 percent in 2008; Mitt Romney won 56 percent in 2012.”
            “The fact is that President Reagan did receive more votes from women than Carter. There are always an awful lot of people trying to read a lot into every move.”

          • Tax Slave, I know so many men who voted for this Leftist agenda. Now many have woken up and have left that camp, but many are still cucking hard. I don’t think taking the vote away from anyone is the right answer at this time. Mainly because I don’t see it as being achievable. There’s as much chance as winning a campaign for a white ethnostate. As much as I see the value in that idea, it ain’t gonna happen.

        • Ursula, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

          “White Sharia” is an unfortunate fantasy of disenfranchised, resentful men, which, unfortunately, there are many. They are irritated by feminism and blend in their negative experience with the opposite gender to get a highly combustible mix.

          When it comes to voting, it is universal suffrage that is a problem, not women’s suffrage. Yes, women on average more agreeable, and more neurotic, hence they vote for more safety and more equality. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a vote! And a lot of men think the same anyway.

          I believe that conservative stance regarding women should be: “I don’t believe in equality (what does that even mean? Treating women like mates with tits?), but I do believe in respect – and every woman is entitled to it, at the very least as a potential mother. They should not be forbidden from participating in the public sphere or labour market, but we should keep in mind, that a woman blessed with many children is a woman with an apparent economic disadvantage to men. Hence women – and especially mothers – are also always entitled to be protected and provided for by men, and entirely run the family domain (to allow their men to focus on “go and get ’em”). And this is our, men, duty to provide that safety and economic stability for our women.”

          Hope that helps.

          • If there is going to be a discussion around restricting voting rights – I personally believe the place to start is with those who vote themselves benefits. This is something that both men and women who WORK could stand behind – and it would also cross racial lines because I have seen commentary from quite a few black people (for example) who get mighty pissed at having to work their asses off and then still have to pay for those that they know damn well don’t contribute.

            One of the problems with white liberals is their guilt complex – is not based on reality. They’ve been fed a line of bullshit and try to virtue signal their way to nirvana by supporting all manner of welfare programs.

            I have known a number of black people in my life – who get completely pissed off over leftist welfare programs. The problem is – these black people – who have fought their way to success – know goddam well what the welfare leeches are REALLY like.

            I think of this as a similar type of thing to how men will often judge a woman on a different basis than other women will judge her. A man might say ” she’s hot” – while other women will say ” she’s a complete piece of trash ” – because they know intimately what she’s really like.

            Men do the same thing. A woman might just see an attractive man with money – other men will know the guy’s history and know he’s an a-hole who bangs everything with a pulse.

            There is alreadyy a divergence happening – watch this Molyneaux video where he interviews Candace Owens – a black woman who was attacked by the left. She got the red pill shoved down her throat.


            This is what we need more of.

        • I’m going to disappoint you so much, Ursula. I don’t think women should vote, as well. There are not enough women who can be counted on to vote for sanity. If you look at it historically, removing the woman voters, we would not have any Democrat presidents, and 99% of this liberal insanity.
          Women just do not make good voters. I also wouldn’t let blacks vote, but that’s another subject…

          • Check the stats. Those are single women you are talking about. On those – I agree, they are the mess, especially 40-somethings that are childless not by choice – they are a complete mess, with apparent self-destructive tendencies. Failing on biological imperative must be hard.

            Limit the right to vote to married people with children who are not collecting welfare checks. They have skin in the game; they can carry their weight, they are orderly, can compromise and can communicate.

            Problem solved – without the need to single-out women.

          • sergey, you aren’t going to get laid with all your femminist claptrap here. take it to a bar (it won’t work there, either but at least i won’t have to skip past so many crap comments)

          • I am 32, married since the early 20s. My kids are 10 and 5. My wife did not have to work out of necessity a single day in our life together. And the only thing I need to do to “get laid” (I always wondered why Americans and English use passive voice for this; in Slavic languages, it’s always active voice for a man; truly, a language is a reflection of a national character!) is to put my arm on her lap.

            Being a quality man in Russia have its benefits!

          • Come to think of it just limiting the vote to married men would solve a whole bunch of problems with unreliable constituencies all at once.

