Cheering For My Team

Yesterday’s post could have been much longer, as there are many angles to the modern American skins game. In the fullness of time, there will be many books written on the subject or at least using it as a launching pad in analyzing the late America collapse. One point of entry is belief. People are believing machines. They will organize themselves around a set of beliefs, even if those beliefs are insane. That is what we are seeing in modern America. Christianity has faded, so something new filled the void.

That something new is a grab bag of ideas borrowed from Cultural Marxism, hung like ornaments on the burnt out husk that is Christian universalism. That is modern Progressivism. Cultural Marxism, by itself, has never made much sense, but inflated with the zeal of universalism, it is a very powerful force in modern society. It certainly does not make a lot of sense and it does not offer anything as pleasing as an afterlife, but for the true believer, it fills the void that Christianity once filled.

That’s most obvious when it comes to race. Progressives are endlessly chanting that race is not real. They are also endlessly chanting that racism is the most dangerous evil spirit in their hierarchy of evil. Most of what is going on today is based in their belief that whites are racists, simply because whites have acted to benefit whites. The trouble for Progs, though, is that this contradicts their support for non-whites. Everywhere you turn, non-whites are out flying their team’s flag and cheering for their side against the honky.

This New York Times op-ed is a good example.

I was 13 when the black woman I was rooting for on “American Idol” won. After black women failed to reach the top spot in the first two seasons, Fantasia finally did. With vocals straight out of a church choir in North Carolina, she deserved it.

All the black people I knew — my mom, classmates and acquaintances — were so proud. We celebrated this moment together. Fantasia’s victory on one of America’s most watched television shows at the time wasn’t just a win for her: It was a win for us.

Yes, we all recall the long struggle for equality on TV game shows.

Issa Rae, a co-creator and the star of the HBO sitcom “Insecure,” stood on the Emmys’ red carpet on Sunday and proudly proclaimed to a Variety reporter who asked which people she was cheering for, “I’m rooting for everybody black.” When I heard that, I jumped up and shouted: “Same, Sis! Same!” Because that’s what I’ve been doing all my life. And apparently many other people have, too, because Variety’s video went viral on Twitter, garnering more than 16,000 retweets and countless reshares up and down my social media timelines.

Ms. Rae told the reporter what so many black people have told their family members at dinner, their friends on group texts and their black co-workers over water cooler talk. As many obstacles as we face in our lives, there are times when we need to see one another win.

But what so many people missed in her comment is that expressing black pride is not the same as being racist toward whites.

Of course not. Only a blue-eyed devil would think such a thing!

Ms. Rae’s critics don’t understand that when it comes to racial pride, the playing field is not level. Black pride does not carry the power to shut others out as white pride does. And that’s the difference. Hollywood has a long history of privileging whiteness, from who gets to greenlight movie ideas to whom studios target for consumption. While white people have the luxury of turning on any given channel and seeing themselves reflected with nuance and depth onscreen, black people haven’t been so fortunate.

One byproduct of Progressive race mongering has been that blacks are now just swarthy toddlers. They assume they are entitled to whatever they desire at the moment. Mx. Finley just assumes she has a right to your stuff and right to live near you. At the same time, she is sure that her status as a sacred person means she gets to have stuff to herself, just for black people. Why wouldn’t she? All her young life, she has been pushed along by the guiding hand of the skins game. She points, demands, and a honky gives it to her.

As Steve Sailer points out, the basis of the skins game now is a blood libel. Because your ancestors were mean to non-whites, you just have to shut up and take whatever abuse non-whites heap on you. That includes the humiliation of pretending that airheads like Mx.Finley are saying anything of value. It means pretending that Genius T. Coates is not a puerile blockhead with the reasoning skills of a sixth grader. It is not enough to write the check.No, the honky has to grovel while delivering it.

This is the fire that fuels the Dissident Right. You can pass this lunacy off to the zealous crazies who read the NYTimes, but it’s not going to fly with the average honky. Instead, they will be open to the alternative, the one that flatters them and gives them a reason to be proud. The racism Progressives fear, the dark force they are sure lurks in the heart of white men, is their own creation. American Progressives cannot stop making war on the honky so it is inevitable that the honky will make war back.

In this war, I’m cheering for my team.