          • I like the system portrayed in Covington’s books. Since the nation is only composed of Whites that simplifies matters enormously, but if I recall everyone who completes their two years of state-service (military or infrastructure or agriculture etc.) and passes the requisite high-school class on civic rights and responsibilities gets one vote. Additional state service for men, or birthing “x” number of children for women, gets you another vote.

          • It does disappoint me, Zeroh Tollrants, but that doesn’t prevent me from always enjoying your comments, whether I agree or not. I strongly disagree in this case because your arguments are based on a fantasy system not related to the reality we’re dealing with. I lean towards Sergey’s thinking, maybe it’s my Russian blood or maybe because he’s dealing with reality. We Americans sure indulge in fantasies. I wonder if that’s a side effect of soft privileged living, raised too much on myths and propaganda and now that our country is going further into crisis, this is the sorry way we deal with it, fantasies, wishful thinking, riding on elusive vapors of past greatness.

        • Back at’cha, Ursula. Men will also go down fighting for their wives, mothers, daughters, and often for total strangers who are being wronged.

        • I get what you’re saying – but I pretty much agree with James Wilson. The solution you’re talking about might work – if we had a society where the majority of women were connected to men who they respected and followed.

          The problem is : we don’t have that. We have a society where women often stay single to a later age, get divorced on a whim (most divorces are initiated by women), live on welfare in the hood by the magic of increased payments for babymaking – etc.

          Look at the pussy hat marches – why the hell were there so many women there – who’s controlling who here? There were plenty of men out there wearing those pink hats.

          If we had the kind of society where your solution would work – there would have been NO men there – and very few obviously deranged women. That was not the case.

          Earlier this year – I spent a decent amount of time listening to MGTOW videos on Youtube. I have to say – some of these guys have some very good insight into the relationship and sexual and political dynamics that are going on between men and women – and how in many cases – there is just no fixing it.

          The best you can do – is divorce yourself from it. These MGTOW guys are often younger – maybe they’re bitter and not getting any sex – but depression and doing without breeds insight IMHO. The conclusion they’ve come to is that getting involved with women pretty much at all – is a road to hell in today’s society for a lot of males. And they’re acting on that. One of the insights I found interesting – was the observation over and over again – that women get completely pissed off when they have a guy tell them “I’m not interrested”. They seriously think that men should just unthinkingly put up with their bullshit – and they don’t have a “right” – to just refuse to participate in the gynocracy.

          If there’s a subset of the male population that has figured out they can just refuse to participate in the most basic of human relationships because it’s just going to be a screw job for them – what does that say about what kind of response is possible vis a vi dealing with the diversity?

          It’s just a matter of waking up and realizing how badly you’re getting screwed. And that is just a matter of time.

        • Ursula,I think the road to perdition started with giving women the vote…and I’m a woman. if you’d told me ten years ago, I’d be arguing against the franchise, I would have thought you were nuts, but here I am. Maybe they should stop talking about it but they damn well better do it or the silly bint brigade will ruin everything again.

      • German speaking people dominate Switzerland. But because it is a confederation of cantons, ethnic conflict has been minimized.

        • Switzerland have never been a nation in a european sense but a military allience between different communes from 1291. That is why it is so decentralised from the start. There was never a central authority in the “county” besides that allience. It is also the reason you only had political rights in the commune you were born in. If you moved to another commune you had to get rights and acceptance by the people in that commune. by the vote. It is recent that you have national rights as a citizen of the country. They still vote for citizenship locally . A Deutz women was recently rejected in her commune despite she have lived there more than 30.years. The reason was she had complained about noise from the cows that had bells on them. She wanted them removed. She didn´t accept that,-and they didn´t accept her.

        • The Germans and the French are descended from Germanic tribes. The French also have a good percentage of Celtic blood. The Italians, especially the Northern Italians, have a good percentage of Germanic ancestry. They are all similar enough genetically to interact intelligently in their own best interests.

    • “It’s a feature not a bug.”
      College Professors
      Hillary Clinton
      Barack Obama
      Much of the Official GOP
      99.43% of the media

      “In confusion, there is profit.”
      – Same list

  22. I disagree. There are SOME people who are driving the country over a racial cliff. But I suspect their actions are growing so extreme, and so ridiculous, that it has the effect of normalizing the rest of the country around a more common identity. Like you write, people settle in a river valley, intermarry, and develop a common ethnicity or culture. That’s true anywhere that a group of people wind up settling and living together. Hell, after a lifetime of being a Philadelphia Eagles fan – and I’m still a fan – I realized one day a few years ago that I had lived in Colorado longer than I ever lived in PA. So, I decided to throw in and become a Broncos fan. Root for the home town team, as it were. I still watch Philly whenever I can, but after the Eagles/Chiefs game yesterday, my whole family jointed in to watch the Broncos dismantle the Cowboys.