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  1. I laughed out loud when watching Captain America: Civil War and the mythical African nation of Wicandia was introduced. A modern African nation ruled by blacks that was technologically advanced and first world. that’s funny. Name a nation, city or state ruled by blacks that is or was not an absolute hell hole. I’ll wait.

  2. As always, ignorance of history is Leftism’s flux capacitor. The “Enlightenment universalism” the Left is so all-in on was always, and obviously, white — that is, it assumed the norms, behaviors, and capacities of Western Civ (Karl Marx and Arthur de Goubineau were almost exact contemporaries, after all). College Western Civ intro courses, for example, used to assign “The Life of Olaudah Equiano,” since it was an “authentic” slave narrative… but they stopped, because the cover showed this black guy dressed up like Mozart and the whole thing was a plea to recognize that Africans could be just as civilized as Europeans. Not even the bleedingest-heart, most noble savage-worshiping Rousseauvian would ever have signed off on the idea that “all cultures are equal,” much less “non-white cultures are superior.” Robespierre would’ve guillotined you for saying that.

    • The New Testament itself is the source of racial equalism with blacks. The Christians started early proselytizing Dindus in Acts 8:26-40 and elevated them to “prophets and teachers” by Acts 13:1.

      Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.

      “One out of four Christians in the world presently is an Africa, and the Pew Research Center estimates that will grow to 40 percent by 2030.”

      Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

  3. Caucasians will articulate support for their team by severing financial arteries that artificially support a regressive culture that will inevitably be knocked off the political pedestal it has been placed on and discarded.

  4. I see Taryn Finley’s point remains lost on many. If you belong to a long-disadvantaged group, hoping more people from your group will win implies hoping people like you will finally get a fair shake. “I hope we will finally get our turn.”

    If you belong to a long-privileged, socially-dominant group, hoping more people from your group will win implies something quite different. It suggests, “I hope nobody else gets a turn.”Those who take “black pride” or “black lives matter” as an affront are fearful folks who have bought into a boundlessly ignorant, whiny victim mentality.

    One of the best metaphors I’ve heard for explaining Black Lives Matter tothose challenged souls is a story about a patient at the doctor’s office witha broken arm. The doctor proclaims “All bones matter!” The patient replies, “But my arm is the only one that is broken right now.” Many of us (even white folks like me) do get it, to some degree.
    I have been deeply dismayed of late to see a very ugly and insidious trend by some aggrieved whites who mindlessly appropriate the word
    racist in an attempt to upend three centuries of white-on-black discrimination and to cruelly undermine non-whites whenever they seek honest acknowledgment of the pervasive disadvantages and dangers of being black in white America

    This is why I find much solace in the fact of disparate birth rates and white who men including easingky bearing the children of Black Man

  5. Remember that the Boer watched Rohdesia collapse over a 20 year period and then let the same thing happen to South Africa. We may eventually fight back, but we’re decades from finding our balls at this rate.

    South Asian and sub-Saharan African demographics are going to make the West even more interesting with the help of United Airlines and “American” airlines and so forth.

  6. In that op-ed, all one has to do is swap the terms “black” and “white” to make it factual. For example:

    Ms. Rae’s critics don’t understand that when it comes to racial pride, the playing field is not level. Black white pride does not carry the power to shut others out as white black pride does. And that’s the difference. Hollywood has a long history of privileging whiteness blackness, from who gets to greenlight movie ideas to whom studios target for consumption. While white black people have the luxury of turning on any given channel and seeing themselves reflected with nuance and depth onscreen, black white people haven’t been so fortunate.

  7. Christianity has not faded. Chesterton got it right:

    “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.”

    And it will still be there when all our purported solutions fail.

    Jes’ saying . . . jb

    • Marxists will say the say thing about their universalist faith: it’s failure is that it has not been tried correctly.

  8. If I was black I’d b scared to death of the increasing Latino demographic. Browns move in and blacks can’t compete. Already the small businesses in the ghetto are owned by Indians and Koreans.

    • That happened early on in S. Florida, where I grew up. The Cubans came in with, literally, nothing but the shirts on their backs, (but many did have superb educations), built themselves back up and started running things. Then the Liberty City riots came along, which the media never really disclosed was a “three party” conflict. Blacks went after the Cuban with more initial gusto than whites. Big mistake. The intended recipients when “full Che” on their asses and they quickly went back to fighting with whitey.