    A lot of these “statues” are being pulled down in college towns. Charlottesville is home to UVA, right? What we’re seeing is campus radicals sort of branching out locally, finding something to be outraged about. What are we seeing more and more of these days as normal people start sending their kids off to college? Parents are starting to ask just how much left-wing activism the colleges are engaged in and endorsing. There have been some pretty high profile desertions at Name Brand Universities like U. of Missouri. Berkeley’s new chancellor realizes just how much their house snowflakes have damaged the university’s brand…because her students are far more intolerant than the boogey-men they show up to assault.

    This is still the United States, and people still vote with their feet and their wallets around here. It’s no accident that the week after Trump meets with Democrats that the Republicans suddenly have revived their Obamacare repeal attempts. It’s no accident that Trump ends DACA, forces the Congress to act, while simultaneously enforcing current immigration law and starting construction on the border wall…while negotiating a short 3-month extension to the debt ceiling (the GOP wanted it for 2 years!).

    As I watch Hillary Clinton’s blameology book tour, I’m reminded that white women voted for Trump, that various racial groups voted in higher numbers for Trump than Romney in 2012…despite the media all but photoshopping a KKK hood onto Trump’s official photos.

    I don’t think it’s as bad as people want to make it out to be. I DO think that the crazies are putting to lie the Prog’s agitprop that diversity and tolerance will appease them because the first chance they get to demonstrate diversity and tolerance they start throwing bricks and screaming at people.

    Notice how scant the media coverage was in St. Louis last weekend. You think the country is driving over a cliff on race relations? If it were, those riots would be growing, and the media would be fanning the flames. Reality? Some BLM people are still there causing trouble, but by-and-large the mess will be off the front pages in a couple more days.

    Hardly the stuff of a pending racial apocalypse. Sometimes all you need in order to reinforce the bigger tribe is for some disloyal lunatics to remind everybody that there is a bigger tribe.

    • Sadly, President Trump RESCUED DACA from the courts. Though a deal hasn’t been made yet, I’ve a sinking feeling that the DNA of the U.S. since 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act will remain unchanged. As well as the endless war agenda, that is, if we don’t dissolve into civil war here, which the powers that be seem to be doing their best to encourage. I was hoping Trump (who I 100% supported) was strong enough to turn things around, but he’s not; they’re destroying him and the MAGA agenda. Our Presidents now are temporary employees, who facilitate and implement the agendas of our faceless, nameless real leaders. Degenerate multicultural gray slurry of people, poverty, open borders, violence, endless wars. I appreciate your optimism and hope you’re right, but I despair we’re all watching the approaching train wreck in slow motion, powerless to do anything about it.

    • I think you are correct about the next decade, but I would caution you to examine a broader time horizon. Scope is everything in observable phenomena and when discussing civilization, the meaningful time periods start at decade level and quickly jump to century+. With respect to the average person of middle age in your country, you are erring on the side of optimism, but within reason. Most don’t have a serious axe to grind with other races and most will simply move around and adjust to immediate 5 year demographic trends.

      That being said, the St. Louis situation isn’t as widely reported on most likely because the progressive elite are now registering that they are not ready by half for the circus they’ve been setting up since the 1960s. Gay, Black, Mestizo, Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Trans, Unitarian, Communist, Neoliberal, etc. hold together on two principles: First, gaining status and sinecure at the expense of “the majority,” (white middle class) and secondly, opposing the GOP. Supposing for a moment that the optimists are correct and the Trump presidency does well over two terms, that means end of decade race relations could plausibly get back down to the simmer of the Clinton era. However, one must also keep in mind that in no era has a minority group broken more than 30% for the GOP and over that same time period, even assuming zero immigration, whites will drop precipitously as a percentage of the total population.