  9. In the news today all the Boston professional sports teams are getting together to address the issue of racism.

    8 year old pee wee football players are taking a knee during the national anthem to protest the killing of blacks.

    And The Beat Goes On.

    Friends, family and neighbors all seem to be perfectly fine with the title of evil whitey.

    Will our ” team ” ever come around ? Personally think most of the population is on psych meds plodding through their daily lives thanks to a chemical lobotomy oblivious to their own genocide.

  10. Forgot to mention, and very appropo considering the title of this essay, that when watching sports, I make it a point to voice my support for white athletes for no other reason than their whiteness.

    When met with the inevitable gasps and horrified stares (made always by other white folks) I simply reply “we’re underrepresented in (insert sport of your choice)”

  11. Hmm. They can lay claim to our rights and privileges yet still have a sacred set of their own set aside. Just for them. The question is, why do we continue to acquiesce?

    Does anyone see examples of changing attitudes with respect to this situation? For myself, I have noticed several of my formerly equalist friends and coworkers beginning to display what I’d describe as subdued hostility. A kind of “what else do we have to do for them?” type of thing.
    It’s a start considering these are people who only a few months ago were the ones cheering the loudest for the slightest of non-white “accomplishments”

    • They sounds like Canadians who up until a short time ago were all for American open borders, until THEY started getting a flood of nonskilled refugee beggars across THEIR border.

      • Watching Canadian media dance around this had been amusing to say the least. Much more fun when they could sit up in the Great (not so) White North and advocate “let’s you and he fight”.

    • “cheering the loudest for the slightest of non-white “accomplishments””

      When they do this you know they are noticing. Knowing you have a problem is the first step.

      • I remind myself of that always. Their acknowledgement of these so called accomplishments is actually an acknowledgement on non-white genetic handicaps. I suspect the laudatory remarks are what Heartiste refers to as a “liberal retreat.” They are in effect taking a big hit off the equalism pipe to dull the ugly feelings of reality that constantly fight their way to the surface

  12. “One byproduct of Progressive race mongering has been that blacks are now just swarthy toddlers. They assume they are entitled to whatever they desire at the moment.”

    And of course, when those desires are thwarted in any way the only possible reason must be an all-powerful and all-pervading white racism that manifests, albeit somewhat mysteriously, to deny blacks their just desserts. One of the signs of the so-called enlightenment in race relations that we’ve been force fed for the past half-century or so is that blacks can no longer be depicted in popular entertainments as easily spooked by haints and spirits; nonetheless, as any reader of Teensy-Weensy Coates can attest, the always amusing spectacle of blacks bugging their eyes out at the spectre of white privilege is, happily adapted to circumstances, still with us in the current year.

  13. Z Man;
    I have to slightly disagree: Mx Finley *is* performing a service. She is pointing out the the foolishness of placation. There will *never* be enough affirmative action.

    But it’s hard to feel very sorry for Hollywood. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of degenerates. Makes you wonder about her wisdom in demanding cesspool preference, though.

    Interestingly, pointing and shrieking as a magic incantatiion that requires a ‘daddy fix’ is the MO of feminism as well. For the life of me I can’t understand why it works, but it does. I guess because in the past the individual demands were small, the pie was large and it wasn’t me, individually, paying the price. But that’s all changed, so who knows.

  14. I’m just ready for the shooty war to start. I’ve amassed an arsenal and I am ready to put it to use against the vibrant hordes. I will take plenty before I go down.

      • Don’t you mean Fed? ESAD. I made no threats. I simply stated I’m ready for the war to start already. Alt Retards will eat each other one day, when they run outta libtards and other undesirables for enemies.

        • The alt retards, as you call me, won’t eat each other. They will go back to raising families and working and going to church just like they did before people like you made them necessary.

          • “Hurr Durr, if you’re not an Alt Retard like me, you must be one o’ dem libtards” You don’t know “people like me”. I’m not on any of you identity-driven retards’ side. I’m on my own side. If you run out of enemies, and come after me and mine, I’ll destroy you, just like I’d destroy any dindunuffins or aloha snackbar who attempted the same. BFYTW.

  15. “That something new is a grab bag of ideas borrowed from Cultural Marxism, hung like ornaments on the burnt out husk that is Christian universalism.”

    This is something Prof. Revilo P. Oliver has been saying since the 80s or earlier, Western Liberalism is the natural outgrowth of Christian universalism, I think Jean Raspail makes a similar point on his book Camp of The Saints with some politican justifyng the 3rd world invasion with some non-sensical Abel/Cain analogy.

  16. As with the professor who suggested “we get rid of all the whites in the United States”* to eliminate vaccine objectors (just another attempt at genocide getting “mainstreamed” by the Left), it won’t take much for an “equal and opposite” response to occur…

    “The Left has taught me that I’m supposed to be so OFFENDED by “slavery,” that *I* now *demand* that ALL BLACKS be removed from the USA, because THEY remind ME of slavery!”

    The only problem is, it just may not be meant as an joke turned on itself.

    * SOURCE:

  17. Sorry. No. Honkies are not going to spontaneously snap to their senses.
    It’s going to be a long, arduous, complicated, bitter war for the institutions that shape our morality. Then a clearing of all the poisonous propaganda from our society. Then a rebuilding process to replace the poisonous propaganda with healthy knowledge.

    An analogy: A couple of years back, I read a story about how Iran brought down a U.S. drone. Apparently, these drones were more or less impervious to direct hijacking, like just sending them a command to land because their signals are very securely encrypted. `And they have some basic behaviors programmed in, so you can’t just jam the incoming signals & watch them crash either. If the incoming signals were ever cut off, the drones were programmed to return to their base & land on their own.
    So what the Iranians did was cut off the legitimate incoming signals & then spoof, or fake, the GPS information that the drone was receiving. So the drone believed that it had flown home & was at its base & could land.

    White people are the drone. The signals are the commands of our own legitimate religious & political institutions. Those commands have been deliberately jammed, and we don’t get them anymore.

    Our pre-programmed behavior is to do whatever is the most moral thing.

    The way we know what is the most moral thing is by absorbing the morals of our society. But those values are being spoofed, by the people who control our status-bestowing educational institutions and our values-disseminating media apparatuses. So we think that we are being virtuous as we self-destruct.

    This situation is not going to spontaneously self-correct, any more than the drone would spontaneously realize that the GPS signals it was receiving were bogus. To fix this, we need to recognize that we are being hijacked, we need to identify the hijackers, stop them from jamming our legitimate signals and take away their ability to spoof our moral values to our people.

    This is going to require a right wing takeover of the educational & media complexes, period. That is a huge political, legal, cultural & psychological life. Anyone who is talking about solutions that entail less that that is either deluding themselves or lying.

  18. “Hollywood has a long history of privileging whiteness”.
    That’s because whiteness invented Hollywood and the entire inset of industries associated with it from the ground up. Photography, film, distribution of films to mass audiences. All created by whiteness.
    In fact whiteness created the entire civilizational framework that these infants simultaneously hate and demand to be a part of.
    We have spent the past 60 odd years collectively standing around with our hands in our pockets, staring at the ground while the recent descendants of stone age tribes tell us how evil we are and how everything we built belongs to them.
    Hand it over or else !!!
    The way whites have dealt with black people in America for the past 2 generations has been a monumental effort in futility. Once black people starting rioting in the 60’s, followed up with a statistical explosion in criminal behavior, and whitey didn’t drop the hammer on them, black people collectively understood that this is how you beat whitey and take everything he has.
    They realized we are too afraid to stand up for ourselves. They can bully most of us at will, with the tacit approval of our elites, and we will take it.
    Prior to WWII, whites would have literally murdered the rioters and lynched the thugs and gang bangers.
    Today? We stand by impotently as they ridicule us and celebrate our dispossession. Even worse, we invite them to do more, and thank them for their efforts.
    We went from total dominance to total submission in the span of 60 years.
    Pretty damn mind blowing when you really think about it.
    Has any other civilization ever given up so fast and fell so hard, as quickly as we have ?

    • “who gets to greenlight movie ideas?”