      What does this mean as we broaden our scope another decade or two? Well, it certainly doesn’t imply your country is going to spark a hot race-war, but it does more or less proscribe the situation you will be in thereafter. As it seems unlikely Trump will repeal affirmative action, disparate impact, or any one of a million other civil rights era laws designed to hamper whites and help non-whites, the future will necessarily be one in which the legal majority has legally superior status to a legal minority. And, as any good prog will tell you, that (even in the absence of malice) is an incredibly dangerous situation to be in as said minority. Again, there is no need to make any assumptions about how whites would be treated or whether or not violence against them would increase. Simply stated, they would be at a very significant political, economic, and social disadvantage due to nothing more than very demonstrably reliable statistical and disposition data.

      So, while it may well be the case that apocalypse is making the worst prediction possible. It certainly cannot be said that at-least slow demolition of your society isn’t still very much in the offing.

      • Way too early to tell how the demographics are going to play out. Birth rates are flat or in decline in nearly every country and ethnic group on the planet. Latinos are white people who speak Spanish, by and large, and yes there are exceptions but I watch enough of the hot ladies on Univision to understand that what binds them is language not race, and a couple of the right assimilation policies fix the language issue.

        With the DACA “kids” give them an English test, a citizenship test, hand them an American flag, and end ESL programs in the schools and the problem is solved.

        • Hokkoda, respectfully, the Latino culture is very different from the European culture. It’s that displacement I regret for our country, but it’s a reality and I don’t think there’s any going back. Compare civilizations that Europeans have built to those Latinos built. The differences are real and I very much prefer the European version; heck, the whole world desires the white European civilizations, which are now being flooded and destroyed with 2nd and 3rd world people that our corrupt leaders are criminally allowing in. Nothing personal against the immigrants, it’s just in these massive numbers, it’s utterly destructive. Latinos on the whole are way out-breeding whites of European descent, as are Africans and Middle Easterners.

          • Latino birth rates in the US aren’t very high and are near or below replacement.

            Its been in continuous fall for more tuna 8 years and doesn’t look to be stopping

          • Borders, language, culture, as the man says. I agree with you, though I don’t see it as dire a problem as others do. My dad was the grandson of Italian immigrants. He was just a South Philly dego/wop to the Irish in the neighborhoods next door. Then they started marrying the Irish girls, and things changed.

            Eastern and Southern Europeans were looked upon as disdainfully as Latinos often are. That doesn’t mean we don’t have work to do. Stop the waves coming in, assimilate, ensure a common English language.

            But I stand by my belief that a disloyal and anarchist few are doing things that may actually unify the county. Even black people and Latinos understand that burning down the Asian grocery store because a white policeman was acquitted in a trial…is just wrong.

    • Two years ago we wouldn’t even be talking about progs pulling down statues of dead white men, professors advocating murder of police or covering up Jefferson;s statue, renaming schools, etc. Whites who vote GOP are now seen as Nazis, KKK’ers.

      It’s getting worse. And it’s driven by two groups – Blacks and urban “good whites or cosmic whites”.

      As for St. Louis. You miss the bigger point. If a cop shoots and kills a black man now, he loses his job and career. The system turns on him. Sure they don’t do prison time, but economically that man’s life is destroyed.

      It’s not happy days are here again.

      • The vast majority of those cases don’t even go to trial or even disciplinary action against the officer. Body cams cut both ways. Yes, we catch a bad police officer, but we also get to see the 99 others who did nothing wrong at all.

    • Not really. The term “basic bitch” originated in hip hop culture and what is a basic bitch but a middle class white girl?

      • I may not have used the best example in “basic bitch”, since the term was appropriated and can also be used in reference to black women. Still, a real race hater won’t exempt women and children.

    • In my experience, white women are often perceived by blacks as weak, soft, submissive targets who will smile and offer pathetically friendly gestures in response to blacks’ open hostility. Until recent years, I used to make the effort to smile and say hello when passing a black on the street and they in response often gave the stink-eye or grunted rudely. Now I just cross the street and don’t look at them, especially since they’re even ruder and angrier since Trump got elected. They wanna act that way, the hell with them.

    • White Pussy is the best pussy…. Once you dip it in some tighty YT, you can’t go back….Plus white girls have actual human hair growing on their heads, not woven in but actually growing

    • This one time, at diversity training camp, when the black salad bowl lady invited us to share the times we had been racist, I shared “never” because I had never been mean to a black person and that was the truth! My mama brought me up that way that we were all children of God. And then I smiled my smug little grin. Everyone else confessed.