      The obvious answer is, of course, “Jews!” but somehow I get the feeling that is not the answer the NYT is looking for…

      • Of course. Remember a few years ago when some spoiled black actors came up with the “Hollywood too white” meme.
        More like Hollywood too Jewish, and don’t think for a moment black folks don’t know that.
        Blacks know full well who they can bully and who they can’t.
        And Jews, being distinctly ethnocentric in the way they exercise power, won’t bend over for blacks when ethnic power and privilege is on the line.
        Ask Spike Lee what happened to him when he caricatured Jewish promoters in one of his films. The ADL went after him, very publicly, with a fury. Full page editorials in the NYT.
        Spike found out who you can caricature and who you can’t very quickly.

    • “That’s because whiteness invented Hollywood and the entire inset of industries associated with it from the ground up. Photography, film, distribution of films to mass audiences. All created by whiteness.”

      Actually, Whiteness did not invent Hollywood. The jews built Hollywood because they were trying to avoid paying Thomas Edison for his patented motion picture technology and associated organizations. While the inventions were all by Whites, Hollywood was created so the jews could use this patented technology without any legal infringement in a state far from New Jersey. California judges have always been amiable if the price is right.

  19. I think people would have been OK with universalism and a social equality of the kind represented in the notion of isonomia as in the constitution of Solon. However, it is human nature for some not to be able to think without being directed by an aspect of their biology, racial, sexual, or otherwise.

    Since it seems to be a fact that a critical mass of people are so directed we are going to have to consolidate efforts to achieve either parity or a return to sanity.

    Sanity seems very unlikely at this point.

  20. I recently read a book on the Korean War. One story that struck a chord was about some South Koreans in a command post listening to US forces getting driven back by the Chinese as the poured across the Yalu river. The Koreans were excited because the Chinese were beating the Americans. It was Asians beating the white guys.

  21. You mention “white privilege”, and it’s often used to describe something I don’t clearly see as outright privilege, rather as advantage. Whites created a society to suit themselves, it’s only natural this society advantages them. Much of the sited comments in your piece flow from this advantage.

    I believe this is a critical point in the war for minds we are going through before the actual physical conflicts become a fact of most of our daily lives. Our chances of coming out in decent shape hinge quite a bit on demographics based not only on skin, but as you stated on beliefs. The more whites get their eyes open now, the more will be on our side, the better off we will be on the other side.

    I’ve come across Alt Righters that believe in White Privilege – Millenial Woes for example, and those that don’t.

    Wondering where you stand on it, didn’t come across anything via searching your blog.

    • Whites created a society to suit themselves,..

      How so? How does the free market and personal liberty suit whites at the expense of other races?

      • Well, these things certainly benefit people with a modicum of intelligence and a sense of personal responsibility, so I suppose…

        In all seriousness, the idea that whites have any sort of “privilege” over blacks or Hispanics these days, other than their genetic heritage, is simply absurd. Whites have been discriminated against, both de facto and de jure, for at least the last sixty years. You have to go way, way, back in American history to find anything like “white privilege” the way Leftists imagine it, and even then, it was confined to certain times and places. Almost no one in the modern United States can even remember such a thing, and those who can are mostly in nursing homes.

        “White privilege” is simply the latest leftist excuse for why whites created a high civilization, and their favored pet minorities did not. End of discussion, IMHO.

      • At the time these theories were developed white people were unmistakable masters of the world. Now that we aren’t, other ethnic groups are using these principles against white people, and too many of us are too slow to react to the changing environment

      • I can’t believe you actually think Europeans created societies that DID NOT suit themselves. The United States, or Canada and Australia for that matter, were not created with Africans or Asians in mind.
        In fact, our societies were explicitly created for Europeans. The founding stock said as much repeatedly. Black nationalists and Progs have that much right. Where they are incorrect is that there is anything inherently wrong with Western societies being a reflection of the people who built them.

        • I agree that European societies were built to suit Europeans. It’s a shame, though, that since WWII the elites of those societies lost sight of that and decided that it was just an outrageous lie that ALL societies are built to suit their native inhabitants. Instead, they set out on a quest to turn foreign societies into imitation Western ones, with wars being fought to introduce Holy Democracy to people who had no interest in or capacity for it. Suggesting this deficiency would lead to bellowing accusations that one thinks that such foreigners “don’t deserve” the same things we do.

      • Do the rules of the black societies of Baltimore or Ghana suit you? They don’t suit me at all well. Denmark’s rules suit a southern Italian better, but not as well as they suit an ethnic Dane.

        Culture is downstream of inherited cognitive traits.

        If you’re going to insist that “free market and personal liberty” is a complete description of western civilization, we can’t have a conversation. You’d probably be happier in Mexico.

        • It doesn’t matter if the social rules of Ghana suit ME; it only matters that they suit the people who live there. A lot of problems arose over the last 75 years or so through this idea that a Westerner should feel at home wherever in the world he happens to blunder. Western democracy has sort of taken over from the Catholic mass in that sense; they used to say that a Catholic could go to mass anywhere in the world and feel perfectly at home. Now it’s just assumed that a society in which WE would be happy is what’s best for everyone in the world.

          • The old saw about Catholic Mass really isn’t true though. There are a lot of parishes that are segregated by custom, ethnicity and language

            If the Catholic Church can’t make it work with centuries of effort it would suggest no one could make it work, not that any Leftist could understand or accept that

      • Because whites don’t celebrate ripping each other off, as the non-empathics do. The ‘expense’ is that we don’t normally give them the chance to.

  22. “They are also endlessly chanting that racism is the most dangerous evil spirit in their hierarchy of evil.”

    White racism is the second hand smoke of human evil.


    • yeah, have always scratched my head trying to figure out how “shaking booty for Christ” constituted worship… Do the twerkers really think that G*d is gonna appreciate the big-ass offer?

  23. “After black women failed to reach the top spot in the first two seasons, Fantasia finally did. With vocals straight out of a church choir in North Carolina, she deserved it.”

    Black choirs aren’t in the same league with English or Russian choirs. I will say that they’re the most dignified part of a black church service.

    • Wow, so blacks can’t even sing anymore? In the old days we used to concede they could entertain us. Let me anticipate the next observation about our Negro adversary: They can’t really dance, either.

      OK, It’s true that western choral music belongs to the same disciplined tradition that gave us philharmonic orchestras, grand opera, and the ballet. Perhaps that’s the point here: Blacks do not self-organize well. Just look at the history of Negro baseball. Or the history of black Africa. Or the everyday life of our black-ruled cities.

      Put another way, blacks are not natural conformists; they lack — as a rule — the capacity for adapting to complex social systems. So they don’t make for good choirs.

      They can’t do totalitarianism either, and for the same reason. We still need white people for that, as for everything.

        • This is incorrect: Blacks can be organized into effective military units, especially when a few Whilte Sgt’s and Lt’s are present to do the leading. Demonstrated in Rhodesian fights against the overwhelmingly-large Communist forces of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Rhodesia does not exist not due to inability of Blacks to fight or follow, but for a whole world embargo and unlimited Communist supplying of the enemy.

          • The commies weren’t that big in the 60’s. Just getting started. The army used to put stuff on display that they found on “terrs” or abandoned by them in the bush while under pursuit. A few AK47s and home made mines with detonators fashioned out of nails and bullets. They probably thought it would continue on this level. It didn’t.

    • “I will say that they’re the most dignified part of a black church service.”

      Which is not saying much. Black church services are aerobic workouts. I thought we were supposed to worship God in beauty and in Truth, not in sweat and “Look at me, look at me!”

  24. The greatest fear the Ethnic Marxists fear is a level playing field – we all come to the plate with what we have based on skills and inherited strengths, winners rise to the top and losers wind up cleaning toilets.

    Right now there are serious benefits for minorities that play the old tribal/clan games, and consequences for whites to do the same. But Obama winning took the wind out of the race hustlers’ sails, because a darkie won the big chair, put all his peeps in charge, and things fell to shit. This had a profound effect on the ghetto – it removed the chimera of ‘racist America’ holding the black man down, which they are trying mightily and violently to rebuild.

    Meanwhile, the media keeps telling us to alternatively ‘remain calm (if you are white)’ and ‘rise up (if you are tan or darker)’, and the chaos is palpable. So the laws will change to keep the whites from having the power to tribalize themselves.

    Once the laws change to keep the whites from playing the team sport, demands to outlaw all ethnic protectionism will win the day, and the elites will be on board for two reasons – 1) they don’t care about what happens in the lower strata, only stability, and b) the loudest voices (the newly tribalized whites who are tired of being yoked by PC) will promise stability in exchange for the new rules.