      • went to one of those once , told them I was could not discuss such personal matters. some fools opened up like they were among intimate friends . Those incidents were later used against them to sack them. nobody ever forgot even one word of what they said and they made lots of enemies for life.

      • That’s funny. Ann Frank said that one time at camp she got reeeallly baked. She was so baked that she found this pen from the future and started writing a fictional diary. The pen had a funny metal ball at the end but no ink spilled out.

    • This turns out badly for Blacks no matter who wins. If white identity wins, they will have ruined their relationship with the best benefactors they ever had, who gave them a free pass out of normal African squalor.
      If the coalition of the fringes wins, they will have outlived their use to elites and Mestizos who will no longer desire their violence and instability.
      The disaster of Black politics shows us why low IQ groups cannot be allowed political participation.

      • Derbyshire pointed out that both the lowest IQ and highest IQ populations are disastrous in a popular democracy. Although there are many more in the low IQ demographic, we see the high IQ types dominate the narrative in a popular democracy. It is as Tocqueville wrote–Universal suffrage is not only a detestable element of government, but a powerful revolutionary instrument.

      • Where in the world can Blacks live better than in the U.S.? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. Wish they’d join their brethren in Africa since they hate it here so much and are so proud of their roots. Crime would go way down.

          • Crime would stay the same or maybe increase to a whole new level in Africa with the repatriation of Make-Africa-Great-Again ferals. Here in the U.S. I’m confident we’d enjoy a much lower crime rate. But that’s a fantasy. In the not-so-distant future, all of the Americas will be Latino-African-Middle East dominated mess.

          • You don’t have to be just confident that repatriations would bring down the US crime rate. You should be absolutely sure. The FBI crime stats show that when the diversity is taken out of the mix – the crime rate – and especially the murder rate by using a gun – is remarkably low.

            I have spent the last 20 years listening to all the excuses of the left on why we need gun control. This battle has gone back and forth with them constantly coming up with one excuse after another as to why we need massive gun control.

            Typically one of their excuses is “the US has a massive murder problem created by guns”. Well – if you look at the actual data – what you find is that the murder rate is largely a factor of what color of hand is holding the gun.

            This guy – older video – goes thru the details pretty good:


            Some important quotes:

            ” The crime we do have – where is it coming from ? ” –

            ” when looking at the data you can look at where the crime is coming from – you can see it on a neighborhood level”

            ” less guns does not equal less violent crime”

            ” the bulk of our violent crime is in small pockets in metropolitan areas”

            ” we know where the crime is coming from – metropolitan areas with a population over 250,000″

            ” I feel like the media is not being honest about this”

        • This is why whenever I hear some member of the diversity start screaming for reparations – I tell them : ” No – the word you’re thinking of is repatriation – you want repatriations”.

          Given that most of these people are dumber than a bag of hammers – and screw up the English language on a regular basis – I figure sooner or later we’ll be able to maneuver a large enough group of them into protesting for “Repatriations Now!”.

          At that point they’ll be doing their work for us.

    • I’m not so sure . All the levers of power, and the organizations of poweer including gov. media , finance, business ,education, and law are in firm GW hands .

    • The BLM movement is evidence progressives are socially engineering the political suicide of the grievance culture.

  23. Nobody has less of a in group preferences than whites. We are taught that from day one, perhaps in a better world that’s a good thing. And this has lead whites to a terrible illusion other groups must think similarly and have similar preferences. The reality is people outside the ghetto have no idea the extent to which other groups, especially blacks, have a extremely keen sense of racial consciousness. In fact, it is how most of them organize their lives and their businesses.

    I think part of this was as long as nonwhite kept quiet and let the progs pat us on the head this illusion stuck. But now we get to see nonwhite voices preaching hate from entertainment to sports. And in such a world, game theory wise, the only way to survive is to develop strong in group preferences. Logical but will lead to a zero or negative sum game.

    • > Nobody has less of a in group preferences than whites.

      It’s only true for whites of North-European origin (including the white American settlers), who were shielded from African, Ottoman and Mongol hordes by Eastern Slavs, Southern Slavs/Hungarians/Romanians and Spaniards. The later categories are … well, different.

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