    30 years from now the game will start anew as the memory of Obama and the reality of continued overall African failure outside of sports will be too painful for the bleeding hearts to continue being ‘oppressed’ by their own mediocrity. And then the Latins and Asians will chime in, the borders will be relaxed, the world invited/invaded, and the whites will start to form their own clans….

    • That “wind from the sails” that Obama took away temporarily was RAPIDLY BROUGHT BACK by the Charlottesville “Nazi/White Supremacy” nonsense.

      • yes and no. it brought out the anti-white crowd from behind the hedges, and allowed people to see the distinction between annoying and violent. Antifa has been thrown under the bus because they are inherently violent, and BLM is essentially a joke. The blacks I’m around have largely given up on black power because they are embarrassed by ‘their people’, and the other minorities are focused on their jobs and family. It’s the agitators that are riled up, trying like hell to get someone, anyone to follow.

        Case in point: How many people are sympathetic to the rioters in St. Louis v. how many are asking why we haven’t started shooting rioters on sight? In my admittedly limited discussion with people on the subject, the consensus view is that if you wear a mask/throw a rock, nobody will care if you catch a bullet in return.

    • “the losers wind up cleaning toilets”…

      One sees Eric Hoffer referenced frequently at this site, certainly among the comments. Read his 1976 essay “A Job To Do” and re-think calling anyone who performs an essential task, trying to pay his own way in life, a “loser”.

      Of course Hoffer himself was a “loser”, picking fruit, unloading ships, the kind of stuff “winners” laugh at.

      I know my Hoffer; I know my Orwell too: in the latter’s essay on Gandhi (a man he confesses to disliking as a whole) he mentions that Gandhi was asked what he feared most, and it was “the hardness of heart of intellectuals”.

      We’re all intellectuals now.

      • I don’t mean to imply that to clean a toilet is to be a loser as an individual, only that in a competitive world, cleaning toilets – while essential – is not the job people aspire to. It’s the job you take because you aren’t ready/qualified for those above it. it doesn’t mean you have to stay there, but if you do, it’s a pretty good indication that you came to to the plate with a real short bat.

        I’ve cleaned toilets, rousted drunks, been a construction laborer, a dishwasher and cook, and started at the lowest rung (dealing with hazardous material cleanup, brute labor, product delivery) in the industry I made my career in before moving up the ladder into a senior management role, and am near ownership in my own venture.

        The jobs I did on the way up taught me every aspect of my business, and I’ve found the MBAs and those born into management types are easy prey. They have no basis for their knowledge, and most never bother to learn the nuts and bolts of their industry, they just jump from shop to shop, building a resume but no skills. Taking their lunch money and being thanked for it has been fun the last 20+ years.

        That said, as much as I respect that guy that shows up every day to clean my office so he can feed his kids, I’m not putting him in charge of the logistics team, he’s shown neither the aptitude or ambition to move beyond.

        • I went from sleeping on park benches to running a derivatives desk and living on 5th Ave and it was all one little step at a time.

      • Orwell’s “Down and Out In London and Paris”- read, with recognition and delight, when I was a dishwasher!

  25. I do no agree with the assumption that the current race-based hysteria is misguided altruism. Rather, I think the entire movement is a carefully and deliberately executed program to subvert traditional American values. In all respects, it’s impact is to destroy individuality and coerce hive conformity. It starts with a big lie, asserts that contrary views are evil, demonizes dissent against the big lie, and then threaten violence against heresy. This form of warfare is not child’s play, it is deadly serious.

    • The “altruism” to which you refer is a TACTIC used to reach the goal you mention. It’s not either/or, to me.

  26. Pick me Zman, pick me!

    Appropriate to this essay is a book I am reading now, Eric Hoffer’s True Believer. A classic primer on the discussed mindset.

    • I should reread that. I first read it in college during the late 60’s and when I put the book down and looked out my window at the campus riots and marches I realized that the experiment was being run as I watched.

  27. “One byproduct of Progressive race mongering has been that blacks are now just swarthy toddlers. They assume they are entitled to whatever they desire at the moment.”

    Yes! And Hispanics. I was thinking exactly this yesterday as I watched them swarm throw a temper tantrum during Nancy Pelosi’s press conference. They are too poorly behaved to sit still while their biggest supporter tries to patronize them.

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